Doubles he's been playing with hayden patrick in and has had some success so just fun to see that great to see that and then we have as we mentioned lacey schneemann who's in redondo beach california 26 years old zach taylor in la 30 years old.

Oh such a nice spot though from schneemann and you mentioned you you know these two a little bit better here in socal obviously so fun fact you told me zach taylor is a model yes like an actual real life zoolander model yeah yeah and he uh was on uh the i think we'll say failed reality show.

Boy boy bam boy band he's a singer he's trying to be a triple threat here oh we got a ball situation here yeah uh zach great player he's just coming into pickleball he teaches pickleball up in beverly hills uh you know it's rough i'm sure up there what a.

Tough one but really doing a great job coming into the sport i mean every pro player that everyone knows and loves was once an unknown player coming up through the ranks absolutely yeah zach's been playing a lot of 5-0 we actually played in a couple tournaments recently against each other and he and lacy.

Just won just won a 5-0 tournament uh last weekend big tournament and uh so they have some confidence going into this and they had a big win over dj young and maggie brasha in three games so that's going to help the confidence there lacy i love her i loved her game she came up for a live ball session enough for a lesson just to play.

Oh try to get and just a very smooth player i just loved the style of play that she had and so i'm excited to see her have this success man right now they have the lead right one point here over lauren stratton and julian arnold so keep an eye out when the ball goes.

Wide to zach's backhand he will attack the middle and he does it very very well i'm curious to see how he does with that there we go the first on diamo yep i really love that julian arnold is a very fiery player as everyone i think that.

Knows him or see has seen him play no but he's also like a very resp respectful player good sportsmanship there's some players you know they're very fiery and they don't they don't have that other side so i think he's got like a really good combination he just did it right now.

He's quick to clap for with his paddle for for his opponents whether he's up or down uh absolutely uh atp there it is yeah i think sometimes people misinterpret his fieriness and you know yelling for you know trying to get his opponent's.

Head but he's not like that at all great sportsmanship great guy he just tries to fire himself up drives fire his partner up never against his opponent very quick to compliment i think too what happens is the more established players lauren stratton clearly the.

Veteran on the court in terms of pickleball years but when they see new players like lacey and zach they've never played them before they don't know their game they don't know what to expect it can take them a while to figure it out and it gives them some trouble.

Yeah and if this was a maybe a first round match maybe you could think julian and lauren could take them for granted being that they have they don't recognize their names but knowing that this is a is this a quarterfinal match right so they know they've had to obviously they just beat dj and maggie.

So they know okay we have to take them seriously this is not just somebody who is you know testing out playing pro this is somebody who's capable of getting some great wins so they're not going to take this lightly uh.

You know by any means and so um yeah i look for i think it's going to be a great match obviously it's we got a little bit of a lead here from stratman and arnold they're going to try to keep their foot on the gas pedal here but they are our number three seed here today well sheeman and taylor the 22 seed.

So definitely already a really great result for schneemann and taylor being here in the quarterfinals of course you know if they don't come out on top of this match they're still alive in it so we'll see how this plays out but it seems like stratman and arnold perhaps starting to get into a little.

Groove here in game one we'll see like you mentioned if they can keep keep that going here and extend this lead possibly into game two yeah there's an element i think for taylor and schneemann as they would say they're kind of.

Playing with house money right they've gotten further than maybe other people would expect them and so i want to see them play aggressive and not hold back they have nothing to lose there we go that's what you want to see you want to see aggressive play.

Julian and lauren are not going to give you anything so you got to earn it bit of a breeze my uh my skirt is marilyn monroe over here behind the bench but uh it's okay it's it's a tennis skirt so nobody's going to see anything but little breeze on the court as well nice defense.

Great job good good fight there by schneemann and taylor but just too much from arnold doing a great job keeping them back not being overly aggressive hey core one some really nice defense right now oh that's so tough you do you get yourself back into it and then you're almost too excited yep.

Yeah that we see that a lot of pickleball right you get a lot of saves and then the first ball you get that you can semi-attack you kind of overhit it because sometimes just the excitement of getting back in that point yeah so winner of this match heads to the semis well they will face georgia johnson and dylan fraser i can.

See frasier courtside under the umbrella getting a little snack right now but next up here on reaching yeah just over reaching there championship court will have lee whitwell and j.w johnson taking on paris todd and alex newman in our first semifinal of the day all right so stratman and arnold were.

Indeed able to keep the foot on the gas here in game one take it 11-4 let's see if schneemann and taylor can now kind of talk and see what they need to do here in the second game to make it a little bit more competitive try and force that third game but we'll take a short break into the action right after this.

all right adam mckinnon our usa pickleball certified referee getting us back into the action here in game number two in this quarterfinal matchup looking to fill the final slot in the semifinals.

Lauren stratman and julian arnold on the near end now they take on lacy schneemann and zach taylor on the far end stratman and arnold a little slow of a start in game one facing a team they have not seen before but found their groove and rhythm taking.

Game one eleven four can they do the same here in game two or will schneemann and taylor give him some trouble it's tough arnold tries to warn stratman to watch that but so happens sometimes you get those net cords and it actually rolls the ball out for a perfect atp attempt.

Which it did there taylor taking advantage oh jesus good job by taylor get out of the way to that i know that was i'm surprised he didn't hit that i thought that was going to drop in possibly great setups there by schneemann taylor was in the right spot just.

Missing with that forehand and i'm sure as a coach you see and talk about this all the time but especially teams like schneemann and taylor that they're now dipping their toe into the pro you know brackets we talk so much consistency is what.

Kind of really separates these teams at this level yeah exactly uh atp too easy yeah too much from taylor he's upset in himself so again you know seaman taylor they'll get that that comes with reps from experience playing these top level teams that have been around a little bit longer.

A lot of times all the skills are there the talent is there it's just a matter of kind of harnessing it in the right way and being able to do it at the right moment right yeah it's what you know a little bit of what they call tournament toughness right just the mental side of it of not letting like.

But the example right there right just the ball that he would normally make but not letting the moment get too big for you being you know center court you know this is being streamed you know everyone's watching you're excited for that but it can uh extra level of pressure yeah you have to.

Kind of block that out and not think about the fact that people are watching or any of that you just have to just zero in on your match as if it was a as if it was you know in the backyard or on a your club uh the way you would play there and i i haven't seen zach as aggressive as i know he can be because.

I've been playing with him quite a bit the last few weeks and as i mentioned that backhand uh speed up that he has uh is very effective but i haven't seen him use it very much i think he's a little hesitant right now yeah want to see him uh just trust his skills a little more.

Yeah tough for the players to go back behind those barriers they're right in this right now tied up i love players like arnold that talk very loudly to themselves yes you don't have to wonder what they're thinking they're telling you they think out loud so right there we saw taylor hit three.

Dinks we see it here on the replay normally the wade taylor's been playing recently he would rip that ball up the middle and he's just maybe just a tad has it then also he had lauren on the cross court so it's a tough person to be facing there it is there it is i mean julian read it well.

But but that's the ball that uh taylor usually attacks and he tried it that time it didn't work and then i think two is is a helpful thing for stratman and arnold is the anticipation we talked about that in the previous match they've been playing longer you just kind of learn.

At the pro level kind of how the game flows no kind of what shots to expect what to look for stratman the perfect five four yeah just too wide yeah i think i heard zach say keep giving it to him just going way too wide with that dink and.

Julian is not going to miss that ball the other thing that's so tough is when you're across from a player like julian arnold who gets so fired up and is screaming and yelling like that it can be intimidating he's not doing it to intimidate the opponent but it can it peddles you a.

Little it shakes because he's like oh my gosh like he's so fired up he's feeling it so much and we have a timeout here from schneemann and taylor as a result again they're kind of getting stuck at that four trying to get a few more points than they got in game one but as we've you know seen lauren and julian.

Right now they are feeling good right yeah the game they want to play yeah they were tied up at four right it was very close and all of a sudden you see arnold and strauben just rattle off four points so quick and so good job by taylor to call him that timeout kind of slow things down a little bit what should they be talking about in.

This timeout i mean i think right now right so 11484 you don't hold back you have to be aggressive uh especially against a team like this right now um like arnold in in shrapnel they have the momentum and so you want to be smart obviously you're.

Not going to attack balls you shouldn't attack but you have nothing to lose you have nothing to lose so don't hold back arnold was right behind stratman right he's gonna follow her into that ernie you know stratman was looking for that ernie.

Taylor's not typically going to go up that line he likes going over that middle and that's what he tried to hit the hit the tape but that's what he tried to do julian arnold a tennis player from ucla yeah we're sure we'll see him in the singles i think he's in the singles i don't know.

But i'm sure he's a great great singles player yeah stratman also college tennis players got her degree in kinesiology also did a little a little low-level pro circuit in europe dabbling with some professional tennis possibly but ultimately did not go that route.

Nice job there from taylor yep really stayed engaged in whatever shot was coming next night yeah julian arnold somebody who brings a lot of energy but also feeds off the energy he loves being on center court he loves the energy of the crowd he loves being on you know on the live.

Stream that only helps his game whereas maybe for steam and taylor just you know it's a big moment big team experience yep but you know matches like this you you put it in the bank of your experience and learning and you know have some film to go back and watch.

I was just going to say that there's great uh oh what a dig from stratfor yeah that you know being on the on the center court you know it's fun obviously to be on there and know that people can watch and all that but the ability to be able to go go back and watch it at a high quality like this where you can.

Really see what you did right and and what you did wrong right to the adjustments that you need to make which points you know you could play differently so it's great for them i think it's a great experience not that we're counting them out already but it's just they're certainly down.

Quite a bit yeah we mentioned in the beginning you know these new teams you might not see them you might not you know they're already doing such a great job 7 10 here coming back in game two but they have all the talent there it's just a matter of execution at this level they're certainly still in this.

Oh interesting stratman i thought had time to adjust to that but yeah just almost didn't quite see how the ball was coming off that that tape it's always the reset i feel like that'll get you yeah she got the first couple right those were off the bounce and the next one was out of the air was.

A little different we got a match point and we're gonna have a second final timeout from schneemann and taylor really nicely done this is what i had wished that wright and tioni had done in the previous match is use those timeouts you might feel like your back's up against.

The wall maybe you know you're not going to be able to turn the tides in your favor but at least try right take a break try and slow your opponent down try and not let them stay in this momentum groove that they have going on right even you know and sometimes i think players hesitate to call timeout because maybe they think.

A timeout is only to discuss strategy and maybe they don't have an answer for what's going on a timeout can simply be to stop momentum just you don't have to talk at all it's a weapon that you have use it it's in your bag no reason to keep it in there if for no other reason to stop momentum.

You don't even have to talk if you don't have much to talk about if you don't know what you need to do differently grab a drink just settle yourself settle yourself calm yourself get ready to face the next point the match point oh.

Wanted it yep they have a second opportunity here to head to the semifinals so oh wow they are great schneemann and taylor did such a great job on that rally staying in there some really nice shots.

They played very well in this match they should be very proud of themselves they're not done though they dropped to our consolation bracket we'll see if they can do some damage there but lauren stratton and julian arnold head to the semis where they will face georgia johnson and dylan frazier but our first semi-final is coming up next lee.

Whitwell and jw johnson take on paris todd and alex newman that's coming up right after this the app socal classic is brought to you by pickleball central the pickleball superstore catering from beginners to pros yola for the champion in you sunmed the official cbd sponsor of the.

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Go to welcome back to the franklin studio everyone lauren mclaughlin here with lauren stratman and julian arnold who are heading to the semifinals you guys now have a few tournaments together under your belt do you feel like each time gets a little bit easier.

You guys just have a flow a little bit better every time you're playing together yeah i'd say so i think it's definitely getting easier and we're knowing each other's games better so um yeah and we spend a lot of time together so it's nice to uh get to play together on the court.

Since you do spend a lot of time together obviously off court as well do you feel like you have to talk too much about strategy game play coming into tournaments or just kind of know what each other wants to do at this point um you know i think we discuss a little bit more during practice um just trying to work.

Certain things out and certain strategies out and and game plans but when it comes to match time i think we try to keep it a little bit more simplified just not trying to cloud our mind with too much and just go out there and execute a solid game plan so i like that and i think the most important question everyone has is how.

Do you guys determine the outfit coordination every tournament um well julian has every single color known to man so it's usually dependent on what i have so i had white and navy left today it's what we went with i love it i figured that uh since matt and lucy aren't here we could take their.

Outfit and uh and rock it pretty good so i love i mean i love it i'm just like the dark between the light right here so it's nice all right well congrats we'll see you guys in the semi-finals and hopefully a good rest of the day for you too our first semi-final up next here at the socal classic right after this.

so so oh.

if socal has you wondering where do i begin start here cheering for the visiting team here's your line of scrimmage come for a culinary odyssey tonight's special is everything here for work hang around for the weekend hit.

Three theme parks crush coffees or crafty beers or whatever strikes your fancy because with friendly locals main street vibes easy accommodations and all of socal within reach no matter what you've come to get up to in el segundo we'll invite you to start here welcome back to our first semi-final.

Match here in pro mix doubles at the app socal classic laura mclaughlin and daniel roditi here courtside bringing you all the action pickleball tv rocking our production here this weekend as well spencer laurent and mitch devoe a gigantic german shepherd that's very fluffy just walked by and distracted me.

I'm so sorry so we already saw alex newman and paris todd in our first match of the day so let's quickly focus on their opponents lee well and jw johnson johnson 19 years old out of delray beach florida forego foregoed the uh traditional college experience and is focusing on pickleball pro time but he.

Did dabble with uh tennis being hopefully his career choice went to a tennis academy in florida for his high school education kind of covered in the pandemic kind of threw that off and opened the door to this pickleball possibility which he ultimately decided to go with.

Versus the tennis route so we're certainly glad to have him his partner lee well 47 years old originally from bend oregon now splits her time between the villages in florida and austin texas at dreamland where she does a lot of work for duper mlp.

All that great stuff going on there she played her college tennis at francis marion university in south carolina where she was a two-time national champion back to back in d2 and also was inducted into their school's athletic hall of fame and she also played volleyball in college which i don't think we talk.

About very much but played two years of college volleyball as well dab a little in professional tennis originally from gibraltar and then their opponents that we saw earlier today alex newman and paris todd first time partners here today both 24 years old alex newman went to northwestern university in chicago where.

He was on the tennis team as a practice player so not a full member of that team but played some tennis there where he majored in political science and gender equality studies paris todd did not play college tennis because she went pro at 14 so had some good success there created her own fashion line.

Wasted usa at the age of 19. it's a bit of a lifestyle brand i'd say so a lot of times people are like why isn't she wearing her stuff she doesn't make pickleball clothes or tennis clothes so not yet maybe she will she'll branch out i have to have to imagine but these two teams facing off for the first time here today in our.

First semi-final peggy friesner is our usa pickleball certified referee okay lee whitwell yep first time i saw lee play was right here actually she was playing with aj kohler last year and had a great run and i didn't know who she was and she's become a fan favorite.

With her humor she's not too bad of a pickle yeah i was about to say i didn't want to talk over the point but yeah certainly a great pickleball player loves to loves to look for those ernies with her lefty forehand she's not shy about making fun of herself when she goes right through the.

Kitchen when she's attempting those so whitwell walkway yep lee whitwell i could see the eye roll from her after she lets this go she was gonna hit it pulls off and easily drops in and you can see her not happy about that decision yeah nice backhand role there whitwell.

And johnson are the number one seeded team here today for pro-mix doubles at the app socal classic and as i was talking to paris and alex in their after match interview earlier this is only the second tournament that alex newman has ever played mixed doubles.

Yes yes he was just telling me that um he's saying he's just learning how to adjust and it is an adjustment as i said before certainly harder for women but it's an adjustment for the guys to learn to be way more aggressive than you tend to be.

In men's doubles i think i was just surprised it was only a second because i i see him so much but i guess he's playing men's and singles and hasn't been playing a lot of mix which i didn't realize but he said he got his first ever mixed doubles win earlier this morning with paris so.

He's having fun here yeah and it's hard it's hard for guys coming in there are i think based on number there are more men player than players that there are women and so it's always hard to find a mixed up so a lot of times when guys are coming in they'll play a lot of singles.

Men's until they kind of make their way up the ranks and and you know can find a a solid mixed doubles partner which i would say paris is uh more than that more than absolutely more than just a solid uh mixed doubles partner and but for herself she's she's making the adjustment in doubles and clearly has.

Done a great job making already a deep run here now winner of this match heads to the winner bracket final which means they have a guaranteed place on the podium our other semifinal is set georgia johnson and dylan frazier take on lauren stratman and julian arnold.

So a lot of times whitwell or the female in general you're going to see them targeted a lot more right i think in this case you know alex newman a little newer to the game he might actually be targeted a little bit more than paris because i think everyone knows paris can.

Certainly hold her own out there but definitely lee is getting a lot of drives at her getting picked on a little so even more important that she's able to execute the way she wants to yeah that was an outball uh i think you have a paddle change jw.

Trying to call her off with that ball yeah so she's gonna change paddles after taking a bite out of the previous one let's see if that pink edge guard gives her a little little oomph she's looking for here nice dig from tub good wit well yeah she was looking for that.

Ernie a little bit you see how far she is on that right side and right there she's thinking he's going to go at her body instead he goes middle yeah just kind of floated that up there yeah just watch we'll give johnson so much room to work with she just kind of plants herself over on that right side.

Yeah that time right but the kind of shot that she was looking for yeah she kind of slid to her right anticipate of course coming from a different angle that time and so she knew there was pretty good chance that's where neiman was going to go newman sorry she had a little confusion there.

All right so well saying the ball bounced which yeah that one clearly bounced and that's where she got called but see that's where i am i don't know how to do it exactly i'm not the expert but those are the moments that i think the ref should be able to ask us.

We can see it we have the replay that's you know a question of whether the ball bounced or not shouldn't we should be able to tell them right and we can't at this stage uh but i i do think you know the replay ability in the booth what we're able to see.

Should start coming into the game a little bit more we got a a game point here i mean that's uh this is unexpected this is definitely unexpected good ball there by whitwell going behind newman well they take game one it's gonna be game one so that is a very disappointing.

Start to this semifinal match for whitwell and johnson i have no doubt they can turn it around here in game two they're the number one seeded team both incredible players we'll see if they can do that or if todd and newman can get a bit of an upset here in the semifinal match we're back into the action right after this.

so welcome back into the action here for game number two in this mix pro doubles semifinal match paris todd and alex newman with all the momentum here in this match after taking game one eleven.

One over lee whitwell and jw johnson i mean look at the confidence that they're coming out here within game two and i would expect nothing less yeah they're feeling good you know and especially taking game one eleven to one that just.

It's such a great confidence builder for them they're doing a great job keeping it away from jw johnson because he is always going to be no matter the team he's playing on no matter his partner he's the one that you got to watch out for right i mean he's easily you know.

Top two player in the world right now for men's and right now i think whitwell is really feeling the pressure yeah yeah and i think for for newman and todd it becomes more of a mental thing of we you know sometimes when you're beating somebody that you're quote unquote not.

Supposed to be it can get in your head of like oh i'm sure they're going to come back i'm sure they're going to come back and it can it can kind of play games with your mind so i think the mental toughness here of believing they can win this is huge i'm honestly a little surprised they're.

Not targeting newman more not that he's not a great player but paris has proven yeah time and time again tournament after tournament how deadly she can be sure and i think it'd be interesting to see if they kind of force newman to prove himself a.

Little bit more there's jw johnson all getting held up a little bit by the wind right now i think for for johnson and and widwell it's just staying calm knowing that okay we can make a run we know we've been here before we've done this many times.

Yeah as we know in pickleball it's truly not over until it's over we've seen teams come back from 10-0 i've multiple times so i think we're getting digging the ball out from behind our banners at the back here under it yeah making her work for it over there.

But certainly whitwell and johnson can get back in here like that they're only down by two right now you know get a couple points get a little hot and i think if johnson inserts himself a little bit more like he has been doing that alleviates some of the pressure from.

Whitwell and she can play more confidently and loosely yeah which i think we're starting to see here now great resets that was a nice angle there from newman nice resets that's too high oh oh oh that ball almost up into the ciaville vip balcony second deck.

All tied up now i always find it a little funny because johnson sometimes i see him play a lot he plays a lot obviously and like we saw in game one he didn't insert himself a lot he kind of just let game one happen and either wasn't able to insert himself.

Or just kind of didn't and it's like so we didn't win game one and then you go into game two and then it's like oh we're still not able to be getting ahead like okay i'm gonna turn it up a notch and he did and look at them now pulling.

Ahead now to two so it's i almost wonder where were you in game one like yeah turn up the heat immediately yeah and i think a little bit could be um obviously i don't know i can't read his mind haven't talked to him about this but.

You know there's an element of like i trust my partner we're good we should win this match and then it gets laid back and it gets away from you pretty fast i mean that first game was so quick and then we see right there down 4-0 and all of a sudden boom boom boom now they're up 6-4 and i think that's the.

Thing now again the mental aspect of it is going to be huge for todd and newman now that for the first time they're feeling the pressure right they kind of won the first one easily 4-0 in the second and all of a sudden another down 6-4 for the first time so we'll see how they adjust.

See if they continue to be aggressive as they have been or if they get a little more tentative yeah that's yeah it's a tough spot for todd and newman to be in right now because they know how dangerous johnson and whitwell can be when they're feeling good which they are right now and that causes some errors on you.

You press it a little bit you pull pull back on things you should be a little bit more confident in so i i certainly expect we could see a game three here in this match yeah any ball like that it's just johnson so good he flicks his wrist like no one else does and he can generate so.

Much power with basically no backswing yeah that was a good job i was surprised they went to johnson there as much as they did i know some you you obviously want to keep the guy honest but he wasn't coming over that much in that point they need to keep going to widwell i think until he starts coming over then.

You go behind him yeah i think you got to make jw johnson work for it can't just give him the shots like that one right there i think paris was in a good place there would uh sorry excuse me todd was in good place there going cross court with with well she should have stayed with that because.

Johnson wasn't moving so you weren't going to catch him stays in it's a nice break there for todd and newman they needed it as the second game was starting to creep away but trying to battle back here watching.

Paris todd come from on let's see this on the replay what a just great point this dig from todd right there oh no we missed that ernie uh standing on the wrong side oh that is a really tough break at this stage.

And you get a side out as a result and perfect timeout perfect time out there for todd and newman yeah that last rally was crazy and then you're standing in the wrong side so you got it you clearly they just need to reset right focus.

And we do see them talking a lot again we talked brand new partnership for those two so they're still trying to work things out and figure things out but i think johnson and whitwell just you know you have off games right game one just.

They weren't there right and newman and todd played it perfectly that's right so that you just go okay they played well we made some errors we're good and that's the experience right that's a tournament experience for from not just playing a lot of tournaments but played a lot of tournaments together and so they they know they can quickly.

Get back into this we got game point for whitwell and johnson uh they're getting aggressive there poach there in the middle yeah trying to close it out trying to take advantage of their momentum but newman was ready.

Nice recovery from newman big hold there for todd and newman they needed to get that ball back and try and possibly avoid this third game oh all they need a couple yep good rallies baby and error from whitweller johnson and they are right back in the second game good job by well that ball by newman.

Just a little too high she's able to knock that thing down at todd's feet error there on their return that's what they need yep exactly you need some freebies to get back into this especially when you're down that much and just three points away.

Watch johnson he barely crosses over that center line a little stare from whitwell right there oh what a really almost has to say what are you trying to do what are you trying to do i was here i was here you didn't have it but oh tough way to end that rally and back to a game point here for whitball.

And johnson and that'll do it so game three first game three of the day here on championship court is coming your way here at the app so cal classic in the semifinal match winner bracket final spot on the line back into it right after this.

back to the action here for our first game three of the day on championship court it is our first semifinal match here in pro-mix doubles lee whitwell and j.w johnson on the near end to start this third game they take on paris todd and alex newman on the far end they'll switch ends at six here in this third.

Game and one of these teams head to the winner bracket final todd and newman did some damage in game one taking advantage of whitwell and johnson being just a little off taking game one 11-1 but johnson and whitwell found their groove.

In game two ultimately staying out in front forcing this third game peggy friesner again our usa pickleball certified referee for this match so johnson just a little impatient there definitely not happy with himself.

Look at that tap spin roll from this so much pace without really any swing it's just just flicks it that windshield wiper of a paddle fundamental so good speaking of fundamentals i'm pretty sure peristat has some of the best in the business as well showing them off right there.

We'll have our second semifinal match up next lauren stratman and julian arnold take on georgia johnson and dylan frazier after the conclusion of this match all right that is called wide here on this atp family that's hard to see yeah newman's.

Blocking it's hard to see it from our angle but both both called up pretty quick so well not not sure that that was the right call but it seems whoever is on that far side's got a little bit of wind into their face.

It's kind of holding up their shots a little bit yeah just too much from johnson there two three one oh my goodness yeah i think uh oh my gosh i've been doing it real fast i think newman didn't realize how far back todd was on that and otherwise he would have taken that.

Ball we see right here he didn't realize how far back she slid yeah what a blast from whitwell though amazing baby oh we get an all day baby from whitwell and johnson can indeed do that all day long if you give him the opportunity.

He loves to set himself up for his own little shake and bake speed it up force you to pop it up a little and then next shot usually not coming back yeah that was a good good hard dink there from todd very aggressive with that topspin well trying to redirect it just.

Too much oh there it is we get the fist bump we get the wink we get we get it all i mean we've seen that on some highlights from some mlp stuff she's not afraid to rip it past the guys yeah just telling herself she's over.

Overreaching there should have let that ball bounce struggles every so often when she tries to switch up the cross court dink into the straight up leaving it a little low into the net three five two five three one.

okay she is getting fired up and built in timeout here as our team switch ends well and johnson get to that sixth point first in a big show of emotion and i think a.

Perfect uh built-in timeout for todd and newman as they need to throw a little cold water more than happy to take on those duties and right now they are looking at a spot in the winter bracket final yeah and a little update in the in the backdraw consolation bracket etta right and pesitione who we saw play.

Here on center court took down dj young and maggie 1512 and on the other side uh brighton ignatovic took down mary brusha and rob cassidy 15-12 same score all right and as a reminder we're playing all the.

Way through to our gold medal matches each day of our tournament here and we head to los angeles next weekend yep for our second socal swing tournament that'll be a lot of fun oh miss return there we're gonna be in el segundo yeah for.

That tournament very close to the ocean as well yeah nice attack from newman you know one of the things that it does for well constantly looking for that ernie it's not so much as she's anticipating the ball there but it forces her opponent to put the ball more in the middle where johnson can come over so that's also.

Part of the strategy weird bounce a bit of a miss hit there for newman five so todd and newman back within one but side out gives well and johnson an opportunity to extend this lead yeah this is great show of mental.

Toughness from todd and newman fighting to keep this close after losing that second one todd doing her best to keep newman fired up as errors like that at this stage of the game can be a little defeating.

Newman fairly quickly after the end change is now whitwell johnson pulling away here 8-5 speaking of the la open daniel what do you think my favorite memory is from last year's tournament that has to do with you i don't know it was.

You diving on the court and having blood gushing down your arm yeah that happened here too just gushing down your arm and you were like not even going to stop you're like let's go let's keep playing like you dove all over the court this isn't singles mind you you were a crazy person it was like my favorite ever yeah i feel.

Like you almost like took off one of your tattoos that's yeah you actually did i actually didn't have a scar a little bit of them a tattoo missing right there yeah that's from last year's la open that's how much daniel rodity yeah that's why i'm in the booth this year no more blood.

He lost enough blood actually very bittersweet this year not getting to play these tournaments but love to be in the booth oh good job there by wetwell doing looks like a half ernie straddling that kitchen corner able to reach with her forehand.

Nice attack there from johnson and that's gonna yeah this uh very bittersweet for me being here in the in the booth this was the very first tournament i ever played 2013 and uh it's always been kind of a.

Favorite because uh it was my first tournament so i've played it every year except of course covid but uh first time not playing this tournament great facility but next best thing is being in the booth i know being in here with you and mr ken herman and so uh just love being able to be a part of.

It if i can't play or choose not to play because getting old uh it's great watching these guys this is all daniel yes yes it certainly has gotten me but great being here watching these incredible players see if football and johnson can.

Get the job done well good catch but he's not going to do it but wrong one unfortunately and a great match really well played on both sides todd and newman not done yet they dropped to the consolation bracket but lee whitwell and jw johnson have secured.

Themselves a spot in the winter bracket final and on the podium our second semifinal match is coming up next lauren stratman and julian arnold take on georgia johnson and dylan frazier that is coming up right after this if you like to dink then pickleball.

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So welcome back to the franklin studio lauren mclaughlin here with lee whitwell and jw johnson who are heading to our winter bracket final we know in pickleball every game totally different a new opportunity what was going on in game one.

That just wasn't working for you guys you know it's our first time playing together so that first game yeah a new partnership it took us a little while to figure out you know who was going to be the aggressor yeah and then in game two and three i figured you know let jw take the reins and uh you know we figured it out it's finally thank god you guys.

Talked a lot we talked and we figured it out and he's like you know what lee's like i think i should be the aggressor mike i agree yeah so i like that yeah you got to figure it out you got to work out the chemistry jw you've had a busy few weeks you guys are both at mlp of course as you you know you keep grinding you.

Keep working you're only 19 years old but does it kind of start to wear down your body a little bit do you need a break here and there uh every once in a while yes other than that uh not really because then i'll just get bored of the house and then drive everyone crazy so not too much of a break that makes sense so you don't.

Know who you're facing but you're into that winner bracket you guys as you mentioned brand new partnership so just figuring it out seeing what works what do you guys talk about coming into tournaments since you should know pretty well what you.

Guys need to do by now is it is it much different i mean we talked about like there were some random people at the beach the other day we were just talking about them and then where we're going to dinner and things like that you know really great tactical things no we're always troubleshooting and tactically trying to figure out hey let's do this.

Let's do that so and we have fun and you know always he makes money you have a rather infamous video that took place uh here at bobby riggs last year that made the rounds online a lot are you trying to make sure that gets wiped from people's memories absolutely i need to you are whacking it out this.

One i need uh jw to make the infamous mural this year done you and especially your sister georgia who are going to see next you guys have been really ramping up the social media presence trying to get some more videos out there do you basically just how much do you love.

Creating content for social media oh it's great i love it i do i try to do it every second of the day obviously we don't post everything so that's good but uh you know maybe in the future we'll post as much as we uh as we should we'll see i want to see some of the outtakes i want to see some of the blooper reel blooper reel.

Yeah well uh probably not too many of those those aren't the greatest he's perfect every time there are no blooper reels all right well congratulations you guys are into the winter bracket final we'll see you there and we'll see who they face after the second final semifinal right after this hi mom.

The app socal classic is brought to you by pickleball central the pickleball superstore catering from beginners to pros yola for the champion in you sunmed the official cbd sponsor of the app and cheville modern pickleball apparel that reminds people to be civil and play nicely.

hold up so if socal has you wondering where do i.

Begin start here cheering for the visiting team here's your line of scrimmage come for a culinary odyssey tonight's special is everything here for work hang around for the weekend hit three theme parks crush coffees or crafty beers or whatever strikes your fancy because with friendly locals main street vibes easy accommodations and all.

Of socal within reach no matter what you've come to get up to in el segundo we'll invite you to start here oh.

Oh welcome back everyone to our second semifinal match of the day here to determine who is going to take on lee whitwell and jw johnson in the winter bracket final.

We have sister georgia johnson now looking to take on her brother in that winter bracket final let's see if her and partner dylan frazier can get the job done there on the near end here for game one they take on lauren stratman and julian arnold on the far end.

This is the number two and three seated teams oh nice effort there from arnold but stratton just cannot cover the entire court after he gets pulled off laura mclaughlin and daniel rodity here in the booth for our pro-mix doubles day at the socal.

Classic zero zero one again here at the historic bobby riggs tennis and racket center in encinitas california just north of san diego and while georgia johnson and dylan frazier know each other very well i don't know if this is their first time playing together.

Yeah i'm not sure i was just thinking about that i um i don't remember seeing them playing again they have but i know you think that because you see them so often right but i don't think they have and of course dylan plays quite a bit with jw so maybe that's part of what makes us.

Think that we would expect that but i'm not sure georgia johnson is 15 years old in delray beach florida i believe she is homeschooled i think i think that's right dylan frazier it's obviously summertime now but he's going to be a junior at the university.

Of missouri where he is studying accounting in the fall i always find it so impressive these young people that are playing a professional sport basically every weekend but then they're going to classes in person yeah they're doing their school work i couldn't even.

Imagine back when i was in college trying to do i mean i played sports in college but not that i had to travel for everywhere it was like part of school just missing wide there dylan frazier 20 years old georgia was there with that forehand just uh.

What you wanted to do with it yeah good job bye yeah good job by arnold just recognizing frasier's in that trench transition zone and being able to get that ball down at his feet cut out three three one.

Three three two what are your thoughts on in sports specifically how important it is to kind of have a person that has a bit more of a fiery personality that can kind of be the you know ramp up the team get them going versus a team like i mean georgia johnson's a little bit more fiery than.

Jw her brother of course but dylan very low key so the two of them together just kind of just kind of low key of a team do you think that hinders versus you know not having anyone to really be kind of like the hype man of the team yeah i don't know i think it can work either way because you have dylan pairing up with.

Jw quite a bit and they do great right and you know no one's gonna say either one of them is fiery right definitely not they're more on the calm mellow side but it works for them because that's just kind of what they uh they do well that's who they are and uh.

So maybe just more team chemistry exactly i think that's more important because sometimes you have yeah sometimes you have two fiery players and they do great together and then other times you have two more calm players and they do great together so i think it's all really if it mixes well.

Whatever the combo is i like it i think more than the fire it's just recognizing when a when a partner needs someone really positive and just giving a lot of feedback you're doing great i need a partner that can like i love it i want to be like hype me up.

Like right get me going like that works well for me to receive that energy so i think it's more what your partner needs yeah i saw an example i'm not going to share names but i saw an example on a previous match where um certainly one in the mix this is mix pro obviously one of the players was.

Kind of down and you could see it and the partner really needed to be the male partner in this case and he really needed to be a lot more positive yeah and not even that they were being negative but sometimes nothing can be interpreted as negative yeah and so i could see it from the outside i so badly.

Want to jump in there and be like don't you see that she needs encouragement but you know uh so i think that's more important right recognizing what does my partner need from me right now do i need to be quiet sometimes people need you to be quiet they don't need you to be talking to them all the time.

Or do they need me to encourage them build them up give them some feedback coming in from a time out here from stratman and arnold as they are trying to not let frasier in johnson get too far away and they have a good result with a side out here and their.

Chance to try and close the gap a little julian arnold was a one-man team over there during that frazier rally johnson both taking it to him there yeah arnold frustrated with himself there thinking that ball was gonna go out and uh he just caught it too late couldn't do much with it.

Yeah great drive by johnson there the ball's so low yeah it seems like stratman we've seen in the past she can be one of those players that can get down on herself a little bit too much and i'm sure julian knows that.

Very well so it'll be it'll be really important for him to make sure and be very supportive exactly headspace in the right place and make sure she stays engaged perfect example because she can be fiery but she could also get very down quickly because she's emotional.

She's lots of positivity when things aren't going well like right there you could see her hanging her head yeah and him just needed to be like it's okay don't worry we'll get the next one and i'll tell you no matter what level you play whether you don't ever play tournaments and you play rec and you play at a 3-0 or below level or you play.

Pro it's no wait after this yeah the ball is just out recognizing everybody can be a great partner you don't have to be a great level player you can be a great partner by the way you treat your partner the way you encourage yeah i mean we we all know those people.

At open play that no one wants to play with because they're a terrible partner it drives me crazy as a coach yeah drives me crazy coach because you have total control over that what kind of partner you are oh nice dig there from johnson almost hit him in the face with that.

Toss i think he would have bounced but yeah i think it would have been all right did you hear how lauren got it got it get out of my court julian i have to imagine that's where a little bit of the the off-court relationship conceptually sure.

I thought we weren't allowed to talk about off-court relationships i mean everybody knows they they talk about it i'm just i'm just alluding that's a reference yeah and i think that's a if you're in a new partnership and i'll wait until after this point i want to give a little.

Tip to the viewers especially if you're a tournament player oh nice recovery if you're in a new partnership especially playing a tournament ask your partner what do you need from me from a mental emotional standpoint yeah do you like somebody.

Talking to you uh you know some some players want to be left alone yeah some players do better if they're not being talked to all the time but unless you know that sometimes you interpret silence as they're upset they're upset with me and so those are conversations you can have.

Before the tournament it's like hey when you're upset what do you need for me because we talk a lot about about talking about strategy gameplay but you're 100 correct what do you need from me emotionally mentally exactly because that's equally huge exactly and some players will say you know what i when i'm upset.

I'm okay just leave you don't have to talk to me i'll be all right i'll bounce back others need some encouragement so it's a it's an easy thing to fix before the tournament all right so we have a game point here for georgia johnson and dylan frazier in game one.

And they are gonna get it done so game one goes to johnson and frazier 11-4 we'll be back with game number two shortly and i have no doubt stratman and arnold are gonna find a little bit more success perhaps going into the second game so we're back into it right after this.

If socal has you wondering where do i begin start here cheering for the visiting team here's your line of scrimmage come for a culinary odyssey tonight's special is everything here for work hang around for the weekend hit three theme parks crush coffees or crafty beers or whatever strikes your fancy because with friendly locals main.

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Go to welcome back for game number two here in our second semi-final match up here in pro-mix doubles at the app at socal classic lauren stratman and julian arnold on the near end for game two they take on georgia.

Johnson and dylan frazier who took game one 11-4 looked like a lot of chatting was going on between stratton and arnold in between games one and two so we'll see if we can kind of notice any things they might have talked about and tried to work on here coming into game.

Two to change the outcome yeah i think their their chemistry on the court right now is gonna be key uh just overhearing their exchange in that changeover it's gonna be crucial for them getting back into this match and that can be the tough things we're talking about you know when you have two.

Emotional players yes it can work so well and then sometimes it can work really badly if especially both players are kind of down because then they can't pick each other up oh my goodness they they have to win this now and they do wow.

Julian arnold is coming out of nowhere with that pickup frazier scrambling great job by arnold recognizing frasier coming over does a good job going behind him and just ends up losing that exchange but.

It was well played it's unfortunate for him they're making that mistake at the end okay there we go here we go we see you georgia we see you do your thing girl i love when she poaches it comes out of nowhere and she's just so yeah don't expect it right and then this.

Catches effective catches him off guard all right so arnold getting getting vocal now saying let's fight so again he's trying to turn it up now to get the two of them fired up yeah he just he left that shot way too early he's he tried to slide to his right side after hitting that ball.

Anticipating a comeback but good job strapping just getting out of the way enough just to let that ball sail yeah that ball misses long and we had a wind just picking up exactly as stratman was hitting that serve yeah that's the tough spot we're so close to the ocean.

And freeze can just pick up out of nowhere oh that one stratman cannot get out of the way although i don't know if it was going out with all this wind i think that was going to hold it up absolutely yeah i think so he didn't hit that very hard oh good try.

You just rubbing it in that we're a mile away from the ocean here for all the viewers yes i'm trying to make everyone jealous we're suffering out here guys in my hair it is going to be an absolutely gorgeous weekend here it's like 70 degrees it's a tough job but someone's got to do it right someone's gotta be here really.

Really falling on the sword for you guys at home getting really upset about the net cords and we have a timeout here from stratman arnold's trapman very aggressively calling that timeout i think you could tell arnold was getting a little how do what is it what are your thoughts.

About that when when you see players get so upset about net chords which i get it super frustrating but there's literally nothing you can do about it what what are what would you tell someone that just loses their mind about net cords and like they're coming to get you and they take it personally right.

Um i mean i think it's either let courts or just mistakes it's forget it move on let's get the next one nothing we can do about that i think that's key in helping your partner get into a more positive you know.

Whether they just made an easy error meaning they had maybe a put away and they put it into the net something they wouldn't normally do is communicating you got the next one that's your shot that's what i try to tell my partners that's your shot you got this no problem let's move on everyone got to see that little.

Letter there from rob cassidy and nick patterson up there under the umbrella love is in the air in socal why strappin has that she set herself up perfectly and it just seemed like her reaction time was just a hair too slow yeah looked like just uh just mistimed.

It a little bit it was a little late on it yeah good job by arnold so early anticipating the speed up knowing it was coming from a low spot and just getting out of the way long before he even you know saw the ball being hit.

Let's experience again same thing and i think stratman and arnold i wonder if in that timeout they kind of talked about it but i would love to see them wait for the right moment to speed up and then get that sequence going instead of rush the speed up forcing one that's.

Not there like just be patient and steady until you see one that is a for sure green light yeah yep and otherwise just kind of stay calm because the errors that i'm seeing from them seem to be coming off in an impatient speed up right and that last one you know lauren had that little high.

Backhand attacked wait till after this point here you know what i'd like to tell my partners i i tell them i like it i like it yeah that was the right shot i like it they made a mistake but i like i like you going for that shot yeah the idea is there.

Because part of it is you're dealing with i don't want to disappoint my partner right so if your partner is like hey i like it i like you going for that then it just reinforces you to stay aggressive or you know that you've made the right call i forgot what i was gonna say just it just was gone.

Really good it's coming back hey you got this thank you oh that's where it was you got it you got me back it's no one's going to have 100 execution you're not going to be perfect so you're going to miss shots but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try that again because you're right it's the.

Right shot it was the right time just didn't work and it's not going to 100 of the time and no one feels worse than the person that just made the error right so that is the match new game same outcome here johnson and frazier on top 11-4 in game two they head to the winner bracket.

Final where siblings will face off against jw johnson and lee whitwell so we will have that i believe coming up shortly we may have a feeder match in the meantime don't go anywhere though more action still to come here at the app socal classic right after this.

welcome back to the franklin studio lauren mclaughlin here with dylan frazier and georgia johnson you're headed to the winter bracket final where you take on brother and lee well good friends to you both that last match up you know you're.

Facing lauren stratton and julian arnold they're both very fiery players can get very emotional really aggressive you know they can get hot it seems like you guys were able to keep them pretty cool what was the thought process to make sure they didn't run away with it uh well i think you know all dylan's yelling really cooled their jets you.

Know but uh yeah i think we just stayed consistent and um played our game and opposed to feeding into theirs so it's true you were you were getting a lot of stare downs out there a lot of smart talk i could hear from you in between the points under your breath as.

Always but you know you you are a calm player not too emotional on the court do you fee do you feel like you l it keeps you even keeled able to kind of play your game without letting the emotions play too much of a factor yeah i think so i like to i feel like there's not quite as many ups and downs when you're not an emotional player um.

Lauren and julian are both great players like i told georgia before that second game like we got a guy make sure that we stay on these guys because they're just a team that can get hot really fast and they can be over in a second so we stayed on them georgia played great i just kind of dropped the ball from the baseline then georgia just finished the.

Point so she made my life pretty easy and it was a it was a good match looking forward to the next one so you take on of course lee and jw i have no doubt as i have a brother as well that you would like to destroy him any time you guys play together because that's just how siblings go but you you do you know him you know him very well.

You know lee's game very well what's it going to take for you guys to beat them in that winter bracket final um i mean it's gonna take a a good game like playing good by all four players and i'm excited for the matchup we are excited as well it's gonna be great i'd like to see you just like.

Really run that mouth like we're used to seeing you um i might since we're playing against jw that's true you guys like you guys like to have little exchanges i see you guys well that is coming up in just a little bit but don't go anywhere more mix pro doubles here at the socal classic coming up after this.

so oh so.

hold up is welcome back we have a consolation bracket match here.

To play before our winner bracket final at the socal classic we have seen both these teams already here today though on center court we have lacey schneemann and zach taylor taking on paris todd and alex newman schneemann and taylor were knocked down into our consolation bracket.

Earlier then todd and newman were they had to take down susanna barr and matt gobel 15-2 as you mentioned earlier daniel and then they defeated jachieva and johnson yep zero yes so that was a pretty decisive victory so now both these teams will.

Face off this is the first consolation bracket match for todd and newman after getting knocked down here by jw johnson and lee whitwell in that semi-final we just saw a couple matches ago so both these teams looking to stay alive here just a few matches in that backdraw.

Still to go to find out who is going to get back to that bronze medal match we also have lauren stratman and julian arnold who are going to take on anna bright and james ignatowicz on the backdraw side as well to try and get back in here so this is going to be a match to 15. our teams will switch ends at eight.

And again do or die time for both of these teams marie creed will be our usa pickleball certified referee so we have new update on zach taylor who if you missed it earlier you didn't see them play zach taylor in the blue shirt from los angeles 30 years old um let's.

Go down his resume he's a model yes he was on a very short-lived uh reality show show called boy band right so he's a singer yes and he also was in the top 48 in one of the seasons of american idol i made it to hollywood i mean this kid just yeah yeah i love it his resume is.

Very similar to mine except very like opposite except none of the same things i was like where are you going with this daniel i was like what modeling did you do can we look this up back in like the 80s you were like okay i'll i'll let everybody know i just.

Did some hand modeling before yeah i always felt like i could be a good hand model i think i have nice hands no one's come calling i don't yeah you know his partner lacey schneemann 26 years old also in socal out of redondo beach and they take on alex newman and paris.

Todd who we've seen a couple times already on championship court here today both 24 years old first-time partnership for the two of them we mentioned a little earlier as well that schneemann and taylor have been doing really well at the 5-0 level they've played a lot of tournaments been successful there and.

Just kind of dipping their toe now into the pro pro bracket as most players do if you want to continue to get better you know after 5-0 it's there's only pro at this point there's opinions out there that there should be like a 5-5 category as well which you know i could get on board with.

I wouldn't mind that yeah so we'll see but right now it's it's five hour pro so they're having a lot of success here today they've had some really good wins some really good matches and we saw in the last match here on championship court definitely you know was their first time.

Ever playing probably on a live stream at one of the big tours and it's an extra level of kind of pressure and attention so right they played well but definitely i'm sure fell short of what they were hoping to accomplish in that match so let's see here if facing off against paris todd and alex.

Newman will get them a good result i expect a good match regardless of which way this goes yeah i spoke to zach a little bit i've just gotten to know him in the last several weeks just because we've been kind of playing some local tournaments against each other and have seen each.

Other a few times gotten to know him a little bit and we spoke about his last match and and uh i just told him i just felt like you weren't quite as aggressive as you normally are you kind of held back a little bit i think and he agreed with that also of course julian arnold being so.

Mobile and kind of all over the place sort of made zak a little more hesitant but let's see uh let's see if they make the adjustment obviously they won easily this last game and so i'd love to see all four players come out and play their best that's what we want to see atp attempt there by schneemann.

Well wide maybe didn't quite have the angle i couldn't see from where i where i am right now you mentioned lauren stratman and julia julian arnold are who knocked them down eleven four eleven eight in that matchup zero zero one we've mentioned before uh watching todd and.

Newman play second tournament ever that alex newman has played mixed doubles not pro-mix doubles just mixed doubles so you know they have some stuff that they're working out yeah we just saw that right there right he comes over she's ready to hit the backhand he's.

Coming over trying to be aggressive and just a little miscommunication there both kind of swinging at the ball but he's uh yeah he's he's a very we said a bit frantic of a player earlier just very kind of all over the place very mobile as well right.

I think when you come into mix you know you hear so much be aggressive be aggressive be aggressive and so sometimes it's gauging how much it's too much and a lot of that depends on your partner as well exactly exactly oh just a great atp there by zach taylor the the dink by.

Todd just a little too wide he's able to get around that post good deep return taylor trying to call schneemann off that ball but she's able to put it away so it's all good one two yeah there's that backhand speed up from.

Taylor that i was mentioning before that he didn't try too many times i think the one time he tried it arnold kind of jumped all over it and he tried it that time it didn't quite go his way i'd like to see him mix it up i'd like to see him take that same ball and.

Sometimes go up the line sometimes roll the cross court sometimes go middle so that it gives his opponents more to think about yeah variety is the spice of life they say gotta have variety in the shots yeah you can have your go-to that you know you can always go to that ball but you have.

To have at least one other shot you hit from the same spot yeah great put away by schneemann just so much pace on that ball and she made sure to keep todd back not allow her to get up too close keep resetting it's tough to keep those resets down watching.

Oh i wanted todd to just stay engaged just take that too i agree it works out but you're there you just hit the first two shots it's right there to keep going yeah yeah and that's probably some players do that and some don't yeah that's the difference between sometimes women's doubles and mixed doubles right you just kind of let your partner have.

Those but that is definitely something that you know i just played a doubles tournament my partner said whoever starts it continue it yeah especially if it's in your realm yes absolutely like just alex was staying back he was giving her the room to do it.

Again this is just one match to 15 we'll switch ends at eight both these teams looking to stay alive someone will be done for the day after this and great run by both teams regardless of the outcome here that's been a very very good positive run for both of these.

Teams but someone's going to move on obviously and someone is done for the day oh my god just sails long five one so wow i like the attempt there from taylor yeah i think uh i i think.

Todd just didn't give him much to work with on that on that she did so great job by her keeping the ball nice and low just not really giving giving him anything he can attack on that ernie here's here's a question coach daniel ernie's i would love to incorporate them into my game but i have.

No idea how to start even attempting them or like the mechanics and i always feel like i'm so short like my legs are too little to like jump the kitchen sure is it like a slide around the side like how do you suggest people that don't ernie but would like to start attempting them yeah i think you know when anytime you get that.

Angles play a big part so and then anticipation what do you anticipate your your opponent is going to do if you put the ball in that corner uh of the kitchen have they been going up the line quite a bit then that's a that's a good time to guess and go for the ernie um and so and but the placement of your.

Shot obviously has a lot to do with it you got to get that ball close to that corner and you basically have to start moving early almost a little bit of a guessing game but uh i would say that's the best way to do it yeah good defense but just too much from.

Me from newman there keep saying neiman sorry newman alex newman there on that ball well in front here newman picking up some steam here yeah they're smiling laughing having a good time so they're you can tell they're playing very confident they're feeling.

Confident right now you can see it certainly in their body language nice hustle there from newman schneemann did a great job going behind newman twice in a row had him scrambling and then just missed the ball that she would normally make right she played that perfectly right just missed that.

Last ball the other thing about ernie's as you were asking is there's a point in time when the player has to look down to hit that ball that's the time to move yes as they look down to hit that ball that's when you make your move because then they don't they're less likely to.

See you doesn't mean they won't see you at all sometimes peripheral they can kind of see you moving but you have to be patient and wait for the right moment so as soon as they look down to hit that ball that's when you make your move hoping of course they're pushing it up that line up that sideline yes you are and you know i think that's.

A part of that partner communication right is you have to know if your partner is someone that looks for ernie's that wants to go from you have to cover them yeah so if you're kind of just over on your side and all of a sudden your partner's gone yes because they tried an ernie that they missed you're like oh no exactly yeah i need to.

Cover for you right and we see that from jw and lee right having played so much together all right so the end change has happened now with alex newman and paris todd out in front uh let's just yeah you have the wind at your back that's not the time to lob so.

It would have been when they were on the other end you want to lob against the wind not with the wind i think two probably i have to imagine schneemann and taylor are they're getting a little pressed now because they they know this is it this is their first this is their only chance they have yeah and there's.

Not another game to play not another match exactly so you're going to try and perhaps try to force some things that maybe aren't there as you get a little you know yeah you try something right you try some new things you know taylor going for the lob which he hasn't done yet but but it's the wrong end of.

The court to try it on because of the wind nice spot there from taylor and definitely a big hole to dig themselves out of here but let's see if they can't just get you know a few points at a time just get a little something going gain a little momentum yeah i mean that helps yep get some.

Errors newman feeling like he can you know be aggressive since they have a big lead at some point if taylor and schneeman start narrowing that gap you probably won't see as much pressing there but not pressing but just being aggressive being comfortable with that lead.

So the previous rally lacey schneemann thought that serve was going to go long and it looked like she almost wasn't prepared to hit it once it dropped in and i have i would think be prepared to hit it no matter what you can call it out if it doesn't.

Go in but like always be prepared to hit it right yeah i always tell my students uh always assume the ball is going to be in yeah just assume meaning if you're waiting for the ball to bounce obviously yeah on an outball you want to look in but but assume it's going to be in so.

You get yourself in position yeah good good good overhead there so we'll have our winter bracket final coming up next lee whitwell and j.w johnson take on georgia johnson and dylan frazier so that was coming up following this great volley by schneemann that was a.

Tough ball to pick up she does a great job of taking that ball out of the air keeping it low and not giving them a pop-up yeah too much there that forehand by taylor just hangs a little too much oh yeah you can see todd was on her.

Back yeah she went on her heels with that drive obviously anticipating a hard ball at her body but instead of clips in that and just barely dribbles over that was very close from todd you could almost call an interference again almost i was literally gonna say she said watch it right as she was about to hit it which i get this telling your.

Partner to watch it if a ball gets popped up yeah but she said it totally right yeah right about to hit it right and i'm sure she didn't mean to interfere with just trying to alert your partner but yeah it's right when you hit it good time to do it but not when your opponent is hitting the ball.

It could be called an interference and you lose a point i think that's the other thing too with newer players especially at the pro level like schneemann and taylor they don't really think about calling that or even knowing that that could be or to ask the ref so i think that also.

Comes with with tournament time under your belt that you start to recognize things a little bit more that are happening sort of just on the edge of what's happening in play right yeah it's part of that tournament experience right knowing what the rules.

Are knowing what you can appeal or ask the ref about get a timeout called here from schneemann and taylor cassidy and he's keeping dylan frazier nice and loose before his winter bracket finals exactly is anyone not having a good time talking to rob castle exactly who doesn't love mr cassidy lee.

Whitwell's up in the cheville vip balcony i see talking to gabriel tardio oh yeah also just just enjoying her time up there love gabriel love gabriel 16 year old uh got to watch him a lot at uh in the indy open atp in the open and just so fun to watch.

Uh he reminds me of my son maybe that's why i like him so much but uh and just an incredible player today he they went two and two uh in their mix and he was a little unhappy with himself but i told him like hey man you got you got.

Plenty of tournaments to come you're good yeah you're so we got a match point here for alex newman and paris todd to stay alive here in our back draw yeah good job there by schneemann she was a little hesitant on her first two forehand volleys because she had just made two forehand.

Volley errors previous so it just you could see she was hesitant but then it's good to see her get some confidence and attack the last two try it's tough too schneemann and taylor obviously know they have a mountain they need to climb here it can be a bit daunting.

Yeah and obviously it's very cliche but you can only go one at a time there's no there's no 10 point points you know like unfortunately you have to but you just think if we just apply a little bit of pressure maybe you put some nerves on your opponent but they have a side out and it's over.

So paristan and alex newman stay alive to fight one more match a very well played day for zach taylor and lacey great who i think probably are new faces and new names to many of you at home so definitely put those names in your new faces to watch because they just had a.

Fabulous day i'm excited to see their growth as they hopefully play more pro tournaments we will take a short break here at bobby riggs for the socal classic our winter bracket final coming up right after this so.

so oh oh.

so up.

so wow oh.

oh back into the action here on championship court at the app socal classic here at bobby riggs lauren mclaughlin and daniel ro diddy courtside for our winner bracket final.

Right now which has siblings facing off and really just four really good friends on court here we have georgia johnson and dylan frazier who are taking on jw johnson and lee whitwell i suspect this will be a good match yeah let's hope this is one of those matches you look at and you're.

Just kind of think to yourself i have no idea how this will go right i don't know who's going to win i don't know how they're going to win and those are the best kind of matches so peggy prisoner back with usa pickleball certified ref duties georgia johnson and dylan frazier on the.

Near end j.w johnson and lee whitmore on the far end as we've mentioned you know jw johnson has also played in mixed with sister georgia johnson they've had some really great results they won their first gold medal together at the new york city open very impressive for the two of them yeah.

I think they're teaming up maybe in l.a possibly i believe they are yes and then of course jw johnson also plays a lot with dylan frazier as you mentioned lee willow also plays a lot with georgia johnson in women's so this is just a this is a family affair right here on court yeah i.

Know it's uh not a favorite thing for the johnsons to go against each other they'd probably rather be on the same side if they have to do it but they're both very competitive as i think all siblings are aware of i will do a shameless plug for my podcast pickleball after dark i had a chance to chat with their mom.

Julie johnson and she said uh it's it's always a an interesting car ride home after they play each other yes she said it's usually a worse car ride if jw loses so tough there from frasier he's got exactly what he wants right.

A little too down on that yeah had uh we hosted a little event at nelly gale a little round robin for some of the pros and jw and georgia were there they had to go up against each other once or twice and he said sometimes that doesn't go well in the home front.

Actually it was this tournament last year that i really saw kind of georgia johnson for the first time she had been playing a little bit in pro but she just was starting to play a little bit more and i remember i mean last year to this year not the same place.

Incredible difference she played the la open i think i don't know that she won even she played singles and i don't think she won a match now she's just you know on a tear winning a lot in singles and in doubles of course and mixed doubles yeah she just really hadn't quite tapped.

Into like her confidence and self-assuredness alright so that ball called out i think it was a rare she she hit an atp with her forehand from the back from the back yes.

You don't see that very often and of course you know her being a great uh just having great sportsmanship she wasn't sure if it landed it or not so she didn't want to really say one way or the other frasier being very aggressive but let's uh.

It's very very chivalrous of him to let georgia johnson finish that yeah that was the right call she was set she was ready she's got a good backhand put away smart by him see crowd up close and personal here at bobby riggs really nice set up for spectators.

To watch point johnson throws us up throws his arms up in the air which is the equivalent of one of us cussing on the court he does that sometimes too yes he will show more emotion than people think but it's subtle it's really subtle.

If you pay attention almost gets hit by how did she miss him he had to suck it in almost friendly fire there getting hit by your own partner and then whitwell up in the air jumping in front of him that was second fun.

Yeah really i mean well i think has been playing longer than people realize um because she really sort of just made a big name for herself in the last you know year and a half two years right but she's been playing longer than that while these other three young people on the court truly have only been playing.

In the pro level you know year i think jw johnson maybe a year and a half yes to two so they're all relatively new players but they're such household names now i think we forget that yeah i played jw here in singles last year and uh i i wouldn't dare step on the chord with.

Him now it's just the difference between last year to now not just in singles in every category you know mixed and men's and and men's singles just uh incredible progress that he's made it just has figured out the game very smart very cerebral.

Has obviously clearly studied the game so much as has georgia with his help and julie's help but the shot that he hits now he didn't have them last year point eight six two dylan frazier has that serve that we.

I think we talked about a little bit in mesa where he's almost stepping yeah on the court because he's leaning forward his foot it's just off the still in the air when he strikes the ball but certainly leaning forward when he hits that serve i think too so dylan frazier doesn't have any racket sport background.

So we played i think baseball a couple other sports but nothing racket based and while the johnson family is very tennis oriented julian jack their parents very big tennis players but georgia johnson she's only 15. she hasn't lived long enough to have a big tennis background so she certainly played a.

Little bit of tennis well takes one to the body on that ernie attempt which is also a smart way to go when you know someone's looking for ernie's you hit her right at their body usually not expecting that so yes i mean george johnson only 15. so she's she's played a little bit of.

Tennis but hasn't lived long enough right so equally as impressive at such a young age that she's showing just such you know athletic maturity oh itp yep into the post not as effective yeah not if not as effective as the atp but uh.

Good try by here yeah it's great to see oh wait till after this point great to see someone like dylan and i say this often without a tennis background you can still become a great great pickleball player you don't have to have a high level of tennis.

Although it can help in many ways it we see several examples of non-tennis or racket or paddle players come in and really do really do well absolutely so whitwall and johnson take a one-point lead as we are nearing the conclusion of this.

First game i know a lot of viewers can get kind of discouraged because they don't have a tennis background and they play against someone with tennis background they get kind of overpowered off the court oh great shot by frazier going behind.

Whitwell well thinking about my sail but lands in saw some excitement there from georgia johnson i could certainly hear julian arnold on a court close to us i was just gonna say that oh she tags oh tags uh.

Whitwell yeah georgia johnson on the back side there yeah we mentioned it earlier she can get real aggressive kind of take over she's fearless that's an example of her trying to go for a ball that probably wasn't hers but maybe was expecting a higher kind of pop-up ball that she could.

Attack instead she got a low one that probably should have let frazier have oh really nicely done so georgia johnson and dylan frazier come out on top here in game one eleven nine i did suspect this would be a close one going either way so first game in the books game number two coming your way right after this.

oh so hold up.

All right game number two about to kick off here in our winter bracket final at the app socal classic lee whitwell and jw johnson now on the near end dylan frazier and georgia johnson on the far end and johnson and frazier take game one eleven nine let's see oh that one's long from johnson.

And i have to imagine georgia johnson's gotta be feeling pretty good beating beating big brother here yep in game one let's see uh if they're able to close this out in two or well in the other johnson take him to three great to go either way yep great move by frasier they're coming.

Way over being able to roll that ball up the middle slide out zero one one so oh so good from frasier.

He's got just a lot of wrist action both jw and dylan they just they strike the ball the ball differently dylan doesn't roll it as much whereas jw uses a lot more topspin dylan is more of a slap both very effective so two different ways of hitting the ball both effective and again you know for the viewers you.

Got to find the style that works for you you know you got to find what works for you you don't have to imitate somebody else unless it fits with your style oh it's one of the things that i love about pickleball is you see a lot of different styles on the court and uh and a lot of them can work it's just finding what works for you.

There's not one way to hit the ball right good job by whitwell going behind frazier there with that backhand kind of poke up the sidelines again this is our winter bracket final so winner of this heads to gold medal match loser will head to bronze.

where we are still figuring out who's coming through the back draw to get into that bronze medal match but either way both these teams on the podium here in pro mix doubles going home with a little cash oh nice get there from whitwell waiting for the results here between the.

Strap and arnold bright ignat which they are done and i saw i see did they not look very happy they did not oh i'm gonna suspect them that bright and ignore which one of but i don't know i'm waiting for the update here on the draw.

No update yet one two two the winner of that match will take on todd and newman we may have that match coming up next before we get into that bronzeville match because we need that right right these teams will have to wait so.

Keep you guys posted as always oh good attempt there at that recovery off the net cord there from georgia johnson then sends it a little wide can whitwol and johnson need to win this second game to force a game three hello georgia johnson with a little kitchen step over there.

A little half ernie going at big brother one three one second server one three two nice hands there from johnson it's jw trying to light her up a little bit there it's almost as if.

He was trying to send a message baby sister there yeah what i really like we talked earlier between paris todd and alex newman where paris seemed a little hesitant sometimes to kind of take over deferring a little bit to alex where georgia johnson has no problem she's like dylan get out of my way i'm taking.

Over so i i appreciate that aggressiveness from her and confidence to be able to do that yep wow what was the score 1614 to bright and ignatovich wow you saved us not a witch not a witch.

All right all right so yeah that's a tough loss there for stratman and arnold this is uh the first time brighton and not a witch have played together in a tournament as well yeah they're two of the newer kind of stars right in the app tour i think people.

People are looking forward to them uh playing together as they also have an off court time spent together so i think people have been and looking forward to this partnership let's just say okay all right that's what the kids tell me daniel i can only rely on my network of young.

People to tell me that the kids almost a little talking to himself under his breath there from jw johnson not a ball he normally misses georgia johnson and dylan frazier out in front again here in game two and i'll tell you right now if what julie johnson told me is true jw.

Johnson is not a happy camper right now because he doesn't like to lose period but you i think extra doesn't like to lose to little sister i would think i would think that's true and and i actually was wondering how much it plays into how aggressive he is going against her and maybe it doesn't make any difference.

But but normally probably he would like just really go after the female opponent right and i don't know if that maybe it doesn't really matter to him in that sense that he'll play the way he would play against anyone else but there's a little nuance i think.

Impossible to set aside a family relationship on the court there is going to be a smaller great some level of something especially when part of the game plan is you got to go hard at the female opponent you know go at her body try to hit her not that you're wanting to hurt anybody but that's part of the game and.

How much that plays apart if any in his mindset seven five one good pick up by whitwell but just too high frazier able to put that ball away but it was all set up by the drive i'd like to see a timeout here from johnson and what will but they as a partnership are sort of.

Notorious for not calling timeouts when they should well match point and i don't think we'll see one they just for whatever reason i don't know why they don't call a timeout but they just don't that is a ball that usually frazier is.

Gonna rifle at somebody and he had what he wanted on match point but they have another chance quick update from our senior pro mixed doubles bracket jennifer dawson and dave weinbach are in the gold medal match after defeating beth bellamy and rick whitskin in the.

Winter bracket final second server and it looks like they have a couple matches still to play so bellamy and whitskin will take on the winner of cammy mcgregor and john sperling versus shirley and moore to get into that bronze medal match so.

It looks like their bracket is winding to a close here soon and another match point here for georgia johnson and dylan frazier to get themselves a spot in the gold medal match another forehand put away by frasier that he leaves in the net but he's got another chance right here.

Still a relatively comfortable lead but you certainly don't want yeah you can't take any chances you can't leave the door open you saw georgia come all the way over and take that one she's like you can't finish it i'll finish three chances it's my turn now wow really great job from georgia johnson and dylan frazier so they head to the.

Gold medal match lee whitwell in j.w johnson we'll head to bronze where we have that final feeder match still to play alex newman and paris todd will take on anna bright and james ignatowicz possibly coming up next we'll keep you guys posted we'll be back with some more action don't go anywhere.

Right after this oh so.

Hold up welcome back to the franklin studio lauren mclaughlin here once again with georgia johnson and dylan frazier this time they're heading to the gold medal match i was just talking to you this is the first time in a regular pro tournament that you.

Have beaten jw in a match first time how does it feel that is correct uh it feels the same day it feels the same as every rec day because that you just kill him is that what you're saying just beat him every time and right all right you guys seemed like you handled them fairly.

Easily you looked like you were playing very aggressive trying to get in there a lot mix it up keep them on our toes what was the thought process coming into this match that got this result yeah well first of all i wouldn't say it was easy that's a tough team and they've gotten the better relatively they've gotten the they've got the best of me plenty of.

Time so i've seen that i've seen that team a few times georgia's obviously jw's sister and i play with him so we kind of know his game but it works both ways too but yeah i was looking to step in there and get aggressive and then keep the ball in play and let georgia do her thing as well and it worked out dylan had three match point.

Opportunities he couldn't get done so you had to step in and say don't worry i got this it was it was a poke and hope you know poke and hope it doesn't come back all right you guys are headed to gold you're not quite sure who you have to face yet but as you go to that gold medal match is there going to be any.

Thought process into just just keep it the same whatever's working keep that going in that gold medal match uh i think right now i mean we'll talk about it later but i don't know if there's anything major we need to change like we might make a few adjustments depending on how they come out and start playing but i think we're good right now all.

Right well congrats both of you into the gold medal match you're uh you're going home with gold or silver regardless but i'm sure gold is what you guys are looking for so we'll see you in that match in just a little bit you guys can rest grab a little bite enjoy uh this beautiful bobby riggs facility and we'll be back.

Alex newman's trying to run into camera all right don't go anywhere guys we have more pickleball action still to come here at the socal classic the app socal classic is brought to you by pickleball central the pickleball superstore catering from beginners to pros yola for the champion in you.

Sunmed the official cbd sponsor of the app and cheville modern pickleball apparel that reminds people to be civil and play nicely so so.

hold up so uh.

oh so.

So so welcome back we have our final theater match into bronze coming up next lauren mclaughlin here and daniel rodity courtside here at the app socal classic we have paris todd and alex newman who.

We have seen several times here today but first timers on the live stream on championship court excuse me we have anna bright and james ignatowicz also first time partnership for the two of them in this tournament anna bright fresh off of graduation last year at the.

University of california berkeley where she played tennis one of the highest recruited tennis players coming out of high school was doing a little uh research she actually left high school a year early for going her senior year of high school to accept that position at berkeley to play on the.

Tennis team and she said she she was a little a little sad because she would have been the valid victorian her senior year wow at graduation had she not left but she did indeed leave early and had a very successful tennis career james ignatowicz 21 years old currently at vanderbilt university he did play.

Tennis for a little while but no longer does and when i saw him in south carolina for the first time ever he told me he wasn't really going to be playing pickleball much he did really well but he had a summer internship at an investment bank he was kind of going in.

That route since then no longer no longer taking that internship and rocking the pickleball instead so i think we all appreciate that he made that decision yeah we got some not just great athletes but bright minds on the court here i mean you got alex newman going northwestern you don't.

Go to northwestern unless you're a very bright my goodness person so not just great athletes but clearly uh very smart players smart people so we've mentioned before todd and newman also a first-time partnership here.

Thank you you may have noticed uh james and nadawich a little tall a little taller than everybody else so he has uh that length and reach that's gonna make him extra dangerous not to mention just the raw talent he has great singles players so you know you're gonna see some drives actually all four of these.

Players were at my club yesterday practicing so they got to play a lot of rec games against each other so uh i'm sure that is newman seems like from the beginning of the day when we first saw them to now newman has really ramped it up a little it seems like he's he's building confidence their partnership is.

Obviously working well gaining that chemistry this is just one match to 15. so again loser of this will be the fourth place finisher today while the winner heads to bronx yeah great runs by both of them regardless of the outcome here but i'm sure obviously.

They want to get on the podium so this is one of those matches right before the bronze rather you really i mean you want to win every match but if you're just one step away from getting on the podium it really does what can't she do well that's a great shot there just a wrong choice there by.

Not to witch one of the things i love so much especially about the apb tour is that we do see so many new partnerships different people playing together it's always kind of new and exciting it's like what what's this tournament gonna bring oh they're playing with them.

Like it's it's so fresh feeling every tournament i love it uh you know i i think that's one of the things that i love about the app you you do get to see some new faces some new players uh yeah that's not gonna work easy put away for todd but i love that i love just.

Being able to see these up-and-coming players and in a very real way develop right before our eyes right like we see them trying to like okay so we're seeing newman playing mix for the second time right and having his first win six months from now we're gonna be talking about that how we look back at.

Socal getting his first mixed doubles win and then seeing what he does from now right so that's so exciting yep no five three one great serve by todd there just inside that sideline.

Good attempt there from yeah and again we we see we see four players here on the court that maybe up to this point they've been more known for their singles play but clearly incredible doubles players as they make that adjustment which tends to take a little longer for doubles when you come from tennis.

But they wouldn't be at this stage if they weren't good in doubles right they've made such a deep run but they're probably up to this point haven't been known do you think a player is more dangerous when they are also a singles player so they have that sort of dual ability and certainly.

You need to have the fitness level to play singles so do you think that kind of makes a player more well-rounded uh i'm maybe biased because i'm i love i love singles but uh but no i think so you know i mean there's certain shots that you're going to hit so many.

Times in singles like drives that can only help you know they're not going to hurt you in in doubles to have that option and and certainly the the stamina the quickness the movement uh i think it can only help i i think it's an adjustment to realize i cannot play singles on the doubles court but.

Such quick hands i think once you learn how to use your singles game in on the doubles it it definitely can help uh yeah the ball stays in great ball great roll by anna bright i was just thinking as i watched this match.

That when this year started i didn't know who any of these players were um yeah that's uh that's pretty wild pretty amazing we're you know halfway through this year and all four of these players nobody knew their names right at the start of this year well the fact that yeah you know it's one thing for maybe viewers to not know but the fact that.

You didn't know you know you being at every single tournament um that says a lot about and of course the improvement they've made they have friends that are watching that of course have have known them certainly yeah yeah yeah just the the larger public right of pickleball right did not know who these four players were.

At the beginning of this year yeah and i think that's unbelievable i think the growth in the last six to nine months with the influx of talent and players coming in to pickleball has just been it's blown my mind right like it's so fantastic i love it so much.

I'm at paris maybe gosh i don't know maybe just six months ago at a tournament in newport someone said hey you need to meet paris you need to work with her she's new to pickleball she can be good and you know and she was playing i think she was playing four or five at that time just like six months.

Ago yeah yep and now she's four singles titles consecutive singles titles and pro singles and clearly improving rapidly in double so this is such an exciting time for the sport falls long nice leave there foreign good job by bright anticipating that ball.

Yeah i thought the same thing i was about to say someone called the timeout but i think it was uh linda kirkpatrick our referee calling a side out i was gonna say it was it's an interesting time out if they were calling one because they're one point away from the end change which is.

Essentially a timeout yeah you wait for that we see teams do that though because sometimes they don't want to let it you know get away from them right but uh so we have our end change yeah especially you might see that time out on a seven if the sides make a big difference yeah right and you're trying to get a lead.

Before you switch sides and so that's maybe a time when you might see someone call a timeout on seven if you're switching at eight if it's going to be a big difference on the uh in terms of the wind or the sun or any other aspect see ken hermann up there in the cheville vip lounge with julie and jack johnson and all of the.

Other lovely fans and spectators mingling with the people over there i know you gotta oh georgia johnson get a little hug from dad ugh i just love seeing a whole family yeah just playing a sport supporting each other doesn't happen often and certainly not.

In a lot of sports are you seeing like almost every member of the family playing i mean that's one of the beauties of pickleball that the whole family can play together literally you know grandma grandpa mom dad and son and daughter can all get on a.

Pickleball court and have a great time together just a little late there by todd coming around with that backhand got the ball she was looking for but just a hair late hoping for some cheers from the crowd.

Newman good defense there but couldn't withstand i think the fifth overhead right was thrown at him there oh nice put away again that's where height comes into your advantage so much very close match so far on the scoreboard as we are working our way to 15. one of.

These teams heads to bronze one will be our fourth place finisher so with that we are tied up at nines looks like we have a cracked ball and todd joking that's why she missed it she jokes about that but that is a thing that is a rule that if you have the ball checked after a rally.

Is finished and the balls cracked and that impeded your play and you felt like you felt like it was cracked or it mis made your shot funky you do get to replay that usually if the referee notices that it took kind of a weird bounce then they'll check the ball and they the referee may decide to replay that.

Yeah it's not a for sure thing right it's a judgment call by the referee but it is a possibility yes absolutely it doesn't hurt to ask hey the ball crack can you check that but i think the players know whether or not it made any difference absolutely to what they were doing guessed right she knew that newman was.

Going to go for that angle overhead and she guessed on it but just a little late even though she knew where it was going that switch that brighton and nadowitch did where bright had to yell at him to go cover that's where singles helps absolutely because he got his butt over there and he slid to do it which you see him doing singles all the time so he's.

Got the mechanics to be able to get over there and hustle right yeah my partner said i would have just said you know you're like no i'm not what are you talking about i said no no that's you that is nobody's good i'm not getting that oh wind picking up a little here now.

Well some great defense here from both brighton and not a witch oh wow and that does a lot just emotionally when you come basically in a point where you have no business winning it and you come out on top it really emotionally is a great lift that ball is probably going out.

Not a fast paced play here in this match all right bright getting fired up ah the ball sails wide you know we notice that ignatowicz doesn't go for a big serve he likes to kind of just loop it high and deep which can be very effective so for the viewers you don't have to have a high pay serve.

Or a anything crazy big be effective he just chooses to put a lot of air under that ball push it deep which is what you want on a servant in return you want to get that ball high and deep to make your opponent come from deeper behind that baseline to try to get to that kitchen line now we're.

Having a timeout here from todd and newman as i like to say we're running out of runway here in this match so it's getting down to every point being fairly critical yep every rally is going to matter at this point.

And i think todd and newman again they're they're playing really well they're just giving a few too many opportunities to brightening nanowitch to be able to put some balls away and get maybe some put aways they need to cut that out not give them those chances yeah and then you know you saw a lot of excitement from.

An emotion from bright that's also time that you want to call timeout she's she's kind of on a roll she's excited so you want to kind of try to tame that down a little bit oh and that'll do it worked out for him yeah magnata witch upset himself leaving the ball way too high they're up by two though.

Oh that's a heat check if i ever saw one when you watch your shot sometimes i watch that and i i think to myself what was he what was he trying to do what was the thought process there i mean you're obviously aiming at a body ryan you're thinking get it to them as quickly as i can but.

You know most time on drives you take a little bit of pace off of it and focus on keeping the ball low is more important than hitting it as hard as you can easier said than done sometimes the adrenaline gets the best of you yeah good job by todd getting the ball down at bright's feet yeah i mean i think.

Every good coach is you know placement over power right right i teach that i don't know what has a place in the game as well but if it's not gonna let you put the ball where you need to put it then you need to dial that down right.

Great defense almost identical to what we saw on the other side right with bright and ignatowicz going from defense to offense just a few points ago now todd and newman returned the favor going from defense and then being able.

To win that that point i mean we just tied up we talked about growth earlier just seeing you know these players arcs that they're having right now i'm telling you right now alex newman is having an arc right before my eyes today not it not in his career today right who i saw.

Him being in the first match that we saw them in i think this is the fourth match we've seen them on the live stream he's a different player in this fourth match than he started today i can see lee whitwell up in the cheville lounge keeping a very close eye.

On this match because her and partner jw johnson are going to play the winners the winner yeah of this match in our bronze medal match coming off a little bit of uh obviously a disappointment there in the winter break final almost reset by todd there.

Off of the big ignatowicz forehand yeah i haven't really seen too many errors like that from from newman these last couple matches certainly not in this one oh just a beautiful roll by tom.

I mean that's the thing too at this level when everyone's stacking all the time if you can catch the partner that's coming up right has to return and then get themselves up to the kitchen line it's a good spot and that was a great example the previous point where you said placement.

Over power right todd just put that ball with enough spin down at ignato which is feet and a lot of times we see players they'll they'll pull off the power and their opponents don't expect it right they expect to be coming faster kind of a misdirect off speed ball all those can be really effective to see.

That on the speed ups off of a low ball in the kitchen yeah newman on that ball anticipating the ball over the middle and reading it well see the replay here he's on it and just jams jams bright.

And they take a one point lead as a result oh great great match i mean this is what it should be when you get down to the end of the bracket now they're almost identical but this time from todd into ignata which is a hip and we saw todd not be as aggressive earlier in the day but she's definitely.

Ramping it up here yes you know didn't leave that for newman just locked in went over and took it that's the other adjustment right that we talked about previously when we were mentioning georgia johnson being aggressive is sometimes you know even as a male partner i want.

My my partner if she's on a roll to capitalize on her rhythm and capitalize on her aggressiveness and be able to you know take that ball that that she's in rhythm so it's it's it's a better ball for her to take and we saw the example there and great to see todd not hesitate she.

Hasn't played a lot of mix either you know i mean she doesn't have a ton of experience so both of them making those adjustments yes both are making those adjustments with each other right here before our eyes so that's fun to watch and again almost.

At the conclusion of our final feeder match into the metal rounds and then we will have just two matches remaining here in our pro-mix doubles bronze and gold just yeah newman kind of hung that that third and he mentioned to me earlier that his drops weren't just not.

He wasn't feeling them that's why he was driving quite a bit on his thirds oh my gosh what todd falls down i mean she's in the splash and then bride just misses it long and bright throws her hands up in the air espn highlight point right there i mean she was like fully in the splits.

And she had her weight in her heels so there was no coming back from that unbelievable a little short on that but it just it just threw them off yeah yeah yeah it was short and then the ball got pushed towards the net and ignatowicz not recognizing it quickly enough.

His timing was thrown off two points away here and they're on first serve still so brighton ignatowicz needs a couple oh that's enough speed yeah that's kind of what we're talking about you were just saying that he didn't quite and i don't know if he meant to but he didn't quite.

Quite hit it as cleanly as maybe he would have liked and both of them both of them were ahead of that ball swung before the ball was even there match point here for paris town and alex newman well she got what she wanted yep she got what she was looking for let's see what they do on this third i'm.

I'm i'm curious to see if they're gonna drive or drop the last couple drops were a little high i'd like to see him be real patient here though and wait he goes for the drives yep wow really great match between these two teams but paris todd and alex newman are into the bronze medal match against lee.

Whitwell and j.w johnson anna bright and james which a great day for them as well fourth place finish they'll go home with a little walk-in money and uh a good result for their first time partnering up here at the socal classic don't go anywhere we are into our metal rounds right after this.

Now so welcome back to the franklin studio i am here with alex newman and paris dad who are you guys are feeling pretty good do.

You want to just tell the people what's going on with you right now first medal ever in pickleball did not think was going to come and mix doubles uh so excited very happy pumped to have a great partner yeah that's all i got i mean we were talking about in the booth of.

Course you guys are first-time partners you guys are not playing the same now as you were in the beginning of the day it seems like i hit a third shot drop now i didn't hit a single third drop for two matches so that helped i mean the first time we saw you versus this batch what's happened through the through this day that has led to this.

Outcome i've had