Welcome back to the app Chicago open presented by Lexus we got a great match up here on the semi-final for women's Pro doubles Jade and Jackie kalamoto taking on Georgia Johnson and Anna bright winner moves on to the winner bracket final loser will drop down on the consolation side have to battle their way back.

Dominic Catalano here with you all day I got a special guest for this matchup our very own app CEO Ken Herman Ken thank you so much for joining me Tom we are in Chicago we are our hometown Ken it's always good to be here isn't it it's very nice to be in Chicago um pretty pretty busy last couple days for.

Me can you you haven't even been in the country and you're here this morning I saw you this morning and I'm like how are you still standing but you are we've got an exciting match here and a bright to start off foreign nice job there from the kalamoto sisters on the attack and you'll see two.

Different styles of play from the cow motos to the Brighton Johnson side calmos are like two brick walls are gonna get everything back stay in points grind it out I think you're going to see more of attack mode from Johnson and bright this long on the lob from Anna bright Johnson and bright two weeks ago app New.

Jersey open our silver medalists there had a good run came up a little short against Lawrence Drummond and Vivian David in that final they took last week off well let me rephrase that Anna bright took last week off Georgia went to Philadelphia last weekend and played beautifully and was Victorious there and.

Now here we are week three in a row Chicago open Georgia Johnson making her presence felt right there sliding over taking about 70 percent of the Court I'm trying to speed up that's a tough ball right there for Ken for her to speed up it is one of the things about Georgia and Anna is when they are on.

They are on they want a gold medal earlier this year foreign spot Punta Gorda you were there for that call yep that was kind of the big breakout that Anna bright kind of emerged in the pickleball scene and they've played several times since then they've been having great results every.

Event that they've been playing kawamoto sisters have also won this year on the tour they won our Cincinnati event right close to their hometown they're from Indiana are the kalamoto sisters and a bright Georgia Johnson Florida natives right on cue kalamoto's getting.

Everything back and Georgia Johnson a big forehand right there though Ken it's really going to be interesting I mean the strategy is pretty out there you've got a couple of big ball Strikers that are going to take the pace of the ball try to dictate Point playing the combo the sisters they just don't.

Miss it's interesting how Georgia and Anna are working on their softer game whereas in speaking with both the kawamoto sisters they're working at trying to get more offense right that's nice counter there from Jade kalamoto Jade kawamoto in the orange and red.

Left-handed Jackie kalamoto in the teal and purple right-handed three zero one so when they're on a pickleball court the kalamoto twins can't confuse you because one is Left-Handed one is right-handed but we're in there when they're in the Players Lounge I can't you can't tell them apart thank goodness.

They're wearing different clothes today as we say that Jackie turns around and looks at us and gives Ken a smile that's too funny that's nice leave right there from Jackie is that ball sails over her head Jackie and Jade's father is here cheering them on he came in from Indiana very very nice man very supportive and.

Very proud of both of his daughters that's nice aggressive play there from Jackie and like you said Ken it was the kalamotos the brick walls they play soft you know you have Anna bright and George Johnson I like to play hard not much soft game and both teams are working on that and you're seeing that right here early on in game one yep.

Points because you're seeing the kalamotos be a little more aggressive here and it's a 6-0 lead did you see this coming here Ken well I don't know if I saw it coming I I'm very fond of all four of these players and always wish the best and that they go out there and play their best pickleball but you you cannot come.

Out there and and go for poor shot selections especially if it's a it's a ball that's not attackable and Jackie and I'm sorry Georgia and uh Anna have pulled the trigger a couple times a little bit too soon but while we've got a little short break here I want to give a huge shout out we were in Philadelphia last week yes an unbelievable group of.

Volunteers Denise day her whole team there at the club we were so thankful and and appreciative being out there just a wonderful event and as we're apps trying to bring Pro pickleball and amateur pickleball to different regions through our partnership with USA pickleball very excited to bring the first professional pickleball event last.

Week to Philadelphia and we can't wait to go back in 2023. and that's great you had a great turnout in Philly last weekend great competition some good matches was keeping an eye on that all weekend as we come back in from this time out five or six zero lead for the kalamotos.

And nice ball right there from Anna bright finding a good angle and then and Georgia need to focus on getting good depth on their opening volleys to try to keep the sisters back foreign defense from Bright and Johnson but just too much attack from the kalamotos and it's a new Jade and Jackie kind of.

Coming at them aggressively now wow I mean this is impressive in the last match they took out Andrew Coop and Lauren stratman that's no you know no little feat Ken uh the draw was very top heavy one for the app pro Council Jade coming in you know the placements of the top eight seeds in the bracket.

Were all done by a coin toss so we had represented this from the pro Council and the app staff and referee staff and the draws were interspitting throughout the the brackets and this is where it came up but it was fair and uh it's very important to show complete transparency when doing the seedings for.

The draws and not for nothing you have to beat everyone eventually you know whether it's that first round second round third round you got to go through every good team eventually and the the cream is gonna rise to the top here oh wow what a drop there from Jackie.

Kalamoto beautiful touch you watch this little Inside Out forehand drop and it's dangerous too to do that when you have such athletic players on the other side you're almost begging them to come up quick side out for the kalamotos and you're seeing the pressure they're.

Putting on foreign nice ball there from Anna bright finding the backhand side of Jake kalamoto oh come on Wow all four of these ladies move so well Ken well they dude and that was a great example of just how talented Jackie and Jade are they were completely on defense and found a way to get the.

Offense got themselves back up at the kitchen line and made Anna and Georgia playing an additional six shots out there yeah and if I change the pattern that time popped it up I don't know if that was the right time they're done we've got pretty nice playing conditions we've got a 30 chance of rain this afternoon.

There's no wind mid 80s and we've got some humidity those players are definitely changing shirts but yes the overcast is helping right now it's cooled it off just a little both the girls dinks are clearing than that by maybe an inch or two so so low to the net.

We'll talk about that a little Ken why loaded the net what's the key there strategically keeping that ball low well you know it's interesting I was talking to Jackie and Jade earlier in the player's tent I mean these two girls are are uh very very con even tempered players but they're five foot three it's hard to get the ball out of their Strike.

Zone when they're not as tall as perhaps you know Anna or Georgia who are coming in at five foot seven so they're trying to keep their dinks down as low as they can not to put the ball in their Powerhouse and there it was right in her Powerhouse nice pull there from Jackie kalamoto and Jackie playing extremely well this first game.

A little flip roll down the middle and it's an 8-0 lead for the kalamotos oh that was one of the first times the cow motives were not up on the line they had pushed back a little bit yeah they got caught in transition right there couldn't work their way all the way up to the kitchen foreign.

Georgia got into town a little bit early she was up at uh the White Sox playing pickleball with the White Sox I saw it I saw you at Wrigley and they were at U.S cellular not U.S cellular anymore Guaranteed Rate yep great yet by Anna wow what coverage from Georgia Johnson too as Anna bright gets to this ball.

Look at the position she's in Georgia has to come over and cover the whole Court until Anna gets back Georgia does such a good job using her athleticism right there all right good spot so yeah Georgia JW and Julie Johnson were hanging out there playing pickleball with the mascot throwing out some balls JW's got quite.

An arm on him yeah I was quite an arm he was talking to me about it he told me all about it you know he wanted to bat he said they didn't let him take batting practice I think he was a little upset about that oh we've had great fan support here a lot of excitement for pickleball here in Chicago.

Nice Shot Cross Court there from Anna bright caught the line just wide there on that block from Jade kalamoto Brighton Johnson are on the board here oh nice finish there from Jackie kalamoto down the middle and what makes this so effective here Ken well first.

Off look at how she had her paddle up in that ready position she was just right there ready to set that ball on nothing you can do off the tape right there is blocks it with her hand but again not allowed we've got two courts being live stream Championship Court one.

And Championship core two and then where where were you just at Ken as well you were there for like 10 minutes I wasn't there for 10 minutes app growing the sport internationally have welcome both the English open and the Spanish open on the 2022 tour I spent a a day and a half in Madrid.

Your counterpart Laura McLaughlin big finish from Georgia McLaughlin is live streaming there live on app TV as well from all the excitement taking place with the Spanish open the two majors over in Europe are the English and the Spanish open so we're great to have established Partnerships with them Mark to clerk was there with a a great.

Sold-out crowd you know it's interesting that Europe's a little bit behind USA as far as the the the growth is there but just as far as players playing but the 400 people that were there and they must have had another 75-85 volunteers so much excitement and enthusiasm and and uh I wanted to get back here but then there.

Was part of me that didn't want to get back here I really was enjoying Madrid right but I certainly wanted to go out there and support them and uh we're probably about a week or so away from announcing our 2023 schedule and welcoming both the English and Spanish opens on board next year who knows maybe we'll send you an image riddle next year.

We'll put Laura back here in Chicago don't don't tease me with a good time Ken and you know she's out there in Morocco and I'm seeing all this and I'm like wow I'm like I'm in Highland Park I love it but no I this is one tournament I wouldn't miss it's nice and close you know the family my my kids live 10.

Minutes from here so it's always nice to come back here to Chicago for the Chicago open this is where it all started Dom it is Chicago's where we started Nike Park in Naperville I had a long talk with Dana about it the other day all right eight four they're continuing to close on the lead.

A little bit yeah it was an 8-0 lead here and Brighton Johnson answer with a 5-0 run of their own so far and still going on a rare Miss on that forehand dink from Georgia Johnson she does such a good job Ken she's so long her arms are so long she reaches that in for that forehand dink.

Foreign you're exactly right and I think as we're seeing that more and more from some of the top Pros anything they can do off the ability to lessen their opponent's time to get ready taking that ball early inside that kitchen line before Elena bounces are all things that we've really seen the game evolve in the.

Past 18 months yeah oh my goodness I mean Georgia Johnson goes around the post she hits this to the inside of Jackie Como to watch this Jackie overruns it yeah Echoes off of her right hip not her left hip and Jackie was there she was covered she saw it coming big point out here five eight if they can get another point.

On the board nice leave right there from Jackie kalamoto five eight ten on she keeps it in Jade Let It Go I think she thought it was gonna be out and I put a little flick of Thompson on that ball got around the side of the ball in a curved in yep and now.

Within two Georgia what hands foreign wow Georgia Johnson literally kept them in that point and Anna bright able to finish run followed by a 7-0 run and still going great ball oh man he did not get down.

For that ball at all she went down with her back time out dumb wow I mean kalamotos were in control up 8-0 cruising three points away from ending this first game Anna bright Georgia Johnson call timeout they got to 8-4 forced to calmoto's a call timeout now the commodore's burned their second after they score four more 2-8-0 runs by.

All four of these ladies Ken what's the difference here for Anna bright and Georgia Johnson though to come back well Anna Brighton and Georgia have done a good job of being a little bit more selective of when they're going to step up and go for their shot they're being a little bit more patient Kyle motors have lost their line they're not up on their.

Line as well as they were earlier and I still think there's some balls that they can take some chances on you know it's so important when you're when you're in that situation where you've had the Lee and they come back that you don't panic you go back to the basics a good return a good first volley getting the ball deep making your opponent get placed in.

A compromising position so I'm sure during the changeover those are some things hopefully the sisters were talking about each other we just got to go back to some Basics and reset and we'll see what adjustments the cow Moto's made in this timeout 8-8 here no answer here for the cow motos.

Jade did not move her feet on that ball she knows it foreign the court looks like Rhode Island and for the the for for you know Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson it looks like the Atlantic Sea they can't miss and look at everything just falling for him right now everything going the right.

Way foreign to stop that run they held off a game point there he's gonna play Georgia set herself up went out wide took Jackie out wide put the closing ball down the middle foreign.

Ticism right there you thought that she was out of position twice kamodo just didn't get it far enough to her backhand side there yeah they're doing a good job keeping that paddle up even if she was pulled out of position she kept her paddle up oh and right off the right hip Havana bright and the cow motives fight off.

Another game point but it'll be game point number three here for Brighton Johnson and they take the first game wow I mean two huge runs by all four of these ladies here but it is bright and Johnson on top game number one a game number two women's semi-final matchup Georgia Johnson Anna bright coming back.

After being down 8-0 to win 11-8 what a game for Johnson and bright let's see what kalamoto and kamodo can do coming back here in game number two the kalamoto sisters will have the sun in their eyes now but again very very little breeze out here actually pretty ideal pickleball conditions.

actually good leave right there from Jackie kalamoto nice finish there from Anna bright and Brighton Johnson pick right up where they left off from game number one one zero two point a little wide from Jackie calmoto.

And Jade and Jackie have no answer right now for Georgia Johnson and Anna bright foreign they are just not missing our Georgia Johnson and Anna bright right now they're not giving up anything a couple breaks have been following their way foreign.

That's a nice point for Jackie kalamoto right there she put a lot of pressure on both Georgia and Anna bright right there and see jammed Anna off of the left hip a little more offense rubber Cal Motors finally get back on the board they hadn't scored they had been out.

Scored 13-0 going from game one to game two oh good coverage there from Georgia Johnson as Anna bright tried to go around the post she had it she had it good cover though from kawamoto foreign right there and I'd like to see bright slow one of those down she got.

Into it one or two okay get back slow it get back into a rhythm she was trying to prove a point there it seemed like but one thing I will say that Anna's doing better last a couple weeks ago again app New Jersey Anna found herself getting off of her line a little bit off of the pace that Vivian and Lauren were throwing at her so today she's done a.

Very good job of holding on to her line and really dictating the point when when she's had to go ouch oh when it's right there for Jade kalamoto down the line just over hits this a tad that time man I came in on that ball her.

Follow through did not lift up she flapped her wrist over that's why that ball went into the net Georgia so quick her hands are so fast Ken that she's able to adjust to those speedups well when she doesn't start them right oh nice read there from Jackie in the.

Middle Ken but that's the kamamoto sisters gain a little more offense of taking some chances out there they realize they've gotta tweak things a little bit here they're down by two but I'm sensing that they're trying to work on some different patterns it's a sensing the cow Motors get a.

Little frustrated right now with Brighton Johnson being able to get everything back and are frustrating them that they usually are the ones doing that to to opponents well yeah Dom that's a great observation you're right about that so that's again why the kalamoto sisters are going to have to take some chances here and find.

Some balls that are in their power zones and and see if they can't cause a little bit more damage three two one three two two a little wide right there from Anna bright and a much needed side out there for the cow Motors try and keep this momentum.

Going get back in this match needing game two to force a third game well done nice crossover good job moving forward on that ball evening offensive LOB ster.

Oh and off the tape right there Bright getting a little love right there off that tape and nothing that Jackie kalamoto could do right there again all the breaks seem to be going Georgia and Anna Missouri right now that's a good ball there from Anna bright finding a little bit of a hole she had Jade pulled all the way to that.

Sideline find that hole in the middle there she is stepping in that's exactly what we talked about interesting also that the kawamoto sisters are returning more balls down the middle of the Court they were returning a little bit more to the corners game one I wonder if they're trying to take down the angles of Georgia.

And Anna by going down the middle wow what a point for the cow Motors again pulling Anna bright completely off Georgia does her job here covers middle gets that back but you're only two ladies on the court you can't cover all that ground when one of your partner one of your partners is off the court.

Nice Point construction from the kalamotos three three two nice dig from Jade oh turning defense into offenses Jackie and Jade kalamoto beautifully done work their way up to the kitchen line and then that backhand flip from Jackie down the middle.

We've got a packed house over on cc2j George's brother JW is over there right now in the first game playing with deckle bar good finish there from Anna bright as she stayed consistent the cow Motors were on defense that whole time answer.

Tough ball for Georgia Johnson handle is Jackie calmoto Clips the tape and a nice drop right there from Johnson want to do a shout out to Laura McLaughlin she's over at the app Spanish open right now they are streaming those matches on app TV both on Facebook and YouTube but.

They're in bed over there right now so so you people will have to probably watch the repeat on those but Lauren's been over in Europe and uh was able to spend a couple days with the team over there and and uh a lot of excitement with pickleball growing in the country of Spain.

Forced there there from Jackie and a time out from Jade and Jackie kalamoto as Brighton Johnson in control here now up 6-4 in game number two after taking game one 11-8 here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus let's take a look at our bracket and how we got to this point on.

The women's Pro double side Jackie and Jay kalamoto took out your one seed Andrew Coop and Lauren stratman to move on to face Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson who took out Sarah ansberry and Corinne Carr other matchup going on on an outer Court Mary brasha and Susanna Barr taking on Etta right and Lee Whitwell.

Whitwell and Wright had a retirement win over zarjim and pediga Maite I heard that jajim got hit in the hand off of her partner and then rashan Barr took out Vivian David and Alex trong to earn their spot in the other semi-final so as we come back from this time out.

Kalamoto is looking to answer here and slow down the momentum of Anna bright and Georgia Johnson I'm in 6 14. and a break to serve on second server here up by two and right now it just seems like the cow motives are on their heels a little bit because of the pressure now that Johnson and Brett are putting on them Ken well.

It's interesting Dom a player makes an air and pickleball when they tend to change the direction of the ball the shop before them we saw Jade change the direction of a Down the Line ball trying to go across court with it she maybe should have worked the point a little bit more a bit a little bit more steady within the rally.

Nice ball from Johnson and she set that up she was waiting for that ball and she could reach in and flip middle she had Jade kamoto pulled to the sideline created a hole in the middle she found it foreign down the middle again from Anna bright they're pulling the kawamoto sisters out.

Wide and then doing that one-two punch with the first one out wide second one then going hard down the middle again there's the pressure from Brighton Johnson they are just firing on all cylinders they're on their toes the komodos are on their heels everything is moving forward for Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson right.

Now time out yeah and the cow mode is calling that time out and so what's happening right now Ken is again the cow Moto's on their heels it's tough for them to kind of move up as you have Johnson and bright putting on so much pressure what do they need to do to change that oh gosh I I think two things first thing.

They've got to be able to do is see if there's some balls that they can take out of their opponent's strike zones a little bit trying to make them a little bit more vulnerable that they can go in there and try to be able to dictate second thing they got to be able to do is ask yourself why are they getting caught in that position to begin with so.

I would take a look and see what shots they're giving Anna in Georgia right now and seeing what's not working off of that pattern there yep are they maybe they should take some balls more down the middle is it look like they were doing at the early stages of this game but then as they're volleying you know you can either volleyball out wide to.

Your point and you can try to handcuff them down the middle and I wonder if those are some things that they should take a look at to see if that's what's putting them in that so-called spider's web to where they're not able to take the offense next up on Championship Court here we have a good one deckle bar and J.W Johnson taking on the 27 seed.

Can out of Minnesota anik lohani and amrick donkina will take on a Johnson and Barr next up here on Championship court but before that it is all Georgia Johnson and Anna bright right now leaning in putting pressure on.

And that's a frustrated Jackie kalamoto right there trying to make something happen on a low ball and it'll give Brighton Johnson match point that will do it right there down the middle from Georgia Johnson with an 11-4 victory in game number two after taking game one 11-8 Ken that's a 22-4 run to.

End it for Brighton Johnson great match by these ladies they're moving on to the winner bracket final we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back I'll talk to Georgia Johnson and Anna bright get their thoughts on this matchup and what it's like to move on to the winner bracket final here coming up this afternoon at the app Chicago open.

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2022 APP Chicago Pickleball Open Pro Women’s Doubles: Bright/Johnson vs Kawamoto/Kawamoto