All right ladies and gentlemen we are about to get started your one seed Anna Lee Waters and Riley Newman taking on the three seed Paris Todd and J.W Johnson winner bracket final a spot in the gold medal match on Championship Sunday on the line winner is done for the night and playing Sunday loser has to drop down and play in that bronze.

Medal match later this evening we're gonna throw it down courtside thank you thank you thank you.

Foreign thank you one here for you Anna Lee Waters and Riley Newman your one seed taking on Paris Todd and J.W Johnson winner bracket final a spot in Championship Sunday on the line how important is it as the weather drops.

It gets a little cooler obviously as the night goes on it's going to get cooler and cooler one how is it how important is it for the winning team to get done for the night so they don't have to deal with the next match another match oh it's huge and I think right now exactly what we're seeing on the court with warm-ups is they're making sure that.

Their hands are ready to go the ball is fast it's a little chilly here so you're going to see a lot of speed ups and these players love a quit game so you're gonna see a lot of hands battles here it's going to be who's gonna come out on top of those who's going to stay composed in those chaos moments and it's crucial to get off the court right now.

People want to get off we still have gender doubles tomorrow before Championship day Sunday we don't want to go back and have to play back into a metal match we want to get up and get out of here get to bed get some recovery going is what these players are thinking here yeah you're absolutely right it's very important for the winning team they.

Want to get out of here they want to get done and they don't want to have to play another match here on Championship Court even though the atmosphere has been electric all day long and all weekend long there is Lee Waters and Neil Waters that is the mom and grandfather of Anna Lee Waters unfortunately Lee did pull out earlier uh this afternoon she got.

Injured the only thing that I know was a knee injury so we're just going to leave it at that once we get maybe a little more information we'll share that with you but we do know that she had to pull out today still uncertain about tomorrow so if we have any more information we'll give that to you but that did happen in their matchup on a outer Court earlier.

This afternoon and all the best to her speedy recovery whatever that is we just all the best to Lee Waters yeah absolutely but again here cam now talk about the the match up here and my my my whole kind of thing here with this matchup is how is it going to be the Cross Court battle with Annalee Waters in Paris Todd when they are cross-court.

Against each other yeah it's really going to depend right now in my opinion on the Waters of Newman's side I think they're going to dictate on what they want to see right so if they want to see a cross court with Todd they're going to set up accordingly if they want to see it down the line they're going to set up.

Accordingly on the other side with Johnson and Todd they're pretty set on their sides you're not going to see them moving you're not going to see JW coming over to the right side they're going to stay put so I think it's going to be pretty interesting because you have Todd who's very consistent in dinking and not afraid to go straight up at Newman Eiler.

Eiler but when you have someone like Waters right in front of you and it squeezes that Court to be very small it's gonna be really interesting to see how Todd adjusts and maybe changes up her dink or her patterns in order to counter what's going on on the other side because it can be pretty hectic like we saw in the in the beginning they.

Can create a lot of chaos just with their different movements and just switching sides back and forth yeah we'll see what that is but like you said you pointed out out earlier the water or Waters and Newman they weren't switching sigh or they weren't stacking they were just playing straight up so be interesting to see what happens with.

That and what their decision is it will be Anna Lee Waters to serve to start this two out of three winner bracket final Anna Lee Waters coming in hot going right at the chest of Paris Todd nice ball there and combo from Riley Newman there camp just a little high dink there from Todd that just created.

That for Newman right there opened up the court quite a bit you're going to see her settle in a little bit lower so I know anally off the tape right there but a good start for them yeah and you don't see that often where the point ends at it on a dinking there was no speed UPS there but it just shows how discipline all four of these players are.

Yeah it's going to be tough for Annalee Waters to speed up right down that line and Johnson he's going to be sitting on that all night one two one oh Todd gets jammed up a little bit right there yeah you're gonna see her make that adjustment I would assume slide out to.

Make sure that her backhand is ready to go one of her best shots oh Newman Doss the back corner there with a little forehand flick earning the side out don't see him speed up with the forehand on that side very often that was very effective.

Big forehand winner there from J.W Johnson just like that it shows when Todd can get her back low and down it just creates so much opportunities you just saw for Johnson to finish oh finding a hole in the middle right there is JW Johnson and another quick side out one two one.

Forehand finish there from Riley Newman as it's almost still a feeling out process now for both of these teams early on in game one nice job by JW Johnson is checking his feet they look straight down after he puts his forehand away to make sure he's not in the kitchen and if he was Mike Baumgardner your lead.

Referee would have been all over it see now like that right there I want to see Paris Todd Drive a little more let JW Johnson come in and poach a couple of those see where we're at as the weather cools and the ball gets faster oh Riley Newman trying to do everything.

He could to help Anna Lee Waters there's a lot of willing in that yeah last shot nice finish there from Newman but some great hands between Newman Johnson and Todd there throughout that point but Todd and Johnson take a two-point lead.

Oh and so Newman trying to tell Waters that Ball's going out not sure if there was enough on it but water's just not able to dip that right shoulder enough and get on top of that two-handed backhand oh right there great unbelievable Anna Lee Waters going off the tape though unfortunately clips and drops back four.

Two one some great hands there from Todd and Johnson oh nice counter from Anna Lee Waters and that was the pattern right there that Paris Todd was doing against Catherine parental the difference was his parento was countering straight on to Johnson and Johnson was putting it away if Emily.

Waters can go back at touch he may find some success don't see him miss that very often he loves that shot yeah he does he loves that lean in he'll take that ball out of the air better than anyone he uses wrist to flick that ball right at his opponent second server you don't even need to watch the ball.

When you're watching human to know if that ball went over or not his body language says it all yeah and there's Todd looking over at JW Johnson asking if that ball was out we'll get a better view of it here three four two a three four.

One point lead here for Todd Johnson and J.W Johnson creating a great angle there there we have it right here the ball looks like it's right on that line break a server four three two big forehand finish there from Riley.

Newman and I can see some more comfortability on this side with Waters and Newman having just come off of this court versus Todd and Johnson who have been sitting for a bit they've been on an outer court for them to come back on here and taking some time to settle in.

Yeah and that's it when Riley Newman almost putting up his hands going really that's what you're gonna do speed up there I'm good with that and now you're seeing Newman and Waters stacking thank you wow anally water staying in that point.

And ended up with the winner here J.W Johnson with his paddle down and then gets beat on that forehand side and Waters and Newman take a 5-4 lead we're just out and Todd not able to get on top of that what we're seeing is so it's time out here from Todd and Johnson but what you're seeing now is instead of Waters in Newman playing straight up.

They're strictly stacking to put Annalee waters on the left they're seeing something that they really really like to keep her over there they've found success with her before on that side and when I interviewed him last they said oh we like staying you know straight up now they're putting her strictly on that left side what are you seeing Oh It's.

Very effective like I said I think she has one of the best backhand roll dinks out there in both the men and the women's side she could create so much with that and when you're playing with someone like Riley Newman who can cover so much court and has such incredible hands he's not surprised by Johnson's speed UPS he's seen him before he's very.

Aware in men's doubles and mixed doubles and he's setting up accordingly and I think right now you're seeing a lot of chemistry on the water and Human Side even though they just started playing this morning and watching it continue there's a comfortability right now with this setup and it's showing.

Oh and just can't convert on the pop-up off the tape you see they're not knowing Waters to come over and cover stay on stay on the left wow Anna Lee Waters and that is what I'm talking about right there leaning into this two-hander Watcher dip that front shoulder get on top.

Beautifully done and they double up Todd and Johnson 6-0 run here so Todd asking if that around the post from Newman was in Mike Baumgardner confirming that the ATP was in and it's a 9-4 lead for Waters.

Riley Newman feeling it right now I mean he's bouncing he's rushing back to the Baseline to serve and it is an 8-0 run for Waters and Newman what do Todd and Johnson need to do here cam to slow them down I think they need to extend the rallies right now I think that any speed UPS right now you're not gonna get past Newman or Waters they're just playing.

Too good they're seeing the ball too well let's go ahead and slow it back down let's get into some longer dink rallies and let's let Johnson decide the speed up and finish that right now I think that's how Waters and Newman have been so successful in getting so many points is them just completely taking control this match the pace the patterns.

The positioning everything I think right now Todd and Johnson need to settle back in as what they did in the beginning of game one here where they were able to get some points have some longer rallies all right well they're on first server still so they're gonna have to hold off two serves here to get a side out foreign.

Johnson with the big put away there but see I like that he decided to speed up and finished it right Todd coming up paddle down gets crossed up Waters and Newman taking game one by a score of 11 to 4 here at the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships will take a commercial break game two on the other side don't.

Go anywhere game number two about to get underway Paris tied to serve game one going to Annalee Waters and Riley Newman 11-4 they ended game number one on a 9-0 run that's exactly the adjustment I wanted her to make she kept getting jammed on that forehand side having her adjust moving a little bit out wide and taking.

That with her back hand her better shot port two zero two oh that ball peaked over and said no no not going tonight I'm here for Todd and Johnson three zero two yeah and just JW Johnson going right at.

The body of Riley Newman two times in a row getting that ball up and the put away and all that 9-0 run that happened in game one to end it that's all said and done starting game two on a 4-0 run what's been the difference here cam from the first game now to the second I think they have belief that they should stay in this match and that they can take.

Game two they have the shots they have the patterns they have everything they need in order to win this game here the adjustment I saw right off the bat is in the first game Todd was getting jammed by Newman on the right hand side time and time again we saw in the very first ball there her sliding now out towards the sideline there and taking it.

With her backhand her better shot and I'm seeing there right now she's having more confidence and more success with taking that slide out having Johnson's light a little bit more into the middle and taking control of the kitchen line all right as we come in from the timeout 4-0 lead for Todd and Johnson yeah you're looking at Riley Newman.

Trying to gain some space give himself some space but ends up just backing up a little too much and the run for Todd and Johnson continues a little wide on the reset from Todd but a great run to take a 5-0 lead here in game two while just long good decision by Johnson to let that ball drop.

Yeah that's a tough spot for Johnson to speed up that's Annalee water sitting on the two-hander right there waiting for him to speed up to that spot into pulling the trigger there he knows that the middle looks open right there right and as soon as she goes to speed up he knows where she's going with that and you watch him slide immediately.

Because of that yeah and where we're at cam we have a perfect view of that hole that Newman's leaving open on purpose and it looks huge right right from here it looks like it's a hole in the middle that you know Paris can punch that ball through but it's just not there on her front foot she punishes this ball.

Just doesn't get it over she wants that one back yeah and and I'm seeing that right there is that what I'm thinking is that Newman and Waters are seeing something they're seeing a chicken armor and the in the armor is in the middle right they need a dink middle and if they can dink middle I think it opens up the middle.

And that's kind of almost backwards thinking but it is because then they both slide back do Paris and JW Johnson yeah and only water sitting on that twice from Todd and what they're seeing there is JW Johnson is not taking as much Court as as Riley Newman does right so he's staying on his line over there rarely.

Coming over to take anything from Todd's batcan Dinks however that's where the confusion is coming for on the Johnson and Todd side is because there is that hole of he's placing it perfectly of Johnson saying oh am I going to take it with my forehand or is Todd am I going to take with my backhand and that's where he's.

Seeing that hole where he can speed up where he can hit a nice strong dink maybe get a pop-up that is exactly what he's seeing right there and it's very successful right now so you're seeing two different styles of timeouts Barista JW Johnson not saying a word to each other Riley Newman is usually known for that when he plays with his sister.

Lindsay is that during timeouts they split they just go complete opposite directions let's take a breather but this time Riley and Annalee every time during timer and they've been talking sometimes they're communicating together which is good but they're still down by two here good angle there from Johnson and a good.

Timeout five three one oh Riley Newman right at the hip of Paris Todd five three two foreign Johnson is trying to do a little too much right there again that's that hole though I I think.

Todd was slid over just a little bit too much and he wasn't covering the middle like he could have to finish that ball right there that's just good patience great Point construction from Riley Newman waiting for the right ball he's able to punch that ball through the middle for the winter I think they hit what 12 dinks in.

A row right to the same spot yeah and finally I think at the eighth dink Johnson decided I'm going to take all of these Newman catching Paris Todd on the stack and she comes up she gets up a little late five one wow what hands from Riley Newman I mean.

He's off the ground blocking that ball in the middle and anything high it's not coming back afternoon finishes that ball six five one oh and Newman and Waters both wanted to finish that after they did such a good job of getting back in that point but couldn't do anything right there.

And on the flip side he was really good on talking or on Johnson's part to put it right in the middle of them too good spot there from Paris Todd you're gonna go anywhere at the feet of Newman you've got to go to the right foot he's always pretty much gripped in that two-handed backhand ready for that backhand side.

Go to that right foot that's exactly what Todd did right there oh Johnson finding the middle right there good setup by Todd as she pulled Riley Newman to the sideline just enough got him off balance and it was a perfect height she's been going a little bit too high where he's able to finish that right there jammed him up a little bit.

To give him a nice ball to finish on wow I mean there were a couple balls in the middle there where Newman was trying to bait Paris Todd and speeding those balls up she didn't bite she stayed in it which was nice but Newman and Waters come out on top.

Newman almost getting that one back over but a good set up there from Todd just shows how calm Johnson is from staying at the Baseline it may take three balls for him to get in but patience that he has and how much control he has over his hands and that paddle is unreal.

Oh what a find Right There by Johnson little flick backhand as he walks back over gone I got that right there with that little backhand that's nothing that is all me right there and they taking 8-6 lead what have you seen Kim it's been the difference right now for Todd and Johnson I think Johnson's taking.

More of a leadership role here as he needs to he needs to be more aggressive in the middle yes Todd likes her backhand however let's have Johnson take all those middle balls in the dink let's have him set up a little bit more on his side and I see right there making the adjustment of the backhand there with.

Todd as well but I think the Difference Maker has been Johnson he stepped up his game and he's needed to I think on the other side Newman's been running the table and you have to have the male counterpart on the other side take that initiative and be bigger than Newman and that's what Johnson is doing right now can he hold it we'll see but it's gotten.

Them up now two points coming up eight six now in game two and they they have to win this game we'll see if Newman and Waters will switch anything up maybe they go back to Newman on the left and Waters on the right we'll see what they do here coming out of this timeout Todd just pops that ball up a little bit so a good time out and a quick side out.

Yeah he's finding success on Todd's forehand there second server will not see him miss that no any more in this match point three point there on the return to serve from Johnson cannot have that in a must win game it's a tight game.

Oh the easy one Johnson can't reset he gets the hard one the power from Waters battle was a lightning bolt over the net all tied at eight here on second server uh and Waters off the tape and the winner and a time out here from Paris Todd and JW Johnson.

As Waters and Newman have taken the advantage back here a little update on the bottom half parento and John's take out cow Moto and Bar 15-13 and in the other matchup on that bottom half kovalova and Wright Take Out Irvin and davilier 15-12 so our next matchup here on.

Championship Court will be that match kovalova and Wright versus parento and John's in a game to 15 which will pit the winner of that matchup against the winner of the match that we have going on right now and right now it is all Waters and Newman with the momentum up 9-8 here in game two and there was a change coming out from.

That other timeout that they had I think the discussion was hey we're going to play to win we're not going to play not to lose and there was such a difference in momentum and aggression that Newman and Waters brought out in that last timeout to get them up nine to eight thank you wow J.W Johnson finishes it with a big.

Forehand in the middle but what a job by Newman and Waters to work their way back up into that point seemed like they were dead in the water but a big finish from JW Johnson huge side out server again cannot do that here there's Todd with the speed up at Anna.

Lee Waters water's going long much needed point and it is going to come down to the end here nine nine two Johnson serving foreign sitting on it right there she kind of squats in almost like a half scorpion to get to that forehand but can't get it up and over and still.

Tied at nine here game two foreign click there from JW Johnson down the line gets Newman lean in Middle wow there you have where the two women taught in waters going at it then you have JW Johnson stepping in finishing that point foreign.

Yes just out right there by Newman I think Newman was trying to sell it a little bit and that ball is out Newman tried to sell it but Johnson does make the right call there and it is a 10-9 lead for Todd and Johnson trying to force a third game.

Here wow Newman they're coming out on top of that firefight and they fight off one game point make it two game points they fight off now we are all tied up the movement of Riley Newman just alone gets you gets.

Points on the board with how creative he can be with just his movement let alone what he's gonna hit when he puts his paddle it and on the flip side now Waters and Newman with a match point on.

Their paddle here that ball drops in Newman wanted to call it out so bad but it drops in on that Baseline and they fight it off stop oh good talk there from Waters as Newman was gonna play that.

eleven two oh J.W Johnson wow he read that by the youngster here look at that Reed and just a little forehand roll he doesn't even pound this but he rolls this a lot of times you see the earnings go down the middle or Cross Court came up right behind Newman there on that.

Line oh no you see that back foot just stay yes it doesn't slide that back foot all the way over ends up reaching and that ball into the net that was better him really sliding over and taking the initiative there yeah and a good ball jamming up Anna Lee Waters still tied here at 11.

Foreign water slipping that right down the sideline and it will give her and Riley Newman a second match point she set up that entire Point great play I vote that ball drops right on the line again Todd and Johnson Flirting With Disaster there both of them painting they're wanting this against two points.

Wow 11 12 1. and that's been some of the things throughout this entire matches when Todd is going in that dink rally there popping it up just a little bit too much she's getting beat by Newman every time Johnson can't finish it there on the forehand that means that Newman and.

Waters are going to have at least two more opportunities to end this match yeah and she slides it right down the line and is a 13-11 victory in game number two for Newman and Waters let's hear it such an incredible match by all four of these players here I am so impressed right now with Newman.

And Waters having just started playing together this morning now are set in their patterns feeling very comfortable Annalee Waters said you know I really haven't played the left side since last year at Nationals you could not tell right now she is making so many balls she's hitting a lot of balls that are really setting up Newman right now that.

Nice backhand dink on the flip side you also have Newman creating so much movement on the other side creating so much for himself having some nice slice things anything's popping up he is finishing them right away like Dom mentioned when there's a timeout they are together every single time out there talking they're cohesive.

They're very comfortable with this space and keeping a close connection with each other and that's something they're going to have to continue to do throughout throughout out Sunday really great play from all of these players we're gonna go ahead and send it down to.

Dom right now who's with the winners Riley Newman and Annalee Waters all right let's hear for all four of these players one more time here on Championship core ladies and gentlemen all right I'm here with Annalee Waters and Riley Newman you guys are punching your ticket moving on to the gold medal match on Sunday first annually I'll.

Start with you you already punched one ticket this is your second how's it feel you're in two gold medal matches on Sunday already yeah it feels amazing this is actually my first mixed doubles final here at Nationals so I'm super excited to be a part of it especially with Riley since he and his sister won last year so you know I don't I I think.

I'm super excited playing two and hopefully tomorrow will be my third all right well congratulations Annalee Riley what's it mean to you because like Annelise said you won this last year you were in the gold medal match last year with your sister it was an emotional victory for you I remember that interview how's it feel to get back.

There again yeah it was definitely one of the highlights of my pickleball career winning in Palm Springs last year with my sister but hopefully we can repeat that moment again on Sunday we're gonna have to really battle hard JW and Paris played an unbelievable second game there and uh it was just fun to pull it out there all right well congratulations.

Anna Lee Waters and Riley Newman moving on to Championship Sunday we're going to take a quick break here when we return I got an interview coming up with pickleball Central here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships