Welcome back to championship court it is the gold medal match for women's doubles pro simone jarjim and her partner andrea coop taking on susanna barr and paris todd michelle mcmahon and dominic catalano here with you courtside with the call it's been an action-stacked day of.

Pickleball dom a rematch from earlier today drawing from your memory bank in this matchup originally what would you like to see barr and todd do just a touch better against regime and coop to get a revenge victory here well barr and todd started off nice.

Started off hot against jarjim and coop and the best part about that was they took that first game they won 11-9 it was a close one you thought they had some momentum but the veterans jarjim and coop came right back and won games two and three so.

In my interview with barr and todd we talked about that and kind of went through what it's like to play that double elimination and how special it is to be able to come back and play that team that knocked you down moving on over to the other side.

Simone regime and andrea coop have not lost yet today what is it that makes them such a strong duo and difficult to exploit well great hands steady consistent two of the best players and female players out there simone jarjim the goat as you say yeah absolutely she has won at all levels.

Uh since she started playing pickleball the former michigan state spartan head tennis coach has done it all and then with partner andrea coop who is just as solid as they come the hometown girl from here in michigan a lot of hometown fans here under the lights tonight.

Trying to win that gold medal so you're going to see a lot of hometown crowd cheering for andrea cooper and simone's regime here under the lights for this gold medal match this evening going to be a good one and if history is any indicator this one went three earlier today likely will go three again.

Potentially here on championship court that's been the theme for us all day long tactically speaking what do you think paris chad and susannah barr going to exploit early on jargim and coop again what it's going to be is going to be the consistency of susanna barr setting up paris todd.

Letting paris todd play her game let her play free let her play loose and let her play hard and we talked about that too in the interview i said how is it paris playing with someone who hit such a good third shot drop and can set you up where you can crash the kitchen line and be aggressive and she said it's wonderful to be able to play that freely.

And then after that interview i walk over into the stands and i'm talking with kyle yates and rob cassidy and talking to colin because kyle's been working with paris todd recently down in fort myers and i'm like hey i'm like paris is playing great kyle made it a point to me and he goes yes paris is playing great he goes but susanna barr.

Is playing incredible right now and setting her up so kyle yates was all over and all on the susannah bar train playing with paris todd and that's why these two ladies are sitting here in the gold medal match so the gold medal match finally upon us spent a long day an action-packed day filled with incredible pickleballs some.

Of the best in the world on display here tonight in grand rapids michigan at belknap park for the beer city open it's part of the usa pickleball national championship series this is the fifth there will be a sixth of course the national championships held november 5th through the 13th.

At the legendary indian wells tennis garden in beautiful california is the sports premier event located just outside of palm springs always an event these players look forward to look out diane diane unitic.

One of our referees for this match almost getting lit up off the paddle of paris todd in warm-ups they haven't even started yet michelle and just to mention to everyone else we've got two more matches after this the men's medal matches which are are taking place the play-in match the bronze is taking.

Place on the court next to us and it is neck and neck between julian arnold stefan alvaren and travis rettenbeir and his partner gabe tardio they have been trading momentum took a medical timeout that was the reason for the delay we apologize.

For that break in the schedule this was unanticipated for us as well but we roll with it andrea coop in the pink shirt the tournament director here in grand rapids full-time lawyer former national championship tennis.

Player ucla one of the best in the world in the sport her partner simone jarjim the goat also one of the best in the sport so the point of that was this is only the beginning for us this evening we still have two more men's medal matches coming.

Up after this the point of my statement was the point is that we have much more pickleball under the light going anywhere so as long as you have time on your saturday night we do too thrilled to be spending it with you three two and the winners.

Of that playing match they're going to play dylan frazier matchup was just announced here on the premise that the gold medal match is taking place the crowd is split between the conclusion of this men's doubles match next door it's.

Been so close all the way through as soon as that match is over all the backs we see are just going to turn around because they're all looking and creeping over onto that other court right now we are underway here paris todd to serve harris chad coming out hot right out of the gate.

Well that's exactly what susanna barr wants to see is an aggressive paris todd right off the bat that serve of paris todd kind of died didn't go anywhere paris town a much different start than the one she had in her bronze medal.

Match she's locked in oh simone jargin though hammering the angle home don't leave that ball up for sharjeem because it is not coming back but a good start for bar and todd get on the board early wow what defense from andrea coop suzanna.

Barr overpowering her in the end though second serve goes to simone charging that's a good speed up right there from jarjim going right at the right shoulder of susanna barr kind of handcuffing her a little bit those you guys watching that's not a personal shot or a bad shot or a mean shot that's a good shot by sharjeem at.

The shoulder that one was not going to be returned paris john locked in early down yeah she's looking good and again like i said if i'm susanna bar i'm liking what i'm seeing out of my partner right now makes susanna barr's job that much easier into the net and so bar and todd take.

The two-point lead if barr wins points like that against regime it's a a good sign for todd and barr a little long on the lob and a slow start here for andrea cooper and simone jargim and again we talked about it earlier we'll see if that late night last night.

Here till 10 30 for both coupe and jarjeem has any effects and a nice long break though leading into this gold medal match susanna barr will take back the second serve and a three-point lead wow they're getting all the rolls right now but we saw that in this match that.

They played earlier one team would get like three or four and then the next team would get three or four very streaky off the tape bar and todd a couple of ladies on a mission paris chad once again locked in on that double-handed backhand a little high on the drop.

From susannah barr but paris todd there to clean it up with her rough and a doll look with the headband on under the lights tonight back to serve.

Nice draw what a rip from jargim and they need it now trailing by four the conclusion of the match next door with the men's doubles has finished and so the fans are coming back here to championship court.

To watch these gold medal matches unfold just long for susannah barr there what happened yeah hands battle bar goes right at coop but then can't get on top sear kind of cut underneath that that ball sails there got to get over the top get that ball down what a dig from simone jargim there well placed shot by jarjeem doing what.

She does best and can never count the goat out of these games right back in it down by two paris todd taking over just too powerful with that forehand coupe and regime still have second server here.

That's good dig right there off the beautiful drop from andrea cooper paris john back to serve coop speeds it up first susanna barr all over it down the line great hands there from barr and like you said coop speeds it up first and then finally barr able to get on top.

Of that one not like the last one where she got underneath it and again there's that drop that when i came off the court after the interview kyle yates was talking about it is nasty and it is tough to dig out right there timeout is called on the court it was very clear that paris chad and.

Susanna barr were setting the tone early in this gold medal matchup what chemistry is working on their side one you always expect a little bit of a slow start in game one of the team that won the winter bracket final why they have a break so they have a little bit of a longer.

Break i'm sure simone's regime went back to our hotel changed possibly showered coop stuck around here because she's tournament director she's wearing many hats she never left but you expect a little bit of a slow start we're beyond the point of slow start now we're into the match it's 8-4 they should be fine right now but you're.

Not fine when you have a very aggressive paris todd coming in on very good susanna barr drops that puts a lot of pressure on jarjim and coop if suzanna bar is hitting those good thirds paris todd back to serve.

The gold medal in sight that ball is wide bar and todd one step closer two points away they have the longer road ahead since they've lost today to coop and jarjim so if they do win this match we're going one more to 15. paris chad almost had the point susanna barr sends it into the net.

So paris todd hits three absolutely missiles and it's like susanna barr was like let me try and she hits off the top of the net both her and todd have a laugh but on the opposite side what dig is from jarejeem and coop just to stay alive.

Coop the server a couple of misses for barr she knows it coupe in jargim not a lot of time left for a comeback one more point and if i'm bar and todd i'm calling a timeout they're not going to call timeout but.

Coupe and jargin the last thing you need for them is to get streaky here and they're coming right back here some good drops paris todd loads up on that one coop falls just short but this game is within reaching distance for jim three points back that ball is wide.

And so bar and todd will regain the chance to close in on game one here in this gold medal matchup what a finish for andrea coop yeah bar got a little high on the dink cross court to regime jarjeem able to speed up on her terms and the finish from coop andrea coop once again the enforcer on.

That forehand yeah last place that suzanna barr wants to go is to that forehand right there of andrea coop and a quick side out for coupe and jargin solid hold for them the infamous lob missed again from jarjim she's frustrated with it.

Doesn't normally miss those yeah she's got a little too much of it regime loading up on the forehand gets it done pulls this game within two yeah big counter there in the middle from jarjeem as she saw the speed up anticipated to speed up from paris todd working that backhand dink to paris john.

So smart timeout called on the court what stood out to you in that play that they're one point late of calling that timeout i would have called it at seven not within one now it's just really close now you really have to stop this point you cannot allow them to come in.

Here and tie this up after you had a 9-4 lead so similar to the last match that we saw again with these two teams one seem a pull away the other team would catch up and that's what's happening here again they need to stop this here i would have called it maybe one point earlier they call it now at least they.

Did but they need to stop here big stop coming up when we come back from this time out tactically speaking what are they what are coop and jargin doing to pull bar and todd out of rhythm well simone jarzim isn't missing cross-court dank right now so she's feeling it right now.

So maybe i don't know flip middle a little bit because on her backhand side she's really carving that out so i'd flip middle maybe maybe go behind coop a little bit not a ball that she can attack though keep something nice and low wow oh and then the easiest one of all of.

Them coupe struggled with a little bit but great defense good time out from bar and tog but now you have to score susanna barr will try to do just that paris chad was ready for the pace just fell short one hold down one to go for coupe and jargin trailing by one huge point.

On the paddle of paris todd big momentum shifter right here on the line on the line with the return what a serve to return battle there and a huge hold for coop i like the aggressiveness of todd right there but she's got to take a full step.

Over with the finish tie game on championship court for this first gold medal matchup andrea coop back to serve two points away from going up.

One to nothing on bar and todd best two of three games to 11. what defense that ball is called out my goodness koopin jarjeem digging out everything time out is called what do you do if you're bar and todd right now coop and jarjeem back to their game playing solid defense and offense on their side well.

They got a ball that they could handle right there did susanna barr she just overhits it but again why do you over hit that is because sharjeem and coop are getting every single ball back so you're trying to hit that perfect shot instead of trying to hit that perfect shot as hard as you can it's not about how hard it's placement over power where.

Can i hit this ball where they can't get a paddle on it so bar trying to create that angle but tries the angle and then overhits it coupe and jargeem with game points in game one the crowd building here on championship court at belknap park.

gotta get two holds here dude barr and todd that ball is wide what a tough break for paris todd andrea coupe simone jarjin trailing as big as six points came back to win this one how were they able to get it done dom they grinded it.

Out simone jarjim being one of the greatest players in the game did a great job of just handling herself composing herself they took a timeout at 8-4 that was the difference maker right there that is the conclusion of game number one but don't go anywhere because we've got.

Potentially two more games and then potentially a third to 15. we'll be right back after this short break we are back on championship court here at the beautiful belknap park facilities in grand rapids michigan for the beer city open it is the gold medal match for women's pro doubles andrea coop simone jarjim pulling a.

Miraculous comeback in game number one to take down susanna barr and paris todd who now have a mountain ahead of them they not only need to win the next two but also would need to push a third match to 15 if they can do it coop and jargime in the driver's seat up one nothing here in game two michelle mcmahon and dominic catalano here with.

You on the call simone regime rips one down the line wow that's a big forehand here from jarjeem you watch her step into this on her toes leaning forward big forehand winner coupe leads the two-nothing start i mean even even the miscommunication.

They're getting over i mean you're feeling really good when you're miscommunicating and getting balls back perfectly after that slow start they've really picked it up have coop and jargin okay.

That ball is wide but a great big dink battle to get that point started a good point construction from both sides coupe too good.

On that backhand shot how was she able to create this again look at that just again on her toes leaning forward they are not backing off right now and they have susanna barr and paris todd on their heels and that's tough to do when you have two very aggressive players like barr and.

Todd what a grab great defense too powerful sharjeem takes the last one off of her foot with a big smile on her face paris todd not letting up pedal to the metal on that point what a reset.

By simone jarjim so good at her craft absolutely one of the best at it right there i mean suzanna bar and paris todd were ripping balls right there coop just giving it back getting it back and then jarjeem resets they're right back in it regime is the second best women's doubles player in the world andrea coop.

Is the third best women's double player in the world makes sense why they are the one seed they continue their run up four nothing simone jarjeem what can't she do it's just so frustrating especially when you're on.

The side of paris todd and susannah barr because they're getting and hitting great balls they're putting a ton of pace on these balls but koop and jarjeem are just get it back over get it back over it just gets frustrating and it'll force you as the opponent to try and do just a little too much and that's what they're waiting for susanna barr and.

Paris todd chatting in their corner what's their strategy you talk often about the in-game adjustments what do they need to do not get frustrated even though everything's coming back stay within don't try and do too much don't try and overpower don't try and overhit stay within stay calm one point at a time you.

Are not going to come back in after this timeout get a side out and then play one point and tie it up at five you got to go one point at a time so first and foremost got to get the side out not a lot of room to go trailing five nothing with their backs against the wall for todd and barr now or never.

if coop and regime win they win the gold medal clean out no additional matches to be played coupe with a lethal backhand once again it's tough right there too bar left her feet tough to see right here because bar and todd played well so well all day long.

Go down seven nothing here this is a mountain to climb bar gets called for the push-off on the lob here let's see there it is with the left foot continuing the run three points out from a gold adding to her collection this tournament what a grab from jarjeem oh the left.

Hand from susannah barr too simony jarjin owning game number two that's just too much room to give simone jarjim on that line.

The second server two points away with jarjeem two-handed backhand punch to finish the point and bring match point on her side gold medal on the line she can place it she can go power she's one of the greatest of all time we talk about it often.

She's putting on a clinic explaining to everyone exactly why she's one of the greatest of all time in the sport yeah absolutely and again she's playing so well right now her and andrea coop feeling very confident obviously up 10-0 here.

Paris todd and susannah barr calling their final timeout here got their fans in their corner trying to pump them up get them back in here if jarjima and coop can go on a 10-0 run there's always a possibility that todd and barr can do the same we've seen it before.

Will we see it again jargime match point gold medal on the line fitting for simone jarjim to be the one to close out this match putting a gold medal around her neck.

With partner andrea coop the fans are on their feet for simone jarjim and andrea coop why was their performance so impressive i mean you come away they grind it out in game one come all the way back from down 9-4 to win 11-9 and then come out and just show why they.

Are so good and win that second game 11-0 here on championship court in the gold medal match andrea gets the gold medal that she was looking for last night that simone jarjim stole from her last night so she gets one back now and she is a gold medalist here in the hometown grand.

Rapids don't go anywhere we still have two more men's doubles gold medal matches and we will also be interviewing the winners right after this short break stick around you don't get the moments everyone talks about.

Without the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the medal the podium but every winning shot.

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Seriously hot dogs better with pepsi welcome back to championship court michelle mcmahon alongside the gold medalist from the women's pro doubles andrea coop and simone jargim andrea starting with you this was a rematch from earlier today how are you guys able to get the job done here tonight um.

Well we had a little bit of a slow start but after we got it going we we knew we wanted to be aggressive uh when we played them earlier today that that worked when we were coming in and and being initiating first they're a great they're just a great team and when they're they're initiating first they get us on our heels and we didn't want.

That to happen and i think we clearly did a pretty good job doing that yeah you mentioned the slow start in game one what was the momentum shifter for you in your eyes simone where you guys were able to turn the tides and win that game i think on like when we were down for nine we went on a run like we we got a good run i think we got to nine like.

Like some solo points and maybe nine six and then they we got a side out quick side out and then we went nine nine and i think that that's when like they call the timeout but not that i would remember every point but yeah but i i think we all definitely what andrea said like we got more aggressive and then it changes you.

Know it changes the rhythm of the game and and that was that was it well you stole the gold medal last night from andre you get the gold medal with simone here tonight what's your favorite part about playing with somebody like simone's regime i mean you know this is my tournament i i run it it's a lot of work uh last year i won it simone wasn't.

There the first two years the only person i lost to was simone and now that she was coming back i was like well i have to play with her because she's the only one who's beating me at my tournament and i gotta play with her so that doesn't happen and how great of a tournament has it been just from your standpoint of the work that andrea's put.

In behind the scenes amazing i mean the the long story short i lived in michigan for eight years and so coming here was like a homecoming for me i have friends that live 15 minutes from here we get to stay my kids love them they're like uh american grandparents so this is always has had great vibes for me and i feel like i play great here so.

But you know andrea does such a good job this this i haven't been i wasn't here last year so this tournament is this center court is amazing you've done a great job it's awesome awesome all right ladies well congratulations and don't go anywhere the bronze medal match for the men's is being moved over to championship court right after this.

We'll be with you after this short break