Welcome back here to championship court we are here for the pro men's doubles gold medal match your one seed jw johnson and decobar taking on your four seed zane navratil and andre deyesko let's start with your challengers in this matchup zane and navratil and andre diescu coming out.

Of that consolation bracket they're going to be battling it out trying to take that two out of three and get that game to 15. andre dascu big will be big in that middle zane navratil no stranger to podiums in his career than matching up and pairing up this weekend andrei dascu one of the hottest players.

On tour as of right now chad him and navartel teaming up what do you think of this team yeah i mean we saw andre with an excellent showing last week in the chicago open and he's really come on on fire as of late big big factor for him is how big he can get up at the kitchen line how well he's moving and how well he can speed those.

Bulls up when he does get the chance and then their opponents j.w johnson and decal barr coming out of that winners bracket j.w johnson no stranger to gold medals now he does have three silver medals in his last three gold medal matches three last weekend one already this weekend trying to change his luck what's going to be.

That difference maker for j.w johnson and deco bar chad i think for uh for for jw and deco it's going to be sticking to their initial plan and if things start going a little bit awry how quickly they can make those adjustments and keep diescu and navratil honest they're definitely going to be tested early uh.

With with the speed ups and and see how their hands are going uh and if they can can win those five fights then then it's a different ball game all right well as these players finish their talks and get ready to go like we said jw johnson and deco bar coming out of that.

Winner bracket so they are undefeated navratil and diascu had to battle back beat rafa hewitt and julian arnold and then made it to that bronze medal match and took out stefan auburn and brendan long to get back here and earn that rematch against jw johnson and deco bar so as we.

Get into this it's two out of three here on a championship court in this men's pro doubles gold medal match players will finish their warm-ups here your lead referee tom whitson he's a retired postal service worker from oklahoma your second referee.

Andrea gately out of florida i know andrea very well and then you're tracking referee george mccully out of arkansas players have one more minute but chad what are you looking for in this matchup what do you think your key to victory save for zayn navratil and.

Andre descu to force that game to 15. well i i spoke about oh it depends on how how well diescu was controlling the kitchen line uh but also navratil with with his speed up so we saw a little bit last week we're really telegraphing that speed up and and being counted so if he can disguise that a.

Little bit more look as a as a one-two punch then i think he's they'll definitely be able to put some pressure on barr and johnson and as we come back in here looks like players are ready to go looks like jw johnson and deco bar will be on the far end.

Andre de asco and zayn navratil on your near end navratil in the white shirt with black sleeves desco in the all black with the white hat on the near end j.w johnson in the black shirt and shorts with no hat on the far end deco bar in the all.

Black with white hat on the far end number one ready to go zane zayn navratil to serve big forehand start there chad for gekko bar can't leave about a ball up for bar right there just too big of reach he's one of those guys that is larger than what he actually is only six three but he's got got that big.

Wingspan johnson trying to make something happen in the middle with the forehand into the net i think that's that's a lot of what we're going to see it's going to be tested early with how good the hands are feeling today navigate getting a little.

Big with that forehand not sure about that decision from diascu deco bars just too big chad to do that too yeah he takes two steps and he's there at the at the kitchen line it was a difficult ball that ball went high desk couldn't take it out of the air so he had to let it bounce to kind of spun.

Back toward the net a little bit oh nice coverage by never telling me around the post from jw johnson but just too much johnson and bar right there chad yeah and and johnson's does an excellent job at reaching in really using the wrist to speed up those balls doesn't try to do too much with it but just gets it down to daisuke's feet.

Boy oh johnson and bar playing really well right now chad playing very clean yeah never to a little uh indecision there on whether what he was gonna do with that ball and it's gonna come down to clean pickleball for sure again chad and i need a camera.

When we're together we don't sit we stand and we like we have all these hand motions we're showing you guys at home like but nobody can see nobody can see us what they're doing but it's that it's that little flat pancake right that that's just been so successful right now and deco bar is like all over that right now yeah he's like scorpion where he.

Gets nice and low right yeah buzz but that's something that's coming to bars game as of late i mean at 6'3 he gets down and and he just holds it there and we saw jw johnson with that finish no backswing just hold their all all wrist and and forearm strength and punching through it so good timeout by navratil and and diescu here they've got to try.

To figure out a way to to switch up this run a little bit how can they move the ball around play a little bit cleaner pickleball take that indecision out of their game 5-0 lead here for bar and johnson well good time out here for navratil and desku much needed side out.

Jw is just just so strong with the wrist and the forearm again even on the back inside we're talking about the forehand side but the backhand side it's just hold it there wait for the ball to get and then accelerate through a miss from bar and avertill and desk who finally on the board one five two.

Very upset with himself as a ball sitting up on his forehand that he misses okay a little bit of a an awkward swing right there daisuke was in good position but then the shoulder just came through and everything dragged and lagged barr trying to get low again and get on top of that speed up from de escue but.

De ascu just punishing that little two-hander right at his body oh damn what a read from johnson chad yeah you in that situation there navratil is looking at keeping bob back but johnson reads that so well just takes a step over closes with the forehand.

Three point there off the paddle of desk you on the return of serve johnson and barr all smiles on that end wow i mean johnson like like he didn't even care he's there sitting there with that forehand in the middle so there are times right where when you're.

Trying to be fast hands if you can relax everything in the body and just trust their hands rather than getting super super tense so and that's that's what jw is really good at doing it makes it he's kind of like nonchalant about everything but his body is so relaxed that he's just trusting his his hand movement no time out here from naverton to ask.

Him kind of surprised as that drive from deco bar is a winner yep scorpion deco bar again trying to get on top of that but can't do it inside out for desku and navato i think the last the last two pancake scorpion kind of volleys tried to do he's just setting up too early yeah so they're seeing that right.

There and they're like oh i'm just going to go opposite directions what i'm seeing right now from barr and johnson they're just so relaxed up at the kitchen line nothing is phasing them no speed no anything they're just handling every single thing that navratil had well a big big difference compared to.

Last week where it looked like they were kind of pressing they're trying to figure out ways to to fight through everything with this one that like you said it's just hey play loose ball comes to me see ball hit ball oh just wide on the atp coverage there from navratil but i thought about hitting that one as.

It came back to standing outside the court johnson going no there's wide and game point here for barn johnson i mean that's just feeling good right there chad an 11-1 victory for johnson and barr much different than last weekend against daesu and frazier is.

Asking frasier we're cruising along but an 11-1 victory here for johnson and barron game number one in this men's pro doubles gold medal match at the app atlanta metro open we'll take a quick break when we come back game number two here on championship court.

men's pro doubles here at the app atlanta metro open game one all jw johnson and deco bar as they take it 11-1 over zane navato andre dascu we get ready for a game at number two to serve what are you gonna look for here in game two chad for navratilindasku to try and.

Answer the bell after losing 11-1 well i don't think they can hit through bar and johnson i think they need to spread them out a little bit more you'll pull some pull some balls out wide bring back middle and keep that movement if johnson and barr stay set they're just playing too well right now i mean.

Deco bar right now you watching him up at the kitchen he's like on his toes he's like he's floating back he's feeling good right now right he's feeling good last last week that he got to him a little bit had some stomach issues you know he plays best when when he is moving around and.

Like you said he's staying a lot up at the kitchen line he's feeling really loose right now i like seeing deco bar play like this i'm okay with that speed up i mean potentially do they do they need it right now no no but when you're feeling good you take it take a couple of risks there's a.

Heat check rare miss right there yeah trying to roll the ball really tight to the net that's tough to do so already a a few unforced errors for johnson and barr didn't see that in game one with that ball catching the line and just sliding through.

Zero three one gets right on top of the ascu there nice ball there by dascu a nice dink with a purpose there at the feet of johnson yeah pulled him out a little wider johnson not moving his feet just trying to stretch for it nice reset by johnson.

Nothing that decobar could do but try and play that because it's either going to hit him or he's going to try and play it yeah it's it's going to hit him in the throat but daisuke set that up well going inside out four hands a couple of times wide again now barr read that really well.

But just took too big of a step back he cleared himself but almost too much yeah kind of as he took that step back he brought the paddle back into the body as well not giving him the ability to just extend that back over over the net that's good ball right there from bar and right as it sneaks past de escue.

He's already saying yeah before it hits the ground yeah he sets it up like he's going to go middle you see diescu just switch to the forehand side and once he's done that it goes over left shoulder there's no way for him to get back for it nice ernie right there from desk you and a good read off the ball from deco bar.

Yeah that's something we saw a lot of last week in chicago dies who's going to try to sell that a couple of times as as well 6-0 lead here for navratil and diascu i mean what's the difference maker here chad longer point so staying in the points longer than moving the ball around they've got good movement up at.

The kitchen so just that that movement they kind of came out a little flat johnson and bob playing nice and lou's not really worried about it now navratol and diescu they've got movement up there they're moving the ball around inside outside so it's it's just the movement in general is putting the pressure on johnson and ba.

Knowing that they can't make a mistake because now they're into this into this match yeah and a time out here from johnson and barr as they go down 7-0 totally different from game one to game two for navratil and de ask who come out a little more like you said elongated points that.

Taken their time they're not rushing things and they've put the pressure on johnson and barr but now what did johnson and barr need to do during this timeout to kind of regroup and get back in this and try and end this and too honestly i think it's kind of just hey trust trust your hands right right now.

You're trying to be a little too fine a lot of them misses are into the net yes there was a couple of speed ups in the bar's body but missing too many balls into the net you know give yourself back some net clearance trust your hands if they look to attack you counter-attack it and you know play.

Quarry free pickleball don't worry about making a mistake oh good timeout right there works they get the side out but they definitely have some work to do down by seven nice hands from where he got caught a description of times in game one.

Now seeing with more extension not trying to do a whole lot with that just using the power of that ball coming at him there's the fire fights that johnson and barr came out on top of a lot in game one and continue here now in game two but hopefully it's not a little too little.

Too late for them a little one-two combo from deco bar right there what do you see him do right there sold it with the body you see you see the body move to the left a little bit like he's going to go cross-court with it drops the paddle head down brings the hand inside the ball and just flicks it up into diesel's body.

Ready to counter on that next one nice attack there from de escue in navertill but johnson and barr get on the board within five now let's go that started by the attack at the left shoulder of j.w johnson by dasger good read from naverto right there on.

The ball that johnson takes out of the year yeah good read i think potentially got away with one that was a flatter bolt bob helped him out by keeping that ball in the pancake back 922.

yeah they're choosing the speed ups better in in this one game one that would kind of like i guess they're kind of testing johnson and bonnie where their hands are at find some tendencies potentially but much better job of choosing the right ball to speed up in game two.

Give them a game point here for naverton dascu big finish for andre de askew and we will go to a game three 11-1 victory for barr and johnson in game one answered quickly from description victory of their own in game two we'll have that third game for you right after these words from our.

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Game number three coming up for you here on championship court pro men's double final usa pickleball national championship series the app atlanta metro opened zayn naver till andre desk who taking on jw johnson deco bar navertiltascu trying to force the game.

To 15. johnson and barr trying to end it here in the two out of three deckle bar going pancake forehand for the quick side out better start much better much better i think it's safe to say we're kind of even at this point right now.

One and a two wide right there for desku i think we'll see bar and johnson step up the intensity a little bit in this one oh that's a nice lean in from johnson we talked about it last week chad we're talking about it again here johnson leans in what's he do so well with that.

Little flick yeah he he holds it and he can change direction so well with it because you're waiting till the last minute to to hit it's that wrist and forearm strength that he has it allows him to do it oh there's that inside out again from deco bar chat yeah he chose a better spot didn't didn't do that in game two.

Diescu made his adjustment now we see bar making another adjustment sliding into getting more into the body as daisuke's trying to slide to the left to clear that forehand that ball put in the perfect spot desk who just couldn't do anything with it watch them go for this the ball just.

Kept so low right there it was that that's one of those ones where if you don't try to earn it it's probably going to drop and sit up and you've got a better chance but you see that ball up diescu starts moving and then it just drops off the shelf really close to the net so not much he can do as far as bringing it back up.

I almost want to rather have him let that ball bounce but he can land let that ball bounce and then take a step back in yeah but again tough to do when you're already owning you're you're like mid and mid kitchen yeah i'm just gonna land let this one bounce.

And then i'll go back cross court with it it's easy for us effort to say easy easy to say easy to see after the fact totally different at game speed a 4-0 lead here early for bar and johnson players will change ends at 6 in this.

Third game 4-0-2 yeah with the hands from navratil first and foremost off the tape there yeah catching it off the net then counter attacks well bob just gets a paddle on it and then it's sitting there to finish the next one oh how nonchalant was that right there.

From deckle bar i mean watch how cool calm chicken wing and yeah whatever right there there's a zero swing yeah zero swing all wrists just punch that down and we'll take a 6-0 lead on the end change here but now it seems like that far end has been the side that the players are preferring right now obviously as that's where all the points.

Are coming from let's see 22 28 of the 20 28 of the 31 points have been scored on one side of the net that's that's that's good math there don't carry the one we're good we got it all under control but what do though navertilla and desk you need to change here is it's it's a chess.

Match right chad as they've that johnson and barr have made that adjustment here in game three yeah yeah johnson and bob made the adjustment coming out a lot more aggressive picked up the intensity a little bit naruto diescu need to look for and expect that attack's going to come.

Or start that fire fight soon well quick side out on the end change for navratil and asco nice get from naverts off the tape bar gets it trying to find my tongue right there.

We'll get back to that warning given never till gets a warning for profanity and the referee is miked up so never till so what did i say almost baited him into it but a quick side out for johnson and bars they're up 6-0 here in game three oh yeah you can't get any law.

Tried to get low he got the first one watch the coverage here good coverage from never till on the johnson ernie i got to stay clean if johnson and bob want to continue this lead and not allow naverton to ask you chances to get back into it now all of a sudden they ask you a little bounce in this step here they get.

On the board i need to put a couple more here to get back in this though second server 50 flick from bar right there he's giving that's that's the third kind of inside out for him that he's hit right at deyesky but he's giving a different look each time he's been sliding more.

And more to the left so as diescu adjust to the one before it pushes even more answer get one johnson and borrow the five point lead in game three trying to end it here in the two out three nice drive there from jw johnson they regain that six point lead watch deco bar get up on that toe on that.

Serve two nose in that one both both nose hit second server here for johnson and baris great cam work on that last serve by deco bar showing what decal does so well on that serve as he gets up on that toe you just go to throw it over and it landed it landed up on the scaffolding.

Of the camera behind the fence oh no good i'm so good there's now eight feet up in the air no good on that toss back in so we'll have a new ball in play here there it is right on the scaffold nice serve there from johnson putting pressure on just watch out.

A good counter there from navertill on the stack as well as he's coming up crossing court yeah it just shows how fast he is on the court to be able to get over there in position before that drives even coming look like task who wasn't going to pull the trigger and then he does late.

Three one oh that's a tough thing that is like the smallest area on the court you hit this in the kitchen just past the kitchen line wow i mean it's hard enough to hit a dink in that area cam's back he making fun of me now by.

All of my hand movements do make a lot of hand movements chad but right there desk who gets a little love back off the tape there over the paddle of johnson nice attack and read right there from diascu as they cut the bar and johnson lead in half four eight on second server.

And there's bar getting low again i mean for for a big man to to get that low and then hit that that pancake tough tough shot something something that uh he's played around with with a little bit done a little too much middle on that bar speed up he had success going into.

Diescu's body potentially reading the dice was sitting there waiting for the counter i tried to sneak one through but navratil was there johnson just coming in cleaning that drive up by deco bar now within two of johnson breaking a silver medal streak.

Big drive from deco bar and it is championship point here on the paddle of j.w johnson here up 10-4. oh and off the tape winner for deco bar and there you have it your gold medalist here at the app atlanta metro open deco bar and j.w johnson andre diaz navratil will take your silver but.

Congratulations to barr and johnson your champions here at the app atlanta metro open we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back cam will be on court and talk with j.w johnson and decobar about that gold medal and about this victory in this match don't go anywhere.

We are back here at the app atlanta metro open i'm here with your gold medal men's doubles winner deco bar and jw johnson you win the first set 11-1 then you lose the second one 2-11 then you come back and win the third what was going on in that second set uh we had a little little let down i'm glad we could start the third strong we started the.

First game really strong and uh fast paced we kind of thought we should try to be more aggressive in the third as well and it worked well for us so i think that that was the main key just being being more aggressive both teams had aggressive runs on the south side of the court was there something visually that was different uh.

No it's probably just the wind a little bit i was uh helpful on that side probably a little more wind was a little more to the back so a little more power so that helped a little bit but other than that nothing visually good well now we have ken herman coming in with the trophy for.

The men's doubles gold winners here j.w decl congratulations great job again this weekend very proud to have you all be our gold medals for the app atlanta metro up and well done great win for these guys don't go anywhere we'll be right back with the women's doubles here at the app metro atlanta open don't go anywhere.

2022 Atlanta Metro Open – Pro Men’s Doubles Gold