The Chicago River downtown Chicago where you take the architecture tour if you guys have ever been down there something you definitely want to catch they also turned that River green at St Patrick's Day always interesting to see back in my hometown is Chicago we got a good match up here Lauren stratman Julian Arnold taking on.

Saransberry Rock the Hewitt game to 15 here on the lower side of the bracket teams trying to fight to stay alive here and move on on that bottom side of the bracket zero zero two zero zero one split in the middle right there thank you.

Zero zero one yep zero zero two still zero zero here I step in from Lauren stratman right there on the two-hander zero zero one teams trade side outs early here in this game to 15. stratman and Arnold on the board first.

Here 1-0 it nice digs from stratman but then that ball off the tape funky spin on it um from stratman I don't think she was expecting that last ball yep zero one one off the tape right there unfortunate for strongman nothing she can do on that.

One one and she's moving to her left though able to get that forehand up with that ball down 2-1 lead here for Hansberry and Hewitt two one one come on so yeah.

One two one yes sir let's go here yeah one two two a little long there on the return from ansberry all tied at two foreign nice step in there from Julian Arnold is he would try to go two in a backhand.

Down the line on Arnold he read it really well it'll step back in the middle and finish good hands for mansbury off the tape but stratman we get to love that time after she was on the unfortunate end of a couple of those great counter from Sarah Hansberry gets.

On top of that ball punches that down so so oh what ansbury a rare Miss right there cross court on the forehand will give stratman and Arnold a 3-2 lead you nice finish there from Julian Arnold he was full extension twice in the middle of that point.

Just keeping them in that and they double up answering Hewitt 4-2 teams will switch ends here at eight this is one game to 15. and Sarah ansberry just punching that ball right through the middle nice spot foreign big forehand there from Lauren stratman they have a quick side out.

Maintain their two-point lead nice dig from scrapman wow what hands there from Rafael Hewitt but Julian Arnold just a little too much right there he's able to go inside outside on Rafa Hewitt they take a 5-2 lead again with the Ernie putting pressure on stratman and Arnold.

He was apologizing to Arnold Arnold's saying it's all good going right at the body of Julian Arnold a little inside out for him there from Hewitt Arnold all over it a little finger wag too foreign Miss hit both of those balls her return was off the edge.

And then her swinging volley was off almost a handle go nice finish there and a good speed up stratman was there coming back but Arnold covered and it's a 6-2 stratman Arnold lead oh great defense from Arnold stratman just not able to get that next one down six two two.

All good spot there from Rafa Hewitt going sideline on Lauren stratman earn the side out good aggressive serve there from Rafa Hewitt forcing the air off the paddle of Lawrence stratman and Hewitt within three six two.

Oh and nothing Andrew could do right there is Julian Arnold getting all the net love right there that just rolls over and drops oh and nice Cross Court drop there from Julian Arnold does he recognize zansberry coming up a little slow on the.

Stack she just drops it in the vacated area oh Arnold I mean he saw so much open court I don't know if he knew what to do with it here he watched the two in a backhand speed up and look how much Court he has and he had Rafa Hewitt facing the other way too he's gonna go back and watch this.

Match and be like how did I miss that he finishes there beautifully foreign stratman handling everything until the last one he finds an opening that's such a good drop there for me Hewitt coach just a little long there on the Finish 741.

Let's drop from stratman full scramble mode for stratman and Arnold right back in it has been the easy ball from Stratford she would say too is the easiest ball that she had in that whole point I can't believe she can't believe she missed that one seven four two.

yep 471 oh that's a good speed up right there at the left shoulder of Sarah ansberry by Lauren stratman foreign just off the tape right there and Hewitt within two now.

Five seven two foreign 's on it right there well we're in Hewitt now within one six seven a little long right there from you it got a little excited I think.

Stratman and Arnold slow the bleeding down a little bit still have a point lead here that's tough speed up right there from Hansberry as shradman was a good four or five feet behind the kitchen line which gives her a little bit of time right there to read the attack from ansberry she attacks forces to pop up.

And Arnold there for the put away 8-6 lead here for stratman and Arnold his players will switch ends a free time out here let's see what goes over paddle taps with Arnold and stratman we have a good one here two-point lead for stratman and Arnold trying to move on on that lower half of.

The draw we'll take a look at where we're at Cooper navratil and kamodo and bar seem to still be battling out on cc2 ansberry and Hewitt stratman and Arnold here game to 15 winner gets Anna Brighton Dylan Frazier who took out Corinne Carr and DJ Young 15-7 other match on that bottom half is at a.

Right and Thomas Wilson will be taking on Mary brasha and James eggnodeowich the game to 15. but one ticket already punched Johnson and Johnson JW and Georgia that is moving on to that winter bracket final six and three over Vivian David and Hunter Johnson.

Bob unitich are USA pickleball certified referee here on Championship Court ansbury paddle all re-wrapped ready to go eight six one eight six lead here for stratman and Arnold on the edge that is a huge point right there for Lauren stratman as she was dialed in.

With the forehand someone in the stands just yelled hit it a little harder stratman mine as well she's coming in hot there on the third fifth and seventh shot yo yo Arnold what a reed right there as he comes over on the Ernie from ansberry.

Reads it well Hewitt has to come over and cover he goes behind or off of Hewitt and a 10-6 lead for scrapman and Arnold a nice finish there from Rafa Hewitt big forehand there good D from Arnold did everything he could serve Relentless attack there from Julian Arnold on Sarah ansberry second.

Server here it's very new at trying to get back in this game the 15. oh and he gets it on the sideline does ansbury if you watch Arnold trying to make something happen here gets handcuffed and still able to keep that ball in.

Foreign upset with herself on that that's a ball that she thinks she can handle a little better answer and Hewitt here they come within two here wow what a speed up right at the body by Rafa Hewitt and ansberry and Hewitt within one.

Don't look now we were tied at two at one point way back when but we are all tied up again now at 10. foreign just a 10-6 lead by stratman and Arnold that is all gone and we are all tied at 10. you yeah that's a nice speed up down the.

Line by Julian Arnold as they slow that run down from Sarah ansberry and Rafa Hewitt Hansberry goes a little wide right there they went on a 4-0 run that has now stopped and it's a short little 2-0 run from stratman and Arnold to get right back in this and take that lead back in this game to 15. so you're eight seed.

And 12 seed battling it out on the lower half of the bracket winner moves on losers looking forward to men's and women's Pro doubles tomorrow check out how things are going on the other half and that kalamoto bar Coupe navratil match still going on on Championship court number two this is a quick timeout momentum.

Changer for Andrew and Hewitt oh and Arnold just handcuffing Sarah ansberry right there just enough to give you an update Cooper navratil took game one by a score of 11-2 and are up 6-1 in game number two oh.

Wow for human from one sideline to the next going around the post here Arnold having to play that can't get it up and back over still on serve here stratman and Arnold a little wrist flick there from Lauren Stratton gives her and partner Julian Arnold a.

14-10 lead here in this game to 15. one point away from moving on the lower half it looks like navratil and coop in control over on a championship court number two one game in hand and a 6-1 lead in game number two it's very in Hewitt.

Trying to Pro along this match and Arnold have a match point on their paddle in Lauren stratman possibly playing an out ball here as Julian Arnold trying to tell her to back off she doesn't and his service to ansberry and Hewitt oh yeah baby.

Just a little wide off the paddle of Lawrence stratman and they are grinding here come on inch by inch Point by Point here come ansberry and Hewitt yeah yeah Rafa Hewitt is fired up here three.

Straight points and since the timeout coming and Julian Arnold does call it as they still have a one-point lead in this game to 15. but Rafa Hewitt feeling it right now fired up playing very hard very fast and they are still on first server here in this game to 15. trailing by one.

So on life support here on the bottom half of this bracket again winner of this moves on and faces Anna bright and Dylan Frazier in a game to 15. to continue moving on on that bottom half players ready to go Rafa Hewitt feeling it right now as he is taking over the last three points.

To get him and partner Sarah amsbury within one and they leave that one go sails a little long so far so good on the timeout call from Arnold and stratman oh I love it yeah another Match Point here.

It's for Arnold and stratman stratman's third bigger than that we'll have one more opportunity here you look fired up they hold two more match points it'll be Sarah annsbury to serve down 13 14. stratman bunch of junk on that as she.

Spun that right at Sarah Hansberry too thank you oh the chicken wing block from Rafa Hewitt just keeping them alive here you see that what inside out chicken wing and we are all tied at 14.

Ladies and gentlemen Rafa Hewitt fire right now and he gives him and Sarah annsbury a match point roster Hewitt and Sarah Hansberry fight all the way back down 14-10 they fight off three match points to win 16 14. what a comeback from Sarah amsbury and Rafa Hewitt let's check out that Lexus point of the.

Match It's gotta be Rafa Hewitt right let's check it out here it is Warren stratman sir Rafa getting that ball off the tape coming here around the post beautifully done from Rafa Hewitt as he works sideline the sideline back in ATP Arnold can't handle it.

And Rafa Hewitt and Sarah annsbury answer come all the way back down 14-10 to win 16-14 we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back more action here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus foreign
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