Good morning everyone lauren mclaughlin here with the app la open and we are in el segundo california i am here with mayor chris pimentel thank you so much for joining us this morning thank you very much for having us and welcome to our town so i was just asking you and i love this clarification i think a lot of people think of los angeles as this.

Massive huge city which it is but el segundo not part of los angeles it's a little different give us just a quick breakdown of of the you know the nitty-gritty that's right you know you've got 10 and a half million people in los angeles counties but of those 88 cities we naturally think we're the most important five square miles of it we are.

The home to the chargers the raiders the lakers the giltinis we're where professional sports comes and has a nexus here in los angeles county so we're here for pickleball but as you mentioned tons of professional sports teams here as well not to mention el segundo very well known for sort of.

Aerospace fortune 500 companies what is it about el segundo that makes companies these teams want to call this home you know this was started once upon a time by standard oil was the big refinery so this very blue collar hard working sensibility but in time we have the second most phds per square mile so we pack it in with some real blue chip.

Talent we have a very welcoming environment and a community that really gets behind business so it's very successful i mean we of course are so privileged to be here in this beautiful park if someone is coming visiting they're out of town they're coming from the midwest they're excited to come to.

Southern california maybe for the first time what would you suggest are some fun things that people can experience here in el segundo well we like to tell them start your trip to los angeles here because you arrive right at lax next door you have the beautiful beach at dockweiler expanding through el segundo to manhattan beach right here and then.

All of the restaurants and the amenities that we have to offer golf courses the great resort sort of spots that percolate the whole area so we talked a little bit ahead you have played pickleball before not a ton of knowledge maybe at the pro level but uh just tell us a little bit about your your pickleball experience do.

You have fun is it a good time the most important thing if you're a high school hero is to tape your ankles first save your ankles first and take a deep breath but it's a it's a great sport we have a wonderful tradition here of racket sports so we have a big population that plays the games probably get more competitive than they should but that's.

Part of the nature of keeping score you know we compete that's why we win i love it well of course chris you are the mayor here is there anything finally that you'd just like to add before we sign off that just makes you super proud of el segundo as a city i mean the people here are the most welcoming i i'm from kansas we we are a.

Very welcoming people there if if you really want to start your journey in los angeles and come here to southern california start it here you won't regret it i love it well thank you so much chris it is a pleasure to have you with us we are very thankful to be here in el segundo beautiful day it's going to have some amazing pickleball but.

Again thank you so much for joining us thank you very much welcome all right don't go anywhere folks we have our head pickleball pregame show coming up and then into the pickleball action here in el segundo right after this hmm.

wow so so.

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Tonight's special is everything here for work hang around for the weekend hit three theme parks crush coffees or crafty beers or whatever strikes your fancy because with friendly locals main street vibes easy accommodations and all of socal within reach no matter what you've come to get up to in el segundo we'll invite you to start here.

i'm so ready for next gem this is next gen pickleball i'm so ready for the next gen tour super excited about next gen i can't wait for the apc next gen tour i'm super excited for next welcome back everyone lorne mclaughlin here with the head pickleball pregame.

Show as i mentioned we are here at the app los angeles open and we are kicking off our live streaming coverage today with our pro mix doubles bracket we're back tomorrow morning with men's and women's doubles and we'll conclude our weekend sunday with pro singles we have a quarterfinal match up coming up next we have dj young and paris todd taking.

On lauren stratman and julian arnold but as always so many amazing teams to watch here in el segundo california where we are located just south of los angeles and we are streaming on facebook and youtube thank you so much for joining us at either of those places i am going to be joined in the booth by daniel roddy daniel can you hear me.

I can i can't hear you so we can't talk just yet but it's going to be another fantastic wonderful weekend of pickleball we thank you so much for joining us it's going to be sunshiny it's going to be a little warm a little breezy as we're just off the coast once again but it is our second weekend here in beautiful southern california as we.

Were in the soquel classic last weekend and then next week we head back into our next gen series as well as the english open i myself and daniel rodity will be in england next weekend so very excited for that it's going to be an awesome time and a very busy next few weeks of pickleball but thank you so much once again for joining us here at the los.

Angeles open we're going to get into the action daniel over to you all right thank you good morning everyone uh it's a beautiful day here in el segundo and we're gonna have some incredible pickleball for you today as lauren mentioned pro mix doubles we're gonna start off.

With an incredible match here as she mentioned stratman and arnold taking on todd and young should be a fiery match it should get allowed and we are looking forward to that they're just concluding their warm-ups here and they will be.

Starting in just uh just a minute or so i mean it's like we were just here daniel i don't know i know it's like we never left yeah it's uh just from san diego area up to l.a not uh not bad places to have a pickleball tournament we have uh denise smith is going to be.

Our usa pickleball certified referee for this match and a new partnership we're seeing here between uh dj young and paris todd gonna be their first time partnering up what's really exciting is we talk we've talked about paris todd quite a bit 24 years old.

Uh went professional in tennis at the age of 14 and now is just really starting her pickleball career this year and already just made leaps and bounds but what's so exciting about when these new amazing players come into the game is they start to pick up better partners.

They start to get new partners and that's always really exciting so we've got to see paris play with quite a few different partners so far in the last few months and now uh what you know dj young very well what do you think is going to be do you think their partnership men melds well together yeah i think it'll be uh you know i didn't.

Get to watch their their earlier match today as you said obviously this is the quarterfinal match they've played already and i i got to see a little bit of it um i think part of the key will be um i think the bigger adjustment as i i think we talked about this last weekend is for the women right like knowing how.

Far is he going to come over where does he want me to be yeah so it'll be it'll be interesting to see dj of course likes to be very aggressive likes to take a lot of the cord using his length and uh you know i think paris i'm sure will do a good job adjusting as to how far he wants to come over.

Oh good leave there from arnold yeah good call there by by stratman and of course trapman and arnold are very familiar with each other's games they've played several times already so they don't have a lot of adjusting to to do dj young 21 years old originally from oceanside california so socal is.

Where he's from currently he's in dripping springs texas though at dreamland yeah good ball there by young initiating that speed up arnold handled the first one really well but young able to put away the second ball missing.

From todd but that's a ball she likes to hit that that two-handed backhand volley attack does a really good job with it just just missed long that time wow all right arnold's starting to get a little there we go a little fired up here he's doing some uh rafael nadal knee jumps there.

Oh that's still good did did paris think um it was a you know maybe maybe julian might have called it out and then realized he he maybe thought he made a bad call caught himself maybe i couldn't quite make out what happened there.

But i think it was a call i think he initially thought it was out and then corrected himself as we talked about it last last weekend he's a very very fiery but very fair player another uh last weekend we saw a lot of socal players or that were from here four more right here on the court.

Exactly originally from newport beach california lauren stratman from santa barbara california and julian arlen arnold excuse me from san luis obispo and elizabeth yeah i mean i think todd is the only one who's still here for now.

Everybody has made a move for their pickleball career oh nice hands there from arnold cover in that middle and good morning everyone that is joining us whether you're on facebook or youtube i as always i'm watching the youtube chats so love hearing from everyone out there where you're watching.

From hopefully you're enjoying the pickleball action here in el segundo um a little little low there from arnold yeah is and that will give them a one point lead just making sure our ref has her microphone on so yeah we can hear she is.

Denise is very soft spoken oh jumped right into that one yeah wasn't coming too fast though so yeah he's lucky all right good run there from arnold and strapman to take the lead after being down was it 4-2 i think we're down on the side out.

4-1 4-1 maybe yeah yeah i think you mentioned in the beginning you know young is very aggressive he's going to kind of be all over and it's a little bit on todd to make the adjustments and figure out how it works best but i think todd has proven time and time again regardless of the partner that she is extremely adaptable right to.

Whoever the partner is with her and that just speaks to you know her talent her work ethic how much she really is a true professional yeah and she's really working on her doubles game so she's just she's learning every match she plays she's just absorbing you know information and.

Really wants to know okay what does my partner want me to do she's she's doing a great job of that that ball stay in it looked like arnold schwarzenegger looking to call it out stratman seemed to be right on top of it and think it caught it but no it's a slide out right all right so so yeah.

It's just missed stratman's had a couple of calls that she's you know called julian off and they were just missing i mean great eye from her being able to see those yeah and we once again have four very good tennis players former tennis players on the court dj young playing in.

Spain where he's originally from very high level junior there julian arnold at ucla and lauren stratman also a little college tennis and you know dipped her toe into the pro scene but ultimately did not make that move yeah.

Was it uc santa barbara i don't know where she played did she play in santa barbara maybe that sounds very familiar yes yeah i would have liked to see arnold drop that second one it was a good drive but todd gave him such a deep.

Volley that i would have liked to see him try to drop and make his way in but left him than that so she went to westmont college yeah that's right there yeah right there in santa barbara it's a smaller private all-american yeah it's a smaller private school great school.

Very close first game here in this quarterfinal matchup yeah and strapman is obviously not just familiar playing with arnold but familiar playing with young played with young in the past so she knows what his game is and i think that's good for her to know sort of where.

And how to play him yeah i think they're gonna they're gonna work on todd obviously as much as they can and when they start seeing young come over they're gonna start going behind young and try to keep them honest arnold also being very active so he's he's keeping todd from going straight up to him and changing it up a.

Little yeah unlucky there for arnold ball just pops up for young easy put away we will have a second quarter final match-up coming up next here on championship court j.w johnson and georgia johnson will take on regina franco and thomas wilson next here's the pattern again oh stratman.

Mixes up a little yeah well played there from todd and young all players trying to mix mix it up a little bit stradman trying to call arnold off of that ball but just too hard to get out of the way was on him so quick from young.

Again good eye by stratman really good at just letting those balls go all right tied up at eights here oh that's so pretty you called that daniel she's going to be working that until she sees young creep in middle and then she's going to go behind him which she.

Just did masterfully right there so nice notice she didn't hit the ball hard it was just the placement was so perfect that even for young being that long couldn't couldn't get to it a really nice poach yeah arnold upset himself could see young coming over upset himself for not.

Going behind him well young was ready he was on it that time but just overhits it and sometimes you know for arnold that last point you sometimes you think you know the guy could be faking too so you're you kind of stick with the plan but he was upset that he didn't read it well.

Good good volley there from todd yeah caught him on the move right at his feet perfect placement that time stratman against trying to keep young honest but just pushes it a little wide so we're back tied at nines so.

Oh catches it oh i thought it caught excuse me so oh just great pickup from arnold and what a close-out he recognized that his reset was so good he just charged in yeah i really like him taking over there yeah that was great really well played.

Game point here now for stratman and arnold oh almost she was on it little eye formation there with arnold in front yeah great job yeah arnold just kind of took over there stratton came up for a little support but ultimately stratman and.

Arnold take game one eleven nine we'll be back into the action with game two here at the app sunmed la open right after this oh.

Do welcome back to championship court here at the app sunmed la open in el segundo california paris todd and dj young on the near end here for game two lauren stratman and julian arnold on the far end arnold and stratman taking game one in.

This quarter-final matchup 11-9 looking to secure a spot in the semi-finals very close first game we'll see if we have more of the same here in game two i think todd because she has just such a great knowledge of sports in.

General coming from such high level tennis she makes adjustments so quickly so she recognizes what stratman's trying to do the pattern she's trying to get into and so she knows to look for that now as she did on that last rally yeah and it'll be interesting to see if she starts going behind arnold a little.

Bit as striven has done a couple times to young that was a well-hit ball young actually mentioning earlier because this is a freshly painted court we had this court repainted for the tournament oh just misses it so this court's playing a little slow.

Just because it's so fresh and so gritty still whereas you know older quartz maybe play a little faster because the paint has worn down with all the activity right but brand new fresh court here so it'll be interesting to see yeah they did a great job looks beautiful absolutely beautiful el segundo little logo there on the bottom.

Happy to be here yeah just a little high there from strapping three zero two great pickups from todd oh this makes it over oh really nice work i love right at the start of that rally young was on her he.

Was almost in front of her and she held strong and was like i got this didn't let that throw her off that he was coming over to take that get off my side she had it yeah and that's part of the adjustment right like knowing which ball she wants to take and which ball she needs to let him have and.

That's all part of learning to play together young telling her where to go with her return yeah good good job getting out of the way of that we talked a little bit last week in socal about the signals we talked about the fake and how you actually have to fake but i love it it's.

So great for our viewers at home watch the signals that the pros are giving each other right yeah not everyone does the kind of where to hit it they most people just do the you know open hand close hand poach or no poach or fake i like using also the direction of where i want my partner to hit it.

All right paul's called out good good try there from todd it was the right ball to hit but just missed it there's that inside out forehand that we saw so many times this past weekend yeah he loves that shot yeah it's such a great shot because it just sets up other shots that he.

Likes to do so he loves to use that to open up other lanes so yeah i i think this is going to be a battle of how involved the gentleman can get both young and arnold want to get in there they want to poach they want to be aggressive.

That could be a big difference maker here in the outcome of this match changing their strategy here reverse stacking excuse me so just like in game one todd and arnold had a a little lead which stratman.

Did i say todd and young i think i said arnold excuse me but stratman and arnold have tied it back up good patience there good read from young knowing that ball had a good amount of spin and it was going to spin outside of that post allowing him to do the atp yeah because where that ball bounced was.

Not very wide right and then it traveled a lot that's a really good ball by stradman and part of what sets it up is that she's gone behind young a couple times so now he's got to respect the line shot which then opens up the middle right so it's just again having played with him i'm sure.

Plenty of times and against them that helps stratman to kind of know yeah strapman she's one of the best at that up the middle shot yeah loves it looks for it all the time yeah trying to attack arnold but he's on it needed to go to that right hip gave him too easy of a ball with his.

Quick hands i mean again there's that shot i mean young anticipating a body shot and she goes up the middle again she's just so good at recognizing it yeah and we're gonna have a timeout here from ferris todd and dj young as they're trailing now by one.

And it's interesting we didn't see any timeouts in game one but now we're seeing one here in game two very similar kind of outcome unfolding what do you think young and todd need to be talking about here right now yeah i mean i think they're they're you know strapping we talked about in.

The first game she's gonna try to go wide to that forehand of todd's right and trying to move dj over to maybe set up something up the line now that she's got him a couple times now he's looking for that now she's beating him up the middle i'd like to see them mix it up a little bit and try to go behind arnold try to.

Just change the right now stradman is in rhythm she is really dialed in um and maybe that's what todd was trying to do by going at arnold the body shot but he just was on it you know uh very quickly and have to pick the right moments yes exactly and sometimes it's just you know going behind them and not.

Necessarily attacking them but just thinking and just making them know yeah you're looking at it yeah young with that scorpion shot that he likes to do he's so good at it good recovery from time great great defense oh just unlucky after such great defense.

Yeah paris todd just the defense kept hurt them in that rally right yeah that's so good he's so good at that shot dj young many opportunities yeah he's uh he's so gifted with his hands and the things that he can do with his hands angles he can create 742.

It's just i mean is that the that's time for paris to go behind arnold he kind of showed his hand a little early he's looking for that poach just stick it behind him or go behind him you got to keep him a little closer to that line that's right on the line yeah stratman and arnold just really dialed in right now and we get another.

Timeout from young and todd hoping to somehow get back into this yeah it seems as you mentioned stratman just super in a groove right now doing what she wants to do and arnold clearly fired up he's getting those poaches he's being aggressive i think.

Probably as you mentioned it it's a matter right now of maybe throwing a little cool water on on arnold right and they've been trying it they're just their execution hasn't been great um they've kind of gone gone at arnold a couple times but just balls a little bit too high giving him a.

Chance to attack 15 seconds receivers no timeouts service two all right todd and young out of timeouts as the game two in this quarterfinal matchup is underway reaching out to be able to take that out.

Of the air all right let's see if young and todd can string some things together here five nine one yeah there's that forehand he's missed the last two five nine two yeah it looked like it floated by her todd questioning if it might have.

Touched her but it looks like she got out of the way i like that both todd and young were keeping arnold pinned back in that corner yeah align them to take that middle over oh i thought he was going to wait for it to bounce and then hit it he was a little off balance obviously to.

Take that out of the air yeah and it looked like i think todd could have had it and she maybe thought it was deeper yeah match point here what he gets it that's a great ball risky shot see the flick right here.

Yeah he's just yeah he's so good with those flicks and and um arnold thought you know might sail wide but stays in right on the line great shot by by young let's see if young and todd can 6-10-1.

Get a little something going here get into a groove oh i love that young didn't retreat it looked like he thought about it but then ended up staying up at that line kind of holding his ground and his quick hands paid off ball is just wide so young and todd have some momentum.

Here put a good little run together four points in a row including the side out attention she was asking arnold if you wanted to take a timeout excuse me.

Unbelievable run here from youngin yup todd just kind of seems like they haven't necessarily mixed up their strategy all that much it just seems like they're executing at a higher level these last few rallies and they're you know forcing some errors out of arnold and stratman because the pressure.

Builds as they get point after point yeah they got a they got a little bit of an error at the beginning of that run but then they started just applying pressure and it's a game of runs pickleball you can quickly get back into a a match and they can quickly get away from you.

So it's right now they're trying to take advantage of that momentum it certainly looked like stratman and arnold were on their way to the semifinals after uh they kind of got hot here in the second game but as you mentioned it's not over.

Till it's over and todd and young right back in here yeah very much see if they can tie it up or can strapman and arnold get a big stop and maintain their match point oh such a nice spot for him surprise trapman didn't cover that line i i i thought he was gonna go up that line.

And uh she just didn't didn't come over as much as she needed to what a cover from todd no yeah so that was one of the adjustments right with with stratman beating them up the middle a couple times with young needing to cover that line she todd did a great job coming over.

Unfortunately for them it didn't go their way but she did a really good job covering that stratman forehand middle shot no oh she just so beautifully just glided right over there she's sitting on it she's determined to not let stratman go.

Up that middle yep anymore noticed uh one team is a little louder and the other is a little quieter now as the momentum shifts here yeah in a matter of minutes it completely switched oh that might have been floating long but paris dad takes care of business.

Regardless i didn't love that speed up there from arnold he was he was moving backwards he had that he stepped back with that left foot and it just gave todd way too much time to be able to counter that attack oh wow unbelievable the run around forehand off the net.

Takes us to a third game big turnaround here for young and todd game three in this quarterfinal matchup here at the app sunmed la open coming your way right after this this.

welcome back to the action here as our bleachers are filling up for the day already here this morning at the apb sunmed la open here in el segundo california some amazing pickleball is going to be watched for sure here on championship court this weekend and right now it is.

Lauren stratman and julian arnold on the near end taking on paris todd and dj young on the far end todd and young mount a comeback in game two overtaking stratman and arnold forcing this third game our teams will switch ends at six and then one of these teams heads to the semifinals.

uh arnold's gonna have to keep strapment positive she looked obviously upset after that second game losing that lead and uh they just need to stay positive know that just as they took a lead on both of those games they can okay getting the ball checked.

Arnold making sure the paris is okay after hitting her quick to apologize he was apologizing in the same breath as screaming and yeah i'm sorry sorry i love it i love it looked like that ball got a little out of round and that's what we're changing it out again laura mclaughlin and daniel ro.

Diddy here in the booth courtside all weekend long here for the sunmed la open in beautiful el segundo california not a cloud in the sky that i see it should be about mid 70s here today which sounds amazing which for us it is because we're not out playing pickleball but you need a jacket or no i'm good i'm.

Good right now thank you thank you we'll i brought one if i need it later always just gotta be prepared it's about being prepared so it'll be a little toastier on court for these players so super important to stay hydrated get rest in the shade we have our beautiful pro player tent right next to us here on so they do not have far to go.

Looks like we're possibly i think possibly they didn't like any of the ball options that were available oh they need to go so we're gonna get some more maybe it seems to be i would say a referee timeout as our players go to their how lovely that they have a little mini tent to.

Shade them i love that it's really nice so it looks like denny smith our referee has left momentarily so we're we're just getting into this this third game one rally has been played if you're thinking about how the first and second games went one very.

Close the whole time second one todd and young had to make a big comeback an adjustment there do you think todd and young now have the momentum coming into this third game uh i mean i think they do um i think emotionally they do for sure.

Uh now what i think it all deter it all depends on what happens even just in the first few points right that can change everything very quickly if strapman and arnold can take a quick lead um i think that's going to help them a ton i think right now emotionally.

They realize game match point i think 10 7 was it i think uh somewhere at some point they had a match point and so it's just it's you have to get past it but uh but it's hard it's hard because you know you had you had it on your paddle um to end it but i think it's more emotional than than.

The actual striking of the ball right the actual shots and so i think from a emotional standpoint they need to get a they need to get a couple points right away get them positive.

And uh and maybe go back to the original game plan right where stratman was going wide to todd waiting for her opportunity to go behind oh there we go we got the johnsons there they're playing next here on championship in their quarterfinal we got jw and georgia johnson there they're going to be taking on thomas wilson and.

Regina franco next here on championship court so very excited to see them play together they won gold medal and mix together at the new york city open for the first time ever playing together oh what a good venue to do absolutely incredible it was a i think the first time ever j.w.

Johnson and zane navratil were both playing in three finals on championship sunday in new york i don't think that's ever happened before they played against each other in singles against each other and mixed and together immense zero zero two all right so we have a suitable ball.

That our players are all happy with and back into the action here in the start of game three doing just that trying to work to that corner oh the lob i like it yeah that was great hadn't seen a lob from stratman yet and that was uh really well played todd being a little aggressive a little.

Quicker left the ball just a little higher than she wanted and todd took advantage of it oh i like the thought though just over does it much too hard yeah just todd was just late on that volley yep.

Good job todd on that middle ball but uh over hits it again and we saw stratman just get excited there and that's what we were saying that's such a key it's going to be key for for them net cord there on the overhead from young.

Throws it off just a little bit yeah i like what i'm seeing that the energy that i'm seeing from stratman she was really down after that second game and you can tell she's even though they haven't really taken any lead or anything they're actually uh down but um or sorry um.

They're up one point but i just like the energy that she's bringing right now right now it's arnold that needs lifting up a little bit very frustrated after missing that last shot in the previous rally and now dumps one into the net two two one yeah there's a lob again by stradman.

Just well placed yeah clearly something they talked about implementing here in this third game i'm a little surprised young let that one go he was so far in the middle i thought he would assume that was in but yeah i think it just caught him off guard i don't think he was anticipating it but.

That is uh one of the best places to lob from is that right side of the kitchen to the diagonal corner on that back back court there it's far enough from young and it's over the left shoulder of todd so it's a good spot two three one.

Seconds ever two three two inside out three two one all right four two one second server four two yeah all right.

Great one two they're from stratman and arnold looks like todd and young just are struggling just a little bit on execution they've had a both had you know the errors into the net yeah padded up a little i think.

I might see a time out here right out stravan read a well she you know offer speed up she was ready for the second but uh just missing there's that third shot lob that we've seen young dude a couple times not today but we saw him use it last.

Weekend was he trying to do a spin serve just look like a different toss yeah i'm not sure just looked a little a little lackadaisical five two one does such a good job she kept it low she didn't really try and you know go for that just nice.

Roll keep it low yeah it's almost like todd was expecting maybe a harder ball harder and a little higher and it was just that's what she's been seeing the off speed little off speed a little lower so great job by strapman to change it up.

So they have gotten to six which triggers the end change here in this game three as i mentioned another quarterfinal match coming up next here on championship court j.w johnson and georgia johnson take on regina franco and thomas wilson the winner of this quarterfinal match-up.

Heads to the semis where they will face the winner of michelle esquivel and rafa hewitt versus susanna barr and austin gridley and then our last quarterfinal match is still yet to be figured out we have lee whitwell and james ignatowicz they're going to be taking on the winner of.

Anna bright and dylan frazier versus maggie brash and kai mcmakin timing for men change so getting through our quarters here in our mixed pro doubles bracket on this lovely friday first day of three live streaming days of coverage here at.

The sunmed los angeles open yeah i like the way todd and young played that point just some just unfortunate there for them missing that ball but they were moving stradman and arnold pretty well two seven one yeah that was a great get.

From arnold that that drive from young was not an easy ball to pick up and he did a great job keeping the volley nice and low setting himself up yeah stradman just relentless great effort there from todd getting a couple of those back but i'd like to see maybe a timeout here.

From young and todd as they seem to be really just kind of getting moved around by arnold and stratman but right if they can get this stop instead right idea had uh had young beat saw young looking for a forehand.

So young and todd on this end of the court did come back from i believe a ten four or five deficit let's see if they can do it again 372 yeah it's a relatively easy volley there arnold normally will not miss those yep todd just hung it a little bit.

If you're coaching players that maybe are not at the pro level do you give them any direction as far as if a ball gets popped up a little if it's a little high do you retreat do you hold your ground what's kind of the thought process thinking behind that.

Um yeah i i'd like to when i'm teaching people i i'd like to teach them to i identify the high ball and take a quick step back you know they're not gonna depending how much time they have but i always tell them to slide back but keep your weight on the balls of your feet so you're not leaning.

Back because then that'll lead to another pop-up probably some players though are so confident in their hands that they just won't back up and it pays off for them i mean it's just but not everyone obviously has the quickness the weight is such an important.

Distinction because if you start just shuffling back you're you're automatically going to be on your heels but if it's a quick re-establish yourself step back then you can keep that weight forward right great defense drop shot yep yep.

Saw that coming he was faking it with that long wind up yep he takes a big wind up make him think he's gonna drive such a great job just well place ball yeah she's trying to tell herself she's so on it i think she needed to slide to her left just a little bit she was a little jammed with that ball i don't.

Know if she thought it was going to be a little farther away from her from her hip but she kind of just got jammed once again you wonder if this end of the court young and todd have preferred seems like they have played better on this end.

And now for the second time in the second game mounting a comeback i just shored with it almost sounded like he hit the paddle on the ground and maybe it didn't allow him to really swing through that ball yeah got a little on him fast it looked like yeah it was a good ball by arnold and they've come back all three games.

They didn't win the first one but they did have a big comeback tied it up and then uh arnold and stravan pulled away that was uh that was a very important first point for straban and arnold since they've been stuck at seven wow that's a yeah they were just fully.

In control at the end change and since then haven't really been able to do too much yeah great great attack from stratman and instead of going middle she kind of went at todd and so todd couldn't sit on that backhand instead it went through her left shoulder she just couldn't.

She couldn't get a good swing on it popped it up great job by arnold making that backhand overhead it's a very difficult shot to hit yeah we have a timeout here from todd and young yes and they're not talking they're not.

Anywhere near each other so an interesting time out here i think they know perhaps it's one of those timeouts where it's a momentum killer timeout they don't need to necessarily talk a lot of strategy they're just trying to slow down stratman and arnold from getting too hot.

Because we know how quickly that can get players like stratman and arnold to roll even quicker again thank you so much for joining us everyone i already got tons of people watching on youtube.

And of course thank you for joining us on facebook as well we're streaming all day long all the way through the gold medal matches so stay with us so much amazing pickleball here to come at the sun made la open sunday big.

Big side out there coming out of that timeout makes you think about that mist served by arnold just gave up a service opportunity there yep i was just gonna say i think they were just hoping that todd is gonna.

Leave one of those rolls a little bit high yeah she was doing a great job moving it around though right got arnold involved but yeah strap man just sitting on that ball from young i mean she recognizes immediately here that arnold.

Kind of gets a little off-footed and goes right at a perfect spot did he get him did she get him in the face that was like neck area but he blocked it with his paddle but okay couldn't quite get a good shot on it oh good effort from stratman just unlucky for them 691.

Yeah great one two from from arnold and again for the viewers yeah the pros are so good at 692. those speed ups are really a setup is so good at letting those balls go i mean it's her recognition and court hardness is so good so good maybe i'm so impressed because i'm.

Terrible at it but she really is really good yeah i got a little impatient there just dropping i think that was a tough ball we've been better off to maybe let it bounce oh great job again moving it around going behind young.

then the other way and then gets what she's looking for there it's almost like todd thought about speeding up and then changed her mind and it just was neither was it a speed up or a dink match point here for stratman and arnold.

And they will get it done but ferris tatt and dj young great job staying with it having some comebacks forcing this third game they will drop to our consolation bracket as stratman and arnold head to the semis and as i mentioned another quarterfinal match coming up right after this jw.

Johnson and georgia johnson take on regina franco and thomas wilson here at the app sunmed la open right after this the app socal classic is brought to you by pickleball central the pickleball superstore catering from beginners to pros yola for the champion in you sunmed the official cbd sponsor of the.

App keto crisp a delicious blend of healthy fat protein and energy to fuel your day it's about what you can do not what you can't now i'm so ready for next gem this is next.

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Welcome back to the franklin studio everyone lauren mclaughlin here with julian arnold and lauren stratman as they head to the semifinals so all three of those games you guys were able to jump out in front a little bit game one kept it very close but able to close it out game two they had to mount a big comeback how do.

You guys mentally recover going into that third game when you you had match point you had the opportunity to close it out in two how do you just stay focused going into that third game well this actually happened in our first round we were up 10-9 after being down like 9-0 and lost the game so we had to win it in three and that's kind of what.

Was in my mind like we just did it we can do it again and just to take it one point at a time and fight through it did you guys have any particular strategy knowing you're facing dj in paris and just how many weapons they have or do you guys just sort of focus on what you want to do play your game and the rest will come.

Yeah i think a little bit more of just playing our game you know i have a partner who has so many weapons and can really do it all so i just trust her to you know do her thing and then you know i try to just not mess it up and insert whenever possible but.

You know i'm just proud that we stuck it out that was a really tight tough match that's a good team and and yeah i'm glad that we pushed on through the semifinals we've talked before you guys are playing together more and more in tournaments know each other very well now.

Do you still during tournament days do you have matches like for example this one do you now go and you're like hey let's talk about what just happened try and work on anything specifically as you go throughout your days um yeah.

I mean you could say no too no i mean like we'll just probably go for a little walk and then we'll regroup and get ready for the next one see who we're playing and yeah prepare that way all right well love it congratulations you guys are into the semis we have that next quarter final match coming up next here at the.

La open don't go anywhere more pickleball right after this so.

so so.

Oh hold up california just outside of los angeles lauren mclaughlin and daniel rodity here for the app at sunmed la open we just had a.

Three-game quarterfinal match here on championship court and we have another quarterfinal now georgia johnson and j.w johnson the sibling duo will take on thomas wilson and regina franco and as always it looks like all four of our players got the memo of the.

Black and white dress code here on championship court everyone's trying to match so some chai moy will be our usa pickleball certified referee for this match georgia johnson 15 years old brother jw 19 years old out of delray beach florida thomas wilson 31 years old.

Out of new braunfels texas same place as you see if anyone joined us for the socal classic last weekend especially on singles day hunter johnson came out of nowhere i mean he was there he was right there waiting but made a big splash he lives in the same city as thomas wilson even gave thomas a little shout out during his interview.

During his day i think he said thomas wilson taught him everything he knows but i'm pretty sure he's eight years of professional tennis either that helped a little bit yeah so very excited to have thomas wilson here he's pairing up with regina franco 26 years old originally from mexico but now in florida with husband johnny.

Goldberg and i mean baby mia who is here as well i just saw a roll bye yeah she's so cute johnson's on the far end for game one wilson and franco here on the near end zero zero one as a coach for example the the brasha sisters mary and maggie they get to train together.

All the time they play together that's just such an advantage and of course the johnsons are siblings as well get to do the same how much do you think that adds to them just being able to build the chemistry the knowing each other's game so well aspect when you.

Know you're you get to train together literally every single day yeah i think it's huge i mean you get to talk all the time of what's working what's not working um i think especially for the brushes for example they they play pretty much every tournament it's rare.

That they don't play together whereas you know um yeah jw yeah they they they mix it up quite a bit but still just just gives you so many opportunities to to chat about what you're thinking or what's what's working what's feeling good even in practice games.

And so at the dinner table you can talk about all the other pros their strengths their weaknesses it's a rare a team is able to spend that kind of time together inside out and regina was a racquetball player right she absolutely was very very high level.

Racquetball player speaking of daniel de la rosa also here at the tournament i see him over in the booth with his wife they're playing together but he's the number one racquetball pro in the world right now yeah that's not bad when you can be one of the best in two sports that's pretty nice.

I believe this is the first time in a tournament that franco and wilson have played together yeah wilson upset himself for hitting that ball feeling like it was going out yeah i haven't had a chance to actually watch uh thomas in person yeah yeah he's really good i know he plays a lot with his.

Cousin aj kohler zero three two side out yeah that's great defense from wilson franco yeah that ball by johnson stays in franco hoping it was gonna miss wide but uh lands right on the line.

Three zero two oh it's a great drive from wilson ball so low georgia just couldn't quite 402. handle that one side out zero four one thomas wilson started his college tennis career at purdue university but finished.

It at the university of texas yep we were chatting a little bit earlier today but it's time there in austin side out right now it's franco and wilson out in front point yeah they're doing a great job right now.

Applying a lot of pressure at jw in georgia five one two jw johnson it's funny we talk about we talked about this last week a lot because we had a lot of younger sort of junior players that were you know younger than college age so they don't have a college sports.

Background they don't have a former pro background you just look at these these younger players and you know just bursting with talent dedication and hard work yeah barely a high school sports background because they're already playing professional pickleball while they're in high school.

We talked about all the first-time medalists last weekend you know one that we forgot hayden patrick no it was his first pro metal did we say that did you say that i think we missed saying it out loud but we definitely said it on i know our social media stuff but absolutely a big shout out to hayden patrick quinn.

Got bronze with julian arnold who we saw in our previous match very first pro medal for him as well as five other players so it was quite the day quite the weekend of first time in pickleball which was so awesome to see yeah he's had such great runs i just uh.

I didn't realize that that was his first medal because he's done really well but he's coming forth a couple times several times yeah so really exciting for the for hayden and his family so we have a timeout here as both of our teams go to their little mini tents for some shade here.

You can see a couple pros in the stand merchandise i got rob davison up there did see lee well earlier but don't see her anymore i think she yeah she might be speaking of hayden patrick when there is first row a typical 16 year old on his phone he's.

Probably scrolling through instagram but uh he is playing this weekend here as well he's from southern california so this is also his home turf oh and we got a dylan fraser sighting 15 seconds.

Oh and that's anna bray yes next to him they are playing together today in mixed doubles so i would expect they would have some good results we'll see last weekend was a little funky got some some interesting results.

From some new pairings and teams so saw some upsets which is always fun to see oh wow great angle from wilson love what i saw not intimidated by wilson handled a lot of those shots the last one popped up unfortunately for her yeah georgia johnson just truly no fear.

That was tough wilson was going for that but then he thought he might be colliding with franco on that so that would have been a head-on yeah just too high with that first one from wilson there giving georgia a chance to attack jw closing it out speaking of first times last weekend was also the first.

Time georgia has beat big brother j.w johnson in a tournament taking gold with partner dylan frazier over jw and lee whitwell in mixed last weekend so jw just figured if you can't beat her join her right now i mean she's gonna play with her i do love it we talked a little bit.

About georgia johnson kind of last year at socal she was kind of making her early appearances into pro pickleball yep and how how she's just not the same player that she is and i think that is so awesome to see because now she is at a level that her and jw can partner together and have great success.

So i think that was probably always the the hope that they would be able to play together right and it's cool to be able to see that now happening yeah really great results yeah both of them have this past year just the growth has been incredible i played jw at socal last year in.

Singles and i mean he beat me but it was he didn't run away with it and if we played the day he would just absolutely destroy me he's just uh you and me both daniel you and me both and by that i mean us together he would destroy oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and maybe a couple other people thrown in i know right.

Whoever wants to join yeah jump in there get beat with us oh georgia on it but i think that was going out either way uh she was she was on it so quickly that she was early on that ball.

572 side out line yeah and i love how i'm seeing georgia as well how she's able to roll so many shots just like jw she's obviously learned how to do that as well perfect drop there very good franco yeah.

I think georgia would have been better off trying to keep the same direction go back cross court i think was trying to catch wilson off guard and go behind him but the drop was just too good from franco and then an unforced error from jw on the return 9-5-2 next up here on championship court we're.

Going to have our first semi-final match michelle esquivel and rafa hewitt will take on lauren stratman and julian arnold oh great from thomas wilson there first earning we've seen today.

592. really nicely done winner of this quarterfinal heads to the semis where they face anna bright and dylan frazier and lee well in james ignatowicz whoever wins that match we've got a game point here for wilson.

And franco number one so that will be game one to our number nine seed regina franco and thomas wilson over the number one seed jw johnson and georgia johnson but we'll see how game two plays out as we know it can be anyone's.

Game once you start fresh so we'll see can wilson and franco maintain this momentum into game two will be back into the action right after this so.

So so back into the action here at the app.

Sunmed la open 0-0-2 our usa referee kicks us off georgia johnson and jw johnson oh my goodness what's happening what is this oh that was funny i mean okay that's a talent that's a talent right.

There it almost looked like wilson was trying to do the record again like all right let's see how many we can do together i liked it we had actually started game two that was real that happened that was part of the game.

But uh the johnson siblings losing game one eleven five let's see if they can turn it on a little bit higher here in the second game i imagine we'll see jw getting a little bit more aggressive first time partners regina franco and thomas wilson so far gelling very well together nice pickup from wilson.

Wilson's amazing at defense he just some of the gets that he has are fantastic johnson hit the ball so hard that the ball turned into an egg for a second yeah and in the you know mid 70s but it's going to be a little warmer on court here full sunshine so that that dura fast 40 is going to get a little soft.

In the heat so we're going to have a ball change man anyone that does it thomas wilson i mean great player but just the nicest guy just absolutely one of the nicest his wife brittany comes to a lot of the tournaments she is equally amazing.

They've yet to bring their dog however which really upsets me every time i see him where's the dog guys they have a beautiful golden retriever which i love one zero two oh yeah good hands there from like the wind just maybe carried that ball out a little bit.

Two zero two side out georgia wondering if that ball was gonna miss jw didn't seem too sure one way or the other zero two one second i was going to say you mentioned the breeze and i don't know if it's a.

Downside but the the thing that's tough about socal if you're so close to the ocean there's always going to be that breeze it's going to be a factor no matter what right inside it's not all amazing i wanted it to come over just to see another one of those little exchanges.

That's definitely in the uh running for the sun med recovery point of the day right now oh tough it might have been going wide i think but franco just couldn't get that paddle out of the way four zero one point.

We're going to have a timeout here from franklin wilson as johnson's out in front big and in control 5-0 and i i am starting to wonder if this near end is going to be the favorable side i think a lot of times you're watching a live stream and i don't think viewers realize.

Just how different the ends can be you have a different backdrop you have a different maybe sun positioning as a player how much can sort of your environment around the court affect how the plague happens oh yeah for sure i mean i think wind is usually going to be the biggest factor um which way the.

Wind is blowing i definitely like a clean backdrop like right now we have from the near end going the you know there's not people walking through there's not other stuff back there i have sometimes a hard time seeing the ball and so a clean background backdrop like that where the ball really pops.

Um i certainly prefer but the wind is going to be always the biggest factor if that's not an issue then then definitely the backdrop but then a lot it's just you know we're we get superstitious we get it gets in our head like i like this side we may not even know why yep but that does a lot because if you feel confident then it doesn't.

Even matter what you just played better on that side so that's the side you want to be on yeah exactly exactly all right back from the timeout we'll see if the johnsons can keep it rolling flick there from jw johnson a bit of a low position yeah put it up a little high and you know.

Franco's she's small she's she's she's not very tall so so that flick that jw did for a lot of people it's on the shoulder and it's a little tougher for her was kind of above and she was able to knock that thing down yeah that one's not coming back chances definitely go down when jw johnson's on the other side yeah.

Great return there from georgia five zero one point yeah i mean just big drive there from johnson definitely their strategy is going to be her looking to set up jw for the put away right so.

Wow i mean you could see both of the guys just just waiting for a chance and that was even maybe a bit of a stretch for jw there to put a paddle on that but yeah again he's just so talented yeah and he can just flick it even from a kind of a bad position yep seven zero one.

Point i think we're gonna see is uh more returns coming to jw to try to keep him out of kind of crashing there it is he crashed on his own shot i mean it's a tall order to yeah keep jw johnson from being yeah i mean it's definitely harder obviously to crash on.

Your own than on your partners so that's we've seen that but that balls short side out fortunately for franco and wilson jw missing long eight one they haven't been given too many opportunities so they really gotta capitalize here on their serve try and get on the board.

082 nice leaf johnson was so close to putting a paddle on that eight zero one point yeah just too much from jw there franco doing her best to stay in that point but that last ball just way too high nine zero one.

Just heard franco upset about the wind so we mentioned that earlier that that can be a big factor and it looks like perhaps that far end does have the wind in a in a way that's a little harder to handle and the game point here for johnson and johnson.

Not quite gonna get it though let's see if we talk a lot about you know franco and wilson right now they're down 0-10 they haven't even gotten on the board maybe they can't take this second game but if they can string together some some points get on the board to gain some momentum into three how important.

That still is absolutely yeah fatigue is not gonna be a factor in in doubles uh at this point right now so you're not gonna you know look to just kind of move on to the third what you said is absolutely right trying to get any kind of momentum even if you lose the game but it's not going to happen.

so johnson and johnson take game two here in this quarterfinal matchup as a team looking to head to the semis so as i mentioned every game brand new we'll see what game three has in store for us back into the action right after this.

Oh so so welcome back for another game three here in our second match of the day.

Here on championship court and our live streaming coverage on youtube and facebook we have regina franco and thomas wilson on the near end they took game one eleven five but fell in game two eleven zero to georgia johnson and jw johnson who are now on the far end they'll.

Switch ends at six wilson telling us as he came over before the start of this let's go for a non-bagel this game he said at least a breadstick he gave us a thumbs up right now since they're on the board oh yep got it done checked off wilson and franco both getting nice and.

Low during a couple shots in that rally as i mentioned it seemed like wind was a little harder to handle on the far end again i can't quite make out from here is it is it going it seems to be kind of changing directions i think georgia might go behind thomas one of these.

She definitely should oh she's just so good we talked about her having no fear it can be intimidating having someone ernie right in front of you right kind of coming right at you but barely backs up at all nice easy defense nice leave i believe the wind is a.

Little cross court from left to right as you're looking on your screen right now the ocean is directly 131 to the west of us so generally that breeze is coming right off the ocean and she loves that two-handed backhand kind of angled put away there that volley yeah she uses that left hand.

Really well to bring that paddle around great overhead from wilson two three two that one's not coming back yeah great anticipation from wilson using a little bit of a drop shot knowing that georgia was on the run there wilson kind of all over the place there.

Yeah great job you mentioned this i think last weekend georgia johnson has a very tight swing she's very close to the body doesn't extend herself a lot i think that helps kind of keep her shots more compact as well yeah inside out two four one.

Yeah wilson's had a couple forehands there i mean that one was easier than the first one but both of those shots that he would normally make one left to the side out and that one cost him a point don't see too often the johnson siblings have any sort of miscommunication yeah in the middle like that.

Side out four three one oh yeah it's tough too high georgia just frustrated with herself for lifting that ball a couple of those shots earlier that kept her in the rally though it's she almost looks like she has her elbows attached to her body yeah tucked in yeah.

Second 532 franklin wilson looking to get that sixth point in the end change here in game three zoom oh she's right there almost got it but wilson nice job staying on top of that.

So not only do they not have a bagel here in this third game but they're out in front at the end change we'll see if that win factor if the end change then kind of rejuvenates johnson and johnson as they clearly dominated in game two on this near end of the court.

And you mentioned you know you think georgia might start going behind wilson a little bit more as he's really kind of planting himself in the middle do you think they have been doing that a little bit more or they need to still kind of keep him a little more on that line he's getting really aggressive with.

That forehand i think maybe what's making her hesitant is he's done a couple ernies when she's gone there or when jw has tried to go um behind him and so that that may be uh you know that may make them hesitant to do that since he's effectively done the ernie a.

Couple times but i think you still have to do it and just try to keep it more shallow right not try to get it by him but maybe a more shallow dink behind him that is more difficult to ernie rather than a more aggressive one yeah they've been dinking a little bit behind him to try to keep him over there.

But haven't really tried to pass him down the line yeah yeah it seems like they they either need to go shallow with those dinks so that it's not a um a ball that stays up for the ernie or just a an attack like you were saying i think they've been going a normal dink which much easier to earning all right so.

After the end change just give him free points there on the return yeah i'd really love to see georgia just kind of flick it down that sideline right at least let him know she knows that she can do it afraid to do it yeah that was funny jw thank you almost trying to hit it for her.

I don't know if he was thinking like is that going out yeah i thought like it's almost like i might be going out 562. oh that was funny he likes to be a little dramatic sometimes yeah but i mean really immediately after the end change you could feel and see the momentum shift.

Right back over to the johnsons a couple errors from wilson and franco and we and we heard franco talk about the wind in that second game and again it can sometimes it's just a confidence thing it can get in your head and it's just you know you don't like that side and so.

You don't have a choice you have to play on that side and it just we see it right now i mean it's just a run here by the johnsons yeah that's just so tough for wilson and franco you know you're you're playing really well you're out in front you're feeling confident which ends and you know within a minute you're down two.

Yeah after a big run and you've got some errors you got the johnson's coming out strong yeah and and it's some of it too is you know when you're having to pick a side whether you're on a game to 15 and you know you're just gonna be switching at eight i think different players have different.

Strategies sometimes sometimes i like to start on the good side because i want to lead on the switch yeah but then sometimes they're like well i want to end on the good side because there's no end it could you know you could play on that side for a lot longer right because there's no switching again.

And so i think different players have different strategies as to you know whether they want to try to get the lead or they want to end up on the good side um both can work but now there's not no more switching so this is where everyone's gonna be to end.

This yeah they just have to deal with it and find a way time in 862. you know i think that's the first exchange they've won since the changeover see if they can capitalize.

Thomas wilson such a great partner he's just so supportive and i do see wife brittany up in the stands cheering them on point eight one ah i like that yeah wilson looking for that ernie you see him right there and just overruns it.

Frankly having it come over i like johnson goes right back at him though because he's not reestablished yet he isn't really yep have his feet solid oh oh my goodness okay come on oh no go georgia.

Oh no wow unbelievable great rally really great gets especially from georgia johnson but wilson and franco take back the lead oh that's an amazing shot single shot yeah that was an amazing shot from.

Wilson he moved up on that overhead took it on the rise before jw could recover hit it to the open court placed it perfectly i would have liked to see a timeout maybe from the johnsons before this but it's tough but i mean wilson and franco hang on.

Here after the end change big big win for them here over the number one seed jw and georgia johnson but they're not done yet they dropped to our consolation bracket wilson and franco head to the semis and we will have a semi coming up next as i mentioned before michelle esquivel.

And rafa hewitt take on lauren stratman and julian arnold right after this hold up do.

welcome back to the franklin studio lauren mclaughlin here with thomas wilson and regina franco who are heading on to the semifinals after a bit of an upset win over the johnson siblings this is your first time playing together in a tournament.

Just as new partners going into this weekend what did you guys talk about in terms of how you want to play communication styles all of that well we actually look for the strengths of both of us um and it kind of worked out at the end he was keeping me calm and i was just letting him do what he had to um so i just trusted him in every.

Single way so you mentioned going into game three uh try not to bagel in that third game we do we talk about so often that you know the tides turn so quickly in pickleball that first game very competitive you guys come out on top have to be feeling good and then 11-0 in.

The second game what's your thought then going into that third game uh my thought was i looked over to my wife and she was like move your feet and so game three i moved my feet and it worked out much better so big shout out to brittany so she's coach booboo so of course that is a big win over the johnsons you head into the semis will.

You guys now you know we don't know who you're going to play quite yet as you look forward once you know who you're going to play do you then strategize based on knowing who your opponents are going to be so i mean yeah you're going to look for what the way that they play and the weakness.

But at the end they it's just be solid between both of us it doesn't matter how different it is so absolutely what do you think so far has been working really well for this first time partnership today i mean she's her forehand dink is amazing she doesn't pop anything up so that's what we want we want her to be in a foreign with pretty.

Much anybody and i'll try to jump in there if i can but and i'm just trying to stay active and do weird stuff and hope we win weirdness always wins i love it yes keep the energy up there yes all right well congratulations once again into the semis but we have our first semi-final match coming up next julian arnold and lauren stratman take on.

Michelle esquivel and rafa hewitt that's up next here at the sunbed la open don't go anywhere so i'm so ready for next gem this is next gen pickleball i'm so ready for the next gen tour super excited about next gen i.

Can't wait for the apc next gen tour i'm super excited for next year so wow.

Oh oh oh.

so welcome back to our first semifinal match up here at the app sunmed la open lauren mclaughlin and daniel roddy here in the booth for the weekend and we are going to have michelle esquivel and rafa hewitt.

Who had to defeat cameron blackwood in alex newman and then susanna barr and austin gridley in their quarterfinal matchup that was three games as well three eleven eleven seven eleven nine they take on lauren stratman and julian arnold who we saw in our first live streamed match of the day.

Here defeating paris todd and dj young in their quarterfinal 11 9 10 12 11 6. but they also had to defeat mill and rayne and hayden patriquin in their first match of the day also three games 10 12 11 8 11 5. so some really tight matches here already today in our pro-mix doubles bracket.

Our other semi-final i know is half set regina franco and thomas wilson moving on over the johnson siblings that we just saw they will take on the winner of anna brighton dylan fraser versus lee whitwell and james ignatowicz which i believe is being played uh on the court next to us.

We'll give you an update if we can but they're not right right next to us so we'll see if we can hear what's going on over there but michelle esquivel rafa hewitt on the far end lauren stratman julian arnold on the near here for game one.

Claire cavanaugh is our usa pickle certified referee for this match and as you mentioned daniel before we started this this should be a fiery match yes both of the gentlemen especially very vocal they're going to be all over the place here and the ladies too they're pretty fiery.

Themselves they'll uh they'll certainly get into it they're familiar with each other they've played together a lot against each other quite a bit so and rafa hewitt a lefty so you're gonna see him i think probably almost exclusively on that right side of the court during the.

Stack oh nice hands there from hewitt getting aggressive here crashing in if he has the choice he's probably going to speed it up versus slow it down but because of that he's also occasionally going to be a little.

Impatient yeah maybe going to shoot some things a little long like we just saw there rafa hewitt was on the winning mlp team in their first event of 22. on blqk i went to say 2022 and then i just decided to say 22 and then i got confused numbers are hard we got it we got it.

You did well oh sorry not sorry yeah hewitt and esquivel i believe have played together but don't do it a lot yeah that's a great ball they're from arnold nice backhand roll up the middle it was rafa hewitt's birthday yesterday.

So a belated happy birthday to him turning 27 years old originally from idaho but now lives in auburn alabama oh nice answer from esquivel but stratman got one she really liked and was able to put that down michelle esquivel 36 years old originally from bend oregon now in.

Naples florida spent a good amount of time here in socal also lived here as well you'll notice that calf taped up pretty significantly here today she pulled that calf last year at the u.s open so a year ago in the u.s open pretty significantly took her a while to.

Recover from that so you'll often notice she has either a compression sleeve or some tape on that calf just trying to make sure it stays nice and strong we saw hewitt uh last weekend using that backhand cut serve he we just saw it again is able to put some good spin on the ball.

Ah great set up and put away by esquivel there going wide to arnold speeding up the strapman getting the pop-up oh that ball just dies i think esquivel thought hewitt was maybe gonna make a move for that got caught.

Arnold got what he wanted lauren stratman celebrated a birthday last weekend while we were in socal turning 28. julian arnold 30 years old yeah good lob from esquivel 432 now you'll notice rafa hewitt loves that two-handed backhand as well.

Not as great of a lob there from escavaleo baseline yeah three four one yeah loving from the baseline is going to be much more effective when someone's charging at the net quickly not if they're already there and you have to get it deep yeah you can't lob to the.

Kitchen line it's got to be a pretty significant lab so you're saying if it looks like a high dink it's not necessarily a good lob right yes yes looked like hewitt was almost limping a.

Little as he went back to the baseline really i didn't see anything happen but i couldn't tell if he just kind of maybe tweaked something you might have just been seeing things he would take him over there yeah take that off of esquivel's paddle button yeah good drive from hewitt esquivel and hewitt are the number three.

Seated team here today while stratman and arnold the number two and we saw the number one seeds go down in the previous match the johnson siblings jw and georgia to the number nine seat regina franco and thomas wilson so as these two teams battle it out for another place.

This time in the winter bracket final as this is a semi so these teams looking to hit the podium i think rafa hewa and michelle esquivel are showing especially when they're doing well which they are now they're up 7-4 their styles mesh very well together especially when they're playing well they they fire each.

Other up they want to be pumped up yep you can see each other them you know talking to each other a lot keeping them positive each other i thought arnold was going to pull the trigger on that decided to dink it i thought he was going to try to.

Attack that backhand oh that was going out yup what yep i think so right now good spot come on yeah he would definitely one of those players you saw there he kind of waited for his moment.

And then he it didn't matter what happened after he was gonna take those shots he engages himself yep and esquivel knows that just kind of got out of the way yeah it's great great reach there from arnold crashing on his own shot reading that high ball.

Gets himself fired up i literally flinched because that ball was coming right at me and even though i knew arnold was gonna hit it like for a second just the speed at which hewitt hit that ball coming right at my face funny flinched a little so we're seeing and hewitt switch the stack.

Which is interesting because they're up and out in front i don't know what gonna share what she was asking something about i don't know yeah i'm not sure oh almost gets that.

Yeah i don't know if she's asking about arnold having the pat the ball on the paddle but he's not spinning it off the paddle which of course you're not allowed to do but i don't know if that was the question i'm not make sure way to the gate area to purchase your spectator's ticket.

971 is featuring the semi-finals there's that backhand cut serve i'm not even sure who hit that did rockford michelle did i think rafa did he came over yeah got right in front of michelle's paddle but again when he engages and can just get in there.

He can be so dangerous that's the game point for esqville and hewitt really nice job covering the middle as he goes down on one knee almost look like he was proposing to michelle that wouldn't go over well i mean he's married she's taken you know luckily it's just pickleball so we'll.

Have game number two here in our semi-final match coming up next we'll see if esquivel and hewitt can close it out in two or will stratman and arnold push it to three games we'll find out right after this hold up.

So so you welcome back to our first semifinal.

Match here at the app sunmed la open michelle esquivel and rafa hewitt on the near end took game one eleven seven over julian arnold and lauren stratman on the far end now and i actually was thinking in that previous game that i'm not sure if.

Michelle and rafa have played in a tournament together and i asked them and for the first time ever was last weekend in socal they they didn't do great right so we didn't get to see them on championship court but so far i'd say today's going better seems like this weekend they've figured some stuff out and.

So this is a very new-ish partnership for hewitt and esquivel he's there yeah there's that forehand roll middle shot special right there that's really good she hides it well it's hard to know where she's gonna go with it.

Yeah that ball stays in good scramble from hewitt but ultimately couldn't quite be everywhere all at once married with three young kids which he often gets to bring to tournaments we'll tell people above anything else he is a family man so love that he's able to bring his.

Family as a lot of players are we see a lot of the players kids and spouses come with them to tournaments which is always great to see one two one going for that backhand inside out yeah trying to speed up at stratman just.

A little low with that one yeah hewitt really likes to run around that forehand as well so we'll see that probably several times yeah reverse stacking here from hewitt in esquivel.

They're going back to their preferred stacking formation here arnold's gonna hurt someone with that high five again you'll see both the guys as we mentioned they really like to just fully engage kind of take over if they have the.

Opportunity nice spot yeah a good ball down in the middle there one five one one five two yeah i mean strapman is gonna go back to that well of that shot up the middle over and over and over again.

Because even if they can cover it it's not necessarily that that will be the end of the rally yeah so i think she's just she gets it more than she doesn't oh just misses that long we're on the other side of the line so.

It's a little tough to see but did look like it might have just missed it it's hard without being able to see the other side all right going to that backhand so we continue to go back to uh players that can be a little emotional which can be great when you're up tough when you're down right.

I think esquivel and hewitt here just a few unforced errors in a row from them and you can see they're very quiet now body language a little more subdued so i think uh scale was asking him if they should take a time out so i think they're gonna they might get it here yeah definitely now which is tough when you have.

You know just a couple unforced errors in a row right can really knock you out of your rhythm and game you want to be playing and ask valen hewitt if they're not in the groove of the game they want to be playing that's really tough to overcome stratman and arnold just they're on the.

Court they're ready to go nothing to talk about for them they're feeling good it's working for them so if you're hewitt and esquivel is it just a matter of execution yeah you know they're they're they're trying to change it up which i i like you know they're trying to reverse stack uh just to give.

Strapping and arnold a different look but they're just making some errors uh so it's just like you said just matter of executing better yeah i mean you just can't have that right at this stage and coming out of the yeah coming out of the timeout.

You're hoping for the opposite good hands from here i think he should have just let esquivel have that ball there was not much he could do with it anyway and that's one of the challenges when you're trying to be aggressive um sometimes you can be overly aggressive impress.

Yeah it seems like they're just trying to do a little too much i mean it's very cliche right like you can only win one point at a time but sometimes when you're down you know i mean they're down eight now they're down seven it's almost like you're playing like you're trying to get all of them back in.

One in one point and it's just you're not gonna do it obviously yep one point at a time those are killers those are killers just yeah it looks like the wind is pulling away yeah the ball a little bit from hewitt and esquivel so they got to be careful reaching in but we have a game point.

Here for stratman and arnold and it seems inevitable game three is in our future and it is so another game three we're gonna have a lot of game three matches it seems like on center court here but we'll see who ultimately is gonna get one of the spots in the winter bracket final when we go into game.

Number three right after this if socal has you wondering where do i begin start here cheering for the visiting team here's your line of scrimmage come for a culinary odyssey tonight's special is everything here for work hang around for the weekend hit three theme parks crush coffees or crafty beers or whatever strikes your fancy because with friendly.

Locals main street vibes easy accommodations and all of socal within reach no matter what you've come to get up to in el segundo we'll invite you to start here so if you like to dink then pickleball.

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Reviews or the latest news we have that too to learn more or to subscribe today go to welcome back to game number three here in our first semifinal match here at the sunmed la open we have our second semifinal match coming up next that's going to be regina franco and thomas wilson they take on anna bright and.

Dylan frazier yeah esquivel just loaded up on that on that ball saw it coming so we'll see esquivel and hewitt played better on that far end of the court in game one coming out on top 11-7 and then stratman and arnold similarly on the far end took game two.

Much bigger margin though 11-1 but hewitt and esquivel out in front early here in game three as i mentioned hewitt and esquivel played together for the very first time as partners in a tournament last weekend at the socal classic did not have as much success as they've had so far here today.

So perhaps a learning experience for them last weekend yeah there's that forehand and she she does a good job of mixing it up sometimes just straight up the middle and sometimes she jams that near person a little bit on the forehand.

Side truly stratman and arnold one of the hardest high fives that i see between partners i just want to use your left hand injury michelle trying to match the uh the yelling.

Yeah so a lot of times especially in mixed doubles we often see the women and the men cross court from each other when you throw in a lefty like hewitt it puts the gentleman straight up oh catches that back corner as as you watch teams they talk a lot about they.

Stack in a way that you know works best for them but also based on who they're across from right why why does that make a difference who you're across from um oh tweener almost that's the beer yeah i think you know especially for the for the ladies right if say.

Rafa feels like michelle's having success going at lauren when she's in front of her you want to keep that as much as possible obviously that's their kind of standard stacking right now but if it's not working if if say michelle's getting beat by lauren then.

You reverse stack to put them diagonal from each other yeah so most of the time it has to do with the women it's where are they having success are they more successful cross-court thinking or are they having more success success uh straight ahead against the the their opponent the women.

The female on their opponent's side because in mix the women are going to be taking more of the balls they're just exactly statistically going to hit more shots exactly and you see there's the uh the reverse stack from hewitt and esquivel so trying to put stratman and esquivel cross court but.

Oh nice serve there from arnold might have skipped right off that line pine needle i set up there from yeah for himself yeah great one two from him and we will switch ends at six stratman and arnold were hoping to get there but esquivel and hewitt hold him off.

Really backed off far on that line to give herself a little more space to try and rip some of those two-handed drives oh she just misses with that serve johnny goldberg behind us telling us good try and she says thank you all right again looking for the end.

Change if they can get one more point yeah good uh good work there by esquivel and hewitt working together and just basketball getting out of the way letting him take that ball yeah they did a great job not letting stratman come up at all right yep another big hold here for hewitt and.

Esquivel trying to possibly get the end change on their terms and a free point from arnold gets him one step closer yes just missing the finger wag all right it's getting a little chippy here it's.

Getting a little chippy call mine a little chippy yeah it's all right fun to watch and then we talked about this last weekend too julian arnold very vocal says a lot of stuff but i almost never see him directing it at his opponents it's for himself it's for his.

Partner and and he would kind of thought that might have been a little directed at him arnold says nope wasn't talking to you yeah when you hear all right that will be the sixth point now for stratman and arnold just out.

Front by one into the end change and we'll see esquivel once again talking to the ref give him a warning um i don't know what she wants the ref to give julian arnold a warning for exactly uh i don't know if it's taunting.

But i i don't yeah i don't i haven't seen anything from him that would merit a uh taunting uh warning rob cassidy giving a little little words of coaching and advice here to hewitt and esquivel before they get back into the action here rafa hewitt michelle esquivel will conclude this semifinal match on the.

Near end lauren stratman and julian arnold on the far end a spot in the winter bracket final on the line and we'll have our second semi-final match coming up next so don't go too far you and esquivel are going to stay in the reverse stack and could there be an element of.

Hewitt feels he can be a little more successful straight up attacking stratman yeah it could be that too certainly um yeah that was like cute i did i did think that ball might have been a little wide that hit i thought so too.

But uh did was it called out no it was not because he asked the ref if she saw it she did not so i think the default calls that it was in oh a little slingshot there from arnold keeps it in six five one second server.

Yeah they're going back to their stacking a little extended there for to try and take that out of the air oh really nicely from esquivel seeing arnold couldn't wait couldn't wait he needed to get this going 5 8 1.

Trying to go behind arnold again didn't see it but heard the legs smack from esquivel so really encouraging esquivel is that's what she needs to do did great that's all it's going to take so.

Right on the hip yeah when at esquivel first and then an in like cross-court forehand there right at the hip of hewett oh nice gets there from esquivel stratman was coming full force i think that's a ball that esquivel wanted.

Good time out here for esquivel and hewitt as they're going to be facing down a match point from stratman and arnold hoping to get that first spot in our winter bracket final here at the sunmed la open our second semi-final is up right after the conclusion of this match.

Regina franco and thomas wilson take on anna bright and dylan frazier who defeated lee witwell and james ignatowicz 11-2-11-3 in their quarter-final so we'll have that second semi up next to determine the second team in our winter bracket final.

So i love it was such a great idea from esquivel she had that medal open but ultimately sends it a little long so it is lauren stratman and julian arnold who take the first spot in the winter bracket final esquivel and hewitt will drop to our consolation bracket we'll head to the franklin studio in just a.

Moment and then back into the action with our second semi-final right after this so.

the app socal classic is brought to you by pickleball central the pickleball superstore catering from beginners to pros yola for the champion in you sunmed the official cbd sponsor of the.

App keto crisp a delicious blend of healthy fat protein and energy to fuel your day it's about what you can do not what you can't welcome back to the franklin studio everyone lauren mclaughlin back here with julian arnold and lauren stratman who have gotten the first spot in our.

Winter bracket final so we just saw you guys just a moment ago and you guys said you know might take a walk talk about what happened what was your guys's strategy coming into knowing then you were playing michelle and rafa um yeah so we did go on a walk and we.

Talked about just dropping some more thirds and kind of getting into the point a little bit more and i think that worked well for us i think when there's a lot of elements like the win today it can sometimes go against us a little bit so we i think we played smarter and we played well.

I agree you both played very well you are you know we see it you're very vocal you like to get fired up you fire up lauren you fire up yourself when you feel like you're not playing as well as you want to be playing what for you specifically do you do to get yourself back focused into the next point.

Um i think sometimes the energy can get a little low i know that's kind of weird to think about with me but uh you know it's a game of streaks and runs so if you're not getting any points on the board sometimes i tend to i feel like the energy.

Kind of gets into like this lull and i just need to fire myself up you know occasionally i'll just kind of just yell out like come on or you know get it going or something so uh yeah i think for me i'm playing my best when i'm high energy and high intensity and i know that's not how everyone operates but that's what's going to get my best.

Effort out so you just got to get out there and kind of do you so i love it and you also you know i think you feed off of really good energy and i think julian is a great sort of you know partner for you because of that do you find you guys make each other better and can fire each other up in the same way.

I think it's inspiring i think we have our moments sometimes i like go deaf uh when he screams but ultimately um i i think what i like to say is that he's so like calm and like nice off the court so people do not see that but he's like a totally different person on the court so that's why i'm dating him um and yeah.

And he's a great partner so i'm lucky to play with him and happy to be out here all right well congrats you're into the winter bracket final we'll find out who you're playing after this semi-final match but then i'm sure we'll see you guys back shortly on court so don't go anywhere another semifinal match is going to be in the books next here at.

The sunmed la open right after this hold up this.

oh hold up.

Do so.

welcome back everyone lauren mclaughlin and daniel ro diddy here courtside for our second semifinal match of the day in our mixed pro doubles bracket we will have thomas wilson and regina franco taking on anna bright and dylan fraser.

We got to see franco and wilson with the upset over the number one seed of jw johnson and georgia johnson in their quarterfinal match it did go three games eleven five zero eleven eleven eight so a big win for that first time partnership while brighton fraser over lee whitwold and james ignatowicz 11-11-3 in their quarterfinals.

And let's see if we can just take a quick look at our back draw looks like paris todd and dj young will be taking on the de la rosas and then we have ooh edda wright and pesa tioni over susanna bar and austin gridley johnson and johnson will take on.

Whitwell and ignatowicz as well in that backdraw so some good matches going on so dylan frazier 20 years old out of ashland missouri will be a junior at the university of missouri in the fall where he's studying accounting 22 year old anna bright meanwhile just graduated a year ago from university of.

California berkeley where she played tennis a lot of paddle spinning on this side of the court and a bright dylan fraser are going to make me dizzy yeah dylan getting really crazy with one white shoelace i mean he's really oh he's making a statement or he broke a shoelace he could only find a white one.

I mean one of those is probably true nice leave as we mentioned previously thomas wilson 31 years old out of new braunfels texas played college tennis at purdue and then the university of texas while regina franco.

Played professional racquetball top rated player in the world but has since focused her time on pickleball second serve wilson has a a nice forehand slice return that he uses quite a bit.

That's a pretty good kick hard to do a lot with it wow it's really nice frasier seeing that big opening down the middle as wilson went to get that ball wide on his backhand side franco didn't adjust to the middle and frazier read it well anna bright was a double major.

At uc berkeley in business administration and data science we mentioned last weekend got a lot of little smart people a little pickleball bright people absolutely yeah great ball by franco yeah my my spanish lit degree doesn't quite measure up.

Yeah same thing my business management degree far far away yeah such quick hands dylan frazier the lone non-racket sport background player on the court james neighbors is our usa pickleball.

Certified referee for this match second serve two zero two point three zero two onslaught there from brighton fraser yeah eventually razor able to.

Get an angle there that wilson's not able to keep in the court oh yeah good hands from wilson ready for that speed up up the middle they got beat on that twice already and he was he read it well second serve.

Zero four two yeah i don't know what they're carrying on they brought their hot air balloon here i know giant wow great defense from frasier we talked last week a lot too about how in a partnership there's generally a player that um you know is a little.

Fiery maybe a bigger personality or the cheerleader of the team and that's gonna be anna bright for dylan and yourself oh yeah timeout receiver one minute six zero two yeah it's a challenge with the earning.

Right that if you don't know enough with it it's just a lot of court for your partner to cover with the earner you've been in the game for a long time now and you've got to see different things develop the ernie one of those shots that wasn't necessarily played a lot in the beginning you know a.

Player kind of created that right now it's a staple at the pro scene do you think the ernie specifically as a shot is is worth it is it something where you know unless you hit it perfectly then you're out of position your.

Partner's got to cover the cool whole court is the risk worth the reward with the ernie yeah it depends i think some players are better at reading what's a worthwhile ernie right than than others um i think sometimes.

Some players can fall in love with it look for it maybe too much when just staying put and hitting a normal backhand or forehand might be a better shot but i think it depends it depends on the player i mean some do it so well and they're so effective with it.

And some of them like to kind of ernie and create an angle some like to go straight ahead at the person in front of them there's variations of the of the ernie i think sometimes what makes it effective is just the threat of it sure it's more that knowing that okay this person can ernie so i ca it takes away.

One spot for your opponent where they can put the ball so it could force him to go somewhere else maybe and we talked a lot about it with lee witwell right a lot of times she threatens it to bring the ball back to the middle for her partner to take.

Oh wow oh just really great defense from franco and wilson great playing i mean i think frazier and bright were just surprised it came back so often and then finally frasier knows he's got to hit something that can't come back and he pushes it a little wide right yeah i think going back to the ernie.

Just briefly i do think there's certain female players that have really perfected the threat of the ernie vivian david comes to mind as well yeah and i think for you know playing with deckle so much and he can cover so much ground and he's an i mean talk about someone who can he can ernie from the center line you know it's just he's.

So long and he's so good at reading that ball oh why i thought if he just waited a little bit yeah it's almost like he just hesitated wasn't sure he was unsure of that if it was going to be open or not 732.

Such a low serve from frasier i'm getting a little steam here she's just so quick and going from sideline to sideline yeah that's where you see a lot of pickleball players really train the lateral movement because that right there is why it's so important exactly oh good effort from wilson.

Oh franco we're gonna get a replay but you're gonna see he's gonna hit oh this is later in the point but when he ran down that drop shot he actually hit it with the other side of the paddle oh wilson not here but kind of flicked.

It sounded like a bit of a miss hit yeah kind of stuck to his paddle and then he threw that out of bounds please yeah bright kind of rushing that third yeah it's a beautiful shot from franco reading frasier there.

Cheating to the middle but didn't have a lot of space she had a perfect shot and you have to think her racquetball background where she's used to a smaller space very you know much closer size court to pickleball than tennis's.

So she's got to be used to kind of working in a similarly sized space which has to be beneficial 4.92 592 points yeah nice job from wilson there it's going to cause the timeout to be called from anna brighton dylan fraser.

As they are still out in front by four but they can feel a little momentum picking up here what do you see that's working right now for franco and wilson as they're kind of making a comeback here yeah i think wilson is doing a good job of playing you know playing the middle and just staying aggressive and.

And i think before he was doing it but just missed a few shots i mean i don't know that he changed the strategy as much as he's executing better uh here on this uh little run that they're having and i think he needs to keep it up he needs to keep doing the same thing they need to keep.

Frazier honest by being willing to go behind him he's done such a great job of covering but you have to keep doing it otherwise he'll just keep shrinking the court and just taking more and more court away from you so they have to keep you know they have to.

Be willing to do that they both have great hands franco and and wilson so even if they get attacked they're they're doing a good job of staying in the point we'll see if franklin wilson can creep even closer six nine two yes i'll recall.

I think it's i think it's five nine two i think franco also thought it was five and then heard the score and realized she was in the wrong spot if they had six but boy yeah wilson hoping that franco could.

Take that ball franco either thought he was taking it or maybe hoping it was going out but stayed in great shot by frasier taking game one eleven six we will switch ends for game number two and then one of these teams is one step closer to securing the second spot in our winter bracket final versus lauren stratman and.

Julian arnold we'll find out who's gonna get there as game number two is underway right after this hmm hmm so.

welcome back to our second semi-final matchup here at the app sunmed la open we have thomas wilson and regina franco on the near end here for game two they take on anna bright and dylan frazier on the far end who took.

Game one eleven six zero two and if memory serves me correctly i think this is the first time anna bright and dylan frazier have played a tournament together as well nope i was wrong i thought they might have they played together at the delray beach.

Open earlier this year where they were a bronze medal winning team so oh looks like either the wind just pulled that just out of her reach maybe just you have one players took her eye ever so slightly off the ball you can hear her telling.

Herself she had it i do remember that now yes thank you so much everyone for joining us got lots of people watching if you're on youtube feel free to just throw in the chat where you're joining us from especially if it's internationally we love having you guys.

Join from all over the world oh nice little spot there from frasier's throws her hands to the sky a little bit as i think she's wondering why she let that go yes you are four one two wilson just.

Not quite able to recover off that net cord oh my goodness we got dubai australia peru mexico ireland my goodness talk about an international crowd watching nice oh that's a nice spot there from frasier.

And speaking of international daniel you and myself will be hopping a plane here shortly to england yeah we'll be back next weekend at the english open you'll actually be playing them i am playing i am playing with mr cassidy first time and playing with lee whitwell in the mix so that'll be super fun we will be streaming that on app tv in.

Addition to our next gen oklahoma city tournament but the time zones are a little different so we won't really collide with each other so that's right it should be a lot of fun oh frasier looked like he was a little off-footed there.

Yeah big shout out we got people in michigan california watching iowa massachusetts scotty k and huntington beach come on just drive up the freeway come watch it live i know just down the road you might be working but you know wilson and franco inching a little closer here 351.

Point four five one second serve franco is sitting on that all four of these players are just they just seem very focused right now fairly quiet sign out get canada represented.

Here in the stream as well almost thought her ponytail got whipped up into that shot but mister four one second serve six four two yeah nice spot there from wilson catches bright trying to come up.

Here we go players four six one so second serve right just able to outlast franco there on that cross court exchange 462 points.

Five six two great defense oh great job by franco i think we see so often we talked a little bit earlier when a ball gets popped up you see some players they're done they turn they that's it they're not even going to try and defend it but so often.

It comes back these players are just so good at defense and reading the shots i just think it's so important to not give up right even if you think you know it might be a losing battle you're fighting with a ball that gets popped up for an overhead not necessarily right never know so we have a timeout here from.

Bright and frasier as franco and wilson have now taken a one-point lead here in game two looking to force a game three and if the way this day has gone is any indication game three could very well be in our future it seems to be the trend of the day here at the app sunmed la open yeah they just want to.

Give the fans more to watch right exactly i don't mind very thoughtful it's getting a little more breezy yeah it seems like the wind's been changing directions a little we haven't we have a little bit more cloud cover than we did earlier but still beautiful day expect a beautiful weekend here in el segundo california mid 70s is what.

We're looking at partly sunny to sunny all weekend i mean you can't really beat the weather in socal no gonna give you what you want for the most part that's a great point yeah big sign out there for bright and frasier coming out of that timeout.

it's almost like bright just got ahead of herself just a hair oh that drive was so beautiful from her holy cow great setup oh we had such a good sight right here i mean look at that that was beautiful that was coming right.

Down that sideline and you could see it pulled wilson off his 771 well done realizing franco was well behind that baseline 772 could use the drop shot there yep i think she should have stayed on that cross-court ball is a tough ball to redirect.

872. it does look like the wind's a little into franco and wilson's face it looked like some of those balls were getting held up just a smidge second serve 782 i think the one that wasn't hit was probably going out.

Yeah that second one yeah as you can see here with the earnings yeah yeah i mean who doesn't love to just hit it when you're off the court though just can hear bright trying to pump herself and frasier yeah just way too high that paddle was.

Too open on that volley you'll see it here on the replay as wilson attacks yeah yeah she can't ask that's a little tennis tennis tennis volley that it's going to have a slightly different result right there's times that that open face can work.

When the ball is really really low you're trying to kind of stab at it but often it doesn't serve 792. side out 971 972.

Sign out 791 891 yeah good read from bright anticipating that pop-up yeah they are looking to avoid a third game if at all possible and secure that second spot in the.

Winter bracket final oh great ernie there i mean wilson good read we've seen we talked a little bit about the ernie earlier and if the risk is worth the reward but when it's thomas wilson doing it he's pretty good at making sure it's a very uh effective ernie.

991 second server yeah just too much yeah i think i heard wilson say he needed to go in after that first drive and i think that was my thought was i was surprised he let that second ball drop right yeah thomas wilson doesn't get too.

Openly uh frustrated and upset at himself but definitely we're hearing and seeing some signs of that because again they they were out front here in the second game it's a must-win situation for them they have to win this to force that third game and.

What seemed like could be an inevitable conclusion has now disappeared and it's going to be a match point for anna bright and dylan fraser coming out of this timeout how if if you're wilson and franco and you had the lead you've lost it now you're staring down a match point how do you.

What do you mentally do to just keep yourself in it yeah i mean you have to forget that you know that you had to lead right you have to i know it's hard to put that behind you but yeah you have to and just focus on okay what do we need to do this point okay where is my return going and who are we going to target what are.

We going to do good defense i mean wilson and franco had to go such great defense and now they're oh wow they got right back into it able to get up to the line such a great job hanging on but then anna bright with that little flick down the sideline is what puts them over the top so anna.

Brighton dylan frazier will face lauren stratman and julian arnold in our winner bracket final stay tuned more amazing pickleball still to come here at the app sunmed la open right after this if you like to dink then pickleball.

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Reviews or the latest news we have that too to learn more or to subscribe today go to if socal has you wondering where do i begin start here cheering for the visiting team here's your line of scrimmage come for a culinary odyssey tonight's special is everything here for work hang around for the weekend hit.

Three theme parks crush coffees or crafty beers or whatever strikes your fancy because with friendly locals main street vibes easy accommodations and all of socal within reach no matter what you've come to get up to in el segundo we'll invite you to start here i'm so ready for next gem this is next.

Gen pickleball i'm so ready for the next gen tour super excited about next gen i can't wait for the apc next gen tour i'm super excited for next year welcome back to the franklin studio lauren mclaughlin here with anna bright and dylan frazier as they head to our winter bracket final.

You guys played together in delray beach got yourselves a bronze medal so your guys you're on the podium automatically already i'm sure you're shooting for a higher color this time but what do you think works so well between this partnership that you hope gets you to a higher spot on the on the podium this time.

I really like playing with dylan he's so steady really supportive even when you know i'm playing bad or makes some mistakes and that's kind of what got us through our first match and dylan's the only guy i've ever meddled with in mix so i think there's just something about dylan i don't know i mean what is it what is it dylan what's that.

Something i don't know i think i think we're just a good team we've got good chemistry on the court together and uh we're going for a better finish this time do you anna's a very fiery player she's obviously got that really high level tennis background you come from no racket sports do you feel like that.

Helps your partnership in that you know anna can get firing kind of pump you up a little bit yeah i definitely like it when she when she gets fired up it kind of keeps me uh mentally engaged in the game so there's uh i'm not taking any points off when you're playing with anna cause i'll get in trouble so.

I like it you're going to face lauren stratman and julian arnold in that winter bracket final they're both two very fiery players you know julian arnold especially is going to get hot he's going to try and take over a lot what's going to be the thought process going to face those two.

They're both really dangerous uh lauren is really dangerous with her forehand dink so i think we're just gonna have to kind of similar to this match just really stay in it you know there's gonna be some streaks on both sides and just and just just get through it you know try not to let julian get too loud you can shout him down i think if anyone.

Can i don't i don't think it's a smart thing to do though who don't want to get them that fired up that's true that's true good point well congratulations you're into that winter bracket final which we'll see in just a moment but coming up next we're going to have a consolation match first we're gonna see the johnson siblings back in action jw.

And georgia they take on michelle esquivel and rafa hewitt that's coming up right after this it's.

You so thank you i'm so ready for next gem this is next gen pickleball i'm so ready for the next gen tour super excited about next gen i.

Can't wait for the apc next gen tour i'm super excited for next if socal has you wondering where do i begin start here cheering for the visiting team here's your line of scrimmage come for a culinary odyssey tonight's special is everything here for.

Work hang around for the weekend hit three theme parks crush coffees or crafty beers or whatever strikes your fancy because with friendly locals main street vibes easy accommodations and all of socal within reach no matter what you've come to get up to in el segundo we'll invite you to start here.

welcome back everyone here to the app sunmed los angeles open lauren mclaughlin and daniel rodity here courtside for a consolation bracket match here between michelle esquivel and rafa hewitt who will be on the near end to.

Start you can see the breeze picking up a little as it billows through michelle's skirt but they take on the siblings j.w johnson and georgia johnson on the far end this is one match to 15. we'll switch ends at eight and one of these teams will carry on and one will be done for the day.

Som chai muy is our usa pickleball certified referee good leave there from georgia johnson well that's what that was the big inflatable dura fast oh it's that's we'll get a shot of that eventually yeah it wasn't too far off i thought it looked like a hot air balloon.

I mean basically you could put a basket under that yeah set sail that shot one two so we mentioned previously when we saw both of these teams at separate times uh esquivel and hewitt played together for the very first time last weekend at.

The socal classic well of course georgia johnson and jw johnson play together all the time but they've really only played a handful of tournaments together so far they'll definitely be playing more as the year goes on and into the future but th