Time in zero zero two one foreign foreign one two one two one questions.

Two two one three two one four two one awesome thank you sir cut out two four one thank you three four one.

Two what's up got it go ES of course number two.

Oh yeah five four two second third four five two hours five four one.

thank you six four one foreign thank you oh yeah.

Thank you five six one second service six five one foreign five six one okay thank you sir.

six two yes seven six two foreign good job.

Yes it's time too nice okay there we go.

fight right that's okay I think right come on eight six one oh my God.

right six one oh my God I love my idea which tattoo.

Come on ten six one thank you sir foreign foreign thank you.

Everyone thank you two let's go let's go come on eleven seven one right now.

good job oh God come on thank you foreign right here eight twelve two.

Three right now come on come on come on please foreign thank you Five Thirteen two oh my God.

foreign foreign I'm in 1491 okay.

way to go Sierra wow
2022 PPA Takeya Showcase Women’s Pro Doubles Match at the Tennis Club at Newport Beach
Lucy Kovalova Callie Smith Yana Grechkina Cierra Gaytan Leach
Filmed in 1080p at 60 FPS

PPA – Pro Pickleball Association

Pickleball Tournaments Link
https://www.pickleballtournaments.com/tournamentinfo.pl?tid=5407 />

Best Day Brewing

The Tennis Club at Newport Beach