Welcome back here to Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus for four and five seeds coming up next here on Championship Court trying to move on to play Andrea Coop and Zane navratil give your four seed Jade kalamoto and Deco bar taking on your five seed Anna bright and Dylan.

Frazier another good matchup for you here on Championship core players finished with their warm-ups and looks like all four players set and ready to go here in this quarterfinal matchup take a look at your bracket as two tickets have been punched to the.

Semifinals the match you just saw JW and Georgia Johnson taking out Susanna Barr and Gabriel tardio you also saw the Andrea Coop Zane Mavericks Hill match up against Lawrence Chapman and Julian Arnold winner of this match gets Coop and navratil.

We are ready to go here on Championship Court and a bright to serve to Jade kalamoto a little long on the forehand from Deco bar that's good dig Cross Court there from Dylan Frazier putting pressure on Deco.

Bar who's sitting middle hard two zero two goes backside and burns them on the backhand side you tackle sitting right there in the middle that's the vulnerability right there Dylan Frazier chooses to go hard backside on Deco bar he can get a little.

Off balance and Anna bright there with the beautiful Ernie and put away and that's exactly you see what the game plan is here from Frazier and bright they are not trying to really single out kalamoto but they are trying to keep duckle bar honest gain them a 4-0 lead here early.

Oh and kalamoto plays an out balls don't you think she realized where she was on the court get away with it though and a much needed side out to slow that run by Brighton Frazier speed up right at the body of decobar by Frasier.

One four two wow what a lob from deckle bar as he finds the corner perfectly over the head of Anna bright so you're gonna see a lot of out of Deco bar if deco's gonna take the third he'll drive that third and then drop the fifth one likes to play power and then soft foreign.

Again Frazier trying to make something happen right there like to see him just stay in that point work for the next shot foreign watch him come in here be aggressive on this drive from kalamoto nothing Frazier can do at that point.

Oh I'm sorry I thought apologies referee correction we will replay that point three fours two so referee error sausage ball was called out it wasn't and replay the point and that is exactly what Jade kalamoto will do she will frustrate you to no end by getting every single.

Ball back just like she does right there Frazier attempts to drop shot goes into the net and all tied here at four in game number one four four two three four four one me.

Nice ball down the line from Anna bright she sneaks this right past Deco bar one let me regain the lead oh nice pull from kalamoto but Frasier all over it in the middle here we go six four one.

Point seven four one okay good pressure there from Deco bar keeping Dylan Frazier back not allowing him to come back up and get in that point four two come on and I finish from bar again this match.

Not much different than most matches a game of Runs 4-0 run from Frazier and bright to start answered by a 4-0 run from kamoto and Bar and then bright and Frazier answer with a 3-0 run of their own to regain that lead man nice ball from Anna bright backside on deckle bar.

Seeing cow Moto attack a little more than I usually do and I'd like to see her just keep that ball low in the points let Deco get big and take over instead of her trying to initiate the speed UPS upright she looks at Dylan Fraser and goes wow that was loud.

When she said that one foreign just long on the flip from Frazier tough ball to flip right there as it balls that is shoe tops just inside the kitchen line two four seven one foreign.

Yes come on that's it right there that's what I want to see out of calamoto much better Point construction throughout that point didn't try and speed anything up unnecessarily and they get on the board again let's drive right there from kalamoto on forced air from Brighton Frazier kamodo and bar within.

One you ouch oh yes long from the flick off the paddle of Deco bar but still on second server here trying to even this first game up thank you unforced air from Anna bright on the overhead will tie things up here at.

Seven oh nice reach in from Deco bar using his length and his size to put this ball away on the backhand easy reach in there again more Runs 4-0 run 4-0 run and Brighton Frazier pull away with a 3-0 run to go up 7-4 but then cow Moto and bar answer with.

Another 4-0 run of their own to take a one point lead here in this quarterfinal matchup at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus trying to move on whenever this match gets the one seed Andrea Coop and Zane navratil in the semifinals check and see where we're at on the other side is.

We had the last match up Georgia and J.W Johnson move on in three over Barr and tardio and on the top side you're six seed Vivian David and Hunter Johnson taking out Simone jargime and Federico stacksrude 4 11 11 9 11 8. they will face off against Johnson and Johnson in that semi-final matchup.

Type in yeah 832 eight seven as we return from this time out yep oh that's just not gonna work down that line is Deco bar covers that so well uses every bit of his 6-4 frame and reach to get that ball from Anna brightness she tries to sneak that.

Backside they will take a meet here at eight seven nine excuse me nine seven seven nine one oh good hands from Deco bar as he handles that ball off the tape so well makes it look so easy as that Ball's coming in hot slows up off the tape but.

Just well is that ball down at the feet of Annabelle no gets away with playing an out ball as Frazier takes another one off the net I'm gonna go nine seven one second server that's what's gonna happen.

You get a big serve like taco bar he's gonna live and die with that serve he's gonna make some mistakes with it but I've talked with him numerous times about it he'll live and die with those mistakes if he makes a couple mistakes he's fine with it because of the advantage it gives him when he keeps it in play.

Yeah big finish from taco bar right there it's funny you see the speed UPS more or less trying to go at Deco bar most of the time because of the hands of kalamoto and how she keeps everything in play but it is a game point for comodo and bar here.

Couldn't even see it didn't even realize where it was it doesn't matter because that ball is out and game one two Komodo and bright or kalamoto and bar over Brighton Frazier 11-7 we'll take a commercial break when we come back we'll have game number two here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus.

Game one two Jade kalamoto and Deco bar 11-7 over Anna Brighton Dylan Frazier game number two ready to begin Jade cow Moto to serve d cow Moto in bar pickup right where they left off one zero two no Wright gets a ball that she can.

Handle more times than not but just over hits this and again it's about Deco bar right there she's trying to be perfect on that line because Deco takes up so much space that if she doesn't hit it perfect he's gonna get it and that's what I want to see I want to.

See Frasier and bright keep bar honest that's how they went on their runs in game number one by going behind bar keeping him honest not trying to speed up behind him but think behind him get him back on his side he's more comfortable playing in the middle that's what Anna Bright's trying to do right there go backside on him but just.

Again over hits it foreign that's it right there if they're gonna speed up you gotta speed up at bar last one you want to speed up is that cow Moto combo is going to get everything back now not saying get in the hands battle with decobar you're gonna speed something up speed it.

Up low Adam nice ball there from Brighton she finally is able to get that ball down at the sideline behind Deco bar quick adjustment to their hands because she was sitting forehand she gets that paddle whipped around to that backhand side and able to complete one to put.

Away that's it right there and again Anna bright figuring it out right there she kind of dialed herself in she was over hitting the first two now the last two she's found some success nice defense by bright on there on the post oh and then she goes right at the body.

Of Deco Parr great defense by Anna bright on the beautiful ATP from Deco bar Moto with the Ernie just wide Cross Court there from calamoto nice grind by Anna bright or by Anna bright and Dylan Frazier there.

Oh good finish right there from Dylan Frazier and Anna bright in a time out here from kalamoto and Bar as bright and Frazier take a two-point lead here up 4-2 in game number two trying to force our third game here in this semi or quarterfinal matchup excuse me good timeout though from.

Bar and cow Moto to slow that momentum down all right as these players just kind of chill and relax during this time out not much being said trying to slow that momentum of Anna bright and Dylan Frazier.

Lead here for Brighton Frazier right out of the timeout all right trying to speed that up in the middle even if she does get that up and over that's a tough spot to speed up as both kawamoto and bars forehands are sitting right there in the middle.

This angle there from Dylan Frazier three four two go out out speed up from bar Frasier all over it for the side out here four three two oh yeah again another good coverage from.

Anna bright on the ATP from bar but not able to get that ball down thank you three four one cow Moto and Bar attempting to get even this match back up here at four oh and Frazier going behind Deco bars he tried to get big in the middle right there got a little off balance.

On the forehand Ed a little long on the lob attempt from Deco bar and side out to Brighton Frazier four three two it's hands from Komodo Works her way back in but can't finish that forehand and Frazier.

And bright back on the board up by two and a bright finds the around the post but just over hits it a little and goes long that's the big serve right there or big third that I'm looking for on a deco bar it's so aggressively gets a lot of topspin on it I'd like to see him hit that right now and work four five one to.

That fifth shot has Arthur and sets up the fifth and the seventh for the put away five five one hard third soft fifth two sorry fortunate for Brighton Frazier is bar tipped the top of the.

Net allowed them to stay in that but just a little too much Deco bar there in the end a nice speed up there from Dylan Frazier again right at the body of decobar five six one two yeah oh and Anna bar or Anna bright.

Going just a little wide right there she tries to flip that down the line five six two sign up six five one defense on me around the post from deckle bar you know.

She just misses the Baseline right there does Deco bar it's a big serve big third here dropped fifth serve not a big third drop third from bar come on any handcuffs Dylan Fraser right there but a good decision on the drop third right there because it was low.

Short it'd be hard for bar to drive that ball he'll drive more of the thirds that are deeper turns five seven one all bar in position right there he knew that this his speed up was going to come back he was ready for it but one can't get it up and over and.

Brighten Frazier back within one and good leave and good talk there from Deco bar foreign again that's tough ball for Anna bright to keep in this bar really gets on top of their speed up Barnard bright not able to roll that and keep that in.

A great counter from Anna brightest all deckle bar could do his laugh as he walks back to the Baseline he knows that is right in Enterprise wheelhouse and bright fired up here on the side out as they don't give up anymore are still within one here trying to.

Answer and force a third game all bigger on the post there from calmoto and again it's the defensively around the post watch Fraser able to get it back in but not too much with it and Bar able to put that away and a nice.

Offensive timeout here from Deco bar and Jade kalamoto is they sense things have gotten a little stagnant they've been on seven for a while have had a lead but not able to extend it so we're gonna call the offensive timeout regroup come back in here after this time out and try and put something on the board.

Here to punch their ticket to the semifinals thank you guys for joining us here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus decobar Jade kalamoto your four seat taking on Anna bright and Dylan Frazier your five Seed Cow Moto and bright taking game 11-7 if kamodo and bar excuse me can end this.

In two and move on as you see our weather conditions here in Highland Park Illinois just outside of Chicago just north of Chicago off the lake temperatures 85 Degrees mostly sunny wind been gusting a little bit 13 miles per hour.

Deco bar comes back in to serve big serve see a big third here with the reset beautifully done work their way in um bright trying to speed something up that's tough she's on that sideline it's a tough spot to do that with high part of the net not many options right there and a great.

Time out from bar and cop Moto as they get on the board live from Frazier and calamoto and Bar start to pull away and two points after Barn call Moto call timeout bright and Frazier will call their own trying to slow this momentum as cow Moto and bar within two of moving on to the semifinals.

Teams vying for a spot on Championship Sunday in mixed doubles gold medal match two matches are already set Anna bright who you see on court with us right now will be taking on Salome DaVita in the women's Pro singles gold medal match and on the other side it's J.W Johnson taking on Federico stacksrude in the.

Men's Pro singles gold medal match coming for you on Sunday morning into the afternoon tomorrow men's and women's Pro doubles all day long but today it's all about those mixed doubles matchups and we got a good one here on Championship Court pitting your four and.

Five seeds Jekyll bar on first serve here as they come in from timeout and Zach will borrowed that big serve big third causing the pop-up and finish we'll give Jade kalamoto and decobari match point foreign.

That third goes in or four fifth goes in it does and Deco bar and Jade kalamoto will move on to the semifinals taking out Anna bright and Dylan Frazier 11-7 11-6 we'll take a commercial break when we come back I'll talk with Deco bar and Jade cowmon to get their thoughts on this quarterfinal matchup here from the.

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2022 APP Chicago Pickleball Open Pro Mixed Doubles: Kawamoto/Bar vs Bright/Frazier