Back here on a championship Court me and Adam Stone we're a little slot happy right now but that's okay we got another good match for you here to finish out our day Championship Sunday your one seed JW and Georgia Johnson taking on your sixth seed and a bright and Dylan Frazier so not much rest here for.

Frasier and J.W Johnson because it just came off the court Frazier picking up that gold medal with the Askew Johnson picking up the silver medal with Deco bar yeah so uh Dom you know as as a current uh even though it's been a while since I played current Pro Player you know I'm lucky enough to get into one event one.

Championship Sunday so all four of these players on the court have already played one and or two and and coming back for three so uh it'll be interesting to see if possibly you know we're all they're all professionals out there but everyone on the court is pretty dang young we'll see if maybe some of the positive things previous in the day or or things that.

Didn't go their way can possibly leak over into this match right you're exactly right and so moving forward so as of right now we have a let's see JW Johnson's got two silver medals uh Anna bright has two Silvers and Dylan Fraser has one gold and Georgia Johnson has one silver one.

Silver they've all meddled yes right right not so far today obviously and upright looking for a gold of her own the the veteran on court at in her mid-20s exactly and there's a shot of our bracket and how we got here as Johnson and Johnson took out Vivian.

David and Hunter Johnson in the semifinal Andrea Coop and Deco Barr oh I'm sorry Andrew Coop insane Mavericks Hill beat Deco bar and Jack Jade kalamoto it was not Jackie and then Johnson Johnson moved on but Cooper navratil lost to Brighton Frazier in that bronze medal match and so putting Johnson and Johnson versus Brighton.

Frazier in this gold medal match here in our final gold medal match of Championship Sunday and it's been a doozy Dom I'll tell you what it ever even if we didn't go to the game to 15 and most of the games have been very tight and uh it's it's been some quality stuff from from all of our our competitors today well we've gone to how.

Many games in 15. is it two or three three is it three yeah last one went to 15 didn't it yeah yeah wow so that's right yeah so three out of four that's crazy three out of four and that's why it's four o'clock in the afternoon a lot of times Championship Sunday could end at like three o'clock yeah not today we're getting our last match started at.

Four because we've gone three games to 15. the only one that didn't was the women's Pro singles where Salome DaVita that's right over Hannah Bright so it was uh I mean some of the best matches we've seen all weekend I think they're gonna let it fly out there dog I really do I see like man you.

Know maybe 10 to 15 dinks in the match they're just gonna go for it let it fly do their thing speed it up speed it up clean it up and it's going to be we're gonna have some good fire fights here regardless with these four players here and I I love how you're like Yeah Anna bright.

The veteran out here at like 24. all right so uh she's the only non-teenager I believe is that correct yeah yeah or or is JW 19 or 20. I know JW and Dylan are both either 19 or 20. so uh and Georgia not even close 15 to the 20 year old threshold honestly in Georgia probably hits the hardest ball yeah seriously.

Yeah seriously so so great going to be a great match so far are going to be a great match we know that for sure um but again it's it's a the old adage of pickleball and old person sport you watching right now yeah yeah you watch today guys watch anybody today.

You can play Pickleball at any level dinkin Duncan just trying to get a few balls back over or playing at the level of these guys it can be a game or it can be a sport and it has been a sport all day long Dom yeah it's been a great day again four of our matches done waiting for this last match to get underway the Johnson siblings taking on Dylan.

Frazier and Anna bright looks like we are about to get underway yeah you know those those special Partnerships whether it's a family member or maybe a significant other other you know you kind of have that special Edge but at the same time it's also difficult because you spend so much time with that person and then to be on.

The court with them as well so you have a special connection and you kind of know which the other person is doing but at the same time it is tough mentally to stay totally focused with a sibling or a significant other yes that's why you do not see a lot of significant others playing together and also siblings yeah that's right well.

Corinne Carr and myself tried for a little while and we had to pull the rip cord on that experiment we might get we might get back into it next year but we'll just have to see but we've we've called it a we've taken a break from it yes that's right you want to save your your recent marriage yeah no for sure relationships are hard enough and you.

Know if if on court is causing any issues you might as well just uh yeah just switch it up the last thing you need is an eye roll on the court yes right right right which leads to the dinner table yeah that's right yep leave it at the court all right looks like a ball has been chosen the picture has been taken oh we.

Got well look we got Neil meter at a professional heckler with his bag of Lay's potato chips classic oh my goodness online Troll and uh in person Heckler you gotta have one or two of those Dom makes it interesting it does it does well Jeff Warnick and Johnny Goldberg aren't here.

I miss those days all right those were fun days oh Jeff that's it is a good time great timing on some of his call outs I hope to you know I'm not making it to the West Coast as much anymore so I miss seeing Jeff it looks like we are ready to go Georgia Johnson to serve.

But Johnson's coming out of the winter bracket so if they do win the two out of three it will be over a Frazier and bright win will go to the game to 15. told you that was one dink that's one dink of 15. 15 for the match this mixed Pro gold medal match brought.

To you by Selkirk sport Selkirk one of our paddle sponsors here on the app tour let's get none there yeah it was a great job of Frasier leaning middle and then catching that ball back behind him and just couldn't do enough with it oh nice job of Anna bright getting on top of that ball yes for sure I mean.

Locked and loaded on that forehand slaps it down foreign from the beginning for sure it really was I can't believe that serve stayed in but all players very comfortable with each other uh uh Dylan Frazier and J.W Johnson played many tournaments together tons of practice between Anna bright J.W.

Johnson and Georgia Johnson down in uh the Miami side of Florida as well so people these guys know what's going on with their opponents nice job by Georgia Johnson taking control right there and we've seen it a couple times where if that ball goes to the middle and goes to space she rocks it with two hands and if it comes to the.

Body she's going one I like that adjustment from her you never saw that a few months ago and I really like uh her mixing it up with that with that backhand wing foreign Georgia Johnson electing go with the short hop dink one of my favorites as well but made an.

Error there I said that yesterday when we were watching Georgia dink I said it's very similar to how you like to taking this right Adam is especially on that forehand you like to short hop that date Georgia does it so well as as well nice job of sliding on the kitchen line by Dylan Frazier right there the crab.

Walk the AJ Kohler special and the best one of the best crab Walkers out there and I mean it's a funny name and I'm kind of joking as JW Johnson smacks his forehead uh but a crab walk at the kitchen lines a real skill I mean that's super important uh especially in mixed oh baby there's a big two-hander she says uh two.

Hands on this one no money here wow talk about that a little bit Adam that crap walk what you're being what you mean by that that is lateral movement on the kitchen light so you're not turning and running anywhere you're just shuffling and the players that can cover a lot of court with that crab walk.

Oh I just missed oh she's coming in hot right there yes but they can cover the court with the crab walk when the say for instance the ladies are dinking Cross Court they can get in there with that forehand in the middle and they can also do it on the fourth six eighth shots as well keeping pressure on their.

Opponents come on I slap one of my favorites too I like how Dylan Frazier kind of gets low with his lower body and just kind of loose arm slaps that forehand a really good option for put away power yeah Dylan Fraser catching J.W Johnson in the body a few points ago not that.

Time JW right on that ball with the forehand counter foreign nice leave there good talk from JW Johnson yeah nice job by Georgia uh kind of leading with that palm and that wrist and and manipulating that ball back behind Dylan she actually had a little opening too I.

Know I know that was a low ball to attack but Dylan came all the way over to get that that Dink and was kamikazeing back to the left side so I think there was a window in the middle just couldn't quite find it I like the combo from Dub yep uh but Dylan Fraser stepping over nicely protecting his partner.

JW executing shot one but not shot two oh what hands from Frasier right there just ready for that Johnson speed up I mean you're on it you're on it right Dom it was so short yeah so short and able to not hit his forehand back to the JW Johnson forehand getting that over to JW's backhand side much less.

Power over there all right and even on that flick right there he's not trying to hit a winner he's trying to make you pop that next one up exactly all it's he's trying to Pretzel you just get you any form of off balance because if you are off balance in any percentage at all he's gonna light you up on that next uh two or.

Three balls second server yeah this old Start the Fire that's also the Ben John special just start the fire and trust your hands basically as long as it's not a bad attack right it doesn't even have to be a good one just as long as it's not bad then trust your hand speed and J.W.

Johnson has plenty of that okay wow great job of Frasier getting on top of both of those it's so good I talked about it with the non-tennis player covering that face and that body so well you know what's interesting about JW's two-handed backhand you watch him a lot of times after he hits that.

He'll hit with that two-hander and then he'll take that that hand off really quick almost like a baseball player okay we'll take it and finish he takes that hand off kind of early foreign oh oh wow what a point I did everything in that.

Point everything unbelievable wow hand speed resets firefight scam scramble there was a lob mixed in there yeah everything there but a time out here from the Johnson's down eight two and so the more you sit here and you you watch Georgia Johnson planning get back to her again is and we talked about the you know the short hop dink you know and.

It's a it's a reflection of like how you how you think about Adam she hits flat kind of like you do a little bit right right and now and then I we talked about earlier about how she gets a third shot like Susanna Barr and what it is is it's it's a player a young player who isn't afraid to say I want to do this I want to do.

This right you think that she's not studying you and she plays you know MLP with Susanna right you think she's not learning she's a sponge right now that's right and learning from everybody she watches and saying okay I want to take that from your game I'm gonna take that from Susanna's game I'm gonna take this from my brother's game right and I'm.

Gonna make it all one and that's what she's becoming yeah very good point and most people might be able to look to gain those shots but she has the ability to execute them as well foreign she makes that look so easy when you look up like that and that's a hit for you to come back and regroup with your.

Eyes and then drop a ball is so difficult yeah that's Georgia yes yes again short and sweet yeah and and the second ball after the initial speed up and Dylan Frazier was pretty solid but it was directly at the JW Johnson forehand.

Three eight one yeah she knew it you could tell with the body language right when she hit it it didn't feel right yep but yeah it is cool to see you know there's not a right or wrong in pickleball and I think that's one of the cool things about it you see Anna bright almost doing a full stroke on all of her.

Dinks even the soft shots where she's getting some brush on it and you look over at Georgia who's kind of bunting the ball and just kind of catching it on the short hop so it's cool to see the different techniques and the different styles from these high level players foreign nice counter from Frazier on the speed.

Up from Johnson there yeah Baby Dill on it I'm gonna have to stop calling him that if he keeps winning uncontrollably yeah come on that's a nice ATP there and Johnson just got a little wide with it yep great patience from Anna and yeah I think it was right on the outside of the line very very.

Close yep it up right when Johnson spent the first one up that Frasier dug out Wright was shooting behind him like if it got past him she was gonna dig it out yeah foreign you could see the a great combo there from Dylan Frazier but you could see Anna brights follow through on her dinks.

Is up by her head every time and Georgia Johnson's is down by her waist oh George is done she hopped back over for good measure yeah yes Tom you're absolutely right great read that's the Rob Cassidy I'm never touching the kitchen never mind just a little long right getting a little too much of that.

Come on let's go she read it right she was sitting on it just what Dylan Fraser can do right there Adam is amazing it's it's just straight down so short he's not meeting the ball at all it's paddle to ball there's no risk foreign.

Good luck I think he was on that and what I mean by meeting it is he's not coming with a big backswing and having to time it perfectly his paddle is just there and it's so short almost nothing can go wrong yeah wow and Anna bright just in control pretty much most of that match Johnson and.

Johnson answered a little bit got a little bit of roll maybe they bring that momentum into game too we'll see but game one goes to Brighton Frazier 11-6 trying to force that game to 15. we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back game number two here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus foreign.

two here for pro mixed doubles gold medal match game one going to Anna Brighton Dylan Frazier over JW and Georgia Johnson 11-6 and a bright to serve here Frazier and bright looking to win the two out of three and Force the game to 15.

Good luck there from Georgia and I think what I would like to see here from JW is he's while he's amazing at it he's more of a spot picker with his aggression from the left side I want him to be a bully I want him to be a bully in this match foreign I feel like Dylan has been a little.

Bigger in the middle and a little more aggressive with his court positioning and how much he is taking and he's been rewarded for it so let's see if JW has a little rebuttal here yeah you're exactly right Frazier has been the aggressor over JW mm-hmm yeah and JW's so good at being solid.

As far as sitting there for bright oh too juicy but yes as I mentioned Jade Up's so good at being solid let's let's see him be a bully I want to see him be a bully there he is there he is about four about halfway on Georgia's side too I like that yes be there be there J dub and he was.

And that shot right there is created because Dylan Fraser is protecting Anna bright coming up so he's sitting in that middle and JW thought that he had an opening on that opposite side oh no Georgia can't believe she missed that shot right there yeah that's too early in game two where she has been in a spot to be pretty aggressive and.

Caught the tape oh and a bright with you all day she's ready three two one they're already thinking about that game to 15. well I hope they don't think too far ahead because it's uh 3-2 engage it's a little premature again Georgia Johnson right there and.

That's two same basically same shot and she's missed an early timeout from Georgia and J.W Johnson as Georgia just trying to regroup over there takes a seat next to the Selkirk sign and just trying to breathe yeah and about as far away from JW as she could be yes in this moment and that's the The Sibling they don't need to chat they got that.

Connection they don't need to chat well this is the same thing you see with Riley and Lindsay oh yeah complete timeout like two different ways I remember this one time there was a wind advisory in Vegas and we got moved indoor to a gym floor and there was one court with basically a.

Whole basketball court all around it and Lindsay would walk to the corner she wouldn't even stay at the corner of the Court she'd walk to the corner of the gym to be as far away from Riley as possible I was like this is good stuff right here yeah here we go we got a nice chat here yeah they were talking they've been talking for a minute now yeah he.

Crouched down with her that was that was sweet Brotherly Love there let's see if it can springboard them to a little momentum in this match that has been very much a Brighton Frazier so far foreign not happening Dylan yeah and Dylan kind of like nodded in approval like okay all right all right I won't do that again oh.

Whoa whoa yes yeah big side out there for Georgia and J.W Johnson and that's it you're I know exactly like it's just you can't do that yeah right no no right you can't attack her like that not from mid Court yeah you're right you're right she weathered the storm nicely.

Foreign yes there it is I was hoping while the ball was neutralized nicely after the first one I was hoping jdub was not going to dink that second ball and he did not and I am glad that he pulled that trigger long she hits it long she over hits it yeah she obviously had it if you hit it.

Long in the court then you obviously had the angle didn't quite get enough brush with that forehand topspin attempt the three in this game alone that George has missed right there reaching and trying to get that okay I mean is it just is it not there or is.

She just not I.E 441 I'm not sure I'm not sure I would have attacked all three but foreign s from all four players Frazier and bright eventually getting what they want but back to the previous Point Dom I'm not comfortable saying that those have not been there for.

Georgia on these attempts you know it's just a tough spot foreign go from that point yeah 50 shots to three classic pickleball follow-up oh nice pull in the middle right there from Georgia Johnson she finds that little bit of daylight yeah you're exactly right Dylan holding.

Just for a split second second in case you went up the line wow Johnson taking that ball out of the air right there I thought he's gonna let that drop he doesn't and attacks it for sure especially after he was in the middle of the court to get back over to his backhand side and take it out of the air you're exactly right Dom.

Surprised me as well a nice protection from Dylan Frazier knowing Anna bright had a long run to cover her right side great slide over from Dylan what a return nice and deep soft that's exactly right you don't always have to blast it you put that thing within a couple inches the line you're it's going to work out.

In your favor most of the time Georgia Johnson just different this game from the first game she was dialed in at the end of that first game oh wow what a great jump of the kitchen line there from J.W Johnson yeah knowing that Dylan Frazier is so extended there that he can almost no.

Chance he can put that back Cross Court so it's a great read and anticipation for him knowing that Frazier is most likely going to go line yeah definitely a little frustration in the body language from JW throughout the day time out here from JW and Georgia Johnson.

A little a little low five right there from the brother sister as JW walks across back to the chair Georgia sits down on Court and it's a three-point lead here again Brighton Frazier pulling away at him I mean just a couple unforced errors you know it was three balls that are kind of attackable but Johnson Georgia makes a little bit of a.

Mistake jw2 right there so I mean that's five right there that are trying to free points yeah sure and I you know it made a couple pretty plain statements earlier in the day about what a team needs to do but this is totally an execution one so I probably could have maybe dug a little deeper to find a strategy that could work for for a team previously but right.

Now it's all execution from JW Johnson and Georgia Johnson as there as they're down three points but they probably have somewhere between six and eight unforced errors in this game too yeah so let's see if they can clean it up here at the end of game number two if not we're gonna be out of here in the two out of three and into that game to.

15. oh wow you can't you can't earn any Downy soft even if you read it perfect and they hit it to the perfect spot if it's Downy soft enough it doesn't matter you're right you're exactly right and that's exactly what happened right there well bright and Frazier going a little.

Bit of a run pull away ever so slightly 9-5 now foreign good work from Johnson's yes definitely working their way forward ing Frazier into an elevized forehand oh two right there that's right got it back low Frazier not getting quite enough on that overhead.

So they're going to wait one more I think Anna was asking Dylan if he wants a timeout glad they waited for their sake let's see this oh she drugs it was the left the left foot on the drag through the left yeah I think I think it was a good call too there's the time yeah yeah.

That's crazy you don't really see that left foot after she planted her right foot the left foot drag you don't see that too frequently no no you don't yep she did get called for it was a good call I think on that dragging of the left foot and and that's a that's a advantage of the two ref system there because I I think it's almost impossible.

For the head ref to make that drag call looking at that right foot that landed cleanly so awesome job by the second ref catching that slide um as as the head ref probably had no shot to catch that well it's three quick points here from Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson just down 9-5 now within one I'm just.

Gonna start like unless it's 10 1 or 10-0 that's the only way I'm gonna say comfortable lead because because there is no comfortable yeah it gets to four or five points I'm like oh it's a solid comfortable you know six to two lead and it's six six just like that well there was Oh What match was it yesterday we had.

8-0 start lost 11-8 yeah someone was up 8-0 right like what like you can you're never counted out foreign ER using the net right there the kiss the dreaded kiss no defense for it and a bright around the post that's right and you and you saw Georgia.

Instead of doing her short hop she went with the slice and sometimes while that slice hits and skids sometimes it skids too far nice Shuffle mini crab walk from j-dub again like you said gotta get gotta be a bully it's got to be a bully here oh right at the feet just checking with the refs just in case.

Tough call with that much Pace right on the Baseline but his match point here for Brighton Frazier to force the game to 15. why wouldn't we have four games for 15 today Adam oh wow she literally put it to the only spot on the court that Georgia where where uh Anna or or Dylan could not get.

To that ball perfectly placed from Georgia on the Ernie defense foreign that's an adamant outcall oh yeah she let everyone in the facility know because I'm almost out oh wow they got lucky dude that ball was out by an inch I saw blue from here and Frazier played it Dylan Fraser is a.

Saint wow no she didn't oh my goodness I don't care they lost that Point Georgia Justin's a beast what that hell is happening believable hands from Georgia Johnson but it's just too much Brighton Frazier 11-6 11-8 we're going to the game to 15. we'll take a commercial.

Break when we come back we'll have that game for you here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus last match of the weekend here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus gold medal match to 15. Adam we've had four gold medal matches today three of them already have gone to game.

To 15. this is our fourth why wouldn't it well it's my first first championship Sunday in the booth so you know you knew it was going to be big time so you so what you're saying is you are the what I always call you know Bob Bob and Diane unitich yes Bob unitich is the ultimate referee of going to 15. if you ever have a gold medal match and Bob unitish walks.

Out here and he's the ref just walk off because it's going to 15. fair enough I'll keep that in mind Adam Stone is now the championship Sunday of going to games to 15. four out of five today why wouldn't we Anna bright and Dylan Frazier winning 11-6 11-8 over JW and Georgia Johnson so this one game to 15 for the gold medal.

Here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus Adam predictions coming out of a little 10 minute break here for the teams well I mean there you know what so I've been I I think that uh Dylan and Anna have played amazing and you know I could easily just say it's going to be more of the same and they're going to take it.

But I I you know what I'll call the Johnsons making a couple adjustments and possibly cleaning up those errors and taking this game to 15. that's my prediction but either way I know it's going to be good pickleball and I don't really care who wins so uh you know we're in for a treat either way bud yeah I think we'll have a good match up here.

I don't think it's going to be I wouldn't imagine it's going to be a blowout neither one of the first games were 11 6 11 8 6. a little bit but eleven eight was a close match I just don't think this one will be that either so we'll see as the players finish their warm-up I don't think they'll need much of a.

Warm-up but yeah also that'll be my pick to click is Georgia Johnson she's gonna be the Beast that she is not not miss those in the tape and just do her thing so that's that's if I had to make a pick that's what it is even though I'm not too confident either way when when there's so much talent on the court.

It could obviously go either way right exactly but yeah she did make some unforced errors in that last match three of basically the same shot it's trying to roll that forehand missed three of them so we'll see if she can clean that up and uh and like we talked about Dom it's not neither one of us were able to to.

Commit to her making a bad decision on those balls she just she just barely missed it you know so it's like she's making the right decision she had several dinks before those opportunities and then got one she liked and she hit the tape it was just unfortunate that it happened three times in a row yeah and so here's another odd kind of.

Statistic here is we got the you know the the stat from the truck in the fact that who's going to go oh for three in gold medal matches today because JW Johnson is over two he's got two Silvers and a bright is over two she's got two silver so Something's Gotta Give one of.

Them's got to win gold that's right who's gonna go and be the bridesmaid three times today we're gonna be the bridesmaid I think there's a lot of people out there that would be really happy to be the bridesmaid three times ecstatic the fact that they were in three gold medal matches with just the opportunity yeah I think me being one of.

Them if I was playing a three goal metal matches today you could have told me you're gonna take silver and all three of them though I'm like I'm fine let's go what time do we start but yeah I mean but one of them is Gonna Come Away with three silver medals today so.

We'll see who it is when we get this match started looks like players are ready to go um looks like from the look of it that Dylan Frazier and Anna bright will be serving yeah I know they are they already did the paperwork got the sides and the serve situated and hit their last.

Warm-up shots and we are very close to getting underway Dom I I told referee Mike Baumgardner we're good to go I don't want him coming over here yeah excuse me looks like a strong man but yeah yeah I'm not messing with Mike no no no absolutely not he's got he's got a nice presence out there doesn't he yes he does.

Sex Mike Baumgardner our USA pickleball certified referee Michelle his wife also a one of our referees here this weekend they both do a great job yeah he's good I like him Frazier off the bat making his presence felt.

Good start I think yeah George I thought that JW is going to take that ball 100 miscommunication no doubt in my mind nice spot right there from Frazier in the middle yeah and that last one was the easy part the Vivaldi off of that Georgia Johnson Drive was was really what set it up.

Foreign Frazier yeah I mean was the speed up by Georgia bad no I don't think it really is thank you only thing I'd like to see maybe is Georgia Johnson instead of going hard cross court to the right foot of Anna bright try and go to her left foot go to.

Her inside foot make her almost change her shot up because they're going and they're just getting in a rhythm of going the same shot over and over again yes and I and I I think that that's a good point Tom and if she can do that while avoiding that that Dylan Fraser forehand I think it's a little dicey but it could be a really good pattern for.

Them to kind of get out of this funk right and that's the what happens is too is like everybody's like well change the shot up right go from outside to Middle well if you go middle strictly now you're going to Dylan so it's not that I want her to go there I want her to go just a little change of Direction but it is all bright and Frazier here.

5-0 lead it really is Dom I don't even know who hit that last ball they were both they were both all over it yeah frustrated timeout call from Georgia Johnson after you know a couple good shots from Brighton Frazier and then the let cord just to seal that run you know just a little cherry on top of of a tough start to this game to 15.

This adds insult to injury right there off the leg off the net cord right there but a 6-0 lead for Brighton Frazier couldn't have started any better forced the time out from Johnson and Johnson and Julie Johnson Georgia mama bear in the corner right there in both of Georgia and JW's ear right now trying to I bet she's just.

Trying to kind of get them out of that funk kind of get them positive back in the right kind of mindset right here because the two of them they're not here by mistake I'll tell you that right now yeah they're just in a funk right now and not with things not going their way yeah I bet Dom I bet there was nothing even remotely specific or strategic.

About that conversation that was just some some calming some calming words and a little bit of pump up to exactly what you said get him out of their funk foreign Friendly Fire those are those are the worst ones caught them right in the temple watch his head move when he oh it was.

Actually more cheek I I thought it was yeah you get a little cheeker foreign oh the breeze my goodness kicked off almost as when that ball was in Flight yep and that side out was almost immediate and Brighton Fraser right back on it up 6-0.

It is getting Breezy out here Adam definitely Windy City about time oh wow it was effectively bad return it's effectively bad yep that's right Dylan was like oh two wow what a beautiful was that a a heavy third or a mini uh Drive either way it.

Was perfectly placed at the feet of Georgia Johnson and for you guys at home watching that right so Georgia Johnson was slow getting up to the kitchen line yeah instead of trying to do anything killer right Frazier just with some taste right right so so if you hit a plane Drop she just walks right into the next ball if you hit a drive.

She's gonna be able to take that out of the air in a more comfortable position so so to put it right in between at the feet was the perfect option and he was rewarded with an error yeah so a great shot there from Dylan Frazier they're going to change ends here in this game to 15. Frazier and bright.

Cruising along up 8-0 no lead is safe we know that we've seen that uh yesterday I saw an 8-0 lead disappear and lose 11-8 so seeing it before that's right and this and uh obviously we we all know this but this is not a game to 11. so they don't need three they got to get seven that's a lot of points so a lot of game left.

And when you have the talent of the Johnsons any comeback is in the cards made from Georgia Johnson on that pole trigger right there all right they are on the board hey it's got to start with one right Dom that's right wow waiting for the right moment right there was Dylan Frazier got it for sure.

And I'll give I'll give some credit to Anna bright as well I think uh you know her being relatively fresh to the game three or four months ago she wouldn't be able to stay in these Cross Court dink rallies and she's doing a great job today what's up oh there's the pulley you're looking for.

Adam you just hang out there J dub so yeah maybe even Jade up hanging out in the middle and Georgia not fully hitting a cross-court dink could be a good option for them where he can just hang out and have to worry about Anna going behind him yeah I believe that's right it clipped.

It clipped Dylan's paddle and then Anna hit it so good sportsmanship there and like we said no lead safe here come the Johnsons nice ball from Dylan Frazier but as I mentioned before is kind of a pattern that decal and I would get in sometimes too where if someone was catching decal a lot behind him and we wanted him to be.

A presence in the middle I would dink middle or or uh middle more frequently and not all the way out wide so I mean just just a thought to uh you know change what's happening for the Johnson uh siblings I like that strategy it's a good strategy right there to have because again you don't want to get burned.

Backside don't go there oh wow oh this is this is super interesting I I don't even know what the rule is here so yeah but the thing is is if Dylan calls it in I I'm not sure Dom do you know no did Dylan call it no so Dylan corrected Anna but the referee did not.

Hear him and said he saw it out when Anna questioned that's a good question that falls out yeah well hey they're gonna call that in yeah no that that was definitely out what is what is happening right now what's going on what's what's happening yeah seriously that was that was an odd one minute can we get a reset yeah reset start over yes.

Okay shout out 3101 yeah that ball was definitely water yes yeah that's just a it's just a footwork issue she ended up not getting her feet back and had to reach back with her upper body and cost her an error and it came from Frazier yeah crazy combo.

Uh hitting the first one so well that Georgia couldn't get it cross-court like she wanted to and he just slaps that second ball down for the winner Dylan Frazier playing big I'll get out of there Dylan get out of the way he's just he's just in in the middle he's just in there on every point.

Creating chaos I'm out coming up I would imagine now or yeah there they go the The Casual walk back we're not even gonna say anything we're gonna put our paddles down but a time out here down by nine are the Johnsons and you know you called it Adam you know Dylan Frazier getting big in the middle making his presence felt.

Taking up 70 almost 75 percent of the court right there when he steps in the middle and and we can obviously see when Dylan Frazier gets in the middle if he hits a winner maybe it's a one shot maybe it's a one shot winner maybe it's a two-shot winner but there is so many things that you can't see that are benefits by Dylan being there.

With his court positioning it it makes maybe Georgia question where she should go and put some doubt in the back of the mind maybe it shrinks the court and makes makes the Johnsons feel like they need to put it in a very specific place so not there is tangible benefits from him being in the middle and there's also things that you can't see so it's it's.

Really cool to see him reaping all the rewards of of playing well and being where he needs to be on the court crowd's been great all day long they've not gone anywhere 12-3 lead here for Anna bright and Dylan Frazier trying to capture the gold medal and mix Pro doubles wow.

she hits this unbelievable because she hit it too hard yeah yeah that was that was one of those ones we talked about in a previous match we're at shoulder height she gets no spin but she gets more pace and she was she was able who was I think it was Federico it.

Was it was Federico that had that has similar ball so a great job by her getting on top of that and slapping it low and hard yeah it's that Nick curios slap forehand it's all good it can't you can't get them all keep doing it plus you're up by 10. why would you not yeah you've got some points to play with.

Yeah Max Pressure and right now we have a match point Championship point on the paddle of Dylan Frazier oh no it hung out there for a little while I did sat up there staring at four or four players three fourteen one it was it was a very big swing right.

There that's right that's right as big as it could have been wow what a battle there from Georgia Johnson had a girl coming in hot testing those Frasier hands oh no quick no quitting the Johnsons here just inching their way back they've held off one Championship point still on first server here.

Foreign they try and sell it better than anyone out there I talked to Ruth Michelle about that yesterday because we were in here on the call and I said that Michelle goes well I do too I said yes you do Michelle yes you do right Anna's just she's trying to sell it saying that.

What was in but she knows it's out yes but it's it's a good time out here yeah no smart smart timeout you know obviously a seven point lead is is a pretty significant one uh so so to to you know no no reason to let it go any longer though and and have that you know that seven point lead be reduced so take it right now and you got another one in.

Your back pocket too if you need it so I like the decision yeah cut that lead in half now fourteen seven JW and Georgia still on first server here so I've seen bigger comebacks happen I've been on the end of a few of those no no for sure awful they could just maybe get it to double digits here just sneak up.

To ten uh and really just make Frasier and bright think oh my God oh yes you and I are sitting back in our seats we see this coming like it's coming and he kind of snapped at it he kind of snapped at it but he put I'm not.

Sure if that was a whiff or a leaf honestly I don't know either way worked out for him good job JW with the little flick yeah and uh Dylan uh calling Anna off a little too late they get one more now it's really gonna start to mount the pressure.

Foreign second Championship Point here for Anna Brighton Dylan Frazier floater they're gonna get right back in this point wow unbelievable Adam Johnson and Johnson had about eight overheads that they couldn't put away and being a price.

Dylan Frazier battle all the way back they double dipped the Johnson 15-8 in that game to 15. congratulations to them and congratulations to JW in Georgia you're silver medalist hey Georgia's got two silver medals from today JW's got three Dylan's got two goals Anna's got two Silvers and a gold that's a pretty good day for all 40s.

Players yeah I'll say that for sure a gold silver bronze whatever you still get a check when you get those medals so phenomenal job by the by the players uh thanks a lot to everyone listening about having me in the booth for my first championship Sunday I hope you enjoyed the broadcast take it away Dom all right Adam we appreciate it thanks brother.

We'll see you next weekend in uh Atlanta but before that we'll take a quick commercial break we'll come come back I will speak with Dylan Frazier and Anna bright about this Victory here in the gold medal match mix Pro doubles at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus the app Chicago open presented by Lexus sponsored by power plate.

Selkirk sunmen and pickleball Central one last time here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus I'm with Anna bright Dylan Frazier your gold medalist mixed Pro doubles congratulations Anna Dylan you had a lot of work to do in this gold medal match.

You had to double dip them and then take the game to 15. you do they get the two out of three what are you and Dylan talking about going in that game to 15. uh we felt like we were playing really really cleanly um you know everybody's tired we've all played a lot out here today so just we just wanted to keep doing what we were.

Doing make good decisions and just keep grinding and uh for me personally I was like okay like me and jdub are both 0-2 today none of us like neither of us is playing for the Triple Crown right now but we're playing to not get like the silver dollar the silver dollar we were we didn't want that so uh.

So I I'm sorry Jada but uh yeah all right so Dylan again you take two goals today you and Andre take gold and Men's Pro doubles you take the gold and mixed you're really starting to come into your own even more now you're getting a lot bigger in mixed doubles like you did with Anna is something you're working on yeah for sure definitely trying to to be.

A little more aggressive I just feel like in general that's where the game setting is just a little more aggressive play so definitely working on that trying to speed up balls and but for the most part I just got like let Anna grind it out she's one of the best forehand dinkers in the game now that was not that was not the case when we first.

Started playing together but uh but now she's she's got she's gotten a lot better at that and she can she can outdink anybody now so just gotta let her do her thing all right well congratulations guys we're gonna bring in Ken Herman the CEO of the app tour to present you with your trophy Ken well congratulations you got a lot of fans.

Here you had a cheering section for you and Dylan brought his whole team in there anyway great plane what a what a wonderful way to just finish off the the Chicago open but our 2022 mixed doubles gold medalist Dylan Fraser and Anna bright well done both of you too all right well congratulations Anna bright and Dylan Frazier and Anna bright.

Has one more thing to say no one can call him Baby D anymore it's big D now oh yeah all right uh you heard it here first all right that's it here from the app Chicago open presented by Lexus Dominic Catalano we're signing off we'll see you guys next week in Atlanta starting on Thursday don't miss it thank you guys for joining us all weekend.

2022 APP Chicago Open Pro Mixed Doubles Gold: Johnson/Johnson vs Bright/Frazier