Welcome to Indian Wells California in the beautiful Coachella Valley it's here that we find the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships don't miss a second of the action as the world's best players compete to earn cash prizes and the coveted title of the national champion the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national.

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Rocking protein and Selkirk welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships it's the strongest competition in all of pickleball.

It's men's and women's doubles day sponsored by Franklin we have a first round match about to begin Wesley gabrielson the newly inducted Hall of Famer congratulations to Wesley is partnering up with Eric Lang and they are taking on Stefan andron and the legend.

Mills Miller we always say father time is undefeated but Mills Miller he is giving it a run for his money foreign on full display early on six foot four still his counterpart in the tall man Department Stefan andrin relatively new to the game.

But already Making Waves and he's just missed that that is a patented Miller shot Miller and Gables gabrielson have been on the court against or with each other no less than 463 times over the past 10 years a good little hand battle.

He loves the power game he leans on it looks to drive thirds crash in early part of the Old Guard one of the original bangers in the game he'll be happy to have such a long lean gentleman like Stefan to pluck some balls out of the air ball just finding the chord it looks like laying reluctant to call it out.

Just a nice bloke Lang and gabrielson it's got to be they've got to win the Mr Congeniality award for men's doubles oh great work unfortunately just catching the net it looks like oh just floating along sir you can see Miller already stepping well inside the court.

Outside and a great leave so they've leveled the scores and just jamming up the big man foreign great work from gabrielson the half volley LOB does the trick nicely sets things up and in the end Miller firing that one.

Out so it gives the ball back foreign tastic hand speed going in the favor of Miller and Andrew Steven Andrew he tried his luck but that was right into the Wheelhouse of Wesley gabrielson as a newer player to the game Android is.

Might not be quite as aware as the other three players of the Tendencies of the veteran gabrielson just a little long I don't think it was too far wide so I at least had that going in his favor the team of Miller and Andrew and do appear to be targeting gabrielson I think we will see a switch here.

Gabrielson tending to live on the right hand side of the Court at least has a very long-term rental agreement with the right side oh the sneakiness and Miller getting involved with the fencing look like a particular material up to.

The task he's trimmed down a little bit I always give him credit he is one of the most limber players in the game as well it's quite shocking how flexible he is Big Yoga proponent I wouldn't call him a yogi per se oh and it was Miller's time to try the.

Cute stuff did well to begin with and then tried to slide it off inside out catching the net so they doubled them up for two referee Adam McKinnon taking care of proceedings today gabrielson a little bit hasty he's known for really building the point working the ball around well.

Oh Mandarin just going for a little too much he plays a very aggressive dipping third shot and that ball there was very much uh akin to a third shot drop when it works oh amazing when it doesn't says what happens.

It's a good looking finish from Miller he works notoriously well with an aggressive partner and we hear a pretty aggressive Andiamo from Julian Arnold he will be competing in the men's singles fight final against Mr Ben Jones oh and Miller took it in the Bread Basket.

Luckily abs of steel or something similar aluminum a great power from Lang that's the reason why they're keeping it away from him they know just how much Pace he can put on the ball at full stretch especially.

And the familiar sounds of paddles hitting the ground will give us our first time out for the day so Lang and gabrielson I do have a relatively healthy lead just three points though we're certainly still in the feeling out.

Process Andrew just uh thinking about a paddle switch showing the referee as is tradition right now I don't think there's too much uh different they need to be doing on the side of Miller and Andrew.

Just need to settle in get into the groove perhaps look to keep uh the big man Eric Lang honest a little more down the line andrin is trying his luck against one of the most accomplished dinkers in the game where's Lee gabrielson not sure if that is the uh the path of least resistance.

So it'll be Lang coming back in at 5-2 foreign moves so well very lean obviously great body type for the game and just the raw power of Eric Lang getting the job down there you know that is the tricky part very few players.

Can do it handle a low ball to the backhand coming from that kind of height and cool it off gently into the kitchen right really one of the only that have that shut in their Arsenal foreign leave is of course one of the most underrated.

Shots in the game Sometimes the best shot you'll ever hit is the one you don't that's served so I've looked a little wide from my angle but Gabriel Eric Lang just too nice to call almost anything out really just a absolute sweetheart foreign.

Found his range and he does have such a nice knifing backhand slice dink if andron hasn't experienced a lefty who really slices that dink Cross Court then he could easily be dropping some of those into the net backspin has the tendency of course to deflect quite heavily downwards off the.

Paddle so five point lead now seven two two and we saw a hand switch there from gabrielson he's known for that but Miller this time he finds his range wonderfully great Point all around point of the match so far.

Our lofted serve is met with a drive return and Miller the slipperiness of this young man who is now in the senior bracket like playing down you got to give him credit for that still running with the bulls.

And I think he's proving that he can still certainly compete at this level oh that one came back pretty early I think I wonder if he if he read that some good partner communication between Miller and Andrew.

Trying to figure out uh future reference who's going to handle those balls and unfortunately that ball just coming wide up the paddle of Miller and a timeout is called foreign it's a good time out eight three down it's never been a flood but it's been a.

Constant trickle would love to see Miller Miller electing to Dent Cross Court if you can find his range and andron is able to handle the attacks of Eric Lang when all's all said and done the important thing is if you are losing a certain way don't lose the whole match.

The same way try something got some great matchups going around the grounds we've got Wesley Burrows and Travis rettenmeier versus James ignatowich and Federico Stacks rude that's happening on court 18. the winner of that will play Ben and Colin Johns the winner of this match here goes on to.

Face Jay de villier and Tyson McGuffin incredible timeout really forcing the serve long so they get the ball back let's see what they can do with this oh that's just too much Lang very impressive.

That's the kind of bull that gets the better of most people general rule is to anticipate middle attacks more than anything else and that often makes players susceptible on their wing but uh not Eric Lang look at this knife that's not a knife that's a knife oh.

Lang it just crowded him and it became an accidental divorce ball I think I see Joey florius in the audience go getting the band back together oh that one patty cake back that's impressive work moving the ball around plenty of power.

582 I think we're going to see a fake switch and we have heard the fudge word come out understandably so they did such good work stay alive in the end though gabrielson and Lang just a concerted.

Effort to keep the players back I'm impressed as well there was a moment where gabrielson called in the bigger man to work work with his forehand oh and this is what happens when gabrielson oh sorry yeah Miller attempts the same miscommunications A Galore.

And we should introduce those two players to each other so now just two points away from taking game one oh what is going on clean winner returns of serve I think that should be an instant win Ah that's the spirit gabrielson has given Lang a license to.

Fly and that ball finds the net so game one going to guybrilson and Lang an eventful game no doubt we will be back shortly from the Indian Wells Tennis Garden I'm Morgan Evans we will see you shortly after these messages foreign.

We're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com laughs thank you we are back to the Miller and gabrielson.

Show these two have played many a match sometimes together often opposing and is Miller servant to gabrielson Lang and gabrielson did take game one fairly handedly eleven five score wasn't really indicative of the play though very closely heated exchanges oh.

And Eric Lang not just long but so strong able to keep a very Compact and efficient motion up the kitchen line makes a big difference look at that swooping in like a young condor shout out to Enrique Ruiz the original condor and gabrielson just catching andron this.

Is what happens when players get used to a certain Cadence of a team and we'll see a timeout here a team coming in more conservatively dropping fifth balls and then come out of the gates and start swooping in early taking balls out of the air that would have typically landed closer to the feet in game one perhaps.

So a little bit of shock and awe from gabrielson Lang and that gives them a very quick 4-0 lead Miller and Andrew and are going to have to do a little extra with the returns of serve to make sure at least one of the players doesn't get a chance to move in early so we'll be coming back in referee.

McKinnon indicates the play is ready and 4-0 is the score oh fantastic defense from the Hall of Famer oh and Miller sometimes he's His Own Worst Enemy generally just when he plays pickleball though.

Oh he finds the Open Court gableson wanting to get uh that ball across the other side Lang probably could have made it with one step one and a half maybe and the pressure is mounting great start here from Lang and gabrielson and we should see another timeout pretty.

Quickly although it's hard to decide on a new strategy at the moment it's the execution that's costing Miller and Andrew and a foot fault is called oh that is heartbreaking that's not really what you want at uh zero seven and that serve landed sure we haven't.

Seen too many of those still a blistering start from Lang and gabrielson oh I guess he wasn't tall enough that was the issue we'll have to give him a little bit of coaching advice trying to be taller there next time Eric.

That's a good darting forehand although he's really just got two forehands you can see in that last Point uh the previous one gabrielson hitting a really nice looking right-handed overhead and now a two-handed backhand which could have been a forehand it's all very confusing thank you.

Oh an amazing short angle slice from where's gabrielson that dink certainly was going wide enough for an around the post opportunity from andron but he just overcooked it oh what is going on now eye formation ah and they've got away with murder.

Should be an immediate forfeit I would have thought and a very sneaky attack from Lang he indicated he was really just going to be slicing that dink Cross Court in the end went for a middle ball caused some confusion so 9-2 and again some more miscommunications.

Andrin and Miller they're gonna have to sort out which side of the Court they're supposed to be on but it might be too little too late ten two and a match point there we have it folks eleven five eleven two gabrielson and Lang marching forward a good display from all four players in.

The end some miscommunication from Miller and Andrew coming up next on Championship Court three we have Joey farias and the Unicorn Jean-Baptiste versus Alex Newman and Sherry the share bear foreign it's all up to me nothing can get in my.

Way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going oh without the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the.

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foreign thank you foreign.

we are live at the Nationals Morgan Evans coming at you from the Indian Wells Tennis Garden this is a second round match I misspoke slightly earlier on the matchup is indeed Jean Baptiste the unicorn and Joey farias they're taking on the number four.

Seeds AJ Kohler and Thomas Wilson we are going to see some real fireworks Colerain Wilson are cousins you've seen AJ Kohler especially on the PPA tour Wilson has certainly made some some very impressive appearances often alongside Cola.

And he has one of the most Electric forehands in the game from Cola we know what to expect the hand speed it's he's in the conversation for fastest hands in the game he has such a unique kind of technique to what he does out there very stable he moves around the court very quickly a lot of.

Sidestep little little Shuffle steps and then locks in the lower half and whips that paddle around ridiculously fast so the smart money is certainly on Kohler and Wilson however fare and Webster Jean Baptiste Webster uh affectionately known as the Unicorn They Know Each Other's games very very.

Well and that is an X Factor how well they gel and how quickly they can really dictate the style of play I don't know if they want to get into massive hand speed exchanges with these two so it'll be whether or not they try to settle things down into a more traditional let's Dink and set things up up at the kitchen for a longer period.

And hope that Cola and Wilson start the attack Webster initiating there finding the right hip of AJ Kohler foreign work early on from farias and Jean-Baptiste that ball just a little wide.

And there's those quick hands of AJ Kohler a little bit long great shape to the ball and Baptiste has already started to show himself to be a real threat using good Skies great movement and a good leave.

Hold on well he's got some adrenaline pumping felt like he might get the better of that uh drive off the backhand side a little tricky though with any luck we will see a single hand of backhand drive from Joey farias because it is gorgeous quick hands from Jean Baptiste.

AJ Kohler with the third shot lob that's something he's become known for oh beautiful attack to the outside of Jean-Baptiste you can see there Baptiste was looking towards the center getting his forehand ready to thump any attack but Cola wise to it Wilson just.

Has quite a swinging kind of uh volley attack most of the time and that does lend itself to overcooking the ball especially when the weight transfer is really moving in thank you oh look at that lovely ball you notice that John Baptiste was moving well wide to try to.

Get around his backhand and that was going to draw farias closer to the center of the chord as well indeed there was a massive opening foreign referee just uh announcing that he had missed called the score however that point will still count four two two is the score.

oh and a great leave it wasn't by much AJ cola this traditional stoic self and for us calling that ball wide see if we can't get a little bit of a replay here and the Nets chord might be in the.

Line of sight but it did look a little wide from my vantage point here in the booth so three four one is the score now that's a little bit more like the cousins going to work together starting to roll now the danger of course was them looking.

Past the team of forayas and Jean-Baptiste certainly didn't bring their best work in the first point but they appear to have found their rhythm exceptional stuff from AJ Kohler moving the ball well taking those balls out of the air redirecting finding his moment to attack.

And they've picked up four quick points yeah it looked like he didn't anticipate the Unicorn coming out to handle that ball and a great looking forehand from Thomas Wilson and that has inspired the timeout from farias and the Unicorn so they'll take a moment to hydrate see if they can't stop the oncoming.

Freight train of AJ Kohler and Thomas Wilson if you're in the area folks it's a good day to come down to watch the best pickleball you're ever gonna see this is the strongest competition in all of pickleball these players have come from all manner of leagues apps ppas MLPs all of the.

Stuff that has a p in it tell you we've got everything here it's also the best pickleball venue I think that it is an undeniable fact so many courts beautiful Coachella Valley Indian Wells Tennis garden and Thomas Wilson serving to extend the lead.

Cola in disbelief that he missed that ball he is of course a mere mortal four seven seven not like that devillier character good scramble and a fantastic leave Colin just missing a relatively routine.

Shot there nice knifed return from Thomas Wilson oh Cola probably didn't need to overplay there and when I say probably I mean definitely no it's looking overhead from.

Farias so we'll get the ball back just two points to deficit just a little bit long Wilson County from a very high level of tennis AJ Kohler hockey man oh he's clubbed that like a baby seal.

Doesn't he that is way up and John Baptiste Webster just unable to get that one over very close though seven six they've drawn it back within one point oh he gets away with a little bit of net involved but clean living there.

And that's tagging Webster right in the chiseled abs it has been some fantastic play from both farias and the Unicorn however Wilson and Kohler proving why they are the number four seeds when those continue to work then it adds.

To the mystery that is AJ Cola and Thomas Wilson to the take game one handedly after a tough start but 11-6 so we'll be back shortly after these messages from our wonderful sponsors to see game two here at the Nationals there's only one window.

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The moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot starts right here.

Paddle tech let's go again match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com.

We are back live at the Nationals and we're about to get game two underway so it's AJ Kohler and Thomas Wilson taking game one 11-6 we'll find out shortly if the Unicorn Jean-Baptiste and the veteran Joey farias can turn the tables that's pretty much how they started game.

One they looked like they were really finding success attacking Cola Cola got out of bed so did Wilson two-handed backhand is beautiful that seemed like it came off something that wasn't a paddle but uh hard to see from this angle.

A great overhead there from Thomas Wilson it was a Hail Mary of a lob I think Joey Faraz knows it zero one and there's a mishit overhead and a weak overhead and well that's exactly what you get unfortunately you get some real opportunities to put the ball away and.

When it kind of laser-like accuracy Thomas Wilson has with that forehand you don't want to dance with that devil Steely quick hands of AJ Kohler 201 is the score and the around the post attempt from farias just wide the ball did look like it caught the.

Line a bit of full stretch scramble who knows if uh if the Guard railing wasn't there oh and the lob from Wilson adorable and a good inside out attack they are really gelling now recognize their opening phase of this match was not their finest and determined to really put a stamp on this.

Match the winner of this one is gonna head forward and uh potentially take on Rapha Hewitt and Dylan Fraser on the same side of the drawer is Matt Riley and Riley Newman they've got some a little bit of waiting to do it's an epic match going on on their Court adjacent to this.

Spencer Smith and Calen Dawson looking to take down Karl Yates and Julian Arnold we are of course and I'm just getting some update there is seven seven in the third so you don't honestly you don't even need to watch stay here why not.

So that'll be the team of Kohler and Wilson serving as we come back in right now they're Spectators of this other match they may just hold proceedings to watch a little more every great player is also a great pickleball fan and then the log Fest continues.

Oh look at that just seven or eight lobs and suddenly There's an opportunity to come on in and cola swoops like the best of them the week return finds the net from the Unicorn oh they started so strong I thought perhaps we were in for one of the upset.

For the ages and cola upset he didn't pull out of that one however from this angle it looked like it had a good chance to dip down into the court oh beautiful third ball.

They are really just abusing the lob now and uh good to see farias and the Unicorn picking up a lot of these ones I thought they'd try their luck as well it's uh so often the case we all forget about the lob until one is successful and then everyone remembers it's a great.

Shot to play I mean not if you want to make friends obviously but if you're happy alienating people then yeah Lobby life away beautiful move from Thomas Wilson slid to his left I'm not sure if it counts exactly for an.

Ernie but very impressive nonetheless and it's just one too many lobs for my liking now and that is a great looking inside out forehand dink from Thomas Wilson I think that kind of strategy works out well if you've got a partner that is able to cover so much of the middle and doesn't mind you really expanding the.

Distance they need to cover by running around your backhand so a timeout is called farias and Jean-Baptiste the Unicorn they've got a bit of a mountain to climb after a good start in game one it was all Wilson Cola and they have really been storming through in game two.

Coming up next is Michelle Esquivel and Jade kalamoto versus Annalee Waters and Catherine parento you're not going to want to miss that on Championship Court three Kohler and Wilson just doing some some more spectating looked like a ball sent long from Yates.

So they'll come back here just three points away from clinching game two and the match victory Webster just not getting really any shoulder turn on those overheads it's limiting the kind of power he can put into them oh look at that just flicking that ball.

With so much pace beautiful depth touch but it is all Wilson and cola now they've given themselves their first match point of the day one more lob just for luck and he's just wandering forward okay oh and that was a ball that went out so.

That is it all she wrote for this a uh an entertaining match a tough one certainly for forayas and Jean-Baptiste so they are not done for the day but they will be bounced into the ranks of the defeated hope to wake wake make their way through the backdraw we'll be right back after these messages.

We are live at the Nationals do not go away foreign.

Match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com fruit.

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hold up thank you foreign.

thank you foreign foreign foreign.

thank you foreign thank you foreign.

and it is time for the ladies to take Center Stage here women's doubles bro about to start Jade kawamoto and Michelle Esquivel are taking on an unlikely team Annalee Waters and Catherine parenta.

We uh we do wish Lee Waters all the best for her recovery she unfortunately injured herself yesterday that means that uh Anna Lee Waters is now partnering up with another great in the game Catherine parental that ball just a little long and Esquivel finds the net to give the ball back.

Foreign one one so far Waters and parental not choosing to stack in any particular position looking to find what works and great disguise there from Waters oh a good looking Ernie that ball just finding the Nets.

And Michelle Esquivel she came to play good setup with the two-handed backhand and a nice looking finish the big question of course here today is how well will Annalee be able to partner with someone who isn't sharing the genetic code of a Waters parento of course is one of the best players in the game.

However water's just so in tune with the style of her mother Lee Waters and that is a big two-handed backhand catching Esquivel or she was ready for that kawamoto very happy that that the net was there to protect her and Leander single had a backhand.

Attempt from Michelle Esquivel good play Great Rally all four players proving their metal big two-handed backhand getting down low for kawamoto they are of course the underdogs in this one the number eight seeds.

And a great finish they moved the ball around beautifully there set themselves up waited for their time to really strike and Esquivel just uh curious if anyone saw the ball out perhaps so they'll call a timeout a worthy timeout one seven not gonna be the easiest mountain to.

Climb against the number one seeds I think if they can just stay patient move the ball around look for their opportunities see if they can't get Catherine parental or Annalee to strike first and look to counter when there's a momentary off-balance position but so far liking what I see from Waters.

And parental they will be the well I had to say favorites but it's uh it's a tricky equation to kind of consider now that Lee Waters has been sidelined if it does come down to a final between Anna Lee Catherine parental.

Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith that is gonna be a real you pick him and a great volley there from Michelle Esquivel dry finding the net oh that was a lovely Cross Court dinking from Michelle Esquivel very similar technique as Waters able to curl that ball in with a.

Two-handed backhand that set things up really nicely for kawamoto oh great defense getting that ball low enough kawamoto just struggling with that one oh and an elite scorpion there from Michelle Esquivel and she gets the crowd.

Involved nice work 722 is the score great counter punch from kawamoto very few lefties in women's professional pickleball not so easy for the players up against them to really calibrate their attacking positions nice work putting the ball through the middle.

and that ball is wide that's a great spot to attack it is a relatively new team kawamoto and Esquivel so the middle may cause some confusion even though it is dueling Four Hands I do like how well and how disciplined the team of Parental and Waters is being.

Right now it might be tempting for them to really attack with much more Gusto and more often they're doing it by the book knowing full well that's going to be what's required for the rest of the day and it was impressive work from all four.

Players in the end the veteran team veteran player Catherine parento does the job gets the ball in a tough location and Michelle Esquivel finds the net so this is their second timeout not to say this match is already done and dusted.

But they've got some work to do I'd like to see there's some aggressive serves when they get the ball back they will there's no doubt whether it be this game or the next see if they can't catch parental On The Run perhaps Waters and parental one of the things they're going to have to figure out is.

Just what kind of positions are best for them and only Waters typically so comfortable on the right hand side and parents are certainly a fantastic left side player ah fantastic sustained offense controlled aggression from Waters and parental.

So they've got a game point here 10-3-1 see if they can finish this one off great power from Esquivel forcing the wide ball from Waters lovely two-handed backhand that gets the ball back 310. and parenzo flying through the air to take that middle forehand impressive.

Work sorry 310 I'll have a second serve to try to close this Gap and that lob is a little long so Waters will once again serve for the game uh she read it quite well great footwork however just catching the Nets so second.

Serve and that's all she wrote for game one parento and Annalee Waters starting off their tournament run in style we'll be right back after these messages from the Indian Wells Tennis Garden don't go away.

Mom can you play with me just a second Bubba mom is not done yet mom come watch this video hold on sweetheart mum's not done yet Mom you hit with me oh yeah Mama's definitely not done yet match point it's all up to me nothing.

Can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com foreign.

We are back at the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships live coming at you from Indian Wells Tennis Garden it's Annalee Waters and Catherine parento have taken game one against Jade kawamoto and Michelle Esquivel a quick side out gives kawamoto the serve.

oh I had a little bit of confusion Esquivel traversing most of the Court there just distracting kawamoto Waters was sitting on it but Michelle Esquivel she is an aggressive player and when she's on fire there's not too many people on the.

Planet that can really handle the pace and that's the first kind of look of confusion I've seen between waters and parental it's a new partnership so it's bound to happen okay good committed work there for parental just getting the ball down starting to figure out where the backhand side.

Really is from kawamoto It's Tricky lefties they're everywhere oh Michelle Esquivel did great work so one two yeah she found great positioning it's a little too much meat on that one foreign.

I think the aggressive work on the third shots it's definitely worth it it's a it's an area of the game that they think they certainly have an advantage both Waters and parento fantastic singles players kawamoto does not miss many Dinks I love that Esquivel and kawamoto just having a great time out there.

Enjoying the partnership and again it's the Cross Court attack to the outside of the Cross Court player and has become such a staple in the women's doubles discipline especially oh Esquivel once again finding the net with that two-handed backhand when she's.

On with it it's sin it's just fantastic oh beautiful dipping ball setting things up for parento and Waters look to be in full command there but attempted to go for the line I think the middle was probably available referee just uh.

Trying to establish the correct score so we'll find out pretty shortly what exactly is going on 322 is the score and Esquivel a good looking two-handed backhand just catches the outside of the paddle of waters and floats wide so still a close game here in game two.

Two three oh and there's the left of the leg from escovelle that usually adds you know at least three or four inches of Loft to the ball a couple of miles an hour oh look at that power of that single-handed that uh forehand amazing kawamoto just a little flat-footed on.

That ball s up in the Sun Slightly not easy for Waters and too much impressive work she made good decisions when she knew the sun was going to be in her eyes for those overheads they're having a bit of a laugh about it we are obviously not too far removed from.

Lob gate 2022 and Waters was attempting to get involved but that ended up causing a bit of a decoy distraction from parental still 422 is the score that volley floats wide that's the impact that real pressure.

Comes and that ball is going to be off into the adjacent court court 22. where Ben and Colin Jones are taking on James ignatowich and Federicos tax rude so it times back in 2-5 is the score I'll have a second chance some of the.

Transition work from caramel Motors not too easy oh the sneakiness of young Waters oh that's unfortunate really lent back into it that works for uh the Newman team it was an out ball however irregardless they will take the point.

Starting to run away with it six two I'd like to see Esquivel and kawamoto consider a side switch even though we do have obviously a lefty on the court it's not to say they can't play on the left-hand side of the Court might give a different look again if you're losing one way don't lose the entire thing the same way.

So timeout is called players will take a moment to hydrate today the penultimate day here at the Nationals sponsored by Franklin this is the toughest competition in all of pickleball folks so if you're in the area anywhere in Southern California anywhere in the world you know I think to grab a flight.

It's quick you can get here we'll send the Selkirk Chopper calm down 25 bucks will get you general admission and a seat in the main stadium 5 800 seats in the championship Court and you know they're all going to be friends of yours that's the great thing.

About pickleball we're all big you know one big happy family so there's no excuse I obviously have the the best seat in the house but you can't have my seat unless you're you know you've got an accent in which case well audition and you'll probably get it 722 times back in.

And a good looking inside out ball and a rather subdued fist pump and congratulatory celebration from Michelle Esquibel good work in transition but a very early trigger ball from Esquivel and that's uh well luckily they sort of got what it.

Deserved really and the lobs into the sun towards a Waters person continued one more just for luck AJ Kohler would be proud oh huge power from Waters he's locked and loaded.

One of the few players that doesn't often fall victim to those outside cross-court attacks oh and the tweener from Anna Lee Waters you really just don't see that very often almost ever impressive work from The Young well the Crown Princess of pickleball.

Let's be honest and a beautiful drive sets up a healthy lead seven points just two away from taking game two and the match oh beautiful work from Esquivel moved in quickly found good purchase on the ball Waters were sitting middle and that one.

Painting the line on the outside I don't know quality dink good redirect from parento just an easy dink error from karimoto three nine she looked towards the attack unfortunately I think Waters was going to be there.

As was the net so again two points away from taking game two in the match foreign tastic defense that's what it takes they look to be in complete control there kawamoto and Esquivel oh.

And the net getting involved just flicking up high making it impossible for Waters to get that ball still a match point and that one they're just catching the outside paddle of parental so they're still alive anything can happen.

Almost anything and Esquivel with some of her patented amusing sound effects 310 let's see if they can't mount it come back here however water is ready and waiting for that middle attack.

And that's it it'll be Waters and parento marching forward after a a well-disciplined match against kawamoto and Esquivel a lot of good highlights coming from both teams but it's Waters and parental going forward folks we are right here live at the Nationals you're going to want to stick.

Around coming up soon another amazing match on Championship Court three we'll see you shortly foreign I will dig deep I will crush this thing athletes no nutrition drives performance.

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early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again.

thank you foreign match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what.

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Foreign foreign.

thank you.


Foreign thank you foreign.

welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships this is of course Championship Court three and we're back into the Men's Pro doubles where Matt Wright and Riley Newman are going to take on the veteran.

Kyle Yates and one of the newcomers into the sport Julian Arnold to catch some of their earlier round match against Dawson and Smith and it was electric they are showing some impressive impressive pickleball out there however obviously the hot favorites in this one is going to be right in Newman.

We are at the beautiful Indian Wells Tennis Garden there's 150 Grand up for the taking here at the Nationals it's the strongest competition in all of pickleball we are in the penultimate day of proceedings here and it is sponsored by Franklin good old Franklin.

This matchup promises to have some serious fire if you haven't seen Julian Arnold on the court he is it's become known as Andiamo Arnold he is incredibly vocal so much speed around the court I don't think there is a more agile and quick team than Yates and Arnold you're gonna.

See foot speed if you if you blink You're Gonna Miss 12 steps so referees getting proceedings underway and it'll be Yates serving to Matt Wright former partners the net getting involved and Matt Wright we'll enjoy that one oh.

Could have got a small freight train down the line there but the net was there yeah it's looking to move the ball around with a man like Riley Newman in front of you it's a a difficult proposition to want to dink down the line.

Arnold finds the net and a good squashing forehand from Yates he's one of the players that very early on in his career he figured out how to open up that forehand side and protect himself from one of the typical kind of attacks around this right shoulder right hip area.

Very good tactical knowledge so if anyone's going to be able to figure out the kind of strategy that's required to beat this Juggernaut team of Newman and right and it'll be Yates hopefully Arnold will uh we'll listen to him oh beautiful Drop from Yates.

And the two-handed flick attack and some early comments from Arnold anyone who's ever watched Matt Wright knows that he will never back down from uh some words often starts them yeah we'll have to get a decibel meter.

Out in the court to see who's gonna be able to shout the most I am looking forward to a little fireworks beautiful reset and Yates with whatever that was it looked like a dink until it was very very fast somehow.

He sneaks that one through the middle as they say down the middle solves a riddle no one's ever actually said what the riddle was if you at home can tell me what that particular riddle is and that would be great and there's an angle that a tall man can only ever reach.

So it'll be right serving to Yates Yates continuing to be very aggressive and at the moment Matt Wright is not sitting with his backhand ready so Yates has found a good spot for his attacks to come but it's usually only a matter of time before right adapts and that ball is around the post.

But Arnold ready to clean up the mess nice work Arnold would love to get that one back he slid perfectly at the right time right with one of his patented forehand flick attacks didn't quite make that one but uh and Riley Newman with his hand up in the air it is.

Certainly a sorry not sorry now the two young Bloods bouncing around like jackrabbits in the end there was a gap and Kyle Yates with some serious disguise I'll tell you a lot of their lead is coming down to his creative attacks oh wow.

Yeah yeah fair enough get the crowd involved that was crazy that bull landed in the kitchen it was and around the post to Ernie to clean winner to what do we what are we even doing here how the game what is this padel you back it up with another Sterling performance.

I tell you they're feeling it they have doubled them up 6-3 is the score thank you the love is long unfortunately still though get another look here six three two right calling for the switch and.

Julian Arnold letting uh letting his opponents know that they better wake up let's see what happens now here this is what we came to see the Nationals has officially begun let's see if there's some comments there usually is.

Many have started a fight with Matt Wright not many people have ever finished it oh oh and there's a wag of the finger right is of course just chewing gum at this point they have indeed poked the bear.

As you shouldn't have done it Newman and right just keeping them in their place let's see whose adrenaline gets the better of them likely all four players and that's big another wag of the finger he could indeed get uh finger strain if.

He continues with this trend ball sails wide first three still they have managed to get back within one point and they have another serve oh sneaky and that is strong work another beautiful flick attack from Arnold cleaned up nicely with Yates.

Finishing proceedings in six one there is fire on the court right now and it continues it may become lava eight six that ball is wide and the driving prowess of Julian Arnold who will be competing for the singles final on Sunday.

So you're going to want to watch that this kid's going places that ball just wide I think the crowd would love to see an Underdog Story come through borderline Cinderella Story oh he's just missed it inches away from greatness.

But that has given the ball back to Wright and Newman they have calmed down they've cooled themselves off a little bit here to say if it's too much that's big play for Newman and right they have to remind themselves they don't have to beat Julian Arnold to beat.

Arnold and Yates that is big that is big and the chirping continues night night it is of course uh you know a little after one P.M and short of a lot of melatonin it will.

Stay awake ball was going out and that is caught well it was a great catch from around the Newman however no points for that 971 two points away from taking game one in the beginning of a shock upset in the making.

Question is can Arnold maintain this kind of level I saw what kind of player he was six months ago I saw what kind of player he was three months ago the kind of player he is right now is different in every way he is exuding confidence and a certain amount of sweat so eleven.

Seven game one goes to Yates and Arnold that was an epic game if I've ever seen it do not go anywhere folks don't blink come back straight away after these messages live at the Nationals foreign if you run if you spin.

If you jump walk hit climb hustle or just move bounce 50 less with sheep it we got you because we are you she fit.

hold up match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going foreign.

you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com we are back in one of the most exciting matchups you are ever likely to see in pickleball Jillian Arnold and Kyle Yates took game.

One not without some uh fun words to say we'll just put it that way Matt Wright and Riley Newman found themselves with their backs up against the wall they are the number one seeds but based on game one you wouldn't know it strong work from The Young Guns.

Around the post from Julian Arnold and a good finish from Carl Yates a good quick attack the question is are Riley Newman and Matt Wright going to continue to try to test Julian Arnold does that seem to be what's happening.

And you generally never see Riley Newman getting hit by a ball it's happened twice in the last five minutes and a good leave there is adrenaline flowing on the cord right now machismo just everywhere that is big strong work from Arnold.

That two-handed backhand Cross Court I tell you it has quietened Wright and Newman they are the loudest when they're pretty confident right now I'm not seeing as much confidence that would be befitting of the number one seeds if they can get their energy up though.

This is arguably the best team in the world obviously Bannon Colin have a uh a strong argument they have been the dominant players and the PPA tour it's a great ball down to the feet of Arnold.

They're looking to really keep him back Kyle Yates I think he needs to let himself be the setup man Arnold is doing so much work on the left side if Yates tries to get too aggressive that's easily what can happen.

Oh and the net gives him some love just trickles over right not able to use it to go around the post again unbelievable that is some astonishingly quick hands all four players Arnold starting off another fight I've not seen too many people initiate attacks off the bounce as often and have.

Success against Wright and Newman uh as much as Arnold is having right there oh and I see right just continuing a stare that's usually a precursor to some let's go and some just general shouting uh some intimidation work and then well the writing's on the wall.

Not too many players uh can really handle that but Arnold he is a Terrier he's not gonna back down he's uh that was another dog pit bull Maybe like a wiry what's a wiry sort of aggressive dog.

What do we think yeah bull terrier yeah I'm gonna go with bull terrier an Italian Mastiff Maybe that'll be Matt Wright coming back in they have got themselves a nice lead I think we expected them to uh to mount a quality comeback no one gets to be as.

Good as they are I'm rolling over and Kyle Yates makes sure he is well planted well established outside the kitchen and he thumps that ball through the middle so the ball gets back Arnold and Yates one four down and here it comes Arnold getting hit by.

That ball I think all four players reminiscing of their high school days playing dodgeball just wishing they could give one more go at it and Kyle Yates he came to play you'll know when he means business he'll put his hand up to listen to a crowd and.

If they don't yell then well he sort of pouts for a while a good attack it's important that Newman and Wright don't try and play too conservatively they just need to mix up their attacks and the Cadence of when they attack and.

Amazing hand speed all four players in the end Yates finds the net and that gives a three-point advantage and one of the few errors we've seen today from Arnold he loves the power game certainly an accomplished dinker but.

There's a lot of movement required for him to dink a lot of those outward balls that's not easy Carolina look at the foot drag on the right side he's going through three pairs of shoes today.

Carl Yates just uh complaining to the referee about something in particular not quite sure what it was something to do I think perhaps the speaker or the announcer 721 Newman finding the net two-handed backhand and once again so.

Yates and Arnold they've got some work to do oh and a cheeky little grin from Matt Wright as he passes the ball back Arnold is loving that forehand I'm curious as to why right and Newman are targeting him on the return of serve.

There's one argument for keeping that player back but it's usually when that player has so much height and reach that they make it impossible to get the ball away and that is a beautiful overhead from Riley Newman using all of his six foot three frame to get that ball down in a hurry.

Eight three one so some good offense there however largely the lead that Wright and Newman are enjoying right now it's just coming down to some more disciplined measured approach and picking your players yeah it's with a quick shh to somebody.

In the crowd I think just one of his standard gestures oh we had it he's been so successful with that combination of attacks however 10-3 is a bit of a mountain to climb Wright and Newman looking to close our game too.

and Arnold again initiating attack closing in quickly finishing an individual shake and bake for turn one to Wright's credit he has been much more.

Cautious about attacking Julian Arnold that's one of the reasons why they haven't bled too many points adrenaline getting the better of him competitive nature in game one so now looking to close out game two once again that is a slightly lackluster approach to third shot dropping.

And a great measured rolling attack cooler heads did Prevail in game two not too many of the Antics we saw in game one I kind of miss him personally but I'm sure we'll find them right back in game three after these messages do not go away we're live at the Nationals foreign.

Athletes know nutrition derives performance I will not slow down Superior lab supplements help you power up and recover faster surrender Superior Labs is a proud sponsor of USA pickleball.

fruit smash super hot tells you with real juice it's party juice we're back at the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships this has been an absolute barn burner.

We're starting game three it's Kyle Yates and Julian Arnold taking on Riley Newman and Matt Wright they did take game one in well stylish fashion I'd say it was right in Newman that came back storming in game two whether the early storm took that 111 4.

Good pace through the middle there the winner of this does book a spot in the semi-finals and great power and reach from Newman getting the ball down in a hurry I tell you I don't need to see any more of Julian Arnold's abdominal muscles here I'm getting a little self-conscious here we get it you've got a six-pack.

Well done good powerful work Ness of Yates and Arnold and full display Arnold hoping to catch a quick stair on the way out and the left foot of Julian Arnold.

Him showing off some uh fairly rude rudimentary breakdancing skills and a symbol of forehand ones so 111 as we say in the desert highway 111. he's just missed it I tell you the blood is running hot right now very easy to.

Overcook those balls yeah he was very cautious about doing that exact thing in game two and was one of the reasons why they had success Wright had a more measured approach realizing when the counter punch of Arnold was getting the better of him and that is a beautiful shot from Riley Newman.

The red the needle down the line and I think Yates thought perhaps it was going wide paddle was pretty close to the contact so Matt Wright they're enjoying a two-point lead at the moment 3-1.

On that occasion Wright finding a good spot in the body of Arnold and suddenly four one two and again another one over those quick flick attacks from Arnold he does a great job of leaving his body quite far away from the attack still getting enough power and spin to make it.

Dangerous but keeping his body in a good spot to handle the counter punch track nicely to continue the attack Yates had no business attacking down the line on that one let's be honest we've all met uh Ryan Lee Newman before a man is nearly unattackable good squash down.

Matt Wright's doing a good job initiating that flick attack foreign catch uh all of that but there was mention of a broadcast nothing to do with me oh oh there's some finger wagging and some gum chewing six one is the score so they will get.

The switch if they can get this next point it could be a very tough battle for Yates and Arnold however such confident players if they can just muster a couple of points in good stylish fashion then anything can happen.

Pickleball like many sports but I think so much in pickleball because you're so close to opponents it is a game where you're stealing just little inches of confidence every time you gain some you take it away from your opponent and vice versa however players who are innately confident in.

Their in their nature they lose confidence less quickly and they gain it much more quickly than those who are aren't quite so confident in general Kyle Yates and Julian Arnold are certainly those kinds of players oh great flick attack catching the young blood while they're.

Moving big serve setting them up nicely such a good reach from Arnold and Kyle Yates he's walking towards the crowd thinking about getting a uh uh a drink possibly a towel off no it comes back to play that's good and Riley Newman squashes that one in a hurry he has that pancake grip Camp.

Pancake grip never actually had a pancake uh I don't believe in them waffles I don't mind a good waffle all right and that ball Styles wide and again just giving some extra confidence to the cause of Yates and Arnold 372.

look at this Julian Arnold Kyle Yates they came to play they are looking to cause the upset of the tournament and they've caused a timeout that is a mental win Riley Newman and Matt Wright looking to stop their bleeding Atelier Arnold that.

Man was born caffeinated we'll look to see quickly what Wright and Newman can do to stem the flow however these last few points if they're anything to go by it's going to be tough so time is back in now it'll be Yates serving to Newman.

Four seven two that work in transition just needed to get the ball down but it is incredibly difficult against team tall over there both players are in that six foot three region just marginally taller than myself and Arnold.

With a rare dink error eight four one now just three points away from Brooking a spot in the semi-finals and that ball is wide fairly subdued wag of the finger possibly just an outcall some chat uh Newman asking if the uh two blokes.

Are done and a prolonged hold of the finger there reassuring the audience and the Arnold that that ball was indeed wide and they now have match point to book a spot in the semi-finals and Yates continuing to sustain the attack he looked like he kind of saw someone in.

The audience there but uh probably not just sort of hoping to get some approval and that is all she wrote after a electric game one from Yates and Arnold it was all right to Newman who will go forward they'll look to play the winner of Wilson and cola versus Fraser and Hewitt do not go anywhere folks we're at the.

Nationals Indian Wells Tennis gun we'll be right back after these messages
Saturday, November 12th from Championship Court 3 at the 2022 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships for full production with commentary, replays, interviews, and more!