Welcome back and our first appearance from the ladies is up next we have lee whitwell and vivian david our number two seed taking on the number seven seed georgia johnson and anna bright here at the missouri pickleball club for the app st louis open presented by head pickleball lauren mclaughlin and dominic catalano here.

Courtside for our final day of the regular bracket play tomorrow is championship sunday and it's gold matches as far as the eye can see all of our pro gold medal matches getting played tomorrow taking a look here at our women's bracket as i mentioned we have brighton johnson.

Taking on david and witwell here on the very bottom of your screen in this quarterfinal matchup in our other matches we know up top we did have that updated result esquivel and todd have moved on to the semis over ansberry and raminzi gerke 11-6 11-1 in that one all right so they.

Head to the semis as well where they take on esquivel and todd and give me an update dave kawamoto and andrew koop take out barr and franco goldberg 12-10-11-4 all right so it is going to be loud in here as well we have dylan frazier and altoff merchant taking on j.w johnson and declare on the court next to us.

Merchant and frasier were out in front we'll keep you guys updated whitwell it's a punishment right there a big forehand will be interesting to see how david and whittle decide to stack right now we got two backhands in the middle.

so i think what you're seeing is well then unless they're gonna play straight up or they're gonna play this backwards stack because vivian david is very comfortable on that right side loves that two-handed backhand gives you a lot more room to work with.

It could have used a two-handed backhand right there well right there here's the thing is that vivian david's used to someone being right there that's a forehand that they would take that so we'll see if they stick to this or perhaps make an adjustment ron ponder is our usa pickleball.

Certified ref for this match ooh gets a line great drop there this should be a very good matchup we saw the pairing of georgia johnson and anna bright when we had our debut sighting of anna bright in punta gorda florida earlier this year they took the.

Gold can they do it again great recovery oh and off the tape for vivian wow great power there from both anna bright and georgia johnson we both mentioned this before but.

Georgia johnson in the last month since i've seen her has definitely i think grown a little bit and uh i literally am like excuse me who's that oh it's georgia johnson yeah vivian david's so used to being in.

That spot right there that anna bright speeding it up at the forehand she's ready to just sit on that and punch that down well they know that johnson and bright are going to want to speed up they're going to want to be aggressive.

So they got to be well aware of that and expecting it so great counter there from johnson 241 242.

342 oh just long and a bright doing what she wants to do good finish there from johnson as she sets that up gets well fully extended for the pop-up he's able to put that.

Away oh my goodness dylan frazier alt-off merchant are closing in on knocking out the number one seed winner winner of that match gets dj young and.

Zane naverton in the bronze medal match wow anna bright sitting pretty on that backhand you see the speed up combo right there goodness vivian david whitwell beautiful forehand to set that up baby and david will smile while she slams that overhead.

She rips your heart out shea who is keeping us updated in the chat on the scores apparently johnson and barr making a comeback looks like a time-out was taken no score 12-13 was the last shea set so i think frazier and merchant up by one.

One point lead here as well for david and whitwell nice finish from anna bright she started that speed up right there four five one.

Good leave there for bright 552 tied at five wow georgia johnson with the combo right there going right at lee whitwell speed up backhand block.

Forehand put away she's great at setting herself up like that i heard it's 13-13 on our other court oh the angle on that two-handed backhand roll from anna bright.

The time out here from david and whitwell is johnson and bright take a two-point lead here in game number one winner of this makes it into the semifinals against jade kawamoto and andrea coop other semifinal is set simone jarjim and corinne carr.

Will be taking on michelle esquivel and paris todd a good time out here from david and whitwell as the two seed is down by two here in this quarterfinal matchup this is david and whitwell's first match of the day they had a bye coming into.

This johnson and bright took their first round match 12 10 11 1. merchant and dylan have a match point right now oh and whitwell they did it they did it excuse me sorry sorry a ball right there that whitwell wants.

To let go out she just can't pull that paddle back in a three-point lead here now for johnson and bright you say something over there i very much apologize for the interruption i apologize to these ladies and their amazing match going on yes although merchant and dylan frazier have defeated the number one seed.

Of jw johnson and deckle bar they head to the bronze medal match to take on kyle yates excuse me zane navartill and dj young right now johnson and bright with a game point here in game one of this quarter final match oh and uh aggressive georgia johnson will seal the deal.

They're continuing the success of their first partnership in punta gorda florida hoping it carries them all the way to the gold right now game number two though in this quarterfinal match here in women's pro doubles brought to you by onyx pickleball is coming up right after this.

Georgia johnson and anna bright on the far end for game number two in this women's pro doubles quarterfinal matchup lee whitwell and vivian david on the near end johnson and bright take game one 11-5 winner of this match fills the final slot in the semifinals where they take on.

Andrea coop and jade kawamoto and uh shots like that are what will possibly get them there slap forehand right down the middle ready here it is almost tripped over thank goodness she.

Almost caught her as you would have tripped in the kitchen maybe it's david i think counting her lucky stars that one stayed in yeah it was a little closer than she wanted it to be she didn't have to be.

That close i just feel like it doesn't matter that you know anna bright's about to rip it at you or speed it up because it's just so good there it is i think the second she shows you she's.

About to hit that two-handed backhand it's coming fast that's a great atp by vivian david right there anna's there what she needs to do is she needs to actually hit that create a better angle angle's kind of off right there create the angle keep that ball back in.

Play even if you pop it up back and play at least force them to hit another ball a nice counter by lee whitwell so she's seen that there before so she's ready for this and a bright speed up so she can counter that beautifully done by league just finding success playing with pace.

Right now is anna bright and georgia johnson oh great spot there well so good at not only countering but usually putting a great angle on it as well somewhere you're not expecting it two what.

Todd i believe zero five one oh great coverage from twice twice off the tape she almost gets both of them wow and so she takes something off that too right there to just flip it down the.

Line not trying to be overly aggressive but a controlled aggression right there keeps that two three feet in five zero one time out here from david and whitwell 6-0 lead for johnson and bright they are cruising along here in game number two trying to get that match up in the.

Semi-final against jade calamoto and andrea coop other semi-final like we said is set esquivel and todd jarjim and carr on the scoreboard here they have a court but i do see a michelle esquivel sitting right behind us so wow they obviously haven't been called to court yet but the court is up on the.

Bracket so we'll see what's going to happen there this quarterfinal matchup brought to you by onyx pickleball and we also have that bronze medal match in our men's pro doubles still to be played and then we'll conclude.

We'll conclude our day's day with our women's bracket as they started much later than our men today so we'll have plenty more of those coming your way here on center court david and blue going back and forth on the sign whether or not they were going to stay.

Or switch looks like what little misread and almost went the wrong side and now takes the ball off the chest from partner vivian david oh vivian david that gets on that she was on the ground like the entire time every time i watch her it makes my legs.

Burn just like watching her wow nice poach there from johnson and bright tries for the atp just a little short oh good get from anna bretta first one zero eight one.

Slide out i mean two backhanded rips right in a row one from breit one from johnson they're closing in on that last semifinal spot what can you do down 10-0 here to the youngsters.

Oh what oh the fact that breit got that first one back second match point here and the speed up from georgia johnson and then a bit of an unexpected result here.

Upset if you're looking at the seeds but vivian david lee whitwall dropped to our consolation bracket georgia johnson and anna bright head to the semifinals and coming up next we have johnson michelle esquivel and paris todd they take on simone's regime and corrin carr.

That's coming up next we head to the franklin studio first back into the action right after this the app tour st louis pickleball open is brought to you by head pickleball pickleball central onyx pickleball franklin pickleball.

Pro xr pickleball and lsi sports lighting welcome back to st louis at the st louis open i am with anna bright and georgia johnson after your victory over vivian david and lee whitwell two games george i'll start with you you guys just kind of put a lot of pressure on us talking to anna before.

This it seems like when you guys put that pressure on it's to your advantage is it something you guys are looking to do uh yes i feel like that complements both of our game styles and it's something that we like to do together and i think it's working well so far and anna it does suit your style you like playing that faster game you're.

Talking about you played with aj yesterday love playing with aj it allows you freedom to do this and you and georgia played in punta gorda similar results so far you like this kind of style play absolutely yeah it's uh it's so great playing with georgia we practice together we know each other's games like really really well so i kind.

Of have a feel for when she might speed it up saying she has the same for me and we both like it fast we have fast hands and and we hit we hit the ball pretty hard and indoors it's even harder so it's a good good combo it seemed like there's one point and we'll go back to you anna in a second but georgia like hip checked you almost.

Out of the way in game one where she wanted to take that two-handed backhand away from you and she did and she hit the winner and you were just like hey it's fine everybody on the stream we're sitting there going hey george is just feeling it right now did you remember that point no i don't it does i think it might have been the.

Start of game two she came in front of me and i said i don't know if you guys heard me but i screamed to take over is what i screamed i was like yeah girl do it let's go push right there push me out of the way come on and their ice cream take over well that was absolutely awesome congratulations guys put you in the.

Semifinals we're going to take a quick commercial break when we come back we got another women's pro match here on championship court at the st louis open
2022 St. Louis Pickleball Open Pro Women’s Doubles: Bright/Johnson VS David/Whitwell