Back here at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships one more match to go tonight your bronze medal match on the men's singles Pro side to see who moves on to take on Ben Johns on Sunday Julian Arnold Tyson McGuffin we're going to go Courtside for our player introduction all right ladies and gentlemen one more.

Match to go bronze medal match men's Pro singles who's ready to go your first competitor for this match your six seed out of San Luis Obispo California Julian Arnold after he had taken game number one he loses that match to a lot of players cam they could have.

You know he'd lose his game two he loses game three a lot of players could have gone in the tank and just said hey I'm done I can't believe that happened no he does not Julian Arnold drops down in the bottom half he goes through Travis Rutten Meyer 15-11 and then dismantles Hunter Johnson 15-3 to get back here what are you expecting out of Julian.

Arnold in this match give him the edge in this match I really do I think you know he he had the match against Ben Johns he knows it we all know it it's no surprise he drops down and says you know what I'm not done because I want to go back to Sunday and I want to prove to everyone and myself and Ben I can beat.

You so I give him the edge in this match that that didn't hurt him I think it fired him up to say you know what I'm gonna come back sure I have Tyson McGuffin no big deal I trust my game I trust who I am and what I can bring to the table because I had Ben John's in the palm of my hands I'm not mad about it I'm fired up yeah I I agree and you.

Know he did come off two matches on that bottom half of the draw so he's feeling good McGuffin just I mean 15 minutes ago coming off of a loss two none other than Ben John so both of these gentlemen have gone down two Ben Johns here already today Ben sitting pretty in the gold medal match but if anyone's gonna bounce back quickly.

It's gonna be Tyson McGuffin and so I do not count him out it's I'm thinking that this is going to be a close one not only close but I'm thinking this may go three it might go three I I hope it does I I want to see these guys battle it out they're both incredible players great footwork I think they're two of the quickest players in the men's side of.

The game they run for every ball like its match point and I love how fired up they get they both have their own sayings they both fire up the crowd in different ways but it's so exciting to watch both of these guys and the very different style but both very impactful and I think if Julian Arnold comes out like he did against Ben and his ground.

Strokes are on I think it might get in mcguffin's head because he just got beat on ground strokes so if he can get in and have those right away I think it gives him an advantage on the flip side if McGuffin can come in and control that kitchen line and quiet down Arnold I think he's gonna see that he can get the lead in this.

Match all right well that's our thoughts on this man they don't matter much the only thing that matters really matter forget that yeah the only thing that matters is these two gentlemen on the court again that's why we play the game and so Tyson McGuffin Julian Arnold look like they are ready to go incredible facility here I mean look at.

That picture right there it's an unbelievable view there of the nicest pickleball facility around here in Indian Wells California best players best best event look at that I mean look at how beautiful that is under the lights here Tyson in Southern California Julian if you are anywhere close and you have any time of the weekend off you.

Have got to get here come see us please I would love to say hello come say hello to us we'll be here all weekend oh there it is and this is exactly how Julian Arnold started against Ben Johns really did and the quiet pumps the quiet command you know he he stayed even Keel one two.

Yeah Arnold doesn't clip the tape right there I think that falls in I think so too McGuffin does such a really good job he's so close to that kitchen line and looks like he's almost gonna fall into it sometimes with with his um shots but because of the strength he has in.

His legs and his core he's able to stay upright that's a good ball there from Tyson McGuffin he holds this on his paddle really long time he had Julian R leaning to the backhand side there point two one oh nice little change of pace forehand there from Tyson McGuffin as he drops.

That ball and that was a difference that you know benjons didn't do early on hit any drops which we thought that would be and play to history I think Tyson McGuffin will do that a little more trying to get in that cat and mouse it's different playing cat and mouse with Ben Johns versus anyone else on the.

Court I I think you have a little bit more confidence going up against someone else knowing hey my footwork is great I think I can win some points on that versus Ben John's being one of the best up at the kitchen line oh boy nice drop shot there from Jillian Arnold a good change of pace camp it is and that's what he's gonna have to.

Do it the same thing's not going to work from this entire match they're both created adjusting to Point each other's style of game and making sure that they get points on the board however they need to do that three three I'm just missing that right there and.

Again the colder it gets Cam that ball you know two hours ago when Arnold hit that against John's is Gonna Get Knocked Down But now that same ball same pace dick fails a little long that's what I love about these guys is they love the crowd both of these guys are gonna ham it up and they're such good guys yes oh what a ball there from McGuffin.

but yeah I mean they're both gonna ham it up they're gonna play to the crowd here but as soon as that ball gets put in play hey come on out McGuffin trying to go inside out forehand right there I like that idea and he tried to take some Pace off.

It too nice ball from Arnold and again he took something off that right there both of these guys are playing really smart right now and it's showing and there's not anyone taken away we have 4-4 right now all tied up both guys playing great pickleball and again what it is Cameron we talk.

About all the time it's when you get someone oh I'm you know this guy's playing you know chess and other guys playing checkers both these guys playing chess here as they're going back and forth trying to figure out what is my next move both playing very smart see Arnold pulling that cross court and you know McGuffin thinking that might.

Sail along a dozen drops in the back and what Arnold does so well is he has such a big backswingy swing and he almost does it on purpose even when he's at the kitchen line and holds it at that last second he'll pull the trigger how fast he's gonna pull it you don't know in the Direction you don't know it's a very smart play by Arnold to do.

Arnold taking a three-point lead here who's just so far out four seven point so that's all Arnold could do he so he swings and misses at this but he's swinging and missing at it because he's.

Trying to cut it so tight it wasn't that it was out of his reach but that's how he had to hit that and he just missed it and I think it started so much from McGuffin serve it really did Jam Arnold up to not get such a good return back and set him up for the point foreign.

That's not gonna happen right now but McGuffin answered one back from Julian Arnold down the line I didn't think that was he was picking that up he really dropped his wrist McGuffin as he's down by three drops that wrist flicks it right up winner write down the difference here cam for.

Arnold Amy he's pacing he's stalking the Baseline right now he's playing really well and and what I like about this is he's not getting as many I would say three points as he was getting against Ben John's right on the serve of return he was getting having such a deep return he was setting.

The point up for himself and getting a lot of those right now mcguffin's handling that well but Arnold is making those adjustments to still stay in the point and win those points versus hey you know what my return's not making that much of an impact forget it this is I you know I'm just gonna lose the point no he's.

Adjusting well he's able to move the ball he's change of pace really well right now change of Direction really well right now he's playing great pickleball yeah all right what a ball from Julian Arnold that ball barely clearing the net making it a very.

Tough volley for Tyson McGuffin had a lot of topspin so it was dipping down so to pick it back up is very difficult right at that kitchen line Point yeah McGuffin just a little off right now two volleys into the net gives Julian Arnold a game point here in game number one wow too good from Julian Arnold on that.

Two-handed backhand cross-court winner as you see right there Julian Arnold takes game number one by a score of 11-5 we'll take a quick commercial break game two at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships up next zero zero foreign.

back here at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden game two zero zero zero Tyson McGuffin to serve so McGuffin was on the board first here oh after that first serve here we go one zero.

Oh and Arnold almost gets set back here we go McGuffin came out a different player that said it seems like at least right now 2-0 wants to play aggressive seems more confident he doesn't want to go down finds that Cross Court forehand winner.

There zero two yeah McGovern's gonna find a way cam there's a big four hand winner for McGuffin a little bit more pep in his step but it's a big forehand but it's still short right it's a short compact just gets a lot on it.

Thank you and right there talk about running around your forehand getting you out of position and that's what happened when McGuffin right there he ran around that forehand rips it and then Arnold goes Cross Court McGuffin can't get to it and right there great by our crew and McGuffin just can't.

Recover oh and suck it up and gets enough angle on that to get it away from Arnold on the overhead 2-0 ball from Julian Arnold going backside on McGuffin and that's what's so hard and I give so much credit to McGuffin like I said I think he has the best.

Footwork he has to he doesn't like his back and he wants to run around at that forehand and sometimes it can get you in trouble good control there by McGuffin Cam and that's exactly how he's going to get back in this he's very controlled right now very composed playing within himself.

Oh wow off the tape I don't know if that was staying in yeah it's it's so hard because that's just a pure reaction it is that backhand I think he got a little excited gonna call it time out here is Arnold because it is a McGuffin 4-0 lead Cam and what has been the difference.

Here in game two for McGuffin I think he he just came out as if it was 0-0 that we're just starting the match right last game didn't phase him and there's no need for it to we still have two more games in the match and and he knows it he's a seasoned player he's one of the best in the world and he knows he just has to let's calm down let's regroup.

Let's play my shots let's maybe not go for as much let's place it a little bit better see if we can't get Arnold a little rattled and get some points all right so let's talk a little bit about the big Tyson McGuffin serve here as you watch how he almost he lifts up off the ground players almost off the ground which would be illegal but he's.

Dragging that back right foot server and again good catch fire crew there because again you get people who would say oh he's off the ground he's keeping that right toe down kind of similar to like what Deco bar does when he gets up on that toe and almost how Dylan Frazier when he serves and he steps in it almost looks.

Like he crosses the plane before he contacts the ball with his paddle and he doesn't zero four side out yes it was out just to clarify Julian goes did you see it the referee said yes and Julian goes and or zero he.

Confirmed it was out and it's a 4-0 lead here in game two for Tyson McGuffin foreign control by Arnold finally able to get it to the McGuffin backhand that's where he wants to go right because again McGuffin one that likes to run around that forehand he loves that forehand calls it his Ferrari forehand.

So he talked to himself right there talking about sitting down not standing up and that's right through that shot he stood straight up and what's he mean by sit down through that camp stay low you got to stay low under it sure you can get under it to get it over the net and and sometimes we see that.

Ball and get really anxious and want to swing right through it and we're standing straight up and we're already over the net the only way we can go is have the paddle down and that ball just gonna go straight into the net every single time so Arnold doing a good job here after the timeout holding McGuffin at four he.

Has answered got one on the board but needs to continue to chip away here oh wow what a kid on the first one from McGuffin but that was a smart play by Arnold it was a nice soft roll cross-court weighted and then ripped backhand Cross Court nothing good leave right there it almost looked like he was gonna play that.

Backhand but doesn't and I like that Arnold change that I thought he was going to go cross-court again like he's been doing and he changed it went down the line got my government a little off balance decided to go back Cross Court just wasn't able to get it in the court.

Just wide on the forehand down the line from McGuffin and Arnold just continuing to hold McGuffin F4 and then chip away slowly oh yeah oh nice ball down the line from Julian Arnold and he is fired up here let's go oh fist pump chest pound from.

Back within one point McGuffin had early oh nice job by McGuffin for the side output Damage Done Arnold evens it up here at four and I really thought McGuffin was going to take advantage we had Arnold missed two serfs unexpectedly and and he.

Wasn't able to take advantage and get any more points on the board and now it's tied up 4-4 yeah oh wow what a backhand Cross Court there from Julian Arnold what a great pickup forehand to start it and again as we talked about he stayed so low nice pickup volley there stayed low used that left hand to come across.

The body I mean I don't get it McGuffin frustrated with himself is Julian Arnold comes all the way back five straight here let's take a one point lead four or five seconds trying to go one-handed backhand ground stroke there.

Still see here Arnold is still really relaxed mentally and in his body and his play right now looking really good right besides that he looks like he's this is not phasing him he's getting points on the board it may not be big runs it doesn't have to be.

Yeah too good of an angle there from Arnold McGuffin is the first one but can't get that second one because Arnold able to create such a good angle Kim and if you saw on the momma Arnold did so much is adjust and go ahead and go to that forehand side it worked out well boy nice change.

Of pace right there from Arnold as he flips that forehand down the line and it's six unanswered from Julian Arnold and I think what he's doing good is like I said he was going to mcguffin's backhand so much still a great game plan but let's switch it up let's test the forehand now we haven't hit it in a while.

Nothing trying to fire himself up and get back in here as again team Selkirk in there here sideline as soon as he gets a great Point like that you got to keep that momentum going and.

Unfortunately it's only a side out six four you can do so much work and just get the ball back foreign stretched out on the backhand side right there and he just opens up the hole in the opposite side of the Court it's so well because he's been pestering.

The back inside of McGuffin and that's why he's leaning that way so it's great for him to change that up and there he goes instead of there now he's thinking is he gonna go four and he's gonna go back can Arnold's doing a great job of keeping McGuffin confused as to where he's going yeah because now he's thinking forehand you've been going.

There and then he goes nope going straight back to your backhand well Julian Arnold taking the lead here 8-4 again Arnold still on a run he's on an 8-0 run here in game number two what has been that difference because McGuffin came out on fire too Arnold took the time out didn't talk to anybody didn't do anything went over to the sideline.

Talked to himself literally came back on Court and he scored eight straight cam he's over there now like you said just stalking and he he's fired up he wants to get back to see Ben in Sunday he's not happy about that result and whoever's in his way right now watch out because he's looking to get get back into Championship day Sunday and prove.

To everyone and himself that he is good enough to be there and and I think right now he he didn't come out as strong in the second set I think he finished well in the first game there and said you know what McGuffin has been making some errors let's go ahead and pressure that backhand and let me kind of switch up my shots and I think the key to getting him.

Those eight straight points is his placement right now he has been changing placement so incredibly well and McGuffin is confused thank you out of the timeout 8-4 lead for Arnold and boy nothing over hits that backhand volley and Julian Arnold continues to roll here in game number two.

Point oh it will be a game and match point here for Julian Arnold 10 straight rattled off McGuffin burning the last one you know what does he need to do here cam I mean it's tough Julian Arnold cruising along again you see him.

Stalking the Baseline he's not doing anything to change it to to change his momentum as we go forward I think let's get let's get whatever whatever he wants to do right now he's able to do it because his shots are a little short so he's able to get under him and create those.

Um those balls that are that are confusing McGuffin right now so I would like to see him push those a little bit deeper on the flip side if he's gonna bring Arnold in let's play some cat mouse let's go ahead and see if he can keep up with mcguffin's footwork he really hasn't been tested up there we haven't.

Seen much cat and mouse between these two guys all right well Julian Arnold has a game and match point in his paddle here 10-4 trying to get that rematch with Ben Johns on Sunday no not yet so McGuffin fights off one match point.

Foreign ball there from McGuffin now needs to repeat that a few more times to get back in this match oh wow triples up to the backhand side and McGuffin feeling it now never count him out ever I love it right here it's a clutch time out here from Julian.

On you watch this as McGuffin going backhand to the backhand side of Arnold to the backhand side Arnold into the backhand side I don't know one more time for the winner but I do like this timeout from Julian Arnold he's sensing a little momentum as McGuffin scores gets the side out and then gets two points in a row you'd like that time out.

As well cam yeah don't keep the momentum going if you don't have to if you have a timeout let's take it let's not let's not get him in the crowd getting Loud Let's get him quiet back down there's uh Meg McGuffin Tyson's wife sideline and Aubrey Steele the owner of chivalry sitting sideline here.

Tyson McGuffin both players are out of timeouts for this game zero timeouts both players thank you on Arnold turns says that's good and here comes Mr McGuffin 17. oh and he over hits it just a little bit so McGuffin got a little work done right.

There got right back in it scored three straight now he needs another side out here I don't think Arnold wants what happened Ben John's to happen with McGuffin here he wants to close this out and there it is cut out forehand by Julian Arnold and he wins 11-5 11-7 to get that rematch on Sunday against Ben Johns.

Credit so much there to join Arnold after a hard loss he looked like he had been John's it was an incredible first set had him up in the second set at 9-6 ended up losing that lost in the third went back in the backdraw was able to beat Travis rettenmeier then beat the really really good player Hunter Johnson to get back into this match against such.

A great opponent as Tice McGuffin who I think has the best footwork in the game right now and you see him right there I mean he's just ecstatic he trusted his game today he didn't get discouraged by the loss and I think that just shows how much his game has grown and not only his game on the court but how much he's.

Grown in his mental game and and it shows right now that he deserves to be in Championship Sundays and he's proving it time and time again that he deserves to be out here and all the credit to him he's just done such an incredible job and it's only Thursday only singles day so we have so much more this weekend with mixed doubles and gender doubles so.

Excited to see what he's going to do with that but here we have Julian Arnold heading into Championship day Sunday we'll throw it down to Dom to interview him all right I am here with Julian Arnold the first and foremost congratulations to our bronze medalist Tyson McGuffin.

All right Julian going into that match knowing that you want that rematch on Sunday with Ben Johns what's the game plan going on against Tyson um you know I've played Tyson a number of times now so I think just uh we know each other by now and we know we're both going to be out there fighting which is.

Uh I wouldn't want it any other way I think Tyson's a great competitor a great guy so I I really look up to him and my hat's off to him he had a great tournament um but yeah just go out there and play my game I think when I'm hitting my passing shots uh I don't need to think who's on the other side of the net it's.

Just me and that ball and if I'm hitting my shots that's that's that's the game plan and in game one you were on and end that game pretty quick and then game two he comes out with a 4-0 run to start what was your answer to his 40 run um just ride the storm it's a streaky game um I know if I just start making a few.

Better balls and putting a little more pressure on him I think I left a couple high he was hitting big serves he had some excellent passing shots and uh same thing at the end of that game you know I had it ten four or something and he makes a great run because you know that's the player that he is so it's uh it's never over you know Ben did the.

Same thing to me I had him on the ropes and he ended up crawling his way out of that second set so uh just got to keep my head down and one point at a time and what are you looking forward to most about getting that rematch with Ben Johns on Sunday um just another great match against another great player and uh you know I.

Just live for these moments this is an awesome venue and uh what an amazing uh facility to be playing at so I'm very thankful for the uh USA pickleball for putting this on it's been a lot of fun so far so uh yeah I'm just gonna go out there and give it my all and uh hopefully I can push it to that game 15 and then we'll see what happens all.

Right well congratulations Julian Arnold moving on to Championship Sunday against Ben Johns that's it for us here today we'll be back tomorrow on YouTube and for the fans at one o'clock so you don't want to miss any of the action tomorrow afternoon thank you guys for joining us all day from the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships.