Welcome back for our final gold medal match of championship sundays sundays sunday sundays sunday and a big happy mother's day to all of our moms out there whether or not you are an adoptive mom biological mom taking care of someone like you're their.

Mom a big shout out to everyone who's playing a motherly role out there today we salute you championship sunday about to conclude though here for our pro women's doubles match anna bright and georgia johnson take on jade kawamoto and andrea coop.

Jade kawamoto half of the kawamoto twins jackie is at home unfortunately had to work this weekend but her and first time partner andrea coop took out brighton johnson one time already yesterday in the semifinals they're looking to do it again while brighton johnson had to battle.

Through vivian david and lee whitwell and also karin carr and simone jarjim to get back to this match-up jade kawamoto played her college tennis at the university of dayton in ohio now currently works for the ncaa as does her twin sister jackie her partner andrea coop played tennis at ucla where she was a.

National champion they take on 15 year old georgia johnson has not had the chance to play college anything yet because she's 15. so still rocking that high school but dominating on the pickleball scene anna bright with the big put away she graduated last year from university of california berkeley where she also.

Played tennis heavily recruited out of high school fun fact she now works for duper zero quick start here in game one they are coming through our consolation bracket okay go off jade calamoto.

We're gonna see some unbelievable defense from her definitely what the kawamotos are very much known for their defensive abilities 0-2-1 great spot there from coop really awkward place right at johnson's right shoulder.

Jamming her up one two one johnson and bright yesterday in the bracket play playing very aggressive speeding up a lot which we know both of them like to do and like we've seen all day here on.

Championship sunday it's a new day new matches new everything so results in the bracket are in the past good leave there from kawamoto that ball way out good move there and that's exactly what anna bright's telling george johnson that's a good move she's just got to get.

On top of that and finish that one nice leave the moto almost looked like she was gonna take that shot vicky ryan is our usa pickleball certified referee for this match denise smith is our second referee.

That's a tough ball to attack right there i saw anna breit going for that instantly wanted to be like no don't it's too close too close too low unbelievable guests oh brighton johnson to stay alive in that when it looked like they were on the ropes two two.

Okay five two two johnson and bright four point lead for kalamoto and coop up 6-2 here game number one and they're trying to break the curse here of championship sunday.

As we're back here watching kyle yates do you making some talent terrible animals very interesting he's like a cruiser awesome oh he needs another one he needs another towel for his elephant but i love it i mean you go straight from winning a gold medal getting a check.

To making a elephant towel animal beautifully done talented multi-talented right there there it is cal mode and coupe looking to break the curse of championship sunday right now and avoid that championship tie breaker match and there we have it.

That's exactly what we're talking about that's justin dickerson on the camera getting the shots that the people want to see yeah so we're talking about it you guys see it kyle did that in about two minutes yeah it's not his first time oh it's absolutely awesome.

People walking by and they're like just frustrated anna bright right there i think that is entirely kawamoto and coop's objective here is to frustrate johnson and bright all right so it's just as good playing the outball and getting a let cord just dropping in.

Oh and that'll be a free point there this coupe sails that long and we've heard time and time again from every player here the pace of play is very fast here indoors the ball staying nice and hard traveling very quickly.

That's why we're seeing a lot of these players looking to attack and speed up because it could be to their advantage my andrea twice in a row on return of serves a little bit good time out here for johnson and bright as they're.

Coming back they've made some adjustments i can feel the energy starting to amp up from johnson and bright who again they want to attack especially bright she's looking to speed up definitely on that two-handed backhand cooper mixing up the stack.

Trying to give him something different that ball wasn't even into the net but was going in the net and she was calling timeout before ford as well matthias johansson please report over to the franklin medal stand for your awards what just happened after that time out that turned things around.

For bright johnson regroup they just regrouped and said okay this is what we need to do we need to play our game we're not going to change much other than i think they're being a little more patient right now they're not attacking as soon as they were as early as they were early in this match so they're.

Elongating a point out a little bit and now you're seeing the benefits of that tied at sevens here in game one of our final gold medal match of championship sunday big stop there for coop and kawamoto.

771 yeah but she just turns defense into offense block block block rip and that's what you have to do if you can stay in it you have to be able to turn that into offense otherwise you're just gonna be on your heels the rest of that exchange so just on the flip side right and.

Johnson call that timeout down 7-2 they score five straight komodo and coop call the timeout at 7-7 they score two straight after they get that quick side out you oh calmoda was expecting that speed up from johnson she's there just leaves it a little flat oh there's a mia.

Sighting with johnny goldberg in the back wow wow that rally it's so good good stuff there for johnson and bright just going right at her oh yeah there's the aggressiveness from brighton.

Johnson just so nice and steady come on 981 oh wow i thought georgia johnson was like i thought she was out of position i thought she might not be able to get a paddle of that.

oh what a beautiful drive there from jade kawamoto barely clears the net and then drops like a rock puts them on a game point here in game one of our gold medal match and again.

You have to expect when that ball goes to anna bright's backhand she is looking to speed up that two hand and calamoni was ready they take game one eleven eight we will take a short break here game number two in our final gold medal match of championship sunday here at the app st louis open coming your way right after this.

back into the action jade kawamoto and andrea coop now on the far end after taking game one eleven eight over georgia johnson and anna bright johnson and bright had a breakout first partnership in punta gorda florida earlier this year where they.

Took gold taking out simoni jarjim and korean car in that gold medal match hands from these ladies anna bright georgia johnson not so fast you may have won game one but we've got other plans that is just moving forward with.

Aggression by georgia johnson right there i think definitely the key to their success is going to be that aggression we see work so well for them if they can execute it well two one.

Zero two two fudge nuggets out of ann albright fudge nuggets i say that as well which is a fun time oh just messes that sideline otherwise would have been good yeah johnson's.

Really committed to that middle oh the reset from georgia i don't answer yeah i mean not only that's the thing is like she's not they back off the line because they have those two-handed backhands.

That you just want to rip and you think there's no way you can do anything but maybe get a paddle on it but no they're just ripping two-handed backhands back at each other or forehands or whatever whatever the case whatever they want three two.

Here in game two but they have turned it around rather quickly gone back on the offensive and we have a timeout here from georgia johnson and anna bright now trailing by two and if kawamoto and koop can pull away here in game two brighton johnson in danger of.

No longer being in contention for that gold medal and having to settle for silver but we'll see they had some success coming out of that timeout in game one timeouts have been very useful um in this match so far every time a team has taken a timeout they've responded well.

After the timeout come back in and do something positive 15 seconds so if we can get a shot of kyle yates's elephant again he put his metal around it but now it's got a medal now it's got a medal and a beer i have a medal and a mick ultra yup nice.

Good addition kyle yeah four two one all right four two one still on first server so johnson and bright need two stops here try and get the ball back nice cover from johnson there's too many shots in a rally that i want to point out and say that was unbelievable this was.

Unbelievable how did they do this it's too many johnson plays an outball for sure right there kawamoto her reaction clearly was like thank you for that six two one that's how you win a point right there.

A little net lord love aka suzanna is here somewhere yeah porter's sitting right behind us sending some vibes yeah kawamoto and ku playing so well right now moving along in this second game 7-2 lead.

Two big side out there for georgia johnson and anna bright 371 oh i don't know if that's going to go out though that ball had a nice downward trajectory could have easily caught the back of the court.

But catches anna bright's paddle first that was i literally was looking down but that was andrea coop wasn't it yeah because i know that squeal anywhere oh nice pull there from johnson 572. all right they answer the bell get three back.

Within two here i need a side out though seven five one wow wow some incredible hands by all four of these ladies they always say how much slower it looks.

When you're watching on camera than in person and that's so true i truly don't think my eyeballs can move fast enough during ripped grip it and rip it shows that these women put on i'm just trying to keep up perfect spot there from johnson up the.

Middle so falls in on the sideline i think jade was telling andrea no like don't play it yeah but ball ends the ball was in all right johnson and bright hanging in here.

Again really nice speed up there from bright on that two-handed backhand just out there they're looking to tie it up here again johnson and bright have to win this second game oh nice setup for herself coop such a great job of setting herself up for those put aways clips johnson.

On the way out there maintain a slim one-point lead here in game two hoping to take the gold medal into 872. nice angle there from kawamoto she finds the cross-court hole got georgia johnson pinching middle.

Just out of reach well not coming back there off the paddle of hannah bright 791 oh and again it was like 30 years ago but georgia johnson flying through the court to take that second shot out of the air earlier in that rally that should have been it but.

Coupe gets a paddle on that keeps him alive gonna get about 40 amazing shots followed oh wow johnson unbelievable job tracking down that lob she just rips a drive 972.

Ah all right a little ernie action there for anna bright nice move good time for it too now i needed that let's go you have one time.

All right 7.92 it's tough they spent a little too long trying to ask the referee questions they're a little bit of a debate whether or not they wanted to call a timeout they didn't end up taking one and then johnson puts that serve in the net well what movement from jake calamoto.

Watch her just slide her feet to the middle here to cover this slide hit and then she changes directions as well surprising anna bright and it gets them a gold medal match point the curse is broken.

No match to 15 tiebreaker in this gold medal match andrea coop and jade kawamoto first time partners and a gold medal is how they will end their weekend in our final gold medal match of championship sunday and big congrats though to georgia johnson and anna bright our silver medalist.

Played very well kept both of these games very close we will head to the franklin studio one last time to talk to our ladies before signing off or back next week in cincinnati please plan to join us then dominic catalano in ohio yeah one of our favorite places it's such a fun place.

You guys have fun i know we'll we'll miss you a little bit big thank you to boxcar productions as always for this fabulous weekend of pickleball kyle selenko randy coleman and ariel butler steve taylor rocking pictures and videos and as always justin dickerson and matthew pace on those cameras getting all those.

Close-up shots that made this play extra special we head to the franklin studio and then we'll see you next week the app tour st louis pickleball open is brought to you by head pickleball pickleball central.

Onyx pickleball franklin pickleball pro xr pickleball and lsi sports lighting welcome back for the final time in the franklin studio lauren mclaughlin here with georgia johnson and anna bright our silver medalist here today in women's pro doubles.

A little probably shorter than you wanted here a couple exchanges didn't go your way but really great competitive play i'm sure you guys feel good about how you played some things maybe didn't go quite your way as you're looking back thinking about how it went what do you think was the difference here today.

I think they were they were really really solid i think maybe we pulled the trigger a little too early sometimes especially at the beginning of game one we made a few mistakes and that kind of makes a world of a difference as the match develops but they're just really really tough like this is my this week was my first.

Time playing against jade in doubles i've played her in mixed a couple times and just some of the shots i'm just like how did you just do that and so it's tough you guys are of course very good friends you get to play each other all the time you get to drill at home you guys had your breakout performance.

In punta gorda where you guys got gold together picking up a silver not too shabby are we going to see this partnership again in the future we will yes you can look forward to it what's your favorite part about playing together um maybe just like not only the off court.

Like knowing each other's game but also on court i mean but also off court just getting to hang out together and that's always really fun so all right again great performance silver medal in the bag.

How are you guys going to spend the rest of this evening i've got a a 7 p.m flight you've got a catch you know i you know we wanted to take this game to 15 you know every other final did today but you know why i got to catch my flight we just want it to be a little different so you know we i mean we you got to get.

Your flight that's priorities priorities we'll congratulate congratulations again ladies well played so we will bring on now our gold medalists you you can you may go nice job oh get the scrunchie get the scrunchie join me ladies join me i know we had to get our hair what they took their hair down i know it's true.

This is a hair a hair friendly situation congratulations our gold medalist jade calamoto and andrea coop again first time partnership it obviously went very successfully why do you think your two styles mesh so well together i think we complement each other well and andrea can bring the power i can try and bring the resets and defense a.

Little bit so that's that was kind of what we did and of course i have to point out your beautiful shirt you were team blqk at mlp last year and the draft is coming up in the next event i i if i'm a betting betting woman i bet we may see both of your faces in mlp coming up i hope we do.

At least what are you most looking forward to to getting back into mlp i am team black team blqk for at least another i guess four weeks uh i'm honored to be part of that team uh but if i'm not drafted to them this year then they're going down obviously yeah uh but i hope to be drafted and i'm sure.

Jade will too uh it's the most fun i've ever had on a pickleball court playing competitively last year so i'm excited to hopefully repeat the experience all right well we hope to see you again but a big congratulations you're our gold medalist here we have ken herman with the trophy presentation.

One last time wow jay and andrew you all played terrific it was just exciting to have you all here all weekend long a great combination i hope your sister was back watching this cheering you on but st louis mixed doubles gold medalist congratulations or women's doubles women's doubles you said mixed it's okay.

Women's doubles i always got to put you on blast i'm so sorry we tried to play a little bit of mix with jade being the dominant player we tried it's true and and jackie did say you're gonna have to split your winnings with her because we didn't break we broke up the twin pair but we'll see we'll see.

We'll see thank you again everyone for joining us this weekend a big congrats once again to our women's pro doubles gold medalist jade calamoto and andrea coop lauren mclaughlin and ken herman signing off here in st louis we'll be back next weekend in cincinnati we'll see you there.

2022 St. Louis Pickleball Open Pro Mixed Doubles Gold: Bar/David VS Johnson/Whitwell