Foreign foreign welcome everybody we've got a great finals match going on here on Center Court my name's Scott golden we're here in Bali Indonesia for the world pickleball championship series and this is a match that we we're going to.

See finalized last night we had to make some adjustments so we're gonna do this match this morning these ladies have been practicing and gearing up I've got The Mastermind behind the whole world pickleball Championship John David Yan good morning to you good morning my friend how did you sleep ah you know I mean sleep is for when you're dead I.

Think I woke you out because you were nearly there this morning yeah I I I will admit that the the jet lag is a real thing and I I haven't slept particularly well uh since I've gotten here but the bed is very comfortable out there so it's not it's not because of the accommodations at all which is very very dangerous if it is too comfortable.

If it's too comfortable you won't see me over here it's just comfortable enough but um but yeah so we've got a match up here that we saw I believe back in April and and we we talked about this off camera right this is the match-up that we wanted to see we got what we wanted right exactly even though honestly there was a very.

Tough match yesterday sneha was playing against one of the Taiwanese girl and well so obviously we are not going to be partial but we really wanted to have this match to happen today as we both know or many people know as well um last time at Phuket at Apo at Asia pickleball open sneha came on the top uh.

But it was a good fight so we just wonder if Sarah will find some way today to to to get her a rematch either way I think that we will see a world-class pickleball a female pickleball today well definitely since April Sarah Burr has come a long way in her.

Journey with pickleball she's a quick learner somebody who I I would call on the court a gamer somebody Who's got what it takes the grittiness to be a champion in pickleball uh she is somebody who I think you know doesn't get to practice as much singles as she would probably prefer um she's she really focuses on doubles.

However she's the type of player who is built for singles yeah she's very fast on the court she's the Lefty which presents a lot of issues in and of itself for the opponent because it's hitting everything you're used to hitting to a backhand it's now that that player's forehand so you have to switch that mindset just a.

Little bit now flipping the coin over to snehel Patel she is a player who's very Savvy on the court a little unassuming when you first see her you don't know that she's an animal on the court like she is but once you see her hit that pickleball you know very quickly she is no joke out on the court and Sarah Burr is going to have her hands full all.

Morning long exactly I mean if you look at the the fitness part of the of both girls here would say Sarah is maybe a little more athletic but uh snehal is extremely intelligent girl and player who will find out very easily and very soon what the weaknesses of her opponents are and even though maybe she doesn't look that tremendous feet as.

Several does her knowledge of the game is like second to none in the in in this part of the world for the female players and she has every shot that she needs to be able to be Crown Champion today we're gonna see if Sarah Burkin makes some adjustments from the last time they played what happened in the last matchup was that uh snehel was basically.

Dictating all the points she was in control of everything that was happening and Sarah Burr was on the Run most of the time she was playing a lot of uh scrambled defense as I call it which as you know you have to be able to reset the ball and neutralize the opponent if you're getting into a lot of those running back and forth she can do that.

All day long she's in that type of physical shape but what you realize is it's this game is built more like a chess match than it is just a physical running game exactly you have to be able to do everything in this game at the elite levels but I I'm curious to see if Sarah Burr has made some of these adjustments coming into the this.

Championship matchup because if not she will be second place again this year yeah well we're it's too early now to say that but uh I think that's um regarding The Strokes uh Sarah has a really huge powerful Strokes the question is if she will be able to to use them for the whole time um because if she lets us know how to.

Come in and that would mean that Sarah is going to run we may have the same result the last time but it all depends you know what kind of a game they brought today or to the court definitely I'm actually curious when this match kicks off if Sarah Burr is going to hit returns and stay back or if she's gonna Rush the net and try to take advantage.

Of getting up to the net it's it's two different styles yes you see tennis players often stay back at the Baseline they want to work the point a little longer in some passing shots hit some deeper balls um then you have the the type of player that's like uh for example like a Tyler loong he's a lefty very athletic he.

Likes to press up hard after his return and play play the side to side type of uh game that gives him an advantage oftentimes at the net exactly and snow how her passing shots are very good you know so if you want to really come to the Nets playing against now you really better prepare your strokes and your situation at the net because otherwise.

She will just make you look like fool absolutely well Jana are we ready to get this thing kicked off I think so all right let's get it going guys all right I'm very excited about this one John Let's hang tight for just a minute as the players get their last little bit of guidance expertise we said Martin Clark we see arm here you know.

They they know how much isn't in stake right now on the line so let's hope for for a very good uh pickleball regardless of the result uh let the pickleball be the winner today for sure and as you know it's not it's not about the money these players obviously they know they're competing for some prize money but it's really about the pride of.

Representing your country you know I've noticed coming over from the states into other countries like like Bali and and Thailand and different places it's a lot about the pride for their country they want to represent their country on a bigger stage and this tournament thanks to you and a lot of volunteers and people that make this work it's giving.

Them that opportunity yes yes so right away we're seeing Sarah come up to the net and try to control from there exactly yes and it's one zeros now that's what she has to do she's got to move the depth of the ball some deeper some shorter use the angles off the.

Court if she just returns straight back to her every time Sanel Patel will be able to execute those drives yes in those passing shots foreign expect a few Nerfs from Sarah early she's going to be maybe a little tighter than um than when she settles into the game.

oh nice one zero still here and guys for the championship match we've got a two best two out of three so they'll play at least a minimum of two games possibly three games as a deciding game uh but games 211 win by two um that's a great job getting to the.

Backhand of Patel here we go we can see the spin serve of Sarah it looks like uh snehal has a little issues receiving them yeah you told me yesterday that uh that was the first question the Australians had when they came to Bali is the Spencer going to be into play they've been practicing that we haven't seen a.

Lot of other um players utilizing that I think that's an undervalued part of the game this is this is what we were thinking and speaking about snehao you know if you don't prepare your attack to the net she will just she'll burn you every time get get the ball behind you and beside you.

That ball wide so if you're watching and you see the gentleman in the yellow shirts uh if they Point down to the ground that means it's good if they put their two arms out wide that means it's out we have line judges I believe the the line judges are going to be making the calls for the players for this.

Championship match exactly so they won't the PLAYERS won't have to actually make their own calls so the score is now I believe two all nice speed there from Sarah Burr and there's the Cross Court angle that Patel unassuming but an animal on the court like that angle is so difficult to put to mess around with there and she.

Counter it even with a better angle so that is where the house deception is the the biggest um over yeah she took one step over and flicked that ball back across to the forehand side of Sarah Burr by the way exactly which could be dangerous but not in that case so two all back.

a little too long here back to two all again and that's too good if Sarah Burr can't track it down it's a pretty good shot so now a slight Advantage for Patel as she takes the lead at 3-2 I actually like the recovery from Burr.

There but again we we spoke on this if you give her those angles she will execute those shots as we just saw that ball whizzing past the forehand of Burr and we have an earlier lead 5-2 first now looks like exactly I was expecting some time out now because last three points last three rallies were going for for snail kind of like a tutorial.

Exactly exactly you want to break their momentum there's usually two reasons that players call a timeout number one would be the fatigue Factor if they're tired and they just need to catch their breath the other reason is from a strategic standpoint you don't want an opponent to Rattle off three four five in a row.

Because they can catch fire and pickleball can get away from you in a real big hurry you can be 3-3 and all of a sudden it could be 9-3 in the blink of an eye so you really want to stifle that momentum as fast as possible yeah exactly and we all know that uh game up to 11 sometimes may take maybe eight nine minutes and it's over and you start.

From the beginning again so so the longer you'll stay on the court even with the help of the of the um timeouts yeah this is the 60 second timeout do wonders for your game I would not be surprised if Sarah Burr came out and won this next point and we statistically they say seven out of ten times when you're the person that calls.

The time out you're gonna win that next point because you come back more focused exactly especially when the game is even that's a good layoff from Sarah Burke she could have potentially jumped and hit that but she recognized it was going to go out yeah the service creating some problems the the survey is good enough to keep.

Her from hitting a deep return but the problem is Sarah Burr is not capitalizing on that opportunity on the the third shot she's not taking advantage of that that weaker return yeah and as As a matter of progress I'm sure that um uh sneha will figure out how to return Sarah's uh Sarah serves because right now she is visibly.

Struggling uh she doesn't attack it she's really happy to to return it back to the course she will definitely make an adjustment on that there's no question but yeah it's it's affecting her a little bit at the moment but the passing shots are good enough that she's over compensating for that lack of a deep return Yes exactly so this is this.

Is my opinion on this Sarah needs to hit the ball and stay back just a little longer and look for the better opportunity exactly like we're seeing right here now she's capturing the net when she should that's a much better job from from Burr utilizing her deeper serve or return and.

Coming up at the right moments and now there were some bring little more tennis perspective into pickleball because if you don't really oh beautiful you need to prepare the the attack you know you can go attack like uh some time ago I think then from America he was a servant Warrior and returning ball here.

You know that kind of game is not not available anymore for players so this is a danger zone for Sarah Burr right now as she's fallen behind in this match and we're seeing Patel get stronger and stronger with her passing shots oh nice behind that was a good shot Patel was recovering back across the.

Court and she went behind her so that's really good Court awareness from Burr oh beautiful really and I think the score is four six I I believe I heard four six that's really good again just the idea.

Of lifting that ball up too high it gives her uh gives Patel a lot of options to choose from yeah even though she didn't hit the overhead very clean she hit a very very awkwardly off the end of the paddle but it still worked out Burr getting a little lucky right now on some of these missed shots because.

They're those are going to be dangerous shots if they come over oh nice and we have a five six score right now six five yeah six five interesting what I'm referring to Sarah's hitting the return in the middle.

Of the court and coming straight up to the T and and that's hurting her right now because Patel can hit those angles away away from him and I would say sir I want because sneha was going many times Cross Court so Sarah I was thinking there was a cross court again this is again what we saw back in.

England she's playing a lot of scramble defense right now and she's not able to take control of any of these points exactly Patel is very in control right now of these at these points and you can see Sarah Burr's mind is is just racing right now of how to fix this problem she came very close five six but.

Now it's like I think five nine or right it can get away very quick and the thing is these passing shots from Patel are very good very good thank you all right so five Burr asking if she had another time out to burn You Can Tell She's scrambling right now the shots from patellar just too good.

Yeah and we have our first game 11-5 for snehao 11-5 first game interesting that game was 6'5 like I like I said and you agreed the game can unravel very very fast and that's exactly what we saw the second half of that first game all right so what do you think Sarah.

Bird needs to do to make a make a run here in game two well I mean it's difficult to say to see you in the in Sarah's mind now but um she had a very good chance for a few a few moments in the game I think that she should exactly as we're saying like gradually build up the transition to the net because if she comes too soon.

Um it's now I will find a way to pass the ball beside her she's proved it over and over again if she if she stays at the back sneha will make her run so I think that if if Sarah will be able to dominate middle of the court right as she did right now I think she could play very evenly with her but if she goes too far to the net or stay too far back I.

Think she's not going to to succeed today it's a nice shot right there that's a nice shot Patel looking to the line just to see if that ball is in or out but clearly that ball landed on the line the players to have a line judges here yeah well I think it just takes the pressure off of.

It exactly you know they don't have to make that call they can just rely on um on the line judges I will say right now that Sarah burst trying to switch up her strategy it's evident she's trying to slow the ball down and drop it into the kitchen but the problem is she's not keeping it low enough yeah you've got to.

Keep that ball low if you're gonna hit a reset foreign so we have a score of zero three zero three uh already Sarah Burr playing much better the second game on the on the back of some missed shots.

From Patel in the second game snehal was not missing these shots in the first game which is why she won 11-5 now she's missing a little bit of those those shots so but Sarah Burr's not helping her own cause here she's missed two deep third shots in a row trying to go for the too much she's got to keep this ball in play right now.

I do think she's doing a better job of trying to come up she's coming up at a better time she's staying back one more shot until she comes in exactly to make the transition little a little longer but to be sure that when you come to the net it's actually a situation which would be in your favor.

So I knew this was going to happen at some point she's very good at her timeouts she could feel that her shots are off here in game two she's gonna stop take 60 seconds to reset get her mind renewed and we're talking about Patel because she's missed at least five or six unforced errors that she didn't miss in that first game and she also.

Feels that momentum is shifted has shifted to Sarah Sarah looks much more confident in the second game compared to the first one for sure and you can see as the camera showing both players getting their instruction from their team that's kind of what I love about this world pickleball championship series is that the the team aspect is.

Much more prevalent over here in another country than it is at home from my perspective they will stay late into the evening to support their teams and it's just a sense of Pride that they have what we are really love in this Asian tour is uh involvement of Australians even though they are not part of of Asia you know it's fantastic it's fantastic.

To see these two continents great gradually coming closer to each other oh beautiful I think I think Sarah is doing a much better job of controlling The Narrative of game two the score is now 3-0 so she so she's getting some good advice Sarah's getting some good advice from her from her Corner she's staying back.

Like we talked about just a little bit longer and picking the right moment to come up still come up yeah and that's a big difference between game one and game two yes yes yes exactly oh that's a disgustingly good shot there from Patel as she just paints that corner and that's what she does best she loves those Corner rolls exactly so now.

The score is one four snajal just got her first point in the game I can tell you this much Sarah has got to reel in these unforced errors that are making Patel's life a lot easier she has got to keep the ball in play yeah we can see snail is getting a little.

More proactive using the width of the cord and length of the cord so Sarah's getting up there early now so she's taking that that risk that's a good ball you know unfortunately for for snail it hit the it hit the net on the way over but honestly it was just a really good shot.

From Sarah she chose to attack that overhead instead of what is the score now one four I think four four one for for Sarah in favor of cerebral oh good defense from Burr but we're gonna find out what happens oh I think the idea of just making the opponent hit one more ball you know it was even though she didn't hit a good.

Shot it caught Patel off guard just a little bit the score is now 5-1 for Sarah and a sixth one for Sarah foreign the score is three six or maybe eight it might be eight it might be eight let's.

Let's find out let's get a an accurate assessment of the score here yeah it's 8-3 actually it is actually A3 she's reeled off a few points here so that's something we haven't seen is the drop shot from Sarah birth to set up the fifth shot drive so again just some of these Minor Adjustments from her team.

Is helping her be Take the Lead here in game two yeah Sarah's doing a much better job of controlling the narrative in game two yeah as we thought she would make an adjustment I I think that the biggest difference between today and Apo in Phuket is Sarah surf because sneha is just not feeling confident returning the.

Serve yes it's affecting her ability to hit good deep returns exactly so Sarah actually even if if she serves she keeps the momentum because there is no danger coming from snehao absolutely all right guys we're going to take a quick break and we'll be back for game three after this and came out 11-2 now in game three we.

Just saw a missed return and you alluded to the fact that patella is not confident hitting those those returns off that spin serve you can see another stretch yes and I think it's affecting her whole game confidence everything the confidence is thinking about it right she's thinking about oh my God I just missed that last she has she has a very.

Little chance to to actually take herself back and if she is not able to serve she's going to have struggles to win the point if it was me I would be calling a timeout right now and stop the momentum because Sarah Burr is absolutely A train running down the tracks at 50 miles an hour and I think she doesn't watch out it'll be 11-0.

Yep and we have six zero score is 6-0 right now six zero and they're gonna switch at six zero Patel's head is spinning right now she has no idea what she's supposed to do to fix this issue I will say that when Patel is settled in and she's her mind is clear she's probably the best player on the court in singles however right now her.

Head is literally trying to wrap her brain around what's going on and Sarah is taking full advantage of that yeah she needs to hold the Middle East like maybe three four points here because if the serve comes back to Sarah she is not able to break her her returns she's not able to return the Sarah.

Basically and it's so again she her head is trying to grab itself around being down 6-0 and struggling with that return so now she it's affecting her offense exactly that ball was deep if Sarah could just keep those balls a foot and a half or two feet inside that Baseline she doesn't have to go For.

Broke she's up six zero exactly exactly you have to have but Machi is currently in the zone you know so she whatever she does yeah exactly she's just firing and she knows that snehal is not able to get up get the serve back or very very very seldom because the serve is just a huge difference now I wonder what the Indian.

Players will think about training they better I mean they have to the game is evolving and if you don't evolve with the game you will be left behind exactly that's a great shout from Patel she's just not making the execution part right now she knows what she wants to do with that ball she's just not able to make that shot happen at the moment.

It's 8-0 a huge huge rattle off of points Burr looks completely confident right now and Patel literally cannot get her wits about her and it's it's frustrating I'm sure because she's sitting in this moment while while it's happening and she's thinking what do I need to do yeah.

To fix this but it's it's a matter of being ready before pan to prepare for this maybe they haven't been preparing for this spin serve and now all of a sudden it's on her it's it's clear that um the players in in India would have to think about the returning and making the service finisher so their priority because otherwise they will.

Internationally not be able to compete on the highest level as they used to well it's interesting because the Australians came into this world pickleball championship and their first question was can we utilize the Spencer the answer was yes the Indian team came in and said can we make sure that that serve doesn't get put into play so it's.

Two different mindsets clearly they have not been either preparing for the spin serve or have not been working on it so they wanted it removed but the truth is in the rules it's legal to use that sensor with one hand exactly we are following the usap rules and we are not going to and.

Disallowed it yeah it's just a matter right now and we have a match point here how fast the match can go right we talked about it it can get it can unravel very fast good job from Sarah bur to keep playing on that ball wow eleven zero final that's impressive to come out in game three and dominate.

In that type of fashion 11-0 blowout now I will say that it was poor execution on the shots from Patel she knew what she wanted to do she was just hitting the top of the net cord over and over and over so yeah yeah it's it's nice to see the happiness or in Australia it was a nice rematch I think when this girl's next meet I think.

Sneha will be more ready for the spinster they will watch this footage back they will listen to the the commentary and they will get better from it they study this game and honestly Patel is a little overwhelmed at the second half of game two rolling into game three she could never recover uh let's do this let's take a break and.

We'll get an interview with the Australian from Down Under I won't even say snehal as well um the only thing about that is she'll need maybe we can get a translator Army's standing there and yeah let's do it let's do it okay all right guys we'll be back after this for the Dual interview with both the winner and the.

Non-winner first and second place coming up next foreign foreign foreign.

This is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles along with you about it and I'm very excited that we can have all right guys Scott golden here on Championship Court I've got snehal Patel in front of me here uh snehaw you took the first meeting between the two of you.

Back in April at the Asia pickleball open you lost this match up in three games what was the difference between April and then today uh with you coming out on top in April and then not today match difference foreign.

she was picking up uh her game very nicely so she was a bit slow and she didn't pick her game easily this time that was the only difference um we were talking about on the commentary the spin serve that Sarah was doing she was spinning the ball it looked like in game two you were having.

A little bit of trouble with that serve was that a factor in losing second game and third game or was that not really a factor for you foreign my name is she was saying that the spin didn't affect her actually but her game was not.

To the mark this time so she picked up the service uh spin sir very nicely and that was not the difference why she lost the game all right guys so great job making it to the finals you guys are split one a piece so I look forward to the next tournament when you guys get to face off again congratulations on Silver well.

Done all right now if we could get the winner over here Sarah Burr I'm calling for Sarah Burr we need Sarah Burr over here all right guys we've got the champion here Sarah burr from Australia Sarah talk to us about this second time you've played uh snehel Patel in the finals.

What was the difference between April when you lost and then this time I was very tentative on my ground strikes and I I did not work well for me at all um she was absolutely blasting me off the court with her ground stroke so this time I thought I've got to go out swinging I've got to get the returns deep I've got to make her move and wrong.

Foot her because last time I was running all over the court and she was like cool as a cucumber so I really had to turn it around like she was giving me hard shots and Sir so I had to give it back to her and get to the net and it worked so in game one you actually lost eleven five were you concerned at all that that might repeat itself um from April or and.

Then the second follow-up question to that is what did you do with the team over in the corner to make your adjustments for game two because you honestly you look like a different player from game one to game two myself getting a little bit tentative into the second set tied in the middle but.

You've got to go for your shots you've got to go deeper your turns aren't deep enough so I just went out there in beast mode and I thought I might lose a few points and I might have a few long but I've got to get them deep or I'm gonna out of here so I did yeah I had to get them deep and then one other thing I talked to uh Sanel Sanel about the spin.

Serve we on the commentary were feeling like it was affecting her ability to get deeper returns which in in retrospect was giving you the ability to hit better thirds did you feel that during the the game two in game three that you were taking more control of the serve and then the third shot yeah definitely I was trying to get those spin serves.

Deeper to give her less time and get them a little bit into the body so that she would pop them up a little bit and I could then control the point from the surf so yeah it was definitely the spin server's helping for sure all right last question how happy are you to bring home a gold medal in the Women's Open division for Australia representing them.

Very well today I'm hard um I don't play a lot of singles so I did I did so I'm absolutely thrilled to do it for Australia I think you saw by how high I jumped at the end I was so excited I'm really really really really stoked it's been a great tournament so far really enjoyed it wow that's very.

Humble of you to see what you said about not expecting to be here but we absolutely called this match up before the tournament started we were hoping to get to see this match up what an unbelievable performance from you in game three I I think Sanel she she played great but you were just a little too much for her today congratulations.

On your gold go celebrate with the team and we'll be back later foreign foreign.

foreign we're back wow I have to take a deep breath right there after that that was a whirlwind of excitement and adrenaline dump right there for everybody involved what a match that was but game three.

Went heavily in the favor of Sarah Burr talk about what she did there to take down a very tough competitor in snehal Patel yeah well to me it was a little surprising that snehal didn't really realize what was the what was the factor and I think and we agreed upon that it was a it was a spin surf you know and that makes me a little worried about.

Snehal that she didn't understand what actually was happening yeah she when I asked her about it she she actually said that her game was just off a little bit but I think once she has a chance to come down off the adrenaline she'll watch the video she'll see that she was struggling on those returns with that uh that Spencer from Sarah exactly she was.

No she was never able to especially in the third game she was never able to get her a served back you know because uh he was always reaching for the returns and the returns were short and as we said also um Sarah did a great adjustment here now she didn't rush very faster than that and transition was very beautiful and it.

Was a one-sided match at the end yeah yeah when when Patel has a chance to go back and she looks at these scores she's going to realize that you know she was her head was spinning in game two and game three she never could get her bearings about what was happening and it was unfolding so quickly she really didn't have time.

To process everything and make adjustments 5 11 11 to 11-0 significant adjustments from the Australian seraper and you know really really happy for them she she lost this matchup back in April I know she was disappointed she was probably happy to be in the finals totally different player in the finals this time.

Very humble she said she was thinking she wasn't even going to make it to the finals even though we we both knew this is the matchup that we expected um to take nothing away from the other opponents in the division there were some tough competitors but at the end of the day I felt like these were the two that were going to make it to the finals.

As was in April at the Asia pickleball open was that the expectations that you had oh absolutely we talked about that even yesterday right and um so I think that there is a good rivalry between these two uh we'll see what Sarah's plans are for next 12 months if she stays in this part of the of the woods I I hope that they were made again and I.

Think that the coaches in India should really think about the options here because neglecting the spin surf will not lead them where they want to come I'm gonna go out on a limb John and I'm gonna say after this tournament whatever the next tournament that they bring aipa to the Indian team is all going to be doing.

The spin serve that's just how I know that they adapt they they're not the type of team that's just going to walk away from this and be like exactly I wonder what we did wrong let's just forget about it and move on no they're going to study this film and they're going to realize they need to adapt their game into something more what I.

Would call electrifying or um I would say diverse more diverse yeah because they are doing so many things right you know all her strokes and of the either on the baseline or transition wall is everything is perfect she was just reaching to every single return you know and when she figured out and the what.

Bothers me to be honest is like she didn't realize that like why was she reaching out because she didn't see she was not ready for those serves and then her confidence were just basically down the drain so well for anybody that's been listening since yesterday we talked on the live stream yesterday about how important confidence is on the court win.

A player like Sarah Burr loses that first game 5-11 she has two options she can either unravel in her mind and think oh gosh this is a repeat of Asia back in uh Asia pickleball open back in April or she can say what did I do wrong quickly let's find an adjustment for what we did and let's come out and let's execute that adjust Smith that's what we saw.

From Sarah Burr that's not what we saw from uh she started having the issues and all of a sudden it unraveled and they never were able to gain composure and and honestly I I also think that the first game she won and she was she would probably feel okay this is it I have it again and she was she got maybe a little.

Less careful and the momentum shifted 100 our minds play a big factor in how we play things out in in reality she clearly thought she was the one in control and I would too at 11 5 you won the last matchup you're gonna think that but what we know about Sarah Burr is that we talked about her being gritty and a a competitor somebody who's got.

Fire in her belly she's not gonna just lay down and go away and I think Patel you know snail is is still young even though she's a she's a fantastic player and she's very very strong um she will learn and grow from this experience right right the good news is she has time and she's got a team behind.

Her that wants her to succeed and have have that composure on the court going forward and I also think that she wants to do it you know because for her it is a lifestyle you know she trains practices every day many hours and I think that is great you know in order to to be winners we need to lose and maybe we'll lose badly uh which I don't say.

That she she lost badly but uh she the the last game was not really good for her it was it was a a quick game of execution from Sarah Burr and lack of execution from uh snail but again she will learn from this she will grow from this experience and I'm just happy that we got to see a fantastic three game Set uh so we're gonna take a commercial.

Break yeah actually actually yeah uh why don't we talk a little bit about what is ahead of us we have a couple of very nice matches and which I am really excited uh the men's semi-finals we have two Indians two best ones see number one and number two which is Tejas and Aditya but we have two newcomers uh one from.

Indonesia Jeffrey and one from Philippines which is so leander's playing who Leander is well the first match will be Tejas versus uh let me check Leander no wait Tejas versus Leander oh yeah that's right and then Jeffrey against Aditya so what do you think what can we expect in these two semifinals where we have all Indian.

Finals again or I I honestly don't think we will I think Leander is The X Factor for this equation I have only seen him play one time and that was late last night he proved to me that he has exactly what it takes to be a champion at the world pickleball championships the question is does he have the experience yet in pickleball to get it.

Done he has all the tools in the tool bag but he's not been on this type of stage playing against these type of Veteran experienced players so we're gonna find out yeah on the other side he plays tennis as he told you yesterday like 20 years now I put together he was maybe 27 28 years old because he started at seven which is unbelievable.

Background to have and a good foundation as you know so we all have a fantastic match on the other one I will be um Aditya versus Jeffrey the funny part of this is when I went to balik Papa and a couple of weeks ago Jeffrey said is Aditya coming he is my idol I want to play against him he's going to play him.

Now and now we have and one of those players will advance into the finals let's talk about Aditya first uh Aditya is a player who I believe is the most talented player in this whole Asia group group of players however he came he underperformed back in April anybody that watched the Asia pickleball open knew how talented he was if you saw.

Him play but when it came to the biggest matches against Tejas and uh and some of those other players he did come up a little short and I think I had a conversation with you yesterday off camera that that he's been preparing yeah to come back yeah actually when he.

Came a couple of days ago he said yeah I'm training much more than before I know I am by the ranking and by the performance and results I'm the best in Asia I know I didn't perform well this is going to be different so him playing against uh Jeffrey today who he never saw playing I think it would be a great matchup and between them you know.

Probably a new rivalry is going to to be born very soon talk about Jeffrey I'm not familiar with Jeffrey in his game at all do you know had they ever played each other I know it says Idol so this is going to be a first time matchup for them exactly I mean Aditya is a role model for the rest of uh of Asia everybody loves him and here in.

Indonesia when they heard anything I was coming they were all excited and everybody wanted to play with him and Jeffrey is clearly the best player in Indonesia so I really don't know how they will match up but I hope that it will be a great match I I know one thing about Aditya he is a uh what I would call a showman yeah he's got a big.

Personality he's always smiling very generous yeah with his time and his resources and he's always so willing to invest his time into the younger younger Indian team um but I'm excited about all four of these players getting on the courts actually Leander getting an early jump on this on the court he's starting to.

Warm up his serve a little bit I'm super excited to see him play I've only seen him once like I said but I watched him warm up two days ago and I said there's something very special about this kid he's just got what it takes to be a high high level competitor in anything he does great attitude great composure.

Um we're gonna find out because chaos is going to stretch him as far as he can perfect so we have we are having two more semi-finals followed by finals today so stay with us for next maybe two two and a half hours you will see a lot of good pickleball from Asia all right guys we're gonna take a break and we'll be back we'll see Leander versus Tejas.

And then the other semi-finalist Jeffrey versus Aditya coming back in just a few thank you foreign.

This is Steve Dawson from proteinx I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for.

Arm-related injuries foreign thank you foreign.

Foreign thank you foreign.

foreign this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce.

Shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm related injuries foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign buckle up for this one buddy this is gonna be a fantastic men's open singles semi-final one of two that we've got for the day this was actually supposed to go on last night but we had to make some.

Adjustments with the schedule so they're gonna play this out like I said this morning we just finished the Women's Open finals and that was a great three Setter Sarah Burr able to come out on top but now we've got two absolute warriors on the court my first experience with Leander was last night in the quarterfinals uh got to see.

Him compete for the first time and boy was not a treat to get to watch him play he's got 20 years under his belt in tennis which is a significant Advantage coming over to pickleball even though he's been playing pickleball less than a year I believe you said six or seven months that was Gabriel oh Gabriel so oh.

Leander has been playing uh a bit longer sometime yeah maybe a few years now but still nonetheless his background in tennis is going to be a significant factor in this game and the outcome in this game now he's playing against the guy Tejas Mahajan who's by far one of my favorite players to watch when you watch him hopefully the camera between the.

Points can pick him up a little bit he is the most entertaining player between the points he talks to himself he gives a lot of credit and he does this really unique thing I don't know Yana if you've noticed what he does he will he will do this thing where he points his finger to the opponent up in the air when the opponent hits a good shot I.

Don't know if you've seen him do it it's it's a little difficult for me to verbalize what he does but just pay attention when Leander hits a good winning shot past him and he and he he knows it's a good shot he gives respect to the opponent by doing something very interesting in the in the states when you put your finger up that means the.

Ball is being called out when I was here in April in Thailand when I was in Thailand doing the Asia pickleball open I saw him doing this and I thought wow he's calling all of these balls out and then I quickly realized no no no that's his way of giving respect to the opponent when he hits a gachazzo aside from that he's a fantastic singles.

Player comes from a small village in India English you know is not his first language so challenging at times speaking with him but what I know about him is he is a true competitor passionate about the sport of pickleball and he finds himself in big matches in every tournament that he plays.

Yeah and what really is he liking is like to be on the stage to compete he is not as a big showman as I did tea I might be but he gives out his heart he works very hard on his court and we will see today how we're going to match up with um with our friend another player from Philippines Leander as we talked before many times the Philippine uh.

Players this is the first International stage for them and it's great to have them International involved as well because pickleball in Philippines is booming and has a lot of tremendous potential uh we are very happy to rodel who basically helped the Philippine teams to get here and organize the team which could potentially on Saturday.

Compete for the very very highest positions the Philippine teams is is loaded with good talent young players for both guys and girls so it's very exciting to see the new nation internationally in Asia we all know comet has restricted us for last two years and it's fantastic to see new new players and new countries taking.

Part in international events saying that there is no match history between between Tejas and Leandro and so we both or all Will Will just wonder how they will match up at the end definitely I had a chance to speak to both players before this match of course Tejas it was just a fist bump and hey good luck he smiled at me and.

Just you know did his normal thing uh I did have a chance to speak with Leander and I asked him simply what what is your plan or do you have a plan for this match and he looked at me smiled real big with that genuine smile he said just to have fun and I love that attitude because he has nothing to lose in this matchup everything to gain nothing to.

Lose to be honest this happens a lot in sports the pressure is really on the favorite yeah on paper Tejas Mahajan is the favorite to win this matchup however what they can't factor in on paper is the heart the determination and the pure skill level of a guy like Leander coming in with essentially no real experience at this level on paper.

Exactly but we're gonna find out that 20 years of tennis is going to come in the play it's funny that you say that he was going to enjoy it because that was exactly when I met with him before the match and I say hey uh Leander enjoy the moment this is the moment just forget about anything else you know you you made it this far the whole country of.

Philippines meeting pickleball country or Philippines is so proud there is a lot of messages coming on Facebook saying how proud Leander made all the Filipinos today and I mean he's obviously maybe an underdog because we have no clear history of the matchups but he is definitely appreciated by by Philippine Filipino community pickable.

Community so we will see and obviously we know India India is applicable nation and they they travel they they laugh they they are together so absolutely they're unified in that for sure yeah I will say I wanted to give a quick shout out to rodel Chu and uh he's from the the Philippines he's an ambassador for the sport of pickleball helping grow the.

Sport there as well and uh he said to give his support and his love to these guys uh obviously he can't be here but he's he's definitely in support of them uh at a distance but the X Factor with Leander I feel is that he's got ice in his veins John you know when you you meet somebody and you can just tell the way they carry themselves they're.

They're somebody who who Rises to the occasion Leander is no stranger to competition he's no stranger to probably playing some big matches um this is maybe his big first match I would say maybe in pickleball at this stage however he's gonna rise to the occasion I feel like in the biggest moment it's a guy.

Like Leander that can really make you nervous as the competitor because you know he's gonna bring his A-game point in and point out and that is the point there is no doubt that both of these players are awesome players it's just all I think I think we'll decide this be decided on their mental toughness and uh on the on their ability to to block out.

Every possible feelings of being nervous and um just basically block out all the feelings all right here we go yawn we got the point kicking off with Tejas Mahajan from India serving first to Leander right out of the gate he's forcing the hand of Tejas by drawing him in with a.

Nice touch shot with an angle on it as Miss Paul yesterday Leander has a lot of weapons it's not only driving but it's soft hands and uh I would actually say his best tool is his soft touch he obviously has the ground strokes that's no question but he possesses the soft touch that some of these players that he plays does do not.

Have I would say it is a complex player that's his the best thing yeah diverse complex you could use all those words to describe him now Tejas Majin on Mahajan is a little different in his his style of play he's more in your face he's gonna drive the ball close the gap he's going to use his reach in his length and.

His athleticism to try to overpower you so it's going to be interesting what they try to do here but again we're seeing a pattern already developing that's right already happening the slice forehand soft drawing Tejas in versus letting him stay back and take the ball off the bounce and drive it has reaching out two times.

And missing the point that's going to be a factor notice he's dropping the ball he's not just content for driving the ball every time is this gonna this is gonna be interesting to watch this play out because Leander is not just a bang bang type of player the complexity of him is.

Going to create some problems for Tejas on the other side I mean there is a little resemblance how Leander plays more like um pickleball players in America yeah like a Ben Johns would play kind of some some touch and feel um obviously not experienced at that level yet at pickleball but you can see.

The like you said the resemblance of that I like both Styles frankly of course of course yes oh that's so good now he's drawing him in and where we're gonna see the adjustment from chaos as he's gonna start coming in a little sooner he's not gonna just sit back and be caught every.

Time like that so if you watch this replay watch how he comes in he closes the gap very nicely yeah well he made the mistake already twice so I think that the third time will never happen but um also the thing is that Tejas started.

To drop the third shots more uh which probably is a good way to he's a very smart player he's going to make his adjustments based on what Leander is doing he can he can do everything in the book as well he's got all the shots in the in the Arsenal very focused both of these guys very dialed in early on in game one.

The sir was long foreign there's the touch again oh beautiful beautiful by both players here nice lob reset and and that was enough to just get that point reset Leander had taken control of it pushed Tejas back he throws that lob up now we don't.

Recommend lobbying all the time but in single sometimes you can use that as a reset as you saw and lobbying indoors makes sense there is no wind factor nothing correct much different Lobby inside also I'm not sure there's uh on the roof it's it's covered but you know there's a light spot up there maybe it's affecting.

His ability to see it cleanly sometimes on occasion throwing that lob up can just make them look up into something and that may have been what happened there so we'll see if he continues to to lob it at some point there's the two-handed drive we saw last night that I was very impressed with it's such a smooth shot.

To my my opinion um Leander needs to be more proactive too much ganking will not help him to win this game you know he has to mix up the soft strokes and drives because uh that's the only way how you can take out a balanced Tejas you know the house can dink also quite a bit absolutely oh that's great depth from Tejas again.

The ability to get up to that line and use his link and his athleticism to dictate the point is going to be something that we're going to keep an eye on Tejas is up three two oh oh my goodness what a shot now you can't train for that shot right there there's no practicing that a lot of.

Touch a lot of feel there a lot of touch and feel foreign I believe it's 2-3 is the score oh that's that is again just so smooth you know you see a player hit a ball like that and you wonder how come chaos couldn't put a paddle on that it's just so smooth that is what he needs to do.

According to me um you can think you can drop but you need to drive because if you just Own It dink you know Tejas is going to be there so absolutely so the score I believe is tied up 3-3 yeah I think it's 3-3 all right a good rally there from Tejas Mahajan.

That was a very nice return putting pressure on to house right away we we speak about that often the big serve the big return is gonna set you up for Success going forward in that point you watch every single time somebody has a weaker return they end up losing that point nine out of ten times because they just don't set themselves up for success.

Now that short return was what Leander wanted he just didn't execute so there's a difference in the two things and it was a surprising show that I don't know if Tejas really wanted to do it but maybe he wanted to surprise him which obviously he kind of managed to surprise him.

Oh right now leandros returns especially on this backhand side are just superb Scottish 3-0 nice that was good that the call what's going was called out by.

The referee all right score is 4-3 foreign nice execution there from Tejas getting that ball again side to side moving Leander around making his job very difficult if you can put a little stress on your opponent making them hit a harder ball than they want to you're.

Going to have success in this game well I like that I like that shot from chaos it just clipped the net but he'll come back to that shot you watch he loves that inside out circling around that backhand and he opens up his paddle face and just rips that ball across point and he hides that stroke until the very moment last moment so.

just such a thing of beauty I I just wish I had that type of passing shot well you're like you're a good commentator you know if I had that shot I wouldn't be commentated I'd be playing in the finals against these guys I like to commentate on the great shots instead of actually it can happen on.

Saturday it might by three Leander beautiful maybe it can be like pickleball osmosis where if I watch it enough times and talk about it then eventually I can just do it I don't see the belief in your in your eyes it's an option for sure if it.

Happens I don't know so we have six three Leandro yeah I'm not surprised at this score Leander is a very tough competitor Tejas knew that going in I think he's seen a little bit of footage on him or at least watched him enough to know that he he was not going to have a walk over against Leander.

Yeah aleandro's composure I think they're like from him compared in 20 years in tennis he might have some kind of a knowledge like how to play The crucial points and crucial matches absolutely and and I want to say this as well I've been around Sports my whole life you've been around Sports your whole life there.

Are some people that just have a presence that you can't explain you you can't they just rise to these occasions and he's got that in his blood it's in his DNA and I can see it right out I can see it from the start of seeing him play it's beautiful the way how Leander hits the balls I was so smooth so so effortless that's the.

Only way to describe his game is smooth and effortless he makes it look easy and I watched this video clip the other day on YouTube and it or on uh one of the platforms and it said when you see somebody make something look so easy it's because they've spent hours and hours and hours perfecting that craft so he's clearly spent a long long time many.

Years hitting those type of shots in tennis or in pickleball it's better for being pickable so far you know obviously we we don't want to side on one side we want the guys to to bring the best of them on the court right now though it seems that Leander has an upper hand and we clap to him.

Because not because he's Leander but because he really plays well absolutely and and also Tejas walking into this match was the favorite on paper so he walks in with a little bit of confidence saying hey I'm the the best player on this court right now but when he's down we're gonna see what chaos is made of exactly.

Is he gonna rise up is he gonna show that he can make the right decisions in big moments and and maybe he loses game one what is he gonna do game two it's a clean slate so that's what we're gonna look for yeah maybe we'll not see the game too because this is semi-finals there's only one game to 15. oh that's right I was still stuck on the uh the.

Finals I forgot the only the finals at the two out of three you're correct so he's gonna need to make these adjustments quicker than later quicker than later yeah that's a great Point John great reminder I like it I like it I like what he did there now did he execute no he missed that shot but I like that he's thinking.

About going for that Ernie and and dropping that touch in and the truth is under his drop was so good that even though he was out of position and clearly in a defensive position he could equalize a situation and unfortunately for Tejas that has missed it at that point but it just shows uh Leandra again like how much.

Variety does he have yeah and I really wonder right now what's going on inside tejas's head because he's supposed to be winning this game in his mind and he's down looks like 8-3 right now at the switch is this game over no no it's far from over and oftentimes as you know Jan sometimes the in switch will change things up I don't know what it is about.

That it's just something that happens we see the momentum shift oftentimes um almost a Rejuvenation of the person that's down and and I don't think that Tejas is going anywhere yeah I I think if if Leander will reach the 10 points or 11 points so maybe with the next five minutes it will be so much easier but it could go either way it could be.

Eventually eight six instead of 10-3 and we will start from beginning these momentum swings are a big factor in pickleball especially in singles look at that touch so he got what he wanted he just missed so if you are gonna get what you want you've got to make sure to execute at this level.

This was a I don't know if you noticed that when when Leander dropped the ball he immediately rushed to the net because he knew the showbo was coming back to him absolutely and this was this one was a little too short but well I I'm thinking that Tejas needs to get to his forehand his backhand is actually his more deadly.

Weapon I feel beforehand is smooth but not gonna hurt you that much also you can tell he likes to roll his forehand cross-court so chaos needs to pick up on some of these Tendencies and try to manipulate that into getting the upper hand so far though this game has been lopsided in favor of Leander as I.

Alluded to the fact that he might be able to take this match yeah 10 10-3 I believe it might be 10-3 now yeah he's asking for another boy he's saying that that ball might be a little soft witch usually if he was winning he probably wouldn't even mention that so you know.

It's a game some of it's a gamesmanship you know but but at the same time I do see what he's saying sometimes those Franklins will get a little soft if he felt like he hit that ball and it didn't go anywhere he's gonna in his mind justify that Miss by saying hey maybe that ball is a little bit soft Leander does not by the way just so.

Everybody's clear on this both parties have to agree that they can switch the ball if there's not if it's not broken does that make sense if it's broken the ref smashes it throws it away gets a new one if one of the opponents is just complaining about the ball the other one has to know that he has the right to decline that right that switch and.

Obviously if he's winning then he will not let it happen foreign he's explaining it's not broken you don't switch the ball out just because you're unhappy with the ball if both parties agree that there's a wobble or there's maybe a crack in it that could affect it that's different if.

You've started playing with this with this uh ball and there's nothing physically wrong you stay with that ball now after the game's over this game um you know maybe you could make the case of like hey you know I'd like to get a better ball in the beginning of the match or whatever but you can't halfway.

Through the match just decide you want a different ball it doesn't work that way I think Leander is now very happy because he sees that Tejas is trying to uh to get anything which he can put his feet on yeah and listen I've been around pickleball for a long time absolutely players do things to either.

Distract some gamesmanship or whatever you want to call it sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't it's all part of the the game and it's perfectly fine for him to ask for a new ball what doesn't necessarily happen though is you get your way you don't always get what you want and um that's what we saw there as Leander said no no the ball is fine it's.

Not broken let's play on and credit also to go to ipf International sorry Indonesian pickleball Federation who are doing awesome job training their their their referees I agree they've done really well the referee immediately set up it is not broken so there's there's no question here absolutely great job by the rough.

All right so call it what you will a little bit of shift in momentum and now Tejas is making a little bit of a run uh uh he's he's maybe talking about coaching I'm not sure he's asking about coaching between the points or something maybe he's struggling here he's trying he's.

Grabbing for straws when you play somebody really good um it can be a bit alarming to you when you're not winning and you're used to winning absolutely absolutely and we've all been there honestly we've all been there somebody's beating you that you think shouldn't beat you and uh it gets a little interesting you know what is.

What is awesome you know uh there are so many good players in India and APO everybody was shocked how what a good level of Indian players are now we are getting other nations playing pickleball yes if this will continue and tennis players will start coming to this sport you know even in Asia there is there's no limits.

How how far the level can go I agree two or three years I agree and this sport is not going anywhere it's uh it's not a fad it's not a here today gone tomorrow type of thing oh that's a great passing shot from Tejas Mahajan that's his bread and butter you get that weak return he can step into that forehand and roll it.

You're not going to get a lot of those back he's going to pass you every time all right 510 he's cut the lead in half 6-10 so we're seeing that shift of momentum and and I I alluded to the fact that sometimes that in change can can mix things up and change things up for the opponents and a good time out so yeah they realize that he lost three.

Points with them maybe 100 that it's a smart player right there you can be stubborn and not win or you can be a moldable pliable person in the moment and realize hey you know what I need to call a timeout for myself get myself in order this player has done three or four things right in a row and momentum is.

Changing so you know I I feel I feel as though the the shift in momentum has happened slightly and that's leander's job or tejas's job to recognize that and cut it off yeah yeah so asking for the timeout it could be considered as a showing your weakness your mental status at that moment but nevertheless it's effective so sometimes.

You you show hey I'm I'm struggling but I'm using all tools which are available illegal for me to throw you off so yeah I mean look I I once saw at the uh pickleball Global uh challenge cup one of the players I won't name any names but you know he was he was tired and he was kicking the ball around a little and trying to stall tactic and you know it.

Was evident that he was doing it but he was trying to do it in a diplomatic way that didn't draw attention but at the end of the day we know we know what's happening you know we know what's going on but but that's part of the gamesmanship that's what I love about this sport you know there's a lot of a lot more than just the physical part of.

This game it's a nice overhead but Tejas able to reset but this is the this is the thing he reset the first one and he noticed like Leander up at the net and he's trying to hit a passing shot off balance it's like just keep resetting to you can get back stable and neutralize that.

Attack exactly though rarely was much longer than people would expect it's just not happening for Tejas right now Leander is is what I call imposing his will on his opponent right now and Chaos his mind is racing he's saying this is a game of 15. I'm down 11-6 you know.

I like that effort there but it didn't it didn't happen so now chaos has a chance to to make another run yep yep and it looks like the Leander is again mixing up a little bit of Strokes you know not only all right 7 11 is the score.

11 8. yeah that's a nice shot that that one-handed passing shot from Tejas is kind of his bread and butter he does it on the forehead side and the backhand side he passes really well there Leander doesn't need to commit so hard to that side he's giving up a lot of an.

Angle by by doing that now that that's a case of trying to push a little too hard for something that just wasn't there he needs to keep Tejas off balance he should have probably rolled the ball deep over to the right side um but he got a little too fancy there the Filipino uh span fan club over there.

Is getting a little louder Now isn't it interesting earlier in the first half of this match Tejas looked less confident less aggressive now he's getting closer you see his confidence starting to rise this is what we were referring to earlier it's a nice shot from Tejas Mahajan so this is the adversity that we talk.

About during the matches Leander has to get rid of any type of hanging on to any calls or anything that's happened so far he's got to just focus on going ahead Tejas really turning up the heat right now great execution Leander starting to lose some traction he's got to regroup.

But so far Tejas in the second half of this game has really started to pick it up two bounces good job though from Tejas on the on the hustle play I would call it I believe I don't know if you saw what happened I.

Think did Tejas call a timeout no he wanted to clear his face and a referee didn't let him because he has you have to follow your the servant oh that's right you can't as the receiver so then he used it he burned the timeout so basically the referee said if you want to have a timeout get it ah okay he was trying I don't think he planned on it he.

Just wanted to take a little more time well and I think he was trying to get a little coaching over there too so he needed to um actually now that I think about that really good job from the referee saying no no you can't just stall that receiver can't stall the server when in the rule book it states that the server dictates the pace of the.

The point of the game yeah and same for chaos if Tejas is serving Leander can't just run over there and grab a towel when he's ready to serve exactly Leander getting a little tight here you know when you're up and you're winning eleven six twelve six it's easy to feel comfortable and confident once this game.

Gets a little tighter he feels Tejas clamping down and putting the pressure and we're gonna find out if he can rise to that occasion now great great manipulation of the ball there he goes sideline to sideline pushing Tejas around it's what you have to do.

that's a good leave right there he recognized early on that forehand that was up a little higher and he lets that one go out that could be dangerous though because sometimes tejas's shots drop in but I think he recognized he had enough pace foreign.

To the ref but no can do that ball returned out what do we have 13-11 uh no I think it's 12-0 okay 12 12. I apologize I looked at it upside down it's 12 12. all right he's he's asking the referee.

Um Tejas said something to him when he was going to retrieve that ball and I don't think that it was anything illegal but it did maybe possibly distract Leander um in the moment that he was trying to get to the ball but I didn't see anything that was egregious foreign.

You can see the distress in leander's face right now he's he's a little nervous right now at the moment because there's some big points coming up that ball wide I do like the shot there from Tejas he's trying to hit that backhand passing shot again 11 13. is that right 12 13 12 13. now counts.

Every ball is important uh that's tough that's tough but you know what that's part of the game it easily could have rolled over the same way against so both times and it might end up still Leander could get one too so scorus 13-12 for in favor of Tejas and that's a big point right there that.

Missed return can be very costly at 1412 we now have a match point I wonder if Leander has a timeout left maybe not if he did he needs to use it oh that's so good so good he cut the angle off early enough in that forehand he knew that he wanted to roll to the to the Cross Court.

Good uh anticipation from Leander I don't know about you yawn but I'm on the edge of my seat right now wanting to see the the outcome of this match is very entertaining for sure oh this is what we live for in pickleball right here these type of back and forth matches oh what a passing shot from Leander.

Smooth smooth as butter ice in his veins down to rips a forehand cross-court winner unbelievable shot right there from Leander we're gonna see if Tejas has a response for that coming up right now at 13 14. I went for a bit much there he went for a bit much but that's again this is a.

Pressure situation and under pressure with Tejas closing that Gap basically crashing the T he felt like he needed to hit a really really aggressive low shot and it it bit him in in that scenario oh he's rising to the occasion now what did I tell you and you agreed he's the type of player that doesn't go away he's gonna rise to the occasion.

These are the momentum swings that I absolutely love in pickleball it's 13 14. he's got a big point right now on his paddle oh that's really good execution from Leander as he sliced that ball just over the line I I think that Tejas going for that was.

Maybe the right shot but it wasn't there it was too low for him to attack that ball so from now on we will have only match points because there's a race to 15. oh so it's just a race to 15 in the semifinals all right so it's win by one so so this is a big big Thunder has a match point let's.

And there it is Leander rips the two-hander down the line for the win great job from both guys wow I cannot believe the finish that we had right there Leander found himself in a predicament down 14-12. bought off two game points from Tejas Mahajan battles scratches fights and Claws back to 14-14 and then rips a third shot two-handed.

Backhand for the winner a clean winner by the way not even close to the line to be controversial and Tejas knew it right away his shoulders sunk his head dropped he knew I think there was a fantastic match and we all in Asia can be happy for this newcomers coming and just taking um taking the field with the such a.

Speed and such elegance and such a smoothness wow all I know is that we're seeing some good matches here we're gonna take a break we're going to come back and do an interview with Leander from the Philippines his crowd of people watching cheering him on I believe that was a factor in the game as well as they cheered him on whether he was playing.

Well or not but let us give the credit also to Tejas who really fought until the very last ball he was down most of the match exactly suddenly he changed and he was holding the the handle the door handle in his hand and he didn't open the door he didn't open it but it's those swings of momentum that we were talking about he was down then he pushed.

Back took the lead then lost the lead at the very end but what a finish both of these guys have played tremendously and we are all happy we can win witness it I love it it would be the equivalent in a race of two people having to they would have to take the picture of who finished first with their nose because that game was tight neck and neck down the stretch.

Really proud of both players they competed hard and we have a gold and silver silver medalist we'll be back after this for the interview foreign ER and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle.

Uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

Foreign all right guys Scott golden back here for another live interview on Championship Court we're about to see.

The second semi-final of the men's open going on just behind us but we want to take a second and congratulate you Leander on a big win talk us through the emotions and the adrenaline that you must be feeling during that match I mean you were up then you were down you lost the lead and then you close it out the very end uh.

15-14 what was that experience like for you yeah for me it's really a great experience for me although I I was nervous the whole match but I I just think that uh I'm thankful to be in this situation that's what I think about when every time I get nervous yeah you know I I talked to you before the match started and I said do you have a game plan to.

Play against Tejas Mahajan and you said you just smiled at me and you said just to have fun did you have fun yeah I did absolutely now you're excited I'm sure to be in the finals are you gonna sit and watch this match or are you the type of player that goes and gets arrest uh doesn't even watch the match do you want to see what these guys are going to do.

Yeah I'm gonna watch and and also rest maybe a bit I'll watch a bit all right congratulations on making it to your first finals of the world pickleball Championship congratulations to the Philippine team Philippines and uh great competitor in Tejas Mahajan he fought scratch and clawed the whole time really really great competitor we want to give.

Him a lot of credit as well and uh we're gonna take a break and we'll be back for the second semi-final after this.

Thank you foreign this is Steve Dawson thank you foreign welcome back to the set the other semi-finals here yeah John I don't know if people at home like if they're watching from their living room or their.

Computer I don't know if they can feel the energy and electricity that's in this building there's guys listen to me very carefully if you haven't had a chance to experience pickleball in another country like this you need to come experience it just even if you don't play if you just book a plane get a hotel and come.

Experience the energy and excitement of the world pickleball Championship the the team Factor I'm telling you it's there's something very special about what they what they have here yeah so it's exciting and um this semi-finals is even more exciting because the local favorite Jeffrey is playing against his Idol Aditya I don't.

Know if we can get one of the cameras between the points to show the crowd from Indonesia here but they are loud and proud right now cheering on their Indonesia favorite player Jeffrey and they have a little cheer between the points I love it why no yeah that was a good shot.

I I gotta tell you this guy I saw him last night this is my first time seeing him really competing um he played last night I didn't get to see much of it but this guy is electrifying and he has gone up early Elite three one on Jeffrey three one Jeffrey 3-1 early lead for Jeffrey.

Aditya is starting a little slow but he's gonna end up picking it up there's no doubt in my mind he's gonna he's gonna make make himself known in this game but Jeffrey is an absolute animal his quickness on the court is something to be watching yeah so good one thing that's that really stands out to me early is that.

Jeffrey has great anticipation of where his opponent's gonna hit the ball a 3-1 early score look at the footwork do you see the watch watch the footwork from Jeffrey where Rhonda as he finds that ball sets himself up in good position and makes sure to hit a clean shot every time you're not gonna see him out of position.

Very much same with Aditya he he will be the same he won't be out of position too often five one five one Jeffrey this is a very exciting energetic crowd over here obviously if you were if people are here they would feel this but Indonesia pretty excited to have one of their own in the semi-finals playing against Team.

India um you can feel their presence big time and make no mistake John Jeffrey will ride that wave of energy this whole match they're gonna feed him the energy that in electricity that he needs to win this match Team India is not as big in numbers as they were in Asia pickleball open so they're gonna have to cheer a.

Little louder to get behind Aditya to make sure they counter and neutralize some of this excitement because right now it is heavy in the favor of Indonesia and their boy Jeffrey Miranda foreign look at them going right at each other also just a a side note uh this is the.

First pro player I've seen here uh in the semi-finals using a who def paddle so that's interesting I like that um nice good looking gold colors which I'm uh I'm partial to this is my last name's golden oh here's a toe well for those who never heard about Indonesia and pickleball in Indonesia watching.

Watching Jeffrey it's like watching the pineapple of the of the big Iceberg you know there is so much pickleball in in Indonesia and it's just a fantastic fantastic pickable country and we all know badminton in Indonesia was so big and we all are expecting the same happening also in pickleball and.

As I said Jeffrey is only one of many talented young young players coming up yeah and I'm I'm just curious I haven't seen too many Indonesia players as high quality in play as as Jeffree Star I wonder who he gets to train with because he is on point right now yeah I mean there are a lot of a lot of a lot of players.

And I don't think that they train trade but they play together you know and basically they help each other grow it's just this is not good deep Waters over here for Aditya as he finds himself down seven points in the game to 15. this is going to be significant to see if he can rise up now remember Tejas mahayon was.

Also losing at the switch made a huge comeback and took the lead ended up losing 15-14 but he's gonna have to really dig deep right here and find a way to cross to crawl back in this match and especially when actually I can't even hardly hear you so so much noise here I feel like at a hockey Stadium or a football stadium yes I feel like we're.

In a hockey game then uh there there's a huge huge Indonesia crowd just off off center imagine Saturday team competition Indonesia playing their their matches this this plans will be shaking out of sound yeah this is the part that I loved back in April that I experienced for the very first time 10 30 11 o'clock at night the players.

Were coming out to support their team and eight to one still so far adich had not able to overcome any of the adversity that he's faced until that point right there now that doesn't mean that he's changed the momentum yet he got a side out he's still got to put points on the board in order to get back in this game getting side outs is not.

Going to help you get a win oh boy that's that's a game changer dagger to the heart of Aditya right there game's far from over but boy you hit a backhand around the post off a good shot from here waited and waited and awaited until the ball really got it his Focus I'm telling you I I have never seen a player quite so focused as we've.

Seen Jeffrey right now every single point he is methodical in his in his execution I don't even notice his splits he's like Djokovic I agree it did look like Djokovic if I did that right there you'd be picking me up off the floor all right that's that's what Aditya.

Needed you see the little fist bump that's an internal thing to try to get himself going here to Indonesia having Indonesian players and Philippine players uh that's a brand new experience for Indian players and I think that this is so good for for the development of pickleball in.

Asia yes it is it's good and I'm gonna tell you right now on the the momentum has slightly shifted just a bit the crowd not quite as excited at the moment because he's rattled off two or three points in a row this is his chance to crawl back in this game he's got to maximize this opportunity right now another unbelievable backhand Tejas and.

Adicha both with that one-hander that rolls Cross Court really nice shot even though the lead is so substantial I would never write off a detail he is an experienced senior player well if he can get this crowd out of it a little bit he can have a chance to to really get back in this game but if he allows uh Jeffries crowd to stay.

Involved he'll have a very tough time working out of this hole he's in beautiful Point here you see the fire coming out that's that's his internal mechanism kicking in saying no no don't go down fighting week go out fighting with with fire and and that's what you're going to see him.

Do to try to crawl back in this game because he right now he has not shown his best potential on the court at up to this point as we said many times before Aditya is a role model for for many players in Asia and and also Jeffrey that's the crowd right.

There when we talked three four weeks ago and Jeffrey was asking is that detail coming and I said yes I said like my words I want to play him his dreams are coming through in this moment I love it it's one thing it's one thing yawn to want to play your idol and pickleball it's another thing to execute shot after.

Shot against your idol and right now he is absolutely wearing Aditya out and uh we're seeing him scrambling right now to try to recover y honestly this is my opinion when you're not in a position of authority right there and the other player has the advantage you have to continue to work out of that point in a way to neutralize.

Yeah you shouldn't drive the ball when you're not in that position of authority yet of course it's easy for me to say over here yeah he was doing a great job look at the end of the day that was a good thought it was a good shot for Medica and and the idea there was to drop the ball but in hindsight.

He's got to roll that ball get it lifted up over the net and keep him deep because Aditya wasn't up at the net yet so he has some space to work there five nine foreign I gotta tell you sometimes you can just feel something in your gut I have this.

Gut feeling that Jeffrey's gonna finish the the game he's going to finish the course it's still up in the air ah detail with a response right there maybe he heard me that's all I'm hoping is for a good pickleball 100 regardless who's going to win obviously everybody here I've been.

Most of the people here in the hall are cheering for Jeffrey well Aditya is a fierce competitor he's not going to go anywhere uh and and likely he will make a run a pushback is a really really nice gentleman the referee calling that ball good yeah I I believe that might have hit the line it's hard to say but I I.

Believe he did I do believe he did I remember though the players have to make a decision in the split of the second and in my opinion the referee has the best angle there he's also watching where um Jeffrey is actually running to hit the ball and having to look at the same time it's not as easy to do that.

nice reset this is where he's got to continue see they go for in my opinion all the players that we've seen when they're when they're back they're trying to hit clean winners from the Baseline off balance you should continue to drop the ball and reset until you get back to a position of neutral you'll get a.

Little more control at least a little more control maybe not full control but you've got to get back to a position of of where you can make a a play Jeffrey I believe winning 10-5 maybe 10-6 now ten six yeah ten six that's a nice inside out that ball is their bread and butter that's what the Indians do so well they work around that.

That forehand and they really Drive well inside out I think their length has a lot to do with that yeah we saw it in the previous semi-finals tell us they don't go anywhere and he nearly got it he made that bread and butter shot over and over to get back in there anybody who thinks that Aditya there it is again we've seen it now twice he's doing that.

Two times in a row to test now here's what I'm gonna make a prediction the next Bull he gets to that side where he can work around it he's gonna go inside in down the line because he knows now that Jeffrey's gonna adapt to that inside out you watch and see all right let's see Aditya is a very smart player he's gonna make an adoption to that.

Counter because Jeffrey also is going to make he has to make an adjustment he has no choice watch watch oh he went back to it again but he missed he missed Jeffrey missed but I thought for sure he was going to roll down the line on that one but he didn't I think this is a time for Jeffrey to.

Call timeout my opinion but uh he probably doesn't want to show weakness and that's why we're over here also because we're because he thinks in the moment he's going to be able to continue to play I think he should call a timeout though that's a great reset look this is the position of neutral getting back to.

Neutral there it is so he he kept dropping that ball in at least not fully attackable right and it puts a lot of pressure on Jeffrey to continue to hit ball after ball after ball and and to be honest all that Aditya is trying to do right there is get back to that neutral State that's all it is yep.

And uh the crowd not is excited right now because he's not winning every point all right so you can see the demeanor has shifted right yes so I stand corrected I am I'm old enough to say any kind of predictions because whenever I predict something the other thing will happen oh my goodness these games are so momentum.

Based there's the inside in so so three to four times he went inside out that time he circled around and closed his paddle off goes down the line hits a brilliant shot below the net going over and out of nowhere we have a tie here 10 10. of course I spoke way too soon commentators curse but now is Jeffrey's turn to change that momentum back we'll.

See if he will be able to add at least one point because if he doesn't if he gives the ball right back he is in a trouble what a good deep serve ah he played that point brilliant he played that point brilliant a detail with a nice backhand volley block off the net cord to get himself.

Another opportunity here to take the lead for the first time in this whole game he found himself down 8-1 at the switch foreign from Jeffrey see like I told you he's going to pick up on that tendency to go inside out on the forehand so Aditya has to make some adjustments.

So good from from Jeffrey the speed oh my God what a point did we just see at the gamesmanship the gamesmanship right here from Aditya getting the Indian crowd into it Jeffrey did everything he possibly could to keep that point alive I don't think you could play the point any better than.

Either one of these guys played it peekabo had the very best this is some of the highest quality pickleball I've seen in in quite a while this would rival the states in in level of competition oh that was a smart shot right there from Aditya he instead of going cross-court which is what Jeffrey.

Thought that he was going to do he pins them down behind him causing Jeffrey to hit the brakes right there look you we talk about this so much but look at the confidence difference now in a detail at 13 12 or 14 13 versus down 8-1 the shoulder Shrunk the head down missing the shots now his his confidence is Extreme where we're gonna see the.

Difference is can Jeffrey stop this momentum get the ball back and have a chance to regain that momentum in his favor yeah well Jeffrey came out very hot and undertale also didn't know what to expect it took out into some time to readjust but I would still not uh say that Aditya is going to have a clear winner.

A winning of this match because I think that Jeffrey is still not going she's not going to he's not going to to give up now so we will see next point or two will tell us much more watch Jeffrey get a point back and watch this crowd explode and that ball is too good that ball is too good.

Now you're seeing it Aditya greatest showman yeah he's feeling it he's feeling it this is called a heat check right here and we can hear also our Indian friends here cheering foreign yeah this is a big big moment for Jeffrey to respond let's see how it unfolds right now live on Championship Court.

Foreign now this is where the crowd can come to play a factor for Jeffrey they've got to continue that good energy for Jeffrey or else he's going to fall to the Wayside here I like the composure from Jeffrey to take his time.

Make sure he's hitting the right shots I like it he went for it there but he was he was a little out of position in my opinion to hit that drive but I like what he went for you gotta go for some shots if you're gonna have a chance here I believe 1312. upset with himself that he didn't call it out he he looked like he wanted to.

Is it 13-10 I think it's uh 14. either 10 or 12 14. yeah that's too good from uh from Aditya getting that ball really deep into that four corner Soto to my knowledge Aditya is trying to close now oh absolutely he's got that.

Animal Instinct of of smelling the Finish Line he smells some blood the confidence level from Jeffrey has dropped just a tad and we're gonna see him try to close this match out okay so that was his inside in that he was trying to fool Jeffrey with you gotta make that shot though the situation has changed because adentia.

Had already three match points yes and I think that maybe mental momentum is coming into his hand head Jeffrey taking a big breath I don't know if you can see that on camera before that serve he's got to make something happen on this series oh man that's so good for my DTI it's his reach he can reach that ball so.

Easily he installed his lead and he's flexible you know guys like Aditya Leandro Leander Jeffrey even uh Tejas these guys live for these moments they they train Blood Sweat and Tears for these moments and and Aditya really showing that he wants it uh he's going for it he's going for it you know I I don't blame him you're up.

14 10 or 14 12. yep yeah right now aditya's owning that net and he's and and Jeffrey in my opinion right now doesn't have the tools right now to overcome this reach and athleticism from Aditya he's got no answers Jeffrey's game.

But I tell you what there's no quit in Jeffrey he's going to continue to fight now he's got to put some points back on the board he's been stalled out for quite a while now yes nobody is adding any points that's a great shot but adicho with the.

With the answer that's just reach that's his reach he just flicked that ball back across his body fantastic yes literally Jeffrey you can see it head down shoulders sunk a little he has no answers at the moment but he's got to forget everything that's happened up to this moment and focus on this very next point because this is the only thing.

That matters in this moment this could be the last point very good resets that went a little high yeah I like the composure from Jeffrey he doesn't panic in these moments he just continues to hit the methodical shot until he gets the ball that he wants now here's where he's got to step up on.

Some offense oh that's such a good ball the little forehand flick roll Cross Court you gotta love that Aditya not able to put a paddle on it at all and now the crowd gonna become a factor if he can get two points in a row that's cold momentum one point and give the ball back is not momentum two points.

And staying with that shot and that momentum is what you need man boy I tell you on this is an exciting semi-final this isn't even the finals yet nope oh goodness that ball should have probably rolled over momentum of that ball should have carried over however gravity pulled that thing back on to the.

Side of Jeffrey Rwanda and that's it Jeffrey dumping that one into the net on the final shot Aditya drops the Selkirk paddle in explanation what a great what a great match what a great match we just watched win or lose both these guys Fierce competitors.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I think that the new rivalry was just born has been born and uh I I just really hope that these guys will meet many many times in the future for the good of pickleball in Asia I would love to get an interview with both the winner and the loser so we're gonna see if we can track both these guys down uh we'll.

Be back right after this foreign this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by.

Myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm related injuries foreign foreign guys Scott golden here back on Championship court for an interview with.

Jeffrey Rwanda Jeffrey what a fierce battle that we just saw in Championship Court you were up eight to one in complete control of that match but your opponent fought back ended up winning a close one at the very end talk us through what happened there uh.

He's a nervous engages this is nervous I cannot control with the game yeah you know the momentum swings in pickleball are big and that momentum you had early the crowd behind you the Indonesia crowd really cheering loud that tapered off a little bit after your opponent took the lead.

Um Aditya a fierce competitor lots of experience on the court uh Jeffrey we're excited to see you come back for the next one and and possibly compete for a final great job on your big run here representing Indonesia very good job positive it's not feeling like nervous but it's the feeling like it's running and Aditya.

Russian is the point that's just a feeling that's it very good thank you so much for your competition very good job let's give it up for Jeffrey all right let's see if we can get a teacher over here a teacher come join me please Aditya adicha please come join me over here.

You can do that in a minute you got plenty of time to wait uh between the matches uh all right so I teach y'all I I saw you compete at the Asia pickleball open back five six months ago you did not play to your full potential you and I talked about that you said you were sad that you didn't play to that best potential but today you Rose.

To the occasion you found yourself down 8-1 early how did you fight through that adversity to come back and win this match I just followed your advice I still remember from uh five six months ago in Thailand you told me even if you are down just play to your full potential there's no need to panic you still have points to save he still had.

Six points to take which was a big margin so I just played at my full potential and I want to say thank you yeah thank you to you your advice did that all yeah so talk about once you crawled out of that hole after being down so big what did it feel like to change that momentum in your favor how much more confidence do you gain going.

Down the final stretch to try to close that game out uh to be honest when it was 10 all when I scored 11 10 then I got the pressure I don't know why but it just happened that uh now I see the victory is close then I got casual then I thought no no I should play at my full potential otherwise it's gonna happen the last time I lost to a very good.

Player I I did not let that happen again so I just removed the pressure I just uh I just told my shoes also to reach the ball and I don't know what I'm saying but I'm happy right now uh have you played against Leander from the Philippines he's in the finals against you have you had a chance to play him have you seen him play at all I didn't.

Go to chance to play with him but I seen him he made Tejas Mahajan one of the best in our country and my bhaiya also but I'm gonna just follow his advice because he knows better the gameplay than I can so I'm just gonna follow his lead I love it guys Aditya moving his way into the finals against Leander from the Philippines stay tuned when we come.

Back we're gonna have that match what a great what a great match we just witnessed that was fantastic both semi-finals are done we'll be back after this to see more hey thank you.

foreign this is Steve Dawson from Pro Connects I'm the designer and originator of all.

Proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries.

Foreign thank you.

foreign ER and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as.

Both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign thank you foreign.


thank you I know thank you foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign ER and originator of all proconnects pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm.

Related injuries foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign uh this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnects pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic.

Technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign this is Steve Dawson from prochenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnects pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the.

Kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

yeah yeah yeah thank you all right guys we are here for the bronze medal match the third place we've got Tejas Mahajan versus Jeffrey Rwanda.

The score is 5'4 fly forward for Jeffrey foreign we saw so many matches already I can't believe it's not even noon I know it's crazy long day today crazy so the local favorite after heartbreaking lost to Aditya.

And obviously Tejas after her leaking was still both these players look very relaxed right now they you can tell like after the pressure of that last round they both seem a little more relaxed in the zone it's almost like for the third place doesn't count it feels that way almost a little bit but of course they're still.

Going to compete hard yeah but yeah they it's it's almost as if they had a little bit of a letdown and they're trying to regroup and and gear back up for this third place but trust me both these guys want to win don't they y'all yes of course.

Foreign Scott well I mean like both these guys are amazing talents and I love watching these guys go to work I I feel like there's a lot of controversial calls on that far side I don't know what it is about that line but uh but yeah great shot by Tejas.

Mahajan and and these guys amaze me how many times they can paint the line they they they live on the edge of danger almost every point I honestly I don't think that they are aiming for the lines they're just that good I guess it just happens I'm trying to stay away from the.

Lines when I play I'm trying to hit it's the safest uh oh beautiful I gotta tell you I I'm very impressed with the passing ability of these players in Asia they can absolutely wear the cover off these pickleballs absolutely their ground strokes are just amazing you know most of these people are either.

Coming from badminton or tennis you know but the way how they move on the court easy not too many pounds or kilograms you know overweight yeah so it's so much easier for them to move on the court yeah I agree then people from the Western Hemisphere all right John it looks like we have a.

Timeout from Tejas Mahajan as the local crowd favorite Jeffrey Rwanda takes the lead again this is a game to 15 I assume right so only in this format only the finals are gonna be two out of three everything else is a game let me actually double check with the ref because okay if.

It should be two out of three oh it should be okay but sometimes um I saw it in last couple of days that they agree 2015. yeah well either way I I think it's acceptable either way as far as like from a viewing standpoint but I like the two out of three for the the metal matches for the places of the of the tournament first second third yeah.

So we will see very shortly yeah I guess it's too late now to uh to change it so they're they're either gonna play one to fifteen or two out of three whatever they agrees we're kind of in a surprise here for it yeah foreign.

passing shot again from Jeffrey just showcasing what he can do with that forehand and to be honest both these guys have monster forehands that they can pass people with I'm glad it's them doing it to each.

Other and not me that they're doing that too that's such a good backhand slap for a put away from Tejas Mahajan from India he caught that ball high at its peak put it away such good footwork from from both these guys their speed I I just I'm blown away.

The stuff that they can recover and get to you know Jana it's funny you told me you told me a couple years ago that you you hoped that you hope that singles would really showcase the talent that's in Asia and we two years later two three years later are seeing that played out right in.

Front of our eyes right now yeah absolutely I mean people in Asia are they they don't mind if they have to work hard of court and on court all right so we're gonna figure out I think there is some some controversy on the on the way the format is but the.

Thing is you have to figure that out before the match starts you can't wait till the match is going on to to ask questions you've got to ask the questions on the front end so now in the middle of the match it's too late to ask you know uh why why this or why that you you should ask those questions before the match starts.

Um but but also I was unaware exactly if it was going to be two out of three or game three eleven it is 203 officially is two out of three however if the players would agree they can play also one to Fifteen you know so we just kind of left the loop hole for them but again as before both of the players need to agree so did they both agree they are.

Playing two out of three oh they are gonna play two out of three because one of them maybe didn't agree yeah so in that case sorry I I I think that uh that's a relevant question when he asked he just waited till halfway through the game to ask the question yeah exactly but um you know it's um.

It's still the tournaments are starting here you know and uh I think he's probably asking because he's probably tired honestly I would be a little tired after running around as much as as these guys are yeah I mean obviously they are playing for the third match a third place right but uh.

Kind of a little bit you know to to win the third place is it's still a big deal it's a big deal it's a big deal it still doesn't doesn't sound that exciting you know as being on the big find another small finals I would agree with that but at the end of the day they outlasted 40 competitors or however many players oh yes oh yes you.

Know so they should be very proud of the fact more than 40 yeah there was a huge amount of players yeah um so at the end of the day they're going to be proud of their accomplishment but yeah but back to Oh beautiful beautiful he almost gave up and Tejas almost got to that ball that's right that's right.

It's amazing these guys can track down the ball so easily yeah so the point uh um the question which you which which you asked last time um people in Asia they they are used to work hard you know they uh if you give them a chance to do something and to be good at something.

You know they will not question you know people invest their hemisphere they will just look for the shortcuts yeah and I really believe that this sport in the future will be owned by Asian countries and Asian players they certainly have the talent pool to do it to accomplish that and I I think they're just as obsessed.

In Asia about pickleball as we are in the states um I see even more emphatic Um passion that they hold in regards to pickleball this is this is just the beginning my friend oh yeah we're just scratching the service in in three to five years from now we're gonna see a lot more of.

Jeffries and Tejas mahajans and and players like that that are going to be competing for these big money tournaments it's really good placement by both those guys it reminds me a little bit on Jeffrey's first magic against he played out of his mind and how.

Everything was really working well for him yeah so I wonder if if Tejas will learn from Aditya and we'll find the way back to to win this match so far it looks like that has the same the same beginning trying to execute some of the same strategies that's too good that's too good beautiful.

That that is actually a brilliant forehand notice how that balls got pace and it's dipping down away from Jeffrey's paddle it's not just going to him it's going look at the angle that in that Replay that ball Fades away which is which is a big deal that's a big thing good eye good eye there.

Yeah you know those are sometimes balls that Tejas can drop in at the Baseline but not that one that's the other thing about the the Franklin x40 is that it is a little softer in play so some of some of the time those balls look like they're gonna go out and they actually drop in um just because that ball plays a little.

Bit uh softer oh such brilliant touch right there yeah notice how he just faded that ball he just he brushed the back of that ball so gently it was in his Hitting Zone you know so that's why it's important to keep that ball down when you play Beautiful I mean you can see now that these guys.

Work on their returns and they just immediately put on the pressure the servers which is which is awesome looks in nearly impossible to the score Point here I know I know it feels it feels impossible for for Jeffrey right now but he's just got to dig deep I know he's tired but he's got he's got to just fight through.

It he's down a game so he's got to make a big push here Tejas is in that Groove this is what you call being in the groove you start to find your your Rhythm and your range and he's he's hitting these ground strokes just magnificently.

Six four I believe is the score nice job right Jeffrey there getting the ball back Cross Court making Tejas stretch a little too much there so do we know the score here I think it's six four six four for Tejas see that's that's being in stride right.

There he just rips that inside out there's not much Jeffrey could do on that one other than already being in that position to to counter that ball but look just watch the replay watch how he opens up he strikes that ball so clean and just pushes it to that Gap where it's open and again painting that line yeah he is in the zone right now.

Sorry yeah doing a great job there that time he he tried the inside in but Jeffrey actually from what I'm noticing is is preparing more for that forehand down the line than he is even the cross court and he and then goes it very nicely there for sure so that's so that's the inside in but he really should go back Cross Court in my.

Opinion on that very first one um and then you and then that's the setup for the inside in later yeah but you have to get your opponent moving that direction well the court is full of Tejas right now so it's difficult to get the ball behind beside him that's a good job from Jeffrey he needs.

More of that right there which is dominating and controlling the point from up at the kitchen so far he's played most of the game back at the Baseline and not able to really control a lot of the points that's again look at that creating his own his own momentum what a nice flick of the wrist well.

Frankly I thought the point was over when Tejas dropped that ball Cross Court soft like he's been doing but Jeffrey's got incredible agility and speed and then he was able to just you know it's one thing to get there the other half of that is to flick that ball back across with such touch so the pro the problem what's what's.

Happening right now for Jeffrey is he's striking that ball with Pace but it's lifting up if he can keep that ball low it's going to change the way Tejas has to hit that ball back but right now he's leaving it up too high he's hitting it to The Hitting Zone yeah doesn't do anything correct he's playing very well right now so you have to keep.

That ball down I believe Jeffrey is it's six seven so he's making his his run now let's see again where that ball gets set up for him for Tejas to put it away is he pulls him over to the left and then he cuts off.

That angle back Cross Court so he he has no ability to basically go back across his body he's opening up the whole cord for himself right so then Mahajan just sets up down the line and puts it away come on uh he's got he's got to finish that point that that's one of those points.

You you have to execute there's just no no reason to miss that shot other than maybe being tired oh that's great great job from chaos track fantastic very nice very nice touch there from Jeffrey Rwanda all right here we go he's got to make some moves.

Oh oh he got to it oh he tracked him but he just could not get a battle on that last one I think that extra bit of effort might might not be worth it I don't know maybe that's just my perspective but he went for it but it looked good it looked good and if he gets that back there's a good chance that maybe he's already going back to.

The Baseline and not even sure it's coming over that point was probably finished already like three times before it really got finished Jeffrey was already setting up for the next serve and that ball almost came back over the net but to be honest I respect that type of effort from somebody absolutely um.

Whether they win the point or not it makes the opponent realize they have to finish points yeah you cannot just take anything for granted out here against these guys especially somebody like Tejas Mahajan he definitely is not going anywhere yeah I think that the first set went to Jeffrey right Jeffrey won the first no.

No uh Tejas 111 nine that's why he asked why they they were only playing why why you were playing 211 instead of 15. he thought he was going to be able to come back on that game uh but he was now now he lost that first one now he's got to win this second one at least that's what the scoreboard's showing no comment on that.

If I am incorrect we will find out after this game based on who won I I was under the impression that Jeffrey lost that first game but the commentators might have a difference in the uh in the opinion I learned my Less in my life no Impressions because whatever I think something is is completely wrong most of.

The times well I've only I've only been wrong once in my life and uh so maybe this is the second time oh okay I'm just kidding and you are living near the perfect life I'm I'm wrong at least once per day is what I meant to say once per day it's not that bad that's not too bad percentages are okay.

All right that ball out from Jeffrey so we're gonna play on here that's a really close ball that's really close I love that angle the volley forehead angle it's beautiful yes I I love the angle that we have the camera set up so you can see the whole Court I agree.

What a touch what attachment side you know pickleball is so beautiful because you can drive the ball you can touch the ball you know everything it's it's a beautiful sport yes and and what I love about it is even in singles every once in a while you get both players up there scrambling and and volleying balls back and forth like.

Hard stops left and right just putting up barely getting a paddle on it and recovering it's very exciting stuff I believe Jeffrey getting a second wind here that's what I was talking about he's closing in and he's volleying those balls and and making his move um you know like.

Like you won't see a lot in other in other sports I mean some in tennis but for the most part there's less serving volley in tennis nowadays and more staying back from ground strokes all right so Jeffrey making his move yeah I just want to give a shout out to the uh to the owners of this facility.

Liga tennis sports blog complex what a great facility that these players are getting able to to battle on court they they actually took I was not here for this but they actually took a clay court that was here if I'm not mistaken uh I've got I've got somebody that would know so there's there was a clay Court.

Prior uh and and that's a tennis court a clay court for tennis they actually converted this over into dedicated pickleball courts to Dedicated courts uh one of which we're using for the live streaming the other one is just behind us and uh that's