Welcome back to the action here on center court at the app at st louis open presented by head pickleball we're at the missouri pickleball complex and we have a semifinal match about to kick off between our number two and six seeds dylan frazier and altoff merchant take on andre diesku and kyle yates what is going to be a fiery match i have.

No doubt taking a look at our breath you could see describe yates came through thomas wilson and aj kohler a tight three-game match in the quarterfinal to make it here to the semis while frazier and merchant had to take down john cincola and shelton john baptiste our other semifinal you can see is set as well decolobar and jw johnson who we.

Just saw defeat brenden long and rafa hewitt they will take on zane navertilla and dj young marie creed will be our usa pickleball certified referee for this match she is taking care of our team's choosing serve or side if you're indoors at this facility dom do you tru what do you choose what do.

You choose if you win the drop i mean it's all a preference honestly because again no wind backgrounds are exactly the same no sun so now it's do i want to serve first and try and get on the board early who do i want or do i want to say okay they have i'll give them serve one serve all you.

Do is one side out here and then we get two serves so it's all kind of a matter of preference of what you like what you want to do all right so dylan fraser in the gray alt-off merchant in the white on the far end they will start us off serving andre dascu in the white kyle yates in the all pink which.

Special shout out i do love a gentleman that wears pink second oh nice coal there first from merchant and then from.

Frasier this of course is frasier's hometown crowd a lot of friends and family watching he is from ashland missouri and currently a student at the university of missouri i mean kate yates knows i said cakes.

Yates knows that's going well long but frazier puts it right at an awkward spot catches him one little oh my goodness that almost put a hole right through all tough merchants watch this.

You get the close-up of it too i mean that literally like knocked him off his feet oh i like the construction though of that from frasier yeah just a little long right there that felt like a merchant was was making sure diescu knew.

That that was for earlier almost looked like this who wasn't expecting that it almost looked like he thought that they're both going in the neck wow i mean it just keeps it such in control.

Too so good speed up right there on the back side of dylan frazier by kyle yates forces the error they thought he ran through the kitchen he didn't but he didn't he was clean he was.

That was a great job for merchant good read oh nice cover from frasier what a point right there from dascu and yates i mean they shortened the court right there look at where they're playing i mean desk is off the court yates with a little bounce in his step.

We've seen oh that was a beautiful return that was right on that corner kyle's done that he did that earlier in his earlier match hit that back corner with that lob right there so a little jumbled in the middle there.

Between desco and yates ultimately oh he's there andre standing half off the court right there just using his length to his advantage and the best part is that kyle is supporting it and he's covering that.

Middle expected a little bit of a poach there from yates on that ball that was a little high stabbing the ball it's so good he has one of the best backhand attacks in the game he gets so much on it oh my goodness he fully missed it.

Oh he broke the plane yep he was clearly off you could see yeah oh it's tough god that was so good too yeah cause i think people forget the rule is if you go to ernie and you don't hit the ball you cannot break the plane of the net.

If you hit the ball you can totally run past as far as you want yates definitely has to not let that call frustrate him though so nice hands from frasier.

Good patience clearly merchant getting a lot of these balls he's needing to stay very steady very consistent let frazier get in there as often as he can that's a great pull right there by.

Diescu and again using the length watch his reach here i mean he gets this he's fully extended out in front he's taking that such great balance he's taking that ball sooner than most players can thought that ball might have been going.

Out earlier that frazier hit this one right here but it might have dropped in it's closed that's the hard part is because daesu doesn't hit it how he wants it exactly because the ball clips the tape coming up to him so he's a little thrown off he's just trying to get that ball down oh that's nice.

A rare kind of mistake there from yates and describes merchant didn't put a lot on that just i think they both just immediately thought the other was taking it well he jelly legged andre andre was leaning towards the sideline.

Nice coverage there from frasier ball right on the line there merchant really wanted that ball to be in oh he's tried to sell it not a lot of argument from him though after the out call merchant mountain a comeback here kyle upset with himself right there.

Because he thinks that ball is going out right here i'm not sure it was frazier didn't get too much on it but that's a natural reaction oh and that's just an error there from desku he's got that shot he's right there but we're tied up at sixes.

I think perhaps a timeout would be beneficial for yates and death scuba nun called right now we'll get the side out instead my goodness kyle doesn't play that out ball right there he picked up on that real quick and off of a great lob from yates.

That got them in that point yeah that's a good attack there from diescu he set that up three shots earlier he was leaning that way the whole time looking for that and he puts that ball right at merchant's chest such a close spot that is tough.

See yates got really backed up off the line during that exchange cross-court thing from kyle yates let's make one tough merchants gotta dig that out from right underneath him.

Can't do a lot with that oh he's okay he caught it he caught it nothing personal right there but this is on frasier he tried to poach over he's okay though guys he's okay frazier was expecting the lob from yates and i think he just thought about it but he saw frazier retreat.

So he plays the thing nice and easy that's a good play right there from yates yeah seeing frasier struggle just a couple times with the speed up not being able to get his paddle on top of it and keep it down which of course you know easier said than done.

Again just a little too flat feeling it right now with 6-6 all of a sudden it's 10-6 game point here in game one of the semi-finals clinch game one eleven six we will take.

A short break back into the action in the semifinal match up here in our men's pro doubles right after this welcome back to our first semi-final match here at the app st louis open presented by head pickleball we will have our second semi-final match coming up next here on center court.

Bar no yep naver till and young versus baron johnson excuse me right now kyle yates and andre de escue on the far end with the momentum into game number two taking game one eleven six over dylan frazier and altoff merchant.

Oh there it is what a counter from kyle yates right there with the forehand attack from altoff merchant yeah and that backhand it's just so good uh.

It's just great play from yates and descu just controlling the whole point they're manipulating what fraser and merchant can do even if frazier's going to get that ball that yates speeds up behind him it almost leaves that middle open unless.

Merchant comes over and can cover that that's so crucial that merchant and diescu excuse me merchant fraser try and take away that bounce in the step of yates and ask you because that is that's trouble right there.

Ah look at that was like a gladiator yell out of andre de escue right there i mean he wanted everyone in the neighboring counties to make sure oh something exciting going going on on.

Another court as well yeah i mean i would definitely like to see time out here from frasier and merchant because yates and dascu i got all cylinders firing right now oh good cover from yates as he saw the ernie from merchant.

good ball right there at the feet of kyle yates much needed side out here for frasier and merchant but they gotta get on the board here can't get a dig any deeper of a hole again the pressure just the pressure.

From desku of the threat of that ernie hmm oh yeah a little friendly stare down between these two.

They ask you reminding merchant that he's not that small he's like i got about three feet that's dirty that's a beautiful drop there from fraser that's tough to do it's so hard to do oh yeah good leave right there from dascus he.

Had his paddle up ready to attack that but let's go knowing it's going big out down the line there from kyle yates on the forehand he catches frazier leaning middle yes whips it right down doesn't even have to do anything he stands one place rips one.

Shot they are out in front 6-0 big here in the second game of this semifinal match presented by franklin pickleball and again i mean frazier and merchant kept it fairly close until the end when they pulled away what's the answer here i mean the yates and.

The asco if you add in last game they're on an 11-0 run right now they ended game one on a 501 they started game two on a 6-0 run what's happening is yates and d'asco are shortening the court and so what i mean by that is they're playing one side of the court.

For the most part they'll hit the merchant keep him there pinch frazier in the middle and then they'll go behind frasier one and then they'll go right back to their job and so they're shortening the court making it smaller playing merchant probably 80 inside.

Yeah definitely merchants got to be feeling a lot of the pressure being the player that's getting targeted more there's the one and then they go right back to it and there's the setup from yates he had it he had exactly what he tried to do.

And just couldn't get on top of that ball down the middle oh god there was he looks for that combo is there any benefit you see we've seen it in other matchups in different.

Tournaments where they essentially start dinking middle almost exclusively and try and cut down those sides of the court kind of shrink the court would you see any benefit to frazier merchant perhaps doing that to switching no to dinking in the middle more than like taking it to the side well they want to.

Keep the escu out of it because they ask you if the big man in the middle right there and if he can step in and take that ball out of the air that's just trouble for them so they're trying to avoid that too it's just kyle is just on fire with what he's doing with everything he's controlling the pace.

And watching he'll push merchant back too right there big forehand in the middle got what he wanted there on the setup from his partner yates but just can't finish it.

Merchant does a great job getting on top of that ball keeping it down it's critical that you do that against yates and ask you right now who are just playing so well wow nice job and read from diascu.

big man he's taking that huge leap over the kitchen line and sideline to finish that oh he gets it i thought that was going wide for sure but great spot there but frazier clearly trying to insert himself here try and put a little pressure on.

oh merchant fraser have done a good job they've held them here at six now they've they've slowed their run down they've staffed them essentially but.

They have to pick up some steam of their own even when frasier's there that one-two combo outside inside from yates other than when the the one he hit long there hasn't been many mistakes off of.

It there it i mean it's so good backhand attack is incredible from kyle yates and he's got it going like this you get a 7-0 lead here again too nice spot there for merchant up the middle catching diescu.

On his way up yates had the vacated area as altaf jumped that sideline and frazier was not there to cover for him yeah and that's what happens right there.

Is you know frazier trying to be in the middle here watching pinches here sidelines wide open yates is exposed a few times here all right frasier and merchant on the board here all right first things first two oh.

One it's tough at this stage of the game to give away a free point like that good angle there from frasier on the put away still got one more side out to get though here.

Does fraser and merchant hey oh just such a great spot with so much pace from dazuku right at frasier's feet tough parts frazier's trying to creep up as there is merchants driving that ball he's sitting target in the transition.

Area slowly but surely here comes frasier and merchant see they get another one here cut that lead in half frazier merchant have really forced yates and descu out of that.

Pattern that we talked about earlier that was working so well for them yeah perfect spot there from the big man andre de escue did merchant back behind the baseline middle was wide open may have been going out frazier can't.

Get his paddle down in time 942 oh ah definitely hoping for a bit of a comeback here for frasier and merchant.

Merchant putting on some pressure there i can't believe he missed that one right there just such a great return maybe one of those balls merchant hit could have been going out off the excuse.

Paddle but nonetheless it's a game point match point here for gaskin yates all right so either way that that rally ends up kyle yates and andre de escue are heading to the winner bracket final waiting their opponent who we will see emerge out of our second semi-final match which is coming up next decalbarr and j.w johnson take on zayn.

Navartill and dj young we'll be back in the franklin studios johnson the app tour st louis pickleball open is brought to you by head pickleball pickleball central onyx pickleball franklin pickleball.

Pro xr pickleball and lsi sports lighting welcome back into the franklin studio lauren mclaughlin here with kyle yates and andre de esk who have gotten the first spot in the winter bracket final after that big win over dylan frazier and all top merchant you guys have not you've played together in the past this.

Isn't the first time but it's been a few years obviously the game has changed you guys have evolved what was what was the communication before this tournament as you guys are getting reacquainted with each other going into this this day well we've played a little bit in the past uh we took a little break but uh.

Kyle and i were able to connect right away once we got back on the court we we both like to play pretty disciplined you know we both cover the court pretty well so i think it's a really good matchup and i'm happy to play with him you guys are both uh emotional players when you're when you're feeling good you're playing good and you guys.

Definitely were feeling good during that match how important it is it to kind of that mental aspect of like just feeling you're feeling it you're feeling loose you're playing well well yeah you just got to keep the intensity up yeah it's playing pretty fast in here i know we're both playing uh used to playing in florida or the balls maybe a little.

Slower in here ball's flying we got a couple good warrant matches earlier our match with aj caller and thomas wilson was i think warmed us up for that but yeah we just know they're going to bring it they're going to rip some balls at us you got to be ready for everything luckily his hands are so good i'm just trying to defend best i can.

Try to get them pop it up so big man can step in and put a ball away not sure who you're going to play yet in the winter bracket final we obviously have this semi still to be played do you have a particular strategy based on who you might face in that or is it more focusing on your game well you definitely want to start the match by.

Playing a game you know and you want to keep it keep it that way and then if if they're running really hot then we have to adjust and obviously we'll have a little chat and we'll try to adjust based on their games but usually you want to just stick to your plan a lot of players in this tournament were also at the us open last week as were.

You it's a it's a quick turnaround how's the uh how's the body feeling after being at the open and now here physically you feel pretty good uh the conditions are definitely different switching from the franklin ball outside the heat to endura indoors a little chillier so it's definitely playing faster.

He got to play makes i got to play singles so we did get used to the facility a little bit uh but now i'm having a blast there's good energy in here there's a lot of noise so it's easy for us to get fired up because there's so much action going on so i think it plays right in our strength and you know the other teams that we're going to play.

Next they got a lot of they got a lot of weapons but we do too so we'll see how they play us all right well congrats guys we'll see you in that winter bracket final our second semi is coming up next so don't go anywhere back right after this
2022 St. Louis Pickleball Open Pro Men’s Doubles: Frazier/Merchant VS Daescu/Yates