Back to our first semi-final match here in women's pro doubles at the app st louis open presented by head pickleball we have the number one seed simone jarjiman karinkar who dominated the pickleball scene as a partnership for several years they're back together again.

Jharjeen's final year of play so she says so going out with a with a throwback partnership and not a bad one i have to say current car one of the best in the business they take on the number five seed of michelle esquivel and paris todd of course todd one of the newcomers on the pro pickleball scene.

She currently is a single specialist as she's a former professional tennis player but she is starting to make her way into the doubles game and i'm sure michelle esquivel is a fabulous partner to have to take her along the way she has been dominating the women's scene as well for several years.

They may be partners today oh yeah they are frenemies because they are playing against each other in the gold medal match tomorrow michelle esquivel and peterson we'll see them tomorrow on championship sunday.

Tough decision right there for a car i think if she wanted to hit bring that back as soon as that came off her paddle because ferris todd was about four feet behind the kitchen line already anticipating that long green car does have a fabulous lob really.

I mean this is what the women bring to the game this guy i mean that is crazy and of course michelle esquivel is rocking those clear raya glasses after she suffered a potentially really tough injury yesterday took a ball.

Off the edge of her paddle right into her right eye had several minutes where she wasn't able to see definitely went to a doctor after that match concluded heard she's going to make a full recovery but of course rocking those protective.

Lenses now don't want to risk your eyeballs people that is not something to do oh nice spot there from car glasses official eyewear of usa pickleball they don't just have sunglasses but they have clear.

And they also have amber lines too in case we have to brighten things up cool colors i know we're indoors you can't rock them today dom i was upset i couldn't pick out all my pretty sunglasses to match my outfits i might for championship sunday the clear ones all right just so i can.

A little hole yeah a little long from paris todd right there and a time out from esquivel and todd has a 5-0 lead for the veteran team of simone jarjim and corinne carr here in game number one trying to punch their ticket to the winner bracket final and we will have our men's bronze medal match coming up after.

This that will be the final match in our men's doubles bracket here today before championship sunday tomorrow in the gold medal match kyle yates and andre deyesko are already there awaiting their opponent and this semifinal match brought to you by head pickleball.

Here at the missouri pickleball club beautiful indoor venue tom whitson our usa pickleball certified good refereed right there good talk from esquivel to todd we're gonna switch it up here zero five one todd on the left side.

On the right zero five talked with georgia johnson and anna bright about their last time they played in punta gorda and the last time they played good leave there from esquivel.

Five zero two zero five one a little in between whether she wanted to go around the post or back up over the net in the end trying to go back up.

right out did todd and she's speeding it up right at her she's kind of caught todd a couple times beforehand such a great ball from sharjeem she's so.

Far back in the court at an angle and she just can do so much with anything that she's given you're just seeing that veteran team of joshiman carr it doesn't take them long to get back in.

Rhythm with each other they've played together for years nice leave again we always talk about it too it's like okay eight down eight nothing even if you don't come back and win this game you've gotta have and gotta get some momentum going into the second game.

Here how do you do that get some points rattle some off see what you can do from here nice pickups from todd right there at that moment tough time to do that all right on the board are escobel and todd here regime a little extended on.

That one here from michelle esquivel and paris todd is they're trailing 9-1 in game one of this women's pro doubles semifinal match and rob cassidy coming over to give some coaching a little word of advice.

Shar jimin car no need to really talk about too much they're fully in control here they know exactly what they need to do and they've been doing it here in game one so really all the oneness is on todd and esquivel to make something happen here if i'm in their corner right now i i got to play a little slower hey i got to.

Bring the points a little longer along so that i can get an opportunity to attack you're almost attacking and you have two of the best defenders in the game current car and simone jargin there is handling everything you've got so wait for the right opportunity here trying to.

Elongate some points here see what you can get but also a long serve oh head out nice rip there from todd yeah good attack right at the body of current car.

Right there charging trying to tell her get out of the way they've rattled off a couple here one more maybe a time out here from jorgen carr here's that run from esquivel and todd good return.

Oh what a drop from behind the baseline by esquivel five nine two ends that little mini run by asquel and todd nine five one.

so that's good point construction from todd and esquivel big come on from both john and esquivel as a result they are hanging in here.

That's a big hold right there after they have scored four straight and then got sided out then they instantly side out now you're thinking okay we got a roll going in the game too forget game two we want game one game one right now we want game one you're within three here everything's great.

You're good six nine two wow absolutely incredible hands by all four of these ladies here i'm sorry what i mean they talk so much about when you especially when you come over from.

Tennis like paris todd did the singles game comes much easier it's the doubles game that's always a little bit more work for the high-level tennis players and todd hasn't been playing very long but her game at the net unbelievable for how short she's been playing nothing todd can do on that one but.

Watch it go by hope and it goes out still almost clips the tape and rolls over all right they hold second server two-handed backhand drive from todd potentially esquivel was going to get in there.

And poach that ball that was a little high close to the middle another game point wow great great comeback from esquivel and todd it was just not quite enough here in.

Game one but again a lot of momentum i think going into game two so jim and car come 11-7 game number two in this semi-final match here in women's pro doubles at the app st louis open coming up right after this welcome back everyone to game at number.

Two here in our women's pro doubles semifinal match here at the st louis pickleball open number one seed simone karinkar on the near end for game two paris todd in the pink michelle esquivel in the orange skirt on the far end hoping to force a game three but they have to get a win here in game.

Two spot in the winter bracket final on the line bye attack the attackers right we saw andre de esco and cal yates attack.

Dj young and zane naverto because they were the ones doing the attacking would be the attackers corrine carr and the monizer team are bringing it to them now so the defense is just so good right to a drop beautiful car.

tad might have hit an outball there but it doesn't get any better the defense from carr and the regime one two one is a little caught as soon as car hits it she goes yes.

That's it right there so todd attacks attacks corrine handles it and then todd goes to drop and corrine goes hard right at her so flipping the script on todd at the moment todd plays it the easy one for esquivel and she would.

Admit it too everything is good everything's good three one one three one two one three one for the second time don't see that too too often three three one.

just missed on that serve ball was out had a big hole to dig themselves out of in game one they mounted a really good comeback didn't quite get the job done but here they are.

Just holding firm not letting karen jarjeem run away with it here shot by todd right there i think it surprised everybody oh corrine.

Was going to go for it and then saw jim's paddle come up which made her pull off of it great work from esquivel and todd just to stay in that.

Point as carr and jarjeem were drops it in todd let's sail by but perfect spot right in that back corner five three two.

We have a timeout here from esquivel and todd who have been holding strong here holding the line as it were but cara and jaredem starting to pull away now good time out trying to regroup and slow down their momentum a little bit.

Fear todd and esquivel what are we talking about here what's the adjustment that needs to be made they made a nice run in the end of game one to get back in that game had a chance there at 7 8 but now need to get back into those points where they're being patient.

Enough to hold on to an elongated point a little longer until they get a ball that they can actually attack so we'll see out of this timeout if todd and esquivel can relax grind some points out a little more and wait for an opportunity if they're able to attack.

Just got an update in our other women's semifinal match andrea coop and jade kalamoto are up 6-3 over anna bright and georgia johnson in game one so just getting into that other semifinal match we'll have our men's pro doubles bronze medal match coming up next here on center court.

oh yeah just just a handful of unforced errors right out of the gate from esquivel and todd carr two points away from the winner bracket final three nine one.

Tough right there does that ball look to be sailing long three nine two just so good just pin them back at that baseline and then just boop that little volley over the net nobody.

That will give a match point to georgie mancaro final timeout for todd and esquivel as they are facing down that match point yeah i mean nothing left to make a run.

On and get some momentum for you've got to come back here or else you are done down in the consolation draw you got to do some work head referee byron freso and the man himself ken herman keeping a close eye on this center court match again big shout out to boxcar productions.

Rocking this production this weekend bringing you this top of the line best in the business live stream kyle selenko randy coleman ariel butler we got justin dickerson and matt pace on the cameras but let's see oh.

Boy not gonna happen on that exchange big hold three oh my goodness gracious that's a great point from these ladies finally esquivel will get on top of that.

Yeah really nice work four ten two carr hit it and she came forward as she came forward backed up i think corrine was a little more confident in her shot than oh and that will be the match.

Number one seed simone's regime and karinkar head to the winner bracket final esquel and todd not done yet though they dropped to our consolation bracket a few matches they still will need to battle to be back into that bronze medal match but we'll have our men's bronze medal.

Match right after we head to the franklin studio to talk to our ladies we'll be back into the action here on center court right after this the app tour st louis pickleball open is brought to you by head pickleball pickleball central onyx pickleball.

Franklin pickleball pro xr pickleball and lsi sports lighting welcome back to the franklin studio lauren mclaughlin here with karinkar and simoni jarjim and we have a bunch of characters behind the camera who are definitely trying to uh distract us we're going to ignore them one of which.

Is adam stone who you know i think you know him right oh yeah just a little bit seeing this thing i know yes engage it's your fiancee you also are we talk a lot about you being the professor and we do mean that literally you are a professor of finance at a school tell us a little bit about just what is your schedule like you.

You're teaching you're playing pickleball what like what does your average week look like with that well i only teach monday through thursday which is really helpful with my well right it's a lot but it allows me to travel to tournaments thursday evening and play friday saturday sunday and then go home and teach again just a.

Jam-packed schedule we uh you guys you know each other very well you've played together so much you're at the top of the game for many years do you have any favorite memories with corinne of your time partnering and being the number one team nationals uso i'm sure all the titles but is anything.

It's an easy answer 30 minutes ago 30 minutes ago we were in the bathroom and she said make me happy and i said yes honey i will make you happy forever and ever i mean it sounds like it sounds like you're coming for adam's adam's role uh yes absolutely but that's.

Fact make me yes and i said okay i love it do you have any favorite memories that don't include the bathroom 30 minutes ago i do i mean my my favorite memory is probably the the last u.s open we won together just because that was yes yes i picked you up the first time.

But i was just so nervous you could come on to the ground and definitely be adam's place but she wouldn't have it you guys are ridiculous well we have always enjoyed watching you guys play together i'm sure we'll see you a couple more times this year teema this is it for us no i don't know and my tournament countdown.

Is coming it's coming to an end you're gonna make me cry uh don't cry be happy for me i mean i am yeah the piccolo world is sad no they're not they'll be they will be seeing me but in other forms all right well you guys you got a couple more matches to make it count then absolutely hopefully we'll see you on.

Championship sunday right now you are into the winter bracket final and we'll be spending a lot more time together probably because we'll be doing other stuff with pickleball related but outside of playing which is just as fun i mean it will do well like we also enjoy teaching and we love i honestly best memories spending time off court.

Together hanging out we spend a week together so so our family together and the i i think that is not for everyone we did not kill each other we got along just fine and we had a good time that is that is unique i love it well congrats guys we'll see you in that winter bracket.

Final but we have our men's bronze medal match coming up right now don't go anywhere
2022 St. Louis Pickleball Open Pro Women’s Doubles: Carr/Jardim VS Esquivel/Todd