Foreign foreign foreign Chicago open presented by Lexus sponsored by power plates Selkirk Sunman and pickleball Central.

Good morning everyone we are in Highland Park Illinois here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus it's Championship Sunday and doesn't get any better than this five gold medal matches coming for you today we are starting off with singles we'll have our women's and men's singles followed by women's and Men's Pro doubles and finishing off the.

Afternoon with mixed Pro doubles your first match up here on Championship Court like I said women's Pro singles Anna bright and Salome Davide hitting the court that'll be followed by Men's Pro singles J.W Johnson taking on Federico Stacks route the third matchup of the day will be women's Pro doubles women's Pro doubles Anna bright and.

Georgia Johnson taking on Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman then the men take the court again Men's Pro doubles Dylan Frazier and Andre de-escu coming out of the winners bracket taking on J.W Johnson and Deco bar and then we'll finish the afternoon with mixed doubles coming at you with JW and Georgia Johnson taking on Anna bright and Dylan.

Frazier the keys today we have two players on the men's side and the women's side going for Triple Crowns J.W Johnson trying to nail down another triple crown and also Anna bright trying to get that triple crown today with more I'm gonna kick it to Adam Stone he's gonna break down this first matchup we got in women's Pro singles take it away.

Adam thanks for that lead in Dom appreciate it so happy to be here on Championship Sunday and this first matchup is an absolute doozy two stalwarts of the app tour always deep in the singles bracket and we have uh Salome DaVita in the all-white and we have Anna bright in the peach shirt and.

The blue Yola visor both players with extensive tennis backgrounds I will go over those backgrounds real quickly Salome David say out of the country of Georgia reached a singles and doubles Pro ranking of 250 and a bright playing her college tennis uh with the California Golden Bears 96 career singles Victory victories for.

Her so one of the the biggest factors that I'm looking for today both of these ladies being somewhat fresh uh to pickleball have have really established themselves as two players that really like to stay back and grind out the back of the court with ground strokes but I've seen the last couple tournaments both players picking spots of when to.

Come forward and when to not just stay back but put pressure up at the kitchen line and that is the biggest factor that I'm looking for today in this matchup Adam what's up buddy I made it from the court back into the booth so uh a good break down there of both players by Adam Stone it looks like these ladies are almost ready to go Adam and uh like you.

Said I I'm expecting a lot of ground strokes here but the change that I love is from Salome Davide now we saw her early on in her pickleball crew and she kind of Hit the pro circuit and she would stay back exclusively she really did not like coming up and it was successful for her at first but then as players started to figure that out they.

Started to figure her out well the best thing about her was she went back to the drawing board and said hey I need to figure out what I need to do well now she's very methodical about when she comes up to that kitchen line and she will come up but she'll come up on her term she's not gonna get forced to come up to that kitchen line exactly in our.

Women's bronze medalist Rosie Johansson had a chat with her and Rosie mentioned that Salome never came forward the first time or two they played and it was a much different story in this tournament and it threw her off a little bit great job by David say and we are getting ready to start here Marcia freso your USA pickleball certified Referee on the.

Call and a bright to serve and a bright with a quick come on here Adam uh not shocking uh one of the most fiery players out here always stays positive really gives herself that internal injury pumps herself up as much as anyone we see out here and it served her well in that first point a little wide there from Bright Side out.

For DaVita Davide coming out of that Winner's bracket so if she wins the two out of three it's all over if Anna bright does win that two out of three they will play that game to 15. foreign just wide there from DaVita Adam talk about the ground strokes of Salome DaVita she I mean she's almost clipping.

The net on every ball she keeps it so low ridiculous that last point the crispness Dom it's it's it's so clean the contact point is so consistent the height over the net is it's just really really clean groundies from both ladies foreign she was opened up like she was gonna go.

Flat down the left side and she just rips that to the right exactly I just I just missed the days Dom where someone had a weakness on the singles court maybe you go to their backhand maybe they can't hit one shot inside out or or cross-court or whatever the case may be it's just not not how it is.

Anymore no foreign on a full Sprint to get to that ball and not only did she hit that ball cleanly barely over the net but she had a hint of Top Spin and side spin pushing off the court making it much more difficult for Anna bright to come up with a quality ball in response.

Thank you and again it's perfect timing coming up right there and I thought you were gonna say I missed the days when I played singles no that's what I thought you were getting at incorrect um incorrect I talked about that plenty on Thursday stream.

Foreign that would have been a tough ball for her to come in on she was coming in but she was hitting that right back to Anna bright and Anna would have had control of the court right there that would be a tough one and she was hitting up on that ball a little too much I think uh hard to hit a real penetrating uh ball from.

That position a little frustration from Anna bright on that inside out forehand Miss notice how uh I wouldn't say it's uncommon but notice how uh Salome David say has an open stance on her serve she really gets a lot of power pace and spin in depth with that open stance it's really impressive.

Foreign she made me look good on my comment there by painting the Baseline yeah sir and you talk about that the open stance only other you know woman I think of is not current is kind of looking at current she said Mexico is Catherine parental exactly Catherine does the same thing.

And I'll give a oh here we go a quick timeout from Anna Brighton I think it's the right decision uh early in game one you can't take them with you uh stop this early run from David say who has been I mean I I don't think I think there's been one unforced error in probably about 20 or 25 perfectly executed ground strokes from from David.

Say and that's exactly what you pointed out right there executed perfectly her ground strokes right now are looking impeccable I mean they're clearing the net at like two three inches most of them and she's got so much on it right she's not on her back foot she's leaning into the shot she's anticipating if I hit a good shot I'm going to come.

Forward but if she doesn't she's like okay I'm comfortable staying back so she's reading everything so well and like you said great time out from Anna bright exactly and I think that's the key I think she had one one mistake on an approach shot but other than that there's been a couple times where she didn't just am I going to come in or not.

She worked her way she was a foot closer inside the court then a foot closer and then she comes in on that third ball or fourth ball or whatever it is so great job of of picking spots and uh yeah executed pretty much to Perfection early in game one oh just a passing shot flat down the line there Adam yeah you get you get.

Kind of slowly worked on the ground strokes end up making a mistake or two and they say hey I might come in but you give you give DaVita a Target and that's it's a tough spot to be and when she's when she's playing so well thank you rare Miss there from DaVita on the two-handed backhand.

Then Anna bright always with that positive self-talk she might show some frustration here there but she comes right back with some uh some positive stuff to get herself going she's she's just spreading the ball out like it's a fan she's spreading the ball out sideline the sideline on her own it's on her own time it's her own pace.

7-1 six point lead here anna bright no real answer yet for DaVita come on that's a nice ball right there from Anna bright good recovery yeah and I don't even hate the approach from David say there it didn't it didn't work out that time but I'm completely fine with it I don't think it was a poor.

Decision you just got to tip your cap to Anna a great combination of shots to get the the Cross Court passing shot thank you another one of those approach shots moving away from Anna so it's it's not just the topspin which gives her some margin for air is that side's been moving off the court makes it so tough.

For Anna to get there with her feet and have a very consistent contact point foreign not a bad approach you know she gets a ball that she can handle just over hits it a little bit and Anna bright was late on her return and left it short so I think I think David say needed to come forward there just.

Couldn't get it done I can't play Pickleball today well I disagree with her but uh yes I uh this first this first three or four minutes has been tough I have no doubt she will get it figured out not much of a breeze so uh not not wind it back or in her face it's almost perfect playing conditions.

Weather-wise that's a nice ball right there and the problem with DaVita coming in on that is once she returns it to the middle so it gives bright so many angles and then two bright was she was she was set so her feet were set she was able to do whatever she wanted right there yes absolutely the feet set the contact.

Point was much different than those previous two passes off those side spin approaches a little long there from DaVita and bright puts a crooked number up on the board uh baseball guy cricket cricket number busted oh nice read there from Anna Brighton on the first overhead yes great no great.

Point for sure and a nice volley from Salome Davide because Anna bright on the initial pass had some nice dip on that ball so David say had to hit up on it and still hit a quality uh volley very nice job by her wow I just I mean it's a clinic on how to play singles right here from the baseline from dvj it really is I just.

Don't understand how do people hit Inside Out backhand stuff I've never hit that in my entire career I've been playing for like six years man I've never hit one jeez so impressive the level of the game is changing every day why do you think I'm in the boot that's right I moved quickly.

Yeah you beat me to it I knew you I knew you're a smart guy well time out here from Anna bright her second is Davide pulling away up by seven here in game number one quick recap uh Salome Davide and Anna bright Salome Davide coming out of the winners bracket so if she does win this two out of three it will be over.

If Anna bright can win this we will have one more game to 15 to decide your gold medalists so as you can see right there our bracket and a bright taking out Rosie Johansen in the bronze medal match Rosie Johansen taking out Mary brush in the semi-final Salome took out Lena padigamite.

And so you see where and how we got to this point here but right now it is all David's up 9-2 here in game number one what does Anna bright need to do here Adam to get back in this you know that's a fantastic question Dom uh have have David Zay play not as well uh would be a good start but but always it always comes down for me depth I'll revisit.

This after this point good look there almost had it and I I would it's just so tough when Davide is hitting such quality ground strokes I was thinking maybe Anna could bring her forward on her terms as opposed to David says yeah but when she when Devita is hitting it so crisp and so deep how can you hit a shot to bring her forward just.

A very tough spot to be in yeah and a bright just off in this game and it will be an 11-2 victory for salame DaVita in game number foreign.

foreign 15 seconds back on Championship Court here Championship Sunday first matchup of the day at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus Salome Davide and a.

Bright women's Pro singles Adam it was all defeating game one 11-2 Anna bright needs to answer here in game two here in game it was all the DJ in game one Anna bright needs to answer in game two for sure for sure and and that's really obviously uh with someone that's good at ground strokes it's tough to come forward but I.

Think Anna either has to come forward or bring David say in because right now when it's when they're both back it's just too much David say yeah thank you that's a nice ball right down the line and I'm almost thinking hey when Anna bright sees defeat they come in hit a drop see what you can do with.

It yeah right for sure like for sure getting a little mini Cat Mouse there for a second see what the beat they can do with it maybe give her an unattackable ball if you drop it in but that was a good ground stroke passing shot right there from Anna bright there yes uh she saw that ball up and.

Was like ah it's gonna go and then she stopped didn't keep coming didn't realize it's gonna go off the tape for sure one zero Wow Let's defeating she can do no wrong right now of course yeah but I actually I actually like what you said of uh I wouldn't say her volleys are the best.

Part of her game defense but she's been pretty crisp at chest and shoulder High see if we can get her hitting up on a couple of those volleys when she comes forward maybe put her in a tough spot foreign it's another passing shot for David Jay 3-0 lead here in game number two three zero.

Oh no the BJ a little smirk at Anna private and no no we knew we couldn't even see her face but there was no smart we knew that she's like it's about time I got a break maybe that's the turning point for let's see here on a little Miss hit there from David's.

And Anna bright in this now nice job from right digging it out that initial return from DaVita was ridiculous and set up the whole point for a way to dig out of it for Anna and force a Inside Out backhand error foreign I like it sensing the Anna Bright's getting a little momentum on two of her.

Mistakes she calls that time out for sure and she I mean she's played Anna before she knows that she can get on Roll she can get on run she's an energy player and an emotional player and so absolutely I don't care if it's 3-2 whatever if you feel her kind of getting that Vibe going and getting that energy after a couple points stop it as soon as.

You can and that's exactly what she did okay good time out here from DaVita Anna bright not even taking a minute she's stuck at the Baseline she's hanging out she's like uh-huh you're not gonna slow me down I'm gonna stay right here she's in it she's trying to find her happy place she's stalking right now actually uh-huh so this is an Anna bright that.

Exactly DaVita doesn't want to see yeah these like I said these ladies have some great great backgrounds in sports and they they've been in these spots before and these even though they're somewhat fresh to the pickleball scene they're mentally tough players and they're not going to give you an edge foreign.

She had it if you just keep that in kind of undercuts that and slices that inside out and it stays wide for sure same same stroke when I do my my forehand atps when it has that spin off the court it's just it just it just doesn't stay in for you it just doesn't stay in for you I don't think it ever will either no sir.

Oh and she gets it back right now and right like you got to be kidding me hitting everything else why that no for sure and Dom I I feel like I'm one of one of the better players on tour of maybe picking on something or finding something or strategy I'm just not sure what Anna should do right now this it's it's very it's very tough and I just.

Don't see anything obvious whatsoever right yeah I mean my only suggestion would be try like hit a drop shot yeah right try some and it can't hit a drop shot a good drop shot sure sure try it see if we drop it in see if it could take the power away from from DaVita see what she does with it which is it she's in two.

Doubles finals today she can hit a drop shot exactly foreign On The Run where all Ambry can do right there is hit that lob right and there's nothing she can do and then she's guessing her where the Visa is gonna hit that overhead and the timeout now here from bright as she's down by four and.

And uh uh abpco Ken Herman always likes to talk about changing direction of the ball whenever he's in the booth and how it's risky you should do it at the right times and not the wrong times but David's day is so clean right now it doesn't matter where the ball is coming from what wing it is backhand or forehand she can put that ball where she.

Wants to she can change direction she can she can stay in the Cross Court pattern she can push it up the line so to have all those options and just kind of pull the trigger and put that ball where you want to on the court when you feel like it it's just very impressive and the worst part about it for Anna bright is that when DaVita is going.

Sideline to sideline here she's going sideline to sideline and she's within a foot right I mean so it's full extension it's not like she's going three feet within three feet within where Anna Brighton gets everything she's got her fully extended exactly I'm just keeping it out of that perfect contact point for Anna making her reach.

Just an inch or two makes all the difference serve kicked up and you know we haven't even seen the David's day drop backhand serve have you seen that yet oh I want to see it I want to see it Donald so she'll hit a drop serve she'll drop it and then rip her two-hander she.

Hasn't done it yet today she hasn't had to yeah I mean that's three inches from the line yep yeah she hits it she'll drop it on her backhand side two-handed rip well hey well I'm pulling for Hannah Brite for a couple points because I want to see it I just I just want to see it because.

That's when DeVito's breaking out is when she either gets down or she senses a run she'll change it up foreign within six inches of the line one time please just follow me it's always she's like nope I'm three inches from the line every time yeah five point lead here for DaVita and game.

Number two foreign with her Molly so uh just more of the same right a little long right there right change she changed the pace out she slices and loaded up I mean anything right right but more on air under your ball change your spin you gotta gotta Tinker with.

Something thank you that's a great setup there yeah she even guessed right on the complete 50 50 ball she's like I'm I'm totally in a bad spot here I'm just gonna guess for him she was right even though she missed the lob wow.

Foreign I mean when it's going good Adam it's going good for sure and I just the the the consistency of where these ladies are hitting the ball how much they're using their legs and their body it's just it's just absolutely textbook I mean also I mean talk about if if Anna bright was playing anybody but Sal May.

Defense right now it's a close match oh for sure for sure Anna's not playing bad no Salome is playing that good right now yeah oh wow nice lob there from the baseline from Anna bright and just we just got a hint of Breeze kind of in the face I think I thank her with that the Top Spin on that backhand and a little breeze it.

Was a perfect shot selection before that ball even landed the DJ was calling a timeout she knows but that's a two-point little mini run here from Anna bright and DaVita sensing it again so she takes that time out it's a good time out from her she does not want to give in a bright any more momentum for sure we always talk about it things change.

Quickly in this game eleven two eight four just seems Seems so dominant and then just bang bang a couple mistakes from David say a couple nice shots from Anna bright and we could be tied up in just in just two or three minutes so uh this this game too far from overdump yeah it's a game of uh runs as we saw yesterday.

Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman when they played uh Etta Wright and Lee Whitwell they went on a it was a 22 it was a 21-0 run they went down 3-0 then went on an 11-0 run then a 10-0 run start game two 21-0 run that's a game it's insane and I'm not saying it but Anna bright could do that.

Guys pulling construction from Anna bright right there and she's starting to get some life you gotta come on out of her right there and that was not a bad ball from DaVita for sure I like the idea there from David say actually a great approach from Anna after three or four ground strokes.

Picked the right one to come forward on foreign run that wasn't in round one that was in a metal match I mean we're talking about quality opposition to go on a run like that is crazy you're exactly right who's in the bronze medal match.

She hit the two-handed backhand drop right there love the roll I love the roll but seeing that's what she has to be ready to do to use her athleticism because she dropped that she's got to know that the Visa is going to try and drop that in and you saw her beeline forward after she knew her role was.

Going to be quality a nice angle right there from the Vijay that's a big side out stopped that 5-0 run from Anna bright for sure she almost hit that one at like 75 or 80 percent and just put it right deep in the corner a nice small adjustment from where she received the ball she probably couldn't fully release on it way to take a little.

Bit off from DaVita a little long they're from David's ain't frustration ripping that forehand into the corner the first I think that's the first reel it was slight but it was a little frustration for sure two-handed backhand winner sure down the line and an awesome job she decided she.

Was gonna attack it and she almost did a little mini Crow Hop where instead of waiting for it she took she really took an aggressive step forward and took just a half second of Rights time away foreign right there let's take a look here I it's yeah extremely close.

It's often I can't get a close-up of it but yeah we're on the far side too from it didn't see it in real time and on the replay still still couldn't really tell battling here that's another nice lob the key with that lob even though DaVita is going to hit an overhead with that she's hitting an overhead from three.

Feet in front of the Baseline so right sure so Bryce's gonna get time to get there it's not like she's hitting that overhead from the kitchen line for sure and for me personally the ones that go really high are a little more difficult the ones that are more kind of you know a reasonable lob I have a better better timing on the really high ones are tough.

Sometimes all right because you got to sit and wait on it exactly the timing has to be perfect thank you oh and defeating misses it too juicy too juicy try to hit it too hard I think all she gotta do is drop it she takes a full swing at it and Hannah right back within one here.

Crunch time Dom I love it I love it 7-1 run here from Hannah Bright goodness gracious that's three in this game I know and it followed one but from Anna bright that she needed and then DaVita gets three back for sure it's it's always painful I know they even out in the long run but it sure doesn't seem like it sometimes does it not right now.

It doesn't DJ trying to hold off this run for Anna bright foreign yeah I think I think it was a reasonable attempt to come forward by the defense but by the time the ball got to her I'm not sure it was so it's it's it was a very tough spot a weird bounce for sure.

Dom return the favor crowd trying to will Anna bright into a victory they want to see a third game here Adam you're doing right they do and why wouldn't they with quality play like this yes foreign will have her first match point here.

Trying to take home the gold medal here at the app Chicago open dare I say Championship point oh baby here we go nope a little long right there and not an out call not a no it's a nope yep right for sure feeling it right now she's battled all the way back she needs this point here it all started with that serve that was.

A nasty serve it was a little short but I had a lot of junk on it a lot a lot of spin 9 10. oh and she gets it back oh this Stone Cold look at her face no nothing there's no reaction nothing you get nothing out of me and like it I love to see it.

Wow and that's long right there off the paddle of DaVita and a bright will have a game point here on her paddle and she's already fought off a championship point oh I just love these tight spots Dom to see how the players react players go conservative some players go.

For it some players get a little tight it's so cool to see in these big spots how about how everyone reacts the Vijay was up 8-2 in this game and Anna brightest totally flipped the script and just along on the lob from Anna bright and DaVita fights off a game point.

Precision Precision on the ground strokes for sure uh Anna was never in a terrible spot during that point but she was just a little behind in that groundstroke rally and David say had a nice nice approach shot and was able to finish Vijay all the way out wide creating this angle on the serve.

Foreign actually in this last three or four minutes Tom in these big spots has actually come forward more frequently yes and I kind of I kind of like it don't change your game plan right that's right you know so I'll put pressure on that's right taking it to her making her feel her presence I like it.

Oh my goodness what an angle I mean an absolute quality pass from Anna bright and to come up with the goods on the cross-court angle from David's is just Next Level stuff from the ladies I mean she was off footed she was crossed crossed over her back was to the court and she goes cross-court winner yeah she didn't even have her.

Balance there so to uh to pull that off is great so Anna bright fights off the first match point battles all the way back it's a game point DaVita battles back holds ground and then now has totally flipped it again and has another Match Point Championship point there we say Adam on her paddle hashtag.

Pickleball that's how that's how it goes man I'm telling you I love it so quick I mean I just just to see the the energy on a comeback and then just to see it all go away and then come back again all in the same game it's just so cool within like a minute now it all happened so fast the range of emotions and don't go anywhere guys full day of.

Pickleball all gold medal matches here on Championship Sunday at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus your next match up here on Championship court is the Men's Pro singles final JW Johnson coming out of the constellation bracket taking on Federico stacksrude that'll be another good one for you but before anything.

Championship Point here for salame DaVita right fine I mean that's just that's unbelievable Adam this is just a gutsy shot and just splits the line 11 12. bye.

Oh tough just a little yeah she I like the idea she's like just chop it yeah kiss off the tape always throws off the Rhythm a little bit previous ball to defeats and then back to right Championship Point number three for Salome Davide raising her hands in the air big Point.

As she fights off Match Point number three first volley for bright was spectacular it was a great dipping passing shot from David's to pick that up off her shoelaces phenomenal execution Donna talk about it all the time we we all play Pickleball we know sometimes we just miss every shot when we play that day but when we.

Watch these matches where the match is won and not given what the shot making is so on point it's just it's just awesome foreign oh the approach was perfect move uh moving uh David say got Hannah with that a few times earlier in the match and.

This time it's Anna putting that that approach in the perfect spot to get it out of David's perfect strike zone a little long right there and let's flip that script again Adam and it is a game point here now for Anna bright oh we got some calls from the crowd I love it and a little wide from defeats a in a bright battling back down 8-2 in game.

Two to win 14-12 what a comeback from Anna bright we'll have that third game for you right after this work for these words from our sponsors here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus foreign real connection discover intuitive technology at the.

Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 ES 350. foreign foreign women's singles gold medal match games one and two split the story here though Adam and a bright coming back down 8-2.

In game two to win 14-12 and forced this third game in this gold medal match and of right here to serve to start this third game buckle up that's a great start right right there nice Chris volley I think it was good she had two or three minutes in between.

Games because she was probably a little light-headed after her after her come on at the end of game two oh my God yeah she got real fired up with the crowd too it's cool to see ouch just wide right there on the cross court from DaVita and Adam you talk about this crowd it's standing room only I just looked around there's nowhere to.

Go for sure no it's it's great it's like a little horseshoe right around the court they like their pickleball up here in Highland Park a little wide there from David's and Anna bright using that momentum from game two to her favor one of the biggest momentum players on.

Tour really nice middle approach there not giving David say much to work with in terms of angles for passing shots most of those approaches going to the corners but to mix one to the to the middle of the Court can throw your opponent off a little bit no time out here from DaVita either.

Which is surprising Dom because she pulled some quick Triggers on timeouts earlier in the match so this is a little shocking from David Zeta to not stop playing I could get there from Bright just to get that back up and over but good control of the point from DaVita she needed that right there absolutely.

There's no questions uh she's got a she's got a shot now to not switch sides uh with zero on the scoreboard so that's always a very good situation foreign but some great hits by both of these ladies throughout this point Adam I think that's probably the point of the match the court coverage and the shot.

Making from both ladies on that point was just absolutely at the highest level great sharp short angle from David say to finish it off right just couldn't quite get there thank you oh nice ball from the VJ Cross Court nice and hard cramped shot yeah great great whip through wait wait she uses.

Her legs and her core and her hips so nicely whipping through that ball not only creating Pace but creating spin thank you a little long right there from Brighton Here Comes Davide that's right and she changed the shape of her ball there I liked that so A couple more penetrating balls that are just over the net and.

Then a couple kind of higher heavy balls with some spin that land deeper in the court just something to change the eye level of your opponent and possibly get him out of a rhythm as we know both of these ladies can get in a huge Rhythm on their ground strokes on both Wings forehand and backhand and that's what I was going to ask Adam is what's the.

Difference and why do you do that why do you hit a like a looping ball to the Baseline where you're hitting a ground stroke there or a hard ball what's the difference and why do you do that oh for sure so uh especially with with former tennis players there there's just so much repetition and there's so much Groove and and when.

You're getting the same Ball even if it's a quality Ball even if you're hitting a quality ball if you're putting it to the same spot every time and your opponent can can have that consistent contact point and know where it's going to go it can just get into Rhythm and they can handle that pace and and if you change a spin change in eye level just.

Something to get their footwork and their balance a little off you can create some errors and possibly have them respond with something a little weaker yep it's just changing that pace up you know not let it like you said it's taking it out of that rhythm Here Comes Davide like we said and the.

Timeout from Bright does not slow Davide down any and she's rattled off four straight here after it looks like bright was cruising along up 5-0 oh I'm going right at right but the Vijay answers the 5-0 run from Anna bright with a 5-0 run of her own that's right she was she had a nice.

Downy soft dropper there on that point that set everything up put Anna in a bad spot and it kind of went with the bailout defensive lob and couldn't execute wow that's a big swinging forehand from DaVita very nice very nice kind of she didn't fully cheat but she was definitely leaning a little bit lying.

For the backhand from Bright and she made her pay with a very crisp cross-court volley well we will change ends here at six DaVita it looked like Anna bright was going to change ends on her terms DaVita says nope hold on a second and rattles off six straights to go up 6-5 on the end change What's the Difference Maker.

Here Adam I mean I I think it was I think two minutes in it was 5-0 right so so uh and and I I think I didn't really see much in terms of strategy it was just a little less crispness uh uh from Bright and she she uh yeah she just wasn't putting that ball exactly where she was uh in those first handful of points so I I don't think David they.

Necessarily came in more stayed back did something to create that it was just the natural flow of the match and the vids they took advantage of it oddly enough too it seems like this time the near end on your screen has been the better end and it has seen that way in days past it's been the far end um because some players were talking.

About there's you can't see it on screen but there's a white tent on the far end behind those fans that you see on screen and it was a little more difficult sometimes to see but it's flipped today for some reason yes yeah not much Breeze that's a nice approach from Anna bright she needed that there's that yeah there's that emotion and yes uh as you.

Mentioned Dom it's not just wind that affects the side of the backdrop there you go right it's got to be easier to see and there are certain places where it's more difficult side to side nice job from Bright approaching on a slightly lower ball and as David did earlier in the match taking a little bit.

Off of her approach and putting it very deep in the court excellent decision like that point construction from Anna foreign volley there from David's on the flip side for sure it was not a poor passing shot it was good good full stretch from David say who has a solid wingspan I think David says about five nine and a.

Bright five seven the wingspan up at the kitchen huge deal foreign there's the drop right she's been successful a couple times that dipping motion and she comes up and takes his ball out of the air such a good decision I like her coming.

In hot and there's been a couple times that she has read the quality of her role and did not wait she went forward and was able to capitalize on the next ball right fired up here she knows she has two more matches right now she's good she's getting pretty.

Pumped that's what happens when you're in your mid-20s though Adam that's for sure wow if you watch her get that ball and it's Apex and she almost hits down on this watch this that's exactly what she did there's there's almost no spin on that no that that is an incredible angle created and you're exactly right instead.

Of that contact Point kind of being around her hip it was a little higher and she got she got down on that ball with a flat angle very hard to execute a flat angle thank you again great swinging two-hander there from David's to tie this back up at seven.

Yeah it's been a I wouldn't say a frequent but definitely a pattern that's shown up a few different times right going with that down the line pass and David say finishing with the Cross Court backhand volley a little wide on the lob been great coverage too I talked about how that pattern down the line had happened a.

Couple times and Anna changed it up and went cross-court there and David was all over it so to talk about a little bit Adam you mentioned that that we had it two three points ago where DaVita hits that flat right she lets it get high enough where she can hit that flat and you're getting that from tennis you see some tennis players doing that now a lot.

More right these younger players coming in want to hit a lot of power I think of Nick curios right he loves that big forehand where he lets that ball get up high enough where he's just hitting almost like a mini like overhead but it's not but it's just slapping and he's hitting it so hard is that kind of what you're looking at right there no for.

Sure and and the Apex is is a really important thing so if you kind of get that loopier shot deeper harder to execute but if your opponent hits the loopy or shot a little shorter in the court you can really get on top of it and cut it's kind of like a tomahawk yeah so where that that ball is wasting below you're getting underneath lifting.

And rolling it gets kind of a chest and shoulder high you can really hit through and create less spin but create more power yeah and that's what we saw at the DaVita on that two-hander a couple points ago she has taken an 8-7 lead back here now from Anna bright wow the difficulty of that passing shot.

Right there from DaVita incredible look how she yeah it's just so controlled so balanced so smooth and a little long there from Anna bright and it looks like Salome Davide will have another Championship point this will be Championship Point number four but the.

First of game number three here for sure and I'm right creating so much torque when she whips through with that backhand but occasionally she opens up too early and that's what happened right there sailed it long thank you what a drop shot from Salome DaVita to end it right there and there is your.

2022 app Chicago open Champion Stella made the Vijay takes home the gold 11-2 12 14 11-7 over Anna bright congratulations to Anna bright she is your silver medalist but salamated Pizza your gold medalist here in Chicago we'll take a quick commercial break we'll speak with Salome Davide about that gold medal right here at the app Chicago open.

Presented by Lexus the app Chicago open presented by Lexus sponsored by power plate Selkirk Sunman and pickleball Central foreign.

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foreign foreign PPR is proud to be a partner with the app tour which features 18 tournaments.

And more than 750 thousand dollars in prize money several PPR members play in app tournaments throughout the year are you at least the 3.5 pickleball player then become certified to teach with PPR check out our website at and as the saying goes do what you love.

And you never have to work a day in your life so give us a call at 843-842-977 welcome back to the app Chicago open presented by Lexus I am with our women's Pro singles gold medalist Salome Davide she takes golden three salomate take game one pretty handily game two you go out big lead again 8-2 Anna comes back and wins 14-12 what's going through your.

Mind in between games two and three to try and regroup I thought I did the game one and that was up game two so if I just kept up and gave myself more chances I thought you know let's see let's see what happens if I give myself more chances again and then she does go up 5-0 in game number three but then you answer and you get.

The end change on your terms up six five you had all that momentum there how do you use that to finish it off one point at a time that was a big thing I I thought about the second game and my mind went ahead of what was gonna stay one point in time fight and I know she's a great player and you got to win good points like I think I had three.

Three points maybe entire match so just fight you'd have to keep fighting with Anna all right well congratulations Sala Madea Vida your gold medalist here at the app Chicago open presented by Alexis that being said Ken Herman the CEO of the app come on in the presents Salome with the trophy a big one it is Salman on behalf of the app we want to.

Congratulate you seems like we were just doing this a couple weeks ago in New Jersey but congratulations you're playing better and better each week and we love having you here on the app tour well done I want to say one thing please Highland Park I know what you guys went through this summer I mean we were all watching and thank you so much for.

Hosting it was so easy not to host us this year because we went through so much but thank you so much and our hearts completed it for you I will thank you Sammy those are great kind words here we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back men's Pro singles final here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus.

Foreign foreign thank you thank you oh foreign.

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this is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by seller foreign all right downtown Chicago on the lakefront Soldier Field home of the Chicago Bears my hometown bears.

So good over the past couple years but Justin Fields looking good in preseason Bears went 3-0 in the preseason but as we all know that doesn't mean anything in pro football but we got hope for this year well I'm uh I haven't been keeping up as much anymore but I'm a Texans fan so that's not good either right no it's definitely not we're in the same boat.

But Encore here Men's Pro singles gold medal match Federico Stacks rude coming out of the winners bracket undefeated taking on J.W Johnson what do you got for us in this one Stoner oh well I hope they can give us 50 of what the ladies gave us in that match so absolutely ridiculous from the lady shout out to uh to Davide.

Coming through with the gold and Anna bright with the silver in our previous match but yeah the the the the guys I'm looking for some some more dinking and dunking some less ground strokes some more coming forward to the kitchen line and we talked about it multiple times on Thursday that this singles is turning.

Into a skill game and a battle of attrition and being so physical but we got one match today Dom yeah and I'm expecting the boys to go all out full court coverage full shot making and I'm expecting a pretty big show yep and this is how they got there JW Johnson lost to James ignatowicz in the semifinals Federico Stacks rude took out Zane.

Navratil and then Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson in that consolation match to get to the bronze medal match where JW Johnson Avenged his loss in the semis to ignatowicz by taking him out 11-8 11-3 to get this matchup against Federico stacksrude here in the gold medal match so looks like these boys are almost ready to go here here it's gonna be a.

Fun one you're gonna see a lot of like you said athleticism and it's going to be a little different ball game you're not going to see I don't think that ground stroke to ground stroke like the ladies did you're gonna see a lot more approaching of the net and a little bit more cat and mouse hey hey dumb do you think these guys might squeal their.

Shoes a couple times in this match oh my God yes oh my goodness yeah some of the some of the Court coverage and the sliding and the shot making from Full extension slide is just Spectacular from both fellas so I'm expecting you know of course this is pickleball we're gonna have some unforced errors mixed in but I expect some spectacular shot making and.

Uh some really good stuff from the Florida boys yes absolutely Stacks route from the West Coast JW from the East Coast we've got a East Coast West Coast Vibe here Tupac and Biggie uh there you go there you go you dated you dated yourself there we go darn it I can't get away from it a good thing we're the same age so I know exactly what you're.

Talking about JW the furthest thing from Tupac and when I have to say Federico the same thing with he's nothing like Biggie Smalls but for sure both both fellas very solid tennis players earlier in their careers lives Federico Stacks rude and NAIA 2018 men's All-American at Tennessee Wesleyan very impressive originally out of Buenos Aires Argentina.

Radon Q Stacks fruit to serve right away you see JW Johnson following that return name but goes just a little long and stacks rude strikes first yeah the the elongated points we saw on the women's side of things for singles is not going to be the same thing here for the men yeah it's definitely going to take.

Probably a weird situation to see both fellas at the Baseline yeah and it'll be very odd yeah it'll be very odd one one great angle on the forehand from stacksford I think that's one of the best part of his of his game that I've seen is his volleys the pace he gets at full extension so.

The coverage at the kitchen with the pop oh that almost dropped in a ton of attachment on that yes Dexter he almost lunges and explodes at the ball there's no there's no waiting at all it's all explosion always forward movement and a lot of pace nice angle there on the overhead from Stack's route and that's the key right.

There on those overhead Stones is this the angle correct for sure JW forced into a defensive lob and statured with the angle beautifully off the court oh drops that hit on the sideline nice ball from stackford I think he hesitated for a half second thinking he might have missed it but it landed right on 2-1.

Point JW Johnson not having a two elongated tennis career considering he's 19 years old right Federico obviously JW a staple of singles and doubles on the app tour Federico starting to get his doubles game going a little bit lots of training down in Southwest Florida with Simone Georgine.

Gets away with one right there Johnson with that big reach which is a little too much Top Hand for sure yeah he had a nice inside in there I think he pulled off just a little bit didn't stay with that ground stroke quite enough caused an error in the net we got a ball switch.

Boys broke a ball not surprising in any way shape or form no you mentioned stature training a lot with Simone jarjim down in Bonita Springs okay here we go one three not a bad hitting partner oh look at that angle created from staxford and that's set up on the return.

That's the one that's the one that forehand angle pace and spin I mean what do you do three one hope and pray long there on the returns couple return to serve errors there from Johnson one to start and another one there.

4-1 lead here for stature oh and dots him in the right shoulder that was a slippery second pass attempt from Federico statute going inside out nice job for him J.W Johnson to neutralize that very deceptive shot oh he had him he had to actually leading right right there I always talk about the foreigners and their native tongue.

Not happy when that when that comes out so he muttered something in Spanish so he's not thrilled with getting tagged by that ball from JW all right oh he's a back right off sorry is it the left abdomen yes I broke professionalism there I could not help but chuckle at that at that hit back.

A little long there from Johnson and stature got a little extra bounce to a step right now right and he starts to feel it and he's getting to the line quickly can't wait to serve pretty much oh wow Stacks rude with the core coverage wow what a point so many full extension shots from the guys great.

Court coverage and I had an interview with Federico and he said he wants to get to the line as quick as possible and let his opponent know he's going nowhere all right that reminds me of a Young Adam Stone playing singles get to the line and know you I'm not going anywhere no no no that's right exactly right.

30 minutes later cramping but yes it's a big part of the mental game he wants to let them know he's ready he's not tired he's not going to give an inch you better bring it if you want to if you want to beat fed and again that's it's just a good angle right there it doesn't have to be hard he's just gotta hit the angle and get it.

Out of the reach of Johnson oh nice control of the kitchen line by Johnson what one of his best traits I believe in the singles game once if you don't hit an amazing first ball and J Dub's at the kitchen it's tough to get out of that pattern foreign right there had him lean in left and he.

Goes right for sure for us that would have been an ACL yes great hold great hold and flick from JW much overcooks the two-handed backhand and a solid 7-2 lead for Federico foreign just missing that good read from Johnson to let that go oh yeah right right when.

He struck it I was like that's three or four feet out more like three or four inches that almost got down two seven oh JW Johnson down the line winner I mean just battling his butt off at the Baseline just getting every ball back J dub.

Neutralizing hit an amazing amazing Point amazing shot and then it's like it never happened just like that take your passing shot with a black cord that ball got on statured really quick for sure almost trying to short off that yeah funky contact point you heard him exclaim so bad not thrilled but that effort.

Too good Johnson finding the sideline there and just out of the reach of stature oh beautiful so just like David say just calm controlled no wasted motion whatsoever so what Johnson tries to do and he does it better than most anybody him and Mavericks I think they take more balls out of the air than anybody what they're.

Trying to do is eliminate the time that their opponent has to react but sometimes it gets him in trouble like that one Oh no you're right that nothing's perfect but you're absolutely right Dom taking those taking time away that's no different than hitting the ball hard it's literally the exact same thing.

Wow but hey take something off that right there right is that pulse going over dipping yeah for sure I would say that's probably about 75 that was not a full rip and to hit that inside out backhand from the middle of the Court just degree of difficulty off the charts foreign.

We've seen maybe three or four of those flatter uh two-handed backhands from Johnson sail along see if you can get that situated so stature is out to a 7-2 lead here and Johnson is admittedly a very slow starter in in first matches of the day and so nothing.

Different here just wide right there from Johnson so but again this little slow start he's answered he's back within two here I think that first one from Stacks route could have gone long just shows something to the court coverage of these guys that that he can hit a passive rip a passing.

Shot going wide and JW can still volley it and keep the point going eight five all right Johnson I mean that that could have went wrong in so many ways like every single shot he hit any somehow gets a stab defensive lob to land a couple inches from the Baseline to neutralize the offensive position from.

Stacksrude unbelievable stab five eight what's he do so well on that two-hander right there Adam it's just he really does a nice job of holding that front shoulder in keeping his balance to the last second and either pushing it line or whipping through Cross Court so so deceptive so hard to read.

Well there's that ball out of the air right for sure and it's set up with a patented j-dub carve look at this carve to set it up and then the poke poop just like that that caught skin too I think two to one J dub on the pegs it's a good read down the line kind of kind of bailed himself out his initial up the line backhand wasn't too.

Spectacular but he was right there for the second shot and finished with a great Cross Court angle yeah but Johnson trying to go body on Statue there and he's not not having any of it that was like I said he's been practicing the doubles he can't go body on him anymore maybe those first few.

Tournaments you could in singles the ball down the line here the first one sets up right this one here sets up this winner here because he's got Johnson pulled so far over wow and he not only did he get underneath that ball to create Top Spin he got on the outside of that ball so hard for JW.

People oh there you go wow what a forehand winner there from Stacks rude and he will take game number one over J.W Johnson by a score of 11-7 we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back game number two Men's Pro singles final here at the app Chicago open presented.

By Lexus foreign foreign foreign hold up.

Men's Pro singles final game one going to Federico Stacks route by a score of 11-7 stature coming out of that Winners bracket if he does win this two out of three That's All She Wrote for Men's Pro singles JW Johnson trying to win this two out of three and forced that game to 15. Adam what's JW need to do here to take the second game well you mentioned.

JW has occasionally known for it being a slow starter see what he's got on point one first foreign but yes so I think that him being so calm and collected and kind of being unflappable never has anything phase him I think occasionally he gets a little blah with his footwork so I would really.

Like to see him intensify that movement and that footwork oh wow he had Johnson guessing right there watch him flip and goes to his forehand he thinks he's going forehand right past the backhand yeah first first body shot uh did not work and that one.

Very much did just just almost no backswing what so whatsoever and then just a whip that's what it how can you read that and the answer is you cannot read that one one as soon as staggered hit it he's like oh that's so dumb they say it's so dumb or too dumb I don't know what either one.

Dumb was in it yeah you did not like that shot February 1-1 welcome he goes he looks at the referee he goes no no no no no no now like he said now when he was ready it was so good boy.

From the referee too oh again that you talked about it Adam that carved backhand from Johnson so good it's so he keeps it so low and it's just so nasty moving away from you foreign get out of here first Johnson with the ATP statured with the beautiful defend that I thought he hit a ball behind.

Johnson no he hits a clean winner this has never happened to me in my life I have no words dog you have no words yeah come on same guy same guy I mean we know I mean they got to go 14 12 this game right I mean the ladies did it yeah come on exactly come on I want to see some tight stuff one two.

I think that's four or five now whether it's return or pass gotta get a little margin for air get that two-hander down so just when you think he's gonna gonna carve that Cross Court he flattens it out and you notice it wasn't even the crispest of shots but Stacks were breaking so hard cross-court because he has to.

So if he can just change direction like he did there with an average shot it's going to be very successful with extra having to cover the cross-court carve so you're going no look backhand Cross Court and he almost had it too and two very crisp two-handers from JW that were much lower and barely over the net as opposed to sailing as a couple of the.

Previous ones had so nice adjustment from JW oh yes and that to get the ball before the ATP that's the footwork and the intensity of the Court movement that I want to see from J.W Johnson it was just a little more crisp than in game one and he was able to get exactly where he needed to and have the perfect contact.

Point to set up that ATP attempt well in a Timeout here from Federico statured is JW Johnson all the momentum right now was tied at two Johnson a little mini 3-0 run to take a 5-2 lead here in game two Johnson trying to force a third game and then take that third and go to the game to 15. we'll see if he can first and foremost take game two here I know I.

Mentioned in the women's final it was standing room only but it seems like they're packing in even more here Adam yeah we're gonna have people in our booth here in a second because there is nowhere to go as far as seating goes I'm just waiting we got the app van over here I'm just waiting for people job that's what we need yeah for sure so.

Johnson coming back out on court ready to go up 5-2 yes and uh really I I don't think it's been sure I I think Federico might have had a loose error or two early in this game too but I think the big difference is just the the little more explosive movement from JW Johnson and uh you know he's rewarded with a 5-2 lead for for.

Making that uh little extra pep in a step see what old fed has up his sleeve get back in this game too a lot of game left on tons of game left and Johnson trying to extend it to a third here not the start out of the timeout that statured wanted Johnson extends his lead.

To four oh nice angle from staxford right there and that Ball's coming right in the booth did you have oh what wonderful one of us did with the hands like gold like this in the booth come on Don we had it uh but yes we talked about that angle and the thing is we're playing with a wiffle ball you can hit a tennis ball.

Ridiculously hard a wiffle ball while a lot of these guys are crushing it you can only hit it so hard so it's much easier to be defensive when your opponent is smacking it hard at you as opposed to carving it off the court thank you that's such a good return there from JW Johnson yeah so much depth and and.

Stacked through down in a nice low athletic position but just popped up out of that ground stroke a little early side up it just seals that a little long two six so a long serve long return free point for Stacks rude as he cuts the lead in half a couple a couple little Mudders under.

The breath for JW I wouldn't say you never see it but you don't frequently see that a little wide there from stature I'm not sure you should have said no no no right when you hit it because JW might have hit it it looked like you wanted to play it and he said no no and he's like well I believe him.

Take his word for it that's nice and again right there instead of Johnson coming in and trying to rip that really hard he takes something off and create some shape so stacksters ended up having to hit up on that ball makes a mistake you're exactly right I like that adjustment from him.

And he's never gonna have the spin on the backhand that he can generate on the forehand but a lot of those previous ones especially in game one were totally flat they didn't have any Top Spin so great adjustment by him foreign again right on cue he's taking something off this and that's a good in-game.

Adjustment from Johnson that you don't expect the kids to make those kind of adjustments when they got the physical presence and they're playing smart ball that's tough stuff oh wow an Angus I'm gonna flip this backhand down the line here for a winner yeah no big deal no big deal no easy game easy game just like that he has a.

10-4 lead and a game point on his paddle nice point there from stature to get back in and get that side out yeah see if he can cut into this lead yeah it's always nice to neutralize when your opponent has a slight Advantage so great job by him and able to put away the overhead how easy does he have to make it look.

Yeah I know it's I mean I mean some people might think that's great I think it's a little annoying though laughs and four game point number two here for JW Johnson misses the line does Johnson stature does very nonchalant no no no no no.

Casual wide call and has a stature does a really nice drop shot nice Ball but again it's set up because stature pulls Johnson to his backhand first yeah there's not there's an occasional win in one shot out here on the singles court but when you're playing guys like this it's got to be a combination.

I mean you hear a lot of people talk about those first shot or two of singles and then you know you have to finish in three or four in doubles but when these guys are moving like this you got to shut up set up shot combinations and singles oh and the free point will give JW Johnson the game and number two by a.

Score of 11-5 we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back game three here's the app Chicago open presented by Lexus another one foreign.

thank you more do you want some more wait till you see me on the downhill see you at home real luxury real confidence enjoy advanced Safety at the Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022.

. Men's Pro singles final game one going to Federico statured by a score of 11-7 JW Johnson and bouncing back in game two with an 11-5 Victory going to game three here Johnson needs this to force the game to 15. if stature.

Can come out on top here he will be your 2022 app Chicago open champion thank you foreign wow what coverage there from Johnson yeah two backhands and two very good backhands from Federico stacker backhand volleys from JW Johnson off the stack Road shots and then just slides over to.

The line and covers covers the down the line that easily shirt with his own little car valve backhand there kind of did the the almost lost his balance in the kitchen the little the little arm swing I wish we had a camera right here showing how you did that oh that's a good inside out forehand.

From stacksford love that attack of the ball too look where he's making contact well inside the Baseline he steps in and just two or three feet in the Baseline just taking uh JW's time away as he's transitioning to the kitchen he loves that inside out Inside Out forehand and it's it's got the it's got the angle and it's.

Got the dip deadly combination zero wow I mean he almost did the same thing with the backhand right there he's actually dialed in here in game three zero textured with the Oh I thought he had a better look at the back hand Clips the tape unfortunately for him fall back.

Over to J dub looking to get on the board early game three just a little pull off from Johnson I think recovering back to the middle before executing that down the line forehand pass attempt gotta hold your balance inside out zero three.

Oh stature desk that's pretty ambitious shot right yeah for sure for sure and you know in that spot right there you kind of have to choose line or cross not sure if you waffled between the two but if it definitely tried to squeeze that into a very tight window thank you oh no he didn't I mean he carves this.

Backhand on the line Adam unbelievably deceptive I mean how you you have to cover you have to cover cross there and for him to give away absolutely nothing where he's going to the last second and put it six inches from the Baseline unbelievable oh so Stacks are trying to give a little gear to the right and go to the left.

Here yeah the shoulder the shoulder fake did not quite work no Jonathan went all over that all over there with the forehand for sure and remember that previous slice backhand from Johnson was after like 10 scramble shots it wasn't the second shot of the point oh wow nice winner down the line there.

From J.W Johnson and the 3-0 lead for statue gone dumb we've got runs out here we've got we've got runs all day four three oh the the ooh and the ah from the from the crowd there always makes you feel better when you miss an easy ball in the crowd oozing Oz yeah there's a couple people back here too.

That kind of every ball that they get on like oh yeah that's actually very upset with himself a couple uh down the line backhands he's missed in the last couple minutes and he said something very mean to himself in Spanish.

Double vamos so stack screwed has a chance now to stop that four point run from JW 3-4 foreign nice dipping forehand it's just so whippy it's just short not really a huge stroke he has a nice Loop to it but he just whips through creating the angle and the spin.

And the pace trifecta wow that's turning defense into offense Adam unbelievable full stretch slide and then he doesn't just hit that full stretch ball and wait he is instantly going forward after that very difficult shot and to get forward to the kitchen line.

And put away is just a great combination foreign there from Johnson very crisp because the the shot was not easy at all he was not all the way to the kitchen so to put that crisp of a volley a couple steps behind the kitchen is very very difficult to do Christmas come early.

Freebies always love to get those it was there it was there I couldn't yeah you're absolutely right had it is yeah he he says it to us looks over and says that was there yeah yes sir it was at least set that up because he kept going cross-court inside out nice balls again you're seeing him take something off that two-handed back in.

Here and watch this he comes through it but it's a it's a half swing and so he's creating shape on that we're dipping a statured point I think that staxrude has the pattern uh that I've seen him have the most success with is whether it's his cross-court backhand or his Inside Out forehand he.

Hits a couple to the J.W Johnson backhand and then possibly goes to the to the forehand side when he just goes with that first ball up to the forehand of JW he's had a little more struggle with that so we'll see if he can continue to to get into that pattern where he gets a couple to the backhand and sets himself up for a forehand so.

It's on J.W Johnson's paddle here he has the the end change on his terms what does stature need to do even though he jumped out to a nice lead here to start what you need to do to answer this uh no absolutely and I think that's what it is it's it's the it's the shot combinations once JW gets to the to the kitchen line it is it is picking those right spots.

And maybe possibly hitting one or two setup balls before fully going it because when he goes for to that JW Johnson forehand to her early and it's not in a good spot it's a bad bad spot to be in because JW has so much power and so many options on that forehand side so if he can move him over into that backhand corner and then possibly.

Get JW reaching a little more with his forehand as opposed to being right on it I think that's the best way to go for Federico wow the hook shot from Federico kind of like that straight arm overhead yeah great athleticism though uh he he got off the ground for for absolutely sure and JW was in a tough spot there I'm not.

Sure he had many options besides for that bailout defensive LOB couldn't get back to neutral though in the point wow what a battle there from Federico Stacks route and that forehand three shots Prior just insane to get so much dip and so much spin from such a tough not balanced not steady.

Position just really high quality stuff degree of difficulty so high on some of these shots from Federico same guy yeah he he eye rolled himself there we don't need to say much about that one he said it all with his reaction wow maybe a slight flinger it could have.

Been a slight flinger but Catch and Release but yeah Catch and Release either way oh what is that Lee went well on screen and Austin Chicago off oh yeah there we go showing off the guns uh-huh Austin uh not difficult for him to do wow nice ball from Johnson and again he's going to the backhand right so what's stature think he's gonna do he.

Thinks he's gonna carve this Cross Court and he doesn't he goes like a little inside out for sure and the thing is is it's it's just some nice decision making from JW because rightfully so Stack's root is is breaking to cover that cross-court ball so uh the thing is is.

When statute is leaning that way JW is not giving away anything early so if he was maybe giving away a little early he was going to change his pattern and go line the statue could adjust but JW waits to the last second to make that adjustment and there's just not a ton that stacksrude can do in that spot yeah it's just it's holding that ball on the.

Paddle so long and just waiting for your opponent to make their move first and then you just go opposite absolutely it makes it look so easy yeah I know and so I think that that is probably one of the biggest things as as a viewer are you guys back home is just that we we try to describe it to you with words how difficult some of this stuff is.

Happening and sometimes it doesn't look that difficult for them but man it is and again too then you have a player like JW Johnson who looks very nonchalant when he does things he makes it look even easier time in six six wow I'm not sure what the shot before that was I thought he might be looking.

For the drop shot but then he hit it kind of floaty and deep but he certainly bailed himself out with a great cross-court angle volley statured almost fooling himself right there right here going inside out forehand I think last second he tried to change that but ball was way too far away from he tries to whip it back over.

You're right dumb totally different contact point on that shot oh what an angle from Johnson so good and the thing is is I act even though the degree of difficulty would have been ridiculous I think he had the around the post yeah and so to hold that and pull at that cross-court with Federico.

Breaking to cover the ATP so good all right a little fist pump from JW right there hmm taking the 8-6 lead let's see it let's see it oh ever so slightly we hit it well he hit it well he knew where the camera was went around the camera yeah he's hiding from Randy Coleman who's on the camera over there hard to do.

Yeah hard to hide tough break there on the let cord but boxcar Productions everywhere in nowhere hard to hide from those guys yes it is doing a great job in the booth I mean in the truck in the truck oh yeah you can't believe it showing it's a hair of frustration there.

Sometimes you do everything right and it just hits the tape Dom that's life Mary's ball from Johnson and he hits that backhand and it's going and slicing right so it's slicing away from Stack's root so it makes it very difficult I don't know what it is very quiet yeah I was trying to get a read I was trying to use my lip reading ability but I.

Couldn't catch it just wide right there let's take a look very close ball I mean it's just so close Federico shaking his head but I think not agreeing with Bob unitich I didn't even see Bob over there a nice overhead there from Stacks rude what's he saying over he's saying.

Something I don't know if it's to himself to himself or someone else but he's got some words over that over there Stacks rude at night I like it I mean obviously a tough shot on his back foot but I think that's the spot to go a little bit less Pace a little more dip and inside out so I think it was the right shot selection.

Just a tough one to execute with a great great return by JW it's a great ball from JW Johnson right there Point here for Johnson and it goes long and we will Adam go to the game to 15. J.W Johnson pulls it out 7-11 11 5 11 6. we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back here at the app Chicago.

Open presented by Lexus we'll have that game to 15. the gold medal here on Championship four don't go anywhere yeah all right who wants a bigger ball s thank you.

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oh you just can't let them go foreign do you want some more wait till you see me on the downhill.

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Foreign house back here on Championship Court gold medal match one game to 15 for all the marbles here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus Federico Stacks rude dropping the two out of three to J.W Johnson.

A tough one Adam you know for fed to drop considering he's in the driver's seat but the best part about him being in that driver City driver's seat is he does have that game to 15 in his back pocket but what does he need to do here early against JW Johnson to take control I just think that he should uh he should stay stay aggressive uh play play his.

Game we know that JW has basically slowly gotten better throughout this match and kind of found his Groove uh you know after that game one defeat so uh stay aggressive look for those patterns don't necessarily need to pass in one it's okay to uh throw in a couple Dippers possibly get JW hitting up on the ball before you go for that pass.

Especially to the forehand side where JW is so deadly with his forehand volley so that's that's what I expect to see and it's it's just going to be more of the same These Guys these guys are professionals they play each other a lot and we we saw some small adjustments from JW but there's there's not going to be anything Earth shattering here that.

They're changing they know the patterns they need to go into and and they've been in these situations so many times it's it's execution time Dom like you said there's no there's no splitting games there's no hoping to get to the game 15. this is the game to 15. this is all the marbles and let's let's see what the boys have in store for us I'm very.

Excited yeah it should be a good one here uh I believe you know stature will bounce back here um he took the time the players have that option in between they have their 10 minutes if they want to take it they can take it so they did opt to take the 10 minutes um Stacks are kind of heat relaxed most.

Of the time went had a shirt change he's ready to go JW just kind of chilled looking out JW did his thing he did what JW does and we're back in here Stacks are to serve one game to 15 players of change ends at eight Point gonna start that Stacks route would want right there that's a mistake.

His surgery on his with the electrical tape in the in the lead tape on on the changeover got him that first point oh using the tape right there he's still fixing his paddle as he's coming yeah that's right I saw him he loaded up two two white grips he changed his lead tape and then covered that with electrical tape so he's he's got it Precision.

Exactly how he wants it right here did some work foreign Johnson reaching just a little too far well you talked about it that's one of the downfalls he gets so many benefits and the benefits outweigh the negatives but occasionally that just happens when that's your style of play Dom.

He hit the last one up and just quit I've never I mean it was obviously much shorter than the first one but that was very surprising especially from some such an intense you know run for every ball make every shot type player very very very interesting it was odd that's an answer right away with his first point so 1-3 now Johnson.

Serving that power flick Cross Court so tough from JW point you catch that Dom but that said I'm not sure he said something that was English so I figured we could we could before he goes was to call out the whole.

Crowd goes it was out oh wow Johnson digging that one out the first overhead and that's that combination dipping ball to JW's backhand on the first pass and then he went inside into the forehand after he had a better ball smart play foreign flipping that down the line backhand.

Instead of going hard Cross Court he's actually done that more frequently than some previous matches I've seen yeah very good stuff like I've seen some matches where maybe nine out of ten are cross-court and this one has been a little more balanced and I'd like to see that from JW that's the second one he's missed down.

That sideline there with that forehand and he smacks snacks his thigh and says come on to himself wow I mean that's Untouchable I mean that's just yeah I don't care if you're who who's the tall person isn't here I don't care you're not touching that ball no what kind of wingspan you have moving away from JW with spin.

Clean his day clear as day absolutely clipped his calf coming through on that forehand pass attempt don't see that too often foreign keeps that in makes the adjustment then I'm impressed with the kitten on some of these adjustments it's not just beating his head against the wall.

Something's not working he's tweaking his game oh Johnson the rare mistaken the ball up usually he's calm collected for sure can't make them all but yes that lucky let Court kind of neutralized the point in the middle of that point and that ball is set up by the other inside out for sure for sure and JW was.

Slightly late getting in so uh you know certainly can't go to that inside out ball every time so I really like the patterns and the frequencies from Stacks route early in this game to 15. stature one point away from the end change on his terms here up 7-3 his feet he knows it he set it up beautifully he.

Got what he wanted sometimes you just don't you don't execute three seven it's a great Point construction though flip forehand there from stack through we'll get we'll give him a little sexy time on that one that was pretty slippery stuff uh nice deception kind of leading with that Palm letting the paddle lag behind.

What a return from Johnson putting Stacks root on his heels and Johnson tosses his paddle down in frustration for sure from from the return that JW hit before Stacks rude to put his next ball and force JW to hit up was an amazing drop from Federico I mean it's so easy to miss that or float that or not put it where you want.

To but to to put that right at right at knee level in JW and caused him to make an error in the net is just a great executed shot from that that tough position Stacks are ready to go I mean he he sat down for a second but the whole time he was over there kind of itching to get back in here and I think he's he's kind.

Of feeling that momentum right now he's got to keep that in his favor for sure his motor was running oh yeah he had both legs he had both legs going real fast it was funny to see he doesn't have to play again this is it for Stack's root he's leaving it all out there right exactly not that JW is leaving anything on the court but he does have two.

Matches later in the day the maturity of Stafford right you talked about it in game one where Johnson tried to go right at his body statured making that adjustment you said you know three four months ago he doesn't hit that ball exactly right foreign.

But why is it what's that adjustment well it's just being more comfortable in the doubles court because I believe what it was that was a weird kind of two-handed backhand right in front of his body to be able to put that ball past JW when JW goes to his body that I believe is his doubles uh him getting better at.

Doubles leaking into a singles Gap JW Johnson has some work to do here down by nine in this game to 15. 3 11. check your math Dom eight I thought it was thought it was a two my bad Stacks rude great angle I forgot to carry the one yeah he was.

Able to keep that he kept that angle so sharp it landed in the green not the blue excellent sharp angle I'm surprised I'm surprised you missed that that math problem with all that arithmetic and uh and and uh vocabulary and school stuff you were doing with Chad yesterday Chad had me in college.

Again work on a free point here for John Johnson coming back to the Baseline with a smirk on his face can't believe he's making these crazy mistakes oh nice and there's that carved backhand Again by J.W Johnson oh crowd getting getting J dub fired up here now absolutely.

And that's absolutely nothing against axroot no that's if if the roles were reversed they would be cheering for statue they want more pickleball and I don't blame them wow big forehand from Johnson but good control of the kitchen line Adam for sure yeah for sure he knows he's gonna have to.

You know rarely put that volley way on the first ball so just put it back deep and solid and wait for the one you can put away nice fully extended to the forehand side and then he fully extends statured on the backhand foreign yeah there's yeah there's nothing wrong.

Did not absolutely nothing wrong couldn't get it over yep I think that's both lines Tom and thank you caught both lines no one that's tough spot such a good aggressive serve from stacksford thirteen four foreign doubles up on the forehand side and.

Federico stacksrude will give himself a championship Point here 14-4 up on JW Johnson completely on his back foot too to create that angle and that spin on off the tape winner for Federico Stacks rude and he will take this game to 15. by a score of 15-4 your silver medalist J.W Johnson but hey salami defense.

Triple Crown killers in the first two matches as they take the Triple Crown away from both Anna bright and J.W Johnson but congratulations Federico statured your gold medalist compared to Epp Chicago open presented by Lexus we'll take a quick commercial break and we'll talk with the J.W Johnson and Federico stackford and get their.

Thoughts on this gold medal match don't go anywhere thank you thank you.

Foreign foreign thank you thank you real luxury real connection discover.

Intuitive technology at the Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 ES350 I love pickleballs I love pickleball I love pickleball I love pickleball because of the community the community is number one the community the competition level it's a very satisfying seeing yourself get better over time I.

Can play with my neighbors I can play with my family I can play in the pros I can play against my friends the people I met in this sport have become lifelong friends it's so social at the end of the day we're all just here to have a good time just met all kinds of people through all walks.

Back here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus I'm here with Federico staxford your gold medalist Men's Pro singles first and foremost congratulations Federico go back to the match you take game one but then JW bounces back takes games two and three so you have to get forced into that game to 15 you have in your back.

Pocket what are you thinking between that two out of three in that game to 15. uh a lot of frustration because I wanted to win in in the in the first one and uh but uh I knew that it was tough for him to win three in a row I mean I look like a head case sometimes out there but I'm.

Mentally tough uh I always know that I have a chance so I just stay positive and yeah things went in my favor you had your inside out forehand working really well late in the in that in that two out of three and then into the game to 15 and it was setting up that down the line was it something you've been working on and you're looking to to kind.

Of utilize yeah I mean uh I played with him a lot of times wasn't uh I was never in the in the Winner's side so I was always trying to work the point a lot and I'm today I just went out it was like I'll be a little more Dynamic try to do one two punch and it worked all right well congratulations Federico I'm gonna bring in Ken Herman the CEO of the.

App present you with your championship trophy Federico congratulations a lot of wins this year on the app tour and each week you keep getting better and better you got a lot of fan support here I'm sure your your family in Florida is cheering you on your family back home is cheering you on but congratulations you're our app Chicago men's gold.

Medalist winner great job uh congratulations Federico again your Men's Pro singles gold medalist Federico staxford congratulations to him we're gonna take a quick commercial break when we come back women's Pro doubles here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus.

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thank you foreign.

Thank you welcome back women's Pro doubles final here on Championship court at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus a good one for you again well they're all gonna be good today Adam so that's for sure I think we're we're dialed in right now so we're certainly two for two aren't we we are Andrea Coop and Lauren.

Stratman taking on your winner bracket Champions Georgia Johnson and Anna bright coming out undefeated here so if Lauren stratman and Andrea Coop have anything to say about this they're going to get it to the game to 15. kind of like uh JW Johnson got it to the game to 15 but couldn't finish but as you see here there's a look at our bracket and.

How we got here Johnson that was mixed doubles we'll take a look at the women's doubles that's the one we want so we'll quickly take a look at that when we get that back up but again Andrea Coop Lauren stratman coming out of the consolation side of the bracket.

And there we have our women's doubles right here Anna bright and Georgia Johnson taking out the kalamoto sisters and at a right and Lee Whitwell who had a really nice run on the women's side of things yesterday ends up your bronze medalist uh yes and I do believe that the coop and stratman not early but were knocked.

Out I believe in the quarterfinals by the kawamoto so a great job by them staying focused and uh coming back all the way through our opportunity bracket to get right back here to the gold medal match yeah it was they lost it was their first match oh it was there so it was their first match it could have been round to 16 maybe then instead of.

Quarterfinal wow okay gotcha it was their first match they had to come through and win four on the bottom half just to get into that bronze medal match and then when that bronze match and then get here so it was tough because they had a pie right so they had to buy and then coming off of a buy you have to play the.

Kalamoto sisters yeah good luck blessing good luck bye blessing and a curse right right exactly so and they came in The Commodores had already played a match and won a match and now you got to come in and play them and you're cold for the most part you haven't played a match yet so no put stratman and Coop did a great job battling back through that.

Consolation side of things and earned their right to play for the gold medal today for sure and I'm really excited about this matchup I I look at basically Andrea Coop being the rock out on the court really no weaknesses but not necessarily A flashy game and I really think this is a huge Factor her partner Lauren stratman and her two opponents.

Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson kind of balancing out their patients and their shot making ability I think that's going to be a huge factor of those other three ladies when they're pulling triggers if they're doing that at the right time and they're balancing out their power games with their patients because they're all three of those are.

All three of those players are very much known as shot makers and Derek Prince your USA pickleball certified referee as your first referee your second referee Diane unitich and a bright dessert and I pointed it out a couple days ago talking about Georgia Johnson she is one of the best third shot drops.

In the game her and Susanna Barr their third shot drops are ridiculous you're absolutely right and maybe occasionally going for those higher risk balls that a little inconsistency creep in but in terms of creating errors out of your opponents and opportunities for your partner just a little while that's right I think.

That you're exactly right Susanna Barr and Georgia Johnson are two of the best at creating errors and opportunities for their partners but I like what you said though Andrew Coop that that nothing flashy but she gets everything back over but she turns defense into offense so quick she does no she's a stud.

Uh just really just Rock Solid pickleball gives you nothing takes her opportunities when they're there maybe you know doesn't hit a crazy off her shoe tops type of shot every now and then but she doesn't need to why would she right we'll take full blame why Coop trying to get out of the way of.

That but Georgia Johnson finding the left hip yeah an awesome job by Georgia and Anna bright of getting forward after being in a very tough defensive position back at the Baseline four or five scramble shots and got back to the kitchen nicely great counter-attack from Georgia thank you.

Nice little two-handed flip down the line from Anna bright that was fantastic she has a lot of options from that area she can put those attacks in a lot of a lot of spots and roll that Cross Court dink very nicely too a little overzealous there yeah no for sure I love the move I think it's an awesome decision to go for that poach.

But Lauren stratman able to hit just a good enough shot to keep it out of that offensive strike zone stratman Coupe switching sides here trying to change things up strapping on the left didn't quite fully commit to that attack did she kind of caught in between why am I going to dink it am I gonna attack it.

Let's go right in between and not 100 sure on this I wasn't in the booth uh for for uh women's doubles day but I do think that stratman and Coop have gone back and forth on side switches a couple times throughout the tournament thank you they're finding what works and that's.

What good teams do right they'll they'll make those in-game adjustments tough one off the tape yeah and it's nice to have your established role on what side you are but if things are just not working to just hold that no matter what it's nice to have options Dom just like you said definitely some not the longest points.

To start so far a few errors everyone's finding their footing early in this gold medal match wow Lauren stratman turning defense into offense quickly right there way to run down that drop shot and it was not a terrible drop shot either and Lauren trap went behind the Baseline great footwork to get up there.

Foreign just finding the perfect spot in the middle no it's absolutely perfect it kind of at the upper right hip there as especially as a tennis player who really likes to come around the ball with their Strokes if you can catch them on that hip or their body great spot.

Oh nice finish by Lauren stratman down the middle and here come Coop and scrapman yep nice combo Lawrence Chapman very much known for her her power game not only on speed ups but on counters put away power at the top of the women's game still on serve here our Coop and stratman.

It's just solid just solid yeah for sure right there for sure it's just it's coming back I mean it's coming back yes in a decent tennis pedigree number one women's recruit coming out of high school in the country she only won a national championship at UCLA yeah no big deal yeah no big deal right but yeah you can see those.

High-level tennis players one of the biggest things that they have is being able to repeat their mechanics they're so used to repeating their mechanics and their consistency is just off the charts while driving gets what she's looking for right there she's not gonna miss that very often yes threw her head up to the heavens there she knew she had.

Something juicy right on her right on her forehand wing that's okay that's okay that was funny uh but Anna bright did call me early but uh Georgia Johnson engaged in that in that poach situation I like the move by her but a little too extended on the last one.

Foreign a little long on the volley from stratman and not getting over the top of that almost LED with her wrists not able to roll that over yeah and it was a nice uh nice job by her putting pressure on after the stratman return kind of floated the slice it wasn't it wasn't that knifing.

Slice it was the floaty slice that's good Ball by stratmanship right lean in Middle right there for sure uh bright was just making a move she was just making a move looking for some weakness possibly to pick something off with her forehand in a perfect uh counteracting shot selection for Lauren Trevin putting it right behind her.

What an adjustment from Andrea Coop off the tape there it's so tough makes the most talented players look silly sometimes when it Clips the tape as we all know but yes exactly right great adjustment by her to hang in there and put that ball back in the kitchen five seven one I'll just and that's that's what.

Strapping stratman just stay solid good right there all right keep within don't try and do too much let Coop give you what you're looking for that's what she'll do you're exactly right Dom and I think that Lauren occasionally tries to do too much but when she's partnered with Andrea Coop exactly like you said.

There's no reason to do too much no skitter skitter right off the line Andrea trying to trying to drop that in the kitchen but leaving it high so tough not only when it's that deep but of course when it when it's kids off the line seven six one just look she's just gonna hit placement.

Spots I'm gonna make you do this I'm gonna make you do that and she's got you on strength come on nice shot it's that's a it's a tough spot to speed up because watch the strap and she's gonna slide to her right right opens up and then back side's open right because she kind of turn opens up and the back side's open she's got a.

Repeat and come back for sure great Short Stroke by Anna bright too hitting it crisp but not too much good hands there from stratman she's getting attacked there by both bright and Johnson for sure and we'll see if the left foot of Georgia Johnson uh could possibly be a good spot to go I believe that's two Inside Out backhand.

Dinks that she's missed in this game one see if see if stratman and Coop continue to Target that spot foreign to get into that firefight ER wind right so scrapman throws that lot that not lob that third shot drop up into the wind knocks it down Georgia.

Thinks she's able to get there but can't Dom that literally hap the gust happened after the serve like the point had already started and we felt it right in our face yeah that's 100 what happened right there this oh my.

Yeah she said I'm going for it and she's rewarded with an air off the paddle of uh Anna bright I'm not gonna lie that mid-court Cross Court rip is maybe not something I'd recommend but when you're as talented as koopy you can you can get away with it I guess right and the thing of it is is you're not you're not expecting it so it comes you're like oh.

Here comes okay I gotta play this right and you do and you hit it out and it's an 8-8 ball game here in game number one you have Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman coming out of the consolation side of the bracket they need to win this two out of three to force that game to 15. Anna bright Georgia Johnson trying to end it in the two out of three but what.

If coupon done here Adam as you look right there and we just had a quick glimpse of the Chicago River downtown but what do they need to do to continue to put this pressure on yeah I I think early in this match we weren't really noticing the ladies too frequently getting all four to the kitchen so I think getting all four to the kitchen.

Allowing Coop to use her dinks and some of her soft stuff up there and then having Lauren pull her triggers at the right time is probably the perfect recipe in my mind because I told you that that Lauren stratman she can have a couple minutes of absolute Brilliance so if she can have a solid partner like Andrea Coop.

Setting herself up and not missing any of the dinks and getting and getting Lauren a good a good opportunity when Lauren gets hot especially with the forehand side it's dangerous right and that's exactly what we're saying about was it like four or five points ago is that if she has someone that she's playing with that sets her up like that.

She is very dangerous watch it you oh Coop taking that love off the tape right there yeah and I know I know it ended in a in a bad fashion with the clip off the tape but it's a great it's great digs from the back of the court in the mid Court from Coop and stratman who.

Were in a very defensive position throughout that point oh my God right putting that away much needed side out did not need to have coopenstrapman serving for the first game right there no don't let him get to 10 Dom that's absolutely true not only.

Because they're at 10 just for that mental that mental Edge you know just knowing they're at 10. it's in your back of your mind it's a really good spot not overwhelming power but Top Spin at the left foot of Georgia Johnson forcing her to really dig down low with a two-handed backhand oh no wait.

I think everyone here was shocked that she missed that right there right too juicy she was right on it uh caught and a bright being a little too ambitious with that low attack so uh uh I mean sometimes I mean you're on it that's all you can do is be on it they'll start falling for her if she continues to get in that pattern.

Foreign Georgia Johnson would have missed opportunity there Andrew Coop trying to speed that up a little too soon I think I think both misses had the advantage those last two points even though even though they missed it yeah he had the advantage 10 times that's going to work in their.

Favor nine nine one great drop by stratman wow that was turning defense into offense got back up to the kitchen line unfortunately though couldn't do anything right yeah they caught her on the on that backhand flail chicken wing oh sorry I thought there was a timeout.

Just lost the ball nine nine two she asked why yeah lots of not a lot of dropping and getting in and one there's been a lot of points where the dropping team has been pinned back for several shots foreign nice point and another point where the.

Dropping team just struggling to get forward and I think that absolutely has a little to do with the quality of drops but also it's a testament to these ladies and how good they are on their fourth and their Sixth and their eight shots keeping pressure on that serving team so high quality stuff from the ladies here.

Okay oh wow the poop gets Hank up there Rarity Coupe one of the one of the uh players on tour that Cross Court attacks the most frequently so I expect that to continue I want an angle from Anna bright right there getting on top of that creating.

That angle by reaching in and taking that out of the air absolutely right no hesitation full extension she's catching that ball she's making contact with that ball with her paddle in the green she's not waiting for it to come to her and catching it outside the kitchen line she's as close to the net and her opponents as possible.

Foreign drops in stratman all she can do is shake her head right here that's terrible and Coop was uh much more on that very early in this game one uh Anna bright caught her with the exact same backhand Koopa more on it but tough luck there with the net Court and a game point here for Brighton.

Johnson that's a nice lead from stratman she almost was about to take that out of the air great decision to let that bounce yep pulled back did a little Shuffle step and you're exactly right missed it by about two inches Anna saying can't do that.

And that was about to lose her mind if that ball dropped over I know I know and the thing is that Shaman did not hit that ball that cleanly off the drive from Anna bright so I think she was a little fortunate that Georgia was unable to put that ball into play yeah watch it.

Just wide right there great job but again it's a little bit of the impatience there from Anna bright right so she a little frustrated that she couldn't put a couple of those balls away gets a little impatient on that last ball clips of tape goes out stand the point no for sure flip it again Adam and Coop and stratman.

Will take the game point on their paddle here man this has been back and forth that timeout called and I think I think you're right Dom I heard I heard you guys mention that a little bit with DJ young let's create from yellow let's create from yellow that dips in the orange or the red let's just let's just chill out let's put a couple dinks and.

Play uh all four of these ladies very capable dinkers and very capable soft shot hitters so um and they all have quality hands too so maybe you know maybe first or second round Anna bright could have got got away with a couple a couple of those attacks but this is the gold medal match and if you you make a poor decision even.

If it's a slight one you're gonna pay the price right and I've I've talked with DJ about that you know what what DJ's gonna come today and play right like you know we talk about that yellow and red it's like his RPMs where's he at he's got to stay in that yellow red starts making decisions that aren't you know kind of beneficial to him or his.

Partner but when he stays in that yellow stays aggressive but it's aggressive with a purpose right instead of just aggressive for no apparent reason that's when he's at his best and again you can see that same kind of similarity from Anna bright be aggressive but aggressive with a purpose here we go.

That'll be game point here for Coop and stratman oh what a drop from stratman oh Coop just turned in that offensive mindset taking that game on here Adam oh she went for it you could see it there there was no way she was dinking that ball as soon as she got that Ding she was ready uh ready to release on it so a.

Very much a back and forth game one with Coop and strap and taking it 12-10. all right we'll take a quick commercial break game two coming up after this short message from our sponsors here at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus foreign luxury real connection discover.

Intuitive technology at the Lexus golden opportunity Sales Event get special offers on the 2022 ES 350. thank you foreign doubles here on Championship Court Championship.

Sunday at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus game one going to Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman by a score of 12 to 10. and a bright Georgia Johnson coming out of that Winners bracket if they win this two out of three all over if Coop and stratman when we're going to a game to 15 Adam.

On the board first and you know that's what everyone wants these people want pickleball I want more they want more it's it's just got to be so frustrating right you're ripping ball ripping oh ripping ball and Andrew Coop's like here do it again here do it again here do it again yeah but really really look.

To see more of all four ladies at the kitchen this game clean clean up those third shots get themselves forward more frequently nice yeah oh sorry yeah go ahead no leaning right forward that was nice and nice uh yeah Georgia kind of taking that second hand off and poking that with one oh little funky bounce there for Anna.

Bright it was literally coming right at me and it went a little sideways it did there there was some kind of funk on that ball one two two that's the issue sometimes with George's forehands she's a very flat ball doesn't get a lot of Top Spin on it I know a little something about that dog yes you.

Do that as you and Georgia hit a very similar ball it's so good when it goes in but it's but what what you do well and what Georgia does well you hit a flat Drive Right but it's heavy all right so when you hit I've been on the other side of your drives a couple times and it's just.

Heavy it's hard it almost seems like as it's getting to you it's speeding up so the block is more difficult and Georgia hits a very similar ball for sure I think we can create a lot with that but at the same some days it's just it's just not there foreign triggers more more than I would expect.

You know nothing nothing crazy but she she's going for it one two nice combo there for man of right for sure kind of known a lot for that two-handed backhand but she's been right on some forehand counters several of them throughout this match point just kind of I think she guided that a little bit didn't quite stroke it.

Or release on the ball just kind of kind of guided it and paid the price oh and that both trucks in what work from Lawrence stratman and a bright head her pinned back at the base you can't even see her on screen there oh my God drops that ball in ridiculous stuff they're ridiculous.

I mean that last ball so angled still gets it out nice slippery Mr wrecked with one hand from Andrea coop I I believe it wasn't the quality of the shot but the deception that caught Georgia off guard foreign.

Court backhands out here Georgia Johnson yes well it's so nice oh my goodness that's him Julian Arnold is on his feet oh oh just battle him again it was it was so much it was Deja Vu it was like that point where stratman.

Dropped that ball back here to Baseline thought it was gonna happen again yeah crazy scramble nice job ladies another high third and I'm not picking on anyone this has been a universal between all four ladies throughout the match gotta get in oh my God.

Good return right there that ball got at the feet of Anna bright made it very technical for difficult for her to do anything with you you're creating new vocabulary that is impossible difficult wow well done hashtag we'll have to have Chad spell it yeah.

That's right three set from stratman oh nice job right there in my bad decision from Georgia bright right there trying to speed that up at the forehand of stratman well well she said it not us she said stupid as soon as soon as she hit it and turned around to walk back to the to the Baseline she.

Said stupid and it was a great dink Rally from everyone so just keep it going Georgia foreign I think that's exactly what happened I can't wait to incorporate tough occult into into into the conversation all right one two three combo there from Andrew Coop a little triple combo.

Slight jam up on the initial ball rips the second and puts the third one down great great three shot combo made it very topical for Georgia Johnson and a bright right there is Cooper stratman take a 6-2 lead here in game number two looking to force that game to 15. but what is it that Brighton Johnson need to do here Adam to kind of.

Answer this there's kind of pressure being put on by Cooper stratman well I think it's the combination I talked about it a couple times now is uh when they are serving getting forward more frequently and then when they're up there making the good decisions we saw we saw earlier there was seven or eight solid dinks from each.

Team and then Georgia just got a little antsy and flipped a backhand from a low point and paid the price with a nice counter from Lauren stratman so it's the get in and and B solid and patient when you're up there don't want you to be passive but it's that delicate balance of solid and picking your spots in the right spots.

All right we'll see if by osmosis well they may have heard you because they're really good yeah sure so if they heard you they can do here but it is Andrea Coop will be serving when we come back in up 6-2 looking to force that game to 15 if they can take this two out of three here in the second game and they've honestly been a little.

Unfortunate on a couple scramble points where they are in full control with Coop and stratman back and traveling Coupe somehow dug out of it so oh just in control that whole point for the most part for sure and nice job by stratman also who when she is on the right and she's attacking the purse the.

Opponent in front of her she often goes at the right shoulder she changed it up and went in line there and Anna could not come up with the backhand counter I would say a little questionable but at the same time that has been working for her several different times so it's never going to be perfect uh Coupe pulling some triggers with a lot of.

Success much explore laughing in the crowd because they're ridiculous it's so it's so ridiculous I mean it's not it I mean so many of these points it hasn't been two or three it's been like ten yeah it's been eight or ten digs yeah.

Three seven one wow ridiculous dig from Georgia Johnson in the middle of that point after a mid-court speed up from Anna bright and a great counter from Lauren stratman but for Georgia to to dig that out and give Ann an opportunity for the Top Spin lob.

Was great defense wow here come Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson getting a couple back here see if they can get any closer here down by two game number two looking to force a third game oh that's a one sky ball drop shot right.

There I think we're better off letting that bounce let it get to its apex maybe do something with it that's a tough ball to try and drop off the off the fly Oh no you're exactly right Dom so I I am all for huge proponent of taking balls out of the air but with that sky ball if if trammy can get her weight back on that back foot and let that ball Apex.

She can pretty much crush it I believe yeah so you know we don't always make the right decisions and I think that she would have been better served to let that ball bounce yeah and I believe you're exactly right but just like that it is a one point lead now for Coop and stratman they were just up four Brighton Johnson put three and a.

Row together here to get back within one Brighton Johnson trying to force that third game and then ended in the two out of three Coop and stratman hoping to get to that game to 15. yes as we come back out of this time out Adam so time out there for Cooper's draft yeah definitely and it was so quick it was a missed return it was that.

Last missed shot from stratman and then a very good topspin lob from Anna bright and just pow one minute and a commanding lead turns into a tight game yep running six seven one and they're still on first server here so work to do for Coop and Stratton when you earn the side out back oh and injury Coupe just.

I'll just pulled my paddle down she didn't even need to look it was out yeah so I so I say foreigners when they use their native tongue they're upset when uh Americans use their first name they're upset yes yes you're so right foreign Georgia apologizing and Anna going come.

On come on that sounds about right Georgia apologize I found it right there great catch there so good oh and a momentum shifting in a heartbeat here couple times we've seen Georgia take that second hand off.

And she got some extra extension by doing that oh coopen stratman in-game adjustment switching sides right there oh yeah they've gone back and forth multiple times but yes uh those two handers we see everyone on the court having a two-hander more power more stability but if you can take that second hand off you.

Do get more reach and more extension so to see a couple what's that what's that what's Happening Here that's correct it's seven eight okay yeah I just wanted to make sure if we got a little Court talk we could hear it seven eight one it's a ball stratman's not gonna miss.

Yeah very often and it was she was walking right into it had her momentum forward it's just just happened sometimes oh no oh the crowd reacts to that yeah like I said always makes you feel better when the crowd moves good adjustment from Dwight oh wow the attack from Andrea Coop from.

A low position Adam for sure and that's the ball that has got Anna win stratman has gone at bright from a heads up position Wright's been on it with the forehand but Coop has got her several times kind of in that rib rib hip area really good spot can't get the roll right there but coopen stratman do regain the lead 9-8.

91 Cooper stratman Coop yelling stay stay they were going to switch on the stack but Coupe got pinned back it was the right call for sure foreign Georgia Johnson getting aggressive right there I love that from her we've only seen a little bit of those.

Initial speed UPS to catch Coop knowing that Georgia was going to attack she was retreating a little bit and for Georgia to roll that forehand across Coop's body and put it to her her right hip that's a great spot and then finishing on the next so Coop and stratman held off two game points in game number one got one game.

Point on their own won it 12-10 they're gonna have to do something similar here they gotta fight off another game point here in the second game get that side out and see if they can even this up pull ahead and try and get a victory in two games for sure and I've yeah they they have changed up strategy a little bit gone back and.

Forth I guess is that two switches we've seen yeah we see yeah we we so so yeah it's interesting to see uh when when exactly they do it or the points that lead up that causes them to make that switch so very strategic players smart players and they know what's going on out there and they are uh this is chestnut Checkers Dom that's the beauty.

Of this game and to get themselves in the patterns that they want to is really cool to see foreign still on first server here so some work to do again for Cooper stratman oh big finish from Coop yeah tough pull from the mid Court there giving stratman extra time to crush that forehand and.

Then her partner coup finishing it off aggravated punches that ball to the sideline but she did everything she could she got chicken winged on one I don't know how she got that back that's a silly game point huh unbelievable so an 11-9 victory in game number two for.

Anna Brighton Georgia Johnson will tak