From irvine all right so cobalova serving to parental starting very strong this is not a drill for third shot drops so do do try this at home there you see here nice close-up kovalova and irvin as we talked about what we see stacking we're definitely.

Seeing that my not tonight maybe not tonight yeah we'll get her to change that great hands but shanka there and then ernie coming around and taking that ball out of the air well struck by tarashenko there you see the jigsaw fan zone stanley our head referee announced the time so we're right around 14 minutes.

Again the clock will run until the last two minutes and it'll only run when the ball is in play unless of course the timeout is called oh there's one of those sick tricks back to our third shot drill session oh.

Absolutely at the speed in which she plays these shots obscene hands by parenta there that we're gonna see evolve through this series of tuesday nights singles tiebreaker we'll talk about later on in the broadcast oh there's an invitation back to the.

Kitchen you saw it there had to hit three or four balls finally got up to the line now there's a grain of irvine and kevin kovaleva there which got the ultimate foreign.

So with six minutes to go a five-point lead feeling pretty comfortable on the defensive side here not switching don't want to get caught in a pattern they don't like here we'll see if that changes.

Required to get this tied up four points the gap oh just outrageous oh unbelievable 22 seconds and they want it is very small this looks like the last point and not the football you think it's.

American football let's go steelers here we go let's play pickleball first so often that happens you you recognize that you've got uh a great flow with your partner and you feel like you can do no wrong until you can with her massive forehand wow.

Let's do it three five two just those tear drop thirds and it goes straight down you'd think maybe kovalev or reach can take that out of the air but that's difficult she does there you just aren't set you leave it up a little bit and then bad things happen as you saw there.

You see tarashenko jumping all over the place to give parento room here at this point no team needs to really alter their shot selections great sponsor of tuesday night pickleball stanley is our head referee and maddie.

Tauren 18 years of age is our second love youth in the sport everywhere morgan here's the tiebreaker a rally scoring take turns singles battle will only get there if parento and tarashenko win this one thought she was going to see.

A two-handed backhand coming from tarashenko neither took place thank you tommy 10 11 one full three-point lead would be massive going into the sudden death two point two minute warning i think they'll try and do it by the book that shot.

Makes it a tougher proposition oh and that one excitement on that one i mean you wonder will we get the ball back that's how critical this is in this timed event for irwin and kovalova win by one when the clock strikes zero before tide will play until one team.

Wins on their server we'll see who wins the last point anyway yeah and it is a beauty so we will always serve from what our score dictates what a bb of a two in it tereshinka staying back no matter what happens here we will switch.

It feels a little pressure down a couple yeah reluctant to call full rental would love to call four here and tie the score and it just fell beautiful first to 11 win by one got to win the 11th point on your serve oh my goodness just.

Wow practice in reality matching up here and kovalev is sending that return along just very pretty and tarashenko oh my goodness and that's it we'll do it.

Unbelievable parento tarashenko drop game one win game two and take the singles tiebreaker you
Didn’t get a chance to watch Pickleball Night In America Week 1? Here’s a quick recap of the best plays in this thrilling new format 🙌

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