Welcome back to championship court for the beer city open pro mix doubles and the gold medal match is finally upon us you're looking at andrea coop and zayn navratil squaring off against simone jarjim and jw johnson on the other side coop and navratil likely exhausted at this point just completing their bronze.

Medal match playing match to the gold simone zharjeem and jw johnson plenty of time to rest on their side alongside seven-time u.s open medalist dominic catalano i'm michelle mcmahon bringing you the finality of our broadcast here this evening and your earliest impressions of how this matchup plays out x factor.

Wise on both sides doc um i'm i'm looking for zayn to be aggressive um pick up where he left off in games two and three and zayn's listening to us right now he says he's gonna be very aggressive so it's confirmed um.

Zane is going to be borderline wilds so he's going to win it from the horse's mouth yes he's going to let it all hang out here against the young buck j.w johnson how does one take on jw johnson two familiar players with each other again right here j.w johnson a notorious slow starter um.

Typically and so what navertil and coop need to do right there is take advantage of that right away so you have coupe and never tilt the challengers they need to win the two out of three and then the 15th to win this championship here if anyone can they can but.

You know they need to get aggressive early and like zayn navital said they're going to go borderline crazy to start so let's see if that works out for them we're in this gold medal match where do they never tell and andrea coop compliment each other the best as partners in mix well again andrea is a great setup.

Person she will think across court all day long never till allow him to step in that middle and be aggressive and when he's aggressive like that it's a recipe for success for them so they've been very well partnered for a long time now they play together and partner in a bunch of tournaments got a bunch of medals and has found some.

Success and on the opposing side jw johnson simone jarjim also complement each other very well what's the most dynamic piece of their partnership in your eyes again it's the youth of jw johnson and the experience of simoni jarjim jarjim almost a coach on the court for.

Jw johnson but again she's playing the role of set up artist here when jw johnson is aggressive and he is notoriously a slow starter if he can start off quick here and early i believe they have a chance to end this in the two out of three but again it's all about how johnson starts and how.

Sharjeem can set him up simone jarjim often referred to as one of the goats of pickleball she maintains her throne well in the sport former head tennis coach at michigan state university was ranked the number one women's player in the world from.

2016 to 2020. has plenty of gold medals to her name so much fun to watch so much energy so much passion and she's so consistent as you mentioned no holes in her game at this point in her career i was just talking to her husband chad edwards between the bronze medal and gold medal.

Match and we were talking about the new signing with her with yola and how she's in love with that paddle now gets her a lot of grit a lot of grip and a lot of shape on her balls so it's fun to see her play with the new paddle and what she can do she's very excited about it and so as we get ready to start here.

It looks like we're just about ready to go 15 seconds and we're off to the races jargine and johnson will lead us off with the serve what's the early strategy here for andrea coop and zayn navratil who not only need to win this game this match best two out of three but.

They have to win a second one match to 15 if they are victorious there since jargimin johnson have not lost yet today be aggressive be aggressive from the jump here it got them games two and game three victory they need to do that here to start we'll start us off with the serve.

So then you have simone jarjim and jw johnson coming off a little over two hour break so it's gonna take them maybe a little while to get into this so we'll see navratil picks up the pace right away gets the serve back a rare miss for charging one zero one.

Firefight at the net jw johnson comes away with that one looks like gunshots going off with these guys going back and forth johnson finally finds the hole in the middle andrea coop the second server on her side jw johnson.

Just too good down the middle it's been a long road for coop and navratil to get to this point fatigue could be a factor on their side that ball sails long georgian johnson on the board one one one trying to go that reverse forehand.

Two one one johnson some of the best hands in the game reading that ball off the tape so well just getting on top three one one jarjeem continuing her run what a shot simone's regime finds the opening splits the difference yeah great decision here from jargim.

She has naverto leaning on his left foot because she's gone down that line with a couple dinks in a row finds the sideline that time she is playing cat mouse now with zayn navratil taking a page out of maggie raminzi's book from a match ago great ball right down the line by jarjim and they take a four-point lead here.

Navratil gives the thumbs up the hot ball was right on the line what a beautifully placed lob by simone jarjim that's an incredible third shot lob i mean it doesn't get any closer than that what i'm out here possibly from coupe and.

That would still know down 7-1 here 7-1-1 tough way to start this series johnson goes into the net he'll take back the second serve sharjeem and johnson off to a hot start what's caused the momentum to be completely on their side down again.

Johnson and sharjeem off to a quick start you thought they might get what they start off a little slow they don't and right now it's more jargine than it is johnson looking to spark some momentum on their side what a shot zayn navratil heating up on his side.

Again average hill telling us before almost borderline crazy and he's gonna attack and he's attacking a little more often than you see he typically would johnson too good at the net shuts that point down right away navratil will take the second serve back in need of a run here in game number one.

Jw johnson just comes up short a rare miss on his side great hands there from coop and nevertheless staying in the point 472 right in the middle there here comes cooper naverton jw johnson takes the serve back looking to close in on game one what a shot andrea coop.

That two-handed backhand what'd you see good hands on the first one from jw johnson but coop gets on top of that he gets that down at his knees not at his waist it makes for a difficult shot regime the second server oh that atp has been working for her all night just a bit short there.

On the post best blocker in the league so coupe and navratil take the serve back slowly chipping away at the scoreboard second service simone jarjeem ready for that speed up from coop and a good counter she likes the pace.

Coop the second sermon here come cooper navratil again now within two we're down seven one rattled off four straight with some finesse and placement to her shot johnson and georgie have been quiet on the scoreboard in the last couple of runs looking to change that here.

Congratulations 4.0 19 plus excuse me andrea coop lining up on the backhand kept it in the family kept it in the family at least yep good patience by all four players.

Throughout that point i was waiting for a lob out of jargin almost looked like she was looking for it johnson stuck on that seven five seven what that ball goes long that was what i was looking for that last point it's just a little long right there and.

It's a 5-0 run here for cooper navato right back in it what a net bounce and a tie game what's caused the shift in momentum dom again coupe and navratil just sticking to their game plan doing what they do best staying consistent speeding up at the right times got a little love twice on a net cord.

So that'll always help your chances again right there grinding away and then making mistakes johnson's made a couple now and an eight seven lead here now for koopa navratil down 7-1 about four minutes ago timeout called on the side of jarjiman johnson stuck on seven meanwhile coop.

And navratil take over game one now two points away from winning this first game what's happening on the side of jarjiman johnson they're just frustrated right now johnson made two or three unforced errors and i say unforced but i wouldn't say.

Unforced quote unquote um as julie johnson and gabriel tardio look over they're having a conversation possibly about this or possibly about what's going on after um but again what jarjeem and johnson need to do is just settle down a little bit kind of trying to press a little bit here get back into those longer rallies see if they can.

Elongate some of these points because being aggressive like an average hillside before we started he wanted to start off aggressive borderline crazy well it's working right now they were down 7-1 and they flipped the script now and it's an 8-0 run here for coupe and navratil two points away.

From winning this first game didn't look like the tides were going to shift when johnson and zhargin took the seemingly easy 7-1 lead as you said and here we are right off the bat you knew she was fired up calling that time out she answers back one more.

Chance to hold off zayn navato apple long johnson and jarjeem back at it can they get off this unlucky seven good hold right there after the timeout what a shot zayn navratil one step closer to clinching game one excuse me holding off.

And then they will push for a game good ball there from navratille gets on top of that both johnson and jarjeem thought that ball is going to go out does not momentum back on the side of coupe and navratil coop back to serve two points away coupe goes for it falls short navratil.

Surf i like it i like the aggressiveness out of coupe right there trying to keep that pressure on 972 johnson with a powerful finish down the middle stepping in at the perfect time coupe i think was almost thinking that ball was going to go out it doesn't what regime loaded up navratil.

Ultimately winning that point jarjim the second server they cannot get off this seven so jw johnson helps his team finally get to eight what happened dom finally breaking that curse of being on seven but a couple left chords right.

There causing the pop-up finally j.w johnson able to get on top of that ball see if they can tie it up here make this a game johnson was hungry for it put the team on his back to finish that point tie game on championship court in this gold medal match that's exactly what jw johnson needs to do he needs to be more.

Aggressive in the middle and from regime i'm telling him let's go pick it up here i'll set you up you put it away come on target goes for it that time falls short serve returns to coop and navratil i like that but i'd like her to go middle with that she was trying to go right at navratil i like her trying to.

Find a hole in the middle and by going to the middle she'll go to the shorter part of the net where there's more room for her to work with great cut block there from jw johnson puts a lot of backspin on that ball nevertheless to get up and underneath to get it over.

That ball is long great defense though great defensive attempts by georgie and johnson game point for coop in navratil 10. jw johnson catches zayn navrati navitil off guard a big hole right there for jarjiman.

Johnson as they fight off a first game point trying to tie this up here there she reads the angle right but again even when you do read the angle right nevertheless getting all over that ball while coming with a lot of pace hard to get that ball back over and.

Control it one more chance here for johnson and sharjeem to tie this up just crushes it just looking out of sorts ours regime and johnson after they took that 7-1 lead diminished quickly another game point here for navratil and coop.

Jw johnson holds it off looking to do it for a second time here on coop surf andrea coop with game point on her paddle a long road ahead for them navratil drives it home.

Coupe and navratil come away victorious in game one but we're just getting started it's the best two of three series and then coupe and navratil in order to fully win this gold medal will have to win another match to 15 points what did you see in game one and how they were.

Able to turn the tables almost looked like koopa navertill started off a little slow navratil got into what he wanted to do speeding that ball up 10-2 run to end it they take game one 11-9 that's a wrap for game one we're gonna step aside for just a moment game two just around the corner stay with us.

back on championship court moments away from game two in this three-game series this gold medal matchup navratil and coop came away victorious in game number one jargim and johnson got pulled out of their game.

Seemingly finding it quickly here in game two that's a big ball right there from simone's regime to start off here zero zero one that's the start they want getting frustrated missing shots she normally does not miss johnson the second server uh.

That ball sails long great point all four players here georgie almost fell down i think twice getting balls back beautifully done zero zero one if you're just joining us andrew coop and zayn navratil on the serve right now over in the black and white.

Hold a huge comeback in game one on the heels of playing a three-game series in the bronze medal match-up so they are tired that could be an understatement and they are holding court here against jargim and johnson so far in game one.

That ball is wide they will crack the scoreboard first coop continues reserved wow andrea coop just holding her own right there zane interacting with the crowd as he does best he's so slap happy right now he's talking to the crowd the phone rang in the middle of the point he's like.

What's so important over there well hey they could save some energy if they win this thing in two and then head to that third match just to 15 jargine though starting to find her rhythm on the backhand did you see it.

Original call was in let's see if that stands we'll see when we get this slow-mo replay first challenge of this match a new aspect of this tournament isn't it funny how when the challenge happens everyone's looking in our booth we got.

The only screen here that's definitely oh that's pretty pretty clean pretty cleaning no questions there in by six inches maybe more yeah it's late in the evening we're all a little tired.

I start to get a little i mean questionable in the i mean think about it too these players their brackets started 12 hours ago these players have been here bracket started 12 hours ago they got here at least an hour to warm up beforehand so 13 hours at least for most of these players after video review the.

Ball was in the call of in stands never till the coupe be charged with a timeout place side out so coupe and navartil lose a timeout over the ordeal regime will look to get her team on the board for the first time in game two that ball long for navratil it's a little ambitious right there of.

Maverick i understand you want to be aggressive but that ball's about six inches off the ground no that's a better approach right there from navertill lets that ball bounce up gets it at its apex attacks on the two-handed backhand navratil will use the.

Net to his advantage and take the serve back a lot going the way of cooper maverto right now that ball is clean in coop the second server yeah split some nicely johnson able to get on top of that ball i almost like to see navato let that.

Ball go coop's in a position to play that ball off a big bounce in the middle one two one avatar's after that 7-1 run the beginning of game number one jarjim and johnson just don't seem to be in sync right now that's a nice little tack there from.

Jargim watch her come through this ball watch how low she stays on both that dig and then watch the drive nice and low compact stays through that beautifully done by simone jardim not much can trump the experience of simone jarjim one of the best in the game as are all these players on the court.

World-class talent here on championship court the beer city open it's part of the usa pickleball national championship series nice dig so just short for navratil a sigh of disappointment from the crowd coop is the second server.

What a shot simone jargim locked in on that backhand likes here take a little off that and use a better angle again she's trying to go right at night so almost force him to play that next ball so she can get a.

Possibly a pop up and a put away gripping that paddle a little tighter navratil recovers the serve puts his team back on top three two one what jerezim again goes long uncharacteristic play on her side navratil continues his run both he and jw johnson very familiar.

With each other play together in men's doubles against each other in singles navratil and coop back off to the races here in game two a reverse script of what happened in game one where they had to come back from behind here they take the lead we'll see if.

Johnson and jaredgine have that same grit what a shot simone jargeem and they've just continued that momentum from game one into game two gosh he just drops that right in the kitchen nothing never still could do on that one that ball is wide.

Taking over commanding the pace here just continue to be aggressive throughout this start to game two no no no i think that ball was gonna be in never till he's everywhere and he's got every shot in the book what a point.

Right there watching everton able to get on top of this overhead johnson's there usually doesn't miss those either no but again it's about the angle if you're going flat back at the baseline like that with overheads these players are all going to get most of those back you have to hit an angle.

No matter how hard you can hit his hands great point here from andrea coop in point construction she sneaks one to the back side of jw johnson forces him to pop that up middle wide open nice angle there from sharjeem easy put away for her setting herself up.

Nicely on this one navratil back to serve carving out a nice run on their side with the four-point lead coupe challenging jw johnson it's working the past few tournaments we've seen players go at jw johnson and challenge him.

And find some success just going straight at him not allowing him to extend his arms just everything going the way of koopa navratil at the moment off the tape winner never telling coupe three points away from closing in on a game two victory johnson would have one more chance.

With the game and match to 15. interesting coop all over the place this reset machine right now getting everything back nine two two lobs not gonna work against jw johnson why not mix it up though all right all over it gave it an attempt right there.

Did not work out in their favor but that's a 9-2 shot right there meaning you're up 9-2 good counter there from jarjima she's sitting on the speed up from coop finally getting off two right there three nine one johnson's heating up not a good sign if you're cooping navratil.

Similar script to what happened in game one can't count these guys out quite yet no exactly and see if sharjeem and johnson can put together that same kind of run that coupe and navratil did in game number one four nine what i'll recall.

not going to happen that way don't look now but we've got a four-point game oh just short for navratil once again jarjeem on a run cutting the lead to three right back in this here arjar jim and johnson timeout could be in the near future.

J.w johnson closing the door pulling within two great on cue michelle you called it timeout here from navertill and coop as their large lead of 9-2 has disappeared and it is now a two-point lead what changed for jim and johnson they got aggressive they flipped the.

Script and they got aggressive now johnson making his presence felt in the middle and he is speeding the game up and actually hitting some balls now so again jarjeem two as well continuing to press pushing that forehand and that two-handed backhand not a lot of slowing the ball down at the moment a lot of speed ups.

A lot of hands battles and as we look on court jarjiman johnson 15 seconds ready to go they are not backing off they're at the service line right now ready to go they want to keep this momentum going what do coop and navartel need to get back to same thing stay aggressive but they got.

To find some holes right now because they're hitting everything at johnson and jarjim and they're getting it back johnson will take back the second serve smart time out by coupe and avertill the break they needed one more here jw johnson steps in and puts an end to the dink battle.

What a point good patience probably one of our longest points of this match finds the hole you missed opportunity therefore take that ball out of the air jw johnson again we are tied up in game number two great run here by jarjim and johnson as they were down 9-2.

I've tied it at nine so hoop with a speed-up initiation it worked so the serve returns to coop and navratil they better get going or this could very well go three a patient point but andrea coop.

Takes down simone jarjim who's okay as acrobatic as she is so a game point here for coop and navratilon what a shot down the line for simone jargim looked like she knew that she was going there the entire time.

Wow at 10 9 almost i mean match point right there match point that's confidence on the serve of zane naverton congratulations jw johnson steps in with authority.

Fending off match point once again jarjim johnson looking to get on a run to counter 9 10 1. okay love that spot right there from johnson going middle instead of going cross court hard to never till and getting his backhand.

Cross court he's going middle and getting the forehand but keeping it low so navratil can't attack it what a grab from navratil what a finish jw johnson simone jargine now with game point that reach from jarjim right there to set up the put away by johnson.

Ah with the defense so close willing that last ball over zayn navratil so good keeping the offense going one more chance on the side of jarjim and johnson to close out game two on jarjeem surf.

Incredible defense from jargin right there why she is one of the best in the game game two to jarjeem and johnson will go to three three maybe four zayn navratil and andrea coop still have a looming fourth match if they come away.

With game three but what a victory for simone jarjim and jw johnson trailing big in game two that seems to be the theme in this one whoever's up big ends up losing the game not usually how it works yeah what a great comeback there for sharjeem and johnson and we are going to three here on championship court for this gold.

Medal match they're gonna chat it out we will too as we step aside for just a moment game three of this gold medal matchup coming your way right after this short break you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees.

Early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the medal the podium but every winning shot starts right here.

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Johnson and andrea coop and zane navratil the top two seeds in the tournament showcasing why they are world class talent in the sport of pickleball that we all know and love coop and navato remember came up through the back draw so if they win this game three we're going to another.

Match why wouldn't we to 15 points and given the way that this day has gone i'm assuming it might pan out that way but for now it's game three jarjiman johnson could close it out right here and get a gold medal has other ideas at the moment.

With this two-handed backhand cross-court winner zero zero one there it was i was waiting for it what a shot simone jargeem too good that ball died she cut that ball so nicely it never came up to naverto zero zero two what a shot andrea coop spots the.

Opening lobs it in they are the first on the board here in game three one zero two jw johnson powering coop and navratil off the court have another look.

State up ball broken after jw hits that overhead never till shaking out his left hand just kind of after a 12-hour day if he's just kind of cramping up a little bit wow andrea coop.

What an angle zane navratil andrea coop with the defense though zane will get a ton of credit for this on the cross court that's an incredible cross-court think but andrea coop kept him in that point coupe's not done she's definitely not done they want that game to 15. one zero one.

Home quartz here she wants that gold medal zane navratil take back the serve second server on his side what a shot simone jarjeem on the backside of navratil it's been a key shot for her all matched long you.

Watch her right there drops that wrist opens up the fatal paddle face and flips backside on naverto beautifully done textbook from simone jarjim zero one two j.w johnson what more can you say how quick he gets to that forehand the best part about his forehand he does not take a huge.

Backswing he is very short keeps everything nice and compact and just finishes through that is where he creates all that power jarjeem down the line again on navratil what vision from the veteran one two one coupe with a shrug and.

And we'll take it yeah she was almost surprised that ball came back i think all tied here at two in game number three jarjim and johnson trying to end it here koopa navartel trying to force that game to 15. andrea coop closes the door on that play.

And takes over the lead three two one take the two-point lead what's breaking open right now for coop and navratil again the consistency staying in this and they are playing their game regime.

Over there on the sideline either something in her eye but again it's navratil and coop staying loose playing their game not changing much and they again want to win this third game forced that game to 15. been here all day might as well play.

That game to 15 right michelle what's one more at this point that's right let's do it so chad edwards simone's husband over there trying to see what is possibly in her eye they did just take one time out not a medical 15 seconds 15 seconds left in this timeout.

It seems too got some eye drops on the sidelines so is regime getting some eye drops over on the sideline looks like it might be helping a little bit we have an official timeout after the time out from jarjiman johnson again game three here situation coupe and never till win this.

Third game we will go to a game to 15. jarjim and johnson win this they will take home the gold medal so koopa does not agree with the referee time out there she thinks that they should have had to burn their.

Second timeout because that did go over the one minute nevertheless going right at jargin after that coupe going left hand overhead on the jarjim lob jw johnson all over that lofty pop-up navratil and coop.

Still on top by two working their way in this third game good job by jardine creating some space between her and navratil she backed off the line and she saw he was about to speed that up gave herself some time and space and worked her way back in but made the mistake on the day.

Navertill was all over in the middle of the court so they'll switch at six here as coop and navratil are up by four six two here in game number three trying to force that game to 15. let's see if jargim and johnson have an answer here for coupe and navratil right.

After that timeout both coupe and averto went pretty hard right at jargim not able to slow them down we'll see what jw johnson and simone jaredem can do here after this official timeout 15 seconds 15 seconds this brand new championship court built.

After last year's beer city open it's the first year of this championship court looks absolutely beautiful back to serve on quite the run here but if history tells us anything in the series not necessarily good to be up in these games jw johnson with an authoritative.

Forehand smash watch johnson even step closer in the middle as sharjeem hits this forehand he steps right over and just covers perfectly zane avertill lined up loaded on the backhand how was he able to capitalize yeah he's ready for that backside shot right there.

From jargine maggie romenzy burned him a bunch on that earlier he's not going to let it happen again that ball is wide for jargim navratil and coop take back over the surf six two one with the angle got a good angle right.

There georgine getting that forehand no messing around going for that angle again push that ball back to the baseline cooper nevertheless it's been an action-packed friday afternoon filled with many mixed doubles matchups exhilarating performances across the board.

So happy that you're spending part of your friday evening with us these players have been going for 12 hours as you mentioned um calls point for johnson and zhargin yeah right there right foot of andrea coop.

Three six one johnson off of two that's nice leave there from sharjeem coop trying to speed up crosscourt right there johnson pull within two continuing the trend of comebacks so holding off the run from going any.

Further what happened up again great job simone's regime trying to play defense nevertheless changing the grip in his hand again going with that flat pancake backhand that he loves who cannot believe she missed that great get by johnson pulling that back.

Cross court but coop right off the top of the tape johnson and jargeem two points away from tying this up zayn navratil holding on and holding off jaredem and johnson never till back to serve second service regime will take a bounce.

Off the net hold off navratil and coop for one one down one to go seven five two tough never still trying to tell coop to let that go on the speed up cross court was gonna be very close five seven one.

That ball sails long jw johnson slightly out of rhythm johnson capitalizing on the speed up of jarjim big forehand here to finish this again not a big backswing big wrist flick strong forearm strong wrist from the youngster.

Sir returns to koopa navratil training momentum on both sides do jw johnson once again steps in in the middle and closes things off so hard to stop.

When he gets going a two-point lead here for coop and navratil up 8-6 again trying to force that game to 15. 8-6-2 just shy there so johnson and jargine take back over six eight one.

here seven eight one what defense by jargiman johnson wow just to stay alive in this point and then johnson ends up with the big forehand winner down the middle all tied at eight that ball is wide timeout is called sharjeem and johnson.

Take over the lead two points away from a gold medal what a bounce back here from jarjim and johnson looked like koopa navertill had all that momentum but jojeem and johnson have other ideas trying to end this in three here and not let that game to 15 come into play what's caused the separation.

Or the slight separation for jarjim and johnson johnson is active again again it's like he he goes into these lulls where he's not as active well now he's stepping into that middle and being very active and that's what they need and that's what sharojim should be telling him during this time out what about stay active koopin.

Navratil what's the discussion on their side trying to neutralize johnson get the ball away from him try to get the ball to regime a little more coupe's doing a great job against regime cross court that's what she needs to do get back into that cross-court battle with sharjeem and let navertiel do what.

He does and be aggressive when the time is right what a shot from andrea coop right down the line that's a big shot from a big player in a big time jw johnson bringing game point match point to his side.

Yes that's a big shot there from navertill threading the needle down the line here he's not ready for the night to end just yet that was a thing of beauty held off a gold medal match point so.

Do jw johnson wanted to finish that point scoot it all the way over to play singles have another look johnson looking for one more hole that ball is long jarjiman johnson with another chance to win a gold medal.

Right here on this serve good lead by johnson right here to let that ball go out and that is wow how the championship matchup will unfold simone zharjeem and j.w johnson gold medalist at the beer city open in grand rapids.

Michigan in mixed doubles pro what was the most impressive part about their performance to you i mean just the grit and determination of both of these teams to be here almost 10 30 at night been here for over 12 hours absolutely incredible job by both of them well deserving championship though for simone jerejim.

And jw johnson as they grid it out in a three-game gold medal match losing the first 11-9 then coming back 12 10 11 8 congratulations well we still have an interview coming your way with the champs right after this but as far as our match coverage goes that's a wrap for us for dominic catalano and our entire.

Boxcar production team i'm michelle mcmahon we thank you so much for joining us we will see you right after this short break with a quick interview with simone jarjima jw johnson stick around these guys they're just joking around it's been a long day first and foremost congratulations zane navratil andrea coop your silver.

Medalist the app 2022 beer city open everybody's checking out right now but simone jargim jw johnson our gold medalist simone another battle um the whole night you guys been battling i mean 13 hours out here what's it like to come out on top with.

Jw johnson i mean it's always fun of course winning is fun uh and losing sucks let's be honest uh but no he i feel like um he has so many levels that he can play you know like a b c d e f g and sometimes it's amazing like.

You know what that's why i never count out like i literally what was the score on the second game i said you never know what might happen and because i know that he can just all of a sudden like play this crazy level and we're in the game so it it's just you know it's fascinating because it.

Doesn't happen to me and jw it looked like there were times where you were taken out a little bit and then when you got involved that's when you guys kind of shined and pulled away was it something you're looking for to kind of get a little more involved in the middle there yeah i mean uh obviously during the.

First time i was doing that and i lit up um and then mostly through the second game i uh let up as well but then um i don't know she didn't tell me anything so i just had to figure it out on my own i had to take a little more court i was kind of wanting to play a little women's double so i let her take a lot of the court uh some of the time so it was.

Pretty fun all right well i'm gonna let you guys go it's been a long day i know you guys are hungry you guys need to relax both playing women's and men's doubles tomorrow so congratulations to you guys we're gonna take off we'll be back live noon tomorrow for men's and women's pro doubles you don't want to miss it thank.

You guys for joining us we're signing off at the app 2022 beer city open thank you guys for joining us