Back I will drop them welcome back to Rota South Spain Miss Bourgeois here any arm puppy and cereal Duran is running around again getting some drinks getting some drinks or maybe going to the beginning.

But we are about to start the finals the much looked after the finals between english team and Spanish team and um as you can see English team James and Lewis um try to take initiative from the very beginning.

Zero zero one zero one and we're on will be a very very nice game to watch the boat very competitive players yes competitive things just to say a little bit of the story nice so english team in the wrong Robin group lost to Brothers plateaus and Spanish them beat Brothers patels.

Yeah in the semi-finals so that is the history but uh right now we wouldn't really care in there to say that Spanish team is going to be the english team but uh yeah I mean if you would ask me uh who would win this game I would really not I couldn't say any any name because really they are really tightest teams.

Yes very strong players vote on Baseline and on the volley so great hello wow yeah putting the ball a little bit High welcome back siren hello cereal hello I find my shoes that you went to the bathroom that's because uh it's really it's cold here yes it's.

Really old place and uh we need my uh my friend Jan is very kind but uh Pepsi is not a solution thank you cereal thank you keeping her employment I guess that's yeah but if you if you come in Andalucia you need to to test um.

Okay it's a really nice drink refresh so really nice so we are up to 4-0 for Spanish team very quickly I was sharing the information which oh will probably not be relevant yes but they are at home because uh they are from Rota so yes.

the court they know how to play with the wind yes English people play Oh indoor most so it's not the same game exactly and friends too we play most in in indoor and outdoor so it's really difficult when we arrive in tournament outdoor.

Yeah and I don't know if that is any indication but um we saw the French quarterfinals here and we saw Brothers plattels oh I think Spanish was the same it was the same for Spanish but um I think it's uh the the last moment of a tournament sometime it's quite difficult they are young and they are the future of pickleball and they play since only.

One year so I think we could count on him on them for the future well let me tell you when I saw first time playing Ernesto and Javier in Thailand in okay in Phuket they actually played against Daniel Moore and Tyson McGuffin wow.

Obviously they lost but it was a very nice match to to watch and at that moment I realized that at this student of a Nestor and Javier has a tremendous potential and we know that Ernesto was a very good badminton player yes uh we we look yeah.

When you use this battle we saw we know that Ernesto um he's a badminton player yes we talk about last month about the teaching lesson for children and he introduced pickleball with uh buys badminton but he's a really good dinking player yes and when he hit the ball in ballet he's so quick hit one time two times three times and it's really really.

Quick yes yes and he is a total pickleball fanatic yeah and the fact that we are here in Rota with the first European pickable Championship is a Open championship Ernesto and Miguel and Javier were very instrumental and very helpful it's a nice team it's a nice team of.

Young people here and many people say Rota is the the future of pickleball in Spain maybe even in Europe and looking at these two guys because they told me that there is a Android player here so it's uh it's very important really impressive for 20 and 20 cores yeah yeah dedicated car it's fully dedicated and for the moment four really really nice.

Chord I don't like to play on it but really nice when you look at them but uh it's really nice and there they are Evolution because uh there are some With the Wind last month it was very difficult and we say the bunny of the sponsor move a lot and they change in one month they changed somehow yes they put some extra weight and then put their.

Fence on it yeah I mean it's a great facility to to play here and wow I thought I told you yeah how are you how could you miss that so that you talk about Ernesto from Madrid and I know many ernestas yeah that's why too much.

Okay it's likely so this is called okay in between foreign wow what a pickup.

yes I like her badminton player yes we'll use this battle like like this and and also if you can see like his he really is his legs are very very Dynamic yeah timeout as by the British team yeah right now obviously.

right now they look very light on their feet a Spanish team and virtually dancing on the court I visit him so and it's lovely to watch them because they have everything you know they have the movement they cover the cord beautifully they play soft game they play the fast game and um right now.

It looks that English them needs to come up with something because before they know it this match could be done song ethernet and it's coming in what first steps one yes foreign people from Rota really really nice first set quick.

But really nice to see yeah I'm curious how this second set will uh will be yeah I mean I say change side as our friend cereal says for the guys it doesn't matter on which side they are let's see usually we had a discussion here yesterday like if there is any better.

Side of the court because the wind was blowing certain certain way and at least in singles it seemed to be a much bigger factory it looks like doubles doesn't affect the game of the guys because normally you don't hit like the last game you try to you try to make ding yeah I mean on thinking when you're thinking I.

Think the wind is what happened there okay good fault so James one that was a good eye I was not that much out down with the light would which is not so good in the sport yeah it's not yeah it's not an advantage to play at night.

Now but it looks like that the guys have a actually ask wow what a pickup there another one and it's in actually oh it was out yeah okay.

101. it was not a good idea to don't wait the bones for me to zero yeah deeper serve yes nice and I can tell there is some English people here yeah yeah and we hear it oh yes unlucky.

The gems try to to make Drop shots so it's nice game stay a little bit back oh ah yes nice shot by uh James well the second game is showing us completely different story as the first one which we are happy about because we don't think that the.

Difference between those two teams is such a big one as the first game show who was out I'm looking for Louis with a backhand but uh most difficult maybe zeros the court is too small or maybe it was painted in the wrong direction yes because there was a mistake oh Ernesto oh.

I'm lucky gems great sir no again a trash coming up some people don't respect the place oh maybe the wind was just drinking oh the wind is the wind you're sure foreign.

Yeah you see really a change man yeah wow wow what a shot there yes it's crazy it's crazy the difference between uh between the English and Spanish guy when they make a good shot they hit the ball eater eat them and English say okay we continue it's not the same so Latin people are not.

The same people it's funny to see the difference gems foreign was very good yeah but James jump too high oh unlucky Louie hesitate to take the ball I'm disturbed gems.

To change the service oh really good defense wow oh it's crazy oh that's too bad foreign to take the point and then tape the ball let's try Louie takes a serve into one.

Oh unlucky shot so quick too quick he moved running yeah yes running and hitting the ball this is not really easy oh unlucky there also on that side he tried to finish quickly the second set yes and this will make a really good job.

Perfect Defense yes the point is already but apparently it was not a point just uh he wins a rally yeah oh there's still another chance here enjoy too oh try something but windows.

They want to finish quickly yeah I would suggest though that I think that the biggest issue here we is the wind here yeah it looks like on the other side gives some wow what that means a movement yes so quick.

Oh English a nice final team so we will have a third set in a few minutes yes yes that will be interesting yeah Spanish team will start on the better side.

But we'll take it because the wind will twist maybe a little bit Yeah so we'll see what it will give okay now it seems really that the other side gives the opportunity a much more chance for the players to dominate the game everything is so much easier with the wind you know there is more wind I think there is no wind since the beginning of.

The game yes yes so we shall see I mean it's exciting to have the three games because that's what we were hoping for the two best teams meet at the at the end in the finals so we are back third set now playing on the backhand oh this was close.

Good eyes bye James oh oh oh oh oh kitchen yeah it's forgiven yeah that's a good balance at this moment oh that's terrible shot foreign the wind is really against them now yeah yeah you need to hit bigger against the ball it's not possible.

But you will see look the player English player as a mixed sign in the back to change sides yeah foreign it's really interesting to see what a shot from James yes oh the wind doesn't help yeah especially when I just at this time yep he tried to make a good drop shot but it stops the.

Ball and in the middle of your stroke it happens foreign good try that's really hard difficult position to do so he's really nice because each uh each player has his role and try to eat the ball he tests the.

Honey for Louis wow what a pickup oh that's too bad it was a great pickup from the Spanish team oh close close the house time of the English player it's all the wind has no effect.

In this set oh too much banging there okay one four one scores are not getting updated on the screen but it's actually one for one second server 142.

yeah you see now that the British team actually on that side is also making some points yeah James will serve attention oh what was this shot behind the back was it seeing why is that yeah but it's nice with your friend not at.

This moment of the tournament because maybe it's a it's a little music it's almost time for us to drink so yeah it will be tough I guess I mean uh when you see this course British team is leading now it's like where again the.

Again Carlos and uh in Israel in the semi-final they wake up at the at the at the end of the end everything can change I mean yeah we know in rocket sport very interesting game yeah five one one team must change at six it's the first.

Team at six it must change normally no changing okay well there is no problem with the sun oh perfect match though so side out.

One five one foreign they need to wake up a little bit the Spanish team it's never too late always a check before playing it's really really nice to see yeah wow what a great shot yeah.

two second point oh yes no but the drop shot was good five two oh yeah I thought it was six the reason why I say they don't change yes waking up really really quick.

Four five two oh yeah oh that's nice picking up oh yes inside out yes they move but they don't look at them so now it's a change it's full.

One okay honestly I don't know it's really nice to see Louis yeah you could say it's like a robot but uh crazy yeah all these all seems easy he's not a robot no I'm not sure.

So it's really nice to see oh lucky lucky lucky two Falls another one out yeah um a new a new one eight four three twitch yes they're all waking up again.

So forehead oh yes yes continue in the same way yeah nice shot second server for the Spanish I think they're what what the english team does really well right now they are isolating um Ernesto most of the balls are going to towards.

Towards Javier they figured out maybe that's a little weaker weaker part of the team and yeah and I think that was the biggest biggest change in this match because in the first game Ernesto was all over the court I feel that Rabia is a little bit.

Nervous three yes three Falls and the continue English understands that and continue on him Championship Point yeah ten four one foreign between two nice team so it will be nice.

That she will will do uh the last interview for the men yes before drinking a beer with the champ close this call so we will see cereal in a few minutes
2022 European Pickleball Open: Men Doubles Final