So here's Annalee Waters starting on the right serving to Cali Smith so we could be here a while and I know the fans would love a five game Thriller in game three we had Friday Night Lights it was a lot of fun and they won a very spirited match would have this place going absolutely bananas control the.

Game so they can take a lot of control of the game so as daunting as it may sound you're gonna have to fend off annalize drive and really switch around the drives because annalize poach is just really good and Lee gets in it ability to fend off the drive oh wow.

Oh there it is done Cali Smith and you're gonna miss serve gotta keep that level high when you're playing a team that is firing on all cylinders like the waters are and this court just urging them on foreign over her shoulder up above on this shot.

This is the side of be going aggressive I kind of did a heat check there third chance to take game one for the waters try six on the run and this is where her singles comes into play because she's used to hitting specific Targets on literally a.

Single shot right there don't start and now they're kind of getting now they're kind of getting into the flow of the match oh they just haven't gotten that momentum and kudos to the waters for oh man just complete bumper cars there but they got away with it foreign.

that's gonna stay in all right the waters want to play quick and they can run with the score better than anyone yeah they've oh there you go a little too much they're the wind not huge but definitely at the back of kovalova and Smith and there's switch.

Great Hands by Cali Smith there keep this point but you even feel it on the easy shots and that's just kind of good for people at home to remember like if you really the foot so beautiful drive there okay the lead is just one thank you Lee Waters track that down but then it sails deep so this pattern is going to.

Cost them a chance to get a title if they don't get it fixed quickly for sure Cali's been doing a really good job of getting in there on the poach I would start putting the thirds on her yeah foreign really has to isolate it there she's getting more used to it but that still is a very vulnerable pattern if there is.

One kovalova tracks that one down well what a get from Cali Smith would be massive so can they scrap it back and get another chance to serve oh man great get by kovalova again no dessert for you here we go this crowd place is going to go bananas if they can win this point.

I can't tell you one of the best shots she's hit all day that's how hard that was second chance to get to 10. got it yeah and pull off the last point of the comeback here we go and a really down one game point saved here come the waters and Callie Smith will the waters allow that to happen here we go.

Thank you wow and they went away tonight so they chose to um what a gap by Anna Lee Waters just a tremendous way in and there's no chance to get that yeah they kind of found their formula they're going off speed catching Lucy and Cali kind of swinging big and able.

To get a few misses or lack of power on their counters lava okay let's go waters are wasting no time Lucy and Cali have to take it to him nice there's kovalovan Smith Ali Smith desperate to give her fans.

Something to cheer about second ball has to bounce so that's for looks another opportunity to Win It and they do nothing of the waters goes with a lobster and that sells dating the waters win the women's doubles championship and Anna Lee Waters is your Triple Crown winner she.

The 2022 PPA Tournament of Champions was packed with great matchups, but this one might top them all 🔥 ⚔️

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