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Foreign foreign thank you all right ladies and gentlemen.

Give your hands to the point that I said more foreign guys we're about to kick off these finals this is the best two out of three.

The Americans Daniel Moore and Tyson McGuffin going to be serving first to Van Chic and pranav foreign foreign a quick lead.

For McGuffin and more that ball a little too low to attack this is going to be a different level for these guys the ball is not sitting up like it does normally wow really good reset though it just barely went out 301.

Foreign Quick 4-0 Start zero five one okay foreign.

Going after that big forehand up high but able to hit down on it Tyson saying he's gonna serve out wide foreign that's so sharp from Daniel Moore that backhand nasty good right there he just exploded on that Franklin ball again this is a different level for these guys.

Different level seven one that's so clean from Daniel Moore right there beautiful execution on the backhand put away 912 these guys are sharp as attack right now as they are pouring it on thick tin one they're ready to get this done.

And head home that one's skipping the line and more in McGuffin saying brutal and it is when that thing skips that's just a different speed right there they're just not they're not accustomed to this type of Pace off the ball it's a good attack I I love the attack.

There from Van Chic that's what he does best he knifes his backhand sharply gets the ball up and then attacks straight across he likes his chances on those but he's going up against Daniel Moore he may not win as many of those as he you normally would oh Daniel Moore with the best defense.

I've seen all night unbelievable he just defended that attack incredible defense there all right game one 11-2 in the books McGuffin and Moore put the foot on the pedal and did not look back in game one let's see if the Indian national champions can make an adjustment here in game two or if they.

Get steamrolled by the Americans McGuffin and more they made quick work of the youngsters in game one eleven to two it's just a different speed different environment they're just not used to it the Spaniards over there behind us facing off against.

The Aussies for third and fourth place gotta love that these guys doing battle almost midnight here local time in Phuket Thailand oh nice tweener there for the reset oh I love the I love the tweener from Van Chic though very good very good that last ball hammered though product.

This is a game of speed right now as Daniel Moore and Tyson McGuffin really pouring it on thick McGovern having his way with the young Indian crew pranav rohira and then chic.

Oh what a good exchange right there McGuffin Moore not coming up with that one 3-0 on two he's so ready for that speed up he then she can't just speed the ball up whenever he wants right there that's really powerful from Van Chic going backhand then forehand to the.

Finish Daniel Moore playing excellent defense stabbing that backhand first to even get a paddle on it's impressive another attack from Van Chic he's just trying to go horde at McGuffin and mcguffin's too Savvy for that type of game he's gonna get out of the way of almost all of those.

Come on good shot by oh they're gonna give them another one four two that's too good McGuffin just literally doing whatever he wants with the ball right now.

Same for Daniel Moore Daniel with a rare missed sir haven't seen too many of those from McGuffin or more lately I knew he was gonna rip that that was a a weak return off of that strong powerful Top Spin serve from McGuffin is what.

He's known for he's really cranking it up oh what a gift from Van chic then Chic just attacking too long see the difference this is the difference where other guys are either gonna hit those or they're they're not gonna they're gonna lift the ball up a little bit more so.

Then she can hit down but these guys are hitting down on Van cheek so he's having to hit up so that's the difference in why he's sailing all these out right now and it's coming out of a little bit different pace when I say different pace I mean faster pace it's coming at him a little bit quicker.

Than he's used to so he's a little behind on those back end attacks he had the right idea there he should have attacked that one eight one two that's just impatient they're down a game and they're down 9-1 at that point eight.

One and he was just looking to attack try to make something happen almost desperation mode right now ten one two then she can probably have a little bit in over their heads right now but they they they said it in the interview with me that this is just a bonus this is a a chance for a Rec game.

Against some of the best in the world and there it is game set match McGuffin Moore unscathed through the round robin unscathed through the playoffs and we've got a quick and dirty interview coming up with Moore and McGuffin as they cleaned up 11 2 11-1 congrats to the silver medalist pranav and Van Chic they took.

It all the way to the finals some excellent play but these guys are on a different level McGuffin and more we're going to talk to them in just a minute we'll be right back foreign this is Steve Dawson from Pro Connects I'm the designer and originator of all.

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Foreign hey guys Scott golden here with the men's open Champions Tyson McGuffin to my left Daniel Moore to my right guys you got into the finals unscathed you.

Played against the best team in India they put up a big fight in that semi-final got through uh barely 15-13 and then you guys had easy work with them essentially uh you mentioned something about the pattern that you saw what was the difference for you guys there 11 to 11-1 yeah it was a little uh predictable they were kind of banging.

Their footballs and Danny and I were more than ready to kind of clock our fifth I came here today to do two things in that support GP and get this guy a w so I got both those things done let's go what were your goals coming into today was it to carry this guy to the finals yeah I was just I was just trying to stay off the court off to the side so.

That Tyson could do his thing um but uh no I think we played great together and had a lot of fun and I mean it's great to see all these different teams competing and my my goal is really to you know try to see Asian pickleball um level so I think it's a big step towards that for sure when people talk about.

Putting the work in you definitely have put some work in over in Asia the sport is exploding everywhere right now congratulations to you guys we're gonna get these guys out of here they got more competition this weekend thanks for tuning in this is Scott golden we'll be back tomorrow for all the action thank you.

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2022 Asia Pickleball Open Men Doubles Open Final