Oh DG Tim all over it right now let's see some dancing going on welcome to Indian Wells California and the Beautiful Coachella Valley it's here that we find the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships don't miss a second of the action as the world's best players compete to earn cash prizes and.

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Yola pickleball paddle Tech pickleball Central rocking protein and Selkirk beautiful Indian Wells California the setting for the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships we are.

In for some great matches today Pro mixed doubles here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships we are going to now throw it quartzite for our player intros foreign.

all right.

Wow their opponents the onesies three-time national champion and a Delray Beach Florida and a Lee water and her partner iTunes national champion from Phoenix Arizona Riley Newman.

All right Christine we are ready to go Dominic Catalano alongside me Christine Barksdale let's check out the head to head here brought to you by paddle Tech your one seed Waters and Newman taking on the 17 seed Sarah ansberry and ryler de Hart Waters and Newman had a buy this is our first matchup of the day ansbury and.

Dehart I was out on the back courts watching that last match against Michelle Esquivel and Rob Cassidy to say it got heated and was intense would be the understatement of the century was a great match but Andrew Hart coming out of that in three what are the keys here in this matchup Christine you know going against the number one seed and arguably.

Two of the best players in the game in waters and Newman you know what I'm excited about this match I think we've got we've got players that are skilled at setting their other they're setting their partner up to play their best game right and I think that's what mixed doubles and gender doubles it's all about is how can you set your partner up.

To play their strongest game Know Your Role right and I believe all four of these players as new as ryler is to this sport I feel that all four of them are really Masters knowing their role playing their part and doing their best to set them up so I'm excited to just see how this all plays out we've got some soft hitters we've got some hard.

Hitters Power Players this is going to be an exciting match finally Waters will never be mistaken for a non-hard-hitter you are correct but so kind of get this out there as always you know you talk about Anna Lee Waters from Mom Lee Waters who she plays women's doubles with which we will see tomorrow there's always this uh well all.

They do is grip and rip and bang it and this and that the misconception on that is is most of the time they do grip and rip right but they'll rip that third ball and then they'll drop that fifth ball they're not just grip and rip on the third shot traditional oh they need to hit a third shot drop no they don't they hit a drive on the third most of.

The time and what it does is it creates an easier Fifth and so that's what you see a lot of times out of Anna Lee Waters what she's trying to create there and you know the people at home just think that that's all they do and that's how they win no you really gotta have both sides of the game do you not Christine you absolutely do what I like.

You know and and ladies doubles is a lot known for they do grip and rip it a little bit more often right but but what we've got is she can kind of grip it and rip it here because Riley Newman's got amazing hands soft hands he can dig every ball out so I think they're just a nice combo and I do believe variety of the spice of life here is that you want.

To grip it and rip it sometimes you also want a third ball drop it but I agree 100 with you it's sometimes that rib sets up an easier fifth ball drop gives you a little bit of time to kind of set up and hit the perfect next fifth ball which is you know it's a way to go yeah good point absolutely and talking about you know Anne's Varian to.

Heart Anne's very pretty much been playing pickleball longer than all three of the other players on court combined and that being said ansberry has seven national titles to her belt onto her belt Anna Lee Waters has three Riley Newman has two riler de Hart making his debut here at Nationals.

Um but is making a name for himself rylo dehart coming from a very high level tennis background um he's played you know pretty much everywhere I know that you know one of his his claim to fames is he played against Rafa Nadal yes he did on Center Court at the UFO Uso first round um there is video of that but uh it is a.

Little hazy and fuzzy as it was a while ago but ryla Hart a very high level tennis background you will see that in his ground strokes where he creates a lot of shape to his ball and so look for him to attack on that third but what he is learning is to attack that third maybe the fifth and then drop that next ball and come in and play right and.

That's some of the nuances of pickleball right that the tennis players coming in are really learning those nuances and what I do like about that is Sarah also has great hands she has great touch she's going to look to soften the ball because she's the type of player that it's willing kind of like Riley Newman to dink all day if they need to yes and.

Wait for the opportunity to present itself and so you know a little thing too confusion about why Anna Lee Waters playing with Riley Newman and not Ben Johns it was because Anna Lee and Lee Waters committed very early to Nationals and Ben Johns did not and so Anna Lee needed a partner she went with Riley and.

Then Ben was able to commit but Annalee was already committed to Riley so that's why you have that little discrepancy it's so fun it's all fun to mix things up I like it all right let's get started yep oh Anna Lee Waters with a nice productive dink a dink with a purpose on Cross Court to Riley's bat or riler's.

Backhand that's what you're gonna see right there Christine from ryler De heart and we've just talked about it you've got to use your strengths remember your strength when you're playing a match that's your strength use it yep wow you watch Riley Newman just and what.

He does so well when he's gonna power a ball he flattens out that pound just pancakes it but hits it with a lot of pace zero one two yeah he runs over as Newman just flips that forehand gets a lot of Top Spin on it and we're witnessing Anna Lee demonstrating her dink ability.

The heart gets a little handcuffed there cut him off guard paddle was down need to have his paddle up in front of him I think he anticipated another shot oh Newman trying to shape that back in around the post just couldn't get around it enough foreign there from Riley Newman does that so.

Well his hands are so good plays defense really well but also turns that defense into offense three zero two side out and I think if de Hart mansbury going to be successful they're going to need to dictate some Pace here and maybe try to bring it to Newman and Lee while annoy water that's a tough strategy but.

I agree with you it's going to be tough though because you know Newman's hands are amazing tried to shape that around didn't quite make it again either but let's see that back just tried to just barely missed it one three one hands bearing the heart on the board one three two.

Foreign just wide there Cross Court from ansberry you could see them forcing some errors out of Sarah she's usually very very consistent player but their their style is just kind of pulling some errors that that you know definitely Annalee and Riley want.

there's that defense Newman wanted to get out of the way of that but couldn't I don't like the decision though from the heart to bring Newman back in he's so athletic you're not gonna catch him right he's definitely getting to that ball.

That's a big ball there from the heart if they can get some more balls to the heart forehand right there he can punish and that's what Sarah really needs to focus on how can she get those pop-ups up to the heart because he is going to be a finisher yep second server.

One three two oh nice the hands right there as the heart tried to go behind Newman but Newman all over it he's got great reach great extension and that two-handed backhand that just worked out well three one one point.

A little long on that return from ansberry on Anna Lee Waters Clips the tape and it drops in nothing ansberry or the heart could do on that one it happens very quickly next thing you know it's over your paddle over your head gone oh an analy Waters had an opening right.

There is the heart poached over which just over hits a little bit you get so excited right you think oh this big opening go for it you know got to stay calm one two foreign just worked his way up just I mean that's a clinic on working your way through the transition area.

Newman didn't rush it hit the first one from the Baseline next one three feet in and three feet further and then get all the way to the kitchen line that's an excellent point Dominic but you don't have to rush up to the net Newman yelling at Anna Lee Waters go go but they were in I formation nothing.

That either one of them could do right there she definitely gave it her all though see him make a big stretch nice ball and set up there from rather to Heart worked out well he was able to grab that ball out of the air took all the time away from his.

Opponents to even anticipate where it was going and that's that's the drive right there the heart hadn't been dialed in his drives have been a little high that one right there is going to be effective as it's just low over the net with a dipping action to it comes again there it is.

Andalee handled it nicely yeah nice speed up there from the heart and again he creates some shape on that and so it's not a flat ball that Anna Lee Waters can handle easily it's got a little shape on it it makes it extremely difficult to anticipate because you can't tell which direction it's curving.

Oh nice ball from ansberry right there and here comes the heart nansberry within one here which just six one a 4-0 run for mansbury into heart hi six one should handcuffed him handcuffed him again I really like you know she's she's not she's not afraid to attack him she's not afraid to dink him.

She's really playing smart the ball versus a player it's Newman just gets lit up right there by dog look at this man what movement look at this movement there's no thing that Newman could do to get out of the way and we are all tied at six it was a great pouch Anna Lee Waters and Riley Newman I mean.

Christine talk about a change of events it was 6-1 Newman and Waters cruising and now a 6-0 run from ansberry into heart What's the Difference Maker I know what it is do you know what it is I think I know what it is it'd be interesting to see if we see the same things going on but I definitely feel like it's de-hart yes absolutely he's.

Dominating the court a little bit he's maybe settling in come from getting more comfortable but he's definitely hitting the ball harder he's picking his opportunities and he's you know generating a lot of heat what do you think Dominic yeah he is he's he dialed in his Drive early on his Drive was high it was a couple feet over the net and it.

Just left Newman and Waters able to just punish that block right now he's dialed it in he's an inch or two over the net it's creating some diving action as it gets over and makes that block very hard so let's see if he can continue that ten seven six two yeah Riley Newman taking over there.

Going I'm just gonna end this on my own stepping into the middle and Newman is doing an outstanding job of selecting the balls to to pick off yeah and Newman knows that that flicked on the sideline that's not gonna be his winner it's gonna come off the block he wants rather the heart to block that to pop it up and he gets that winner.

Seven seven one Yeah Anna Lee Waters just diving that you know dipping that right shoulder down getting on top of that two-hander kept it very low she was waiting on it oh Riley Newman anticipation in the middle two good grab he made on that ball was a come out perfectly timed having one one minute so it was a.

7-6 lead a timeout from Newman and Annalee Waters they come out of that timeout going a 3-0 run of their own to take control and the difference was Riley Newman sitting in the middle getting a lot bigger getting a little more active you agree with that I absolutely agree with that he definitely made he made a grab in there that.

Shocked everybody including me but it definitely shocked Sarah she thought she had it past him she was getting it deeper to Annalee to keep her back Riley did not allow that to happen he said no I'm taking this ball and it kept that made that point exchange very different all right we'll see what annsbury and de heart have out of this time out.

See if they can slow this down as Waters and Newman look to be back in control of this first game up 9-7 1. good ball there from the heart going at the the heart made a great choice he's trying in that point it appeared to me as though he's trying to keep Riley back to keep him from being able to be so big.

Up at the net oops no and and you heard I can hear the heart from here but he's facing the opposite way of annsbury and he was saying stay stay on the stack she doesn't and up on the same side and it's game point for Waters and Newman great pull right there from ryler to hartin they fight off one game point.

I mean just good anticipation it was great anticipation beautiful one-handed backhand Riley thought he'd sneak it by him behind him maybe get a little pop-up foreign that's the second time we've witnessed that anticipation on that move Annalee may be getting a little predictable.

It's trouble oh and Newman off the top of them you can see what happens he had to reach a little bit further than he anticipated so it sent that ball into the net foreign to hard working their way back up can't.

Convert still on second server here oh brother ladies and gentlemen stepping over into the watch this move watch this anticipation exactly it's going before Annalee Waters even hits that and it is a game a point for ansberry into heart what we're gonna need to see is I think Anna Lee gonna start need to go behind him a little bit keep him on his toes.

You know right now he's anticipating it yep yep oh it is very with the Miss hit right there great patience from Annalee Waters and Riley Newman to fight off a game point annaly did a great job there's instead of picking her regular shot for ryler to poach she went back to him.

Cover yep everybody's mixing it up a little bit there rather the heart feeling it right now they definitely are mixing their shots up a little more going behind each other not allowing that big poach Ed.

Oh did you see that that's a great poach there from Annalee water she read this Cross Court drop from ansberry so well I'm happy fevers Sarah's drop just carried a little bit far right into annalize Strike Zone and she anticipated it beautifully so for people who are talking about Riley to Heart making his Nationals debut it's his.

First time here at Nationals me a lot of people oh how is it that route a heart coming into pickleball over the last year year and a half is so good already and playing so well so ready already it's the years of Racket experience he steps in he's played tennis at the highest level that does transform onto a pickleball court does it not Christine.

Don I absolutely believe it does I think racket Sports in general do help you maybe get a little better a little quicker but he's also super intuitive he's kind of figured out the pickleball court which is a big transition from the tennis court but he's done I think he's done spent a lot of hours out there really Drilling and practicing to.

Understand the court uses experience and apply it right here what we're seeing today oh and the heart over hits that backhand though and it will be game point number two for Waters and Newman yes and that ball put away by Riley Newman.

But what a first game here on Championship Court in the second round matchup here in mixed Pro doubles Riley Newman Anna Lee Waters taking game number one 13-11 will take a quick commercial break when we come back game two here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships foreign.

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thank you thank you back here at the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships your one seed getting tested early in game number one but coming out on top.

13-11 we'll see what ansberry and dahart can do here in game number two to try and answer oh Anna Lee Waters did such a good job there she got in the firefight but she continued to work the ball more and more to the middle away from ansbury she really did a good job of staying up on the non-vollies online not taking a step.

Back which a lot of players wanted to have a tendency to do oh and I love the move there from ansberry as she goes for the Ernie but what Waters did too she tries to go back door into heart as he was covering just missed it fine I think de heart would love to have that.

Back right about now he didn't quite move his feet to get in position he stretched oh nice pull from ansberry right there going right at the body of Riley Newman and those first game kinda working those cobwebs out for Handley Waters and Riley Newman seem to be over.

And that's an excellent point yeah that you make is that was their this is their first match yeah right and right right on cue annely Waters no cobwebs right there at that is for sure that's a dink winner for Hannah Lee Waters a little wide and a quick side out back to Waters and Newman one zero one.

Oh good spot there found that found the hole in the middle of those two what I really liked about that last point was Sarah looked at her partner and just gave some encouraging words always important to do when you're on the court encouraging it's a great little hot Darko and you will of course it was going to be Andrea.

Had to Ernie like it was nothing right there beautifully done and you're seeing what's happening too is when Ansberg goes for that Ernie the heart's protecting and he's protecting more so because he's left-handed too so it's his forehand protecting her which is great all right hands we're looking at herself right there knowing she's got to get.

That forehand down yeah you definitely cannot give that opportunity up for Anna Lee with that she's really waiting on that two-handed backhand oh the heart just getting underneath that one you know what I think is super tough is coming into the second game that first.

One was so close a lot of players want to come out and rush and not re-slow down you know get back to what was working really well for you yep oh and to Heart off the tape and how to bounds a little unlucky there yeah Andrew almost babyed that I think she saw Annalee Waters coming and tried.

To kind of soften it up a little bit she's going to go for kind of a perfect shot just a little dropper over the net three zero one oh wow so Anna Lee Waters did see Andrew coming but what she tried to do she tried to speed it up right at her right so she changed the speed of that and forced ansberry to be really quick with.

It and she couldn't execute and it's a 4-0 lead here for Waters and Newman in game number two they look to have settled down here now Christine now we could have said that in game one as they were up 7-1 but they do seem to be settled down playing a little more comfortable with each other and think of it this way.

Too this is Annalee Waters and Riley Newman first time playing together you know I was out on the courts earlier during practice time talking to the players I actually got a chance to talk with Stephen Waters Anna Lee's dad and they were talking about how it is their first time playing and that they hadn't get they didn't get to practice right.

And then Riley was showing up this morning and that was their first time on the court together so there is that kind of feeling out process still as they're getting into this yes it definitely helps when you get to play with a partner that you know well you can anticipate shots are gonna hit or a partner that just knows what your.

Strengths are and they know how to hit a ball that sets you up for your strength it's a big difference when you're first time on the court at a big event foreign for our next matchup here on Championship Court making their way down to the sidelines as Kelly Smith and AJ.

Kohler will take on Catherine parento and Ben Johns both of those teams advancing nice ball there from Anna Lee Waters going cross-court and Waters and Newman continuing to gel and I think that's what we're going to see from them as the day goes on as they start to gel and.

Become a little more familiar with each other it's the no look from Riley Newman as you watch his body slide to the side it's it's so deceptive especially with the two-hander right it makes it even it adds to deceptiveness yeah and it just feels like the heart and Amesbury feeling a little.

More of that pressure but that pressure coming from Annalee Waters and Riley Newman Newman I think he knows playing an out ball as he points back to the Baseline going Ball's gonna go so out if I just let it go but he does not inside out he rushed it he rushed it he didn't let.

It fall just catches the outside of the post as he tries to shoot around it and you're right he needed needed to give himself one more second I know and I'm not that I hit a lot of them but when I tried to do that I try to wait one extra second that's just such a good spot there from.

Riley Newman we're definitely starting to see Newman do what he does best play very consistent and pull the trigger when it's time thank you oh she couldn't get out of the way of that when she was just she knew's going out she said no but she couldn't get her.

Body out of the way she's not gonna play that one she took some paddle behind her back tucked her paddle away Annalee made an outstanding uh dig out of the center of the Court there to keep them in the point seven one two three what do you think Dom what do we need.

What do uh well if you were Sarah and dehart what do you uh fear of their coach what would you tell them well interesting thing right now is what this point play out and again Amesbury right there Newman just going right at her on that Ernie it's a smart shot It's just tough right now because.

Water's a Newman not making any mistakes agreed they're they're playing steady yet with a great deal of pace nothing ansbury could do right there and they are cruising in game number two right there to move on our Anna Lee Waters and Riley Newman well that was definitely a big change up in that second game we really saw Newman.

And Waters really settle in and start to figure out their partnership they started making shots that would set the other one up for some finishers we really saw Newman start to play just a little bit more steady he really was just they were selecting the right shots at the right time which definitely helped them dominate in that second game.

It's also very difficult to be the team that didn't win the first game when it's such a such a tight tight match you maybe come out in the second game a little bit frustrated forget to play patiently we are going to roll down to the court and hear from Newman and Waters Dominic take it.

Ladies and gentlemen all right I am here with Annalee Waters Riley Newman a first time pairing for you two you guys not on the court much you guys seem to be cruising in game one annually I'll start with you up 7-1 and then ansbury into heart make a run you call timeout what did you guys talk about that time out well we were.

Obviously on the bad side so we chose that first so we'd have a little bit of an advantage but I said to Riley you know this is our first game actually ever playing together no practice no nothing so first game was going to be a little sketch but we pulled it out and I think the fans really helped pull us through I mean they love us with Riley.

Here so thank you guys and then Riley you guys had to buy so you are coming in cold they've come off a win what's that like for you having that buy yeah it's a little tricky I mean the draw starts at 11 but now our first match starts at one o'clock so you're just kind of hanging out checking out the facilities talking to some fans.

But uh I think whether you're a 3-0 a 4-0 or Pros like us that very first time playing with someone can be just a little different so the first game was maybe just like a trial run and luckily we got that and in the game two We're Off to the Races so it's a it's a fun day I'm happy to be here and thanks everybody for cheering all right Anna.

Lee Waters and Riley Newman I think they figured it out moving on to the next round don't go anywhere we got our next match up here on Championship Court Catherine parento and Ben Johns taking on Cali Smith and AJ Kohler you don't want to miss it here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships.

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Pro mixed doubles your two seed Catherine parento taking and Ben Johns taking on Cali Smith and AJ Kohler we are going to go down live Courtside four our player introductions your first team here on court your 10 seed out of Orem Utah making her Nationals debut Kelly Smith and her partner out of Austin Texas also.

Making his Nationals debut this year AJ Kohler foreign out of Naples Florida Catherine parental and her partner three-time National Champion out of Austin Texas Ben Johns.

Your lead referee for this matchup out of Davenport Iowa Miss Vicki Ryan continue well well Christine we have a very good match up here in this quarter final matchup this is a quarterfinal matchup to think it's going to get even better as we go on Cali Smith AJ Kohler both making their Nationals debut here in.

Indian Wells opposing benjons and Catherine parenzo two Veterans of the sport have both been here played on this stage what's going to be that X Factor for Cali Smith and AJ Kohler Cali Smith has played on this court already as she played in the split age events but this is AJ Kohler's first time out here what's going to be the.

Difference Maker for them you know I don't think we want to underestimate wow AJ and Cali while this is their first big event here this is not their first big event they both have a lot you know a long history of pickleball at Big tournaments that's at some of the other big events around the country and so I don't want to.

Underestimate the fact that they really are new to this particular venue and the electricity here in pickleball Paradise but I what I love is both of these all these players you know Ben Johns tends to play a little more stoic and Catherine moves around the court good super low really digs out a lot of balls AJ plays a little more electric I.

Feel like and and Cali you know also a great ball Digger and of herself so it's going to be an interesting matchup and then I feel like the I think the ladies play very similarly where the men on the court kind of have opposite play Styles so I think it's gonna it's gonna make for a nice matchup paying no attention to maybe the seatings but just the style.

And how they both and re read and feel this this venue in this environment yeah absolutely it'll be a lot of fun to watch steep so it'll be a lot of fun to watch here as you know this kind of unfolds I watched a little bit of parento and John's early on in their first round.

Matchup they just look to be kind of in cruise control and to start but again as the bracket proceeds through the teams are going to get tougher and tougher but there is a lot of familiarity with these pros at the top level as they're all traveling the country playing on the tours playing in all these events so.

You're gonna see four players that are very familiar with each other here on course today absolutely they know a little bit about each other's Styles there's no surprises or Shockers now it's going to be different to see you know Ben and Catherine playing together different styles different matchups can can have a player play just a little bit.

Differently than maybe what you're used to seeing I'll as these players finish their warm-up here on Championship Court Vicki Ryan your lead referee here for this matchup I mean it is absolutely stunning here today the bleachers are packed the VIP section is rocking.

I had an opportunity to sit in the license to chill Lounge a little bit earlier this morning I know you missed it but I had an opportunity to sit in there and you know what a great place to really watch all of these matches from thanks to Margaritaville for making that happen and really creating a fun electric.

Environment here at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden pickleball Paradise I guess it pays to know people Honker scene you have been in the game a while you have a lot of connection so I don't doubt you were in the VIP section don't doubt it at all I've been here a few years and each year it just gets even better so it looks like we are ready to.

Go here and it looks like Cali Smith and AJ Kohler um uh maybe serving or is it nope parent so has the ball so parents oh and Johns will be serving to start here now I heard earlier on at that Anna mentioned that there's a harder side out there did she elaborate why do you know what why they're claiming that that end.

That far end's a little bit more difficult I believe it's the white chairs that are in this side right here it makes it a little more difficult to see plus the sun is in your eyes on that side as well the sun dropping in just a right spot okay good to know oh that's a nice pull there out of the air from Cali Smith.

I love both Smith and Pronto they're very gritty players dig a lot of balls out parental and John's on the far end in the teal and white Kohler and Smith on the near end Smith in the yellow bottom Kohler in the all navy blue nice ball there from AJ Kohler he just goes right at the midsection of Ben.

Johnson Ben was anticipating he actually saw him fade a little right he was anticipating a forehand foreign AJ Kohler with that huge wrist action right there Kohler a former hockey player makes himself very big up at the kitchen line spreads those feet out makes himself.

Very large long but he's outstanding at keeping low so key to this game watch him stay very low throughout this rally cooler coming out on top of that hands battle is I think they're one and one it would be interesting to see how those hand battles track that who's winning each one of those hand battles.

Throughout let's do that Christine we're gonna keep track of that that's just a nice little pull there from Ben Johns as he just uses that and what it is a windshield wiper motion where he just goes from low to high and just rolls that up and over and not even hitting it that hard which is effective.

It's effective because he's reaching so far into the court that it gets on Cali very quickly we are seeing both teams here stack with one stack with the women on the right and the men on the left pretty consistently so far wow I mean Kohler with that lob it was all wrist he got it out of there as a.

Volley lop and just flipped that up with his wrist and a volley lobbed this time of day might be a great Point depending if you mentioned the sun might be in their eyes on the opposite end you're 100 right Christine see so what AJ Kohler needs to be ready for is when Cali Smith's gonna speed that up cross court at parento because.

More than likely when parento is going to block that is you watch that little volley lob from Kohler when parental blocks it it's more likely going to be flat right back at Kohler so he's got to be ready for the next one suspect John's going right behind AJ Kohler there with the forehand winner thank you.

And again John's using his length as he reaches in to take that ball out of the air and he's speeding that up at about 50 60 maybe 70 percent and that's an important point he's not hitting it you know as hard as he can he's only going 50 60 and it's highly effective you watch John's right there try and catch Callie Smith on the stack.

That pulls it a little wide but parental and Johns do have a 3-1 lead here in game number one two out of three of this quarter final matchup nice hands there from Kohler's he reads the John speed up it's a great shot right down the middle by Kohler I think colder wasn't expecting it to be.

That high and that juicy for him there and he can't get on top of it she wants that one back geez that's a sitter for Toronto for sure wants that back that's just it's it's the angle that John's creates there right if he goes flat right back to the Baseline then Kohler or Smith is going to get that.

Back over but he creates an angle foreign hits the Ernie here he was it was you know he was in moment he's over he's jumping over the non-volley Zone he went for a big angle could have been a beautiful winner he's there just over hits it foreign.

Parents are there for the Ernie and it's set up beautifully because Ben Johns can make him so big himself so big in the middle but parental hits under it instead of on top of it she really snuck around there nicely but he kept that ball a little bit softer than she anticipated so she had to reach more foreign.

So if you're Kohler and Smith what do you think you need to do differently right now Dom I mean right now what they're doing is I think they're letting Ben Johns get involved a little too much I think the need to possibly May speed up at parental when the opportunity arises maybe flat when Kohler's right in front.

Of her like that instead of just going cross-court back to John's you can go acrossport back to him keep him honest but then we got to go back at parento and keep her there if not like what we're seeing here right now it's a 7-2 lead here for Parental and John's so again I'd like to see them maybe go a little Pace to parental.

Um but right now everything that John's and parents are doing is working I'm I'm wondering about the concept of unstacking maybe let Cali play in front of paronto I know paronto isn't they're both outstanding cross-court dinkers but I wonder about the idea of perhaps them unstacking digging a little Straight Ahead maybe help take you know John's.

Out of the game I don't know I'm not out there on the court there's a reason for that but that's just a thought I had give them something different to look at yeah you got it yeah exactly and that's another option right of unstacking right and what we mean by unstacking or you know is putting the female now on the left in the mail on the right because.

Typically you'll see the males on the left females in the ripe because it puts the male's forehand in the middle right change it up a little bit Bud we just got the sign from Kelly Smith to Kohler they're gonna stay so that's not one of the discussions they had oh no she's trying to fake us out.

Just missing that is just so but I looked at Kelly Smith go behind her back to Kohler with a closed fist I missed the signal that typically means they're gonna stay but they end up switching like you said Christine which is it works so far right there one it's a start oh and Cali Smith just missing that just.

Got us she got a little ahead of it pulled it wide I don't think it came at her as quickly as she thought it was gonna what a great rally I mean great defense from Cali Smith and AJ Kohler probably the easiest ball of all of them is the one that Kohler Miss hits they are going to continue with that.

With a moving Cali to the left it's that new strategy that pulled Ben really far over in the court it would have exposed going behind him seven two two yeah that's just you're feeding the Beast right there we're gonna speed up from a low ball at Ben Johns he's sitting on that backhand ready to punch.

He does and it points over you've got to expect that ball to come back a nice angle there from Kohler again the angle is what creates that winner and wonder if the thought they're trying to use now is they're actually hitting a few more tube in that's to keep him from just picking and choosing what he wants.

Maybe try to take some of the control away from him a free point there for Cali Smith and AJ Kohler's they're going to stay in the Christine Barksdale reverse stack she called that during that time out and that's what they've done they probably have earbuds down there.

They're listening to us Dominic wow what an angle there from Ben Johns as he runs around this you watch it look where he's hitting that ball from he's completely out of bounds and gave him the ability to use a forehand right there oh and that's a great setup though from Cali Smith she got exactly what she was.

Looking for there and just over hits that backhand punch eight three one oh Callie Smith's gonna take that with a big come on off the tape and she's laughing herself right there I love it you get so excited about it and she was and that's what she needs she needs that.

Fire foreign tail missing the sitter on the backhand for her I wonder if that's starting to get a little bit in her mind she's missed a couple of those little bit higher volleys swinging volleys she didn't miss that one no and it's a good it's a good adjustment and that's.

What the best players do is they'll make those in-game adjustments and that's exactly what parent toad did right there absolutely what do you think the adjustment was pick a target a little further out maybe stand shorten your stroke all right just get short get sweet yes keep it simple just like Ben Johnson does right there.

He gets that ball so far out in front of him it's an easy punch volley right through very simple shot and so many people think that you to get more power you've got to swing bigger and that's not necessarily true as John's just demonstrated nice ball in the middle right there from Cali Smith.

you're not here now eight three two what amazing defense out of these two players but Cali with the big finisher we really saw Catherine step back and make some great defensive shots right there you're interested.

Oh and Kohler with the Inside Out forehand right there beautifully done but again watch Ben John's here and then gets back he dances around the non-volley Zone without stepping in it referees watching it defense on uh Kohler and Smith's Park all right one.

Wait yeah and Ben Johnson knew that ball was coming speed up version from AJ Kohler but just couldn't connect on it got in a really good spot right there in that left side it was the perfect placement thank you Kohler and Smith running it back here.

And it's worked ever since that time out where they have put Cali Smith face up on parento foreign Smith was ready for Ben Johns to pick that ball off in the middle but just can't convert but I would like to have seen her just can kind of continue in that dink rally.

Maybe just a little bit longer foreign look at that angle and Court how beautiful is that right there that's what amazing what a show what a shot of Championship court right there as you see all these fans just talking in here foreign.

Will take game and number one 11-6 in this quarterfinal matchup game two on the other side of this commercial break from the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships foreign.

if you run if you spin if you jump walk hit climb hustle or just move you bounce bounce 50 less with sheep it we got you.

Because we are you she fit hold up match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going laughs we're going to Margaritaville.

You can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com game one going to Catherine parento and Ben Johns by a score of 11-6 game two just getting underway with Cali Smith to serve foreign defense an absolute awesome chicken wing recovery from Cali Smith when he's.

Watching the defense from Kelly Smith on the Ben Johns ATP she did an outstanding job of keeping the ball low off that ATP keeping them in the rally Toronto trying to go up and over with the one-handed backhand put a nice lob there from Kohler again another lob volley.

Volley lob did you get that bright another volley lob that really gets over their head quick surprises their opponents oh and I was just too much ben John's right there just putting a ton of pressure on both Cali Smith and AJ Kohler he definitely just.

Feels so big when he's up there in the in the middle of the court at the T just seems so big oh nothing John's can do right there is Cali Smith rips this and then just dies over the net it doesn't go anywhere I feel like the difference in AJ's lob there was it bounced before he hit the law instead of taking it out of the air.

Gave prento a little more time to get back for it good spot there from John's as he went sideline and then back to the middle oh wow it splits both Cali Smith and AJ Kohler here she was positive he was gonna hit it and I think he was positive he was going to hit it too.

Oh wow you watch Ben Johns watch him create some space for himself right there to punch that backhand through beautifully done by Ben Johns you can see that uh Smith and Kohler back to that original formation of the the female on the right AJ on the left I'll call her out in front of it Giants.

Took something off it right there if you watch Kohler he he swung before it even got to him it's a change up that change of pace can be so extremely effective so time out here from Cali Smith and AJ Kohler down down 4-1 here Christine what is it you know if you're on the sideline of Cali Smith and AJ.

Kohler what does it they need to do here to kind of slow the momentum of Ben Johns and Captain parento down I think he used a key term right there slow the momentum I feel like they maybe after that kind of tough first match that they're rushing a little bit that they're starting to to pick shots that really aren't the best shot selection at.

The time so I feel I feel like if maybe they would slow down just a little bit maybe dink just a little bit longer with Catherine they're kind of pulling the trigger you know going quickly at Ben and I'm assuming that's to keep him from picking and choosing the shots that he wants I would like to see them perhaps slow down just a little bit expect the.

Points to go a little bit longer if you can do what you can to draw them out all right so our next match up here on Championship court is will be Annalee Waters and Riley Newman taking on Jade kawamoto and Deco bar another good matchup and the quarter final side of things get to see Anna Lee and Riley back out here again.

Kohler I mean he almost had too much time he definitely looked a little nonchalant as he went to hit that ball anticipating I think a finisher not a miss it boats nice coverage and back up there from Cali Smith recovering after Kohler came all the way across.

Both of these teams really have done a good job of covering for each other when there's big moves like that every partner has had to make a big save the pressure there from AJ Kohler but still second server here for Ben Johns and Catherine parento could leave there from Cali Smith is.

We see Smith and Kohler going back to that Cali Smith playing the left side now let's go okay just wide just missed that just a little bit wide yeah I think uh Kohler and Smith are on plan C now.

Nice around the post there from Ben Johns and watch him again he just lets this ball travel almost picks it off the ground here great around the post and that's textbook form too from Ben Johns oh wow panto what footwork what speed to cover and she goes behind Ben John's here listen to the crowd Go Wild on that.

Rally crowd loving it here is they just continue to file in on this Pro mix doubles day it's a hold there from Kohler and Smith but they need to answer here they need to put some points on the board they've got to definitely come up with a plan that will be more effective than.

What they've got in place right now yeah it's just another good hearting Cross Court from Ben Johnson he gets colder pinched to the middle just a little too much it's too good it's just too good as AJ Kohler again pinching middle and John's just taking that backhand hard Cross Court.

John's definitely looks very comfortable out there keeping his shots minimum but and going for high percentage shots yeah nice leave there for parents always John's telling her to leave that go John's does do an outstanding job of seeing early whether a ball is going to sail along or stay in he calls it early foreign.

Hides that so well just when you think he's gonna go maybe flat Cross Court he brings it back to his side but he does it last second it's a good use of the time out at this point you're you got it I mean you got him you're not gonna get any refunds for him if you don't use them so might as well use it so they are going to use it.

Here and I mean it is 9-1 Christine it's it's tough you're playing number two seed two of the best players in the game what's the comeback what's the answer here what do you got to try and do that's an excellent question Dominic and you know I do feel what I am impressed with is that Cali and AJ have not stayed.

In one specific strategy they have tried some different things they've given them some different looks they're doing some things I still feel like they're rushing a little bit and I think that tends to happen when you know because John's is putting so much pressure you want to go for just a little bit more so I do feel like they're rushing a little bit I.

Would still like to see him slow down try to get back into that cross-court dink rally with Bronto if they can yes it's not easy they're not certainly aren't is going to be an easy strategy to to implement but it's probably where they need to go at this point just the hands the quickness the hand.

Speed from Ben Johns and it is the point here for John's and parento two one one oh two good get it from AJ Kohler I mean so nonchalant about it too it's that nonchalant shot you know very soft impossible to get to just going just a little bit long Ben did an outstanding job being low that.

Ball is just a little bit too tough to handle foreign s again just creating too much of an angle there was really some great footwork some great partner Court coverage right there but you're right that angle too tough to.

Handle foreign the same technique that Kohler just used on him didn't pay off but they still won the rally here we are at uh another match points their second match point probably.

Oh it is gonna go off the tape winner color can't believe it drops his paddle but it's 11 6 11-1 victory for John Van parento there's another match that we get to watch where the first game you know very close very nicely played and then the second game just seems to kind of get away from them it makes it interesting.

How you have to adjust you have to mentally make an adjustment once you've lost that first game you can't be down and out you've got to maybe come up with a new strategy or something that will help you settle in calm down forget that first game and almost play that second game like it's a brand new fresh start but we're definitely seeing some.

Outstanding pickleball here and pickleball Paradise and upcoming we've got some great matches coming up we're going to see Riley and Anna Lee here coming out again they've been on Championship Court earlier today so they're already used to the electricity here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball.

Championships we're going to send this down to Dominic to interview Ben and Catherine welcome back here to Championship Court let's give it up for these four players again one more time all right I'm here with Catherine.

Parento and Ben Johns Catherine I'll start with you playing with Ben again this weekend coming in you know what you need to do what's it like playing next to him once again to him and I just tried to be solid and keep the ball in play and let him do the rest and then Ben Cali and AJ made an.

Adjustment and they put Cali flat up against Catherine what were your guys adjustment when they did that uh I think mostly we're playing the same gameplay the whole time because when they kind of Switched I think the impetus was more on them to kind of make plays uh basically I was just playing aggressive and every time I left a ball high Catherine just.

Dug it out with an amazing block which is pretty impressive to see it's it's hard to bail me out sometimes but she was doing it uh yeah but it was a good match all around some good hands battles and I like the shift and strategy during the match as well all right well congratulations Catherine parento Ben Johns moving on to the semifinals.

Don't go anywhere guys our next match up here on a championship Court Annalee Waters and Riley Newman are back they're taking on Jade kamoto and decobar here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships are brought to you by Margaritaville a state of mind since.

1977. Yola pickleball for the champ in you paddle tech let's go again pickleball Central shop the world's best selection of pickleball gear Rockin protein the official recovery drink of USA pickleball and Selkirk we are pickleball.

There's only one match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville 2. visit Margaritaville resorts.com.

With real juice it's party juice thank you foreign foreign.

foreign at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships we got another quarter-final matchup for you here your one seed Anna Lee Waters and Riley Newman taking on Jade and kalamoto and.

Decobar we're throwing it Courtside for our player introductions you guys ready for another Pro mix doubles match up uh your first team the eighth seed out of Lahaina Hawaii Jade kawamoto and her partner out of Austin Texas Deco bar.

Their opponent's back here on Championship Court the one seed three-time National Champion out of Delray Beach Florida Anna Lee Waters and her partner a two-time national champion from Phoenix Arizona Riley Newman your lead referee for this matchup out of Monterey California Mark Thomas.

Hi Christine Anna Lee Waters and Riley Newman are back I had to uh give Riley Newman a little grief um after the last interview I said you know Riley Anna Lee and I match better today than you and her do and I think I may need to just step in and play and he's like hey go ahead you're fine and I'm like she just had to carry me and.

That's fine too so but um Riley Newman Annalee Waters back here on Championship Court we saw their last match against Sarah annsbury and ryler the Heart they got tested in the first game 13-11 but then Cruz the 11-1 in game two seemed like they found their legs they're playing against Jade kalamoto and decal Barr kalamoto and Barr went through.

Maggie brasha Pablo Tellez six and seven and then had to beat another sister Mary brasha and Eric Lang 11-8-11-4 as you saw that last one was a little about same as the first one but again kamoto and bar going through the Two Sisters as you can see the match.

Up here in this quarterfinal matchup winner of this match gets Lucy kovalova and Matt Wright so from here on out I mean it's just it's just incredible matchups for the rest of the day out here on Championship court but before we get to any of those further in the semifinals we got this one what are your predictions here with Jade kalamoto Jade.

And Jackie kalamoto her twin sister the only way I can ever tell them apart is when they're playing because one's righty Jackie's right-handed Jade is left-handed but partnering up with big Deco bar predictions here Christine well you know I think the left-handedness actually makes this quite a a Duo out here because that really puts you can.

Put your forehands in the center all day makes for a very difficult you can't go down the center you're not shooting the middle very much against these two for sure I like her I like her her background her paddle sport her racket sport background and I think they're gonna you know I think they're gonna you know give him a little bit of.

A challenge give Riley and Anna a challenge I like that um you know Anna's been out on this court already today Riley and they played earlier here out here and they're used to the electricity they're used to the music they're used to the crowd that's out here cheering and getting on one side or the other for you so I think that does you know give.

Them a little bit of help but I like the freshness too you know deckle Bar's got a big serve that can be very difficult to handle might create some openings I think it's going to be a fun fun game out here yeah it'll definitely be a good one like you said deckle bar has a very big hard fast serve so we're gonna see what Anna Lee Waters and Riley Newman do.

With that I think they'll be fine once they dial it in but you can dial it in all you want sometimes it just makes for it very difficult and makes for some issues on the court for your opponents that big heart serve can generate some shallow returns which invites your opponents invites them up to the net you know you give them a shallow return.

Those big deep serves if you're if you're giving them short returns that really gives the serving team a leg up and we will see with that big serve what happens too A lot of times with that big service decobar likes to step into that serve but then he'll step in real hard on the third shot he'll drive that and then tend to drop the fifth all he's.

Trying to do is gain some ground to make an easier drop shot and get to the kitchen line but we'll see what comes of it here as bar in kalamoto seem to be ready to go here Newman and Waters going over some last minute second game planning well and as we learned earlier we know.

That uh we know that didn't Annalee refer to that farther side as being the more difficult side to play on might have changed now with the sun dipping making it a little bit different place in the sky but I think happened is won the toss and they chose that side that would be my guess that's a great pull there from Waters.

Right at the right shoulder of Deco bar and you're so important was where she placed it right into that shoulder Point Barr stepping back and opting for the two-handed backhand Pole instead of using his big height to reach in for it foreign just not getting on top of that and it's.

A quick 3-0 lead here for Waters and Newman three zero two starting out good hands there from bar on the speed up from Waters and what you're going to see on the bark on little side cow mode are going to reset everything she'll keep everything in play She's gonna try and set up our but Bart needs to pick his thoughts and be.

Aggressive thank you good pull there from Newman kind of surprised bar just a little bit and he pops that up Newman there for the put away zero three two just missed out a little bit out I think it's an interesting strategy I do feel.

Like they're hitting quite a bit to bar and I feel like it's the same reason they know she's going to reset and he's looking to just pick off any errant ball and it's to keep him from getting to pick whatever shot he wants right exactly three one one I think kalamoto thought that bar was.

Gonna hit that he doesn't he made a move to hit it but couldn't get his paddle around 4-1-1 and only Waters look like she jammed herself just a little bit there but four one two second server here for Waters and Newman point they seem to really be catch and.

Bar on and just such a displacement is so good but they're really catching him he's not God has not been able to get his Pad around and most of these shots that are coming at him yeah and Waters is seeing that she's just decided I'm gonna dial it up here and I'm gonna go right at it big tackle.

Bar I think it's a good strategy nice Ernie there from Deco bar and again that's what he loves to do he's always looking for that Ernie pop around great placement and his good reach really helps sir looking down at that paddle I always tell people about my.

People I play with who joke around and be like they look down at the paddle I'm like I hope there's a mirror on that because wasn't a paddle's fault look at yourself well that's a good ball there from kalamoto but again that's set up from the prior points right is because car motors constantly gone Cross Court Cross.

Court Cross Court and she catches Newman pinching middle just a little too much and flips backside love the change of pace from kalmoto she went hard at Newman but then she reset Cross Court to Anna Lee Waters in a loud bar to step in there I'll recall the score yes four five two.

Oh cow Moto clipping the tape just a little bit she'll take it and it's five five waters are definitely actually anticipated the ball it just ended up not going and where she anticipated to go into with that net tip Mark Thomas our lead referee here on this match out of Monterey California foreign.

Waters again opting to speed up at deckle bar tied up in a nice five five it's gonna be interesting to see who really starts to pull ahead just missing that reset is Riley Newman you had an ounce of wind out here today in pickleball Paradise beautiful palm trees beautiful sky so no wind impact in.

Any shots straight out so Annalee Waters upset with herself right there because his bar went for the Ernie she had an open court and so far too both Newman and Waters handling the deckle bar serve I've noticed that again the success that Newman and Waters.

Have had is when Waters is speeding up right at Deco bar and he's just making some mistakes his hands a little behind popping balls up she has definitely caught him off guard several times thank you wow and Jacob are able to get on top of that last one nice job there's that strategy we talked about about now he's.

Now he's dictating that he's grabbing as many forehands as he wants out of the center I mean I can Chief kawamoto just so impressive she's getting every single ball back she's keeping Deco bar and Gabe's in every point but mount bar seems to be a little.

More subtle then because water sped up a couple times at him there and he handled it he's starting to starting to see it maybe just a little bit better wow and Deco bar he went for an Ernie was off Court kalamoto had to keep him in a point in the point for about two shots until he could recover and get back.

Okay six five one and bar gets all the credit because he gets to put away but that's all kawamoto staying in the point oh no so bar and cow mode will end up having to switch and caboto's on a dead Sprint to cover but then ball just goes right behind her they made a great spot because she was definitely doing a good.

Job anticipating where she thought the ball would go before you know Jay cowimoto again Christine just Newman just trying to light her up bring everything at her and can't get anything past it she's handling it really well they kind of have this strategy I want to say the setter and.

The Spiker you know she sets and sets and sets and sets and then Waits on Deco to be able to spike the ball and I like that combo if they can get to that more I really like that combination and obviously I think they both know that's their strength well as a team out there on the court leave yeah and right now it's almost.

Flipped a little bit here as it's almost like Waters and Newman just getting a hair frustrated right now because everything's coming back oh nice finish there from Riley Newman as far red the water speed up here but just Newman stepping into the middle and saying I'll finish what Anna Lee Walter started yep Waters definitely set.

That up making her partner look good oh it's a cow Moto missing that one but a good spot for Newman to kind of speed up right at the left shoulder of Kyle Moto and she leads with that elbow and ball goes a little wide I is one second sir there's another jump around the non-volley zone line by deckle bar that's that's a number we should.

Definitely be tracking today is he has definitely made several plays around that and like to know the success rate for him Newman and Waters adjusting right they're putting waters on the left Newman on the right to try to change things up even though it's a one-point game.

And now they're gonna go back yeah modal with the setup has she sped up at the backhand of Newman gets the pop-up and then just the winner Cross Court his Waters was pinched in the middle it was like outstanding volley well you know I'm a big fan of it you know giving your opponent something different.

To look at it oh I was just that little one that's a lot longer it'll look carried out but you know I think once what your opponents have gotten several points in a row and and you've been using the same formation give them something different to see mix it up a little bit.

Whoa nice finish there but that started and you're seeing Jade cow Moto coming and shaking her head because she chose to drive that third she knows that's not her game right there right because Waters and Newman are sitting on that that set up that fast pace for them she's got to be the dropper let if there's gonna be a drive it's got to.

Come from duckle bar on that right there the Cross Court speed up from Waters but I don't mind waters on that left side because of her two-hand backhand roll dank she can really get Deco bar out of whack if she hits that really well it's a good leave by duckle Barr some.

Can be that can be tricky when you turn around end up watching it land in but in this case he made a great choice kalamoto gets caught backing up not setting her feet Seven's got a two nice Ernie there from Anna Lee Waters what a move from Waters you see a region showing her athletic ability right there.

So a time out here from kalamoto and bar is Waters and Newman have answered after kalamoto and bar went on a nice run here and the answer to them was hey we're gonna put Annalee waters on the left side straight up against kalamoto what does it change for them here Christine primarily I think it keeps your opponents from getting into a rhythm.

They get used to you in a certain formation formation certain combination and they get used to okay I can do this and this and this without having to make any adjustments themselves right so by giving them something new to look at suddenly we've got we don't have kawamato doesn't get to just Cross Court dink all day now she's got a dink in.

Front of her more if she wants to get the ball to Annalee so it just gives them something new to look at oh wait now we've got to re-strategize and think about our new plan right against this new formation but now if they were to change and put say Deco bar on the on the right and calamoto on the left that's a major issue for them because.

Now that puts both of their forehands on the outside so now it's a big difference for them switching sides I don't think they'll see that it's a lot more difficult to make that change for sure when you have a lefty righty on the court foreign Newman but again that's the difference.

Right now that has made is putting anally water straight up against kalamoto and to Cross Court dank with Newman on that right there the unforce there from comodo will give Annalee Waters and Riley Newman a game point yes and uh the unforced there they're from.

Kalamoto in game one going to Anna Lee Waters and Riley Newman here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships will take a quick commercial break game two right after this I will dig deep I will crush this game athletes know nutrition drives.

Performance I will not slow down Superior lab supplements help you power up and recover faster I Will Never Surrender Superior Labs is a proud sponsor of USA pickleball foreign.

thank you game one going to Annalee Waters and Riley Newman let's see if they stick with that game plan here Christine they're not well they're going to start with the players in their proper position I think.

And then see you know see what happens what happens instead of stacking were they always keep Anna Lee on the right they may just choose to just play straight up each rally so they're playing straight up right now the success for them came when they put annually waters on the left and Newman.

On the right they were down eight seven point excuse me seven five and then they came all the way back in one eleven seven zero two after that switch oh good finish there from Deco bar but great footwork as he slides watches some slides opens up and hits that forehand beautifully done it's a beautiful call.

On the footwork he definitely did a good job of getting his body out of the way getting around to hit a forehand second serve nice Ball by Riley Newman in the middle have you by chance ask a question after we see this rally pattern that is that's happening that's allowing Annalee to pull that ball hard.

And fast at Deco that's catching him off guard have you seen a pattern to take a particular shot setting that up oh hit tackle bar gets the roll off the tape it's not really a pattern that I've seen okay after she gets a couple dicks she's not doing it right away so she'll dink dink hit a couple and then she goes at him so it's not an immediate.

Attack okay I didn't know if there was any sort of particular ball that kamado is hitting that's annalize saying oh this is the ball from Taco bars he drops that in but that's set up by a big overhead first to get Newman and Waters both back behind the Baseline zero one one foreign.

ERS and Newman get out of this again we're gonna find out if they're just gonna play nope they are continuing to get to stack with her on the right that's successful right there inside out we're at 1-1 but again it's it's allowing cow Moto a second server excuse me but it's.

Allowing cow Moto and bar to dictate some of the point oh nice dig from Newman oh wow what a dig about 15 shots ago from Newman to get him in that point the lob run down by Annalee Waters and they work their way back in and get them put away one one.

Oh and that goes a little long there from Newman but did you see deckle bar just stand there stoic there's a block one one two absolutely stoic with the first block look at that maneuver just to get out of the way of that ball sometimes that's not easy to do you anticipate it you want to hit it and next thing you know.

You're hitting it you didn't mean to no and you have two big guys on the court that are very athletic very nimble Newman anticipated that the poll down the middle that Declan thought he was going to surprise him but turns out Newman anticipated it came back faster than it was hit one one two.

I sat up there from deckle bar as he goes just a little Inside Out flick right at Annalee Waters she pops it up bars there for the big put away two one two wow you must have had some heavy spin on it because you see her she's ready for a particular shot and then also she's stabbing at it I think there was some.

Heavy spin on that ball generated by Newman yeah you watch him when he does that he gets so low and underneath the ball and rolls that and gets so much spin on it but it does kick and it causes a very difficult reset oh far coming over just a little too much right there I think it got a little.

Further than he anticipated didn't quite get it over the net three two one second serve big forehand put away there from deckle bar definitely not what you want to see when you're on the other side of the car the car Court goodness is a decal reaching up and going for a big overhead winner thank you.

It's a little bit dropper and it kept that really short decal was reaching in pretty far didn't want to put it just in front of him but didn't quite get it over the net this is almost resetting that but Barr gets the winner on the Ernie right there but such a good point from all four of these.

Players out here as calamoto and Barr two four definitely inside out moving well shaking well andalee Waters going right at that right hip of Deco bar making it very difficult for him to do anything but try that chicken wing block what I love about her backhand is she really catches it out front she catches it early.

Keeps a nice short backswing and that catches your opponents off guard oh no he's two-handed overhead there from Annalee Waters decal has used that lob several times effectively today just not that time point a little confusion in the middle from bar and kalamoto and Waters and Newman's starting to pull.

Away here just a little I feel a little bit like kalamado and bar should maybe take a time out here if they don't win this rally oh Anthony Waters getting on top of that two-hander and if Christine is right they'll be calling a timeout here and it looks like they are yeah.

So you are correct they do not want to let Waters and Newman pull away and eat more here but again you're seeing Annalee Waters and Riley Newman what they're doing is they're not stacking they're just playing straight up so when they do put anally water straight up against kalamoto that's I think their strongest.

Position so it's giving them some points on that side but then they're going back and playing traditional as well yeah I think just by giving them something different to look at all the time I think it's it does keep your opponents on their toes you got a new setup each time versus just always getting stuck into a pattern.

Which I think players all across the country need to remember to do that you get down you lose a few points give your opponent some to look at all right so again both of these teams taking the full time out here one time out as we come back in it is a 6-2 lead here.

We're gonna see if they come out with something new in their pocket to try 61. oh Newman what a pickup oh wow Newman just going sideline to sideline playing three balls right there and just says go to waters for one and she puts it away.

Seven two one oh a human going Ernie bar trying to go behind the back can't convert he didn't have any other shot choice at that point the Ernie the uh Ernie off of Riley was so surprising that he just didn't have any other shot choice if I'm gonna even try to hit it's going to be behind the back.

Wow right down the center of them all that to come out of Embark do is watch it land in the back court thank you one and again we're looking at a match point here with uh Newman and Waters foreign Riley Newman over hits it on the.

Sideline but looks up at the pickleball Gods can't believe he missed that one but it'll be Match Point number two they've got one more opportunity here and Deco Bar says not this time they fight off two match points you know what I'm gonna say right here you know that's a it's a thing Jim Hackenberg did a little study on this and found out that.

A lot of times when you've got those first match points you get up to 10 you get a little roll you don't win that one you can wait on to come back around we sometimes refer to it as page 81 it was in Mark friedenberg's book but yeah that's something he studied on like 25 of the time players actually win that match point.

Point appreciate you try it out great footwork on Newman's part to finish that ball it was all set up again decal just ended up a little bit high but created by a shot several shots before that.

Foreign so Waters in Newman will have Match Point number three there they close it out close it out 11-7 11-3 Waters and Newman moving on to the semifinals what another outstanding match we've had here on Championship court at the.

Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships in beautiful Palm Desert California you know and this definitely is pickleball Paradise we've got some outstanding fans out here we've got another great match coming up so a wait around to hear Dominic's interview of Riley and Anna Lee and then shortly after that we're going to be seeing.

Um number three seed Paris Todd and J.W Johnson taking on Catherine peronto and Ben Johns they're gonna be back here out on Championship court and I recommend if you're anywhere in the driving distance please come on out enjoy this action live you don't want to miss it because this really is one of the most beautiful venues in pickleball and we're.

Definitely starting to see some of the best pickleball ever Dominic is going to hear right now from Riley and Anna Lee on how they thought that match went welcome back to Championship Court let's give it up for these players one more time all right Riley I'm here with Riley Newman Annalee Waters Riley I'll start.

With you seemed like when you guys switched it up and put Anna Lee on the left hand side you guys find some success what was it that made you guys switch yeah I think if you get stuck on one side for a few side outs you're not getting points it's definitely helpful to switch and I'm very comfortable on.

The right side Al is very comfortable on the left so it just gives people and our opponents different looks uh kudos to uh decal and Jade they played really really well so uh we just happy to pull it out all right Natalie again playing with Riley Newman he's all over the court you're kind of figuring out where to go there was a point where he played a ball.

On the left sideline then the right sideline you're in the middle and then you put it away what's it like playing with someone like that I'll I love playing with Riley honestly and super aggressive I'm super aggressive I think all right well Riley Newman Annalee Waters moving on to the semifinals we'll.

Take a quick break here when we come back our next matchup our first semifinal here on Championship court at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships are brought to you by Margaritaville a state of mind since.

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foreign match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit.

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About the moments no one sees morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium every winning shot.

's right here paddle tech let's go again look at that beautiful setting here on Championship court at the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships first semi-final matchup of the evening here on Championship Court pits your number two seed Catherine parento and Ben Johns taking.

On Paris Todd and J.W Johnson we're gonna go Courtside for our introductions foreign and her partner at a Del Rey Beach Florida.

J.W Johnson their opponents the two seed out of Naples Florida Catherine parental and her partner three-ton National Champion out of Austin Texas Ben John your lead referee for this match from Norman Oklahoma Ron great.

And Christine you are I mean you're set you're ready you're excited about this one right here you're two and three seed parents out Johns Todd and Johnson a lot of Firepower out of this one but first before we get into this let's take a look at how we got here with our bracket in this mixed Pro doubles draw the semifinals are set.

First semifinal that we got up here Paris Todd JW Johnson Captain parents hope Ben Jones the two versus three seed on the bottom half it's the one and the four seed so so far the brackets played out true to form but in our match we got here Todd Johnson parento John's predictions well you know what that's an excellent.

Question and I it's gonna be a tough prediction right now but you know so far the seating is playing out to be true in this particular tournament that's not always the case sometimes you get some surprises you get some Shockers but right now we haven't seen that I like that John's and paronto were just on this court recently there are ready for.

The electricity I feel like they're really settling in again as a as Partnerships go I haven't had the opportunity to see Todd and JW play yet I don't think they've been out on this court this morning either and that can make such a difference it can be a huge Factor we're going to see some interesting dynamic because I really.

Feel like Todd really likes to hit the ball hard peronto really likes to dig the ball out so I feel like it's it you know we may see it fall just the way the seating is written so let's see how we got here the last match we saw the parents oh John's match 11 6 11 1 over Cali Smith and AJ Kohler parento and John's cruised in.

That second game on the other side Paris Todd J.W Johnson took out Jesse Irvin and Jay duvillier 11-3 3-11-11-4 and we've got we've got you know I want to talk briefly I mean interrupt you there Don but we've got Athena and that is Catherine paronto's significant other there in the center.

And Colin John's as well sitting right sitting right next to him so they've got their support team they're ready to go and ready to cheer them on for this match but you have again the Todd Johnson they were tested the last match against Jesse Irvin and Jay de villier winning 11-3 3-11-11-4 so they lost that middle game.

That second game 11-3 so they had to bounce back win the third game so they have been tested already today so we'll see what happens in this matchup as they finish warm-ups you have kind of two very I want to say stoic gentlemen on the court here absolutely Ben Johns and J.W Johnson play very similar styles.

Of play and then you have Paris Todd and Catherine parento who are both very fiery female players um known for you know being a little louder on the court and that's fine they do like their come on yes they do so we'll see what we get out of these four players in this semi-final matchup it looks like we are ready to go Ron.

Ponder is our lead referee here for this match I'm gonna fight looks like he did he walk out and hand a ball to Catherine I believe he did and then he uh checked with the players for a second ball that he's going to keep behind him just in case that other ball goes in case the arrive or breaks the.

Franklin x40 is the official ball here of the event and today on the grounds it is pickleball Central day here on the grounds at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden so if you are around go check out the pickleball Central tent they are full of pretty much all their gear that they.

Sell online they have here on site so if you're here you need to go check that out and check out all 20 of our vendors we have in Vendor Village oh Todd going just a little long on that forehand flick one zero two.

Foreign hands there from Todd off the tape from John's and then she goes right at the body of parents up John's made an amazing pickup in that point to keep him in the rally Time Force there there from Paris Todd and Christina I'm about to reach back and.

Grab my chair because I think we're going to be in for a long one here as these players are going back and forth I think you're 100 right that we're going to see a lot more dinking here in this rat than this particular match than we have seen all day on Championship Court well what it is too it's it's the respect that both of these gentlemen to.

Have for each other is they don't want to speed up at each other because they know the hands on the other side of the net but John's and parents who do take a 2-0 lead here early in game number one while he does that it's almost better than anyone on the pro tour and that's reach in and use his size to take balls.

Out of the air and he uses his wrists so well 202 oh and JW Johnson electing to speed up on a low ball to parento and it works out which is kind of something that doesn't always work out for you but it did in that case.

Wow John's again reaching in right there and I think that's going to be a key here is if John's and parental can handle J.W Johnson reaching in like that they need to if not he's going to have a lot of success right there one two one just missing that right there going a little too hot.

On the wrist flick so I think these players are getting happy that the sun's dropping down behind the buildings I think it's been in Pronto and John's eyes a little bit here for the last few minutes can definitely impact visibility in seeing the ball well what impact did that shot right there was JW Johnson.

Stepping into the middle and parental almost pulled back a little bit on it guys finished there from Paris Todd see that again see her shoot that right down the middle with a beautiful forehand volley what do you think if you're um Toronto and John's what do you think you do to keep JW out of the center.

Well let's get Paris Todd involved more going cross-court see if she can make a mistake wow pair is not making any mistakes right now that ball came back so fast at John's he finishes that one though at the feet of Paris Todd but not before.

Todd and Johnson take a 4-2 lead here two four two point a little long on the volley there parents Owen John's within one it's a rare miss out of pronto I had the opportunity to play with Toronto in her very first tournament ever at the U.S.

Open in Florida her and I partnered up I had a great time was flabbergasted at her ability to dig out balls yeah and there's the cleanser speed up and finish there from Ben Johns you watch him slide across and finish great footwork from John's oh and parents so we watch her when she notices that Johnson's gonna speed this.

Up she slides to her backhand creates enough space three four one watch the court positioning of JW right now he is right up on that tee on that Center Line leaving his side pretty open uh it's just a little too much reach there and.

Great dinking there from Catherine parento unfortunately John's can't finish that but again parental reading the speed up from John so well right now foreign let there be light a little odd that the lights went on in the middle of that point.

Unless they're on a timer I think they may be more likely they're on a timer but they definitely needed to come on it was getting a little dark nice ball there from Todd just out of the reach of Ben Johns four five one exciting sir four five two.

All right lets that ball drop just a little too low so she's almost taking that off the ground instead of stepping into it and getting it a little higher she's got a little lucky there but you know it's so difficult that's one of the one of the big challenges and you know when you're up there dinking when you grab it out of the air and when do you.

Let it bounce you have any rule of thumb for viewers out there it's a tricky it's a tricky tricky choice and you don't always make the right decision but you live with what you make no and I always say I like taking the ball out of there if you can if you're not fully extended right you're fully extended now you're a.

Locked arm now it makes it very difficult I don't want you to be fully extended have some flexion in the elbow and you're good wow I mean Parish Todd hanging which then John's right there she's a great job of staying in there against Ben in a little quick hand battle hi one wonderfully done by Paris Todd.

Oh look at these two guys going at it cross court and John's getting the best of Johnson right there as he goes right at the body the lesson I want to take away from this is really how far Ben Johns grabs that ball out in front of him it takes time away from his opponents and keeps him from getting jammed right he just really.

Grabs that ball out early out far in front of him without overextending so that's what I thought right there should have been done earlier from Todd and Johnson when they're stacking and parental is coming up from the Baseline and coming across they need to drive at her position because she's returning hard and they're not she's not in a.

Position to get there and that's exactly what happened right there point looks like Ben was running and hitting you don't see that very often but he's still in motion while he was trying to hit the ball make sure you stop there it is right there that's what I was talking about.

Combination so she's getting that ball from transition on the Block right and so it's so hard to block that from transition that it's making it difficult and John's is able to step in and put that ball away and now Paris Todd and J.W Johnson take a three-point lead here on Championship Court in the semifinals thoughts Christine on this one.

I anticipate that we're going to see you know John's is a very very very smart player but as you noticed he doesn't go sit down he doesn't go over there Toronto's got to come back out to talk with him but maybe come up with a new strategy but I do like you know Ben's Court sense he's you know not one of the top players in the world for nothing and.

That he is going to come out with a different plan a different strategy and he's going to give them maybe a change of pace maybe just a different look right I don't know what his thoughts are right now but he is going to make a change oh yeah he will he's too good not to they'll make an adjustment figure it out here and see what happens.

As we come back in from this time out it's an 8-5 lead for Todd and Johnson eight five two oh there's a nice dig though on the first one from Paris Todd and then just gets handcuffed by Ben Johns 581 so so what I saw there the difference was John's is going to come out and he.

Went third shot Drive third shot drive and they went to parental I would like to see if it went back to him if he was going seven shot Drive now they get it to his backhand yeah and they're forcing him to try and do things right now which is something you don't get really much out of Ben John's it definitely appears as though.

As he's feeling like he's got to go for things earlier maybe than he would normally do wow nice Ball by Johnson Catherine intentionally let that go think that it was going to Sail Out looks like it went back there and caught the corner thank you oh it clipped them as it was gonna go.

Out but it clipped them on the hip I think here yeah this it goes by him it Clips him oh good call I did not see that at all good call oh and Johnson with a missed opportunity and he knows it too right there he tried to do just a little too much it's hard not to not go for too much you.

Know you've you've kind of gotta you've got a good lead you want to finish it because you can't give and I can't open the door for John's to get back in what a good job by Paris Todd she knew Ben Johns wasn't pinching middle so she went Middle with the dink it changed up parentso's shot but now they're off the tape if she.

Doesn't clip the tape uh it's probably a clean winner 692. yeah good combo right there from parental and John's as they inch back in here they were just down nine five seven nine two one now done nine seven and a time out from Todd and Johnson good time.

Out here Christine it is a great time out as we've talked you don't get to take them with you right correct you've got to use them you're not in kind of sitting in the leader's seat you've really got it you gotta take it you gotta use it and maybe come out with just a hey just a momentum stopper for that point even if you don't.

Adjust strategies at this point just stop them cool them down a little bit yeah absolutely absolutely and we are here during this time out you know Paris Todd J.W Johnson don't say much to each other as we come back here and Catherine parento to serve and onion.

792. sorry sorry that's uh that's Catherine's already Catherine you already mentioned these are Catherines yes okay wow that was an outstanding battle that you know coming out of that time out it was super important for John's in.

Toronto to really get the ball back when that next rally hey Johnson thought out just outside the line looks like she just barely missed it you know she'd love to have that back and have it hit the corner oh that's in two oh no and see that's a bait Bowl right there from parent toe to Todd she wants.

Her to speed that up she left it just high enough that it's gonna be an issue she speeds it up and parents are sitting on that backhand and the Finish from JW Johnson will give Todd and Johnson a game point here in game number one what a hands battle in the Finish from Johnson oh and Ben John's going with the Bert.

With the Bert exactly right in front of parento here watch this see him run and cut Catherine parento off and he went with the bird if you guys want to know the birds where they cut over in front of their partner to jump around the the non-volley zone nice lead from Todd as Johns tries to speed that up from a low position.

Well I definitely feel like we're I feel like John's is really starting to step up take more balls grab more out of the middle leaving Catherine to sit on her two-handed backhand and just rip it when it comes to her and that's what she's doing and she's got a beautiful two-hand backhand so it's gonna be interesting see if they can get this ball back.

Nice finish there from Johnson and game one to Paris Todd and J.W Johnson by a score of 11-8 we're moving on to game two right after this commercial break here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships.

Thank you foreign foreign match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville.

You can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com game number one here at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in the semifinal Matchup Pro mixed doubles game one going to Paris Todd and J.W Johnson by a score of 11-8 over your two seed Catherine parental and Ben Johns oh no Ben John's just getting dirty here.

Oh this ball just goes over and he just Taps it drops it down that's how you start is there one game two nice ball there by Johnson zero zero two oh no zero zero one.

There is Todd ladies and gentlemen handling everything Ben Johns had to offer on that point and then she goes right off his left knee for the winner watch the hands from Tom she speeds it up starts it puts it away and finishes she was waiting on that and Johnson just his footwork in the middle too is impeccable you watch him.

Slide in the middle continuing to stay engaged in the point and here I thought I was seeing a trend in the new strategy from Ben and Pronto but I might be wrong you're just gonna see continuous lobs here until Paris Todd gets involved so Johnson uses two lobs to get involved.

Johns goes enough of going to the lobs he goes to Todd Todd's the one that gets him back in that point with a drive and then they come in and drop if you think that he's just throwing those up aimlessly he wasn't those are completely purposeful lobs to get set up so it's really plays to that point of.

You're not going for winners every time you're looking at how you can set up the next ball or the next ball right for a more clear clean winner right there good leave on Catherine she was all wound up ready to strike and she got called off and did a good job of just letting it float past her not always easy to do.

Thank you wow I mean Paris Todd is chewing everything she can to keep them in that point and then allowing JW Johnson to step over and finish it zero three two what's truly remarkable about that is John's is doing a great job of placing the ball into her into her left shoulder.

Into her right shoulder places that are hard to dig out she's getting them back keeping them in play yeah Paris Todd just sitting on every speed up right now looking incredible she's she's feeling it right now honestly she really three one one yeah and John's just flipped the tape.

Right there it pops up that's an easy put away for Todd or one one finished there from Ben johns but second server here what recovery from JW Johnson lots of speed the first one up and then watch his paddle recovery on the next one because his paddle was down just a.

Little bit he got it up just in time Justin 512. wow and again Johnson just keeping his feet moving immediate timeout from Ben Johnson as he walks over to the sideline they need to go back to the drawing board right here figure out a new game plan against Paris Todd and J.W Johnson.

Because everything else is just not working at the moment John's not happy no words between John's and parento during this time out so far and there won't be that's just not John's style you know but Todd and Todd and Johnson are definitely feeling the Rhythm feeling the momentum and again that's just a.

Huge thing now we can always see momentum shift they happen but right now they are definitely Riding High and feeling happy and good out there just great hands and right there on the sideline you have Connor Derrickson he is Catherine's trainer out of St Pete Florida come in.

There takes one two nice speed up there from John's they earn the side out one six one oh and that ball floats just enough away from JW Johnson makes it difficult who's this one that's just too good right there from Ben Johnson.

Paris Todd tries to go back side just because she was going to slip it right by him but he was ready and slipped it right by past her instead looks like there's a time out here you know I keep wondering if John's impronto wanted there didn't work earlier when I suggested it but maybe they should consider unstacking giving their.

Opponents something different give them you know at this stage in the game at six three they're not done definitely not out of it I never would count John's out of it but I wonder if just giving them a different look for a point or two just to mix it up I just don't think it's in their nature I don't think it's in the benjunk nature to take his.

Forehand away from him I agree putting him on the right side I don't I can't remember the last time Ben John's ever played the right side so putting him over there I don't think it would be very comfortable for either one of them so I don't think that would be the option my option would be you know Ben John's not speeding up at Paris Todd.

You know he did right there got something he he could finish but again I think it's that cross court with Johnson making Johnson forcing Johnson to let that ball down foreign good speed up there from JW Johnson problem was parento was backing up and moving away from that ball is coming to.

Her it's very difficult to not have that be your instinct foreign big finish from Ben Johns and parental and John's get back with him too here I felt like they used your strategy right there Dom they were dinking a little bit more behind JW I feel like they were using your strategy I think they heard.

You well I think Ben John's got a little more involved and he went sidelined the sideline and didn't force anything oh my Todd just over hitting it a little bit right there and that gets parento and John's back within one from YouTube.

Great reset from parental she's had several here in the last few rallies such nice control nice spot there from JW Johnson she gave it her best effort to reset it just got up just a little bit high for JW to finish that point out but a nice little.

Run there from parento and John's back in this second game they need this second game to force a third great finish I am sure our fans here in the stands and pickleball Paradise would love to see a game three out of these four oh they would love it six by two but I know Todd and Johnson want no part of it.

See I think a missed opportunity there Todd dropped that ball to the vacated area of Parental instead of driving it when she's stacked getting her caught again and they they just missed that opportunity a couple times nice ball there from Todd going right hip of parental.

Five six two just wide right there sometimes those net tips are lucky sometimes they're unlucky depends on which side of the coin you get oh non-force there from John's trying to put or from Johnson trying to push John's to that sideline talking about momentum.

Yeah I may have just stayed steady here and maybe a timeout here from come out receiver yep you called it in Paris Todd and uh parent parental and John's taking this two-point lead they did it very calmly very slowly very methodically they didn't get crazy they did what they needed to do and now they got a.

Two-point lead what do Todd and Johnson need to do on the flip side to try and take the momentum back though well you know they need to remember what got him there and what got him there actually was JW really being able to step in take the middle speed it up was working well for them early on and they need to figure out a game plan for how do they.

Get back into that routine John's is doing a good job of of making Johnson switch sides of the paddle he's going backhand forehand backhand forehand that creates errors right it also keeps Johnson out of that center from being able to pick up and speed up the ball but they've got to figure out a plan for getting that getting back to.

That strategy that was working so well for him Hey sister nice ball there from Johnson and that's it it's speeding that ball up at the right time being able to reach him take that ball Todd sets that up because she took that first ball out of the air forced to pop up Johnson able to put it.

Away and a big side out out of that timeout 681 that's for sure what you want out of a timeout nice drive from Paris Todd on the third to set up the shake and bake from JW Johnson got to be one of the most fun plays in pickleball when you're the one making it happen shake and bake.

Oh and parents are trying to reset flat down the line off the top of the tape coming out of that time out we're tied it back up at eight eight thank you oh Todd was I think a little out of position or it's just Benton John's hitting the perfect spot down the middle definitely looks like she had to stretch.

For a ball that she wasn't stretching for earlier she may have been anticipating it to come back at the wing which is where John's has been hitting it all day what a setup from Paris Todd going back hand side on Ben John but John's not able to get on top of it pops it up and the Finish from Paris.

Todd yes sir 982 wow and again parental anticipating it Christine but just too much Johnson and Todd they are one point away from moving on to the winner bracket final it's 10-8 here on Championship Court what is it though if they're gonna have an answer here because John's and.

Parents are getting sucked into that pattern of Todd going Cross Court Cross Court Cross Court just waiting for the right time to kind of flick something speed it up and give Johnson an opportunity well you know that strategy they use for the that um Toronto and John's used was they were dinking backhand to JW keep him over on.

His side just a little bit more keep it in that dink rally keep the ball in front of those players bouncing in front of those players in the non-volley zone that strategy was working great for him and then I think Paris Todd's drives have been so good that she's setting up now for exactly what we suggested go back to that strategy get JW picking off.

That ball in the middle well it is game and match point for Paris Todd and JW Johnson here trying to move on to the winner bracket final oh there's Todd trying to flip middle and go winner and it goes just long and that's a scary one to let go because if you chose poorly because did you see parents those eyes did she let it go by.

She's like please go out and it did that gets back to page 81 from Jim Hackenberg tough to win that that point once you hit 10. so parental right there was expecting a speed up from Johnson she gets a change up and it was soft so she couldn't adjust fast enough and then John's goes over hit on the serve and it's signed out and match point now two.

For Johnson and Todd tonight one it's a huge gasp from the crowd and J.W Johnson I think I could have died yes he did go wide wide well then they got Match Point what number three Match Point number three and J.W Johnson impairs Todd take out.

The two seed and we'll move on to the winner bracket final well so much for my prediction of let's go with the seeds let's you know maybe I played it a little too safe because you know JW and Paris Todd definitely did not come out and play it safe today they came out with a game plan they stuck with that.

Game plan and it worked to their advantage now who knows we might end up seeing that you know in another match future today future on Sunday when we air a lot of the gold medal matches which are three out of five here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships we are going to be hearing shortly from.

Dominic but I would like you all to stay tuned we do have a great Veterans Day exhibition coming up we're going to be seeing that here at 4 45 on the live stream here on Selkirk TV and we're really starting to see the crowd get more electric we're getting here if you're nearby drive on over spend the 20 the 25 to come inside get.

It soak up the atmosphere here at the pickleball Paradise here in Indian Wells California one of the amazing sponsors thanks for Indian wells for hosting us and we are gonna hear from Dominic here in just right now with Paris and JW ladies and gentlemen one more time for these two teams.

thank you no but uh I'm just doing the best I can to set them up I mean it's some of the best hands in the game I'm doing everything I can to you know get them involved and yeah.

instead of a few lops all right well there's Todd and JW Johnson moving on to that early stuff
Friday, November 11th on Championship Court at the 2022 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships for full production with commentary, replays, interviews, and more!