New york city and flushing meadows home to the u.s open tennis championships and also home to the app franklin new york city open part of the usa pickleball national championship series watch top pro's battle for cash prizes and golden tickets to the usa pickleball nationals in indian wells california.

Join us for all the action as we bring you coverage straight through championship sunday the franklin new york city open is brought to you by franklin sunmed skechers new belgium.

Head hank and pickleball central welcome back championship sunday continues here from the iconic usga billie jean king national tennis center and has been home to some incredible gold medal match worthy pickleball.

Michelle mcmahon back with you alongside my partner in crime dominic catalano seven time u.s open champ and we saved the best for last dom it is the mixed doubles final gold medal match of the day stacked with talent across all genders georgia johnson and j.w johnson have yet to lose a match this tournament together.

Both 19 and 15 years old respectively meanwhile zane navratil looking for the triple crown his third gold medal of the day and his partner andrea coop looking for her second gold medal of the day worked their way back into this gold medal match through the back draw so they not only need to win this upcoming match but also a final match to 15.

Points if they can get that job done against the johnsons starting with coupe and navratil what makes their dynamic so strong between these two partners who are very used to playing with each other at this point and that's exactly it is they're very familiar with each other they know each other inside and out as far as.

Partnerships go they get to practice together a few times a month andrew will come from michigan to illinois zane will come down from wisconsin to illinois they'll meet at johnson cola's private court and they'll practice so they get to practice together but the biggest thing here is going to be this challenge.

That zane navratil is going to have to get his triple crown they need to go through the johnsons not only once but twice but again talking about the team of coupe and navertill what a team a dynamic two veterans of the sport andrea coop a backboard out here she already has a gold medal with simone jarjim.

Today in women's doubles she's looking for her second gold medal and zayn navratil looking for his third gold medal and triple crown here at the app franklin new york city open he's got to be a tired man at this point in the day i can't imagine fatigue won't be a factor for him but nothing he's not used to i suppose in this sport on the other.

Side it's georgia johnson and jw johnson they obviously know each other in and out their siblings but on the pickleball court how do they complement each other's game they're great together they when they first played together about a year or so ago in a tournament it wasn't the greatest i've talked with them about.

That they know that it's changed though this dynamic has changed they are playing really well together what's changed it's it's the it's georgia johnson she's the difference maker right now she is playing so well and the crazy part about i've known these two for about six years so when georgia was nine i knew her running around a tennis court.

In a pickleball court when i lived in naples and they were in naples now they're over on the east coast but the two of these players are very dynamic georgia johnson making a name for herself in women's doubles and now mixed doubles with her brother j.w johnson jw needs no introduction been on top of this sport.

For the last year now making his name felt but this duo brother sister is going to be around for a long time and they are sitting very pretty coming through the winner's bracket undefeated all they need is this two out of three and the gold medal here at the franklin new york city open is theirs in the last six months georgia has collected 19 pro.

Medals in mixed women's doubles and singles to your point about her coming to life lately on the pro circuit there you have the bracket how these teams got there to the winner bracket final johnson and johnson took out susanna barr and austin gridley called that match here on championship court cooper never till defeated vivian david.

And dekel barr and then on that bottom half coupe and navratil had to take out corinne carr and dj young to earn this spot back here in the gold medal match jw johnson has played in as many matches as zane navratil so he might be equally wiped as zane.

Although looking spry here in warm-ups technically speaking what do you do against the johnsons to make them work well the thing is is the johnsons are going to play fast they're going to play hard they're going to play aggressive right there in warm-ups you're watching georgia is just trying to go at her brother i think she may try.

And put a ball through him at times but the difference maker on the court i believe between all four of these players is going to be the x factor is georgia johnson what can she bring obviously they have already played once in the winter bracket final johnson's winning 8 11 so they dropped the first game and then win.

11-8-11-5 we did not see that match very tough one from what i hear but georgia johnson is my x factor in this match if she can handle herself i have no doubt that they can come out on top here and mix is an interesting entity with the strategies typically.

The women will see more of the balls and how do you balance that yeah and so that's what you're going to see you're going to see georgia johnson and andrea coop going back and forth constantly on that cross court biggest thing is that i got gotta see georgia johnson moving her feet.

She can't get stagnant she likes to try to kind of reach and get around that ball when she's moving her feet that's when she's at her best andrea coop is going to try and really work her cross court so we'll see how interesting this gets between the cross court forehand dinks from andrea coop.

And georgia johnson crowd starting to settle back in after they went to the bathroom got a couple drinks and maybe some food georgia johnson leads us off for this gold medal match for pro mixed doubles j.w johnson fending off his doubles partner zane navratil and they get themselves on the board first it's the.

No dinking johnsons yes lined up and ready to go georgia johnson was on this backhand just out of the reach of zayn navratil there splitting the difference on the defense georgia johnson does it again johnson's with an early three to nothing lead.

What's caused the hot start for the johnsons they're playing hard it's exactly what they want to do they want to come out play hard play fast and start things up at their pace look at that i mean georgia johnson going right at zayn navratil but it's it's planned where she wants to go with that.

Ball she goes right at his right shoulder nothing he can do about that pickleball runs in the johnson family their mom julie of course a top senior women's pro makes me wonder how the dad hangs in this mix oh jack is the boss three nothing and it's still second.

Server here on the other side and that going oh we got through one serve we can get through another such good defense for j.w johnson unbelievable hands on defense how he gets some of these back i do not know navratil will take his serve back.

Johnson is very used to the serve doesn't make it any easier though a little miss hit there from jw johnson and koopa navratil on the board one navratil closing the gap bringing this game within one j.w johnson closing the door on that hope that's gas.

Through the middle right there nobody even getting a paddle on it what a read from navertill coming over and poaching that ball he waited for j.w johnson to make his move one step put away just like that tie game game one.

Of this pro-mixed devils gold medal match reminder the johnsons could seal the deal winning this match and earning the gold or coop and navratil could push another match if they win the best two out of three here since they came up through the.

Back drawn already lost once in the tournament the johnsons have not yet lost georgia johnson coming back to life commanding the kitchen she hits one of the heaviest and hardest balls no doubt.

Second server 342. easy put away for zane navratil johnson popped it up just a little bit too high navato will take the serve back and they have the lead jw johnson finds the middle so fast with those hands.

Georgia johnson was lined up and anticipating the pace dishes it right back well yeah navartel's trying to bait her into going down the sideline and georgia's not biting right now she's playing smart i like what she's doing split second decision-making great drop by.

J.w johnson right there knotted at four four four one sneak attack with the ernie for georgia johnson full on the backhand a little awkward there from navratel jd johnson carving some leverage here in game one georgia johnson the second server on.

Their side just long for georgia johnson the matrix lake dodge for zayn navratil getting out of the way of that one yeah great job by zane recognizing where he's at if he plays that ball that's a very tough ball to play but if he gets out of the way easy earning the pop-up zane navratil.

Capitalizes but coop was essential on that play yeah she was she's the one who set that up right there jw johnson so stable with his presence at the kitchen a good read right there from georgia johnson she left that ball up a little.

High for coop and she realized and recognized that coop was going to try and split the difference in the middle and she covered beautifully lots of pace and the johnson's come away victorious on that rally no room for her error here in this gold medal match wow what a spot.

So johnson recognizing that navratil is going to jump the corner there so she shoots middle and coop just a tad late covering tagged him georgia johnson coming to life you said she was the x factor she's living up to your expectations yeah yeah navratil thought she was gonna go.

Middle he opened up to the forehand guessed wrong and goes off the shoulder that ball is wide the johnson's pulling away with a three-point lead and a timeout will be called on the court so far how the johnson's been able to pull away slightly here nine five leads excuse me yeah they are holding up nicely and.

Again like we talked about in the pre-game georgia johnson the x factor well she's doing everything right right now not making many mistakes making right decisions i mean recognition of navratil two plays ago going for an ernie and then shooting a winner down the middle that's just pickleball iq that's very.

Hard to teach and especially to a young woman like that she's just she's so young but so well seasoned in the game and it's because of where she's playing who she's playing with she's learning as she gets older and it's just showing right here on the court i mean she's 15 years old imagine where she's going to be when she's jw's.

Age and even beyond that exactly and i think playing with her brother right now of the two of them she's the voice of the two of them she's the talker she's the one who talks she's the one who has the personality between the two of them jw's just out there doing his job george is the one talking and she'll keep him.

Even keel here being the little sister too georgia johnson pounces on the overhead the key there is naverto goes for the ernie can't get a hard ernie so he tries to flip cross court j.w takes his flip out of the air and hits to the vacated area it's very similar to what georgia did.

She saw the fake ernie before flipped to the middle jw does the same thing great pickleball iq game point on the side of the johnsons right now with a chance to win the first of two maybe three.

In this gold medal match jw johnson punches that one home and secures a game one victory for his team the johnsons remain dominant in the mixed doubles field what do you think dumb i mean we were tied at four so that's a seven one run to end it for the johnsons feeling too good right now.

Coop and never still need to come up with a game plan to slow down georgia and jw our coverage continues here on espn game two is coming your way right after this short break so we are back and our coverage of the gold medal match for pro mix doubles continues on the johnsons won game one.

It is the best of two of three navratil andrea coop looking to come back into game two they are the challengers which means they need to win this one the next game and then push another match to 15 points to take down the johnsons who have yet to lose in this tournament together that ball well out of bounds.

So georgia johnson takes over so navratil snipes one with the backhand down the middle such fast reflexes loves that shot a little speed up there from coop at the back hand of georgia johnson never still.

With the finish never still looking for the triple crown already has two gold medals and a nice purse full of money after this tournament good for him nevertheless scare his partner came down with a fake on the ernie stomped and as soon as he stomped coop.

Put that in the net but all tied here at one georgia johnson with an authoritative forehand slap saying see you later if you watch never tell on this he turned to get out of the way he wanted no part of that georgia johnson has been impressive.

For you so far in this match what are the biggest things you're noticing for the 15 year old the composure how composed she is um and then her talked about before her pickleball iq what she's recognizing what she's picking up picking up the ernie from zane so she.

Flips middle for a winner recognizing not to go there to go middle with a lot of her things to keep zane there jw johnson finds the corners they navigate almost got that by the way incredible effort for incredible put away for some reason zayn ended up behind andrea oh not thinking she was.

Gonna get that and then ended up out of position easy winner for jw a little handcuffed job there by zayn naverto on georgia johnson tying things up at two he's the second server for his side falls short and expresses his frustration.

Johnson gets a little out in front of that j w johnson with a nifty backhand splitting the middle watch never till here he gets off his feet on the move jw johnson builds on their three to two lead.

Yeah catches that line again navratil authoritatively stepping in there what's nice about what he did there he was protecting andrea andrew was coming up on the stack and so he was protecting her spot until she got there good recognition.

Three four two quick side out for the johnsons back on serve here trying to add to that lead andrea coop through the legs of j.w johnson former tennis standout lawyer by day pro pickleballer by night and weekend.

What a shot by georgia johnson what went into the decision making there i mean watch this never till thinks that she's gonna flip behind him and she goes at the right shoulder like how does she see that so early she's just she's got great recognition and understanding of what's going on.

She knows who her opponents are she's doing her homework this is not something that should be surprising to anyone the johnsons have knowledge of who they're playing they've talked about it but they're so young so it is kind of impressive oh it's totally impressive just y for jw johnson wanting that one back.

Yeah seen a bit of frustration from jw there for the first time four five one zayn navratil finds the empty hole we have a close game once again for this gold medal match tied up at five.

Tricky serve from navratil and j.w johnson fends off the pace at the net that's jw johnson doing what navratil did earlier he's protecting his partner as george was coming up on the stack he slides over and covers that spot what a finish zayn navratil with that lethal two-handed backhand.

Locked and loaded he's already swinging back knowing the pace is coming by the time this ball crosses the plane absolutely and that's what navratil does well too is he knows his opponents he knows tendencies where players are going to want to go with that ball so he's going to get his paddle back early and be ready.

Also helps they have the background knowledge on each other jw johnson and zane navratil who play together yeah there's something for playing next to someone and seeing what they do well constantly and in certain scenarios correct andrea coop building on a nice lead here for.

Game two it just makes it look easy yeah explain why that wasn't an easy easy shot it's so nonchalant but as that ball goes up he knows as soon as that ball went up where he wanted to go with it and all it is is about execution it's literally a wrist flick he's not swinging it's a simple wrist flick with.

A good angle all it is the johnson's not going anywhere in this one great defense by coop jw too much to handle finishes the rally with authority yeah jw was all over that he wanted to take that point over stepped right in.

Front of little sister and said i got this don't worry about it wow big finish from jw as good as he is defensively equally good offensively the pace was impressive he commanded the offense in that point one.

It's tough an easy ball you never like that it's the worst especially after you're in a long rally like that the easy one you miss the johnson's right back in and once again with the lead now two points away from a gold medal in this mixed doubles match-up what happened to cause the momentum shift coupe and navratil had.

Control of this match up until the last five or so points so we were talking during commercial is jw taking over is that the difference maker or was it georgia johnson is holding her own it was georgia johnson holding her own in the first game absolutely hands.

Down it was not jw taking over game two different story halfway through the second game jw has said okay i'm going to kind of take over here and that's what he's done so he's made his presence felt a lot more in this second game he didn't have to in the first game not like he really has to but they were tight one one two two five five as soon.

As they got the five five he was like okay let's kind of go here and he's kind of pushed that a little bit so in order to turn the tables back coupe and navratil have their work cut out for them they do they need to slow him down how do you slow him down you got to get him into some dink rallies but you got to take him out.

Not let him allow himself to step in and take over you're hearing some background noise we are right near laguardia airport that is a couple planes of flown past now as we just displayed as for the pickleball side of things the johnsons with a nine to seven lead.

And a gold medal on the line georgia johnson she has been a difference maker as you mentioned handling most of the balls yep and here we go match point for the johnsons andrea coop says no more.

Time for us to get a run and this is a not a big lead here cooper never till can answer this in a minute did he catch the line i thought he missed it nobody knows nobody saw it let's have another look ourselves and oh gosh that's as close as it gets yeah so no one really was clear on it so.

Ball is called in navratil with a chance to create a little momentum they desperately need their backs against the wall here in game two there she is again georgia johnson unfazed should buy anything that comes her way she earns match points once again to her side.

Pressure's on andrea coop catches the net j.w johnson closes the door earns his second gold medal of the day georgia johnson adds to her tab 20 gold medals pro medals in the last several months.

And the johnsons just looked absolutely dominant in this mixed pro doubles event what was the best takeaway for you again going in the x factor was georgia johnson she handled herself beautifully in game one 11-5 victory and then j.w johnson said all right sis i gotcha jump on my back we'll take over in game two and we'll walk away gold.

Medalists at the franklin new york city open plunging their ticket to indian wells taking place in november that concludes our coverage from the booth at least but don't go anywhere we've got post game reactions and interviews coming your way with lauren mclaughlin right after this it has been a pleasure bringing you pickleball coverage today.

For dominic catalano i'm michelle mcmahon lauren mclaughlin will conclude our coverage right after this short break welcome back to the franklin studio one final time with our silver medalists andrea coop and zane navartill let's hear it forum.

So this was the first match of championship sunday where we had a rematch between two teams you guys faced off in the winter bracket final on friday tough three game loss to the johnson's then and then you had a battle of a bronze medal late into the evening after a rain.

Delay on friday against corinne carr and dj young so coming into today you're facing off with the johnsons again what ultimately do you think was the difference in the outcome here today they played better that's simple and short i like it andrea so zayn no triple crown today unfortunately but.

Two golds and a silver it was always going to be a bit of an uphill battle having to double dip again so i you have to still feel pretty good about your outcome this tournament yeah definitely i mean if you told me two golds and a silver before the weekend i would have been pretty happy with that pretty excited about it and i still am.

Um it's it's a great result and andrea and i are playing better and better we got the the monkey off of our back beating decal and vivian for the first time in a while um yeah certainly happy with how we played and triple crown's just an added bonus and you know just just happy to have three medals two.

Golds silver next time i mean we'll see you guys many many times again on the podium you will have that triple crown chance i have no doubt again but another big congrats to our silver medalists here at the franklin new york city open andrea coop and zayn navertill.

Let's bring on out the siblings gold medalists georgia johnson and j.w johnson let's hear it forum first of all is it even fair to have this much talent in one family i mean you guys are both still teenagers this is your first ever gold medal.

Together as siblings at the biggest tournament of the year how does that feel it feels amazing i'm so privileged to be able to call my brother and to be able to play with him and it was a lot of fun and thank you to everyone who made it happen thank you to our sponsors day one and my sponsor chicken and pickle they.

Make everything i do possible so of course your parents are here cheering you on watching you how are you guys going to go celebrate this this big win tonight by playing going back home um yeah so uh oh they gotta make a flight all right that is a good way to celebrate well again a big congratulations j.w johnson.

Two excuse me silver and two golds here today excuse me two silvers and a gold here today at the new yeah i was right yeah thank you georgia oh sorry zane lots of medals in this family that's what it comes down to so a big congrats once again to our gold medalist here in.

Mixed pro doubles georgia johnson and jw johnson bring in ken herman don't hurt yourself on behalf of app jw and georgia terrific playing all week long we want to award you with the trophy here first place our mixed doubles champions franklin new york city open congratulations.

And that will conclude our championship sunday coverage here at the franklin new york city open a big thank you to usta and of course being here at the billy gene tennis center was an unbelievable place to be playing pickleball for the very first time a thank you to our usa pickleball certified referees who rocked it out all weekend our sponsors our.

Vendors you guys the fans thank you so much for coming out and watching this amazing pickleball and of course a big thank you to boxcar productions bringing you this production all weekend long kyle salenco randy coleman ariel butler justin dickerson and matthew pace on the close-up cams and steve taylor rocking those photos and videos.

We are back next weekend for the indianapolis open before we head to california thank you so much for your support of the app tour we will see you next time