Game point number number two here in game two we might go to three oh and a push-off fault from DJ young Juana Raya and Annika Cooper take game two we're headed to three here DJ young asking the referee question DJ young saying that he drug his foot out of the kitchen line.

The ref says he did not and lifted his foot off the ground and did not re-establish so that will be a foot fault call so we're headed into game three here DJ young Vivian David the number one seated team gets upset here in the in the second game eleven six.

As the first game went well for them 11-2 thank you for joining us this is John Davison on the call here at the app sunmed Philadelphia open there's a beautiful foreign.

thank you foreign to the app sunmed Philadelphia Open presented by head we're here in game number three you're indeed.

before the quarterfinals DJ young and Vivian David took down Cooper naraya 11-2 in the first and uh dropped it 6 11 in the second that ball just catches a line for Vivian David I expect DJ young to insert himself a.

Little bit more here in game number two that's some balls that just did not go their way an unforced error there from Cooper is David put quite a bit of Top Spin on that drop shot forces an error and that right there is exactly what Vivian David wants.

Fire it to my backhand please she shuts the door goes behind the back of uh juanaraya 2-0 that one seemed to appear to uh hit the edge guard of Young's paddle as he was running before he hit the ball and Annika Cooper Annika Cooper uh wins that hands battle.

With DJ young as the ball rolls into the booth here now we have zero two Cooper with a deep breath here before the serve and again Juana Raya might want to start maybe mixing that Target up when he's attacking David as he's attacking the.

Backhand quite a bit and David known for closing down that backhand hard one of the best counter-attackers in the game boy not a bad ball for Araya to take but just force it a little bit too much Vivian David the number three ranked female on the app tour.

TJ ran a little bit too far ahead of it and he's the number nine ranked player on tour Monica Cooper number 17. Uriah and Cooper playing with their signature their own uh skull U paddles foreign good idea from Annika to go behind Young on the drive forces him to miss the volley.

And a missed serve d one three foreign there it is again David finding the backhand and every time she pulls that trigger it's going right to the left foot of juanaraya that one just a big swing from David and Cooper changed the pace.

To the ball so Vivian Dave is a little bit ahead of it no that one just long Cooper and Araya have had a lot of success speeding up high into the body of DJ young it worked quite a bit in game two and then work there again.

so if I'm Cooper or Ryan maybe I don't speed it up so much to Vivian on the attack but initiate the attack on DJ Young great setup for Mariah but catches the tape and pushes the ball along some of those neck chords you don't like to have.

On a riot keeping it alive and Vivians backhand overhead sales long what a fight there by Juana Raya keeping the team alive oh I like the idea just a little a little too heavy on the ball all right with a good heads up play let that ball go.

And another attack here into the body of DJ forces and missed folly maybe we're starting to see a change of game playing on the attack from Orion Cooper yeah as one Araya is saying that ball was going out and it sure looked like it was going to sail along.

But just a lot of heat coming off the paddle of David great fight there from Vivian keeping the point alive having to really use her vert to get that lob from Ariah foreign put away there for Vivian David is or I have to try to take up a little too much.

Real estate on the court yes Vivian trying to take over just misses but I like the pressure for two now we gotta side out here 2-4 thank you for joining us everybody here it's a beautiful day for pickleball.

Point I like to change above attack there for Cooper as she hit that drive she didn't put it to the backhand of David she switched it to the right hip to Vivian's forehand and caused the error net cord right oh Hannah a lob again there from Mariah that's a.

Couple that's a that's a couple lobs that have worked out for him as he's lobbed over Vivian young was trying to insist that it was gonna go out but I think it was a smart play for Vivian to hit that ball it looked like it was maybe going to land in even though Cooper missed that drive I.

Like the target change of targeting David into the body or to the forehand side now we have a tie game here 4-4 DJ Young almost he gets to the ball unfortunately couldn't lift it up High Enough and why not Ron Araya with the putaway.

Takes their team 5-4 lead here one more point and we switch sides but not yet ball looks like it would have landed inside the Baseline but just a couple inches wide oh incredible hands from Annika to face.

That onslaught of attack from DJ young and gets out of the way on the last one 452 yep and a nice ball there from young but catches the net cord makes that bounce a little unpredictable for annika's she pushes that wide now we have a five five next point and we switch sides.

Vivian just read that a little too early five five one oh no no you need a great sportsmanship there from juanaraya has he originally called the ball out and realized it did indeed catch the line wanderia one of those characters on tour.

A big personality fans over there to laugh quite a bit guilt oh that one just catches the edge guard on the tip of the battle there from Vivian David as she well she always smiles but she laughed at that one and she did not hit that clean.

She'll take it though now we have five five going the other way and the Poke and the Finish there from Young and we have an inching cheer six five here in game three the number one seated team takes the slight Edge in this third game here.

As we look in the corner there of young and David looks like they're talking to some players in the Pro Player tent here we almost have our uh stance full over there with fans here in the early rounds bunch of people enjoying pickleball here on this beautiful day as DJ Terry gets the music going here in the in change.

He can do it all folks it is a hot and humid day getting some cloud cover makes it a little more manageable but it is humid I come from Florida and I was not expecting this humidity but nonetheless a beautiful day for pickleball thank you for joining us we have action.

All weekend long we have 23 teams here in the mix Pro doubles draw as they fight for a piece of the 35 000 prize pool we are back underway 6'5 David and Young foreign from Vivian David how about this ball right here waits for it to track out comes behind.

Juanaraya good heads up play from David to see that wanna ride was covered more the line sneaks it right through the middle like a straddling that corner of the kitchen line not sure whether to go for the Ernie on the backhand.

Mistimes the volley now we have some momentum going the other way for the number one seated team and an error from Ariah that's a few unanswered points here I expect to see a time out here from Mariah and Cooper as it was four five now it's nine five.

Oh a Bert there from juanaraya coming over the front of Cooper and jumping that kitchen line and putting it back across Court and they get the ball back that they desperately needed a shake and bake Cooper would set up Orion with the.

Finish right into the body of Vivian David of course uh where I apologized and he didn't wanna didn't want to hit her oh good pickup yep and there's the time out that I expected to see Annika Cooper needs to regain that confidence back if she's had a couple uh.

Missed errors on the volley some indecision whether to maybe let that ball bounce or take it out of the air we got we got the we got the music going here I requested some Miley Cyrus I have not gotten that yet Party in the USA always gets the crowd going seems like some of the fans in the.

Stands over there are liking DJ Terry's music kind of an EDM pump going on thank you for joining us this is John Davison on the call here with the app tour we got Spencer Laurent doing the production The Best Man In The Biz.

if you weren't pumped up before you were definitely pumped up now from these Tunes six nine on the dose and an ATP from juanaraya is exactly what they needed after a.

Timeout 7-9 all right trying to be big in the middle young finds the seam through Arias starting to apply a lot more pressure here late in the third annika's setting him up with some drives in the middle to where he can crash nice loopy serve there from DJ young is.

Different drives it right to the middle and another time out here from Ariah as he misses the volley and this is what Champions do here Champions it's it's always tough to compete with them but they always seem to find their stride and finish a match out and they're just one point away.

Young and David the number one seeded team I will pull up the draw here and see what action we have going on how about this match Alex Truong and why it's Stone take down Meg charity and Johnson Cola in the third set 11-9 so they'll face off Lauren stratman.

And Alex Newman big win for the for the kids the winner of this match will play the winner of Georgia Johnson and Gabe tardio or Megan fudge and Stefan Auburn we have a deep Squad of teams here all 23 teams very solid and here we go match point.

And there we have it 11-7 in the third DJ young and Vivian David move on thank you for watching we'll be right back after this commercial break with more mixed Pro doubles action here at the app sunmed Philadelphia open foreign.

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this is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by Cellcom foreign foreign foreign.

hey guys foreign oh.

PPR is proud to be a partner with the app tour which features 18 tournaments and more than 750 thousand dollars in prize money several PPR members play in app tournaments throughout the year are you at least a 3.5 pickleball player then become certified to teach with PPR check out our website at. and as the saying goes do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life so give us a call at 843-842-977 we look forward to hearing from you foreign foreign.

Welcome back here to Philadelphia at the app sunmed Philadelphia Open presented by head we have more mixed Pro doubles matches to come up including this one we have Anderson Scarpa out of Charleston South Carolina and.

Ariel Butler versus the number two seated team Andrea Coop and Andre dieesku so be a tall order here for Butler and Scarpa but this is pickleball anything can happen Coop one of the number one female players on the tour Andrea coop is the number one.

Ranked serving to Andrea and Andre excuse me number two ranked in the women's Pro on the app tour she just got passed up by Georgia Johnson Coop catches the tape there Scarpa is an exceptional singles player starting to make some ground and doubles.

I've played him in the past he puts a lot of pressure as you can see he's starting to encroach up to the T is he lets Arielle take that uh third shot zero one day ask you with the big reach that's one thing Daisuke does very well.

He's a gamer and he will try to get every single ball that he can get his hand his battle on a good initial counter there from Ariel but pops one just up high enough to where they ask you can uh reach in and put it away 2-1 that's the same pattern that they want.

To see as Coop sets up they ask you to take the middle thank you just too much heat to deal with is Coop gets one just high enough to where she can hit down on the ball Scarpa not able to return that one three one now in sales just long.

Lead here from the number two seed yeah Scarpa just forced that one a little too much you can see here on the replay Coupe didn't really give him a lot to work with and he poked that up just a little too low easy finish.

Another big move there from the big man I expect to see a time out here as we've had a quick start 6-1 great job by Butler recognizing that dayescue is trying to crash middle and on the counter she goes behind him to his left foot oh thank you.

So good to heads up play there from Butler they didn't get any points that they needed on that side out so still trailing one six and Coop with the Inside Out forehand catches the the right shoulder of Scarpa in a Timeout because now we have a 7-1 lead.

Scarpa not able to get out of the way but a nice sneak attack there from coop last second she just uh inside out right into the body Scarpa was not anticipating the ball to go there so far Coop and dyesku are bringing the Heat coop is setting up her partner Dai esku.

Quite a bit giving a lot of room to work with in the middle as Dai SQ on his probably six five frame is very long so if I'm Scarpa and Butler let me try to hit some balls behind Andre get him to second guess about trying to crash the middle.

Time seven one one they're playing most of balls to Andrea now in just long they played most of the balls at takoop and it's allowing diyscue to really have free reign in the middle and again with the inside out the same exact spot she does such a good job attacking that.

Ball from low to high and it was so quick Scarpa just hasn't been able to get out of the way the last few times 9-1 and a dink error there from dayescue but being up 9-1 has its benefits and another missed return as now we have game point here and game number one.

On the paddle of Andre dieesku there we go that's a good heads up play from Butler starting to go behind the back behind the back side of uh diyscue you have to keep him honest that time Scarpa read the Inside Out attack high in the body a lot better he was ready for it was able to counter on.

The ball gets the ball he wants and over swings in the LOB foreign great Hands by Butler keeping the paddle up Coop not able to get to that should get up to the backhand but wasn't able to capitalize.

All right I ask you kind of pump faked and got Coop to uh Mr apology thought dayeski was coming over and there it is game number one ten to eleven two stay tuned we'll be right back here for game number two foreign.

foreign foreign we are back here for game number two in this quarterfinal matchup between Butler and Scarpa versus a number two.

Seeded team Coop and diescue they've had an easy run here game one taking that one 11-2 Coop and diescue well foreign gets that paddle big in the middle you can see right away he knew that Butler was going back to coop one of the longest points we've had so.

Far this match Butler with the ups and the backhand overhead able to keep that point alive they get the ball back here zero one foreign pickup there from the shoelaces from Butler as we saw right there in the replay but I ask you making himself big in the.

Middle and coming out on top yet again yeah one two three come on and his side out with no scoring here as we have one zero a guy excuse battle good block volley from Scarpa but they ask you and coop just seemed to have all all the points.

Going their way once the hands start going and another big put away from dayescue once that ball gets up high to the big man it does not come back often now another quick start here wait I'm gonna get a big swing there from.

Scarpa and shorten up the volley block it down at the feet of Andre instead of trying to go for the the swing volley on the Block a little bit of a desperation pass there down the line another net Court there for Butler what.

Anytime that ball gets up just high enough for Dai SQ to step in and take that ball with the forehand he usually comes out on top five zero two Coop just missing the Inside Out forehand down the line that was paid a it was very successful in game one now we have zero five Scarpa gets tagged again for probably.

The third or fourth time this match this time coming off the Battle of Andre Coop has tagged him a few times in the first game playing dayaski a few times he does like to attack you high in the body that one Butler was all over just could not finish.

With a little bit of Breeze picking up here and some cloud cover which is nice for the temperature as it is definitely warm here in the low 90s quite humid and a big put away there from Scarpa that'll help the confidence it's gonna be five one here in game two I thought that ball was just gonna.

Trickle over there from Coop but uh she was a little off balance ATP and ATP defense by die esku but misses the Dink it's always the easy one after the hard one that gets you and just going for a little too much there Scarpa just wide of the line the winner of this will take on Lauren.

Stratman and Alex Newman for the semifinal Butler's hands have been very impressive up against Coop and dyescue who have just really been known to have very solid hands fast hands Butler's been able to stick there right with him it's just a the next couple.

That get a little too high and dieesque you can hit down on the ball yep and there again the same pattern coop is realizing that scarpa's paddle just doesn't seem to be ready she's got him a few times so if I'm scarping maybe take a step back off the line get the paddle up and be prepared.

To get the ball sped up at you Scarpa cleans up on that one though as he hits that overhead way off the court almost goes into the pro tent and a Bert there from dayescue jumps across the kitchen line to put it away let's see right here I'll just like watch out Coop I got this.

One again I mean incredible hands from Butler I mean she's staying right there with them once those hands start flying garbage needs to be a little more ready focused that maybe he's not getting a lot of balls but the ones that are coming at him are going to be attacked.

At him because let's see if we get another inside out here did I ask you took care of business and uh using that big reach playing him before he just takes up so much court it's hard to get around him.

You kind of want to go behind him but then he goes for the earnings that one just uh a little too long for his own good two eight I got a long road to to go here to get the match back close they'll take the netcord winner though sometimes that helps when you're down big you know you might need a.

You need some some points to go your way you want some luck in your favor foreign interesting spin serve from scarp as he kind of spins it into his body that one just might be trying for a little too much but if you thought that ball was maybe.

Going to sit up a little higher tried to crash in with the backhand pushes along again it's like scorpa's timing is just a little off on the on the on the volleys group seems to be getting the edge on him more times than not.

Big big overhead there off the lawn and a uh definitely a big needed timeout as it is match point here 10-3 for the number two seed Coop and diascu and again the winner of this match plays Lauren stratman and Alex Newman who just took down Wyatt Stone and Alex Trung 11 9 11 7.

Stone and Trung having a great day so far taking down some Cola and make charity in the third and putting up quite the fight against stratman and Newman on the other side of the brackets we just saw in the last match Vivian David and DJ Young.

Took down juanarayak wanna Ryan Annika Cooper 11 7 in the third and they play the winner of Georgia Johnson and Gabe tarnio versus Megan fudge and Stefan Auburn so the winner of that will play DJ and Vivian big moves there from the big man I mean excellent play there from Scarpa.

Scarp up had the hands ready that time was anticipating in the ball coming back to him came out on top of that hands battle but unfortunately the game ends there it is 11 2 11 3. Andrea Coop and Andre dieesku take down Ariel Butler and Anderson Scarpa stay.

Tuned we'll be right back with a lot more mixed doubles action coming up next foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV foreign.

Pickleball proudly brought to you by selker thank you foreign foreign.

thank you thank you thank you oh.

thank you foreign foreign thank you welcome back everybody we're here at the.

App sunmed Philadelphia open presented by head we're here at the beautiful upper Mainline YMCA just outside the city tell you what this uh area we're in it's very nice and the facility here is beautiful and we have more pickleball action to come for you right now it is a.

Background you see we got Hendry serving with boyfriend Jack Foster serving against Emily acreman and William Sobek got some Young Guns here on the core this is one game to 15. so back in acre so back in acre man lost to Coop and diesku 4 11 4 11-1 to be.

Pushed down into the losers bracket here oh great spot there by Foster Foster and Hendry lost to Butler and Scarpa 11 6 11 8 to get to this point and William sobeck bringing the Heat you're going to see a lot of that here from both of these gentlemen on the courts Sobek and Foster.

so if I try to go for the same pattern but Henry was able to hit that ball was able to keep that ball low so Sophie tried to fire from the ankles was unsuccessful big serve from Foster Foster you know known obviously as more of a singles player has started to work.

On his doubles game as he started to play more with Amanda brings an insane amount of pressure which is very important in mixed doubles it is hard to keep the ball away from him as he's all over the place this is my first time seeing Emily acreman play in person and she's playing with the rising star.

Of William Sobek who's uh been in the pickleball world for quite a while playing with his father roasting so far Sobek has matched the pressure of of Foster as they take the early lead here 3-1 you might say okay well I'm gonna dink some balls over to Foster to his backhand side but one he'll run around.

It just like he does in singles in his beforehand but two his backhand's coming along quite well as of late so back with the hands able to push Hendry back three one and able to get the the advantage.

Inside out Dan Foster finds the feet of Emily good night there from William sobeck coming up big one three two foreign says don't worry Sobek I can do this too and an early time out here.

At 3-1 sobeck and Ackerman seem to be on top when the pace starts going Foster you know when he is crowding over into the middle some maybe tried dropping you know a dink over to the backhand side of William keep him honest keep him over there don't allow him to assume that every single ball is going.

To go back over to ackerman's side make him guess a little bit more thank you for joining us here we got the crowd starting to come in here almost every single seat is taken we have more room for more people to come out and stand behind them here we go 3-1 and a race to 15. anything can happen here.

So back with a big let's go they need to so they need to find a way to slow William down as he's in cruise control at the moment great job by acreman pushing the southpaw Amanda Hendry off the court create a big hole in the middle and and you're not able to close the gap quick.

Enough five one one got a great poke from sobeck into the body of foster acreman doing an exceptional job at creating opportunities for Sobek to attack on there she attacks one herself as you.

Know a good job puts the dink to the left foot of foster foster all he can do is really just lift that ball up over the net this is just a little too high seven one one seven one one more Point here and we change ends not yet swing volley just a little too big it.

Might have been a little higher than he was anticipating so Foster and Henry get away with that one one two Foster's shown some signs of frustration as would anyone when you're down one seven but now they have a chance here to make up some ground before they switch ends.

That ball just lifting too high Sobek has all the room in the world to put that one away a big come on from Emily Ackerman I'm surprised to see Foster staying on his side of the service line for most of these points lately now we start to see him Crouch a little bit here.

And a nice soft drop volley there from Foster it looked like he was about to bring the heat nice display of touch incredible hands from William and just pushes the dink wide that's a big side out needed from Foster.

And Henry to allow zero points on that side out looks like William maybe caught the the head of the shoulder of foster foster tried to duck out of the way Henry and Foss are not finding the Rhythm that they need when they have the ball they're having a hard time getting a good third in and getting up to the.

Kitchen line and be able to work the point and that's a great ball by Ackerman as we have a change of ends here 8-1 I expected a closer match earlier on here but Ackerman holding steady great job moving the ball around keeping Foster and hinge guessing where that ball is going to go and.

Allowing opportunities for Sobek to clean up Henry and Foster just need to find the Rhythm seems to be a little bit out of rhythm a little bit of sorts they've had a few errors on the third shot which has not allowed them to score points.

It's hard to score points when you're not able to get up to that kitchen line where most the points are won so I mean as you can see back home watching this this game is very competitive but sobeck and acre manager is doing a much better job capitalizing when they have the ball.

Eight one one foreign oh that one thought about rolling over the the net and it didn't eight one two eight one that's one of the first few errors I've really seen from acreman so far this match she's been absolutely incredible the pleasure my first time seeing her.

Play in person and Foster Returns the favor against Sobek gets him jammed up and I saw tap of the paddle there from Sobek a good sport I mean that was a really low drive from Foster Ackerman just hit a slightly better ball and kept it away from from.

Jack's reach lie down acreman going high pulling the trigger to Foster his backhand and a wise timeout call here as Sobek has had some quite a bit of success as you see in the replay here reaching over and speeding up to the.

Left shoulder of foster he's gotten him several times so maybe if I'm Amanda Hendry and Jack Foster play some Dinks low dinks to the middle go back behind William keep him honest when you're playing every single ball over to acre man Sobek has free reign.

He doesn't have to worry about getting past behind him or having to reach for a low dink behind his back left foot so they need to start mixing up where the balls are going in the Dinks you know Foster and Henry obviously having a frustrating start to this match but you got to credit where credit is.

Due Sobek and Ackerman have been almost Flawless this entire match relatively low on forced errors from both seem to really be in it here yeah but that one just sailed long good leave there Foster seemed to be a little more ready for Sobek's attack.

Oh that one just sealed long she kind of sat down with the volley and the wrist broke causing that ball to sail just long Foster I mean heck of a play there from Sobek Foster's starting to find the adjustment here as he's not been past there on that first attack from Sobek.

In a big Drive from William absolutely Flawless here from both of them and a missed drop but I think you know so far this match has been only maybe two or three missed third shots from uh The Far Side second timer where the ball's on the near side and.

The third team to be lifting a little too high now Foster wants Amanda to take those thirds so foster can can charge up what a touch by Sobek Foster and Hendry a little bit of a miscommunication there with who's getting to the ball first twelve two one.

Twelve two and an unforced error and a shake of the head from Hendry Akerman holding strong 13-2 on the one just too good of a setup there from Sobek it first went to the backhand of foster get all of his weight to the left side and fire down the middle match point.

And a great shot great misdirection there from Hendry pushes the ball way off the court and into the stands with all the people quite the crowd form as you can see on your screen as you went for gold there and now we have another chance this is pickleball folks anything can happen.

This is a game of momentum second server but maybe not on the first serve we might we might have to see it happen here on the second serve D sobic does such a good job applying the pressure getting Henry to get on the back foot she's on her heels and those.

Hands battles where William sobeck's weight is leaning forward oh William what a way to end it take out the net point the netcord winner but what a point there from William sobeck all over the place 15-2 a commanding Victory stay tuned folks we have more mix Pro doubles.

Action to come don't go anywhere we'll be right back foreign foreign thank you.

thank you foreign foreign.

Hold up foreign no time to waste under the set inside.

thank you foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign.

foreign happy birthday welcome back everybody to the app sunmed Philadelphia Open presented by head up next we have our first semi-final of the day.

Lauren stratman and Alex Newman versus Andrea Coop and Andre dieesku stratman and Newman took down Trung and stone nine and seven to get here and we saw a couple matches ago cup and dayescue took down Butler and Scarpa eleven Two Eleven three on the other side of the bracket we're going to have a Face-Off here in.

The other semifinal and Vivian Vivian David and DJ young versus Gabe tardio and George Johnson wow that ball sneaks right through the middle stays low you could see by the net there the wind's starting to pick up quite a bit it hasn't been windy really all day yeah.

And what was once a whiff from Newman uh stratman comes in cleans it up but did you not get the point that returned just catching the back line diyski looking down at it second guessing his call but they did look in from my angle big pick up there.

Yeah and nice off-court angle on the overhead by stratman impressive get from diaskew grabbing it from the shoelaces but Lauren stratman makes easy work of the final ball good leave from goop and Andre Lauren does a really good job at grabbing that ball and firing it down the middle that one just sailed long but.

She likes to pull the trigger off that forehand zero one we got the fans getting rowdy over there and in the section and she's looking for it there's two that have gone a little long but that's something that she really likes to.

That pattern she likes to get into and Andre again just like we saw earlier once that big forehand comes in the middle he's just able to hit down on the ball because he can reach so far into the kitchen catching it earlier oh just wide very cheeky though that would have been impossible for an.

Isq to get to now 3-1 Newman pulling the trigger so far there that's three balls that I'm counting that have sailed long Dai SQ and Cube doing a great job and not hitting those out balls.

Something that is very difficult to master and again that's the third one that's gone long off the forehand of stratman now we have an early timeout and a good stretch of a lead here from the number two seed coop in diescue is there a five to one over the number.

Three seated team stratman and Newman you know just an update on the other side of the bracket Georgia Johnson and Gabe tardio took down Megan fudge and Stefan Auburn 611 11 6 11-1 so commanding victory in the third third game there from the youngsters Georgia Johnson the new number one.

Player on the app Tour on the female side Coop here on Center Court is uh number two 15 seconds 17 you have two timeouts remaining we got less than 15 seconds here it's really just been execution on the attacks from the side of.

Newman and stratman oh yeah that point had absolutely everything the hands battles Lauren stratman going head to head with Andre dieesku and I like the change of pace throwing up the lob getting coop.

To work to the back of the Court pays off yep now that was just out as well I felt the need to call it myself two five one sorry I want a Little Neck cord love from Newman the timeout's paid off they got the side out.

With no additional Damage Done now they have three five big pick up there from Newman but I ask you just too big now it's three five two unlucky there from stratman she read it well the ball came a little bit more into the inside of the body.

Than she anticipated oh incredible reset why I don't know how that worked out there for for Coop and toyescue is her lob was definitely not as high as she wanted Lauren shrimp with a big overhead and Coop just.

Like butter smooth nice reset right into the kitchen good job they're inserting the forehand from Alex Newman being very athletic uh that one just push wide it's tough you know to keep the ball on inside the sideline when you have diaski is such a big figure.

In the court you gotta make sure to put it out of his reach you'd not hit it out we have a second time out here from the side of stratman and Newman as Coop and dayescu regain control and momentum because now it's eight three on the one I believe so stratman and Newman using both their timeouts here in game one.

You can't take them with you might as well lose them use them we still have plenty of action to come next up on Championship Court after this match is the other semi-final between Vivian David and DJ young the number one seed versus Gabe tardio and Georgia Johnson that should be a good one so don't go.

Anywhere after this one so we have some good matches lined up and a great decision there from Lauren stratman pushing that dink far back behind the left foot of diyscue all dice you can do is really lift the ball up over the net and it's a little.

Too high and stravin puts it away Newman originally calling it wide looked like he asked Coop to confirm his call and she in fact does nod her head yes it was just wide foreign that all started from stratman with the Inside Out attack to dyescu's left shoulder to keep it away from Andre's.

Forehand caught him off guard and create the put away and some shake and bake there from stravin and Newman stratman with the heavy forehand drive Newman crashes the tee so quick it's very athletic puts the pressure on.

Coop and daesuke right away Newman with a a great attack let's see here on the replay puts the second hand on the paddle throws it at coop gets to put away and now we had quite the comeback here seven eight.

I ask you once again getting big in the middle helping us partner out seven eight here yeah come on they've really upped the pressure here on the side of stratman and Newman as they tie this ball game up 8-8.

The shake and bake is working and we get a timeout from the other side from coop in dyescue we have a game here folks nine eight what a comeback I believe it was eight three when stratman and Newman took their second time out and they have flipped the script and have gone on a six point unanswered.

Run they found their offense you know in the beginning of the game they miss four to five balls that they were attacking that just sailed long they've really dialed in their offense they've sort of construct the point a little bit better now you're starting to see Lauren stratman drive a lot of the third balls.

Into the middle and Newman cleans up so a great adjustment there from stratman and Newman Dai ask you and Coop will have to think of a way to get them out of the Rhythm as as right now and we get some.

Some Antics in the crowd there as you can see a pretty good crowd sitting in the shade on this beautiful day timeouts remaining this evening it has one timeout remaining time in it it is in the mid to Upper 80s here and then another point and we have a.

Game point here for stratman and Newman down 8-3 now up at 10-8 that one is not coming back as the ball rolls into the booth here then a big stop needed from coop and diescue 810 we'll see if they can counter here.

You have to ask you doing what he does best and that is using his size to his advantage 9k1 I have 9 10. another Inside Out forehand attack there from Coop we've seen it all day so far catching the guy in front off guard ten ten.

They've tied it up but now we're on the second server here tight game here in game one I was looking like an easier win for Coop and daescue they've had to fight for it now another great spot from stratman you saw earlier when Scarpa and Butler were playing.

Against Coop and Daisuke they didn't really play a lot of those dinks behind Dias can you see now how effective that can be good stramman pulls the trigger doesn't work out that time now we have 10 10. who will get to 11 first here just win by two but who.

Will get the edge right now is Newman and stratman once these hands start going they are they have been out on top greater than 50 of the time another tattoo Andre has nothing with that one and now we have a second opportunity oh sorry side out so 10 11.

Yeah and Newman finds it low in the middle see now diyscue has to be careful with crowd in the middle too much because he's he's had a lot of balls go on his left side he's got to be aware of it in a rare unforced error in the dink from di esku as the score is tight here.

In game number one we have two opportunities here from stratman and Newman to close out game one after being down a three incredible show of hands there from Alex Newman as they come from behind and they take it 12 10. look at that athleticism from Newman a big fist pump there from stravin we're.

Headed to game two don't go anywhere folks we will be right back foreign foreign thank you.

welcome back here to the Philadelphia Summit open we have game number two coming up we had quite the comeback in game one as Newman and stratman were down 8-3 come back and win 12 10.

And an ATP there from Newman of the two-handed backhand just catches the line let's see it here again sneaky ball looked long from that angle but I can assure you it did land inside yeah Newman telling himself to just relax a little bit calm down it's a.

Little overzealous on that ball Coop kept it nice and low so Uma was not able to put a good paddle on the ball they have that ball landed just long on the return and a big forehand put away there from Alex Newman.

One zero two now here Andre dieesku on the near side serving there's a good ball Crossing up the body of dayescue finding the left foot foreign thought maybe that was going to push wide too.

Man with the athleticism oh that one just catches the tape and falls back on the side coop is one of those players in mix she does not mind playing on the left so it looks like they will switch at this point great pick up there from stratman.

And the put away from stratman the pickup was exceptional there we go slide to the right clean up with the two-hander foreign big but the lob plays off the lob over the big man did I ask you.

Frustrated that ball uh was not put away all right and a free point there from for stratman and Newman it's now 4-1 the momentum has absolutely shifted in the favor of stradman and Newman Newman he definitely wants that ball back that seems to be the strategy.

As stradman is driving the third and Newman crashing maybe you're fine Andre and Coop I start to return more towards Newman and a good idea from stratman there as day rescue was definitely leaning towards the middle and just push too much as she just.

Confirmed herself peace what Hands by all four on the court but it goes the way of coop and diescue I thought for sure that point was over about four different times for either side now it's 3-4 oh Newman really over thought that.

Ended up not going with the right decision and a time out here from stratman as now we have a tie game 4-4 Coop and diaski have seen to ride the wave here and have come out on top of these recent few points Newman has started to take over quite a.

Bit more than he did earlier in the match start to apply a lot of pressure it is a beautiful day here folks thanks for joining as we look at Newman and stratman start to maybe reassess or the fact of just slowing down the momentum being gained on the other side.

Right here we got the music going here we got the fans and there's more fans walking all around this facility checking out the other Pros playing on adjacent courts and a miss stink from Newman now it's five four momentum has shifted back into the favor.

Of Coop and diescue and an easy put away from daiscu Newman maybe starting to get a little tight he missed a couple dinks into the net now he's lifted one high so I mean we might see dieesku and Coop start to Target that backhand dink a little bit more now oh.

Second server nice inside out from stratman I ask you seem to be all over it but just pushes it long strapman doing a good job getting out of the way that one just wide you see the difference in the pattern that Coop and diascu started to implement.

Newman has made a few mistakes on the backhand now a lot of these balls are going Cross Court dink two Newman's backhand right now sorry saw Newman started to run around the backhand Lauren gets the counter but they're down.

4-7 they were in the same situation in the first game and they were able to come back Coupe and I ask you obviously do not want that to happen big put away there from Coop goes Toe to Toe with Newman comes out on top and now they get the ball back here 7-4 seven four one.

And to put away of the off-court angle of Lawrence draman oh what a pickup from their laces that one just wide good job by Newman finding the feet of coop forcing an error no points scored on that last slide out.

See the wind on the net start to pick up some and a great sneak attack there from Newman the two-handed backhand it might become predictable as every time he puts the second hand on the paddle he's looking for the attack so if I'm Cooper or Andre I'm going to.

Become aware of that big couple points here so now it's within one six seven one nope and that ball just sailing long not a bad play especially with the wind in your face as the wind seems to be picking up and into the face of the far.

Side of the Court but that one just goes long that one just outside of the corner and looked out from here that one just wide stratman wants that one back now it's eight six that one that one just wide it looks like a timeout here from stratman coop.

Is reading the overhead from stratmanus almost all of Sherman's overheads are coming to the sideline here on this off-court angle as soon as that ball went High Coupe took a few steps to the right and was prepared for it keeps the play alive and forces and error.

Out of stratman we have 9-6 here it's been a good game so far I hope everybody is enjoying it here at the app sunmed Philadelphia open these players are fighting for their piece of the pie of 35 thousand dollars and of course the pride that goes along with it the winner of this match.

Plays the winner of the other semi-final which will be up next here on CC1 he has no timeouts remaining Vivian David or DJ young versus Georgia Johnson and Gabe tardio that will be up next nine six one but for right now we have a great match right back to it.

Game point here will we go to three and a miss dink in the backhand from Alex Newman and we're going to a third game here folks do not go anywhere we'll be right back with game three the ABP sunmed Philadelphia open foreign.

foreign welcome back to Philadelphia we have game three here and semi-final number one between stratman and Newman versus Coop and diescue if you've been if you haven't been.

Watching Newman and stratman were down big in game one fought their way back took the w and unfortunately lost the momentum to Coop and I ask you who had a hard fought 11-6 victory some errors Midway through the stretch the side of Newman and stratman allowed.

Daisuke and Coop to take the W there in game two that's the pace that Newman and stratman want to see here as that was successful for them to shake and bake just some indecision there from the near side and just a reminder we'll switch it six.

Here in game three and the winner will move on to the winners bracket final big hands there from stratman but catches the net and into the body of diascu Le to ask you obviously shown some frustration.

Foreign seems to be a pattern that dayeski wants to get in he wants to get in that Cross Court dink with Newman as he's come out on top quite a few times but Newman with a quick trigger and I ask you missed times the volley Coop has uh.

Taking a walk but she's uh on her way back and here we go one one here in game three why would you why and Alex Newman again applying the pressure in the middle if Lauren hits a good third and you can basically expect.

Newman's crash a big overhead and a big Ernie from diascu so you want to go to the back side of diascu to keep him honest but he's so dangerous with the Ernie as well double-edged sword when choosing to go to that spot of the Court good pick up there from coop.

and stratman and Newman come out on top of the hands battles again one two two one two three I had an unforced error there from stratman a little bit further back in the court.

Than she probably anticipated two two times and that ball just Sails Long it's now 3-2 great setup by Coop starting the attack and Daisuke does such a good job of deciding.

When to come over he's patient and he's he's got a high IQ and understands which ball is the right one to go for what that ball may be right up into the the face possibly or the chest of Newman and that's the kind of pattern dyescue likes to play especially in men's.

Doubles he likes to get in that long Cross Court dink to the backhands where he gets one ball where he can reach in and speed up great job by strapping getting out of the way but that's the pattern that dayescue likes to get in.

Good defense not the wrong ball to come in and attack as it did sit up high five two five yeah that ball a few inches behind the line goes for the lobster five two one.

Now we have five two did I ask you I accidentally double hit it because it's scooped up for an easy put away from Newman a good laugh out of coop it's always the worst when that happens and now we have a change of ends Newman went for that ball probably a little over ambitious as it was below the knee.

They tried to speed up and the momentum is in Coop and dayescu's favor just too many unforced errors here from Newman and stratman's side but we've seen it before they've come back in a in game one in a similar situation will Coop and diescue cruise on to Victory.

Or will we have Deja Vu of game number one that is the question here we go about to get back underway Coop and dianesku in full control foreign Newman can't be lulled into that backhand cross-court dink battle with diescue oh they switched sides.

Stratman stratman and Newman change the stack put Newman on the right side and that could be that maybe he was a little too tight on the backhand sometimes good to just mix it up if it's not working they don't want to lose the same way.

Every point so we'll see here Lauren stratman definitely comfortable on the left side and so far they're uh one out of two here by reversing the stack s and we got a second server scoop doesn't make.

A drop shot and a good leave there from coop it's now 7-2 for the number two seated team right and another leave here you know you gotta love the paddle toss.

Down to the ground on the timeout call as momentum is definitely going coop in dayescu's way seems they've gotten Newman and stravin out of rhythm they've really slowed the pace down the reverse stack has not seemed to be too effective so now they've gone back to playing uh traditional mixed.

With Newman on the left we'll see how they come out after this time outbreak even though they didn't win any points off of the reverse stack with Newman on the right maybe they felt more comfortable foreign.

He's putting a lot of pressure on the backhand dink of Newman Newman trying to run around it as he's feeling uncomfortable but lifts that one just too high and a match point here 10-2 lopsided score here in game three can coop and diascu close it out right now.

Not just yet I do like the attack though as it was sitting up high enough but Lawrence tremler the heads up play letting that ball go that one just wide but a big close from Newman Coop shaking her head I think knew she they got away with that one and they get a point they're off too.

Sometimes it's all it takes is to just get off the point that they're stuck on and a couple points now can they make a comeback just like they did in game one time will tell 410 too foreign that's just.

Tremend just forcing the issue as Coop was just playing solid not giving her a ball really to attack but with the score down you know you feel the pressure of needing to put a point on the board sort of match point and there it is folks the first semi-final goes to Andre dieesku and.

Andrea Coop don't go anywhere we'll be right back in the Franklin studio with the winners we'll be right back oh foreign foreign.

foreign foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV.

thank you this is 24 7 pickleball proudly brought to you by selker we're back here in the Franklin Studio here with the winners Andre diescu and Andrea Coop take down Lauren stradman and Alex Newman in the first semifinals of the day.

You guys had a good start but they seemed to come back with a lot of fire and Pace in the first game and they kept it going for the first half the second game what kind of adjustment did you guys have to make in order to stop that train uh stop giving them angles and you know they were punching first and we we made.

A conscious effort to try to do it first as well maybe we're not doing it Russian Crush like them but when we got up to the kitchen line we were trying to take control early so that got him out of the Rhythm a little bit yeah and it seemed like Alex Newman was trying to apply a lot of pressure himself with the forehand in the middle.

Andre it seemed like the pattern worked for you to get in that cross-court dink battle with him on his backhand he made a few errors was that the strategy after the timeout that was pivotal or pivotal for you guys to make the comeback uh that was a little bit of the strategy and we also both knew that they can stay that hot for two full games I mean we.

Were up A3 in the first game and I feel like we're playing pretty well and then they just kind of went for Hail Mary's one of the other after the other and just kept connecting and it was just a matter of just hanging in there like Andrea said just taking the angles a little bit away from them and just slowing it down a little until they you.

Know kind of come back to normal and then uh then I thought it was pretty straightforward after that yeah so you know you guys pulled out to come back after the first the first game loss you rode the wave which is I guess what you have to do against a team that's firing on all cylinders like that you play the winner of Vivian David and DJ Young.

Or um Gabe tardio and uh Georgia Johnson who would you rather face go two good teams um played a 12 10 in the third all right same same thing from you Andre I agree with that answer 100 yeah all right well we're gonna go to commercial break here thanks for joining us the Franklin.

Studio with the winners we'll be right back foreign foreign.

Under the set inside foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign.

up here.

Hold up foreign welcome back to the app sunmed Philadelphia Open presented by head I have a special guest with me joining on this second semi-final match the head honcho of app tour Ken Herman Ken how's.

It going hey John it's great to be here Philadelphia 18th stop on the tour yeah it's been a lot of events this year and a lot of events it's going to get crazy busy we're in Chicago next week we're in Spain at the Spanish open in Madrid head off to then Atlanta with a big golden ticket in Atlanta and then we just keep going down to.

Sacramento Alabama and uh in Houston with a Golden Ticket Hilton Head so we this is kind of like the first of another big stream that's gonna happen an app tour schedule has it come out for 2023 just yet we're so close to releasing it we've got just a couple more events we're just finishing up our last little talks but we are opening the.

Tour Punta Gorda January 11th we are thrilled to be back there there's a terrific pickleball pickleplex has got a great ambassador program with Gloria Melissa and Cece and the whole team down there and we're just excited to head on back we're getting underway here in the second semi-final of the day Vivian.

David serving next to DJ young against the Young Guns Gabe tardio and Georgia Johnson just be an interesting match Georgia and Gabriel came through next-gen program both rising stars of the game well really Georgia Johnson is already a star Georgia Johnson's our number one player in the app tour right now some of the.

Viewers maybe got to see Gabriel this summer he won the next Jenny events in both Oklahoma City and San Antonio and has now really on a fast pace up the app rankings Gabe tardio has entered the top 25 and he falls it wasn't 24th Place now he's in the 14th spot I spoke to Gabriel earlier.

Today in the Players Lounge he's back at home he's doing homeschool this year as a very supportive family back in Florida Gabe's played a lot of pickleball this year and he's doing all the things that he's supposed to be doing is getting great Encore match experience and exposure I played against him a couple years ago.

When he first started and he's come quite a long way since then we we laughed with Gabe at the chicken and pickle they had a big monitor that he could you know watch the point 30 seconds after after it was played after every Point Gabe would go and.

Check himself on the replay of the big mod or I kept saying Gabe play the match played the match anyway we've already got some quick fire exchanges taking place out here already George has had a good run this year Georgia played very well had a good swing out in California when we were in Southern.

California earlier this summer what a reset just a little much Georgia also this year was at fleshy metal one the women are won the mixed doubles championship at Flushing Meadow at the Billie Jean King national tennis center with her brother JW thank you.

Big counter there from tardio JW is resting this week we will see him back in Action next week app Chicago and news break J.W Johnson and Simone Jardine are throwing out their first pitch of the White Sox game next week on Wednesday at wow the Chicago White Sox first pitch JW and Simone they will be going out there I was at.

Wrigley Field a couple days ago hanging out with the Cubs uh playing some pickleball with them on the field and putting a a trademark Chicago Cubs panel and JW and Simone will be presenting the Chicago White Sox and playing some pickleball with them also on the field next week all right Georgia almost gets that ball back it's.

Over the net but lands just wide off the big overhead of DJ Young app welcomes Vivian back on the tour she took a couple weeks off during the summertime did not play the Southern California events came back on the tour at beer City this year and two weeks ago picked up the women's.

Doubles title with Lauren strotman they won very convincingly uh up at the New Jersey open so it's always great to have Vivian hear her fresh smile and her just her personality she's a fan favorite with everyone absolutely got the Infectious personality you know it's hard not to smile when you're around her and she's forced to be.

Reckoned with on the court as well all of her sisters I'm sure are back at their homes were cheering her on third shot lob you're starting to see that more often now in the game Ken uh I've seen it for a couple times today from DJ young TJ has hit that love a couple times already this week you're absolutely.

Right about that he puts that flick of topspin thank you so DJ is the only player we haven't spoken about yet DJ I saw him earlier this morning in the players players tent stretching out DJ has got a very composed game very solid very steady doesn't really.

Overplay the ball he's a very smart a very mature young man you can be very creative and apply a lot of unique pressure that not a lot of players have the ability to what an ATP from Georgia Johnson off the net Court let's see it here again with the quick feet the quick adjustment there.

I'm sure and Jack Johnson the Daddy's home with the smile on his face for that one but to continue to continue on with DJ he's got a full schedule but always impresses me the most with DJ is how disciplined of an athlete he is he's always in the gym he's always working out doing.

Everything possible he can do in his off Court game to continuing to make him the best player he can be on court he's a terrific young man I I keep forgetting that he's just 22 years old I feel like I'm always talking to a you know somebody my age with his wisdom and how he conducts himself app heads over to Madrid next week for.

The Spanish open I'll be over there for a couple days and I know that's his home also in Spain and we talked about next year here him coming on board and supporting that tournament that ball just lands inside young puts a lot of Top Spin sneaks it by tardio yeah you know with all the athletes in the game.

Coming into this Sport and taking it so seriously as the level just improves every weekend you're right can the off-court stuff is just as important as the encourt yeah yep you're exactly right about that with the technology of the paddles and the fitness and the eating com uh eating choices of the players you know more players now are.

Taking this sport seriously full time yeah it's really not a part-time job anymore especially for these top 10 top 15 Pros and when he pulled the trigger he DJ young does a good job holding the ball on the attack that one maybe just let it drop a little too far not able to get it over the net.

But it can be very unpredictable with how late he holds the ball it's interesting in watching Georgia she is a first ball Striker she likes to take the pace of the ball and can really dictate that opening volley especially when she takes her two-handed backhand volley down the line she's going toe-to-toe right now with DJ.

And say Bring It On yeah she is not scared of anyone you know she trains with the other number one on the men's side JW yep great group of Pros down there in South Florida right now they've really bonded well and and uh Julie Johnson and also mircha marario are just two great senior Pros that are.

Down there along with Steve Kennedy offering their wisdom to this next generation of of young players that are coming through James ignacowicz who's not here this week Anna bright they're taking this week off we'll see them back in Action next week in Chicago also down there training full time as well all right so Johnson so far in this.

Timeout that this game won Johnson and tardio have taken the lead 7-5 Ken if you're in the corner of David and young right now what adjustment do you need to make or do you not need to make any adjustment and just need to execute well they need to execute a little bit but I'm sure Vivian is telling DJ they need to.

Probably slow things down a little bit George and Gabriel like the fastball and right now they've unfortunately put too many balls in their uh Strike Zone and that's where they've lost the first the first Blood first attack off that ball great crowd so far today yesterday we opened up with the amateur event this is a tier two event on the app tour so it.

Is uh a three-day tournament for the pros but just terrific crowds in support of the of the tour this year very happy to be here in Philadelphia there she is that's that backhand done away volley she keeps that swing so compact as well I think that's one thing her game has really improved on.

It's important in pickleball to have those compact swings eight five big drive from tardio teacher he didn't get down low enough for that volley I know he's not happy about that nine five.

I missed Miss dink there from Vivian on the forehand side not very common of a mistake for her to make and now we have game point game number one for the youngsters what a pool there by tardial but a better block by uh DJ five ten one short return.

I guess they called that ball out can I didn't I didn't hear it at first Vivian made the call she was behind DJ she saw it call stands I'm sure Vivian saw that ball out there 6 10. they need a few points here on this side out.

Maybe a little bit too far back behind our line she's giving DJ a little bit of room to play with it was maybe just a little too far back that ball did not seem to bounce the way that DJ thought it was going to now we have two opportunities here for game point tardio going for gold there.

I don't know if we're gonna see a replay that from the production desk but that'll be certainly on the top 10 year ends yeah yeah but he had a smile on his face after he wasn't able to execute and he gets the netcord winner one goes to Georgia Johnson and Gabe tardio the youngsters don't go anywhere folks we'll.

Be right back with game number two of this semi-final hold up.

foreign all right foreign welcome back here game number two for the sun Med Philadelphia open.

Georgia Johnson and Gabe tardio took game one 11-6 over the number one seated team of Vivian David and DJ Young boy DJ has had a presence on the court but I don't think he has the DJ effect yeah we need a little more DJ out here he needs to kind of step it up a little bit.

Georgia and Gabriel played very solid and Gabriel is actually stepping up a little bit right now more so than DJ is and and although I'm pleased to see that for Gabriel I also encourage DJ to take a little more muscle on this game tardio was all over that one I'm I'm surprised we're not seeing DJ start to straddle that middle line a.

Little bit more and put some pressure on George's Dinks and DJ's missed a couple values and then that also getting down lower great great drop by Gabriel there oh it's still alive whoa that was absolutely incredible at first I thought the point was over DJ.

Thought it was over crowd is loving it Gabe thought it was over and then they're Ernie back across the court want to do a shout out to our fellow commentator Lauren McLaughlin right now she's over there and uh Fran is at the app French open right now and then next week I joined her in.

Madrid as we're going to bring the Spanish open to our viewership here on app TV double header next week Chicago open in Madrid how about that so Lauren right now has got her bags packed and she's in Europe I'm a little bit jealous Ken that one was a little ambitious for.

Tardio to tap to attack pressed by the composure of the youth on this court you know a couple teenagers on this side and they just always seem composed DJ's starting to read George's patterns a little bit now yeah he had that paddle up and was in the ready position thinking she was going to go there.

All right big Point here for Vivian they need to get on the board nice spot there from tardio to push DJ young off the court DJ might have went up for a little too much to bring it back over their DJ pushed Gabriel off his line he's got to hold on to that line yep break close there from DJ.

You kind of baited tardio to attack that open space and he jumped on it really quick oh that was nice George's return set that whole point up her return land about three inches off the Baseline was able to get in set her preparation early on that backhand.

And then execute the opening down the line yeah Georgia Johnson breaking the ankles of DJ well done good lob from Gabe right up in the sun right now the sun is in DJs and Vivian's eyes 4-2 just long I thought that was gonna catch just inside the line Ken and.

Just barely carried out good shot there by DJ yeah I love that play and mixed you know keep the guy honest make him think that he can't crowd The Middle on every single ball now that's in the back of tardio's mine what always got you always need to be very.

Concerned about when as a player you change the direction of the ball that time that ball was too far out of George's Strike Zone as you take a cross-court ball and change the parrot and went down the line.

Great hands DJ 4-2 or 2-4 excuse me DJ with another third shot LOB so what was interesting that time DJ's been putting up some lobs and then he's been trying to sneak in behind them that time he stayed back he must have felt as if his law wasn't deep enough.

Thank you that ball Just Landing long is Vivian really reached into the kitchen to attack the ball from low to high tardio reading it quickly letting it go very impressive the progression that tardio's game you know has improved on as as of late.

As you get more experience on the tour you're gonna start seeing this kid way more often here on Championship Court yeah especially with him doing homeschool now yeah it's going to give him the opportunity to get out also a nice young man William so book sobeck same situation being able to do some online schooling.

Is helping them get some valuable time on the tour and and get them the experience that they need absolutely do you talked twice about that one DJ has that fly swatter backhand volley where it's lethal he can go inside out or inside in with that ball I know Vivian's trying out some new.

Panels right now that one looked as if just didn't quite get low enough on it a little more follow through on that folly it's also the confidence too you know the conference Factor you play with the paddle for oh it's still alive.

Just wide just right on Vivian Vivian had an opening there crowd loving the action here at the Philadelphia open yeah great crowd here it's been they've been filling those seats up all day long Ken Denise day is the manager of the or she's actually not the manager she's the.

CEO of all the YMCAs throughout the area we are at a YMCA facility right now that is putting in more and more pickleball courts what a point what a point by all four how about Vivian taking up the whole court for about three or four balls there while DJ young was still trying to get back off.

The Ernie I haven't got a short time out here but again just to praise the the just the unbelievable Club here at the YMCA Denise has done a terrific job with her team overseeing us being here they've been most accommodating a thousand members they have in their pickleball Club so we've been so fortunate with all their volunteers that.

Have helped us set up breakdown you know helping you know just be at the different stages of the tournament with check-in and Court monitors and match coordinators just a huge thank you for Denise and her her professionalism and she's welcomed us here and as long as we're talking about Denise let's do a couple of shout outs to the app staff.

We've got Nicole Hobson right in operations today Nicole's keeping us on schedule making sure these matches get out there Spencer Laurent and his team is here for the broadcast team always thrilled to have them on board with us doing a great job Terry Hartley's here keep it as high and light as well with all the great things that Terry does for.

Us and uh and then the whole crew that's back home Dana Joseph Mike poliski Dan sagerman everyone's back there helping app is this tour is growing and growing both with players and also with additional staff tardio saved one or two of those that were going out I think there was several.

Out balls over here in that rally and this is no longer a dinking game no it is not if Adam Stone was in the booth he would say Shields Shields yep speaking of Adam Stone he is going to bring back his game back next week at the Chicago open Adam has been struggling with an injury that he sustained while playing at Flushing.

Meadow earlier this spring in New York and we're very excited to welcome Adam back in the tour he's been in the commentary booth well done but he'll be anxious to see Adam back on court newly remarried or newly married for the first time to the professor Karen Carr we had them both last week in New Jersey.

And extended them a congratulations on their new wedding Bliss yeah just 10 days after the wedding Adam Stone lost the ring so I don't think you're supposed to say that he said it on a podcast already we're it's clear yeah oh he can lose the ring he just can't.

Lose his wife yes she's too good ah yeah Gabe tardio knows he got away with that one he did he did he looked over at the booth here and was like oops seven six much closer game here throughout the middle of the game in game two that was a great attack from Vivian.

Vivian David seem to be returning more balls down the middle earlier last game they were going more to the corners now they're taking a lot of the returns down the middle maybe trying to cut down their angle and prevent them from Gaining as we saw there on a first strike nice spot by.

Tardio great job by DJ and Vivian even getting Staying Alive in that point earlier on if you're home watching nobody does a better job of getting down low for the Dinks and Vivian seven six no points on that side out good return Vivian.

That's the ball where Georgia has to be careful attacking to Vivian's backhand side she slides and hits the two-hander down the line a lot of pressure there from tardio pays off eight six there's that uh windshield wiper forehand there again that you talked.

About earlier for the DJ that fly swatter fly swatter is the word you said yeah he whips out that fly swatter Vivian and DJ it looks to me are trying to figure out ways to get the ball out of Georgia and Gabriel's strike zones all player all four players playing a lot of backspin on their Dinks trying to keep the ball low and out of.

Each other's strike zones his ball is clearing the net by one or two inches right now what a spot if you found the spot Vivian likes to attack that forehand once she sees the Gap open up in the middle as you can see right here tardio goes left George is not there to cover.

Good heads up play from Vivian yep foreign Georgia held that ball waited for DJ to commit to his backhand side and she was able to take it to the forehand seven eight will we go to three maybe not we'll see here if Johnson atario had been stuck on eight for a couple side outs.

You don't want to get stuck on the same number and psychologically that one just long the the path of the ball was open there though she parted the the Red Sea with that ball yeah yep big Point here Gabe's got to get good depth in the.

Serve oh the return barely clear than that and I believe that's three side outs in a row now they've been stuck on eight as a player that starts to get in your head psychologically you know why can't I get off this number you can you're right great return from Georgia DJ just missing that attack.

Georgia was leaning on her left foot a little bit more but DJ might want to bring in those margins just to add he's got caught in no woman's land she had to keep moving forward she watched her shot and didn't move didn't react all right eight seven.

Two a lob is a good lob but if you go to the well too often yep I don't think we're quite there that we should be lobbying the tremendous amount in the sport again Georgia broke the pattern yep gotta stay in that pattern and less if that ball's in your Strike Zone you need to stay back in the pattern or it's.

Seven eight again here who will break the streak first Vivian gets it done finds the backhand down the line Pala was up waiting for it all right let's see if they can hold wow yeah I like the attack from Vivian.

On that but Gabe tardy was all over that cover in the middle I think it's been a very mature match that both these two youngsters have played Georgia and Gabriel very mature they pulled the trigger when they needed to oh he stood up with that dink just staying well George and Gabriel played.

Last week or two weeks ago in New Jersey they won a couple rounds didn't go as deep as they were hoping to play the a good match on the championship court against Simone and JW but this is good that's good that you've got a partner that you commit to that you play a series of events together and you start to know each other's patterns.

Each other's Tendencies and that's where you see development absolutely team chemistry goes a long way you know sometimes you see even the best players play together maybe they might have to have the best results you know because the team chemistry is so important yep conditions have been a little bit windier here lately we've had heat up.

About 90 95 degrees a little bit of cloud coverage but we are getting some wind it's about a 15 20 chance of rain later on today we don't say that word around here Ken no we don't but I'm laying the at-home viewer know that it is getting a little bit gustier on court.

A good time out paid off big thank you to Onyx the dura fast 40 is the official ball of the tour favorite amongst the pros cardio can close that Gap so quick but when you do close that Gap you don't need the big swing right you can use your body's momentum to go through the.

Ball yeah you're exactly right John and DJ with the poke now we have a tie game here 99 on the one this is anyone's game here in game two absolutely incredible hands from tardio talk about keeping your paddle up well played yeah smartly placed behind DJ.

Yeah DJ right into the body of tardio he's probably going out but when it comes too quick sometimes it's hard to get out of the way again game point there we go will it go to three here Ken game point number one big point there from Vivian and DJ as.

They take game two we're heading to game three here so don't go anywhere we'll be right back foreign.

hold up foreign thank you welcome back to the app sunmed Philadelphia open.

We're here about to go into game three I think that's what everybody wanted but up first look on the screen here Sacramento open in California tier two forty thousand dollar tournament September 22nd to 25th Ken what do you have to say about this Sacramento we're getting out of Southern California and venturing up a little bit.

North and Sacramento what a beautiful facility we're real excited about K9 up there got a couple weeks still left of registration I I I keep hearing from all the California Pros Kim you got to keep bringing the app tour out west so we've got to stop at Sacramento this this September then we're back out on the west coast for our season ending event.

Out in Arizona so those are all good stops and we're we're not just trying to be a tour in the Southeast or Midwest app we're heading all around all the different regions with USA pickleball change ends at six app is everywhere not only around the us but around the world game three here we go.

A nice first pull of the trigger from Georgia on the backhand sets up tardio to put it away George I think realized that Bo might have landed out yeah she was already in motion though uh yeah she's going for gold change the direction again there Ken.

It's happened a couple times if Georgia goes back and watches this match zero zero one we've worked the parent a little bit longer trying to force there one zero one Vivian and DJ the first to strike on the scoreboard they've forced two return errors here.

In game three starting off a little tight three zero one three zero just a little off her Mark right now I wouldn't mind if this would be a good time for a timeout there it is a timeout look at you Ken one you know they just need to DJ in Vivian came out playing clean not making.

Any of forced tears and George has missed a couple of balls it's just amazing how in the sport the momentum can change so quickly it really is a game of momentum you know it takes a lot of mental fortitude and able to you know to keep your game at a high level throughout the entire match without you know having a bad run you know and.

That's the importance of these timeouts sometimes you just need a break you know you need a second to reset because you know in pickleball the points go so fast that if you're out of tune for a minute can that could be three or four points you can be we've got a lot of play going on on the outer courts today was ladies day.

For the amateurs so a lot of the amateur draws took place today with women's doubles also the senior Pros are playing today they're filling in their gender doubles with both men's and women's doubles some of the top teams that are here are Rick woodskin playing with uh Dan Grinnell and we've also got mircha marario playing with Paul Olin for some.

Of our top seniors that are here this week what a dig she wants that ball back again Vivian changing the direction of the ball she had a cross-court ball from Georgia try to take it over down the line made the unforced air that's a couple lobs now over the.

Backhand side of Vivian that have not paid dividends Dan you called it earlier in the second second game they're still going to it zero five one zero five Johnson and tardy and you get some points in the board on this side out so important now for these young two to.

Keep their body language positive you have Indian DJ or girly staking their ground here yep now they're just one point away from switching ends here in game three as young takes to serve and there it is 6-0 so we're gonna change ends Vivian and DJ look very.

Loose right when you put your coach's hat on what are you doing what do you talk to when you talk to these two young ones about what do you say to Georgia what do you say to Gabriel well you know it's six Euro there's nothing you can do about it now you got to regain the confidence it seems like there's just a.

Little lack of confidence here to start the game because it didn't close out game number two they got stuck for a little while go back to Georgia hitting that Cross Court dink with Vivian and letting Gabe create some magic where he can a couple times it seems like they've forced balls get back into playing.

Simple meat and potatoes pickleball reduce the unforced errors yep start to crawl your way back into this game what's been interesting so far with Gabe and Georgia having watched them play a lot of matches is that when they're both when one is on they're both on yep when one gets off the other one gets a little off too you know somebody.

Always needs to be the anchor to keep the steady bow going there and I wonder if that's something they should talk about a little bit more when they're off court with their training sessions back down in South Florida all right DJ's got the ball 6-0 DJ and Vivian have got the sun in their eyes.

Deep return that one did just sail along but that's what you want from Georgia right now get into that pattern where you're nice and consistent try to reduce some of those unforced errors and right away after the side change they've gotten two.

Quick balls there and now they have the the ball at zero six second serve some of the folks are asking about a tier one versus a tier two tournament on the app 32 tour stops this year both in the U.S and International side up big forehand there for DJ 16 of the stops are tier one events a tier one.

Event on the app tours in the event over fifty thousand dollars that's a lot of money Ken oh what they were also 16 tier two stops this year and those are events normally between Thirty and fifty thousand dollars meant to be also a development tour.

For the pros to get some extra time on court but we're but what I'm finding with the pros and their schedules is that if they can get to a tier two event by car and it's not halfway across the U.S they really are coming on board and playing the tattoo events and app welcomes them if it works for their schedule.

Almost lifts it over nothing builds a player's confidence more than winning matches in a tournament situation so absolutely so getting time on court working on your patterns working on your Fitness are all great things that will pay dividends as you then go and hit the tier one events on the app tour yeah and.

There's nothing quite like tournament play sure you know when you have the added mental pressure one seven one there's nothing like it second sir you know when you do play start to play more tournaments you start to see different shots as well That You Don't See back in your home.

Courts correct Georgia she just didn't get down low enough yep I love you Georgia but you were a little lazy on that ball get down to that ball Vivian's got her knees on the ground seven one one George it looked like she bent with her back and not her legs that time second third.

Good read There by tardi ocean DJ young crash and he flung it up up to his upper chest point oh that time Gabriel hit the Dink and he stayed back three feet behind the Baseline as you'll see on the replay he should have hit that dick and he should have been moving forward getting back on that line that's a question of either a.

Little bit of tiredness or just not being I'm not really focused right now this is where they need to be up in that line nine one nine one two it's quite the change of events here in game three well I don't.

Gabriel was ready for that ball 191. second third oh just fetching the ball here for Georgia in the booth almost lost my mic there Ken 192. this is what they need you need to string along a few points.

Add some pressure on the scoreboard great return a lot of spin on that ball the ball's biting about three inches from the Baseline nine two one second sir George is starting to find that confidence back again Ken you can see it.

In the body language yep just keeps looking all right Gabriel at one point at a time one point at a time it's pickleball anything can happen ATP from Georgia Johnson for that her second win against DJ yeah I believe so nice patient let the ball come out wide give yourself room and DJ Hitler a.

Little smirk on his face that time that's a that's another lob we're seeing Ken that's not paying dividends at this point maybe you just take that out of the Playbook yeah well good night too interesting choice of attack there it worked out all right they're on three.

You have three I don't know if they're the right server yeah three nine two so I don't they both hit a couple out balls there now it's back over to the side of David and young two points away from walking into the gold medal match.

I'm sorry the winter bracket final I mean winter bracket final nine three two and a good spot there from tardio finding the feet of Vivian three nine one David and DJ need to keep their intensity up she missed it two inches that's the pattern Vivian wants to attack with the.

Forehand and then clean up with the backhand just push just pulled it wide four nine one and a wise timeout from DJ young here as the youngsters have rattled off quite a few and it seems the body language is improving on the near side of the court.

And maybe a little bit complacency on the far side of the Court Ken what do you think well it's I don't know if it's complacency but again we made the comment was made three minutes ago when one plays really well the other one Rises their game they both are starting to see the ball a little bit earlier and now they've rised their intensity and.

They're being able to score a couple points out here you know it's also hard when you're Vivian and DJ first off when when these young kids were out here hitting Fireballs left and right they just stayed calm they didn't get emotional they kept staying in the pattern working the point and found themselves in a winning position.

And uh there's been a little bit of streakiness right now with Georgia and Gabe so I think they're kind of like what's happening are they are they hitting balls in are they making a couple mistakes you have five yeah yeah Vivian and DJ need to continue to.

Get good returns and get them in five bodies up to that kitchen line for a solid first Valley so that they can reclaim the offense just like that Georgia Johnson returning that ball was incredible oh wow that one just barely catches the line again how about this defense and then a.

Counter from Georgia well I've said it before Georgia's Got Game she is not gonna back off of her line she will hold on to that line and go tick for tack with whoever whoa wow what a what a third shot drive there from tardio the momentum has absolutely shifted.

The atmosphere here feels different yeah I've played you know DJ before and it is hard to read that paddle face the wind's starting to pick up and the ball's moving in the kitchen you see that cam yeah yeah what a winner down the middle from Vivian David.

They run a defensive position a couple times during that point able to reset the point nine seven one there's nine seven they've been stuck on nine for a while can they get off of it not yet referee Bob unit test was watching that line Dylan making sure he was not in the.

Kitchen and he was not yep big side out and a sigh of relief from tardio and Johnson there thank you seven nine one they are within one Ken how about this comeback Paul was out by two inches good call by Georgia.

Out no second serve that was a bold leave by Vivian but it was just just long eight nine two just wide and now we have a tie game here nine nine in the third winner moves on to the winners bracket final both players were covering their down the line shots they were coming.

That line around the post s crucial side out DJ being DJ nine all right nine nine one DJ needs good depth on this serve Gabe's gotta find a Target Zone.

Big Point here for DJ Young with the pressure now it's match point 10 9. on DJ Young's paddle and Georgia Johnson and tardio take the time out what a game we have here Ken it was very lopsided I believe it was 9-1 at one point you're right about that now it's 10 9 10 9. we've seen both sides of it.

Well again Georgia and Gabriel when they're on they're on and they've just caught fire in the last seven minutes here and pickleball it's never over and you mentioned it earlier earlier Georgia Johnson is a gamer she does not quit does not back down it's already on next to her.

Doing the same but they're facing a match point against them 10-9 here on the two ten nine one one excuse me two opportunities foreign was the crowd quiet on that one in anticipation there Ken Boy George has.

Sped up a ball that I didn't think was in her Strike Zone she rolled the dice and got a Lucky Seven great shot Georgia foreign they hold them they hold off two match points the youngsters have a chance here to tie what heartbreak for Vivian.

great athleticism for all four players incredible Point here now we're notched up at 10 10 a piece it's hard to go for a fire shot hard to go for the kill when the ball is low on you on in your strike zone you're going to tend to Loft it up and we saw that happen to the young team.

Over here ten ten two wow what an Ernie wingspan on that Ernie yes Georgia taking care of business match point the other way that ball was going out Ken and he could knock it out of the way quick enough I mean he needs to go and get that haircut.

See that ball a little clear I'm sure his mom's at home saying cut that hair 11-1 anyway high level of play right here Johnson and tardy have done a good job on the defense side of the ball since oh wow that was just out not what you need.

When now you're gonna face two match points 11 10 one second third TJ young started to pull out a lot of pressure here 11 10-2 beautiful return from DJ I want to clean up there from DJ Young.

11-1 foreign that was incredible the Ernie off of his own third DJ in the house wow and a big come on is now they're tied up at 11 a piece oh DJ young getting fiery.

As now they have twelve eleven one two match points defensive and there it is The Comeback could not be completed Vivian David and DJ young hold tough great excitement out here John I gotta head back to the tournament desk but I will join you later on today terrific match all four players are to be.

Congratulated thank you for joining me in here Ken don't go anywhere we'll be right back in the Franklin Studio to interview the winners congratulations to our winners DJ Young foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign.

foreign and I'm back here with the winners DJ.

Young Vivian David moving on to the winners bracket final DJ young you know obviously you're feeling loose right now after the win but it was a little stressful at least sitting in the booth how was it emotionally in that third when they were starting to come back it was a little tough um.

We were playing very loose after we came up on top on uh second game eleven nine and then we started playing really well and then you know when you're up 9-1 you start feeling like okay like you know maybe it's not so serious and they start playing better he's talking a little tighter and then at the end I was like you got to step up and then I just.

Played lose again and uh came up came out on top so well Vivian uh you guys took the first game loss 11-6 what were you guys talking about in between those two games where you really started to turn it around it was a very fast pace first game and unfortunately those hands battles were.

Not going our way so I was like you know I think this next one I think we should just kind of slow it down a little bit wait for them to speed it up and sit on counters and that definitely worked much better because I think we both found a little bit more of a rhythm and we were more ready for the speed ups and yeah so the game two went well and then game.

Three was like he said well you guys held tough there in an epic comeback from the youngsters you know you guys were up 9-1 close it out now you got a tough task ahead of you Andre diescue and Andrea coop in the winners bracket final what are your thoughts going into that match I'm actually really excited I was.

Texting Andrea like two days ago and she told me that she was coming and I'm usually excited to play that matchup I think it'll be a very fun very interesting and uh hope that the better team comes out on top all right well you heard it from them uh we'll be right back with more action from the app sunmed Philadelphia Open.

Don't go anywhere thank you foreign foreign.

Welcome back I'm joined here with the guest Denise day the CEO of YMCA greater Brandywine did I get that correct of this beautiful facility here that we're at um I mean the grounds really are beautiful uh how how have you enjoyed you know your pickleball player yourself we were just talking how have you liked.

Running this organization and how did it all start and where how do we get to where we're at now yeah well pickleball is just one of the many things that we do in our community but you know right after covid we were looking at you know what are some great opportunities to bring members back to the Y and to get kids and families involved as well and I.

Had started playing pickleball and we always had pickleball in our facilities but to be honest you know it was kind of lame you know temporary lines in the gym and old Nets and we decided to get strategic unintentional around about it so all of our gyms have the full kitchens painted on and then we started developing outdoor facilities as well so.

The 12 we have 12 dedicated courts here six of them under lights and they had been tennis courts but we still have plenty of tennis here as well so this branch in particular is on 54 Acres we say 54 Acres of Fun and now pickleball fun yeah absolutely I've heard that you have over a thousand members here in the pickleball Community is that right so.

Now it's closer to 1400 actually Excuse me yes yes we were hoping for maybe three to five hundred and it's just exploded and just this weekend alone having a tournament uh like the app tour here so many people now are becoming more aware of our facility and we are selling memberships because people like oh we want to come play here now yeah.

You really are starting to create that culture of pickleball in the YMCAs do you think other YMCAs will start to you know take some notes here so let me tell you our national office we have two of our top folks from our national office here they flew in yes and they're here for two days to learn more about pickleball and what.

Pickleball can do you know as a YMCA we really think we can scale it and really around to youth pickleball so for people to look at their local YMCAs to be honest I've been with the wife for 37 years and I've never seen a sport that's more in line with the wise vision of and values of for all all ages all abilities being able to play on the same.

Court and compete families competing together like we saw the families that are here it's just wonderful so it perfectly aligns with the YMCA values absolutely agree with you it's great for health mental health you know physical health of course and that Community the sense of community well thank you for joining me in this interview is there.

Anything else that you'd like to say about this facility or the goals that you have over the next few years or we've got we've got more good things coming we're uh there'll be more courts in there we've got some pretty cool things to unveil hopefully in the next month or so awesome well you heard it here from the head honcho herself didn't.

Nice day the YMCA bringing pickleball to a place near you stay tuned we'll be right back with more action foreign thank you.

Thank you oh foreign PPR is proud to be a partner with the app tour which features 18 tournaments.

And more than 750 thousand dollars in prize money several PPR members play in app tournaments throughout the year are you at least a 3.5 pickleball player then become certified to teach with PPR check out our website at and as the saying goes do what you love.

And you never have to work a day in your life so give us a call at 843-842-977 we look forward to hearing from you foreign.

Foreign foreign thank you thank you oh.

Thank you hold up foreign.

foreign we are launching Selkirk TV which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7's pickleball proudly.

Brought to you by Selkirk thank you foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign we are launching Selkirk team which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7 pickleball proudly brought to you by Selkirk welcome back to the app sunmed.

Philadelphia Open presented by head we have an exciting match coming up here we have the winners bracket final Vivian David and DJ Young versus Andrea Coop and Andre dieesku the number one in the number two seated teams need in the winners bracket final the winner of this goes to Gold the.

Loser heads down to the bronze medal match to try to fight back on the way here we just saw that DJ young and Vivian David took down the youngsters tardio and Georgia Johnson 11-9 in the third then on the other on the other side of the bracket Coupe and diescue beat stratman and Newman 10-12 11 6 and.

11 4 in the third so we have all right I'd like to uh present our sponsors for the tournament here we have Yola for the champion in you sunmed the official CBD sponsor of the app pickleball Central the pickleball.

Superstore catering for beginners and to Pros and power plate the official warm-up and Recovery partner of the app thank you to the sponsors helped put on this event thank you to the upper Mainline YMCA for hosting it is a beautiful facility it is a warm.

Day here the Sun is hot it feels like I'm back home in Florida as it is quite humid we got a little bit of a breeze playing part Andrea Coop on one end is the number one ranked female player on the app tour as Vivian David is the number three.

Excuse me Andrew Cooper number two in Vivian David number three on the men's side Andre dieesku in the sixth spot in the standings facing off against DJ Young who rounds out the top five thank you for joining us back at home I'm excited to bring this pickleball action to you.

We've had a good day we've had a lot of fans in attendance thank you for being patient in the break there we gave Vivian David and DJ young a little bit of a break after the last match they just played game one starts on the Battle of Andrea.

Coop on the far side with partner Andre dieesku right there's that inside out forehand we've seen from Andrea Coop all day long oh my goodness DJ young trying to get the Ernie there jumping the kitchen line.

Doesn't make it you'd hear him talking to the court mic there we're gonna see a lot of pressure from both the men on either side of the net DJ young and Andre daisq both six three and six five fine Long Reach will want to use that to.

Their advantage and put pressure on the opponent and a Mystique there from DJ you can see he stood up with the dink instead of staying nice and low causing the air and Vivian got back to the pattern that she likes but pushes it long.

Foreign Vivian trying to tell DJ that ball might have gone out as I like the initial speed up from DJ and he cleaned it up with the overhead but just catching the edge of the battle three one one second timer three one two.

Three one two here to start to ask you with a big serve foreign there from Young and Vivian keeping daisku on his side not really giving him the green light to stay strong in the middle there they ask you with the Ernie that's one thing you you have to be careful about.

When you are playing Andre diescue one five two and Andre fires it right at the midsection DJ DJ not quick enough to get out of the way great job by Coop closing that Gap.

Quickly with the backhand and now we have a very quick start for Coop and I ask you up six to one the momentum is definitely on their side definitely want to give a huge shout out to the referees here it is a hot day here in Philadelphia and they are on these courts from sun up.

To sundown for days on end every single weekend so hats off to our great referees that make this possible we got the crowd coming back to the Sands here after our break there you have it thank you.

Dimitri thank you for tuning in folks it is a great day for pickleball we have more matches to come is this is just the Winner's bracket final that went just long.

I'm not upset about the decision to speed that ball up but they just didn't execute Vivian David changing up the point of attack she likes to attack that forehand down the middle foreign and it almost paid off she got the next ball that she wanted.

And a good leave that ball was just out Vivian already gets so low Ducks underneath that ball and Coop with uh almost dink there a little bit uncharacteristic oh that one just catches the the head of Vivian.

Vivian wants everybody knows she just has a big head and that's the only reason why she got hit 182 big hill to climb here for the near side oh DJ young with a flick through the middle some miscommunication from Coop and diescue there.

Coop just barely Knicks the ball as it goes out an unlucky is what Viv said to DJ there see close that distance and that one just catches inside the line Andre and Andrea are definitely a force to be reckoned.

With one balls are just going their way at the moment not much Vivian could have done about that but Coop will take it now we have game point here just like that it's 10-2 Coop had the whole Court to defend and.

She went for gold there just pushes it wide and that's the game right there 11-2 Coop and die asking me quick work so far of Vivian and DJ but don't go anywhere we'll be right back with game two right after this foreign.

Thank you foreign welcome back to the AVP sunmed Philadelphia Open presented by head this is John Davison on the call thank you for joining us the sun is starting to beat down.

It is warm game one went pretty lopsided to die SQ and Cube and Coop gets the backhand pulled away down the line there we go what and zero zero here we go foreign DJ helping his partner Vivian out as.

Vivian was pushed back with that lob DJ taking up a lot of the middle of the Court or two why DJ not happy with his decision there I don't know if it was so much the decision as much as execution because that low dink to daisu's left.

Foot is not a bad option foreign there's the flick the flick of the wrist there from DJ Young he gets in he gets the ball from so low and he has such a loose wrist he's able to really flick that ball down through the middle second server.

And that is not what DJ young wants his Coop sliding to the right and hitting that backhand right down low to his feet all right did I ask you going for the body of DJ Young oh a little bit of a stumble there from DJ and.

The sick move there from DJ jump in the corner of the kitchen line and again you you're starting to see Vivian start to attack the left shoulder of Andre to his backhand looking to get the ball to come back across the body and she can clean up.

With the back end two two close start here in game two where game one was a little lopsided Big Stretch smart play by Andre knowing what Vivian's looking for pokes it right back to the forehand side.

Of Vivian as she goes to hold the backhand and some miscommunication from DJ and Vivian Vivian was right there to make a play on the ball DJ wanted to create something from it now we have four two seconds.

But a nice display of touch from DJ Coop just not able to get up to it heartbreak there for Vivian one of the rare times I have not seen Vivian make a smile is now a timeout from DJ and Vivian it is five two here from Coop and diaskew firing on all.

Cylinders playing solid very few mistakes here there's both Coop and I ask you fine shade where possible as well as Vivian and DJ not much shade and we're Vivian and djr right now so Andre coming in the booth over here trying to get any shade he can get.

15 seconds 13 you have two timeouts remaining if you see me see if you have one timeout remaining seems as though after the last match Vivian and DJ just haven't found their groove again took a little bit of a break after a minute very eventful prior game against Georgia Johnson and.

Gabe tardio winning 13-11 in the third and there's an unforced error off of a timeout there from DJ Young Andre Davis you thought uh maybe the ball just is wrong and uh Coop said no that was all me my bad trying to fire down the line at DJ DJ.

Was there and now they have three six one they've been able to string together a couple points since their timeout they were down five one now they're down six four there's always what you want after.

Timeout a little bit of momentum switch DJ getting big in the middle that's why we need to see more of From The Far Side is is DJ start to apply more pressure and there it is again you know begs a question in that timeout did they discuss DJ trying to create a little bit more take.

Up more of the middle Vivian is very happy to be the the setup person smart play by Coop going behind Young that one lands in as well DJ Young on fire right now since that timeout and now we have a timeout here on the near end from Coop and diascu is they.

Were up 5-1 and now it's six six so a timeout is definitely in order they have to slow DJ young down and that's the whole purpose of this timeout right now ever since the last time out DJ young has been all over the place thank you for joining us back at home this is the winners bracket final so the winner of this will move on to.

Gold and there's still some backdraw matches happening I will update you with that right now Johnson and tardio are playing Pablo Tellez in Milan reign so a battle of the South Florida crowd there and the winner of that will take on Lauren stratman and Alex Newman who just.

Took down Megan fudge and Stefan Auburn 15-6 yes he is Simon 762 yeah nice job by Vivian recognizing daisuke's position on the court too.

It's a little bit back fired it at him paid off great dig oh wow net cord winner inside how forehand let's take a look at this again holds it to the last second clean winner they're really starting to pressure Andre a lot here.

They put a big Ernie from the big man that's what you expect to see textbooked textbook Ernie nine one from dayescue young obviously showing frustration from that that play it wasn't able to lift it back up over the net from the net cord.

You can't get too frustrated they just mounted a huge comeback they were down 6-1 Now They're Up 9-7 seconds and I ask you with an unforced error on the backhand dink he decided to change directions of the dink instead of going back across.

Went back to Vivian and made an error Vivian tried to bring the heat again to diascu because it was working quite a while but now it's eight nine what a counter from DJ young all over it let's see that again here Coop goes for the attack.

DJ with the backhand punch volley and now it is nine eight one on the paddle of DJ young and another timeout here on the side of dieesku and Andrea coop thank you again for joining us here it definitely seems they're down 5-1 took a timeout DJ young.

Started coming out with a lot more aggression creating a lot more opportunities they started attacking diyscue quite a bit to the body it was working out for a good stretch now it seems like diyscue has figured that out and just made some adjustments.

And we have a tight one here in game two seconds young and David up nine eight one looking to get to 10 here DJ young serving yeah Coop might have saved that third shot Drive from DJ and now they have game point here in game two.

The tables have turned can they close it out they have two opportunities not yet that I do yep almost got the behind the back play DJ but just catches his his oblique first it's almost like you planned it.

Nice replay there hey take one eight ten a couple opportunities here to close the gap maybe take the game away Andre with the off Pace attack one nine ten one point away from time but great hands there from DJ stopping the train at nine however they have one more opportunity tied up.

Tesla Vivian I'm not sure how she avoided that kind of Matrix move it has the uh classic Vivian smile after incredible get Vivian looking for the ATP maybe just wasn't there let's see it again here I almost had the angle maybe not enough.

Another opportunity here to close it out here in game two right now big drive from DJ not a bad ball to drive as that's that in a great serve the return sat up Shallow in the court it's just too big of a swing 9 10.

Foreign from DJ not to try to hit that ball back hard but just hit a nice slice block volley down at the feet of coop then gets the next ball that he wants which is high and I said too Vivian just a little ahead of it read it perfectly.

Just to Tad early and pulls it wide now we have a tie ball game here 10 10 in the second I believe they're on the second server here so very beneficial of Vivian and DJ get a stop Andrea will want to get another one on the board here.

The behind the back spin move there's some confusion going on right now it looks like Coop and Andre it looks like Coop and Andre were saying that it clipped DJs shirt or body before he made contact with that.

Behind the back we're trying to find it here on the replay Spencer rent here we go maybe just a little bit further back here they're all agreeing to be whatever's on the replay here we go let's see it here this is the point yes.

Let's see I believe the attack is coming up here soon we're looking to see if it hits DJ Young's body I do not see contact with the body do you Spencer on the replay it does not look like it collected yeah it doesn't look like it.

All four players agreed all four players agreed to look at the replay which is great sportsmanship by all four got out so now all the players will agree that it did not hit DJ in the body I definitely did not see it hit the body on that replay.

It looked like the paddle was just in front of the body when it made contact great sportsmanship by uh all four athletes second server ten ten two and a big put away from Vivi and David gives them the game point yeah.

I do appreciate the referee allowing the players to deal with it I'm glad we had Spencer Spencer rent finding that replay and there's the game too we're headed to a third folks don't go anywhere because we'll be right back with game three of the winners bracket final foreign.

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No time to waste under the set inside welcome back to the Philadelphia Sun met open hear the app tour we have game three coming up right now we'll change ends at six we got Vivian David here in the blue on the near side.

And DJ Young with Coop serving and partner dysku in the far end foreign some confusion there down low in the middle the SQ finds the spot one zero here the heat is definitely sun is right on top of this court right now.

A little sign out here zero one no Andre just pushes that y to good no call from DJ telling Vivian to back off of the ball there Coop on the left side of the Court it didn't sound clean coming off the paddle and I think her face after agreed that maybe it wasn't the cleanest.

Strike on the ball but she'll take it what do I do a little bit of hesitation there from Vivian you can kind of see she paused for a tenth of a second if that one one what a touch there from DJ Young silky smooth there as we see it again.

Nice back back spin on the ball Big Stretch from dayescue could not get it over the middle in that nice Inside Out forehand by DJ Young incredible hands going on here foreign wow what a ball by Andrea Coop slipping it past.

DJ young she went there a few times in that point DJ young was able to get all of those backhand resets except for that one lets it Go and pays the price come on come on tight score here early on great points but not a lot of traction on the scoreboard from either team.

Impressive for Coop to even get to that ball off the knife and shot there from DJ but I left the whole court open for Andre to defend yeah Vivian has been working that Dad won all game long finally gets one high enough to where she can just roll it down the middle.

Slippery from DJ with the fly swatter goes across court it's definitely hard to read the paddle when DJ gets this ball right there he can go he can put that ball almost anywhere on the court and it's so unconventional.

We have a hard time reading of where it might be going Vivian with the big backhand just hits the tape she read it perfectly Coop thought that point might have been over on the first neck chord got out they're fine.

And that's what uh DJ young just asked the referee if that might have been a hindrance as Coop almost started to celebrate a little too early knew that was coming as DJ definitely was not happy with the way the previous Point ended and that ball is out DJ singing way out.

That's that gamesmanship 2-1-1 great shot from Andrea Coop down the middle yep I believe DJ young thought that ball might have gone more inside out to his backhand side because goop's been on fire with that all day long.

Yeah DJ young read that maybe the swing wasn't necessary just hit the block volley back into the kitchen let Vivian come back up to the court foreign and a big let's go from Andrew Coop right back at DJ Young Coop not scared to Fight Fire With Fire yeah.

Coop get in the put away and we got a time out here scoop fines nice and low on DJ good timeout it has been a barn burner here in this third this third game I feel like we've been playing for 25 minutes it's only 3-2 both teams.

Playing very competitively not many mistakes are being shown whatsoever just an update in the draw Milan rain and Pablo Tellez take down Georgia Johnson and Gabe tardio 15-13 in the backdraw they will face off against.

Lauren stratman and Alex Newman the winner of that we'll move on to bronze to face whoever loses in this match so the winner here will move on to the gold the loser will have to play for bronze and earn their right back up to the gold medal match.

You get some strategy here from Young and Vivian happy for he's happy to have Vivian speed it up maybe just change the target up a little because they're getting caught yeah huge huge win in the backdraw with Milan rain and Pablo Tellez taking down the number three seeded team.

Of Georgia Johnson Gabe tardio Andrea Coop again she's had that all day long that inside out forehand oh TJ young falling into Vivian what a point from DJ Young the patented inside our forehand cross-court dink.

Gets Andre out of position DJ young almost takes out Vivian and then gets the Ernie on the opposite side of the Court Vivian gets it over the net but pushes it wide huge overheads from the big man Andre foreign to a change of ends here.

Great ball from DJ you'd almost expect every single time he runs around that backhand tank he's gonna go inside out forehand the left foot but I ask you paying dividends the ATP from Vivian