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And pickleball Central welcome to the app Chicago open presented by Lexus we are here in Highland Park Illinois Welcome To The Head pre-game show I'm Dominic Catalano here with you this morning to give you updates on where we're at as far as our brackets go this morning it's all about men's and women's Pro doubles today both.

Brackets have started on court right now we have a second round matchup between jade and Jackie kalamoto taking on Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman kalamoto and kawamoto took game 11-4 but Coop and stratman answered quickly and took game number two eleven five so we are going three here on Championship Court.

But we'll give you a little run down on where we're at Coop and stratman your number one seed here on the women's side your two seats Simone jajim and Lena padiga might say the three seed is Vivian David and Alex Truong and your four seed is Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson all four of those teams have won their first round.

Matchups and are moving on so that's the women's side of thing on the men's side your one seed so we'll check out the men's draw your one seed Dylan Frazier and Andre de-escu have actually won their second round and third round matchups so they are moving on and then your two seed J.W Johnson and Deco Barr have won their.

First two match-ups as well so so far so good not too many upsets other than on the men's side we have Onyx and amrick lohani and dokina have upset William sovak and Adam Stone in the first round in three games eleven seven two eleven eleven seven and then they took out your 11 seed Johnson Cola and ryler de Hart 11-3 11-9 they will see the three seed.

Thomas Wilson and DJ Young in that quarter-final matchup Cal Yates Rafa Hewitt moving through two rounds so you're five seed and then your eight seed Gabe tardio and Rob Cassidy have taken out Alex Newman and Julian Arnold in three eleven eight five eleven eleven three where they will meet Dylan Frazier and Andre de-escu.

In a quarter-final matchup so that's how things have played out early this morning on the men's and women's Pro double side but like I said we have a game number three for you so we're stepping right into this matchup with Jade and Jackie kalamoto taking on Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman.

And good morning to everyone we're here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus as game three about to get underway here on Championship Court game three remember to switch hands at six and in zero zero two.

A little long on the speed up there from stratman and calmoto's on the board first one zero two just wide off the tape there from stratman had the cow Motors both pinned back at the Baseline dude even when you have the cow Motors pinned back they are just.

Grinders back there as they will work their way up play great defense don't make many unforced errors it will force you into mistakes a little miscommunication in the middle there from stratman and coop right off the edge of stratman's paddle side out to The kalamotos One.

Oh great job by Jade cow Moto right there watch her slide step to the side and get on top of that two-hander and the cow Motors take a 3-0 lead over your one seed a quick timeout before that ball even lands from Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman as Jade and Jackie kalamoto have jumped out to a 4-0 lead here in.

Game number three on this Pro women's doubles side of things winner moves on to the semifinals winner this matchup gets the winner of the Sarah ansberry Corinne Carr versus Anna bright and Georgia Johnson matchup what's going on right now on an outer Court but again talking about the kalamotos.

And their game and what they're just so good at is like I said earlier grinding out points staying in them getting every ball back up and over the net and forcing their opponents to do things they might not normally do and cause them to overhit or try and move sideline to sideline then you're flirting without a bounds so it's what.

Jade and Jackie do so well but then over the past year or so they've really developed an offensive mindset off of that defense and made them a force to be reckoned with even at an eight seed going in today foreign Jackie trying to lob up and over Andrea.

Coop but did not get it up and high enough and Coop with the big overhead a little long on the return to serve there from Lauren stratman and a free point and one point away from changing ends here are the kalamotos up 5-0 foreign battle won by stratman and Coop right.

There and may just be what they needed right here get some momentum on their side answer back here down by five in game number three zero five one that's a nice drop from Lauren stratman and Coop and stratman on the board here one five two.

Find out five one one just wide right there off the paddle of Jackie kalamoto take a look at it here tough angle for us to see if there's any space there but Andrew Coop right over the top of it with the call that's great spot right there that's set.

Up by the stratman overhead where she hit a great angle it pulls Jade cow Moto fully off the court opens up the hole in the middle one five one great defense from Lawrence stratman right there nice dig from coop just off the tape oh and off the tape nothing stratman can.

Do she's on it but Clips the tape just goes right over her paddle a nice drop right there minute from Jade kalamoto and we will get a free time out here as the players will switch ends at six in game number three calmoto's in control of game three here up six one.

Over your one seed Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman after both teams split games One and Two Eleven four are going to game one for the kalamotos coupon answered with an 11-5 victory in game number two and we'll see what happens in the second half of game number three and see if Coop and stratman have an answer here.

From talking with most of the players they have said that the far end here is the side that most players have preferred to play on that's the side that kawamoto's just got six points on we'll see if Coop and stratman hold true to what I've been hearing over the weekend and that being the.

Preferable side of play on the far end but kawamoto and kalamoto Jade and Jackie in the driver's seat here up by five in this third game oh that's tough right there this ball just trickles over for stratman off the tape she'll take it six one two.

Such a good shot there from Andrew Cooper she reaches in with the two-hander rolls that at the feet of Jackie foreign now and tough to get that ball up and over kalamotos were on the offensive ah nice leave from Lawrence stratman right.

There is Jackie kalamoto tries to pull that cross court but just gets a little too much dropper stratman great angle foreign splits Coop and stratman well Ian Coop was thinking it may have failed long it did not thank you.

It's just long on the lob there from Jackie kalamoto nice ball from Lauren stratman and so far so good on that far side as they have held two service games not giving up a point they did get one back so far but need to keep chipping away at that lead.

Of the kalamotos oh nice ball there from Jade kalamoto getting on top putting pressure on Lauren stratman a little long from Jackie and a free point there for stratman and coop foreign stratman you watched from the get-go on this third shot she was stepping right.

Into that she knew she was going hard right there third fifth and then the finish with the seventh and it's brought Coop and stratman within two here in game number three we were six one on the end change but Coop and stratman on a 3-0 run on that far end foreign.

Thank you guys for joining us we are here this morning at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus all about men's and women's Pro doubles today short and into our brackets early we're into our quarterfinal matchups all four quarterfinals set on the women's side zero upsets in the first round all the.

Higher seeds moving on but right now it's the one seed in trouble slightly now down by two in this third game four six two four six as we return from the timeout Lauren strumming again stepping into that third.

Big side out here for the cow Motors they need to get on the board here on this near end foreign stratman as she went forehand backhand and ends that point and the cow Motors get on the board here stop that little run from Coop and stratman.

A little long there on the one-two combo from stratman and calmoto and kalamoto double up their lead here 8-4 game three I have the one seat on the ropes here oh chicken wing from Lawrence stratman getting that ball back over quick timeout here from Coop and stratman as they were playing great.

Defense but then the forehand into the net from Lauren stratman and it's a five-point lead here for Jade and Jackie kalamoto in this quarter-final matchup on the women's Pro doubles side so we'll see we got any updates in quarterfinals and we do one quarter final has finished your sixth seed we.

Have our first upset on the women's side Susanna Barr and Mary brasha taking out your three seed Vivian David and Alex strong 11-2 11-6 they will meet the winner of at a right and Lee Whitwell who are taking on Simone jarjim and Lena padiga Maite so one.

Quarterfinal complete on the women's side on the men's side the quarterfinals are underway but no scores in yet we come back in from time out kalamoto's with the 3-0 run of their own here for one time a recall the score Corrections.

Nine four two three oh run all on second server here it was six four two that's a good angle there from Andrea Coop you watch her she steps aside slides over lets Lauren stratman take that forehand and then finally pops one up to her forehand she hits an angle puts that.

Away a much needed side out a little short on that backhand drop from stratman good pressure from The kalamotos Keeping Coop and stratman back pinned at that Baseline though that's beautifully done right there from Lauren stratman.

As Jackie tried to run around this forehand problem was if she ran around it and sped it up what happens is she's out of position there Middle's open stratman sees it finishes oh and streaming sets herself up beautifully she's gonna want that one back because that was a ball that she.

Does not miss very often they do get one back it's a four-point lead for Jaden Jackie kalamoto here unforced air there from Lauren stratman and Andrea Coop and the one seed on the verge of drop into the consolation side match point for Jade and Jackie kalamoto go.

Great defense from stratman turns it into offense for Coop and she puts it away down the sideline great job by Lauren stratman keeping her and her partner injury Coupe in that point Coop finds the sideline still have to hold one more here just misses that sideline.

Take a look here I believe it was out looked a little wide so Coop and stratman fight off two match points but they have some work to do here on the offensive side of things on again a little miscommunication in the middle Coop and stratman both.

Pulling back there stratman pulling back her forehand but look at what happened it was Lawrence Chapman running around the forehand that pulled her just outside of that sideline opened up the hole in the middle rare unforced error on a dink from Jade kalamoto 3.4 Coupe and stratman I still have some more work to.

Do two quick points here for Coop and stratman and within three here and kalamoto sensing a little bit of momentum shift here and they will burn a timeout here up by three in game number three as you see our awesome volunteers here at the app Chicago open over giving.

Shade to our players on the sideline because those chairs are just directly beating in the Sun so thank you to all the volunteers who are helping out and helping our players we appreciate it and thank you for joining us here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus quarterfinal match up here but our next.

Match up we're gonna have a good one here on Championship Court men's side of things quarterfinal match up your four verse five seed Kyle Yates and Rafa Hewitt your five seed taking on the boisterous team of Zane navratil and altoff Merchant that'll be next up here on Championship Court you do not want to miss that one.

That'll be a good one for you this morning and into this afternoon but before we get to that the kalamoto is looking to end this here they need to stop this little run here from Coop and stratman though oh nice find right there from Jackie kalamoto in the middle the forehand winner here from Jackie.

I have two more opportunities here if they need it Match Point number three cover from coop oh and the lob no good for coopin Jake kalamoto there with the forehand to end it here right down the middle scrapman can't get it up and over in game three goes to the kalamotos they.

Move on 11-4 5-11 11-7 we're gonna take a quick commercial break here from the app Chicago open presented by Lexus when we come back that Men's Pro doubles match up in the quarterfinals Yates and Hewitt taking on navratil and Merchant don't go anywhere foreign.

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Your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by seller foreign Chicago open presented by Lexus well there is.

No shortage of personalities on the court with this matchup your four verse five seeds never till and Merchant taking on Yates and Hewitt this will be a fun one here in a quarterfinal matchup on the Men's Pro double side Rafa Hewitt dessert never until where's one from Kyle Yates and Yates apologizes but.

Never till trying to get out of the way of that foreign there off the paddle of altoff merchant and a quick 2-0 lead here for Yates and Hewitt oh Kyle trying to fix it right there didn't fix it.

Enough zero two one oh my God never to with the Finish there at the feeder off of Hewitt nice job but all soft Merchant keeping them in that point with that cross-court dinking and then put away from navratil.

Oh that's a big finish there from Rafa Hewitt you watch him when he leans into that two-hander dips that front shoulder gets on top of it so well down at the feet of his opponents oh finds a hole in the middle with his two-hander now and it's a side out Yates and Hewitt with a one point.

Lead what's up two one one yeah oh and Hewlett goes right down the line that's that sideline coming right at you into your living room three one one.

Second turn nice hands by Merchant and nice leave there from altoff Merchant is Yates it's that forehand just a little long side out to navratil and Merchant a nice drop shot there from Kyle Yates one three two oh nice Ernie there from Yates and he.

Went real early too watch him Merchant didn't read it as well as he thought and Yates with the easy Ernie Hewitt with the chicken wing gets it back up and over but can't do much with it easy put away there for navratil three one two nice coverage there from navratilis.

Partner alsoth Merchant coming up on the stack gets that sideline right there does Yates and runs around this tries to flip back middle Merchants there but then he goes backside on him again all Merchant all over that speed up.

There from Hewitt but flips the top of the net side out to Yates and Hewitt oh Yates winning that hands battle against altoff Merchant that's a thing right there is that that is what Yates and he would need to do is keep Merchant under control.

Him quiet not let him start to feel anything because once he does he'll let everyone in this place know about it and that's when he's playing at his best four two yep and nice one-two combo there from Yates and Hewitt Yates starts to speed.

Up and then Q it's able to finish with the forehand wow what a dipping drive there from Kyle Yates puts a lot of shape on this ball as it gets over the net you oh and Merchant right on that never till reminds them yes you are on that good try there from never till he tries.

To step in and read that ball on a good drop from Merchant come on man come on six two two yeah oh nice ball down the line there from Yates and it's just another weapon he has added to his Arsenal over the past year so is that two-handed backhand.

Up come on two seven one that's nice battle Cross Court with Merchant and Hewitt Merchant coming out on top of that one three seven one ah old back to the reset.

Oh what a point from all four of these gentlemen on cork Merchant and Hewitt just carving out some cross-court dinks right there finally beautiful lob from Yates and Hewitt drops on that Baseline puts them at an advantage and the Finish it's from Kyle yeah tape right there but.

Can't do much with it I'll never tell on the put away and here come navratil and Merchant creeping back in here down by three that's a big ball from all top or from excuse me Zane navratil he comes in firing oh there's never till again.

Two quick points since in a Timeout possibly and there it is Cal Yates drops the paddle and it is a time out from Yates and Hewitt as merchant and Mavericks he'll come roaring back here and get within one at seven six so we'll take a look over here on the brackets as we have a couple minutes and on the.

Men's side of things down goes your three seed Thomas Wilson and DJ Young anik lohani and amrick dokina take out your three seed six and zero in two games that was over on Championship court number two these boys out of Minnesota came to play today.

So your 27 seed Yes you heard that right you're 27 seed is moving on to the semifinals so maybe we get a chance to see those guys coming up but before any of that never tilt to serve down by one here against the eights in Hewitt Merchant carving out those backhands again.

Foreign again the lob works for Kyle Yates good timing good moment for it right there from Yates much needed side out to slow the Run of merchant and Mavericks Hill it's trying to go.

Pancake forehand right there but can't get under it enough nice read there from navrats those who tries to sneak one down the line on them and it's Hewitt who's the one who's changing direction on the dinks there and getting out of that cross-court dink with Merchant I'll never still trying to go down the.

Line right there with the two-hander goes just a little wide yeah nice finish there from Hewitt and good cover there seven six one oh nice hands there from Merchant and Mavericks Hill.

Nice Cut drop there from navratil another side out trying to tie things up here in game number one on Hewitt trying to get on top of that no luck and never telling Merchant come all the way back here and tie this game up at seven seven one oh my God.

From never till wow and that ball just long there from Rafa Hewitt and issue right here is that all tough Merchant is getting zoned in on this carved out backhand dink I'd like to see Hewitt maybe flip soft middle.

And get him out of that rhythm oh nice oh nice spot there from Rafa Hewitt Merchant kept him in that point right there but never so trying to get back here and then gets backside just a little just wide right there from Merchant but Merchant and never tilt do take a.

One point lead here in this first game nice ball there on the post from navratil it was only a matter of time between Yates and navato they were going hard cross court with each other never till the one to pull the trigger on the around the post foreign.

Started with the two in and backhand gets the pop-up from Hewitt and the finish with the forehand get that side out and trying to add to their one point lead here with a hat change eight seven one yeah and nice ball right there at the feet of navratil by Hewitt.

Oh good read from Naver so he's right there coming in trying to poach that ball off the paddle of Rafa Hewitt goes a little long nice reset from the eights yeah and then he goes down the line backhand punch to even the score up here at eight it's the easy quick punch not a big back.

Swing finds a hole that's beautiful right there nice and easy backhand roll from Rafa Hewitt down the middle and Yates and Hewitt Take the Lead back here at 9-8 oh wow that's a great ball down the line.

From Cal Yates and him and Rafa Hewitt rolling here three quick points and a nice time out here from Zane navratil and altoff Merchant try and slow that momentum down but it is all Yates and Hewitt here as they've rattled off three straight to take a two-point lead and they'll have a game point on their paddle when we return.

From this time out update on the lady side of things our semifinals are set Jade and Jackie kalamoto will be taking on Anna bright and Georgia Johnson Brighton Johnson moved on against ansberry and Carr six eleven eleven five eleven nine and then.

At a right and Lee Whitwell will move on by retirement over jajim and padiga Maite will get some information on that find out what happened we don't know as of yet so it's brasha and bar vs right and Whitwell in one semi and kalamoto kalamoto versus Brighton Johnson in the.

Other ten eight one oh and right at the body from Rafa Hewitt at navratil and game one goes to Yates and Hewitt nice ball there from Rafa 11-8 Yates Hewitt over navratila Merchant will have game two for you right after this short break here from.

The app Chicago open presented by Lexus thank you foreign thank you.

Foreign welcome back to Championship Court here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus game one for this quarterfinal matchup Yates and Hewitt fight off a nice run from navratil and Merchant come out on top by score of 11-8 foreign all over that forehand right there just.

Misses it good set up there oh my gosh a good ball there from Yates right at the feet of navrats Hill but never telling Merchant jump out on the scoreboard 1-0 to start a little wide all square early at one Yates trying to get underneath of that.

And Scorpion hit but unfortunately that was a lot of pressure there from Zane navratil second server here foreign setting that up going cross court with Hewitt carving out that backhand yep nice ball in the middle from Hewitt we saw that early in game one kind of.

Got away from it middle to end of game two or game one day one two but now showing it early in game number two foreign was basically on court number three which is about 30 feet to the left of us ends up working his way back in skew it off the tape right there and it is.

Another point for merchant in abercell all right yep sign out good read in the middle from Merchant as Hewitt trying to speed up again in the middle one three one oh cow yes giving it to Merchant right here and.

Letting everyone know Merchant coming in peacock in that cow right there this is awesome right here Yates and Merchant have a laugh again up.

Oh nice angle there from Kyle Yates and let's just count that we got the lob counter from Kyle Yates he is three for three on lobs he's showing everybody right now why lobs are such an important part of your game as he is three for three with beautiful lobs in these first two games.

hey no no no on Hewitt trying to go around the post right there three three one wow great dig from Yates on the pancake forehand there from navratil but then average Soldier switches it up goes all power at Rafa Hewitt with that big forehand and never tell a merchant.

Take a one point lead here foreign we talked about the characters on court they're all coming out right now that's nice drive there from an average till Yates all over it but just tried to cut that angle a little too much it's a two-point lead here for navratil.

And Merchant on Merchant jump in Middle trying to cover and just gets caught with his foot on that Center Line here and then opens up that backside mm-hmm oh what a flip on the forehand from Rafa.

Hewitt watch him run around this forehand here get in good position he's got a lot of options from there the sides roll down the line is going to get me a winner and it does oh all tough Merchant.

Peacocking a little bit here watch this goes right around just avoiding that kitchen line nice angle there from navratil o chicken wing block there from Rafa Hewitt oh ball skips on navratil right there.

Foreign so that's the issue with that slap forehand right so he rotates the paddle over it's so hard to get on top of that and that's exactly what happened he hits that too flat and too hard and never tells that ball along and nice ball down the line from Yates as he goes backhand side on average on.

Merchant and he eats and Hewitt within one yeah oh and I think Merchant man played an album it doesn't matter Yates going right at him and all tied at five all right five one on ATP there from Rafa Hewitt.

Merchant carving this just a little too wide he would able to sneak that in around the post six five one oh and just wide from merch or from navratil and a universal sign for a timeout you hear those paddles drop and it is a timeout here from navratil and.

Merchant down by two Yates and Hewitt all the momentum here on Championship Court coming up next for you guys here on Championship Court we switch over to the women's side of things Jade and Jackie kalamoto your eight seed will be taking on your four seed Anna bright and Georgia Johnson.

In a women's semi-final matchup here on Championship Court let's check out the men's side of things see where we're at Gabe tardio Rob Cassidy will be taking on Dylan Frazier and Andre descu in a quarterfinal Yates and Hewitt and Avatar Merchant playing here for us and the other one Grant Bond.

And Brendan long taking on J.W Johnson and Deco Barr and then we gave you that upset on Nick lohani in America donkina taking out Thomas Wilson and DJ Young and they have a spot in the semifinals already they're waiting on that Bond Long Johnson bar match.

To serve up by two in game two oh nothing cow eats could do right there that ball was so close to the net he did everything he could just to get that ball up and over here oh nice pressure there from Rafa Hewitt and Hewitt and Yates extend their lead to three.

Oh and Merchant coming in he read it well just couldn't get a good paddle on it and it's side out second server there it is right there and that's exactly where an average cells liking to go on Rafa hude he's going at that left hip and forcing Hewitt to chicken wing block that and a couple times he would.

Pop that up and average was able to put it away oh my God oh and a little communication error in the middle there from Yates and Hewitt and ball Sails Long both of them wanted that forehand an average Helen Merchant within one.

Nice ATP defense there from Hewitt but Merchant and Mavericks will come out on top good coverage there from altoff Merchant and an 8-8 tie here never tell a merchant trying to force a third game on Hugh it just drops that in beautiful.

Goes inside out drop shot right on the line okay yeah that's all set up from a great Rafa Hewitt drop shot allows Yates to come in clean up he would need to take a one point lead that's a good angle there for on the.

All-top merchant those you guys watching at home it's all about the angles on the overheads here you go back to the Baseline these players are gonna get that ball back you have to hit an angle oh nice leave there and this is the first lob Miss there from.

Kyle Yates that was a different type of lob though he's lobbing that from the transition area oh come on eight nine one you um oh and Hugh it sneaks that are on the post again.

He was starting to look for that as that ball just sails a little long never told I don't even think Naruto thought it was going to be an attempt at the around the post oh nice and that's set up by the serve and never till short return from Hewitt allows the attack and all tied again here now at nine.

A big forehand there from Hewitt 991 wow what a point from all four of these gentlemen what a hands battle ball going sideline to sideline but finally Yates able to find an angle and get it away from Merchant it is match point for Yates and Hewitt.

Oh and just too much of an angle there from Zane navratil but they'll have another opportunity here let's go just long right there from Yates trying that lob again oh nine ten one.

Oh and never Till looking for that sideline there just over hits it by about six inches on Merchant with the re or Naruto with a good read here oh nice job by Yates again with the volley LOB they will have at least two more opportunities here.

Yates trying to end it there but a great block there from navratos he just drops that in a little low for Yates to do anything with his match point number four ah hey guys nice job there for merchant Yates.

Digs the first one out can't get the second one and as you guys can see at home Alto Merchant very boisterous on the court Rafa Hewitt needs a shirt change hydration break kinda as we are come we'll come back in it's 9 10 1 as an African Merchant have fought.

Off four match points oh just a little hot off the paddle of Rafa Hewitt it's there Rafa can just roll that a little more at ball's in because he had Merchant pinned off to the sideline come on tied at 10 here in game number two oh great block there for merchant.

Handling the pace from Kyle Yates and Merchant starting to heat up and they have a game point here on the paddle of Zane navratil eleven ten one just missing that back corner is a navratil but they will have one more opportunity here at game point.

With Merchant to serve what a cover from altoff Merchant in the middle on the forehand speed up from Rafa Hewitt he's having none of it with his forehand and we're going to three as never tilling Merchant answer the bell in game two taking it by a score of 12-10 don't go anywhere guys game three.

Coming up next after this word from our sponsors here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus thank you foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign number three about to go down here on Championship court number one quarterfinal matchup Yates and Hewitt navratil and Merchant Yates and Hewitt taking a tight one in game one 11-8.

Merchant never till answering the bell in game two fighting off four match points to turn it around win 12-10 and force this third game I'm about to hear it from altoff right now he said anything less than this excitement the fans want to refund altoff Merchant giving it all to them.

Right now and I'm telling you he was the Difference Maker in game number two handling all the pressure that was given to him from Yates and Hewitt we'll see if he can keep it up in game three zero zero one oh nice hands from Merchant standing in.

That point and then never till with the easy one and Merchant looking at him going hey Zayn come on it takes a special person to play with altoff Merchant when he's getting their staring at you going hey I did all this work all in good fun here.

From Merchant giving it to his partner nice dig from navratil there was again and you're seeing that never till seeing something right here with Hewitt watch him attack the chicken wing and then he's able to find the put away navratil's done that about three or four times this match great recognition.

From Zane navratel a nice ball from Kyle Yates a little change up there to the sideline but never tell a merchant on the board first here up one zero teams will change ends at six in this third game and good work right there from never till and Merchant.

Keeping Hewitt pinned back at that Baseline foreign just able to get something on that Ernie all right so now it's it and it's not in his head but he's thinking about it is Rafa Hewitt right there because he was gearing up for navratil to speed up at the left hip instead Naruto goes down.

The line concerned one zero two nice drop from navratil y oh my gosh never to goes wide Merchant covers the ATP he wants to let it go out because it was out but it hits his foot side out nice control there from Cal Yates as he.

Just punches that ball down the sideline and even to this third game up at one oh great dig from Rafa Hewitt watch him dig this first one off his shoe tops second one he actually gets something on with the two-hander oh what a job by Rafa Hewitt getting this around the post he's dead Sprint.

Never until has to play that because it's in he would almost takes out one of our cameras oh and never till in merchant almost take each other out on this overhead great job by all four gentlemen Encore getting these balls back over what a.

Battle from Hewitt and Yates on the other side just to get everything back up and over one three one third one three two another beautiful lob from Yates and Hewitt finds a hole in the middle splits the difference he had never to.

Lean into the sideline foreign nice set up there from Kyle Yates a nice lob again five for seven on lobs today is Cal Yates adding that to the Arsenal oh and just wide now we're still trying to go tight Cross Court can't get it.

But we'll go six for eight now on lob succession for Kyle Yates thank you just missing that two-hander is Cali Yates one point away from an end change R Hewitt and Yates up 5-1 here in game number three that ball is not coming back.

big overhead here from Zane navratil 151 nice digs from Hewitt oh and they just keep battling keeping that ball in play and they put a crooked number up on the board now within three our navratil.

And Merchant nice gift from Merchant ah what an angle there on the Ernie from Zane navratil and in the middle of this whole point there was a lob up there and watched this footwork great footwork and great angle there from Zane navratil.

A little paddle pump right there but at the middle of that point there was a ball they never till wanted Merchant called them off of it like to see Zayn take that ball hit another angle works out for him in the end within two on first server here tomorrow.

A little long right there again over the right shoulder of Kyle Yates they stop the bleeding here but never told Merchant now within two very much foreign on the speed up from Yates just wide there from Hewitt and again good protection from Zane navratil as.

He's got his partner altoff Merchant coming up on the stack so never till pinches middle doesn't allow them to kind of catch Merchant coming up on the stack oh and Merchant gets a high ball that he knows he should put away.

Oh my God that's nice drop there from Merchant and navratil and Merchant now within one we're just down five one and threatening an end change on the paddle of Yates and Hewitt but never tell a merchant rattle off three straight.

And are within one return a serve air from Yates all square at five great work from Merchants he worked his way through the transition area get back to the kitchen what coverage in the middle from all talk Merchant feeling it here is Merchant and they will change ends on.

Their own terms up six five on Kyle Yates and Rafa Hewitt so we'll check out scores on the men's side see if we have anything in I don't think we do we are all into and still into our quarterfinals with lohani and donkina.

Waiting on the winner of bond Long Johnson and Barr in that top half semifinal Frazier descu versus tardio and Cassidy going on right now and also this one we have for you Yates and Hewitt maverickel Merchant in game three navraton Merchant up by one players are changing ends here thank you guys for joining us here at.

The app Chicago open presented by Lexus and we got our Lexus point of the match it's Zayn navratil for you guys at home never until faking the Ernie there and look at the hands all four of these gentlemen there's the one navratil was called off on and there's that flying cross court.

Ernie on that pancake forehand from Zane navratil and that's your Lexus point of the day right back into play here one point lead for navratil and Merchant looking for never to speed that up at that chicken wing left hip of Rafa Hewitt possibly oh not that time he finds a hole in the.

Middle and just punches it through and it's a two-point lead here for navratil and Merchant big two-hander there from Rafa Hewitt much needed side out four Yates in Hewitt no no no no no no no the ball was close right there hard to tell from that angle if it was.

Wide was called wide so call stands Yates and Hewitt within one oh my God damn that ball down the middle Yates a little finger wag and we are all square at seven seven one nice dig from Hewitt good hands battle.

Out top and on top of that is all tough Merchant two oh that's a great ball there from Cal Yates takes something off it creates some shape on it gets it down at The Shins of merchant Merchant not able to handle that two.

Foreign avertill kind of flat-footed right here as he watches Hewitt go right behind he was expecting to come back middle Hewitt finds the hole and it's a two point lead here for Kyle Yates and Rafa Hewitt seven for nine on logs is Cal Yates.

Absolutely dialed in right now and it is match point here for Yates and Hewitt I mean what a comeback here from Yates and Hewitt considering they had four count them four match points on their paddle in game two they could not execute navratila Merchant bounce back win at 12 10.

And then navraton Merchant all the momentum in the world coming back from being down 5-1 to up 6'5 on an end change here all the momentum with never tell a merchant but a great job by Jason Hewitt bouncing back nicely handling the pressure and now they will have a match point on their paddle when we return.

From this time out here in this quarterfinal matchup it'll be on the paddle of Rafa Hewitt here to try and end this yeah wow I mean that is unbelievable Kyle Yates eight for ten successful lobs in that match it's an 11-7 victory for Kyle.

Yates and Rafa Hewitt in game number three what a battle by all four of these gentlemen in this quarterfinal matchup but Yates and Hewitt will advance to the semifinals we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back I'll talk with Yates and Hewitt and see and get their thoughts on this matchup here at the app.

Chicago open presented by Lexus foreign foreign foreign.

Real luxury real connection discover intuitive technology at the Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 ES350 thank you foreign.

Welcome back to the app Chicago open presented by Lexus Rafa Hewitt Kyle Yates what a match against Zane navratil an altoff Merchant I mean to say the least there was a quarterfinal matchup and it was intense Rafa take us through game one you guys take game one what were you thinking going into game two just staying consistent keeping the same.

Strategy yeah and and going into that second game you guys go up they come back you guys had four match points on your paddle they hold you off win game two so now momentum on their side Cal going into game three what was the difference banker there yeah I didn't feel like they had any momentum you know we we had a bunch of match points like.

You said and uh you know I went a little crazy for a few just trying to finish it uh but we knew it's like just just stay hungry you know keep keep saying aggressive let's go and win it let's not play not to lose because they're I mean they were playing yeah first day you know we're still figuring out some things but uh I mean we knew they were.

Gonna bring it but we weren't gonna let off you know let off the gas one bit and now let's go back to it I gave you the stat after we got done eight for ten on lobs you were in that matchup you told Rafi you're like get into a dink rally at one point I got something cooking what was that on on Match Point obviously you know me thinking I wanna I.

Wanna a walk-off kind of shot and I told him I said hey just you know stay aggressive if we get into a dink rally I got something sneaky for this next point and the trick was I was gonna fake a lobbying over Zayn instead and that's that's what I did I think it worked well it worked out well keep it going guys into the semis Rafa Hewitt Cal Yates.

Moving on we got a next match up for you women's Pro doubles here on Championship core don't go anywhere from the app Chicago open presented by Lexus foreign.

Go go foreign real luxury real confidence enjoy advanced Safety at the Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 RX 350. foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign welcome back to the app Chicago open presented by Lexus we got a great match up here on the.

Semi-final for women's Pro doubles Jade and Jackie kalamoto taking on Georgia Johnson and Anna bright winner moves on to the winner bracket final loser will drop down on the consolation side have to battle their way back Dominic Catalano here with you all day I got a special guest for this matchup our very own app CEO Ken Herman Ken.

Thank you so much for joining me Tom we are in Chicago we are our hometown Ken it's always good to be here isn't it it's very nice to be in Chicago um pretty pretty busy last couple of days for me can you you haven't even been in the country and you're here this morning I saw you this morning and I'm like how.

Are you still standing but you are we've got an exciting match here anna bright to start off nice job there from the kalamoto sisters on the attack and you'll see two different styles of play from the cow motos to the Brighton Johnson side calmos are like two brick walls are gonna get everything.

Back stay in points grind it out I think you're gonna see more of attack mode from Johnson and bright Johnson and bright two weeks ago app New Jersey open our silver medal is there had a good run came up a little short against Lawrence from and Vivian David in that final they took last week off oh let me rephrase that Anna bright took.

Last week off Georgia went to Philadelphia last weekend and played beautifully and was Victorious there and now here we are week three in a row Chicago open foreign Georgia Johnson making her presence felt right there sliding over taking about 70 percent of the Court.

I'm trying to speed up that's a tough ball right there for Ken for her to speed up it is one of the things about Georgia and Anna is when they are on they are on they won a gold medal earlier this year and our opening spot Punta Gorda you were there for that call yep that was kind of the big breakout that Anna break.

Kind of emerged in the pickleball scene and they've played several times since then they've been having great results every event that they've been playing the concerned kawamoto sisters have also won this year on the tour they won our Cincinnati event right close to their hometown.

They're from Indiana are the kalamoto sisters and a bright Georgia Johnson Florida natives foreign getting everything back and Georgia Johnson a big forehand right there though Ken it's really going to be interesting I mean the strategy is pretty out there you've got a couple of.

Big ball Strikers that are going to take the pace of the ball try to dictate Point playing the combo sisters they just don't miss it's interesting how George and Anna are working on their softer game whereas in speaking both both the kawamoto sisters they're working at trying to get more offense right.

Foreign counter there from Jade kalamoto Jade kawamoto in the orange and red left-handed Jackie kalamoto in the teal and purple right-handed so when they're on a pickleball court the kalamoto twins can't confuse you because one is Left-Handed one is.

Right-handed but we're in there when they're in the Players Lounge I can't you can't tell them apart thank goodness they're wearing different clothes today as we say that Jackie turns around and looks at us and gives Ken a smile that's too funny that's a nice leave right there from Jackie is that ball sails over her head.

Jackie and Jade's father is here cheering them on he came in from Indiana very very nice man very supportive and very proud of both of his daughters foreign nice aggressive play there from Jackie and you know like you said Ken it was the kalamotos the brick walls they play soft you know you have Anna bright and.

George Johnson I like to play hard not much soft game and both teams are working on that and you're seeing that right here early on in game one yep because you're seeing the kalamotos be a little more aggressive here and it's a 6-0 lead did you see this coming here Ken well I don't know if I saw it coming I I'm very fond of all four of these.

Players and always wish the best and that they go out there and play their best pickleball but you you cannot come out there and and go for poor shot selections especially if it's a it's a ball that's not attackable and Jackie and I'm sorry Georgia and Anna have pulled the trigger a couple times a little bit too soon but while we've got.

A little short break here I want to give a huge shout out we were in Philadelphia last week yes an unbelievable group of volunteers Denise day her whole team there at the club we were so thankful and and appreciative being out there just a wonderful event and as we're apps trying to bring Pro pickleball and amateur pickleball to different regions.

Through our partnership with USA pickleball very excited to bring the first professional pickleball event last week to Philadelphia and we can't wait to go back in 2023 and that's great you had a great turnout in Philly last weekend great competition some good matches was keeping an eye on that all.

Weekend as we come back in from this time out five or six zero leads for the kalamotos and nice ball right there from Anna bright finding a good angle and then and Georgia need to focus on getting good depth on their opening volleys to try to keep the sisters back thank you.

Nice defense from Bright and Johnson but just too much attack from the kalamotos and it's a new Jade and Jackie kind of coming at them aggressively now wow I mean this is impressive in the last match they took out Andrew Coop and Lauren stratman that's no you know no little feat Ken.

Uh the draw was very top heavy one per the app pro Council wow Jade coming in you know the placements of the top eight seeds in the bracket were all done by a coin toss so we had represented this from the pro Council and the app staff and referee staff and the draws were intermittent.

Throughout the the brackets and this is where it came up but it was fair and uh it's very important to show complete transparency when doing the seedings for the draws and not for nothing you have to beat everyone eventually you know whether it's that first round second round third.

Round you got to go through every good team eventually and the the cream is gonna rise to the top here oh wow what a drop there from Jackie kalamoto beautiful touch you watch this little Inside Out forehand drop and it's dangerous too to do that when.

You have such athletic players on the other side you're almost begging them to come up quick side out for the kalamotos and you're seeing the pressure they're putting on foreign nice ball there from Anna bright finding the backhand side of Jade cow Moto.

Oh come on Wow all four of these ladies move so well Ken well they dude and that was a great example of just how talented Jackie and Jade are they were completely on defense and found a way to get the offense got themselves back up at the kitchen line and made Anna and Georgia playing an additional six shots out there.

Thank you oh yeah and if I change the pattern that time popped it up I don't know if that was the right time they're done we've got pretty nice playing conditions we've got a 30 chance of rain this afternoon there's no wind mid 80s and we've got some humidity those players are definitely changing.

Shirts but yes the overcast is helping right now it's cooled it off just a little both the girls thinks are clearer than that by maybe an inch or two so so low to the net we'll talk about that a little Ken why loaded the net what's the key there strategically keeping that ball low well.

You know it's interesting I was talking to Jackie and Jade earlier in the players 10. I mean these two girls are are uh very very con even tempered players but they're five foot three it's hard to get the ball out of their Strike Zone when they're not as tall as perhaps you know Anna or Georgia who are coming in at five foot seven.

So they're trying to keep their dinks down as low as they can not to put the ball in their Powerhouse and there it was right in her Powerhouse nice pull there from Jackie kalamoto and Jackie playing extremely well this first game a little flip roll down the middle and it's an 8-0 lead for the kalamotos oh that was one of the first times the.

Cow motives were not up on the line they had pushed back a little bit yeah they got caught in transition right there couldn't work their way all the way up to the kitchen foreign Georgia got into town a little bit early she was up at uh the White Sox playing pickleball with the White Sox I saw it I.

Saw you at Wrigley and they were at U.S cellular not U.S cellular anymore Guaranteed Rate yep great cat by Anna wow what coverage from Georgia Johnson too as Anna bright gets to this ball look at the position she's in Georgia has to come over and cover the whole Court until Anna gets back Georgia does.

Such a good job using her athleticism right there all right good spot so yeah Georgia JW and Julie Johnson were hanging out there playing pickleball with the mascot throwing out some balls JW's got quite an arm on him yeah quite an arm he was talking to me about it he told me all about it you know he wanted to bat he.

Said they didn't let him take batting practice I think he was a little upset about that oh we've had great fan support here a lot of excitement for pickleball here in Chicago Nice Shot Cross Court there from Anna bright caught the line just wide there on that.

Block from Jade kalamoto Brighton Johnson are on the board here oh nice finish there from Jackie kalamoto down the middle and what makes this so effective here Ken well first off look at how she had her paddle up in that ready position she was just right.

There ready to set that ball on nothing you can do off the tape right there is blocks it with her hand but again not allowed we've got two courts being live stream Championship Court one and Championship core two three and then where where were you just at.

Ken as well you were there for like 10 minutes I wasn't there for 10 minutes app growing the sport internationally have welcome both the English open and the Spanish open on the 2022 tour I spent a a day and a half in Madrid your counterpart Laura McLaughlin big finish from Georgia McLaughlin is.

Live streaming there live on app TV as well from all the excitement taking place with the Spanish open the two majors over in Europe are the English and the Spanish open so we're great to have established Partnerships with them Mark to clerk was there with a a great sold out crowd you know it's interesting that Europe's.

A little bit behind USA as far as the the the growth is there but just as far as players playing but the 400 people that were there and they must have had another 75-85 volunteers so much excitement and enthusiasm and and uh I wanted to get back here but then there was part of me that didn't want to get back here I really was enjoying Madrid.

Right but I certainly wanted to go out there and support them and uh we're probably about a week or so away from announcing our 2023 schedule and welcoming both the English and Spanish opens on board next year who knows maybe we'll send you into Madrid next year we'll put Laura back here in Chicago don't don't tease me with a good time.

Ken and you know she's out there in Morocco and I'm seeing all this and I'm like wow I'm like I'm in Highland Park I love it but no I this is one tournament I wouldn't miss it's nice and close you know the family my my kids live 10 minutes from here so it's always nice to come back here to Chicago for the.

Chicago open this is where it all started Dom it is Chicago's where we started Nike Park in Naperville I had a long talk with Dana about it the other day all right eight four they're continuing to close on the lead a little bit yeah it was an 8-0 lead here in Brighton Johnson answer with a.

5-0 run of their own so far and still going on a rare Miss on that forehand dink from Georgia Johnson she does such a good job Kim she's so long her arms are so long she reaches that in for that forehand dink foreign you're exactly right and I think as.

We're seeing that more and more from some of the top Pros anything they can do off the ability to lessen their opponent's time to get ready taking that ball early inside that kitchen line before Elena bounces are all things that we've really seen the game evolve in the past 18 months oh my goodness I mean Georgia Johnson.

Goes around the post she hits this to the inside of Jackie Como to watch this Jackie overruns it yeah Echoes off of her right hip not her left hip and Jackie was there she was covered she saw it coming big point out here five eight if they can get another point on the board nice leave.

Right there from Jackie kalamoto five eight ten on she keeps it in Jade Let It Go I think she thought it was gonna be out and I put a little flick of Thompson on that ball got around the side of the ball in a curved in yep and now within two foreign.

Georgia what hands come on Wow Georgia Johnson literally kept them in that point and Anna bright able to finish 782 an 80 run followed by a 7-0 run and still going great ball oh man Jackie did not get down for that ball at all she went down with her back.

Time out dumb wow I mean kalamotos were in control of 8-0 cruising three points away from end in this first game Anna bright Georgia Johnson call timeout they got to 8-4 forced to Cal Motors to call timeout now the cow Motors burned their second after they score four more 2-8-0 runs by all four of these ladies Ken what's the difference here for Anna.

Bright and Georgia Johnson though to come back well Anna Brighton and Georgia have done a good job of being a little bit more selective of when they're going to step up and go for their shot they're being a little bit more patient Kyle motors have lost their line they're not up on their line as well as they were earlier and I still think there's some.

Balls that they can take some chances on you know it's so important when you're when you're in that situation where you've had the Lee and they come back that you don't panic you go back to the basics a good return a good first volley getting the ball deep making your opponent get placed in a compromising position so I'm sure during the.

Changeover those just some things hopefully the sisters were talking about each other we just got to go back to some Basics and reset and we'll see what adjustments the kalamoto's made in this timeout 8-8 here no answer here for the cow motos Jade did not move her feet on that ball she knows it.

Yeah I mean when you're up 8-0 and then now you're down 10-8 the court looks like Rhode Island and for the the for for you know Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson it looks like the Atlantic Sea they can't miss and look at everything just falling for him right now everything going the right way.

Dig from Jackie kalamoto to stop that run they held off a game point there it's gonna play Georgia set herself up went out wide took Jackie out wide put the closing ball down the middle foreign ticism right there you thought that she was out of position twice kamodo just didn't get it far enough to.

Her backhand side there and they're doing a good job keeping that paddle up even if she was pulled out of position she kept her paddle up oh and right off the right hip Havana bright and the cow motives fight off another game point but it'll be game point number three here for Brighton Johnson.

Foreign they take the first game wow I mean two huge runs by all four of these ladies here but it is bright in Johnson on top game number one 11-8 after going down eight.

Thank you thank you foreign pickleball I love pickleball I love pickleball I love pickleball because of the community the community is number one the community to competition level it's very satisfying seeing yourself get.

Better over time I can play with my neighbors I can play with my family I can play in the pros I can play against my friends the people I met in this sport have become lifelong friends it's so social at the end of the day we're all just here to have a good time just met all kinds of people people through all walks of life and that have just.

Become family do you want some more wait till you see me on the downhill real luxury real confidence enjoy advanced Safety at the Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 RX 350. game number two women's semi-final.

Matchup Georgia Johnson Anna bright coming back after being down 8-0 to win 11-8 what a game for Johnson and bright let's see what kalamoto and kamodo can do coming back here in game number two the kalamoto sisters will have the sun in their eyes now but again very very little breeze out.

Here actually pretty ideal pickleball conditions 001 could leave right there from Jackie kalamoto nice finish there from Anna bright and Brighton Johnson picked right up where they left off from game number one a little wide from Jackie calmoto and.

Jade and Jackie have no answer right now for Georgia Johnson and Anna bright foreign they are just not missing our Georgia Johnson and Anna bright right now they're not giving up anything a couple breaks have been following their way okay too that's a nice point for Jackie calmoto.

Right there she put a lot of pressure on both Georgia and Anna bright right there and she jammed Anna off of the left hip a little more offense rubber on the cow motives finally get back on the board they hadn't scored they had been outscored 13-0.

Going from game one to game two oh good coverage there from Georgia Johnson as Anna bright tried to go around the post she had it she had it good cover though from kawamoto foreign right there and I'd like to see bright slow one of those down she got into it one or two okay get back slow it.

Get back into a rhythm she was trying to prove a point there it seemed like but one thing I will say that Anna's doing better last couple weeks ago again app New Jersey Anna found herself getting off of her line a little bit off of the pace that Vivian and Lauren were throwing at her so today she's done a very good job of holding on to her line.

And really dictating the point when when she's had to go ouch oh when it's right there for Jade kalamoto down the line just over hits this a tad that time man I came in on that ball her follow through did not lift up she.

Flapped her wrist over that's why that ball went into the net Georgia so quick her hands are so fast Ken that she's able to adjust to those speed UPS well when she doesn't start them right oh nice read there from Jackie in the middle Ken but that's the kamamoto.

Sisters gain a little more offense of taking some chances out there they realize they've gotta tweak things a little bit here they're down by two but I'm sensing that they're trying to work on some different patterns so sensing the cow Motors get a little frustrated right now with.

Brighton Johnson being able to get everything back and are frustrating them that they usually are the ones doing that to to opponents foreign that's a great observation you're right about that so that's again why the kawamoto sisters are going to have to take some chances here and find some.

Balls that are in their power zones and and see if they can't cause a little bit more damage three two one a concern three two two a little wide right there from Anna bright and a much needed side out there for the.

Cow Motors try and keep this momentum going get back in this match needing game two to force a third game well done nice crossover good job moving forward on that ball believe me offensive LOB ster.

all and off the tape right there Bright getting a little love right there off that tape and nothing that Jackie kalamoto could do right there again all the breaks seem to be going Georgia and Anna Missouri right now that's a good ball there from Anna bright finding a little bit of a hole.

She had Jade pulled all the way to that sideline find that hole in the middle there she is stepping in that's exactly what we talked about interesting also that the kawamoto sisters are returning more balls down the middle of the Court they were returning a little bit more to the corners game one I wonder if they're trying to take down the angles of.

Georgia and Anna by going down the middle wow what a point for the cow Motors again pulling Anna bright completely off Georgia does her job here covers middle gets that back but you're only two ladies on the court you can't cover all that ground when one of your partner one of your partners is off.

The court nice Point construction from the kalamotos nice dig from Jade oh turning defense into offenses Jackie and Jade kalamoto beautifully done work their way up to the kitchen line and then that backhand flip from Jackie down the middle.

We've got a packed house over on cc2 J George's brother JW is over there right now in the first game playing with deckle bar good finish there from Anna bright as she's stayed consistent the kalamotos were on defense that whole time.

Three four one conserve tough ball for Georgia Johnson handle is Jackie calmoto Clips the tape and a nice drop right there from Johnson I want to do a shout out to Laura McLaughlin she's over at the app Spanish open right now.

They are streaming those matches on app TV both on Facebook and YouTube but they're in bed over there right now so you people will have to probably watch the repeat on those but Lauren's been over in Europe and uh was able to spend a couple days with the team over there and and uh a lot of excitement we'll pickleball.

Growing in the country of Spain forced there there from Jackie and the time out from Jade and Jackie kalmoto as Brighton Johnson in control here now up six four in game number two after taking game one eleven eight here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus let's take a look at our bracket and how we got to this point on.

The women's Pro double side Jackie and Jay kalamoto took out your one seed Andrew Coop and Lauren stratman to move on to face Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson who took out Sarah ansberry and Corinne Carr another matchup going on on an outer Court Mary brasha and Susanna Barr taking on.

Etta Wright and Lee Whitwell Whitwell and Wright had a retirement win over zarjim and pitega Maite I heard that jajim got hit in the hand off of her partner and then Roshan Barr took out Vivian David and Alex trong to earn their spot in the other semi-final.

So as we come back from this time out kalamoto is looking to answer here and slow down the momentum of Anna bright and Georgia Johnson I'm in 642 and a break to serve on second server here up by two point and right now it just seems like the cow motives are on their heels a little bit.

Because of the pressure now that Johnson and Brett are putting on them Kim well it's interesting Dom a player makes an air and pickleball when they tend to change the direction of the ball the shop before them we saw Jade change the direction of a Down the Line ball trying to go cross-court with it she maybe should have worked the point a.

Little bit more a bit a little bit more steady within the rally nice ball from Johnson and she set that up she was waiting for that ball and she could reach in and flip middle she had Jay kalamoto pulled to the sideline created a hole in the middle she found it yes wow good spot down the middle again.

From Anna bright they're pulling the kawamoto sisters out wide and then doing that one-two punch with the first one out wide second one then going hard down the middle again there's the pressure from Brighton Johnson they are just firing on all cylinders they're on their toes the cow Motors are.

On their heels everything is moving forward for Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson right now time out yeah and the cow mode is calling that time out and so what's happening right now Ken is again the cow Moto's on their heels it's tough for them to kind of move up as you have Johnson and bright putting on so much pressure what do they need to do to.

Change that oh gosh I I think two things first thing they've got to be able to do is see if there's some balls that they can take out of their opponent's strike zones a little bit trying to make them a little bit more vulnerable that they can go in there and try to be able to dictate second thing they got to be able to do.

Is ask yourself why are they getting caught in that position to begin with so I would take a look and see what shots they're giving Anna in Georgia right now and seeing what's not working off of that pattern there yep are they maybe they should take some balls more down the middle is it looked like they were doing at the early stages of this game.

But then as they're volleying you know you can either volleyball out wide to your point and you can try to handcuff them down the middle and I wonder if those are some things that they should take a look at to see if that's what's putting them in that so-called spider's web to where they're not able to take the offense next up on Championship.

Court here we have a good one deckle bar and JW Johnson taking on the 27 seed can out of Minnesota anik lohani and amrick donkina will take on a Johnson and Barr next up here on Championship court but before that it is all Georgia Johnson and Anna bright right now leaning in putting.

Pressure on and that's a frustrated Jackie kalamoto right there trying to make something happen on a low ball and it'll give Brighton Johnson match point that will do it right there down the middle from Georgia Johnson with an 11-4 victory in game number two after taking.

Game one 11-8 Ken that's a 22-4 run to end it for Brighton Johnson great match by these ladies they're moving on to the winner bracket final we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back I'll talk to Georgia Johnson and Anna bright get their thoughts on this matchup and what it's like to move on to the winner bracket final here coming up this.

Afternoon at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus foreign foreign do you want some more do you want some more wait till you see me on the downhill see.

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Foreign go welcome back to the app Chicago open presented by Lexus I'm with Anna bright Georgia Johnson after your victory over.

Jaden Jackie kalamoto I'll start with you Anna you guys started off a little slow went down 8-0 took a timeout what did you guys say after you went down 8-0 in game one um you know we definitely started pretty slow I think we got down like 4-0 or something but I think we took our first time out then and then we then we.

Started playing better but we just thought we were losing the point so like I said off camera the the commode was really tricky just kind of their uh the the angles that the balls are coming at are a little different um so that was giving us trouble a little bit but then once we adjusted and and I I started I started really feeling.

It as did George when I was getting a little big and we were putting a lot of pressure in them then then the tides obviously really turned in our favor and an adjustment is probably the understatement of the century after they go up 8-0 you go on an 11-0 run to end it and then you continue that run in game two Georgia what was the Difference.

Maker moving into game two after you go up and win 11-8 in game one well uh me working uh me on the left wasn't working so we switched and Anna got really big in the middle and I think that was a definite factor and uh I was just trying to Dean can set her up as much as possible and she was covering all the holes so she did really well with that.

And um yeah all right well a 22-4 run to end it for you guys put you guys in the winter bracket final congratulations ladies they're moving on we're gonna take a quick commercial break when we come back we got a men's semi-final matchup here on Championship court at the app Chicago.

Open presented by Lexus foreign foreign foreign.

thank you thank you real luxury real connection discover intuitive technology at the Lexus golden.

Opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 ES350 I love pickleballs I love pickleball I love pickleball I love pickleball because of the community the community is number one the community the competition level it's very satisfying seeing yourself get better over time I can play with my neighbors I can play.

With my family I can play in the pros I can play against my friends the people I met in this sport have become lifelong friends it's so social at the end of the day we're all just here to have a good time just met all kinds of people through all walks of life and that have just become family music music.

Welcome back here to Championship Court men's semi-final matchup your one seed J.W Johnson and Deco VAR taking on the upstart 27 seed onik lohani and amrick Don Kina boys out of Minnesota proving why they belong here as lohani and donkina started off the day.

Taking out William sobeck and Adam Stone and then moved along through Johnson Cola and ryler de Hart and then as you can see taking out Thomas Wilson and DJ young in the quarterfinals so you see how these boys got here Deco Barr and J.W Johnson taking out Grant Bond and Brendan long.

On your other semi-final matchup is Dylan Frazier and Andre dasku taking on Kyle Yates and Rafa Hewitt that matches over on cc2 right now yeah so we have both men's semi-final matches going on for you right now we have this one here on CC1 Frazier they ask you Yates and Hewitt on cc2.

And we have an update on the women's side of things at a right and Lee Whitwell in three two eleven eleven three thirteen eleven over Susanna Barr and Mary brasha so the next matchup we'll have for you here on Championship Court after this one.

Which hasn't even started yet is Etta Wright Lee Whitwell Anna bright and Georgia Johnson so if you're looking for CC1 this is us here cc2 is a different stream so don't be confused by the two if I talk about another stream or another match on a stream.

It's on the other court we've got Ari shanok and Chad Edwards leading that broadcast for the team and I'm in here for one more match with you Dom and then I gotta go write some checks all right Pros always want to get paid you know yes they do Ken yes they do.

Mr Bob unitach is in uh is our head referee for this match a couple of new players here yes we have anik lohani and amrick donkina lohani in the white donkina in the blue boys out of Minnesota I've had a good they've had a good run here so far today it'll be interesting I don't know how.

Much Declan and JW know of their patterns know of their shots and they're staying patient right there and donkina staying nice and soft keeping that ball in play they're on the board first oh honey his own conversion of the Spencer two-handed backhand drive right there.

Well at first glance at these two young men from Minnesota you can see they've got some racket skills beautiful Strokes beautiful technique off of the first couple of points that I've seen here big serve there from Deco Barb and then on the flip side of that I know they've probably seen Deco Barn J.W Johnson but it's a little different.

When you're between the lines against them Ken foreign JW picked up the title two weeks ago at New Jersey winning gold there and nice leave right there JW was our Triple Crown winner that week winning all three events.

Took last week off did not go to Philadelphia and now he's back here and then with us next week app Atlanta I'm gonna leave that ball in the middle and splits lohani and Don Kina and a 3-1 lead for Johnson and Barr ington well right that is.

Awesome and unfortunate all at the same time there as Don Kina goes right off the tape and that ball just drops that's a serious forehand right there Ken a lot of paddlehead speed easy going through with that ball High just clipped it and I don't think JW saw that coming speaking of JW he's already advanced to.

Two finals championship Sunday tomorrow we've got JW playing in the singles and in the mixed doubles finals we will see if he's able to get the men's final as well and attempt another Triple Crown he has won three Triple Crowns this year on the app Delray Beach South Carolina New Jersey.

And trying to make it a fourth here in Chicago Triple Crown is when you win the singles doubles and mixed doubles events at a single tour stop what's so nice watching this in lohani watch how low he gets on this two-handed backhand when he's driving this he gets solo drives through it.

And they have now taken a 4-3 lead a lot of spin on that return to serve made it heavy for JW to come up with the drop yeah oh nice hands there from onik lohani as he's Toe to Toe with JW Johnson right there and goes off the edge of Johnson's paddle lohani and Don Keena gonna look to add to their lead.

Here up 4-3 early in game number one backhand Drive was too high that time Deco was sitting there with this panel up ready to put the ball away there you go he just misses that back Baseline right there Ken he's coming in aggressive right here oh they're not scared they've got nothing.

To lose Dom they can just you know swing out go for their shots this is a great opportunity for them being on CC1 at a tier one event here backed off right back off and then you're trying to cut through that a little too much right there yeah good pressure there from lohanian the.

Flying two-hander iCal service got a lot of pace to it we've talked about that before you know it's it's not a heavy spin serve no but it it's it's deep it's got pace very hard to attack off of his servant to get in behind it well you watch him too Ken and he gets up on that toe so he uses every inch of.

His body to get up and over that and when he's hitting he's almost hitting down on the ball as we mentioned on the broadcast earlier when JW's sister was playing JW was out at the White Sox game earlier this week doing some press and publicity for the Chicago open got to hang out with the players throw.

Some balls around and feel with them I was pretty not a bad deal not a bad deal at all I was like God I wish I could do that yeah I know right I made it to Wrigleyville but I never got in the field yeah I saw they had you behind the Gates he did you weren't allowed past the red rope I.

Saw that but at least I got to the Red Room on the warning track okay nope okay oh what an angle right there from dunkina you watch him jump this sideline here on this next ball.

I'm very impressed with this young man I jinxed right on cue Ken along with that return to serve and it's a three-point lead here for Johnson and Barr and see and what you see is veteran players and Johnson and Barr making adjustments they probably haven't seen much of lohani and Don Kina they figured.

Out what they're gonna do and they made the adjustments correctly 482 oh I held it that's such a good ATP there from Deco bar and you see duncina go over there and take a look and go how do you fit that in there he had he had to get the angle and the view of it.

I love it these guys are having a blast out here but started off hot kind of cooled down a little bit and you're seeing pressure now from deckle bar and J.W Johnson great Serve by deckle again so JW just kind of standing straight up on that block right almost very nonchalant almost too nonchalant.

It's a nice little inside out there from Deco bar and they have a game point on their paddle here it's a nice side out by lohani and Donkey they hold and fight off one game point of saw that backhand volley change of Direction come.

Off of JW's paddle he was ready for it good serve d nice again Deco bar going inside out right at that left hip of Don Kina five things oh again Johnson's standing straight up trying to do something with that he's almost too tall and on top of that.

Trying to hit down game point game point number two for Johnson and bar and they will take game one by a score of 11-6 over lohani and Don quina it was 4-4 but Johnson and Bargo on a 7-2 run to end it and they will take game one we'll take a commercial break when we come.

Back game number two here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Alexis real luxury real connection discover intuitive technology at the Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 ES350.

thank you and we are back here on Championship Court one seed J.W Johnson and Deco bar taking on YX little honey and amarek donkina lohani and Don Gina came out firing it was close early got it to 4-4.

But bar and Johnson pull away with a 7-2 run to end it they take game number one game number two coming up right now The Deco bar will be serving to start so Dom I was watching USTA U.S open Billie Jean King last night Serena had her last match lost I I don't.

Know about you Tom but it was just hard having to be back to tennis courts we had converted that whole place to pickleball I yeah I didn't know how I felt about that I love the US Open for tennis but it was fun pickleball there we had a good time in New York app set to go back app New York City open 2023 Memorial Day weekend.

What good leave right there from lohani and Don Kina and they're up 1-0 here early in game number two just long the backhand roll there from Don Kina and he just over hits it a little bit and it's opening he set the pattern up he had the opening you're right.

That's the experience Factor you talked about a little bit earlier today this is a good opportunity good experience for our two boys from Minnesota regardless if they win or lose oh J.W Johnson all over that in the Middle with that forehand yeah yeah.

One one two three one again JW with that little wrist flick you know right at the backhand jammed him a lot of excitement going on cc2 right now oh nice adjustment there from Don Kina as Deco Barr had a an alley here he goes.

To flip behind but Don King a great backhand flip back what you're seeing J.W Johnson and Deco bark do really well right now is recognize how hard that lohani and Duncan are hitting that ball and letting that ball go out they fled several balls gone you're correct so as we're seeing these infusion of.

Tennis players with great technique and great skills come into the game you can still see where they need a nice Finish Line but you can see where they still need to re refine their pickleball skills with the soft hands the ability to change the spins and the speeds of the ball and not to overheat beautiful Drop by decal.

Nice ball from Deco Barn again it's you watched Echo bar no big backswing stays in front paddle's always there ready to go and just gets lohani and Donkey out of position at the slightest and he finds a hole just out they don't want to make these easy on.

Four stairs they've got to stay competitive with them in this second game hey what it's a ton of experience coming through right now here time out yep and a time out here from alohani and Don Kina Ken you know what's.

The adjustment right now if there's any at this moment the immediate adjustment from lohani and Don Kina during this time out well lahani's coming up with some big drives he's back at the Baseline driving that forehand and then he's not following up behind the drive getting himself to the kitchen line I wonder if there could be some discussion.

Right now between these two young men of maybe not driving that third Ball but dropping that third ball and then sneaking in behind it and trying to see if you can't go toe to toe the one thing we know about JW and Deco is that when they go on offense very seldom do they get off of offense you know it's very hard to reposition.

And reset against JW and decal once they've taken that first strike a lot of times that ball doesn't come back with their opponents yeah you're exactly right like to see lohani and Don Kina try and slow up a third instead of drive one and get into some points here wait for the right opportunity.

This ball right there again and it's they didn't initiate that Deco bar initiated that and they just adjusted nicely done when you're hitting a two-handed volley up at the kitchen line you really cannot have extra backswing on that ball there's too many things that can technically go wrong with that stroke.

We saw a great a great example shop before them where he just kept that pedal up and was very clean on his technique a little long on the serve there from lohani and it's a side out too Johnson and Barr and nice ball right there from lohani down the line Johnson thought that ball.

Was gonna go long stays in yeah I've seen you're trying to speed up at Deco bar and he's moving forward you don't want to give him that opportunity put it at his feet don't put it at his hip and waist height he's gonna hurt you and like you did right there foreign men can get a run here.

Oh hey I didn't know if that was a double fly swatter or what Deco was trying to do with that one there's a hell of a lob well and he didn't even have to move and he got a good paddle on it but still it's he's trying to get that angle it's a tough angle to try and hit right there he looked all over us and gave us.

A little smirk right there windmill put away here from Don Kina Hammer Time foreign good finish right there from Don Keenan good setup though didn't try and do too much with that first ball got the pop-up.

And then finishes what oh nice jump in the kitchen line we saw him do that in game one did Don Keenan and watch the footwork here from the other side as he hops that kitchen line puts it away with the backhand nice Ernie from Don Kina update on Championship Court two Dylan.

Frazier Andre dasku are up 5-2 in the third game against Kyle Yates and Rafa Hewitt who keep hearing a lot of excitement from the crowd over there great crowds this weekend here in Chicago Dom today is gender doubles for pros off the men's and women's and Senior Pros are playing their mixed doubles bracket.

Today oh nice hands battle by all four of these gentlemen but it is lohani and Don Kina coming out on top of that crowd loving this excitement out here look like Don Keena pulled the ball off his hip in the middle of that point just misses the ATP does Deco bar he had it lined up Deco our Dom he had.

It lined up yep just pull the wide yep couldn't hook it around enough yeah there's a one-two combo there from lohani with that two-handed backhand he's had that parent a couple times does a great job of keeping this paddle up and keeping that wrist very cocked thank you all right off the foot.

Of Hamrick Don Kina they are within two here keeping this close here in this second game ball bounced twice off the top of the net oh and Barr going back to that little flip down the line the inside out here slices through that nicely it's just kind of grazing that underside of the.

Ball it almost looks like he's gonna pull that ball Cross Court ball a little long there from lohani a good side out here for lohani and Don Kina see if they can get on the board again here chip away at this lead that Johnson and Barr.

Have created tough right there is dankina trying to go to that sideline but again not a lot of room to work with over there just long off the tape right there and quick side out for bar and Johnson foreign between the legs.

Jacko goes tweener to get him right back in this Johnson can't finish it right there but nice hands from deckle Barr there's the tweener drop and then he gets the next one too that's too good right there Deco Barr using his tall frame to reach in there take that ball out of the air and flip.

It down the line as they double up lohani and Don Kina eight four Coke on off the tape no love there for onik lohani as Johnson and Barr start to pull away here up 9-4 in game number two good serve again serve really has developed more and more.

Into a weapon Dom you're seeing not only the spin of the serve but also more depth and more power another great Serve by deckle trying to go tweener again doesn't get that one but they do have a 10-4 lead here in game number two if lohani and Don qina are gonna do anything it's gotta be now.

You cannot let them get that serve back without chipping away here 's one nice drive there on the forehand side from lohani bad luck now right off the tape there sails wide and just long off the paddle of donkey it'll be Match Point number two here.

For Barr and Johnson nice finish there from amrick donkina and Don Keena trying that backhand Ernie off the tape and it will be a two-game victory for Deco bar and J.W Johnson they move on to the winner bracket final 11-6 11-5 against enik lohani and amrick donkina crack.

And we've got your Sun Med Play of the game here coming up this hands battle we're right in the middle of look at that ball off the hip from Don Keenan in the middle of that point and lohani and Donkey come out on top of that point unfortunately not the batch.

And it will be Deco bar and J.W Johnson advancing to that winter bracket final Ken thank you for joining me I know you got other duties you got to do to get out of here that's right it's Lee Whitwell taking championship course that's right so we're going to take a quick commercial break when we come back I'll speak with Deco bar and JW Johnson.

About that Victory here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus foreign no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no foreign foreign foreign.

real luxury real connection discover intuitive technology at the Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 ES350 foreign Chicago open presented by Lexus I'm with JW Johnson deckle bar put you guys your.

Last victory in the semifinal puts in the winter bracket final against onik and amrick two guys you probably haven't seen a whole bunch of they came out we're trying to compete with you guys going really hard Deco what was the game plan going in against guys you don't see a lot of right it's pretty unusual for us to play guys we've never played.

Before or haven't really seen so I kind of feel it out see see what we see and then go from there uh yeah definitely they they started strong big drives uh a lot of fast points so we adjusted got got ready for it a little bit more and uh yeah it was better and coming into that match JW you know like I said with decal two guys who.

Hadn't seen a lot of guys with a lot of power um what do you think about those guys and what they are for the future of the game as well I mean I think we're gonna see a lot more of those especially uh the tennis Bros that are gonna convert over and probably uh a year or so uh they're just gonna be uh driving a lot.

Uh obviously they're gonna uh be a little more creative I think if they keep playing uh but for the most part yeah the game is going to be becoming a lot faster and a short time and D you had your serve going really strong in that game giving it to them pretty hard what do you think moving forward your serve you know there's.

Sometimes you'll back off it but today it seems like you're on it is that what you're looking for today going into that winter bracket final right always looking for it some uh some days it's better than better than others uh depends on conditions just the way you feel sometimes getting to some good Rhythm uh yeah I'm just glad it's glad.

It was on now all right well Deco bar JW Johnson moving on to that winter bracket final we'll have the women's Wimmer winter bracket final here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus next foreign do you want some more wait till you see me on the downhill see you at home real.

Luxury real confidence enjoy advanced Safety at the Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 RX 350. thank you foreign.

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Check out our website at and as the saying goes do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life so give us a call at 843-842-9777 we look forward to hearing from you foreign.

Foreign thank you we are launching Selkirk tea which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV.

This is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by selker back here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus women's winner bracket final here on Championship Court Georgia Johnson and Anna bright your four seed taking on Etta right and Lee Whitwell two out of three here winner moves on.

And is done for the day and is in the gold medal match on Championship Sunday tomorrow loser will drop down and have to play one more match to try and get into that gold medal match Dominic Catalano and alongside me we kicked Ken out he's out he's got to go write checks for the pros so he's out and we upgraded I have this show.

Esquivel in the booth with me how you doing Michelle I'm doing great thanks so much for having me that was really sweet of you to say all those things well thank you for joining me I appreciate it I know you had an off day today and you were like hey I can get in there with you if you can and of course I gotta get in here love talking pickleball with you.

I love it why not right no better place to be so we got a good match up here oh where Lee's already yelling at us to say hi to her mom so it's say hi to Lee's mom she's just watching yeah yeah she's she's always watching so Anna bright to served to leave.

Whitwell the star here game number one oh yeah that one-handed swinging backhand from Outer right off the top of the tape foreign 's not coming back from Georgia Johnson and Michelle you're very familiar with all four of these ladies out here you know what what is your key to the game.

For both of these sides first I'd say for Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson what's their key to Victory here oh they got to maintain their level of focus and um just stay pumped up they're a little bit more used to the stage so I think Lee and Edda just need to settle in and play out the point right now I see edit popping up a little.

A little too much but that's just you know being out here probably for the first time in the championship final right um in the Winner's bracket finals I'm sure she'll sell that one and you saw you know in the last match we had with the Johnson and Anna bright against the kalamotos they went on a.

22-4 run to end that match and they just turned it up they were on their toes I'm expecting more of that against at a right and Lee well them to try and put pressure on them right away yeah uh Anna bright and Georgia Johnson's pressure is tremendous you know you're constantly feeling the pressure and that's because they take a lot of balls rip them and.

They don't give you opportunities to settle into a point so let's see if Etta and Lee could try to get into these points and uh try to find something here it's cool seeing this first time partnership as well it is it really is and I think Etta's going to be around for a while oh yes kind of newer name for people but she's going to.

Be around a while and oh lee Elise apologizing and she turns around and gives a little fist pump right we caught that on camera Lee by the way um but yeah I mean that's that's the name of the game right there you're going to catching that cord need that to get on the board every once in a while nice and you know like you said Michelle.

That I think you're right is Etta Wright and Lee Whitwell need to slow those points down elongate those points and I think the longer the point goes the more Advantage they have yeah and it's interesting not seeing Anna and Georgia speed up any of those balls I think it's because they know oh Lee's gonna reset or it is going to counter.

Um so it's it's gonna be a little bit more of a chess match here I feel like as opposed to the kawamotos I mean what a reset through transition from Whitwell right there she was on a move she made it look easy but that is not an easy shot no not at all slowing the ball down off of a ball it's coming quick it takes a lot of practice yeah a.

Lot of finesse well not gonna miss that shot very often but a nice run you know there for Wright and Whitwell to take that lead back up 4-3 here three four one point that's a good ball right there as Johnson kept that ball low you know you.

Can't let Lee reset a ball from her hip fits up around her waist she's gonna reset that perfectly you gotta make her get down get it off the shoe tops nice leave right there from Etta Anna bright she loves trying to sell it she always tries to sell balls if she hits out foreign I know that all too well.

Not saying you do right no never I love Lee's returns they uh you know they stay low which makes you know puts pressure on Anna and Georgia by hitting the ball a little bit up higher so look for that on these returns another nice leave there from Etta right and again that's that's Court awareness she knows where she's at so she knows.

That that Ball's got an angle it's going to head out on that sideline but it's so hard to lay off those balls right it is because it's right there in that Strike Zone where you like to hit down on and um instead of taking that chance you know just gotta let that ball go third fifth and seventh shot lobs and.

They get it yeah well what improved on each one of those lobs was they kept getting it deeper and deeper and it pushed bright on that last one to the middle of the transition area that's a play I haven't seen against that team which is pretty smart yeah might as well try the lob if nothing else is working exactly exactly.

Six five one at a pinch in that middle wow taking that back hand yeah I love that yeah and she's clearing space for that backhand right there one minute you watch and she it looks like when you're doing it full speed it looks like she's taking a huge backswing to get to that though but when you watch.

That replay again her backswing stops at her hip right so she's just short sweet and just threw that ball and talk about how important it is Michelle to not get so big on a swing like that that is huge because you want your point of contact to be out in front right so if you take too much of a backswing then you're gonna end up hitting that ball late or.

Behind you instead of out in front of you so um her timing is impeccable and uh she knows how far to take that back you don't need the power you need the control out in front right so if you guys are learning those Punch volleys or swinging volleys you don't have to take that that paddle face all the way behind.

Your shoulders or all the way back so it makes it look so good she does she does and again we're she's newer to you guys at home heard of Etta and seen Etta um very impressive uh so far today yes obviously in a winter bracket final trying to punch her her ticket into the gold medal match tomorrow you went well to serve here up 7-5.

So far a good time out stop the momentum that's always a great thing I love timeouts you gotta use them right gotta use them oh lee was full send on that right there she was going if that came over I don't know if she was gonna dive but she was gonna give it everything she had nice three-point lead here in game.

Number one good control good consistency probably oh and Anna bright trying to tell Georgia Johnson that ball is going to go out but she plays it and writing Whitwell cruising along here Michelle 95. no she's looking for that other drive it's it's actually work to Lee's.

Advantage driving over to Georgia on the third shot and loving yeah um so that's a good play I think they're going to be utilizing that um since that's been higher percentage for them well we got the wind in our face now so meaning it's coming from the top of your screen to the bottom so in the face of Etta Wright and Lee well it showed right.

There that serve got on at a right really quick yeah and so did that drive yes and so bright and Johnson are using that win to their advantage Michelle yes yes that's something that you always have to pay attention to when you're out in the court is like are we against it are we with it and you have to modify your your.

Basically your strategy in order to make the points work to your advantage all right you want to use it but don't let it work against you right don't try and do too much oh nice Ball by Lee Whitwell you don't know where it's coming oh she jams up Georgia Johnson right there and.

They give up a couple but again when you have a comfortable four-point lead right there you know you have a little room to work with so they still have a two-point lead here nine seven nine seven one oh I like it Lee got out of the way of that I mean she tries to jump into it here but she does get out of the way but again her blocks are so consistent.

You watch when Lee blocks she gets that ball out in front of her nice get from Anna bright as you mentioned um with Lee's blocks it's like the fire's coming and she's saying no you know what I mean it's not I'm not going to counter back I'm going to slow it down because I know that's what you.

Want yeah my only fault that I had right there is when Edda popped that last one up she took two steps in all right and so she she closed ground on a ball that Johnson was gonna rip at her stay there stay in that transition work that next one drop it in and then move on agreed definitely.

That's the play right there nice very big there from Lee Whitwell she gives us a little Flex after she finishes on the second forehand step right in front I had to write nice ball yeah I think Georgia needs to start recognizing that Lee's attacking her outside shoulder not through the.

Middle right and that's what's been getting um the advantage here I feel like in the first first half of the game nice attack by Anna bright it's easy to say that ball is probably going out and it probably was but it's hit right at the shoulder of Whitwell you know how hard that is to get out of.

The way especially off an Anna bright paddle you foreign there's that ball again from Anna bright nice resets wow great job by Lee Whitwell yeah there's that speed up again as you can see Lee catches Georgia on the outside.

Shoulder on her right side and that sets her up for that next put away ball that right there is what's been getting them going that play right there so if they could keep finding that and maybe a couple other things I mean they're on the right track Anna bright and Georgia John Cindy got to figure that out you know they got to recognize that and.

See if they could and we we saw something similar to that earlier where navratil against Hewitt he was going right at his left hip which is his forehand side but he was chicken winging it every time and so you saw that and Hewitt couldn't make the adjustment right and it was being successful but.

Then eventually they did figure it out but again now Johnson's got to figure that out to make that adjustment oh yeah control I feel like they played Anna bright a little bit too much yeah on that on that side out but again nine nine Brighton Johnson came.

All the way back it looked like right and went well cruising along up nine five nice and now at a right picking up on what Lee whitwell's doing right at the right hip of Georgia Johnson we'll see they got to hold one more here they do not want to have to face a game.

Point Georgia picked up on that one well just misses that Baseline right there but again you're seeing a complete strategy here from Whitwell and Wright as they are going at that right hip of Georgia Johnson game point.

Oh and they fight it off Whitwell and right fight off the first game point this is a 5-0 run here from Brighton Johnson to get back they gave themselves a game point nine ten one oh that ball jumped up and over at a right paddle right there.

Took a funny hop since it is a plastic ball yeah you're gonna get those hops we all live and die with them big Point here for right and Whitwell yeah I want to see them trying to go a little bit more to Georgia I mean they've been going to end up right on their side outs and hasn't been.

Successful I wish they changed we change it up a little bit but another opportunity for Anna bright and Georgia Johnson here yeah game point number two here for Brighton Johnson 10-9 foreign to Georgia Johnson and Anna bright again the comeback kids here as they went down 8-0 to kalamoto and kalamoto and came.

Back in 111-8 they come back here and get game one by score of 11-9 we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back game number two this women's Pro doubles winter bracket final here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus foreign.

Foreign thank you foreign women's Pro double winter bracket final here on Championship quarter the app.

Chicago open presented by Lexus 78 degrees mostly sunny light wind high humidity we hide that from you guys we want you to think that we're in perfect temperatures 78 and sunny it is humid out here game number two we'll see what Whitwell and Wright adjustments they make coming into game.

Number two and right off the bat they're on the board 1-0 one zero two huh now they're going to Georgia all right they heard you they heard you Michelle uh I wish they would have done at the end of game one it would have helped them out a little bit right I mean not.

That George is like the weaker player or anything like that it's just Anna put really good pressure on them you know so yeah and you're saying that outside hip of Georgia Johnson when she's on the right to that right hip it's where they found some success to see if they can get back to it oh okay mid court all right usually.

Don't see that right there that has usually been annihilating this but she decided to reset and it popped up nice play almost looked like she may not have been expecting it either who drives from mid Court he's saying it's two resets there from out of right on those drives from Johnson I'd like to see her try and.

Counter that a little more third time's a charm let's see if Johnson does it again she does oh that's a nice counter from Whitwell and again not just a block well punches that back through and puts some Pace on it finds a hole in the middle again keeping that ball out in front she.

Has zero backswing so everything's just going to come back that much faster because it's so far in front of her wow and then the big forehand from Lee Whitwell to finish that point off just want to see you know Whitwell plays that role of the resetter you know the setup person so well I'd like to see.

Etta Wright just get a little more aggressive here look for her counters and drives yep right there I mean no she does get a little love off the tape right there but I'd like to see her just speed up a little more she does it on her terms more so than if Lee you know um sets up the point right so I think.

That's what I've been seeing from Etta there you go just like you said Dom yeah there's a speed up oh good counter just goes long a little while it just misses it I think that winds like at their back a little bit so I think this counter just Sails Long yes ma'am.

Yeah everyone finding their positions on the court thank goodness we have referees to point everybody in the right direction like a crossing guard great work from at a right on it got George in the shoulder Georgia was actually looking for the forehand on.

That one and Lee went to the inside so she's been doing a really good job speeding up to Georgia going across Court finding those different spots pop the net blob retrieved wow nice movement there from Outer right and you see Anna bright.

After she hits this and the point ends she did not want to go middle she wanted to go up and over the top of Whitwell and her right shoulder which would have been a backhand if she was able to get to it and then Georgia deciding to switch positions there yeah I like it.

Again changing things up those in-game adjustments makes your opponent think grape yes well I mean at a right was just handcuffed there a couple times nothing she could do other than try and block that but again too much pressure from Johnson and bright here three five one.

Nice nice oh unfortunately yes yes nothing they can do off that right there I know you guys had to write and leave whip while just shaking their head there's two points in a row that's where I usually call timeout usually that's a tough ball for Johnson to.

Attack Wright did a good job of blocking that ball down at the feet of Johnson when she has to attack her is trying to attack from that position it's very tough mm-hmm yeah I usually see her in a mode where she's just gonna go all out on her attack so it's when you see that and you see her coming in hot you know you want.

To try to get down as best as you can her feet Great Law defensive lob that is there to retrieve another lob at his there that's dropping oh and again the wind at their back that pushed that out just enough just out wow great defense there from Whitwell and.

Wright and a bright going double lob over the top of Lee Whitwell nice work yeah great counter there from Adder right you see her slide to her left and create space for that forehead Michelle I just love how like I mentioned before Lee just says no I'm not going to counter back to Anna because she's looking for those combos.

You know when you speed it up and then put it away on the next one um she she doesn't allow that but great play I like that that is there to counter all tied at five here close match yeah another tight one here oh yeah Pig put away there from Anna bright.

Out five five one Johnson and bright hold at five wow that is a huge drive from Anna bright that ball just getting over the net and Johnson coming in and cleaning it up and they take a one point lead here's that wind kicking in.

Oh big forehand from Outer right and you're right Michelle you know the wind affected that ball right there it's hard to tell um on TV or when you're watching live from home it's hard to see what's happening or feel this is the sense of uh the surroundings but it does play huge huge factors in game.

Oh nice move by George Johnson seeing that high ball and coming across the court yeah she reads that drop so well right there comes in poaches across gives her an Anna bright a two-point lead here in game number two there's that that uh little like oh she's coming in hot George is coming in hot you know and again getting it down.

When she's when she's coming in fiery right exactly you you make her pay when you do that right second server Dom just a quick question do you like driving against in the wind or dropping in the wind when you're with the wind wind at my back yes I like driving yeah wind in my face I like dropping I try and use that wind to.

Knock the ball down oh wow don't get it to whitwell's forehand like that when she's able to extend and snap that wrist that Ball's not coming back what do you prefer I I prefer driving in the wind like if I'm against the wind I like driving the first one see if I could get a better one on the fifth drop.

Makes sense yeah but I like asking just because I like people's opinions nice oh that was definitely in by like a foot that was unbelievable the block from Whitwell the block lost an accidental block love we'll take that but hey got to get your paddle on it.

nice oh that Ball's coming right at us Michelle what a nice put away there from Whitwell and they taken 8-7 lead forcing the timeout here from Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson but what is it Michelle that has gotten at a right and Lee while back in this.

Match oh that's great question I think they they just been playing a little bit more solid I think they're attacking a little bit more countering a little bit more at the beginning they were resetting trying to slow the ball down but now they're I feel like they're really stepping it up but um both teams are doing an.

Exceptional job I mean it's a one-point game right now yeah I think I think you're seeing that you're exactly right I think the counters from at a right are the difference for me right now is I've seen her put a little more Pace on the ball right now she's not just reset reset where she's getting in trouble with that.

She's kind of being a little more aggressive and I need her to be that counterpart for Whitwell when Whitwell is able to do that and allows her to come in and and poach and take away that that softness and add that power I think it's just a good combination for Whitwell and right they're also recognizing when George.

Dragons coming in hot I've mentioned it and I'm gonna mention it again you know putting it down at her feet that's been that's been helping him out there's just um bits and pieces that's putting the puzzle together right and um so they just gotta maintain that and see if they could take it to game three yeah we'll see here if Anna Brighton Georgia.

Johnson's timeout Works they need to get this side out stop the momentum of Whitwell and Wright because it's on their side right now and trying to get into that third game Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson want to end this and go eat dinner well lunch it's only three o'clock law enforced air from Johnson.

Two-point lead 9-7 here for Whitwell and Wright nice ball from Johnson a good one-two combo from her looks like Johnson and Bray are targeting Edda right now they're actually keeping the ball on her yeah Whitwell didn't touch a ball in that last point Georgia.

The way Whitwell did 791 yeah oh wow again the one-two combo from Johnson and the biggest thing I'd like to see how to do she's gonna try and counter that she's got a counter it Cross Court counter Cross Court Diana catch Anna yes that's one thing that they're really.

Good at is like they like um bright and Johnson love their combos they want one two on you know but if you hit one then one person then to the other that's where it really helps them out oh here we go that was a big serve from Johnson she caught Whitwell in transition coming up foreign.

Johnson trying to make something happen right there on the poach in the middle nice hands from Whitwell and Whitwell got involved you know and she she ends at point but we're at nine nine this women's Pro double winner bracket final brought to you by Selkirk Selkirk sport one of our sponsors here.

On the app tour at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus nice drop from at a right just long right there on the reset lob from Whitwell I love those scrambling points oh yes that's nice right there from at a right she is holding her ground right here and.

Gives her and partner Lee Whitwell a game point here in game number two trying to force a third game here in this women's winner bracket final and so important because this ends your day if you win right you win you're done you're sitting pretty for tomorrow if you lose you gotta go battle another two out of three in the bronze medal match.

You oh nice job from Etta Wright to hang in there and we're going three here Michelle they split games one and two 11-9 both games game number three coming up next here from the app Chicago open presented by Lexus don't go anywhere we'll be right back with that game three.

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Going to game three here and a bright Georgia Johnson at a right and Lee Whitwell splitting games one and two both scores 11-9 tight games game number three Georgia Johnson will start serving to Lee Whitwell Michelle predictions well you know what everyone won their game on the With the Wind side so let's see if that's what the result.

Is that too all right well all that means is that at a right and Lee Whitwell will be ending on the quote unquote good side wow well carving that backhand Cross Court and pulling Johnson wide creating hole yeah she's just really utilizing the entire court right now really creating those setups.

Foreign wow you see we're right behind at her right right here you watch her just slide to the left create space for that forehand punch that down and you could kind of notice when George is going to speed up she she kind of takes that little back swing and it's kind of you could definitely tell it's.

Coming right a good drop in see that's why I like that drop into the wind right so edit hits that it looks like it's going to be high the wind knocks it down right out of the reach of Johnson Georgia deciding to stay on the left side now she's been playing the right.

Side of the Court the entire match see if that strategy works oh nice ball from at a right handcuffing and a bright look out Wright and Whitwell jump out to a 3-0 lead here on the near end which hasn't been so successful well 11 9 11 9 they were close matches or close games so I mean they're.

Regardless but a 3-0 lead here for Whitwell and Wright what do bright and Johnson need to do here Michelle to slow this momentum I think amp right she she typically normally you see her swinging away and Lee's been denying her but I think Anna just needs to continue to do that at some point um jus