All right guys we're ready for the action then chic going to be serving first to Tejas nice start there for Mahajan foreign first points of the game go to foreign.

This is the best two out of three series nice forehand Inside Out ground stroke from the Baseline all right then Chic down O2 foreign is an excellent excellent singles player moves very well.

Hits all the right shots oh boy this is a good point then Chic with a nice stretching backhand going back across the court Mahajan not able to handle that last one she was lucky to even get to that all right he's on the board this is the final foreign.

Letting that one go foreign but gives the ball back with Van chic's opportunity to close the gap too good from Tejas there just stretching full out eventually clipping out the end of his paddle.

Foreign likes to work around his backhand speeding it up oftentimes Cross Court these guys are so quick that's really well played there from then Sheikh kapadia foreign.

Oh excellent Hustle but Tejas is shot just a little too soft foreign again another fantastic closing shot for Mahajan 5-2 lead here in game one that ball out he went cross court he think he was saying he wanted he needed.

To go back down the line instead of Cross Court foreign very animated talks to himself quite a bit after every point two five compadia starting a little slow Miss serve there.

That's really well played at the net from capadia as he needed that for his morale look for him to press a little bit here I think he served before the score it's called oh really good Hustle but hey house Mahajan really on point with his shots right now moving then she back.

And forth foreign just feeling it right now taking that momentum from the semi-finals in to the finals picking up where he left off well hit and she shaking his head just a little bit he got the side out but he's down four.

Oh we got it oh what hustle from van seek kapadia as he lays on the ground unbelievable Hustle he got to the ball where I didn't think he would even get and then he was hustling back that's his dad right there on court.

Check him out just laying there catching his breath he's exhausted if it was me I would be definitely calling a timeout right now he's gonna need a minute everybody understanding how much hustle went into that point right there Mahajan Towing off that is kapadia's Dad giving him a.

Little bit of liquid unbelievable effort by both guys right there I knew he was going to be exhausted he needs to call a timeout and recover he gets two per game but he's not using it.

Wow with the around the Post tracking that ball and getting it back inside the line respect from then chic that one just missing the crowd gasping to eight and she still just a little off here in.

Game one scores eight two that is so good from Mahajan as he goes inside out ripping that one off the paddle avenge Chic he's looking very tired at the moment another one I don't know why he hasn't used his.

Timeout yet Tejas really feeling it right now and there it is true first game in the books for Tejas Mahajan as he really carried that momentum over from the semi-finals let's see if we can keep it going in game two I think.

Then she should have used a couple of his timeouts not sure why he didn't but either way they're gonna get two minutes and they're gonna play round two coming up in just a minute playing for the finals of the men's singles 19 plus open division.

Big 11 15 local time in the evening and there's still a huge crowd watching on these guys are Die Hard fans Spectators and players 0 0 here we go then Chic looking much better after that.

First round oh so good from Van chic he hit the reset button for game two and has come out absolutely stunning point from Van chic repatia kapadia much more lively here a little bounce in his step good effort oh so good.

Then Chic really putting in the work here foreign crazy good drop from kapadia is he's looking very sharp at the moment.

Let's see if he can balloon this lead from four two capture game two the tweener oh he had the shot the tweener looked good but at the end of the day if you don't finish the point it does you no good he had it lined up just missed wide foreign.

Missing he slapped the backhand out wide instead of rolling it and Tejas Mahajan getting within one I think he I think he missed that uh I'm sorry I think it was good actually four three.

There's an errant mistake from Mahajan now kapadia looking to capitalize on that there's another missed return and then Chic kapadia now up 6-3 a smart timeout from Mahajan as he realized the momentum is heavily in the favor of his opponent we're going to take 60 Seconds let these guys get a drink of water.

Towel off and we'll be right back to the action all right time in six three that one out then Chic looking very sharp at the moment kapadia definitely has turned things around in game two up 7-3 but just missed his third shot giving the ball.

Back to Mahajan an error on the return foreign capitalizing on the opportunities they're given right now but the game is still close at 7-4 ah what a beautiful shot right there as kapadia expands the lead to 8-4.

foreign then Chic with that power just overdoing it hooks it out wide foreign missed.

That one Mrs wide that one misses wide yep four nine after that wide shot sorry five nine such good touch for Mahajan who just stares at the ball and his opponent waiting to see if he's gonna get it back.

Kapadia not done yet nine six here in the finals of the men's open division 19 plus another unforced error from Mahajan bringing it to Tin and a game point here we go oh so good on the effort but Tejas Mahajan putting that next one away.

6-10 he's got a little bit of a heel to climb but we've seen him do it before he led most of the semi-finals against his opponent finding himself down here in game two another mistake for Mahajan it was the right shot he just missed low and now a second game point for kapadia and there it is game two in the books.

For Van Chic capadia as he shows what kind of grit he has fighting back after an 11-2 loss in game one we've now had both players step up to the plate we've got a game three coming up after this thank you thank you ain't nowhere to hide you ain't gotta.

See me come and keep me on your mind uh this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology has proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as.

Both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign foreign all right game three underway that ball just out very close and kapadia off to a good start in game three.

Too good of an angle there from Tejas Mahajan as he makes sure kapadia can't put a paddle on that one foreign tying this game up one one an aggressive serve I like that I think you got to push the pace with the serve in singles.

Just gotta keep it in the court a missed return Tejas Mahajan talking to himself then Chic doing a really good job getting there but on that one he couldn't get the ball lifted up enough as he slid you can tell this guy's this kid's from tennis sliding on hard courts no easy task.

There's a miss from kapadia and Mahajan as he grabs the bowl serving a 2-2 a nice serve to the backhand I mean return to the backhand that ball Landing down the line let's take a look at this replay as he Nails it.

I like the strategy right now from kapadia going to the backhand of Mahajan and trying to get up to the T at the kitchen to cut off those angles so good from then Chic kapadia as he anticipates extremely well on that last shot making sure he wins that point going for a bit much on that inside out.

Forehand that ball that ball landed that ball was good yeah foreign that one's skipping off the tape getting right up into the Shins of Mahajan excellent execution from capatia there.

4-3 lead a backhand for just a second kapadia switching it up in Mahajan missing long oh great anticipation from Mahajan as he cuts that ball off with a slicing forehand cutting that ball Cross Court.

Lots of cheering from both sides as capadia gets that one five three they're gonna switch it six foreign looking to roll that forehand but he's rushing that just a bit he's got to slow down and take his time on that one he had plenty of time three five.

On stretch out to that backhand it's obvious the kapadia feels he can get to that backhand and slow Mahajan down such touch that's too good obviously kapadia able to get there with those wheels of his but he couldn't do much of anything with it.

Mahajan was such soft hands oh we're going for a lob and Mahajan cranking on that ball but hitting the tie pickleball Association sign at the base of a tennis net incredible and there it is the sliding.

Lighting effort from kapadia as he rolls it by to get to six are absolutely on fire for that point they're gonna get two minutes and I think one minute to switch during the changeover kapadia finding himself in a good.

Situation up 6-3 in the third with the ball and the momentum this kid is a big time player in Big Time situations we've seen him Step Up many times before as he was down 13-7 in the semi-finals came all the way back to win I believe 15-14.

this is a great match thanks to everybody tuning in at the 2022 Asia pickleball open this is Scott golden bringing you all the live action proud to be here in Phuket Thailand at the tanyapura health and Sports Resort.

As the sun's gone down the games are heating up we're definitely in for a good finish on this one then Sheik kapadia taishan Mahajan Chic kopadia steps up his game we've seen it time and time again this week she is an unbelievable closer of games once he sniffs the finish line.

Has ice in his veins eight three in the third in complete control right now let's see if he can close it out though or can Mahajan make a push foreign not able to do much with it I thought he had a chance at the around the post but the ball shooting out a little wider.

Than he had expected Mahajan Gathering his thoughts nine three foreign with the big serve bad ball put away nicely as he jumped to crush that forehand capadia goes for every Ball but that one.

Was hit just a little too hard here we go with the back and forth oh my goodness oh that as they go Toe to Toe ultimately kapadia getting the best of Mahajan in that Exchange and now he finds himself again two points away from victory.

Taking a second to tile off before he serves at 9-4 touch that's so good for Mahjong as he does a little dance there up at the net and a time out from kapadia we'll be right back after this all right four nine let's see if Mahajan.

Can make a push to close this Gap called out foreign with a nice shot there past the backhand of Mahajan.

game point Match Point here we go oh my God that ball called good.

10-4 then she could body it with a big deep breath before he serves oh my gosh what a point as Benji kabadia lays on the ground once more he is putting every bit of effort into closing this out but mahashan has different plans as he's got the ball up.

I mean down 4-10 let's see if he can make a run down the stretch he's got to string some points together though he's been stuck on four for quite a while now great playing by both opponents are not able to capitalize on the.

Opportunity while then Sheikh kapatio is still exhausted from the last point and now he has another Match Point opportunity at 10-4 a come on from Mahajan at the net as kapadia looking to finish it with a big forehand rifles it right into the net has to string some points together and he's still.

she's had several opportunities to close this gap down six game point and match point once again for Van chic capadia and there it is 11-4 final he takes his shirt off the rosin in the air as a Indian tradition I've been told from one of the star players in cricket he did that.

Apparently and this has started a tradition when you win the finals you take your shirt off in a show of respect Mahajan really fought hard comes out with a bang 11-2 in the first game kapadia answers 11-6 back in the second.

They go to game three and kapadia pulled ahead and never looked back as he closes out the men's open finals 11-4 in favor of kapadia you gotta love that the effort The Blood The Sweat The Tears on the court an Embrace from both of these guys unbelievable effort here at the Asia pickleball open.

You you just have to be here in person to understand what kind of effort goes into this from these gentlemen they have showed me time and time again that they are willing to put their bodies on the line unbelievable I'm speechless escapadia finds a way to win in game three what a clutch performance.

at a loss for words we're gonna do an interview this is Scott golden we'll be back to interview both
2022 Asia Pickleball Open: Men Singles Final