thank you welcome to Indian Wells California in the beautiful Coachella Valley it's here that we find the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships don't miss a second of the action as the world's best players compete to earn cash prizes and the coveted title of the.

National champion the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships are brought to you by Margaritaville the city of Indian Wells Franklin Sports Consumer Cellular Fila Yola pickleball.

Paddle Tech pickleball Central Rockin protein and Selkirk Indian Wells California the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships Dominic Catalano alongside Chad Edwards Chad this is day one of six.

For you and I and I could not be any more excited to be in the nicest vicinity venue that we have in pickleball it is absolutely amazing Chad thank you for joining me we have Pro split age mixed doubles today going to be a good one we got a good one for you to start off Chad lead us in with who we got first.

Well that's a good call because I didn't even look at him right here now we've got Mary brasha and moti and Matisse Johansson taking on Megan fudge and Scott flegelman they're down here to our right you know this event is is a big time fan favorite yo everybody loves mixed doubles but to have a a mixed.

Split age um you know the players love it the fans love it a lot of excitement around here it's a good it's a good quote-unquote warm-up for all the pro events coming up later in the week but right now we're gonna shoot it down to Center Court and we're gonna do our player introductions for you.

Russia everything and Mary's partner Huntington Beach California.

facing off against foreign there you have our player introductions for Center Court here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national.

Championships a good match up here early on Chet not a very large bracket going into this but a good one with a lot of good players in this matchup what are you looking for because we have the the two gentlemen when we talk about split age a little bit right you have to have one pro player in the senior division one in the open division So Below 50. in.

This matchup both gentlemen are the senior pros and both female players are in the open what does that say for this match up here Chad yo so typically what we've seen um in these drawers are in these these brackets over over the last couple years that have been introduced is it's the the younger male that's that's more.

Dominant and they're playing with you know the the 50 and over female so with this one with the with the matchup of both males being 50. you know I'm probably going to look for them to be the finisher like we would in a regular mix doubles match but definitely there's going to be a little bit more.

Work done by uh Mary and Megan to set up Matthias and Scott but you know Scott fliegelman can cover an immense amount of products we've seen him uh on the on the senior pro tour with how much he moves Matthias Johansson fantastic shingles player so I'm interested to see Yo Hansen um here in a in a mixed doubles match up.

I'm in the stands right there you have watching very intently Megan fudge's children as I know ryler the heart Megan fudge's husband is out there playing I believe right now or actually look how that's set up so riler is not playing right now he is next up on CC1 so he's got dad duties at the moment right now as they're watching because the next.

Matchup we have is Kim Jake and ryler de Hart taking on Jillian Braverman and Paul Olin this is a stacked kind of smaller bracket with your top two seeds and let's talk about them Chad a little bit Anna bright and Dave Weinbach are your one seed and Georgia Johnson and mercha mararu are your two seed who are you looking at and.

Then we bought our top three four seeds Susanna Barr Rick whitskin your three seed followed by your four seed of we have Cali Smith and Dane Gingrich out of that group what do you look at as maybe a possible I don't know title Contender there well I definitely think with you're the number one seed with with bright and Weinbach.

Very fiery female and then we also know Dave Weinbach is being playing for so many years and being at the top for so many years in his respected age group yo I think uh probably what we'll see in that one coming down Georgia has been playing fantastic uh the last last few tournaments last few weeks so has mitcha I would probably say hey we might see a.

One-two matchup but then again with Cali Smith and Dan Gingrich very dangerous team and then also with Susanna Byron Rick whitskin Rick coming off a gold medal last night too top four is definitely tough in this bracket it's pretty deep those top four teams right there you could look at every one of them and have a case for.

Why that team would come out on top here let's delve a little deeper and go into our five six seats to your five seed evil welsher and Rafa Hewitt and your sixth seed Natalie Bagby and Warren tamanaha I saw Warren walking in today and he's like I'm excited to play with Natalie Bagby we called Natalie Bagby and Beth Bellamy's gold medal match last.

Week Chad um and Hilton Head we love Bagby and Bellamy we think they're so consistent that's a six seed that can scare some people with the athleticism of Warren tamanaha and what Natalie Bagby can do keeping a ball in play yeah she's she's very very consistent she has a lot of control and then you know talking also.

About with Ava welsher and Rafa Hewitt he got two really explosive young guys there that go hard they they go out they cover a bunch of Court they speed balls up and two women on tour that have exceptional control and ball movement so those are definitely outside is for for contention and then your seven seed encourt right now Mary brasha Matthias.

Johansson um it's deceiving the seven seed with the two of them Matthias very long big plays with some power and Mary Brash a solid Defender keeps a lot in play that's your seven seed and then eight seed all of a sudden she's like playing every weekend again Jillian Braverman actually came.

Out every time playing with Paul Olin talk about those two teams and what their chances could be you know yeah like you said uh playing every weekend again with with braveman kind of coming out of a semi retirement uh very explosive vocal brings a ton of energy Chad says vocal and I'm on the thing into my head like that's the.

Understatement of the century because she could be on Center Court here and someone could be at the U.S open in New York and hear Jill Braverman on court uh and then yo all in super consistent as well I think what we're what we're seeing here is is definitely one of the plays being exceptionally consistent with ball movement and everything and.

One explosive uh play we're not I think in this kind of this bracket and typically in mixed doubles as well is if you have two really explosive plays and and there's a whole whole lot of movement then you know at times it can be too much so with the with the consistency kind of the the the setup and then that power player to to put it.

Away I think it's going to be interesting through all of those seeds you'll even though it's a smaller bracket I think it's it's a tough bracket as far as there's some unknowns in there as who's going to step up and who's going to take control yeah I mean you're all these teams.

Team at the bottom right and they've been pointer another on a Podium yeah and so you're looking at how deep this field is and for a lot of the players though this day today and tomorrow and tomorrow you have the split age with men's and women's doubles it's a lot of fun for these players they really you're going.

To see a lot of competition good competition strong competition but you're gonna see a lot of these players yucking it up having a lot of fun with their partner with their opponents it's just a good time and a good I said it earlier a good little warm-up for them leading into the produce well and that's what I was going to say too with you.

Know being here at Indian Wells and at the tennis garden it's deceptive as far as that the bowl plays very different than most of the other locations throughout throughout the other the other weeks right so coming in having this event to get that warm up in kind of find out you know how much is the.

Ball going to fly how what can I do how much spin do I have to put on it how aggressive can I be this is I I think this is a bit of an advantage uh for these players getting to play a little bit earlier uh and it'll be interesting to see as the week progresses uh how this is going to play out well they're just about finishing up their warm-ups.

Working on some serving returns looks like all four players are about ready to go so Chad we're about ready to get underway here our lead referee here on Center Court is Valerie Wilson out of Pocatello Idaho if you ask me where that's at I'm not gonna probably give you the right answer but again out of Pocatello Idaho and a very interesting.

Fact about Valerie Valerie used to work at Pearl Harbor that's that that does not sound like it it wouldn't be fun it'd be kind of cool to be out there and do something like that paying respect uh to Pearl Harbor but that is where Valerie is from now living in Idaho and it looks like we are about to get underway.

And we are ready to go looks like brasha and Johansson will be serving to start here game one of this Pro mixed split age here we go okay uh we're playing uh the Surfers and Johanna and they're serving to fudge and finkelman okay one time in zero zero two.

One there's any indications very patient Point almost not wanting to pull the trigger right there but a good point all around to start yeah I think we're going to see longer points like this throughout the entire match Duke I'm thinking you're gonna see a little more of the fudge to brasha but right.

There both fudge and brush are kind of changing and up going flat in front of the male and including them I'm not sure if either female wants to get into that Cross Court battle with each other right now yeah I we're not going to see the the typical mixed doubles strategy that we always see but you know I would like to see fudge and Russia take those those.

Chances just a little too much but uh yeah if they can some inside out and attack that ball directly into the body of of Johansson off legalman uh that's where they're gonna get their opportunity oh nice one-two combo there from Johansson as he flips middle in that first one Chad yeah and fliegelman got.

Caught trying to come back and cover middle there wasn't quite able to do the beyond Behind the back uh to to cover but Matthias definitely saw a good opportunity right on the shoulder right there brush a little nice forehand this film it almost look like he's trying to get out of the way.

And duck on him and kind of lean into it back into it and I'm okay with that speed up I think we need to go more into brash's body than giving her some extension point it's a little change there for fudge and ligament putting fudge on the left two men in front of each other two women.

In front just getting a different look wow that's great from Johansson I mean good point nice speed up but Johansson gets that ball enough for the way the fudge all she had was the lob there yeah good depth from from fudge and Johansen just not quite able to catch up to it we've talked about Johansson now he's got deceptive power we're already.

Seeing that a little bit here to start oh that play got a little out of control and that first speed up from Johansson and never really settled down oh flagerman pulled all the way out off the court fudge able to come back over and finish foreign just wide Cross Court there from.

Johansson nice battle there one by foot yeah fudge is showing a a little bit of momentum increase here she's she's thinking it's actually Welsh had a couple of nice resets in that point wait oh sorry that kills a little bit of momentum yeah first server so another opportunity.

Just too much right there against Russia three three one two nice leave there from fliegelman and fudge and I like the little momentum here from fliegelman and fudge they're not afraid to go at Johansson right here yeah and Johansson trying to uh hit out of that pressure right there not the best opportunity to do that of trying to.

Hit your way out of it that I like the speed of Russia started that right there if she can start that in Johansson can pinch in Chad you think it's something that they could use their advantage yeah I think Johansen needs to get a little bit more extension even that speed up that he had there he's he's jammed a little bit.

And then that's the kiss of death a backhand Cross Court dink from Fleet or from Johansson into the net foreign you okay the ball bounced oh I'm sorry so a referee air there is fliegelman got caught by the.

Referee on the footfall not in existent because the ball did bounce so we're gonna replay the point it's three people Chad continue to file in here to Championship Court we got a bracket that's just starting in the mix split age today it's a first round.

Matchup three four two fliegelman as brochure was determined to go right at him I don't think he was expecting it to be that high he didn't expect it to be that good the paddle was down and then it floated up on him a little bit and he was late getting that paddle up.

Sailed deep uh miscommunication in the middle from brasha and Johansson and it is a another Point here for fliegelman and fudge it's about a better forehand better spot Johansson's been speeding some balls up and he's had some good speed ups but fudge and and fliegelman are just.

Resetting that one he took a little bit of pace off added some spin got that ball down much better yo handsome foreign I like the little backhand flip there Chad yeah Russia trying to slide over and covering the lawn and fliegelman actually just followed that that slot.

And that movement three difficult with a two-handed backhand to get that back with any sort of extension you heard Megan and that was Megan yelling at Megan she did not like what she did right there she just wasn't able to get on top of that almost handcuffed herself.

Yeah we sold both feet off the ground for them on it was the ball off the tape that set that up for fliegelman I don't know but how about the resets for him that he got one ball back I'm not sure how he got her back over the net but then reset another one five four one.

Oh oh that's so Fleetwood America trying to Merry-Go-Round shot it does not work for me can I get that flexibility around the neck like Mary brasha is known for of course yeah I think they're there's a few drops of rain coming in we were expected to have rain most of the day.

Today oh Johansson swings and this is brush are almost able to get that but not quite four five two as you guys can see that rain summer vicinity here at Indian Wells.

Has been a possibility of rain here today oh I like brushes the thought process right there as you see the stands here settling into Championship Court six four one oh that ball is just missing deep oh and that right there was caused by fliegelman's movement Chad you're not.

You're not in your head no I'm saying another fantastic reset from fliegelman getting a bowl that's almost bouncing taking it out the air just kicks over the net and then he puts the pressure on with the movement brush to try to rush rush through it nope nice job again fliegelman going almost right armpit right there of brush.

And jamming her up and we're gonna get our first time out here from brasha and Johansson what's been successful here early on for fudge and fliegelman Chad uh they've done some a really good job of speeding up some balls into the body of Russia they've kind of picked on johansen's backhand a little bit I wouldn't be surprised and I'd actually.

Like to see it if Russia and Johansson flip right here and your Hanson plays on the right brush on the left I think yo Hansen's a little bit vulnerable on his on his backhand as far as how much uh spin he tries to put on it and really opens that face uh but he's he's definitely got a lot of power in that forehand side and likes to likes to.

Speed up from it and then I think if Russia kind of gets into a little bit more of a uh aggressive mindset instead of being that typical hey I'm going to be in defensive mode allow the guy to come over and it's not happening right now she's getting caught uh from from those speed UPS yeah so a lot of serious talk on the side of Johansson and.

Brasher right there and then a lot of head nodding on the side of Megan fudge and Scott fliegelman because it's more of that positive yeah let's keep going we know what we're doing here if they don't change anything we got a good game plan moving in here is we come in from this time out it'll be eight for two with Megan fudge serving yeah and I.

Think the difference for Fox and fliegelman has just been the defense of yeah we get balls back when brushing you know handsome have had the chances and then they flip it and start putting the pressure on well at timeout not the best right there is the unforced air from brasha five point lead for fudge and fliegelman.

Oh I don't mind that right there that's a nice pull he just missed that wasn't as deep as what it looked like coming off the paddle he had so much topspin on that he unfortunately goes along and it is a game point here for fudge and fliegelman ligerman standing A Little Too Tall on that one both feet coming off the ground.

Popping that backhand all back in fudge with the two-hander down the line but again it was the dead defense of getting them back into the point Johansson doing a good job of speeding them up of speeding that ball up but they reset it and then flipped it to their advantage and became the.

Aggressors themselves Johansson it'll be game point number two here for fudge and fliegelman Chad they do switch but to no avail as gamer one will go to fudge infliegelman by a score of 11-4 here on Championship Court we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back game number two.

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Are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville game number two here at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball the national championships game one they're going to Megan fudge.

And Scott fliegelman by a score of 11-4 Megan fudge to serve to start game two oh and Mary Brash almost lost a hand and a paddle yeah I think they're having the discussion there of hey you know what see if you're gonna do that keep doing it I'm just gonna step out of the way yeah.

Foreign yeah that's a tough ball to speed up and keep in with it being that low zero zero two nice step in there from fliegelman nothing personal but right at the body of Johansson but I think that's a part of the disadvantage of Johansson's game his forehand is a little bit more.

Um Compact and and short in motion so he kind of opens himself up for that um handcuff right into the body okay Nice Shot second counter-attacked by Johansson zero zero two okay well I mean just some great resets there from Scott fliegelman and just.

Watch him how low he gets on those blocks but just a little too much Johansson there zero zero one second serve yeah tough to get to that ball from fudge coming off of the net cord and rolling over when you're back at the Baseline.

Yeah just too much pressure right there she had an idea in her head and she finished it yeah and I like that speed up and I like the combination she attacked fudge then she attacked fliegelman fudge and fliegelman have been able to reset a lot of balls when it's consistently going back to one person so changing up the looks there.

Was a big Play From Russia oh that's great shot right at the right hip of Scott fliegelman there from Russia and that's very similar to what she did with going fudge this one she went back in and then forehand so if ligament wasn't fast enough being able to make that switch.

Signs drop from Johansson stretching out fudge she was able to get there but if ligaman had to slide across the cup of the middle of the Court a little too much movement from fliegelman it was a little ambitious to try to speed up that ball good.

Recognition from Brusha to keep that ball down two zero one yeah I like the aggression from Brusha and Johansen in game two here they're putting on a lot more pressure compared to game one if I was catching that last one off the.

Edge guard a little bit and landed in but serve but hey you could start to game two here for brasha and Johansson yeah I think they need to keep up this intensity keep putting the pressure on you know they took some chances in games.

Ultimately went back to more slower paced it's right on saying it did you see how much that ball moved though yeah it started on her backhand side and then we can't feel the wind here in the booth but we can definitely see the palm trees blowing back behind the flags on top of.

The tent wow the ball just came back or peeked over and came back but you're right Jay we've had some wind over the last couple days as you can see the American flag flying above and it is whipping through here it has been for the last two days good reset from legal minute from brasha.

Wow and fliegling just throwing that lob up and over beautifully done throw it up use the wind to knock it back down bunch and fliegelman able to grab three come back now up three two three I think again the wind playing a little Factor there is I think fliegelman thought he had that ball a little closer to him ends up fully extended fully.

Extended couldn't do anything with it you second served three three two and I think the wind pushed that one deep as well because Johansson yeah we see Johansen looking up and mentioning the wind to himself he didn't.

Hit that as hard but it was still football foreign drop there I mean that we can hear the wind even in the in the court microphone it's it's starting to pick up three three two sorry you see how that wind at the back of.

Fudge infliegelman blew that ball at the feet of Megan fudge right there sailing just wad from Brusha fliegelman's return going into the wind just hanging up didn't even make it half court three two yeah you're starting to see the ball get held up a little bit now and it's.

Definitely different conditions than how we started this this match very interesting here but again both teams got to play in it so you can make their adjustments first ah nice spot right there Johansson and fliegelman fleeing to the sideline foreign have a little discussion.

Here on Center Court with our referee Valerie Wilson what do you think they're talking about here Chad I'll discrepancy well well I think and I wasn't fully paying attention to their positioning either from Russia and Johansen but I think that they were out of position in the previous point we.

Talked about in game one where the referee didn't catch it but there was a service order uh discretion in there yep so fudge and fliegelman pretty much took that offensive time out so they could have a discussion with the referee the greatest and figure out.

Where they're at yeah and it's not a discussion about where they're at it's a discussion of where they think their opponents were at I think in the last point before this timeout now yeah and you hear Johansson and fliegelman talking either way we're good they're just trying to figure out but again that point you know I believe.

Being over and they were already into the next point but looks like we're all good here and we'll be back in here with Megan fudge serving score tied here 3-3 fudgeon fliegelman trying to end this in two brasha and Johansson trying to force that third game score is three three two.

Other night that wind just pushed the bolt down into the net on the third shot fliegelman wow I mean look at fliegelman just using it went to his Advantage there Chad throwing up the lob and then using the touch Folly just dropping that into the kitchen oh fun just sitting on that Chad I.

Actually think that two of those bowls that she hit from Johansen With the Wind being behind are probably going out the side out here but fudge and fliegelman find themselves down by one now as brasha and Johansson answer and take a one point lead oh yeah using the wind at his back and his power.

To add to that three four two thank you man just fighting for his life right there continues to keep the ball in play great job by fliegelman but no points on that side off his back come on to brasha and.

Johansson for the 4-3 lead foreign to get that ball back tried to go a little bit bigger swing was late two point lead here for brasha and Johansson trying to go lob volley right there Chad uh that was very unexpected but but.

Honestly very difficult to pull off that just from the pace and the hot that he was receiving that ball it's tough right there it's legalman sped that up first now they have the wind in their face it's almost a dink Advantage right because they can cut through dinks let the wind knock it down he sped up and put him at a disadvantage.

Seven three one that's right there fudge taking advantage of that cutting through that wind putting it right at the feet of Johansson seven three two go go foreign.

Hits the ground with his paddle first kind of took a little bit of his power away there and then into the win too but now it's a timeout number two here from fudge and fliegelman down by five here Chad what's been the Difference Maker here on the offensive side you know from Brash and Johansson well Russia and Johansson came out much more.

Aggressive here in game two and they've also done a better job of changing speeds moving the ball around and we saw her in the the last point where fudge and fliegelman is scrambling on the court now does the wind have a factor in this as far as you try to be aggressive on the further side away from us and you're hitting into the wind and.

It doesn't have much much effect potentially but I do think that they've come out with a lot more intensity and it's kind of fed this this whole role their feet are moving better everything is is is rolling uh and getting that moment momentum uh much better than they were in game one for for fudge and and fliegelman they're kind of scrambling a.

Little bit right now they're they're back on their heels uh they're in defensive mode but they're not able to keep that bolt down as much as they were in game one time score is eight three two as we resume play here in game two five-point lead for barasha and Johansson all right great pressure tank there from.

Megan fudge she's going cross-court at Johansson as you see husband ryler de Hart watching closely oh it's a good step in though Chad from fudge I like to step in she Brusha disguised it relatively well uh fudge just a little bit late because she took her step to a left thing that Brusha was going to go.

Down the line ice and the wind again helping that ball sail along and fudge infliegelman back on the board on again is that wind affecting them a little bit Chad yeah but the the last two uh well that that speed up and and the semi speed up from Russia if you are going to speed up with the.

Win behind you have to take it earlier so you can keep that ball down that's power right there from Johansson the fudge infliegelman answer get one back two back excuse me good setup there from Johansson as he goes speed up to fudge and then put away.

To the fliegelman center yeah I like the one two combination there and we saw that in game one a couple of times but he wasn't coming over to hit that second ball he's now I think Brusha and Johansson are more comfortable here with the partnership you oh nice yeah I could finish there from.

The fudge and like you said I like that what you said Chad is they're a little more comfortable right now they're making the adjustment with the wind at their back all right I think Johansson changed his mind he was gonna reach for it I think pull the trigger in the middle and he.

Backed off yeah once that paddle had stopped and the ball in essence stopped because of the wind and just hung there he didn't have anything behind it to get it back over the net five he's looking in the middle right there is ball kind of got a little deep on him.

Ends up kind of go Cross Court a little too hard nine five one you oh it's the Inside Out winner from fliegelman yeah y'all handsome getting pinned back there in the middle of the point is that the one to step across something.

Russia came in so he gave too much room big hold there from fudge and fliegelman gotta answer here though as brasha and Johansson at two points away from forcing a third game oh so so Johansson called mine but he didn't go mind switch Yeah so brasha was expecting him to say mind play it and then switch back and end up in high.

Formation watch this replay on the LOB wow oh yeah body up hey man everyone else I think in the stadium was kind of quiet except for Jill Braverman over here on the sideline and she loved every second of berry brush of lighting.

Up scaffold Eagleman oh you oh okay yeah the pickup from from fudge just created so much spin wow apart just spun right into her time out here from brasha and Johansson as fudge and fliegelman Chad are right.

Back in the second game yeah we've seen some errors start to creep into brushing Johansson's game and like you're talking about ligaments are adding some more spin now that they're hitting into the wind for free sunglasses and kind of isolating ligaments relatively effective with his offensive.

Lobs as far as perfect Johansson back and then using it to drop have them scramble back forward so he's changing eye levels he's changing speeds he's moving the ball around fudge with that heavy heavy back backspin on the on the backhand side kind of just looks like Russia and.

Johansson have kind of lost their their groove uh in the in the last few points as well as far as the community communication side of it you know it's it's always difficult when uh you have a new partnership coming into it like this one you're not I used to or or comfortable.

So you're always trying to trying to figure what's what positioning works oh great job by fudge covering the line and then with the winner in the middle yeah I think there was no doubt that Russia was going to speed that up with how big the backswing was so fudge just took it as.

Hey I'm I've loaded it I'm gonna look to reset it foreign fudge coming but a great run again from brasha and or excuse me from fudge infliegelman as they are back within one from Russia yeah and that was the aggression that we saw early on here in game two they got away from it for a.

Little while let's go okay team a point here for brasha and Johansson on first server oh hey yo Hudson wants that one back as he was set up for a winner as he raises his hands up can't believe he missed that but they'll have another opportunity here.

doing a great job from fudge Angel Eagleman to fight off two game points get that pressure yeah at that point Chad you can't miss a third right no no but there was good pressure foreign.

They worked their way out of that end up on the board within one of tying this second game up yes I'm starting to see some dust kick up now behind it oh wow legal man using the wind yes it is it's a veteran move right there as.

You see there's hits and kicks and we're all tied up here in game number two wow that ball from fudge just floated up there and brush able to finally let that lane get something on it we see her ball just speeding up as she hits it because of the wind behind them tell you what it's going to make for an.

Interesting day with with how quickly the conditions have changed fudge when she's leaning into that backhand it's tough Chad oh she's going 100 right there and she can it's one of the the advantages of being on that side right now is going as hard as you want that Ball's going to stay in.

We see Johansson trying to speed up but unless that ball is up it's very very difficult to be aggressive on those low balls because it's just going to push deep ER big finish there from Johansson tattoo nope look at fliegelman and fuzz just throwing balls up into the wind and.

Going let the wind will do its job and just like that after fudge and fliegelman fight off two game points they get their first match point on their paddle eleven two uh at ball sailing long in game two and a match going to fliegelman and fudge yeah I actually quite enjoy playing into.

The wind like that because you can use that spin to throw it up and drop it down so Russia and Johansson showing some flashes of good aggressive play that's a start game two but ultimately Megan fudge and Scott flegelman able to make that adjustment add some.

Spin keep those balls down and they're going to move on to play find where we are if they're gonna play our number two seed Georgia Johnson and mitcha marario and then coming up here on Center Court next is Jillian Braverman and Paul Allen.

Is the HC taking on Kim Jag and ryla de heart as the nine seed they're down on Center Court we've got Dominic Catalano with our winners Scott fiegelman and Scott clegman and Megan Fox news sort of picked up a little bit even more.

Talk about what the difference was from game one to game two with the wind factor this is a whole different ball game but the fun part for me was having a chance to play with Megan uh we played against each other a couple times I was really excited to have a chance to play with it on the same side of the net or thirds were amazing and just a super.

Great energy well congratulations good match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going.

We're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville thank you I will dig deep I will crush this game athletes know nutrition drives.

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As you can see Chad we got some weather in the background here here at Indian Wells Tennis Garden we are back here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships it's one o'clock we got the lights on it's a little dark in here but we got a great match up for you here on Championship court with that being said we're going to kick it down.

Courtside and we are going to introduce our players foreign our Mercy from Wells California dark.

is that right all right Chad we are close to getting underway here players been sitting for a little bit Jill Braverman Paul Olin taking on Kim Jade and ryler the heart so we're keeping it in the family here as Megan fudge just won her first round matchup.

Husband ryler dehart looking to win his first round matchup what's going to be the Difference Maker in this one is it is your eight verse 9 seed here on Championship quartet well I think this is this is the first one that we're seeing today obviously of the younger male uh ryla can be aggressive at times has some power extensive tennis.

Background and his partner with Kim Jag with a very long and extensive volleyball background I've definitely been in the pickleball world for a long time as well so it'll be I think it's it's going to be interesting for them uh as as far as making the adjustment to the wind and the same for for Olin and Braverman.

Brave them in a very explosive explosive player we already talked about that she's a very vocal player uh she feeds off energy feeds she feeds off intensity olin's a little bit more reserved right he's he's more of a quiet quiet tour guy quieter player but uh has done very well on the senior side in mixed doubles.

See how Braverman is just taking hacks out there right now that ball went about 20 feet wide and she's into the wind and let's take it we'll take a a quick peek at the bracket as we go this is our last first round matchup we'll start on the bottom where the two seed Georgia Johnson and merch merario they'll be.

Next up here on Championship Court taking on Megan fudge and Scott flegelman you're 10 seed who just upset the seven seed Mary parasha and Matthias Johansson above them Natalie Bagby Warren tamanaha upset by Tracy de Jager and Mills Miller 11-5-11-4 de Jager and Miller will face Susanna.

Barr and Rick whitskin who had a battle in three against Joy Leasing and Stefan andrin I I saw Stefan yesterday I played a wreck game against him yesterday he's a tough player really he's the top player I haven't seen him play and it's been a while since I've seen Joy leasing's name on right on on a draw she was was very active I think she's more.

So just playing in the Northeast now but Stefan is long he's big he reminds me of Matthias they play together on the senior side of things I think he's a name that's going to be you know well known on that senior side of things coming up on the top half of the bracket Ava welsher Rafa Hewitt moving along quite easily three and four against Jane.

Paulson and Wes gabrielson and also Cali Smith and Dane Gingrich taking out takako taranju and Lucas Crippen 11 5 11 7 and that'll round out our first round matchups other than this one is the last one in the first round the winner of this does get Anna bright Dave wine box your first and her number one seed here in the draw.

Today here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships it's Consumer Cellular day here at the Indian Wells Tennis garden and you want to make sure that you stop by their tent Chad they're giving away free sunglasses now today maybe not but you know stop by use them for the rest of the week because for the rest of the week it's going to.

Be a beautiful rest of the week but make sure you stop by their tent they're giving away sunglasses and more all week so we appreciate all those vendors in our vendor Village we got over 20 vendors in the vendor Village over there so no short of pickleball gear here at the national championships and it looks like.

Players are ready to go here Chad expectations in this one um I think it's going to be whoever can make the adjustment to to the the conditions right now uh it's it's windy there's no denying it right we mentioned it a ton there in in the bus match we're getting some raindrops out on the court.

The plays are are checking the Lawns uh the lines becoming the first thing to get slick on the court things yeah I think we're going to cover it up right now with we're seeing more and more and more drops yeah we took it we took it a look at the scenic shot earlier with the the.

Clouds kind of over the hills those Hills have kept the rain clouds at Bay for the most part but I think we're running out of lock here foreign just discussing with the plays if they want to get off Court.

Escort us up there so we're going to have a bit of a rain delay here not sure how long bad timing it will be right now but yeah Chad and you're right we're going to go into a little bit of a rain delay we're gonna step off here but we'll keep that camera on that Baseline first so you guys can.

See at home keep it on go grab some food grab some lunch almost dinner time on the East Coast 4 15. so go grab something we'll be here we'll stay here almost you can kind of thing what is up with your is your watch off right now 3 15. yeah there we go yeah sorry I forgot to switch it out you know but we're gonna take a break here.

We'll stay on camera so keep it here for you we'll be back with our matchup as soon as this rain gets through all right pickleball fans Jaclyn's making her way around she's got a bag of goodies for you for sticking around in this weather wave your hand Make some noise it's from Jaclyn.

n thank you Jacqueline you got some people up in the stands there waving their arms they want some goodies too.

fans are sticking around in the weather here foreign foreign.

foreign all right so we are back here on a championship court at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships Dominic Catalano Chad Edwards on the call today Pro mixed split eight it's a mouthful.

Round one here ryler the heart Kim Jade taking on Jillian Braverman and Paul Olin first round matchup winner gets Anna bright and Dave Weinbach you're one seed this the last match in the first around here it was just about to get underway Chad and then rain hit but.

Rain is cleared for the moment and it's Olin to serve to the heart right off the bat shot sub was from Olin not on purpose and then it knocked it down when he went for the third yeah we walked out of the booth to go get some food right now and it is deceptive with.

How much wind is out there from our positioning so I I think you know an advantage here I think maybe go a little bit to ryler to Heart playing years and years of tennis at the highest level being able to control this wind control has shot create some shape on balls in the Wind.

Like you said what first ball there's two philosophies right you either like playing with the window you like playing into the wind right so it's it's tough either way but yeah that's a good ball there from the heart and he takes something off that and exactly what he did right there he.

Shortened up the swing doesn't have to be as aggressive or hit as hard with that win behind him so yo that's where that control aspect is going to come into it if you find it it's too difficult to do that then hitting into the win playing into the wind is much more an advantage for an aggressive play that wants to take those big swings we.

Saw on Kim Jags Drive sailing a few feet out on that one that front shoulder getting on top of that two-hander right there yeah I think we'll see a lot of that coming from Olin and braveman they're going to be more aggressive with their drives on that side and they can heading into the wind.

Yeah Jade's just trying to fight that off with her hand right there as you watch and she gets the left hand up right there but that's a good shot by Olin right at the body of Jade I just held the paddle out in front used his wrist strength to change Direction with it.

Now do you think Chad that the strategy of putting Olin on these is because of the heart on the right woman right there saying you sure and the outcome the ball was called out and it was seven six feet deep that's kind of how she is right there uh actually I think Jill is much more of an aggressor than what Paul is.

Um so that has uh part to do it with it as well but yes with the hot being left-handed um now we're going back to that that standard uh guy in front of of girls to play just a little too much reach right there yeah and we're seeing a lot of talk between.

And Jag right now as far as they're feeling out the the partnership a little Miss hit there from Jade and it's a four-point lead here you know three minutes and Olin point there's that wind you know taking that ball moving that ball a little bit on.

Jay point just everything going Olin and braverman's way here Chad oh and that's part of playing into the win right you can you can take risks you can be more aggressive and that wind is going to keep it in all right and the time out here from the heart and Jade and you know what is it.

Right now and when Olin and Braverman getting every single bounce right here but a six point lead again only like five minutes into this match what is it that Jade and the Heart need to do here Chad to get back in well I think there's been um some miscommunication uh.

It's sad to make sure I didn't sneeze into everybody's ears um yeah I mean there's been some a little bit of miscommunication but between jade and the heart and they're they're sitting down having having a discussion about that right now and we talked about it in in the first match as far as you're playing with somebody new.

Here you're not sure of uh their playstyle who's going to take what balls how much movement they're going to have time eight two six point lead here watch that ball just die point.

Break every man pointing right down at the spot going that Ball's out and staring the referee dead in the eyes while she's done it's a 9-2 lead here for Brazil thank you foreverman yelling at the heart going oh riler she's on that ball right there but big side out for the heart and Jade.

Second server but that's a that's her volleyball defense right there you see she she gets down she's leaning back like she's like hey it's a little wide there on the return from Olin and Jaden de Hart on the board again.

I like that move by the hot right there and Braverman was talking that ball over the whole time she's always a a crowd favorite and she's constantly talking smiling having a good time and that's when she's at her best though right when she's engaged when she's playing like that you know well if she's.

Not talking then there's some issues going on point it's a great two-hander there from Braverman giving her and partner Paul Olin their first game point here in game number one wow nice okay on the first one from Brave remember too much power therefore I'm not gonna get that second one back.

From the heart forehand you she Brave him and putting her hand up going thank you to the heart as he did not find a shirt with that ball he went away from her with another game point for Olin and Braverman yeah I mean I even like that crosstalk forever man two-hand roll there is is.

Too strong for for Jade and that's not something that she sees a lot of but we're definitely seeing that come into the game more so seven minutes all it took for Olin and Braverman to take game number one we'll take a quick commercial break game two on the other side of this commercial break at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national champions.

Foreign match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville

thank you thank you welcome back to the Indian Wells Tennis.

Garden we are here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships and it looks like we are going to be in yet our second rain delay here on Pro mix split age day Joe Braverman Paul Olin taking game one of this first round matchup against Kim Jade and ryler to heart but it looks like it's rained.

Just enough to make the lines in the court just a little slick so we're going to be in a slight delay don't go anywhere again we'll stay right here on court with our camera so you guys can see when we do resume but we will be in a slight DeLay So we apologize again but looks like today is.

The one day that it looked like it was gonna rain here we'll try and get this in but don't go anywhere grab some drinks sit with us we'll be back soon foreign foreign foreign.

Something I'm back here on Championship Court we're resuming here game two zero zero game one going to Braverman and Olin we had about a 20 minute rain delay there yeah few drops coming down.

But not enough oh great point there by all four players reset reset reset but Olin and Braverman on the board first it's a little Inside Out forehand there overhead from Olin yes Chad demonstrates in the booth yep we're we're seeing seeing more and more of that of the the.

Scorpion the pancake the Inside Out overhead dropping to her knees can't believe that she missed that she did look really good off of the paddle two-handed backhand roll but just pushed down by the wind into the net out good step in by the heart taking that.

Into the body of Olin as he was trying to come forward sudden it got windy in the booth here too Chad winds shifting now way got it six second server pray for me making sure everyone here in the stadium knew that that was out it's.

A good spot there the hard football does go just a little long ER oh it's just an easy counter from Olin Chad yeah and I think going cross court for the heart right there just gives Olin too much uh reaction time and then Jade tried to pinch the middle on that as well so all in just angling the paddle back behind him.

She got it got it oh wow Braverman digging her way out of trouble back there at the Baseline and she actually took some some Pace off of that drive down the launch and made it look like she was going to rip it and then.

Just hit a medium pace ball and it threw the timing of the hunt off four zero one yeah a good finish on a little shake and bake from Olin and Braverman and they are out to a 5-0 lead in game two trying to end it into five zero one point time out no time out here from Jade.

Wow she gets just twisted up yeah she went for the shake and bake again and and the hot recognized that well went behind braveman got her off balance nice ball from dahart right there as he just goes hard with the forehand side out but they need to answer here Chad or.

Else you're gonna get away from him braverman's balls to to Jade she's just it's not something that she's she's used to seeing uh and the way that the the game is progressing especially with some of those rolls okay move it oh break it there from the hardest Olin.

Tries to drop one in the heart just too quick same same ball same ball same same spot there trying to change direction and go behind Kim and missing that one too low into the net hey you sorry now I almost looked like Jade just wasn't ready for that block from Olin to.

Come to her yeah she didn't see it because the reaction was very late from her on that one for sure wow nice step in there from the heart rate off the left arm of Braverman and I think that's something he's got to do more of kind of thrashing and cut down the Cross Court area from Braverman.

A good lead from Olin right there too he ducked it and said go yeah and not gonna lie chat too is I think that you know Braverman feeds off of this kind of atmosphere right if you put her on that Court 48 where no one's watching I think it's a little different forever man.

She loves the crowd she loves this atmosphere oh no it almost digs that out second server yeah again she was late to recognize that one I'm not sure if she's having difficulty sharing the ball playing that one to heart has been usually taking those.

He opted not to but that's a good drive there from Jade three eight two oh easy tiger wow that ball just sails and gets pushed across court that ball thing started in the middle and ended up about three or two feet out up.

Point and Jay just trying to keep that ball out of the middle right there but another point for Olin and Braverman within two ending this spot and you sort of just stand up and kind of take it easy on that one potentially.

Selling the hot that she wasn't gonna attack him it's a match point here for Braverman and Olin okay and the hot saying well it's not going to happen twice so it'll be Match Point number two here wow I mean what worked there from Braverman Chad to end it yeah she was she was going more and more aggressive.

With that two-hand backhand roll and it definitely gave Jade some issues throughout that whole match something that uh like we we've talked about has has become newer to the game we're seeing it more and more uh on the pro side as far as a little bit more aggression with the dicks but braveman and Olin just too strong.

For Jaden to hot in this one taking 11 4 11 3. so I definitely think Poland and Braverman going to be a tough match as we continue through this bracket it'll be interesting to see just how the weather conditions continue.

Playing a factor into this one as we move through the draw and we're going to throw it down to Dominic Catalano with our winners Paul Olin and Jillian Braverman oh Joe we'll just call it like it is you.

Love feeding off energy on a court like this what's it like to play next to fall and play on Center Court here in Nationals oh so much fun all is Silky Smooth really easy to play with he makes it all look so simple so it's a joy it's a total joy and then Paul playing next to Jill first round out here on Championship Court what's it like.

Playing next to her and playing with someone who's that aggressive because you did put her on the left side she's awesome we've never played together she said she's absolutely so she set the table and I just try not to mess it up and get in the way all right well congratulations.

Moving on we're gonna take a quick commercial break when we come back our next match up mixed split Pro age here on Championship court at the USA Football Margaritaville national championships foreign.

Foreign it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville Frozen fruit.

Smash super hot sells you with real juice it's party juice foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you foreign I said they're out there warming up let's make some noise for them thank you guys for wading through all this weather we're gonna try and put on some good matches for you this afternoon.

You are not at the Margaritaville USA pickleball National Championship Center Court make your way over I'm talking here and now your time foreign welcome back everybody we are here back on Championship court at the.

Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships Dominic Catalano and Chad Edwards on the call with you guys we have a quarter final match up here on Championship Court you're two seed Georgia Johnson and Merchant marario taking on 10 seed Megan fudge and Scott fliegelman coming off of a.

About an hour or so rain delay as you guys can check out our bracket here we have two quarterfinal matchups to go winner of this gets your three seed Susanna Barr and Rick whitskin as they won convincingly 1-1 against Tracy de Jager and Mills Miller on the other side Cali Smith and Dane.

Gingrich taking out Ava welcher and Rafa Hewitt oh and five the other quarterfinal matchup going on on an outer court and a bright Dave Weinbach taking on Jillian Braverman and Paul Olin but again we had a significant rain delay which was our third of the day a little longer one but.

We're back here on Championship Court we do have a play update or a a bracket update as you will all matches now and the remainder of the draw will be one game to 15. up to our gold medal match as of right now we do have some rain in the forecast for about six o'clock about two and a half hours from now so we're gonna try and.

Get through if we do have time to get that gold medal match to two out of three we will but they're kind of leaving it up in the air as of right now but all these matches though leading up to that gold medal match will be one game to 15. so we have an adjustment on the draw.

Chad thoughts about this one your two seed and your 10 seed respectively well I was going to say that fudge and fliegelman have the slot Advantage uh of playing earlier but with the rain it is kind of taken away a lot of the wind that we saw in our first two matches uh and now with an extended delay uh in reality we're kind of just getting.

Started all over again so that earlier um play from fudge and fliegelman as far as them being warm and ready to go was kind of lost due to the rain delay it's a moot point yes there you go but um Johnson and mararu you know practice together the train together um they're very comfortable playing.

Together so it should be what um a little less of the confusion that we've seen in the first couple of matches here between getting used to the partnership nice counter there from Megan fudge and marario I think a little surprised by it I don't I don't know if he was early on.

That or what it was I'd like to speed up we're going to see that speed up coming from where are you quite often that's his game style oh nice there from fliegelman one-two combo at Johnson and then marario yeah and I I'd like the the change of attacks that he goes it at Johnson she gets it back so then he goes at marario.

Wow that was a great drive from fudge to start that they can't finish though yeah fudge's just a little late on that one we saw the paddle go back behind her body and the contact kind of even with the shoulders very hard to keep in the court when it comes out that flat foreign nice hands from fudge battling out of.

That pressure you're good wow and you've seen fliegelman and fudge make an adjustment here throwing Megan fudge in front of Georgia Johnson here three one two yeah and they're gonna keep going at morario his his timing just seems a little off better job there taking advantage of the.

Ball staying up from fliegelman one three one well that ball just deep from morario I do like to step in I like that aggressiveness just need to shorten up that swing a little bit three one one a little long from where are you and.

Chad it's you know a little rust a little bit because this is mararu and Johnson's first match of the day yeah he he's his timing just seems a little off right now oh wow we started in the earlier match from from fliegelman but he gets some balls back and he's just he's he's swatting.

Balls and getting them back awkward positioning but you know making your opponent hit one more Bowl so if one four Advantage for fliegelman and fudge one game to 15 here as we've adjusted the bracket due to the Rain wow nice little inside out there from.

Fudge your eyes lit up a little bit you're like no I'm like fudges fudge is impressing me right now this is this is the most aggressive play that we've seen from her foreign trying to short hop that yes.

Two four two oh and that's and you hear fliegelman going good idea and it was fudge just got a little too much of it yeah I got a little too much of it and good job by marario holding back on that he wanted to hit it and pulled that back that paddle back just in time oh Johnson off the tape with the winner.

There and we're all tied here at four four two nice digs though from Johnson and mararu they end up switching sides in the middle of that point or four one good attack there from fliegelman yeah I like it he he kind of just drifted in.

With it baited morario onto attacking him I think he's not going to come forward and he just stepped up and and drove it into Johnson good counter-attack from murari down to the feet of fudge yes five four two wow fliegelman doing everything he can there Chad yeah I mean where are you.

Finally stepping up and and ripping on that one to end the point but fleigaman yes just getting everything back right now oh just can't get a rhythm yeah can where are you right now Chad just looks a little off point.

Out just let it bounce yeah she's yeah get out of the way that's great work by Megan fudge on where are you cross court yes yeah and I was almost because I'd I'd like mararu to try to stay out of that cross court because fudge is hitting with such a heavy backspin and then on that speed up from marario.

His face just too open and flipped up at it so I like Johnson being able to finish that right because she started it right yeah so she read that it was gonna be middle but it'll almost looked like we're already gotten away a little bit Yeah I was actually talking to some people this week and.

You know if your partner starts the fire fight let them finish it you're there kind of backing it up or if a ball sits up easily onto that forehand side so side out here slight one point lead four fudge and fliegelman five six one.

Point oh that ball jumps off the paddle of fliegelman All Tied here at six I'll tell you what we've seen a lot of Miss subs today already and this is only this is only match number three yeah and it's odd in this match too right because the wind is as calm as can be right now fudge trying to speed that ball up it's.

A tough ball to speed up if she even gets under that nowhere I think she's she needs to take that earlier the the detriment to that shot is that she let it drop too much I'm sorry and you start chasing it down and you hit hit flat thank you seven six two oh wow I mean Georgia Johnson just.

Hitting balls off balance too and hitting them well and I'll take a two-point lead here on the end change so it's a official timeout here with a change ends what has been successful though for full Eagleman and fudge here to stay in this they had a one point lead at six five but three straight here for marario and Johnson.

Yeah I mean they they were up for for majority of this uh of this this match before the end change um whereas they came out and they were they were attacking marario though going at murari we talked about in his his timing was off he just looked a little flat now Johnson has inserted herself into the game a little bit more.

Um we have seen hugs be on uh a bit of a tear the last month or so taking a taking a good number of medals um and just playing really really well she's added some topspin to a game we just saw that roll right there yes so I think if wegelman and fudge can get back to isolating marario you know they have.

That opportunity to to tie it up and go back ahead oh but the miscommunication here in the middle not a good start in the end change there for a fudge infliegelman yeah and that's a situation fudge is back return it you know fliegelman gets big in the middle protects fudges she's coming forward he takes that ball slides.

Back over in the spot and just buys her time to come up so right up yeah good leave there from fliegelman side out to fudge and fliegelman down by three here need to answer one game to 15. six nine one second serve unfortunate off the tape there for fliegelman second server winner of this.

Match gets Susanna Barr and Rick whitskin in the semifinals Point that's a good job by fliegelman staying in that not trying to do anything too much 792. just missing that is where are you.

That's a tough leave there for fliegelman because that was close well I don't I don't know if that was a purposeful leave right there as more so he was sitting backhand and got crossed up oh fliegelman trying to dig that out can't do it side out but fliegelman and fudge do come back get within one here.

I want to say marari will step in and take that a little oh yeah take it on the Riser at the on the very peak of the Ark after the bounce that one dropped a little too much inside out that's a rare Miss on that ball Johnson loves to lean into that take it off her front foot right there.

Eight nine one a nice finish from where are you and a good job by Johnson going across the body of fliegelman again he's sitting backhand to protect that middle and she goes right hip so it crosses him up and jams him to pop that ball up oh.

Play it no he oh and just missing that fliegelman around the back beautifully done he got it off the wrist he believes yeah he said it was off the wrist almost sounded like uh where are you flipped the net when he hit that that ball too how's the ball.

Oh and fliegelman again handling that but just can't get on top of that last ball and Johnson and marari you back out to a two-point lead how did she take that out of the air how'd she get it I mean and get something on it full full stretch but that's where she's added.

That topspin into her forehand we we were seeing it a couple of months ago where it was more of a flatter forehand now she's added the Top Spin and she's already got the the wrist and forearm strength yeah it's just not a good speed up there from fudge at that moment Chad twelve eight one one minute.

And yeah and foot's just aggravated with herself tosses her paddle down we got a time out here as marario and Johnson starting to pull away here up by four all right pickleball fans why fudge so upset at that last shot Chad well I mean it's you know typically it's it's the wrong decision to speed up crossbow because it's giving a little bit more.

Reaction time to your opponent now they had been doing a good job of attacking marario and and isolating him but with that one murari was really strong as far as a backhand into the body so she steps across she's extended doesn't have as much power on it goes into morario's backhand Cross Court so it just gives him too much time and it's.

Hitting his his strong point as you see above Indian Wells Tennis Garden a rainbow above head as we get more raindrops coming down starts to drizzle again here time out we come back in from it's a 12-8 lead here for Johnson and mararu in this game to 15 again.

Adjusting the bracket due to the rain that we had come through we are supposed to have a window until about six o'clock but I don't think we're gonna go back out on the court nope but it looks like we're gonna be.

In a slightly number before the day so we're gonna be in a slight delay here for you guys but all right so before we take this break we are going to check out our Rockin protein point of the day so far.

Here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships again a one from this match let's see fliegelman watch this around the back he got that with like his elbow I think it was got his elbow but where are you plays it because he he's none the wiser on what he hit with that but again a nice dig from.

Fliegelman but we're gonna take a quick break here with raindale rain delay number four for us here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships we'll be back shortly it does look like we have some blue sky but right now a little too wet to play don't go anywhere guys.

thank you all right Dominic Catalano Chad Edwards we're back rain delay number four under our belt that's a whole weekend of rain delays in I don't know say about six hours we've we've been on for four hours now four hours so we're we're averaging a rain.

Delay now all right sounds about right but actually it doesn't for California but we have had four rain delays in the desert and but we're back and we have a 12-8 lead here for Johnson and mararu over fudge and fliegelman one game to 15. we've made adjustment in the an adjustment in the bracket all matches.

Will be one game to 15. from here on out up to the gold medal match as we speak now coming off of this rain delay Chad who does the advantage go to is it good the rain delay for fudge and fliegelman the kind of regroup yeah I think it's a good thing for them to uh to have this little bit of a delay.

Regroup again I think the question is going to be though where are you started to find a little bit of Rhythm before the rain delay uh is this going to affect him and are we going to kind of revert back to his slow start and timing being off they're checking the lines again because it has not actually stopped drizzling I.

Don't think they're going to play at this point where Mario's out there shaking his head we'll see as they have a discussion on Center Court morario and Johnson three points away from moving on and facing Susanna Barr and Rick whitskin in the semifinals which will have that match.

For you following this match if we ever get to it I mean in one hand it's like hey you're you're three points away let's get out there try to finish it um or it is obviously a safety issue and safety concern because even though the body of the Court seems dry the lines.

Typically don't have as much uh silica and grit in them because of that additional white paint over it so that was very that was detailed it was it was it was but that's that's why the lines that's why the Lions have are Slicker the the court has enough silica well the court paint has silica in it the line paint.

Doesn't okay so when you paint the lines it's going going through it's got a little bit of great grit from the the base paint on it but not as much so that's why the lines are slicker than the body of the Court Chad will be here all week if you need to know anything else there is to know about court maintenance or anything with your quartz.

At home one of the facilities I've managed we just ripped our courts up uh because we were having issues with the with the silica we're actually with the gel coating that was that was in it all right a lot of bubbling and peeling doesn't hold up well in the Florida heat and moisture no so they ripped it all.

The way back to the crushed Limestone base and basically building the courts all over again and again these corks too they're I mean they're brand new they are just put in again because they get resurfaced every year uh for this event and then as soon as we're gone.

Go back to the tennis we're not even in the parking lot and they're already starting to paint this back over here does it desert Champions does a phenomenal job of getting this facility up and running I mean it's the nicest facility in the U.S without without a doubt hands down every year we look.

Forward to coming out here um the first year they had it here was absolutely phenomenal and it's just continued to grow every single year and there's a reason why it's the biggest tournament in the country oh and and just from our meeting this morning what they're they're planning on doing in in the in the years to come.

Here at Nationals like you said it's it's the hardest tournament to win it's putting all of the players to the test because there's always from from the viewers standpoint yo there's always that question out there well so and so is playing on this tour they're not playing.

On that tour you know if they played Head to Head who would win well now everybody everybody's in one spot everybody's gonna you know it's it's truly uh whoever wins this one is is going to come out as the best player right now and that's the reason why it's a national tournament you you put app.

And PPA in your pocket you put MLP and vibe in your pocket and none of that matters here at Nationals it's all about One title and it's National Champion and they're all here yeah and so now it's it's that put your money where your mouth is get on the court and let's do it and that's what we're gonna have all weekend here.

looks like we are almost maybe ready to play here and if you're on the fence about getting tickets and coming down to Indian Wells get off the fence get off it grab your tickets and come on down.

And watch the end of this week because we've got starting on Thursday is when our Pro drills start with men's and women's Pro singles yeah and if you want those tickets again still tickets still available at USA you get tickets as low as 15 for general admission here and gets you a pass.

That includes access to Championship court so come on down watch the best matches still available too to upgrade to VIP a VIP tent is right next to us Chad and I don't know why they did that to us on purpose and you're right next to him we can lean over and see all the fun happenings going on in the VIP tent.

But again you don't want to miss it all the best players in the world are here competing for that coveted National Championship here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships and other than today where we've had some rain delays there's no rain forecasted for the rest of the week we're going to be mid 70s.

Dry perfect conditions yeah I mean like it usually is unfortunately we got a little rain today which don't really see that you do see the weather change you know usually during the day it's very warm Pleasant at night it shoots the desert again look over out.

On the mountains and you're watching the sun go down and you're like as soon as it gets behind that mountains it's going to change yeah as soon as it drops behind the mountains it drops about 15 degrees at least um but that's the best part about being out here in the dentist dentist in the desert is that you get those weather.

Changes and you get the best of both worlds in the same day foreign looks like players might be finishing up a warm-up here or two but again three points away are Johnson and mararu to taking this and moving on to the semifinals against bar and whitskin.

And today at the facility it is Consumer Cellular day they have their tent set up over in the vendor village where we have over 20 vendors here on site you stopped by their tent and walked by their tent during one of our rain delays I don't know which one it was but they were giving away sunglasses they got some bright orange sunglasses over there.

They're giving away so you can get some sunglasses but not sure right now Johnson and mararu are sitting right now and no morarios directing traffic out there right now so from what I'm hearing from the booth or from the truck is that it's still a little too wet.

And so they're not going to get ready to start after both teams go through a full warm-up but they just aren't ready to start yet so we'll we'll stick with you here but we're gonna mute ourselves at the moment you still have that camera on cordless it's almost dry should be ready to go.

Soon but we'll be here as soon as they get back on court for their warm-up so don't go anywhere guys foreign okay okay do we call that rain delay number five I mean it was a partial it was more than five minutes so yes so after five rain.

Delays for the day we're trying to set a record now we know what the record was it's still in full because we never actually came started okay so yeah we didn't we didn't we didn't yes you are serve a single point right so now we're back in 12-8 Johnson and morario in the lead ER.

Not exactly how Johnson wanted to start after that rain delay you no one's kicked up a little bit again point fudge trying to go with that backhand and where are you that was a little bit of a battle of who could stab it yeah because both of those backhands very.

Very short and quick oh yeah yeah are you taking that off the paddle of Johnson I'm not taking that offer backhand right now no no I mean I'll be completely I'm not taking any ball away from her on either side when she swings big wow I mean just the calm the coolness of Georgia Johnson here look at that yeah.

The swing is so short paddle heads up and then you snap the snap it through foreign and fudge yeah and fudge did a good job of sliding to her right there we saw marario his foot went completely stuck and standing up a little tall I mean of all that though Johnson the.

Amount of pressure she puts on with the ball is absolutely amazing from such a short swing ing Johnson a little frustrated with herself missing that thud shot into the net to you come on Wow one point away I left.

Georgia Georgia is jumping up and down right now she's always excited to play it's always full energy the winner off the tape for Johnson and where are you they'll move on here by score of 15-9 yeah a little unlucky for fliegelman with that last ball kicking up off the net and going into his body.

effort from fudge and fliegelman they did go up early but Johnson and marario just getting becoming too strong at the end there marario a little off balance a little out of rhythm to start that one definitely found his rhythm toward the end there and Georgia Johnson.

Just too powerful and continuing her dominant play over the last few weeks that we've seen from her always improving her game like we talked about adding some spin to her forehand it'll be interesting to see here as we move through the bracket ferrario.

And Johnson will now take on Barr and whitskin we're going to throw it down to Dominic Catalano that's down on court with Johnson and marario all right we are back here on Championship Court congratulations Georgia Johnson you're moving on to the semifinals let's hear it guys.

I'll start with you this is your first match or was your first match seemed a little rusty in the beginning what's it like having that buy and then it's really tough especially since uh you know we're playing with great players and everyone that draws really good and so you really have to uh look up your game and uh you know we're a.

Little rusty at the beginning but as you mentioned um but we warmed up as as the match went along and we were fortunate when to pull it out so all right in Georgia playing with merch very familiar with him coming into this mixed split age how important is that for you to play with someone you're very familiar with.

Um definitely a comfort player I like playing with people I know and it's really lucky that I have such a great player in my area that I'm able to play the uh split age with so all right well congratulations I know you guys were up next again so much where are you Georgia Johnson moving on to the semifinals we're going to take a quick commercial.

Break here from Championship court and be back with that semi-final matchup right here the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships are brought to you by Margaritaville a state of mind since 1977. city of Indian Wells.

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Climb hustle or just move bounce bounce fifty percent less with sheet fit we got you because we are you she fit welcome back to Indian Wells California we are here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships your two seed in three seed here in.

The semifinals here Chad I mean we're in for a good one here even though it is one game to 15 we are in for a good match here yeah I mean we just saw Johnson and mararu take the previous match where are you finding some Rhythm toward the end there and Johnson stepping in with plenty of power.

It's going to be a good matchup between them and witskin and ba yeah always he's always fun it's attaining on the court all right we're gonna shoot it down Courtside and we are got our intros here on Championship court for this semifinal matchup welcome back to Championship core we.

Have our mixed Pro split age semi-final matchup here on Championship Court first we have our referee here for this matchup onisha Smith out of Phoenix Arizona and our first team.

Representing Boise Idaho Susanna Barr and her partner out of Zionsville Indiana Rick witskin their opponents out of Boynton Beach Florida Georgia Johnson and her partner out of Boca Raton Florida mercha marario right here.

All right Chad we are back here a good matchup you're two and three seeds with a shot at the winner bracket Final on the line here what do you got I mean it's gonna be a good one no matter what here on Championship Court yeah I um.

I I think if witskin and and ba can come out and play consistently uh they're definitely gonna put morario and Johnson to the test but if marario can find that Rhythm and Johnson continues playing how well she has the last few weeks and and we did see.

Flashes of that in this previous match that we just saw there'll be a little a little bit of a tougher time for for whitskin and bond out Barr surprisingly powerful uh with a with some of her shots and she gets a lot of balls back uh as well whitskin like we said he's definitely.

Entertaining on the court but he's got some power he has the ability to get some balls back that you wouldn't think that he can get back but I think for him he's got to stay within himself he can't get uh carried away too much and and get caught up uh with that if if he's going if they're going to come out on top.

So familiarity obviously Johnson and mararu trained together they came up in pickleball together as they live in the same area in Florida so very familiar with each other history with Susanna Barr and Rick whitskin they've played an app split age before and took a silver medal in boat in Boca in um Delray Beach they lost to Ava welcher.

And AJ Kohler so they are very familiar with each other as far as playing together how much of a factor is that when you come into an event like that well I think we've already seen how much of a factor that that familiarity is uh understanding who's going to take that middle ball or or who's going to come.

You know trusting that your opponents your your partners are is going to come over and cover an area uh when you're pulled out wide or if that ball pops up who's going to take that we saw a little bit of hesitation uh from morario and and Johnson in the previous match marargo coming over and jumping in a couple of a couple of balls from Johnson.

So definitely the Comfort level as far as trust and understanding with your partner is a is a big factor all right so as these players finish their warm-up Johnson and mararu are pretty warm I think they were sitting for the first part of this warm-up.

Barr and whitskin have been sitting for a little while so I know they need a little bit more time to warm up but Johnson and where are you did just finish how's that play into it too Chad again rain delays coming into play Barr and whitskin haven't played in a little bit so first couple points almost.

A feeling out process for them but again it's one game to 15. it'll get late really early if you go down yeah I I think Johnson and mararu definitely have the advantage uh in that aspect as far as they've just come off the court they're gonna hopefully continue the momentum that they had one minute oh my goodness that microphone is very loud.

That was very loud right in our ear but okay um so yeah Barn Whitson can't afford to uh waste too much time getting into into the Rhythm they've almost got to come out and be right on right on cue just uh just like Johnson and morario we're under a minute here left in.

Warm-ups as players get some serves and returns then and we'll be all set and ready to go in their semi-final match our next match up here on Championship Court will be Anna bright and Dave Weinbach taking on Cali Smith and Dane Gingrich so that matchup will be next here on Championship Court following this match.

All right guys so looks like serve will be coming from Georgia Johnson and mercha marario our lead referee here on Championship court is onisha Smith out of Phoenix Arizona she's a semi-retired lawyer in the Phoenix area well she certainly wanted to know rules.

Chad we're on day one am I am I it might not lie am I lying I'm not lying no you're not lying guys it's gonna be a long six days it might be one game to 15. oh oh yeah so why do you say uh oh right there oh you can't leave a can't leave.

That ball up not no not to either witskin or bar right there they're gonna put that away not the start they wanted at that point nice inside out there from Georgia Johnson Inside Out backhand she's she's got plenty of trip tricks up his sleeve.

Oh and merch goes twice off the net does marario zero zero one point and that ball sailing a little deep the wind again back is a factor push off Susanna Barr getting called for the foot fault as yep right there toe on.

The line nice ball down the line there from bar you're seeing both bar and whiskey I'm trying to stay away from Johnson I think as much as possible here early on Chad except for that one right on cue as soon as I say that they don't do that yeah but uh and I mean we saw fudge and fliegelman have some early success.

Against Johnson marario isolating marario fine oh there's that that Rob from bar right there unbelievable though for Johnson to get the two-handed overhead no I mean you have a look of just.

Staying on your face no it's just happened that's the the offensive lob is a a weapon when used correctly again murari you're getting some love off the tape here early Chad yeah but he did a good job of really staying in that firefight ER.

Side out bar and wits can get on the board here down by one two one second serve where are you not quite moving those feet enough we saw him really spread out kind of stuck.

A nice ball there from bar that was close though as both marario and Johnson looking at taking a second look at that ball and where are you almost called it out to start with but why aren't you recognizing it was just inside the line oh nice dig.

Oh bar trying to speed up a ball probably not the best speed up from that spot no no not once you you worked your way back into the point that it's just too extended the only thing she can do is kind of flick it up and there just wasn't enough on it to overpower marario hit his leg with his paddle yeah trying to run around the backhand.

And that bolt kept following him that's four for marari right now and three of them have resulted in points yeah three let chords for ferrariu early but he's trying to keep it just above the net so you know when you're when you're living a couple inches above the net cord you're you're going to uh to get a.

Few your way again on marario's backhand he just he's he gets so wide with these states that that ball gets a little too far outside of his body so I like this where bar and witchkin stayed on that one Chad it put bar cross-core from where are you I like that advantage to wits came and bar.

There on that moment but they go back to the traditional stack because right now it looks like it's just bar morariu flat a nice spot there okay there's some hesitation between Johnson and morario on that one I think Johnson thought marari was gonna step in when actually he was just going deeper.

Oh that Ball's going now yeah it was Johnson saves bar right there but she'll take it after all the let courts from marario so they finally get a gift back but we're all tied here at three game to 15. we'll switch ends at eight wow they finally get the reset they're looking for and bar just misses that.

Forehand okay see it's a little too excited takes that paddle back too far with skin missing an easy Cross Court there they do even it up here at three months forehand Miss there for a bar and Johnson and Murray you regain the lead for three four three one second this game in that coach I know.

How many I mean that's four from where are you two on the side of whitskin and Bar 436 net chords and seven points inside out is it a little premature come on there I mean honestly that that's borderline.

Hindrance and oh just drop paddle side out one point lead still from where are you and Johnson and murari you switch it up a little right there Chad yeah those are again we've seen some and certainly from Johnson and marario.

In the middle again on that one that's a nice pull there from whitskin finally getting a little aggressive there yeah just after the last few points I would I would definitely say for bar and wit's gonna go more middle there's definitely uh somewhat of confusion over two.

Aggressive plays there you either both go for it or or nobody goes for it so football tomorrow are you here yeah it looked like you draw it back across outside when you split the kitchen two-point lead for whitskin and Bar ah it's just such a good forehand there from Georgia Johnson she's very.

Deceiving she doesn't really hit it like she's trying to be a little just just deceitful receptive deceptive that stuff that's the first true uh vocal outbursts from one of this match certainly hasn't been as vocal as he typically is.

That's a tough spot for for Johnson to step over there you step over you speed that ball up if you don't finish that point right there it's very very tough to come back and cover and that's exactly what Barr took advantage of yours foreign yeah he's right on the corner.

With his foot all right yes so side out 6'4 lead here for bar and witchkin bar upset with herself on that balls there again okay so what what where what we're seeing here is that uh part-time more partially retired lawyers make very good referees oh you're still on that.

I'm in she's she knows the rules and she's got an Eagle Eye on the on the kitchen right now that's five for moraria now even though that ball popped up and Barr over hits that it's still a it's frustration right how many black chords you're gonna get yeah.

Come on Wow and bar setting them up because she just continues to pressure morari right there marario tries to go to wit skin and just pops it up a little too much skin again right there with an opportunity yeah it's kind of over-hitting but it was interesting early on Johnson called me for the the.

Third shot and then marario steps in and takes it and that's part of the the miscommunication in that middle and that uncertainty that we're seeing even though they're communicating the the communication still isn't isn't sticking Susanna Barr reaching in using her length to her Advantage right there but marario and Johnson get within one.

Foreign with enough spin on that it pulled the ball just enough away from awitskin yeah and and he set up that middle ball very well as well he was he was pulling with skin out wad then going back middle he pulled it out wide then added the spin to just hold that ball middle bar caught on the Run.

Very difficult with your feet still moving foreign too much come on I mean what a read right there from Susanna Barr right she saw mararu coming for the Ernie so she flips up the LOB good recognition recognition not recognization.

I'll put it back in my head I erased it off my iPad about it oh Mario turning that over a little too much but a better job from Johnson going back for that offensive lob typically we see her try to rush those she's slowing herself down Good Love by bar.

Yours wow I mean honestly I think witskin gets away with one right there because Johnson is sitting on that speed up Tate on both of them teed off on both of them I mean Georgia Johnson nice counter there from Susanna Barr and we will switch ends here in a game to 15. it is an end change at eight six.

Here so it is an officials time out what is it Chad on both sides of the ball first go to the bar which can side what is it they're doing well no I the last few points here where they've they brought it back even and now jumped a couple of points ahead they've been a little bit more aggressive all right they're taking.

Their their taking the the chances at the right time and they're picking the right spots for it marario and Johnson kind of being a little bit off balance and even when Johnson has attacked and we saw her attack really well buying witchkin with that to to either reset it.

Or to counter-attack it and it's kind of odd here right who are the two aggressors and the two players playing the best right now it's Johnson and Barr yeah right you're seeing mararu make a couple mistakes right he's got a bunch of light cords but then you're seeing Whiskey on the backhand side trying to run around it right exactly so you're.

Seeing the two gentlemen making some mistakes here you've seen the two ladies playing very solid but as we come back in it's an 8-6 lead here for Barr and witskin trying to move on to that winner bracket final they'll play the winner of or whoever wins this match will play the winner of Anna bright Dave Weinbach.

And Kelly Smith and Dane Gingrich as you see Julie Johnson in the stands watching daughter Georgia here try and fight her way back eight six one got it yours oh and off the tape again even though it's off to tape for bar it sets up.

Mararu yeah I mean that was not a friendly net cord like the other ones we've seen that one kicked and just sat up thank you so you're seeing whitskin and bar keep Johnson honest every once in a while they'll give her one ball but they'll give her a ball that she can't attack.

Yeah and that's typically what we see in mixed doubles with uh with the guy once they're starting that Crouch or crowd the middle a little bit more you'll go behind him and keep them honest speed up right there from barbin because she's speeding up from the transition Chad you cannot give Georgia Johnson no.

It's speeding up with the feet moving going cross-court and just feeding Johnson's two-hander and and who pays for it was witskin witchkin trying to challenge up on marario and Johnson coming out on the losing end of that one 791 . oh.

Oh what was that I think it popped up on her almost looked like it may have skipped off that line too and where are you and Johnson right back in this within one yes stop point on whiskin gets jammed up right there at the body nine here is the 3.9 from bar and.

Whitskin disappears wow Chad unbelievable right there some great hands from all four of these players on a few good speed UPS yes yes those resets were pretty impressive right there witskin blocking a full overhead from.

Morario in the middle of that point wow nice set up there from bar and Chad talk about that communication that Susanna Barr does constantly with the Mind yours what do you think about that do you like that as a player uh me personally as a player I like the communication for you the the communication on every single ball.

Um I'm not a big fan of it but it does work another good dig from whitskin there yeah witchkins turned into a defensive specialist today I talked to you before at the start of it right he gets balls back that you don't expect him to get back and sometimes it's unorthodox I think you've got two players in in bar.

And witskin that that are unorthodox at times Blitz getting playing up to the crowd asking where's the wind they do take a one point lead here on second server oh no Georgia Johnson almost got that overhead back from winskin okay.

I mean Anna bright is over here on the edge of her seat watching this match she's on the edge of her seat she's not even playing but that's that's Anna in general yeah it is she's cheering loves watching good pickleball it's good work there for mararu but seeing that one too he moved his feet.

More where we're seeing make mistakes is he stance gets wide and then he gets he gets stuck in cement point lead for bar and witchkin oh no one can't have that Chad those are unfair upstairs on a serve 10 11-1 Chad that wind's starting to pick up it's swelling a little bit too but that was I mean good.

Counter-attack from Susanna Barr right there yeah so there's at one time we say hey marari's got a movie sweet because he's been getting stuck and too wide and then there's another one where he's got to stop his feet when he is moving so it's a fine line oh Johnson does not miss that very often.

She's looking for that ball right there yeah and she just gets just gets too big taking a little Paige out of her brother's book right there reading her her talk to herself as she walks back to the Baseline again with skin with some great defense that ball stayed down didn't even come up the wind just knocking it down Chad.

This wind's swirling in here again we can feel it tend to come good recognition by mararu he took something off of it and rolled it when he saw witch can move I like the move from Winston I don't but.

It was the wrong bolt yes yes and you did let me finish I didn't let you finish I can serve that's a nice step in there from Barr getting that ball out of the air right there going right at the body stand up right over here trying to mimic Susanna Barr and she's like I can't so hard.

We've talked about that before Chad on the you know the interesting swings of Susanna Barr we can write a book on it um but she keeps people on Earth on their toes it's very hard to read I can kind of lead into that okay we've talked about it before right I was gonna say it's it's you know for us with a with a baseball background it's like.

That crafty Lefty okay it's unorthodox you know you've got you've got a a release point that that's constantly changing for Susanna she's got a little bit unorthodox swings and the contact point for each swing is in a different different place one she'll be like oh you're expecting a backhand and.

She hits a jam forehand and then you're expecting something to go cross-court and then it's flicked at your face or whatever so the just like with with pitching or hitting or you know any other sport right if if you can change speeds and you change the direction of where that's coming from.

It's very hard to get into a rhythm and anticipate where somebody's ball is going to go look at it as a lefty who used to face Randy Johnson right he's releasing that ball from behind here like how do you hit it Yeah Yeah by 1310 as we come back in wow nice counter there for mararu that's a good time for it right there.

Sure I started the reach of Susanna Barr nice dig from where are you oh I was gonna say remember that if they come out on top of that point because that is a huge dig but then a little hard on the backhand and did his match point here for Susanna bar and Rick whitskin almost made that one with a with a flick.

Sitting on the backhand and then just tries to flick that forehand if it catches it too late that's a good spot from Georgia Johnson waitskin trying to step in there and it's the right ball just the wrong execution yeah it just gets too extended and then when he does that paddles back.

Behind him so it causes him to hit down on the ball but we gotta stay in the point here ball still in play wow nice counter for marario and they creep back within two yeah I would say would it like to say Bargo back at Johnson on the counter attack ah.

It's in I got it I got it that's a great spot again from whitskin tries to get this crowd into it here but the the middle ball all right coming right at you either of them girlfriend we see Johnson.

Pulling a hat down over her face this is Match Point number two for whitskin and Bar s wow nice counter Barr expecting that speed up right there Chad yeah another good counter attack from Susanna Baugh Johnson and marari started off hot.

But I think ultimately the uncertainty on that middle ball and a little bit of the miscommunication cost them too many points in that one bar and Whitson coming out on top 15 12. had a little a couple of shaky moments in the middle of that but were able to stay up.

And we saw witchkin getting a lot more vocal toward the end and then flashing some of his defense we saw a bar consistent with her counter-attacks and resets as well so they move on and will take on the winner of our next match here on Center Court between Anna.

Brought and Dave Weinbach Cali Smith and Dan Gingrich we're going to throw it down to Dominic Catalano with the winners welcome back here congratulations first and foremost to Susanna Barr and Rick whitskin moving on to the winter bracket final let's hear for him all right I'll start with you Rick again.

The familiarity playing against Georgia Johnson and Merchant marario their familiar Partners you and Susanna are very familiar with each other too you took a silver medal in Delray how important is that well that obviously established chemistry we had some good wins there and Susanna is easy to play around like I will play with her every.

Day all day because the woman is just like fluid as the river and Susanna playing with Rick very emotional guy very loud guy but you guys communicate very well you're a communicator on the court as is how is it playing with Rick it's the best it's so much fun um I just love the energy yeah.

All right well Rick is much for word Susanna not much for Words we're going to take a quick commercial break when we come back our second semi-final Anna bright and Dave Weinbach taking on Cali Smith and Dane Gingrich you don't want to miss it the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships are brought to.

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Running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again welcome back here to beautiful Indian Wells California semifinal number two.

Here on Championship Court coming up Anna bright Dave Weinbach you're one seed taking on your four seed Cali Smith and Dane Gingrich we're gonna shoot at Courtside for your player introductions semi-final number two about to happen here on Championship Court your lead referee for this match out of.

Norman Oklahoma Ron Ponder team number one out of Pompano Beach Florida Anna bright and her partner out of Madison Wisconsin Dave weimbach they'll be facing your four seed out of Orem Utah Kelly Smith and her partner out of Santa Barbara.

California Dane Gingrich all right Chad we got a good one you're one and four seeds here on Championship Court winner gets Rick whitskin and Susanna Barr your three seed coming out of the bottom half taking out the two seed Johnson and mararu before this 15-12 Dave with Dave Weinbach and Dame.

Gingrich going against each other they played against each other in the bronze medal match last night and they were going at each other a little bit well they get to go at it again against each other here today predictions on this one Chad yeah I think the X Factor for for both of these are going to be the the women.

Uh Anna Bryant plays exceptionally well when she's high intensity and typically we can tell how much she's feeling it by how far she's walking around the court between points and whether she stands still at any point in time but does look for that two-hand backhand roll from her and when she can get extended on that forehand she's going to take her her.

Spots to speed it up the same for Smith Smith will stay in that backhand cross-court dank a long time an exceptional Dinka especially on the backhand side but she is explosive when she gets the chance of that ball being up and she will counter-attack so you know I think we're going to see.

Weinbach and Gingrich trying to take that moments to step in weinbach's still probably some of the best hands on the tour and a lot of times we'll see him swinging for a ball before it's even come off the paddle of his opponent because he's reading the body more so than the positioning or the direction of.

That ball yeah and you're right Chad you know Dave Weinbach is and has some of the best hands out there so fast so quick and like you said is a good reader of his opponents right he reads them well he anticipates well and that's what puts him in such a good position and puts him in the semifinals here.

Today on the other side of the ball with Dane Gingrich you know his partner that he plays a lot with playing with Cali Smith um very unassuming four seed coming into this with Cali and Dane well I think I think one through four could kind of go in in any direction yeah um it was very tightly bunched for.

That uh for those those seatings for sure yeah and we said that before we even started today is that those top four seeds was almost like a let's put them in a hat and pull them out because they're gonna end up playing each other regardless yeah so they're gonna have to go each through each other no matter what and that's exactly what's happening.

Is the two and threes played on the bottom the three came out on top by three I'm not gonna say Johnson and mararu are done by any means um and now we have the one verse four so again put all four all eight of those names in a hat pull them out and that's kind of how we could have done this from.

The beginning so not much surprise in the semifinals as we get ready to start this matchup here on Championship Court as Ron Ponder looks to get us started and underway here again one game to 15. as we had four rain delays today so we had to switch things up and abbreviate.

Some of these matches as of right now all games will be to 15 up to the gold medal match which would be two out of three as of right now and we've got super fan Kathy Dimitri showing up in she she's everywhere Center Court Stadium for the first time today I did see her this morning coming through but she also does play in these.

Tournaments there's three of her and it looks like it's going to be Cali Smith and Dean Gingrich to serve here time in zero zero two and we're underway here game to 15. Ellie Smith pulling that really wide.

That's gonna be tough if Kelly Smith is going to go there it's got to be low into the left foot of Weinbach yeah and this is well it's the first time for either of these teams playing on Santa Claus today the wind is playing differently here due to the stadium and the tents around compared to the outer Court.

Oh Smith was there for the Ernie attempt but Weinbach keeping it just far enough Out Of Reach that Smith was overextended so what you're seeing right here from Cali Smith is when it goes to her forehand she's going Cross Court to Bright when it goes to her back and she's flattening it out and.

Going to the Weinbach backhand so it's almost getting a little predictable early and the ball is a Bratz hitting two Smith have more spin on them than than what they look foreign oh nice fire fight though and Hannah Bright.

Really taking charge of that point yeah and that's that's what I was looking for going into this one I said the X factors were going to be the women Brian is is definitely playing with some intensity right now she's hitting good consistent balls clean balls wow that's a lot of noise on the court right now Chad and it is a timeout from.

Gingrich and Smith and and again it's Gingrich and Weinbach two guys who feed off of excitement right and when you get wine back on like this and give them a five-point lead that's trouble well he's he's he feeds up off of excitement bright feeds off of adrenaline and and Pace right so.

Right now wine box feeling it he's getting a little bit more vocal bright definitely moving around with some some high intensity here so they're in a very difficult situation for Gingrich and Smith and both of them Gingrich I think is only hit four or five balls uh Smith is kind of a little off balance as far as how much.

Spin and how much roll bright is putting on these bowls when she's hitting them at her yeah you're exactly right Chad she's flipping that rolling net and it is causing some mistakes out of Cali Smith right now as it is a 5-0 lead here for Dave Weinbach or Anna bright.

Wow that's a good spot there from Kelly Smith and she took a little bit off of it and added more spin right kind of pulled away Weinbach was going forward the ball was passed him before he had a chance a little long on the surf from blind box.

So good time out there from Smith and Gingrich to slow the momentum down now they got to get on the board themselves thank you sir wanna do this one yeah I have a vocal is Dave Weinbach wow I mean that is Anna bright leaning into a two-hander right there if I've.

Ever seen one teeing off on that one and that's when bright is playing well she's hitting everything middle as far as middle of the paddle the Gingrich backhand knowing he was gonna speed up back yeah but you watch her bounce to the middle to get on the two-hander well and and that's where it's she's got it she's got a set play.

In her head she knows it if she speeds the ball up to this spot it's more likely to come back to here closer okay okay now that's that's where Weinbach and bright season make sure that doesn't happen again because that's how Cali plays too and that's what she feeds off of.

It and you hear it right there from Weinbach great setup and it was from Anna bright I will say this though that bull is going out if Smith doesn't hit it but Brett catches her again on that sitting on that back inside protecting the middle so she goes across to the forehand side which is dangerous under.

That short court but Smith gets chicken wing trying to get across that hitting a ball that was probably going to go out let's go you got Gingrich and Smith changing it up Gingrich giving a stare down of wine box with a shake of the head I do think that Smith is much better and much stronger.

On the backhand side her dinking right in here Cali Smith is going to speed up there Gingrich needs to slide over just a little more he was almost late to their spot this one slide over to get that two-hander no way Gingrich with the tweener.

Boston is jobs between up great hands there from Weinbach and Gingrich one there you go thank you yes everyone's good.

172. all players asking Ron Ponder if they're in the right spot come on so big excitement in the point and then same players it's almost just drained completely out with Smith missing that drop into the net oh and then she goes off the tape there 8-1 lead here for bright and Weinbach.

Chad I did not see this coming a seven point lead on the end change no I didn't either and I think not too sure as far as Smith and being off balance right here it seems like some of the balls are giving her difficulty then they're coming out a