To be the underdogs with of course ben on the other side tyler playing at the level he's playing unbelievable reset coming in to try and throw ben and tyler a little bit off here yeah i'm thinking it's a crowbar to the knees in the locker room earlier oh how about that.

Yeah that would certainly be a bold strategy oh and that big time here to serve 6-1 lead here game number one nice left from touring the second official andy price next to us operating the scoreboard first ernie.

You see maybe perhaps can be made yes many some space at least tyler long does clamp middle so beautifully and he has that ernie however they're gonna have to start playing a little quicker driving more thirst balls trying to get some points on the board.

Faster colin and aj have been stuck on one for the last eight minutes it's not a great number to be stuck on let's be honest it's great to be number one but not like aj kohler every time i watch him play gets better and better as the match goes along oh yeah if this was a best of nine oh my.

Money's on on those two oh that person will crap tyler's not the kind of person that's gonna crack easily especially when he's got the security blanket of john's next to him oh great responsibility doesn't it oh for sure you don't want to be one of the few people in history to ever lose with.

Ben and uh a lot of pressure on that first atp there's times when aj is using that wrist you do not know where that ball is going he doesn't even know 25 remaining 961 11 6 now style.

Look out you watch these great athletes play up close it is really breathtaking stuff isn't it oh yeah impressive how well they have improved their game for sure you know for ben and tyler they can start dropping third balls slowly.

Possibly just relaxing in transition fourteen seven two oh take a bit of a risk and go at tyler long see if he can't win that hand speed exchange oh ben picking his spots what makes him his money is how quality is in transition how reliable his thirds.

Are um so longest point of the match so far yola paddle the paddle of ben johns making a bill for most of the game pretty strong finish here now the final point.

And a beauty from ben johns and that takes us to the end of game number one sixteen to twelve ben john's tyler lewis game number two start that clock remember if aj and colin.

Can win this game that would force likely 0-1-1 i do love some of these camera angles seven cameras throughout time and space are obviously very linked in this game and uh if you can reduce the space you also reduce the amount of time slowing down for you and when you're out there playing matches.

Things seem a little easier colin and aj punching first here in game two oh oh best point of the match thus far and the biggest point of the match.

Interesting to see how ben and tyler react especially playing behind with a clock totally different element being pressed oh at pickleball central that's pretty much what that shot looked like as well.

It's like a weapon here tonight oh good defense mike imagine and a rocket has emerged under 10 minutes left to play in the game colin's come up with some big moments here in game two starting to get tough for ben and tyler.

Long okay right down the middle stretch has been wide on the backhand side that's been absolutely critical i was coaching them right now we would really be looking at extending these points.

Oh too much so far in this match oh so good oh and in the position in four minutes or less here we go see if the timeout pays dividends here.

For aj and colin oh magic hands from ben johns you see how he gets two hands on the paddle there whenever he drops aj turn the tide still plenty of time here down two so that's a good do we need to get a.

Point here yeah this is it they're gonna have to 10 start 1. drop it think crowd wants some extra pickleball here yeah i mean the world the world loves a.

Underdog story don't they choose i'm not sure that yes they will nice high looping serve final 20 seconds an adorable drop shot oh straight aces regulation time is gone that'll be the final point and the last point john's.

Just takes it in the chest no harm no foul in the end it is jones and long you
Didn’t get a chance to watch Pickleball Night In America Week 2? Here’s a quick recap of the best plays from this intense men’s doubles matchup ⚔️

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