We are back on championship court here at the beer city open in grand rapids michigan the men's doubles pro gold medal match is finally upon us it's been a long day for these pros getting to this point it is deco decobar jw johnson taking on dylan frazier and chuck taylor.

Barr and johnson have not lost yet today so if they win in this best two out of three matchup they get the goal the gold medal clean out if taylor and frazier are to pull this one out we will go to another final match to 15 points michelle mcmahon and seven-time u.s open medalist dominic catalano on the call.

With you today and tonight i guess it is evening now we've been here since today could be morning by the time we get done could be morning and what are you most looking forward to watching in this gold medal match-up tom well first let's take a look at the contenders for say dylan frazier and chuck taylor.

Battled their way back out of the consolation draw he just beat travis ruttenmeier and gabriel tardio in the bronze medal match to earn the right to play deco barr and j.w johnson two great players they want to speed this game up dylan frazier and chuck taylor like playing fast they like.

Playing with pace they're going to try and end points early and often here and they have both been playing very well today um we saw them earlier they made an adjustment in their play taking chuck taylor off the left side putting him on the right side and it left that quick and.

I mean lethal forehand in the middle for dylan frazier a relatively newer partnership why do they feed well off of each other chuck taylor a very loud boisterous player dylan frazier very quiet so i think they complement each other very well and have done so all day long and on the other side decobar and jw.

Johnson have yet to lose today i mean their reputation speaks for itself in terms of how good these two players are to the best in the world in men's pickleball what sets them apart other than the obvious as a doubles duo well jw johnson the number one player on the app tour.

Um and there's a reason why because he's one of the best in singles men's doubles and mixed doubles he is constantly on the podium if he's not it's a shock and then playing with big deco bar what that allows jw to do is not have to be aggressive playing with deco bars but we have not seen them yet today play so.

I'm gonna be very interested to see how they're matching up who's playing what side but i would imagine it'd be decal on the left and j.w johnson on the right but two very dynamic players they are not as not a scared team to play because of the pace so they're not going to be too worried about the pace that.

Dylan frazier and chuck taylor are going to bring they just make it look easy if you're chuck taylor and dylan frazier on the right-hand side of your screen what do you even do strategy wise against a duo like jw johnson and decobar who can literally do everything i was talking.

With chuck taylor after their last match and he said they're going to continue to try and play their game they're going to try and speed it up go at them and see what happens they're playing with house money right now no one expected them to be here i don't think in the gold medal match and they're like i said playing with.

House money here let's see what they can do against j.w johnson and decobar moments away from first serve as we get warm-ups going here j.w johnson as you mentioned the best on the tour and one of the best in the world.

In singles and doubles how did he and decal bars pairing come to be actually i'm not sure how they paired up um but it'd be an interesting story i bet because jw a very quiet kid i don't like to see that conversation between deco bar and jw johnson but it is a good one they're undefeated on the day.

Obviously two great players and i'm gonna be interested to see how they do line up i imagine it'd be decal on the left jw on the right but we'll see because both of them typically are left-sided players dylan frazier will be our first server of the match.

Once again frasier and taylor if you're just joining us not only need to win this matchup best two of three they would also have to win another match to 15 points in order to get the medal and if barr and johnson win outright this series the medal is theirs.

So it's an interesting start it is jw johnson on the left and not decobar that is going to be about four feet out chuck taylor almost smiling at that lob that's a tough lob over the six foot 11 decal bar he's not really six foot eleven he's.

About six five though every bit of it dylan frazier finds the corner who remains scoreless here on championship court thank you for sending spending part of your saturday evening with us happy to have you with us on espn plus dylan frazier all smiles back to serve.

On his side let's crack the scoreboard first wouldn't that be a cinderella story if they can come away with a win here dylan frazier leading us off with those hands it is an interesting matchup too because frazier and johnson are usually partners.

And they're face up against each other right now what a snag from jw johnson how about the defense of frasier though oh dylan frazier getting the last of jw johnson what a point got a couple of standing ovations in the crowd absolutely incredible.

Wow replay of that lob and j.w johnson avoiding decobar's shoulder so we have a wardrobe malfunction for chuck taylor as chuck tucking his shoelace into his shoe just clarifying that it's not a timeout he doesn't want to burn a timeout so.

He's tucking it into his shoe great camera work from our box car production crew dylan frazier playing out of his mind today and make it count frazier and taylor with the early three to nothing lead on the one seed.

And doing so effortlessly make that for nothing frazier and taylor cruising along right now what a shot decobar breaking the run there one more hole to go what happened taco bar nice little wrist flick right there found a hole in the middle.

I think taylor thought he was going to go down the line so barr will look to break the ice on his side that ball sails long and johnson and barr crack the scoreboard what was taylor trying to do here taylor's trying to go right shoulder on.

Deco bar but just gets a little too much bar smart enough to get out of the way johnson on the second serve that's that's a ball jw johnson doesn't miss very often that ball is out of bounds chuck taylor the second server all right so johnson and barr are going to stay here.

I want to see how barr is on the left side here this might be a better match up may change up a little bit one of the reasons i think i think jw johnson's a little more comfortable playing on the right than deco bar is i'd like to see deco play that left side let jw play the right.

Let him be the setup guy but they're going to go back to johnson on the left that ball sails look long jw johnson and barr cut the lead in half johnson surf so right back into it oh my goodness we've got the all hands.

Team on both sides of the court right now j.w johnson what a finish that slap backhand right there these points are not coming easy on championship court in this gold medal match that ball is long chuck taylor looking for confirmation.

So overruled ball was called out by bar but overruled by our referee i believe it's the right call big server so serve was called out it's echo bar just falling short on his own setup well it's tough because.

Jw is trying to cover and help him out deco want to finish it himself so you mentioned it decobar now playing on the left-hand side jw johnson to the right how does that change the roles it turns jw into more of a setup man decal is more of the aggressor i like it because i like jw being the setup person i like jw soft.

Game just a little more than i like decals and nothing personal just a preference i don't think deco bar or j.w johnson saw this ball right on the back line looks like.

Chuck taylor coming to life here in game one four points away this is the best two of three games to eleven win by two taylor's end run comes to an end jw johnson will look to turn the tables here and they have yet to find their.

Rhythm on their side it's a long wait for them though sitting pretty in that gold medal match for a while today deco bar back to serve for the second serve on his side two misses there and like to see decal drive that third drop the.

Fifth that's typically his mo he'll drive that third nice and hard and drop that fifth shot j.w johnson there he is the ball's not coming back he's just calm cool collected all smiles after that put away so.

Barr goes for it sails it long frazier and taylor with the five-point lead early in game one not a lot of time for johnson and bar to come back in this one deco bar pushing the issue earning the serve back.

I need to get on the board here been stalemated here at three for a while again i i just i don't agree with that shot from taylor he tried that in the last match too if that ball does go over that is the easiest around the post for jw johnson because he hits it so hard and on such a.

Tight angle there it is taylor down the line that ball right there i'll have chuck hit all day long he speeds that up first at j.w johnson and then gets deco bar on the chicken wing what a grab for frasier no shortage of quick hands on.

Championship court we'll leave it at that good hands there from jw johnson to finish that point and body up dylan frazier barr looking to close the gap here on his serve jw johnson does just that they pull within two that's a great cleanup here.

On the shake and bake watch johnson creep in read the weak block from taylor and finish it on the fifth missed chance for deco bar johnson and barr though within two they got off three rattled three more that ball is wide so another chance for.

Johnson and barr to climb back in game one good hold there from both johnson and barr don't give up any more points and now a chance to chip away barr with the big serve big third and just on his toes moving forward now.

He's going for the serve again kind of backed off it after he hit that one out that is huge as low hard watch when he serves this too you guys at home he's so big he uses his size gets up on his toes as he hits this he just follows through huge.

Great camera work our camera guys checking that out giving you a close-up view of that deco bar server declare speeding things up and johnson and barr now have the first lead on their side in game one oh wow what a drop by j.w johnson it looked like it was all frazier and.

Taylor and just johnson and barr just chip away chip away chip away and now they got a game point what created the turning point for johnson and barr down 8-6 actually down 8-3 they score three in a row.

They get sided out they hold immediately two serves get the ball back and deckle turned it on he rips two serves they get two points off of his serves tie it up at eight now they've gotten two now off of jw serves where jw's dropping that third in he handcuffs taylor on that last point and now they got a game point here on.

The paddle of jw johnson they are on second server if fraser and taylor can hold they get that serve back johnson back to serve game point on his battle he goes lob then speeds it up forces the error and just like that jw johnson and deco bar.

Off to the races with a win in game one what stood out to you about their performance just never giving up right they get down early it's fine they haven't played in a while decals out at the hotel jw's probably sleeping somewhere they wake up really quick here in game number one and take it 11-8.

Game two is just around the corner we've got enthusiastic fans in the house right behind these two we'll bring you more pickleball action right after this short break from this gold medal match stick around back on championship court michelle mcmahon alongside dominic catalano game.

Two is upon us here in the gold medal match for men's devils pro what do you expect to see adjustment wise on the side of chuck taylor and dylan frazier to dethrone deco bar and jw johnson they're going to continue to try and play fast the problem was was that deco bar and j.w johnson answered and countered very well they ended up.

Switching sides and putting decal on the left which was very successful for him but they're going back to starting with jw johnson on the left we'll see what happens all right let's go back courtside deco bar kicking off the serve for us here in game two barr and johnson just one game away from clinching that gold medal.

And a good start here for decobar and j.w johnson right off the bat not the start that frazier and taylor wanted now a return to serve miss dylan frazier will take over jw johnson just so fast with his hands we talk about it so much his forearm strength has got to be.

In the freak of nature category oh johnson getting something that he's not going to miss very often chuck taylor back at the line for his team dylan frazier with the speed up almost snuck that one in and they're looking to still play that.

Way still play their game speed the ball up play faster i don't mind it they hit their openings keep that ball down they'll be fine we just gotta execute johnson's gone and again he's got a new paddle this weekend his thirds are a little.

Dare i say off than i usually see and how consistent he usually is decobar with the drive it works serve returns to johnson and barry good hands battle there won by chuck taylor against jw johnson.

Chuck taylor still having some shoe issues he tucks that lace back in chuck taylor ready for every pace point coming back his way in the center of the fire fight great work there from chuck taylor and again good patience too by taylor says he played high school p.e tennis.

And church basketball the extent of his athletic experience growing up for those wondering john fraser 20 years old hasn't even graduated college yet an incredible pickleball player dylan fraser trying to counter the speed.

Of deco bar right there just goes into the net taylor into his bag of tricks this is where chuck taylor needs to be friends with frank anthony davis and his lock laces no issues when you have your lock laces.

Decobar speeds it up chuck taylor is lined up and ready for the pace again good patience there from chuck taylor again and ready for the deco bar pace so much wrist with the speed-ups again the deckle bar serve coming into play.

Get a good view of it right here chuck taylor has been fending off the pace beautifully yeah yeah and they want to play that way like i said we i talked to him before the match said they want to play their game and that is their game that is how they got here so bar and johnson just want to.

Keep slowing it down is that the strategy for them they can win these hands battles as well but right now taylor's coming out on top of the last three check the ball because deco bar just punishes this forehand tackle bar and jw johnson even shirking.

Out of the way of that one ball is okay melanie woodson our usa pickleball certified referee asking is the ball okay and that is that shot right there is caused by decobar and you watch decobar come across right there floating across that kitchen line.

And puts pressure on chuck taylor to hit the perfect drop deco bar and jw johnson coming to life here in game two deco bar manning the kitchen as he does best there is rain upon us on championship court so far we're going to continue action.

Not affecting play as of right now a little short right there on we will take a quick break as we head into a rain delay here on championship court