All right welcome back to the set the other semi-finals here yeah John I don't know if people at home like if they're watching from their living room or their computer I don't know if they can feel the energy and electricity that's in this building there's guys listen to me very carefully if you haven't had a chance to.

Experience pickleball in another country like this you need to come experience it just even if you don't play if you just book a plane get a hotel and come experience the energy and excitement of the world pickleball Championship the the team Factor I'm telling you it's there's something very special about what they what they have here.

Yeah so it's exciting and um this semi-finals is even more exciting because the local favorite the Jeopardy is playing against his Idol Aditya I don't know if we can get one of the cameras between the points to show the crowd from Indonesia here but they are loud and proud right now cheering on their Indonesia favorite.

Player Jeffrey and they have a little cheer between the points I love it yeah that was a good shot I I gotta tell you this guy I saw him last night this is my first time seeing him really competing um he played last night I didn't get to see much of it but this guy is electrifying.

And he has got up early three one on Jeffrey three one Jeffrey 3-1 early lead for Jeffrey Aditya is starting a little slow but he's gonna end up picking it up there's no doubt in my mind he's gonna he's gonna make make himself known in this game but Jeffrey is an absolute animal.

His quickness on the court is something to be watching yeah so good one thing that's that really stands out to me early is that Jeffrey has great anticipation of where his opponent's gonna hit the ball foreign early score look at the footwork do you see the.

Watch watch the footwork from Jeffrey where Rhonda as he finds that ball sets himself up in good position and makes sure to hit a clean shot every time you're not gonna see him out of position very much same with Aditya he he will be the same he won't be out of position too often five one five one Jeffrey this is a very.

Exciting energetic crowd over here obviously if you were if people are here they would feel this but Indonesia pretty excited to have one of their own in the semi-finals playing against Team India um you can feel their presence big time and make no mistake Yon Jeffrey will ride that wave of energy this whole.

Match they're gonna feed him the energy that in electricity that he needs to win this match Team India is not as big in numbers as they were in Asia pickleball open so they're gonna have to cheer a little louder to get behind Aditya to make sure they counter and neutralize some of this excitement because right now it is heavy in the.

Favor of Indonesia and their boy Jeffrey Miranda foreign look at them going right at each other also just a a side note uh this is the first pro player I've seen here uh in the semifinals using a who def paddle so that's interesting I like that um nice good looking gold colors which.

I'm uh I'm partial to this is my last name's golden oh here's a toe well for those who never heard about Indonesia and pickleball in Indonesia watching watching Jeffrey it's like watching the pineapple all the of the big Iceberg you know there is so much pickleball in in Indonesia and it's.

Just a fantastic fantastic pickable country and we all know badminton in Indonesia was so big and we all are expecting the same happening also in pickleball and as I said Jeffrey is only one of many talented young young players coming up yeah and I'm I'm just curious I haven't seen too many Indonesia players as high.

Quality in play as as Jeffree Star I wonder who he gets to train with because he is on point right now yeah I mean there are a lot of a lot of a lot of players and I don't think that they train trade but they play together you know and basically they help each other grow and it's just uh.

This is not good deep Waters over here for Aditya as he finds himself down seven points in the game to 15. this is going to be significant to see if he can rise up now remember Tejas mahayon was also losing at the switch made a huge comeback and took the lead ended up losing 15-14 but he's gonna have to really dig deep right here and find a.

Way to CR to crawl back in this match and especially when actually I can't even hardly hear you so so much noise here I feel like at a hockey Stadium or a football stadium yes I feel like we're in a hockey game then uh there there's a huge huge Indonesia crowd just off off center imagine Saturday team competition Indonesia playing.

Their their matches this this place will be shaking out of sound yeah this is the part that I loved back in April that I experienced for the very first time 10 30 11 o'clock at night the players were coming out to support their team and eight to one still so far adich had not able to overcome any of the adversity that he's faced until that.

Point right there now that doesn't mean that he's changed the momentum yet he got a side out he's still got to put points on the board in order to get back in this game getting side outs is not going to help you get a win oh boy that's that's a game changer dagger to the heart of Aditya right there game's far from over but boy you.

Hit a backhand around the post off a good shot from here waited and waited and awaited until the ball really got it his Focus I'm telling you I I have never seen a player quite so focused as we've seen Jeffrey right now every single point he is methodical in his in his execution foreign.

If I did that right there you'd be picking me up off the floor all right that's that's what Aditya needed you see the little fist bump that's an internal thing to try to get himself going here to Indonesia having Indonesian players and Philippine players uh that's.

A brand new experience for Indian players and I think that this is so good for further development of pickleball in Asia yes it is it's good and I'm gonna tell you right now John the the momentum is slightly shifted just a bit the crowd not quite as excited at the moment because he's rattled off two or three.

Points in a row this is his chance to crawl back in this game he's got to maximize this opportunity right now another unbelievable backhand Tejas and Aditya both with that one-hander that rolls Cross Court really nice shot even though the lead is so substantial I would never write off a detail he's an experienced senior player.

Well if he can get this crowd out of it a little bit he can have a chance to to really get back in this game but if he allows uh Jeffries crowd to stay involved he'll have a very tough time working out of this hole he's in beautiful Point here you see the fire coming out that's that's his internal.

Mechanism kicking in saying no no don't go down fighting week go out fighting with with fire and and that's what you're gonna see him do to try to crawl back in this game because he right now he has not shown his best potential on the court at up to this point as we said many times before how did he.

Is a role model for for many players in Asia and also Jeffrey that's the crowd right there when we talked three four weeks ago and Jeffrey was asking is Aditya coming and I said yes I said like my word I want to play him his dreams are coming through in this moment I love it it's one thing it's one thing yawn to.

Want to play your idol in pickleball it's another thing to execute shot after shot against your idol and right now he is absolutely wearing Aditya out and uh we're seeing him scrambling right now to try to recover honestly this is my opinion when you're not in a position of authority right there and the other player has the.

Advantage you have to continue to work out of that point in a way yeah you shouldn't drive the ball when you're not in that position of authority yet of course it's easy for me to say over here yeah he was doing a great job look at the end of the day that was a good thought it's a good it.

Was a good shot for Medica and and the idea there was to drop the ball but in hindsight he's got to roll that ball get it lifted up over the net and keep him deep because Aditya wasn't up at the net yet so he has some space to work there five nine foreign.

you can just feel something in your gut I have this gut feeling that Jeffrey's gonna finish the the game he's going to finish the course it's still up in the air ah detail with a response right there maybe he heard me all I'm hoping is for a good pickleball.

100 regardless who is going to win obviously everybody here I've been most of the people here in the hall are cheering for Jeffrey well Aditya is a fierce competitor he's not going to go anywhere uh and and likely he will make a run a pushback is a really really nice gentleman the referee calling that ball.

Good yeah I I believe that might have hit the line it's hard to say but I I believe he did I do believe he did I remember though the players have to make a decision in the split of the second and in my opinion the referee has the best angle there he's also watching where um Jeffrey is actually running to hit.

The ball and having to look at the same time it's not as easy to do that nice reset this is where he's got to continue see they go for in my opinion all the players that we've seen when they're when they're back they're trying to hit clean winners from the Baseline off balance you should continue to drop the ball and reset until you get back to.

A position of neutral you'll get a little more control at least a little more control maybe not full control but you've got to get back to a position of of where you can make a a play Jeffrey I believe winning 10-5 maybe ten six nine ten six yeah ten six that's a nice inside out that ball is their bread and butter that's what the.

Indians do so well they work around that that forehand and they really Drive well inside out I think their length has a lot to do with that yeah we saw it in the previous semi-finals their house they don't go anywhere and he nearly got it he made that bread and butter shot over and over to get back in there anybody who think that Aditya here it is.

Again we've seen it now twice he's doing that two times in a row to test now here's what I'm gonna make a prediction the next ball he gets to that side where he can work around it he's gonna go inside in down the line because he knows now that Jeffrey's gonna adapt to that inside out you watch and see all right let's see Aditya is a very smart player.

He's gonna make an adoption to that counter because Jeffrey also is going to make he has to make an adjustment he has no choice watch watch oh he went back to it again but he missed he missed Jeffrey missed but I thought for sure he was going to roll down the line on that one but he didn't.

I think this is a time for Jeffrey to call timeout my opinion but uh he probably doesn't want to show weakness and that's why we're over here also because we're because he thinks in the moment he's going to be able to continue to play I think he should call a timeout though that's a great reset look this is the.

Position of neutral getting back to neutral there it is so he he kept dropping that ball in at least not fully attackable right and it puts a lot of pressure on Jeffrey to continue to hit ball after ball after ball and and to be honest all that Aditya is trying to do right there is get back to that neutral State that's.

All it is yep and uh the crowd not as excited right now because he's not winning every point all right so you can see the demeanor has shifted right yes so I stand corrected I am I'm old enough to say any kind of predictions because whenever I predict something the other thing will happen oh.

My goodness these games are so momentum based there's the inside in so so three to four times he went inside out that time he circled around and closed this paddle off goes down the line hits a brilliant shot below the net going over and out of nowhere we have a tie here 10 10. of course I spoke way too soon commentator's curse but now is Jeffrey's.

Turn to change that momentum back we'll see if he will be able to add at least one point because if he doesn't if you give the ball right back he is in a trouble what a good deep serve ah he played that point brilliant he played that point brilliant a detail with a nice backhand block.

Volley block off the net cord to get himself another opportunity here to take the lead for the first time in this whole game he found himself down 8-1 at the switch now that's the adjustment from Jeffrey see like I told you he's gonna pick up on that tendency to go inside out on the forehand so Aditya has to make some.

Adjustments oh that's so good from from Jeffrey the speed oh my God what a point did we just see at the gamesmanship the gamesmanship right here from Aditya getting the Indian crowd into it Jeffrey did everything he possibly could to keep that point alive I don't think.

You could play the point any better than either one of these guys played it peekabo at the very best this is some of the highest quality pickleball I've seen in in quite a while this would rival the states in in level of competition oh that was a smart shot right there from Aditya he instead of going.

Cross-court which is what Jeffrey thought that he was going to do he pins them down behind him causing Jeffrey to hit the brakes right there look you we talk about this so much but look at the confidence difference now in a detail at 1312 or 14 13 versus down 8-1 the shoulder Shrunk the head down missing the shots now his his confidence.

Is Extreme where we're gonna see the difference is can Jeffrey stop this momentum get the ball back and have a chance to regain that momentum in his favor yeah well Jeffrey came out very hot and added here also didn't know what to expect it took idea of some time to readjust but I would still not uh say that Aditya is going to have a clear.

Winner a winning of this match because I think that Jeffrey is still not going she's not going to he's not going to to give up now so we will see next point or two will tell us much more watch Jeffrey get a point back and watch this crowd explode that ball is too good that ball is too.

Good now you're seeing it Aditya greatest showman yeah he's feeling it he's feeling it this is called a heat check right here and we can hear also our Indian friends here cheering for Aditya yeah this is a big big moment for Jeffrey to respond let's see how it unfolds right now live on Championship.

Court that's a good response now this is where the crowd can come to play a factor for Jeffrey they've got to continue that good energy for Jeffrey or else he's gonna fall to the Wayside here foreign I like the composure from Jeffrey to take his time.

Make sure he's hitting the right shots I like it he went for it there but he was he was a little out of position in my opinion to hit that drive but I like what he went for you got to go for some shots if you're gonna have a chance here I believe 13-12 out of the opposite with himself that he didn't call it out he looked like he.

Wanted to is it 1310 I think it's uh 14. either 10 or 12 14. yeah that's too good from uh from Aditya getting that ball really deep into that four corner Soto to my knowledge Aditya is trying to.

Close now oh absolutely he's got that animal Instinct of of smelling the Finish Line he smells some blood the confidence level from Jeffrey has dropped just a tad and we're gonna see him try to close this match out okay so that was his inside in that he was trying to fool Jeffrey with you got to make that shot though the situation.

Has changed because arrentia had already three match points yes and I think they're maybe mental momentum is coming into his hand had Jeffrey taking a big breath I don't know if you could see that on camera before that serve he's got to make something happen on this series that's so good from Aditya it's his.

Reach he can reach that ball so easily he stole his lead he's flexible you know guys like Aditya Leandro Leander Jeffrey even uh Tejas these guys live for these moments they they train Blood Sweat and Tears for these moments and and hadita really showing that he wants it uh he's going for it he's going for it you know I I don't blame him you're up.

14 10 or 14 12. yep yeah right now aditya's owning that net and he's and and Jeffrey in my opinion right now doesn't have the tools right now to overcome this reach in athleticism from Aditya he's got no answers Jeffrey's game.

But I tell you what there's no quit in Jeffrey he's going to continue to fight now he's got to put some points back on the board he's been stalled out for quite a while now yes nobody is adding any points that's a great shot but adicho with the.

With the answer that's just reach that's his reach he just flicked that ball back across his body fantastic yes literally Jeffrey you can see it head down shoulders sunk a little he has no answers at the moment but he's got to forget everything that's happened up to this moment and focus on this very next point because this is the only thing.

That matters in this moment this could be the last point very good resets that one a little high yeah I like the composure from Jeffrey he doesn't panic in these moments he just continues to hit the methodical shot until he gets the ball that he wants now here's where he's got to step up on.

Some offense oh that's such a good ball the little forehand flick roll Cross Court you gotta love that adicha not able to put a paddle on it at all and now the crowd gonna become a factor if he can get two points in a row that's cold momentum one point and give the ball back is not momentum two points.

And staying with that shot and that momentum is what you need man boy I tell you on this is an exciting semi-final this isn't even the finals yet nope thank you oh goodness that ball should have probably rolled over momentum of that ball should have carried over however.

Gravity pulled that thing back on to the side of Jeffrey Rwanda and that's it Jeffrey dumping that one into the net on the final shot Aditya drops the Selkirk paddle in explanation what a great what a great match what a great match we just watched win or lose both these guys Fierce.

Competitors I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I think that the new rivalry was just born has been born and uh I I just really hope that these guys will meet many many times in the future for the good of pickleball in Asia I would love to get an interview with both the winner and the loser so we're gonna see if we.

Can track both these guys down uh we'll be back right after this dude uh this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnects pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to.

Reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm related injuries foreign foreign guys Scott golden here back on.

Championship court for an interview with Jeffrey Rwanda Jeffrey what a fierce battle that we just saw in Championship Court you were up eight to one in complete control of that match but your opponent fought back ended up winning a close one at the very end talk us through what happened there.

Uh he's a nervous engages this is nervous and cannot control with the game yeah you know the momentum swings in pickleball are big and that momentum you had early the crowd behind you the Indonesia crowd really cheering loud that tapered off a little bit after your.

Opponent took the lead um Aditya a fierce competitor lots of experience on the court uh Jeffrey we're excited to see you come back for the next one and and possibly compete for a final great job on your big run here representing Indonesia very good job positive it's not feeling like nervous but it's.

The feeling like it's running and Aditya Russian is the point that's just that feeling that's it very good thank you so much for your competition very good job let's give it up for Jeffrey all right let's see if we can get a teacher over here a teacher come join me please Aditya.

Adicha please come join me over here you can do that in a minute you got plenty of time to wait uh between the matches uh all right so I teach y'all I I saw you compete at the Asia pickleball open back five six months ago you did not play to your full potential you and I talked about that you said you were sad that you didn't play to.

That best potential but today you Rose to the occasion you found yourself down 8-1 early how did you fight through that adversity to come back and win this match I just followed your advice I still remember from uh five six months ago in Thailand you told me even if you are down just play to your full potential there's no need to panic you.

Still have points to save he still had six points to take which was a big margin so I just played at my full potential and I want to say thank you yeah thank you to you your advice did that all there so talk about once you crawled out of that hole after being down so big what did it feel like to change that momentum in your favor how.

Much more confidence do you gain going down the final stretch to try to close that game out uh to be honest when it was 10 all when I scored 11 10 then I got the pressure I don't know why but it just happened that uh now I see the victory is close then I got casual then I thought no no I should play at my full potential otherwise it's gonna happen.

The last time I lost to a very good player I I did not let that happen again so I just removed the pressure I did uh I just told my shoes also to reach the ball and I don't know what I'm saying but I'm happy right now uh have you played against Leander from the Philippines he's in the finals against you have you had a chance to play him.

Have you seen him play at all I didn't got the chance to play with him but I seen him he made Tejas Mahajan one of the best in our country and my bhaiya also but I'm gonna just follow his advice because he knows better the gameplay than I can so I'm just gonna follow his lead I love it guys Aditya moving his way into the finals against.

Leander from the Philippines stay tuned when we come back we're gonna have that match what a great what a great match we just witnessed that was fantastic both semi-finals are done we'll be back after this to see more hey
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