Foreign what's up guys what a year it has been for pickleball paddles there were a ridiculous number of paddles that came out and I wanted to start a tradition on my channel where at the end of the year I give credit to those who made exceptionally great paddles I think companies that do things well should be.

Recognized and rewarded for their efforts now if you guys have any issues with the picks in this video you can take that up with the people who created this list which is me so these are all just my personal opinions on what I think the best paddles of the year were after playing with a hundred different paddles so if you do disagree with me.

Let me know down in the comment below what your Awards would look like for 2022. for this year we have eight different categories and those are power control spin durability best value biggest flop most improved and last but not least paddle of the year so let's get right into it the first category we have is hour and to be honest I think.

There were more control paddles that came out this year than there were power paddles and I think this was because we saw a big rise of raw carbon fiber paddles Which have traditionally been very soft I also think that in general there's a lot of value in not having a complete power paddle for most players because usually it's their soft game.

That they struggle with with that being said this year I'm going to give the best power paddle of the Year award to the pro kenix black Ace this paddle just barely made it into this list being released at the end of the year and this paddle hits so hard it's a 10 millimeter thick paddle with a very stiff raw carbon fiber face this paddle is also.

Very loud it does sacrifice some feel and forgiveness but if your goal is to hit the ball hard then look no further than the black Ace at first I really wasn't a fan of this paddle but the more I used it the more I came to like it in fact I like it so much now that I'm debate stating whether or not it will become my primary paddle the biggest.

Question is still my resets and soft game but every session it gets a little bit better when I go out and use the black Ace this was a paddle that started to receive some criticism online about its 250 dollar price tag and whether or not it was going to be worth it but after spending extensive time with it I can confidently say that this paddle is.

Worth it and it's very good for the runner-up we have the zero zero two or power air I treat these as the same paddle because they're very similar and not completely unique to each other when the zero zero two came out it was an absolute rocket nothing on the market felt like it and you were able to crush balls while also imparting a ridiculous.

Amount of spin on the ball the biggest downside to the zero zero two was The Sweet Spot it wasn't very large and off-center shots weren't very forgiving then came the official version of the zero zero two The Power air it was edgeless Sleek great design and they balanced out the power hour with a little bit more control to make it more.

Usable for more people even with that balance it's still very much a power paddle all three of these paddles are a Banger's dream come true moving on next we have the control category this is actually one of the harder categories to give this award to because there's so many paddles that came out in 2022 that had phenomenal control after sitting.

Down and thinking about it that award goes to the Selkirk Labs project zero zero three this has been my primary paddle for almost half of the year and being the thickest pedal on the market you can imagine that it has great control it also has selkirk's new grit coating which has been proven to give you top tier Spin and that was no.

Different on the zero zero three so not only do you get an incredible control paddle that's amazing for blocks dinks and resets you also have an unbelievable amount of spin at your fingertips I used the zero zero three for singles and doubles this year and I loved it for both it's just been the paddle that I always go back to after reviewing.

Something if I'm going to go to a tournament this is what I'm going to pick up I really do think Selkirk made an amazing control paddle with the zero zero three now for the runner-up we have the Yola radius this was Yola's paddle for the table tennis player with a shorter handle and a rounded raw carbon fiber surface The Sweet Spot feels great.

Swing weight is low which makes it easy to maneuver and the paddle is incredibly soft it feels very effortless to put the ball where you want it from what I can see this paddle really didn't catch Mass attention but as a control paddle it has a lot of great things going for it for the final runner-up we have the gearbox cx14 while it didn't come out this year.

It's hard to ignore just how control oriented this paddle is gearbox also added a new textured coating to the paddle this year to enhance the spin even further which is an appreciated upgrade for this paddle many of the gearbox players I know are absolutely loving this paddle and they said dinks and roll volleys are much easier to add.

Spin on than they were before now when it came to spin this gear was a pretty big jump on most paddles by the end of this year we had a lot of top tier paddles that performed very well but as you guys probably already know from my paddlestats spreadsheet this year's award is going to go to the Selkirk Vanguard Power air clocking in at 1851.

RPM this was pretty much unanimously agreed upon as the highest spinning paddle on the market both in my tests as well as other people's and just people playing with the paddles in general there really was nothing else like it that let you impart so much spin on the ball and then outside of the power air the runner-ups are tough because they're.

All soccer Labs projects the new grit coating that they made this year truly proved to be unbelievable for spin now if you go outside of Selkirk products then the next best we have were pretty much the raw carbon fiber paddles on the market there wasn't a lot of new and interesting technology introduced for spin but raw carbon fiber has proved to.

Be pretty amazing now it is hard to rank these because what I have found is raw carbon fiber is very picky in How It's Made sometimes you get a paddle that has more grit sometimes you get one with less so it's a little hard to rank them if you guys want to look as a reference you can check out my pickleball paddlestad spreadsheet but again.

Sometimes those numbers just vary a little bit because one has more grit or one has less grit so it's really hard to rank them in an order and give one specific paddle a runner-up reward so for that reason I'm just going to give it to Raw carbon fiber as a whole an important topic of this year in pickleball was the durability of paddles.

Even though many of the companies are doing the same type of polymer design some companies have gone the extra mile to increase the durability of those products again while it wasn't released in 2022 you guys know that I have to give this award to the gearbox CX line no one in the industry makes paddles as durable as as gearbox these paddles are.

Built like tanks and Incredibly well engineered I also want to give some shout outs to companies that did what I thought were a great job of building quality paddles but weren't quite as good as gearbox head pro kenix and Selkirk all three of these are very well built for polymer paddles I didn't notice any loose Edge guards dead spots.

Or other noticeable issues with these Brands it doesn't mean that those issues can't happen but in my use as well as looking around online I seem to hear the least amount of issues with these Brands not to mention Selkirk has a lifetime warranty with a generous return process head and Pro Connects also offer a year warranty on their paddles Which is.

Pretty solid now moving on we have the best value award while paddle Prices rose quite a bit in 2022 I do want to recognize those that made great paddles at a sub 100 price point and to be honest there really weren't many people trying to compete in this space probably because the margins aren't as high but the winner of this year's best value.

Award goes to the ex back paddle from Amazon this is a paddle straight out of a Chinese Factory and just delivered through Amazon and in my play testing it plays exactly like a carbon one but for only ninety dollars while their marketing is incredibly cringy featuring high level tennis players using their paddle on a tennis court I can't deny.

How amazing of a paddle This is for the price in my opinion there's nothing that can compete with this in this price range it truly is an incredible value and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a paddle under 130 dollars one thing to be aware of is that this paddle does go out of stock on Amazon semi regularly and once it does the.

Listing disappears so just be aware that if you don't see it on Amazon it's probably just temporarily out of stock unfortunately other than that we really didn't see a lot of great budget paddles that were under a hundred dollars this year now while they're were a lot of very exciting paddles this year we also had a few flops that fell pretty hard.

But not necessarily just because the performance was bad I think you have to take into account things like price marketing playability expectations and then what the reality came to be so for the flop of the year I think you all know I have to give this award to the Selkirk Labs project zero zero one this launched alongside the zero zero two.

When Selkirk Labs was announced and it was marketed as having great Spin and that ended up being the worst part of the paddle in fact to this date it's still one of the worst paddles I have ever tested for spin the paddles seem to have no defining features it was marketed as having power but it was much weaker than a zero zero two and it.

Didn't feel very special in terms of how soft it was and then the final killer was the 333 dollar price tag with the launch of Selkirk labs and the heavy skepticism at the time I'm I don't think a worse paddle could have been chosen to launch during the release of labs now they did recently revamp the zero zero one and some individuals are receiving.

Theirs now I have not got mine yet so at the time of recording this review I'm talking about the original zero zero one that launched at the beginning of 2022. I'm also just gonna give a quick runner-up for flop of the year because the Franklin STK was very close to taking this award but the primary reason it didn't was because of the price that.

The zero zero one launched at it is hard to argue that the Franklin was a worse flop than the zero zero one when it was literally double the price and still had worse performance if you want to know why the Franklin SDK was so bad you can check out my review on the channel now here's an award I'm kind of excited to give and that is the most improved.

Paddle of the Year award I think sometimes it's easy for a company to go unnoticed even when they made changes that people are wanting to have in a paddle so for this award I'm going to give this to the Head radical tour Co prior to this I thought all head paddles were incredibly mediocre they had some of the worst spin in the game the.

Paddles looked ugly and I just didn't think they played well overall but in the middle of the year had reached out and offered to send me the head radical to her Co and they said that they were confident I would find it as a big upgrade over previous head paddles now to be honest I really wasn't expecting much and I was ready to just rip the.

Paddle apart because of how the previous ones performed but I was pretty impressed the handle is very well built the paddle feels sturdy and the new torco has fantastic spin numbers as well as really good power in fact it was one of the paddles this year that I thought was the most fun to play with every time I pick it up I enjoy my time using it in.

Fact I would go as far to say that for most of this year it was the most underrated paddle on the market it launched for 135 dollars and I think the only reason it got so slept on was because pry prior to this head just wasn't known for caring about pickleball so I think a lot of people just glanced over it and didn't really care the.

Paddle is a hundred and fifty dollars now which makes it less of a steal than it was but in this price range I still believe it's one of the best paddles you can buy especially if you're looking for a power paddle alright we finally made it to the end of the video and now it is time to hand out the paddle of the Year award there were again a lot of paddles.

That were released this year there were a lot of amazing paddles some mediocre and then everything in the middle but after sitting down and thinking about it the paddle of the Year award goes to the Yola Hyperion CFS 16 millimeter I think of all the paddles that came out this year this is one of the most talked about most used and had several impacts.

On the game that I think are going to carry over into next year one of the things that made the Hyperion so special was the foam that they injected into the edge guard this added a lot of weight to the head which some people loved or hated but when no one can deny is that it gave the Hyperion what is probably the closest paddle on the market to.

Having an edge to edge sweet spot every time I pick this paddle up I am incredibly impressed at how good it feels during off-center shots as soon as I got one in my hands this year I switched almost immediately even people who think it is too head heavy have a hard time switching away from it because the performance that it brings is very.

Hard to ignore I also believe that next year we're going to see a lot more paddles launch with foam in the edge guard or at least heavier stock options I think the Hyperion showed that there are benefits to having a heavier paddle now the Hyperion absolutely was not without flaw people were reporting broken handles and loss of grit and I.

Hope that's something that Yola is going to fix next year and focus more on build quality because if they do it's going to take an already amazing paddle and just approve upon on it even more but even with those issues I think it's incredibly hard to ignore just how good this paddle is and that's why I gave it the paddle of the Year award now for the.

First runner-up we have the Selkirk Vanguard Power air it's incredibly hard to deny just how amazing this paddle was this year again it had the highest spin in the game it had amazing power which made it an amazing singles paddle and even in doubles it was letting people do things that they couldn't do before it was also one of the only paddles that.

Even if someone didn't like it I watched them try and make it work over and over and over usually if someone doesn't like a paddle they'll just put it down and move on but because the performance was so good on this paddle even if it wasn't working for someone they would try and make it work because they wanted to have that spin and Power in their game the.

Power air was also one of the best looking paddles that came out this year it's edgeless it's Sleek it just looks clean and different from everything else on the market especially when we did have a flood of just raw carbon fiber paddles everywhere all right the final paddle for the runner-up of the Year award goes to the Head radical tour Co.

For most of this year the head radical tour Co was a 135 dollar paddle with a lot of top tier features good warranty good durability good spin solid handle construction and great power it's one of the best paddles you can buy in the price range of a hundred and fifty dollars it checks a lot of the boxes that people want in a paddle and for a.

Cheaper price than what a lot of their competitors are selling paddles for head showed us that a really good performing and well-constructed paddle doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg and I think that's worthy of a runner-up spot for this year alright so there you guys go those are my paddle awards for 2022. if you guys disagree with it leave a.

Comment down below and let me know what your Awards would look like otherwise thanks for watching my content All Year guys and I can't wait to do this again next year I'll catch you guys in the next video

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