It's our final match for Championship Sunday at the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships and one thing is for certain we are guaranteed a Triple Crown winner here this year between the number one seed Anna Lee Waters and.

Riley Newman taking on the number two seed Catherine parento and Ben Johns Waters and Johns vying for the Triple Crown one of them has to knock the other one off we're gonna throw it over for Al player introductions and then get ready to kick this one off all right ladies and gentlemen one more.

Match this evening Pro mixed doubles gold medal match who's ready for this last battle your first team coming to court your two seed out of Naples Florida Catherine parental and her partner three-time National Champion out of Austin Texas Ben John.

thank you foreign foreign s warm up and get set we're going to take a look at our head to head match up presented by paddle Tech here for our.

Mixed doubles Pro gold medal match parental and John's coming in from the bottom half of the bracket narrowly escaping being knocked out by Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova down 14-10 but coming back to win 16-14 yeah so as you see here it's had our bracket how these teams got here.

Waters and Newman Todd and Johnson in the winter bracket final Waters and Newman coming out on top 11-8 11-8 Todd Johnson getting taken out by parento and John's 12 10 11 7 in that bronze medal match to pit the one seed versus the two seed so the the seedings came true to form here in the gold medal match.

As we get ready to start Anna Lee Waters to serve all right players I have handling Waters and Riley Newman serving to Catherine panto and Riley Newman pickleball and right off the bat in a two-handed.

Backhand winner for Anna Lee Waters and these referees one through it's a thankless job Chad they've done an amazing job for the past nine days Waters is coming out aggressive looking to rip some balls and then Riley put every ounce of his body into that the tape.

Yeah may have just clipped the tape three zero two but a very vicious putty there on that one we are on the post basically to the team twice by the time it got to Ben Johnson but how about she's stepping up and ripping balls of Ben saying hey you better be ready I'm gonna test your hands.

But a good one-two combination there again not afraid to go at John's zero four one four oh stop for Waters and Newman we're almost getting that over thank you good pressure there from Ben Johnson just missing that forehand as Waters lets it Go by.

142. oh that ball just walked out good hands from Newman Anna Lee Waters down the line with the winner there Chad beautifully done yeah and parental trying to test the hands of Newman as well like just catching that last one giving Waters the opportunity to rip it down.

The line behind John's a little confusion in the middle there from Newman and Waters but I'll figure that out they figure it out five one water sitting on that speed up from Ben johns but can't convert one five seconds two flat from John's coming above the ball.

One five two add a little bit of pressure himself and nicely flip forehand there from Riley Newman and a very quick side out from Newman and Waters that Ball's a little too low for Parental to try to do that 6-1-1 Inside Out flick Waters eye formation there but you're.

Exactly right on that flick from parento She's either got a big one and get that a little higher level or let it bounce goodness the counter attack there from Waters she reset one knowing that she wasn't on the winning end of that battle at that hand Exchange knows that John's gonna try to speed up.

Again and just slides to the right clears himself and rips her backhand Anna Lee Waters playing Relentless right now Chad she's she's not afraid to go hard and say hey I'm gonna hit it at you you've got to try to find a way to stop me sign out gets a little behind that one pops it up and out but not before.

Water's a Newman gain an 8-1 lead here in game one eight one point so parental and John's put a crooked number here up on the board by six but Newman getting that one a little bit more elevated with not as much Pace 282.

So perito was never able to get on top of it you've seen Newman check his feet as he ran over to get that Ernie making sure that he knew where he was communication not recognizing that John's was going to be coming back for that forehand.

Foreign how'd he hit that he had it he had It reversed watch left hand yeah no yeah I was he wasn't ready had it reverse trying to flick it back Cross Court just when you think you've seen there was Yates hidden Ernie around the post defense humans around the post yesterday.

If that made sense I heard about it yes I saw that one in person quite impressive here's what I love here Annalee Waters doesn't care where Ben Johns is on the court she's going yeah she's like no she's playing Ben yeah that's what she's doing she has avoided Catherine whether she's straight up in front Court.

Good speed up there from Waters again testing the hands of John's a little too much pace sending that bulb deep 392. John's coming up Ben John's right there is Riley Newman for the side out 9-3 lead here for Waters and Newman in game one nine three one Waters Newman coming in out of the winter bracket they.

Win this two or three out of five it'll be over and it's two three four number one from Ben Johns for game point and game number one going to Anthony Waters and Riley nine minutes back here on Championship court at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national.

Championships here at Indian Wells Tennis Garden a beautiful pickleball thank you and we are getting ready to start game two Riley Newman and Anna Lee Waters Chad handling in game changing the time in zero zero two yeah nine minute game and Annalee Waters not afraid to go right at Ben Jones.

A two-hand backhand second serve just long again leading with that help like pancake back face in the paddle just laying back too far zero zero two let's try it out parental catching Newman on the move good speed up down the line from her.

Zero zero one second serve what is continuation on the move down the line SO trading blows right there Ben trying to step up the level there but Newman doing a good job and keeping that ball down all right.

Waters was going to be all old if that ball went over then off the parent to his paddle well just wide yeah but Waters again sitting all over that speed up going right into the right side of the body of John's miscommunication there in the middle again.

Parental and John's not three zero one talking much point big sub there from four zero one so the backhand of Ben John's what handsome parents over there Chad though the pressure from Waters in human Israel at once right now it's another 5-0 lead.

Oh my goodness dude pause Ben Johns I just I can't even speak right now how quickly things and there's no time yet okay.

So Waters and Newman are just in sync right now we see water speed that up Newman steps over hits the ball through the middle human speeds the ball up water steps over rips another ball no timeout wow going Toe to Toe and beating him in the hands battle right now John's trying to get even bigger there to hit that.

Ball harder nine Chevrolet one foreign still on the one second serve I always say go to Second.

Stuff wow this is just relentless a little bit of a wrench in the works there zero ten one say Newman's top causes the issues on the Block because the more topspin he gets if you don't kind of hood that.

Block over it's gonna pop up yeah and that's what's happening right now foreign to not used to playing with John's see her hugging the kitchen line a little bit ten zero one for John.

Riley Newman too many titles 11-0 did not see that one coming Chad one more game and one more win away our Riley Newman and Annalee Waters side out.

Zero zero one you're is stepping over and punishing that ball right there there's row two let's try now so quick yeah I saw it out for parents okay John's trying to reset the water speed.

Up but again she continues to go at him she's speeding up at him these battles Newman steps over and finishes it again going into the right hip two zero one Chad I gotta get this in so today here at Indian Wells record attendance for a pickleball match.

5 500 and 302 here on Championship courts today at any Wells it was packed in the middle of the day 5522. yeah as the weather got cool up there oh clean up don't throw the chair up in the air right now you can throw everything at.

Riley Newman and Emily Waters now and nothing will stick because they are just in four minutes six zero in four minutes five minutes now well five minutes yeah five minutes oh my gosh six zero one wow and the intensity.

I mean this is the pace of this play right now is something that we seven zero one typically never see hey John's trying to go for more and getting bigger there's a 19. the last two games in the last two I forget what the score was when they went up in game one yeah.

Nine zero six minutes oh my God what I guess oh my gosh unbelievable with the gift from handling Waters in the middle of that still.

Sprint full Sprint block 902 902 it took all that her parents Owen John's to get second server this is only the thoughts of inhuman and Waters by the way oh she tried to rush it she got over the top of it yeah.

Zero nine one Point Johnson parental safe some dignity getting on the board here in game three it's still a 20 to 1 run s sir put that in perspective and you're right Chad I want to know what run at the end of game one was getting just a little too big there but.

Can't blame him for going no big on that swing pretty much made everything inside out here 921 foreign here on the paddle to Riley Newman Waters Triple Crown.

Consider the pressure on Waters was trying to make her move Championship point all right from Ben yeah he's not having any of that right now this match time does reach double digits ten minutes pressure second serve big time pressure pickleball right here.

John's we'll throw it down to Cameron Blackwood who's seen all this courtside at eye level cam what are you seeing their shoulders are down they need to they're doing great right now I think it's just the belief right now on the other side is so much right.

Around theirs and again facing another match point I'll throw it back up to you guys for this all right there's Championship Point again that's great stuff is John's and parental look dejected watersville USA pickleball National Championship set do not lose.

Presentation tournament today all right so we are gonna throw it down to Courtside to Cameron Blackwood she is with our champions we want to go ahead up and bring the.

Chairman of the Barnet USA pickleball Robert Quicksilver and the CEO Stu upsman to present the silver medals here obviously not the outcome you guys would have wanted you both are used to playing with these two players on the left side of me but how amazing has it been playing with Catherine all weekend uh you know a new partnership well kind of.

I've played with her before but it was a while back so it was nice to to rekindle that uh but yeah a great day with here with her here as well as the other matches today a long day but a great day and I really want to have a special congratulations friendly Waters the Triple Crown she she very much deserved it another round of applause for your.

Civil matter is Catherine printo and Ben Johns now over here to our gold medal winners yes a Triple Crown here like we said you guys are used to playing with the people to my right with Ben Johns you are playing with Catherine prento earlier today what was the game plan heading.

Into this match well we all know each other so well so I think we were just gonna come out here and hopefully have a really good match and me Riley we play best when we're aggressive so I think the game plan for us was just come out here and rip balls and you know I think we did with that and Riley this is your first time on.

Court today looks like you've been playing all day long it came out dominated the performance tonight what was your mindset in prepping and coming out this evening that I did not watch a single point of pickleball uh I was at home watching Sunday NFL football and actually that's what we tried to do today it was just like the.

Two minute hurry up offense uh get the ball served real quick make the points super short and aggressive and it worked out today and Annalee you triple crowned here at Nationals the biggest stage the best players in the world how are you feeling I'm feeling amazing I don't think it's really gonna set it in uh maybe until.

Until tomorrow I can't really speak I'm sorry I've been playing pickleball all day no but it feels awesome a special thanks to Riley for being here and helping me through the last one and a grind to Ben he played three back on back so great job Ben and you know we'll see you next year thank you so much you guys don't want to.

Go anywhere we're going to have the gold medal ceremony right after this