Welcome to Atlanta Georgia where southern hospitality and charm meet the world of professional pickleball and it's here you'll find the app Atlanta metro open part of the USA pickleball national championship series join us all weekend as players compete for cash prizes and a golden ticket to the Margaritaville USA pickleball.

National championships the app Atlanta metro open brought to you by power plate Selkirk pickleball pickleball Central sunmed and head pickleball welcome to Griffin Georgia we are here as part of the USA pickleball national.

Championship series the app Atlanta metro open thank you guys for joining us this morning women's doubles bright and early this morning we are here at the head pregame shoot pre-game show Dominic Catalano alongside me is Cameron Blackwood it's been a right actually it wasn't bright this morning when these ladies started it started it was dry.

They started under the lights at 7 00 a.m these ladies were here 6 a.m or sooner warming up under the lights to get this women's bracket in as they got rained out all day yesterday so it's all about the ladies right now and you've seen your background that is one of our semi-final matchups that is just coming to an end jargime and Todd over.

At a right and Susanna Barr that is one of the semi-final matches the other semi-final match is complete as well as Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop took out Vivian David and Lacey schneeman 11 13 11 2 11 4. so a nice matchup on that side uh this one went to well we'll get you those scores once they get updated but.

Um we got a long day for you here we have a first of our gold medal matches coming up we have J.W Johnson taking on Federico stacksrude in the men's Pro singles gold medal match here on Championship Court following that this afternoon starting at one o'clock we will shift over to ESPN plus where we will have our men's doubles women's.

Singles and the mixed Pro doubles finals all for you starting at 1pm over on ESPN Plus but the first match up here on Championship court is that Men's Pro singles matchup JW Johnson Federico stacksrude Johnson will be coming out of that consolation side of things stacksru did win the winner bracket final against.

JW Johnson so we'll be a good matchup cam what are you looking for out of that matchup in the men's Pro singles final well it's a rematch so I think JB Johnson's looking for some Revenge I think he's looking to make some adjustments as to how it played out at the last tournament for him so fed strong I think he's grown a lot he.

Has a lot of confidence and he's ready to take on JW it's just another match and he's looking to take the win so I I want to see what JW's going to change or if he's going to change anything at all and I think it's going to be a close match all the way through yeah Johnson and stack shoot met last weekend in Chicago for the final statute coming out.

On top of that JW Johnson coming away last weekend with three silver medals on Championship Sunday he's looking to avenge that he has another opportunity at a Triple Crown this weekend he is in all three finals again Men's Pro singles Men's Pro doubles and the mixed doubles side of things where he is coming out of the winner bracket in all three of those.

Matches last weekend was a little different he was coming out of the consolation side of thing in men's Pro singles and Men's Pro doubles so he's sitting a little prettier this weekend so we are going to right now we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back those players be back here on court.

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Coverage as the nation's leading carriers for half the cost switch to Consumer Cellular and get talk text and data starting at just 20 a month it's like four scoops of ice cream for the price of one switch today and get a 100 risk-free guarantee call or go online welcome back to Championship Court here in Griffin Georgia at the USA pickleball.

National championship series app Atlanta metro open we were just kidding with you guys earlier we do not have the Men's Pro single final yet that's coming up next right now we have the women's Pro double winner bracket final Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop your one seed taking on your two seed Simone jarjim and Paris Todd.

Georgia Johnson is on court ready to go as these players will get on court get their warm-up in I know zharjim and Todd will be warm already they just came off the last match here on Championship court but now we're going to preview this one so cam you got your one seed booster two seed came out exactly how we had planned it expectations for this.

Match well these teams both got buys this morning so yes they got here earlier but they got to chill for a little bit I was able to see the first match with Johnson and Coop they played Bobby oshiro and Mary barasha first set went 14-12 to them so they got a really good warm-up this morning both teams are looking.

Great they're looking confident they're happy to be out here playing there's no rain as of now we're very thankful for that I'm looking for a lot of power this is a very powerful four ladies out here there's gonna be a lot of speed ups and there's going to be a lot of resets long points I look for people to speed up reset the point within maybe three times.

Within an entire point so I'm looking for this match to go a little bit longer but with a lot of action yeah and you'll see you know obviously Andrew Coop the Andrew Coop and Simone Georgine the veterans of pickleball playing opposite each other with Georgia Johnson and Paris Todd Paris taught a little newer to the scene less than a year Georgia.

Johnson about a year on the pro side of things and is really starting to come into her own no matter who she partners with but I think the X Factor here in this matchup will be Andrew Coop as far as things go she is one of the best defenders in the game she'll stay in points as long as anybody uh so I think Andrew coop in this matchup will be my X.

Factor as you are going to see a little more attacking as we did in that semi-final match from Paris Todd and Simone jargime they kind of brought it right at atter right and Susanna Barr and continued to put that pressure on so I'm expecting more of the same but I think it's going to depend on who they're attacking at if you're going at.

Andrea Coop she's going to get most everything back Georgia Johnson in her own right a very good Defender as well but I think she'll pull the trigger a little sooner than Andrew coopwell I agree with that and what's going to be really unique about this matchup is you have Simone's regime like you said in Angier Coupe being the vet and they both.

Are very good at coaching and change strategy within the games so if it's not working they take the time out you'll watch a completely different strategy come out you might see them switch sides and and they both do it very well and are very successful at it so I think it's gonna be a really unique chess match that we're going to see here on.

Championship Court yeah absolutely and you got all four players now out on court getting loose we got a full day for you here like we said we were going to be bringing you that Men's Pro singles final that'll be coming up next after this women's winner bracket final so winner of this matchup will move to the gold medal match that'll be coming.

Up later on this afternoon loser will drop down and have to play in that bronze medal match on the women's Pro side of things but we will have that Men's Pro singles final for you right here on Championship Court coming up at around 11 A.M it'll be JW Johnson taking on Federico Stacks route and then at one o'clock we will switch kind of Gears.

Move over to ESPN Plus where we'll have our Men's Pro double final first followed by our women's Pro singles final and then cap off the afternoon early evening with the mixed Pro doubles final that men's doubles final JW Johnson and Deco Barr coming out of the winner bracket taking on Zane navratil and Andre descu in the women's.

Pro single final it is Georgia Johnson who is on court right now playing with Andrew Coop she'll be taking on a Megan fudge in that Windows Pro singles final and then the final matchup of the day mixed Pro double gold medal match Simone jarjim and Georgia Johnson taking on Paris Todd and Deco Barr and so Georgia Johnson has an opportunity.

All right we don't have it set yet so JW Johnson does already her big brother has an opportunity to take home a Triple Crown Georgia Johnson may have an opportunity we don't know yet at a Triple Crown all depends on how she fares the rest of today but if her and Andrew Coop can win this match up here that'll solidify and guarantee her an.

Opportunity oh no she's not is she it is oh it's the moneyman J.W Johnson I was a little confused I was sitting here I was putting Johnson Johnson I was putting them both in there so it's Simone and JW not simonian and Georgia that'd be a it wouldn't be a mixed doubles final so um but yeah.

She could have an opportunity at two gold medals today so but yeah she will take full advantage of those as these women finish their warm up it looks like Georgia Johnson and Andrew Coop are ready to go jajim and Todd finishing their warm-up here on Championship court it's been a hectic weekend with all the weather.

Delays and everything that we've had but unfortunately we haven't had we didn't have an opportunity to bring anything out here on Championship court yesterday with all the rain but the men's uh Pro doubles did get through everything underneath the over the covered courts in an abbreviated fashion they did all games to 15 finished around seven.

O'clock almost eight o'clock last night um in an abbreviated fashion so they did get through but the women didn't get through anything yesterday as they were here bright and early 7 A.M this morning under the lights to get that bracket started yeah start time people were waking up at 4 45 this morning to get here yes they were so looks like we are.

Set and ready to go Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop will be serving to start great weather conditions it is as well it's the it's the nicest day of the weekend so far here today still a little muggy so look for points to maybe last a little bit longer um not put balls away right away may take a couple more shots maybe a little.

Bit more angles from these ladies right now we see both teams strategizing can't see right now but we have simonian pairs over here strategizing before we start the match and look for teams to come out firing everyone's going to come out strong they want that advantage and that momentum right away yeah they want to be sitting pretty in that gold medal match.

Later on this afternoon I know jargine would like to have that in her back pocket so she doesn't have to go any further any longer as she is already in the mixed Pro double final later on this afternoon and nice finish with a little odd return there from Paris touch he miss hits that return short return.

Like we said from the get-go look for her and Georgia to be the ones to pull the trigger first foreign nice heavy roll keeps Andrea on her back heels what what oh right there that's just veteran play from Simoni georgin keeping that ball in.

Play every time get it up and over she forces the mistake from The Young Georgia Johnson good aggressive serve there from Paris Todd isn't that so our new SLK Selkirk paddle seems to be doing really well for her this weekend yeah she likes it oh and going off right wrist of coop.

So hard to get out of those when they're coming so fast right people think why can't you just move it's coming quicker than you think you're only 14 feet apart not a lot of reaction time there and a 4-1 lead here for jejime and Todd foreign nice attack there from Johnson Cross Court at Todd.

And watched our gym going with that open stand serve here five one two all over that right there cam really targeting testing her as she's moving up and she handled it well you don't have to do much when you're moving up just nice and steady making sure that your.

Hands are steady hitting those resets coming on in Point nice ball down the line there from Andrew Coop keeping this nice and low taking a little something off it to keep it in right there two five one nice job by Todd clearing herself and getting on top of that forehand.

She knew that was coming back and you watch her slide accordingly to finish that ball yes long right there on the lob from Georgine can't believe that she didn't get that and keep that in right there I really like that play though they're both leaning forward changed up the pace.

Foreign she gets so low on every one of those balls that she got just stay patient just a little too much pressure from Johnson and Coop right there like how they went in their jammed around that forehand side right at the body there's nothing you can do with.

That three five one a little long right there from Johnson not a bad idea going down that line though she has Todd pulled over in the middle because it looked like regime wanted to go around the post but couldn't find the angle.

oh setting herself up nicely just can't finish off the top of the tape right there hoop getting aggressive there in that point there cam it's looking every thing out in front of them right no one was bringing the paddles back making sure.

They're ready for that next shot thank you no Johnson good adjustment everybody doesn't realize how hard that is right you get a ball off the tape like that you're expecting speed and then all of a sudden it pops up and it's slow it takes a little time to try and get on top of that.

Second serve a little long on the serve from jarjim georgin beam very aggressive with her serve early on here I like that trying to set taught up for that finish good hands from Coop off the tape right there get on top of that something Johnson wasn't able to do two points ago.

Now they're switched we have Todd on the right version on the left foreign Coop going straight up and we have Todd and Johnson going straight up more of the vets and the rookies I like it oh Johnson all over that right there on.

The front on her toes leaning forward I like the aggressiveness right there thank you all right it's a great ball down the line cam she took a lot off of it it looked like she was going to turn her hips and go across court she kept them open went right down the line caught chargium off guard great play.

Five six two oh yeah oh and off the tape that's what it's gonna take right there a ball off the tape to end that point like I said from the get-go you're gonna see a long points a lot of resets hand medals resets hand pedals within one.

Point this is great six five one nice hands from Johnson expecting that speed up from jajim I didn't like that one I'd like her to set it up maybe one more shot then come in with that aggressive ball Johnson all over the speed up from Todd Watcher just gets that get ready watch.

The quick forehand here no back swing just slap that right back down the middle five six one great ball by Johnson they're nice easy roll right at Todd's feet not able to pick that back up six six one Johnson got in between she didn't know.

If she should leave that go around so she'd go around the post or flip that back over it gets caught in between that's a tough one you want to wait on it then you don't know if you're going to even have the angle right out Great lead there by Todd seeing that wind up from Coop can be going a little.

Bit High thank goodness they did one yes oh darjean with the two-hander she just dips that front shoulder just a little too much right there and gets it on top of the net this match is incredible so far.

It's everything you want out of a winter bracket final right here against your one and two seeds and all players on yeah going toe-to-toe six six game one wow Georgia Johnson I mean it's up over her left shoulder so it's a two-handed backhand overhead which she makes it look so easy right there no it is not.

And as you can see he's regime did a third shot lob usually hear about a third shot drop third shot drive but now we have third shot lops here in pickleball [__] ing oh my goodness Champs unbelievable hands from these ladies.

I mean just when you thought Coop and Johnson were down and out they battled their way back into that point and take the lead here rare to see a mess right seven six two shout out a couple little mistakes there from Johnson.

She'll regroup as you can see Crossing her body getting reset right now see what you're seeing is that they're now going to try and slow it down to Johnson she's made three mistakes in a row here we'll see if Todd and Georgina can continue to go at Johnson I think they might switch I think Coop might switch here.

Choice right there as they do switch that's what you get from a vet like Coop seeing that saying hey let's go ahead and switch it up let me take that ball get you reset figure it out foreign getting on top of that two-hander right there at the feet of Todd side out but we are all square again here at seven.

Game number one winner moves on to Gold loser drops down and has to play for bronze trying to fight their way back to that gold medal match second third this feels like a gold medal I know seven seven two may very well be a preview but I do know there's about four other.

Ladies teams that'll have another saying that before it's all said and done when you're playing this good and you can't miss how are you staying in that zone I mean it's just do what got you here continue to do the good things meaning keeping that ball in play attacking when need being like right.

There Johnson had made like two or three mistakes in a row what does she do instead of trying to over hit she control hits right right down the middle take something off that ball she does it again right there she took something off that two points in a row this is a 15 year old girl making adjustments in game she is well above.

Her age in pickleball IQ placement over power foreign and again the angles on the overheads that are going to be the winners both teams still switching it up now we have regime back on the right dude from Todd there it is right so Johnson hits two.

Overheads flat back to the Baseline Todd and Georgian get them both back how to shoot the winner she hits the angle 872 wow great job by Paris Todd and Simone Georgina pulling Johnson and Coop sideline sideline they cut that string quickly it looked like Todd was going to come over for the Ernie Coop didn't do.

The Ernie came back right there for sure team to finish seven eight one oh Todd trying to go around the post right there and she looks at georgin like I don't know if it was there or not she always asked me to practice we gotta go was it there she goes cam it's always there finished from Android coop.

Hardware when you're about two feet away three feet away from that kitchen line and you have a Andrew Coop swinging Full Speed Ahead right at you hi and that's set up by Georgine's reach right there you watch her reach and take that ball out of the air so that's that whole point up.

Right there Todd wow Georgia Johnson ladies and gentlemen watch her just unbelievable hands right here throughout this point handling everything that has been thrown at her and different speeds and different spins she was able to put on the ball in that.

Time hi down and just and upset with herself that she doesn't get that last ball over well she has been getting all of them over so I can see why she'd be upset nice ball back there from Georgia Johnson letting that go thinking that might go long does not.

Again her taking some off of that ball letting it dip come on shout out I mean this only game one yeah at least one more of these to go yeah no timeouts yet we'll see if we get one or not that team's feeling very confident.

Foreign Johnson and Andrea Coop by a score of 11-7 so your one seat takes game number one will take a quick commercial break game number two on the other side of these commercials here at the USA Pokemon national championship series app Atlanta Metro open foreign.

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back here on Championship Court Pro women's double winner bracket final game one going to Johnson and Coop 11-7 over zarjim and Todd game two about to get underway here Paris Todd to serve cam if we are in for anything we're in for another good game here as that first.

One was everything we could ask for no one could miss everyone's resets wrong their their hands were ready to go for any hands battles it was an incredible pickleball we just jinxed that first point as Todd goes in the net for third so that's our fault oh wow and Coop just playing defense right there get that ball up and over.

Lands in one zero one really come on can't believe she hits the tape right there she thought she had a line wide open they just let Coop and Johnson take over that and then it started backing that backing up they needed to come back in and close that.

Two zero two charging trying to go tweener right there is Johnson just putting on a ton of pressure regime just goes a little wide with that tweener and it's a 3-0 lead for Coop and Johnson 401k sorry tough ball for Johnson to attack.

Right there cam it was when your feet aren't set sometimes you think oh I gotta swing extra hard get the ball over get reset get your good base then go for those shots you're gonna be more successful foreign able to get on top of that get that ball down at the feet of Cooper those balls.

Were barely clearing the net which is exactly what you need coming down over the ball getting it right at the feet Johnson wow Georgia Johnson using every inch of that reach right there the cover in the middle I didn't think she was going to get back let alone get it back unattackable.

There's Todd with the Finish Tim incredible she completely took over that point saw that it was a little pop-up when your partner's on Let Her Go let her finish that incredible using that lateral movement staying out of the kitchen right there Paris Todd showing her athleticism and the finish on a two-hander she has one of the best.

Two-handed backhands in the game a little wide right there but nice little fire fight there at the kitchen line side out for Johnson and Koopa jarjim and Todd answer get two on the board foreign dotting that middle line break down the service line by jargime.

I really like that from Johnson though shake and bake herself usually you see the partner drive and then the other one finished at the net sometimes you see the player go ahead and do that themselves just like Johnson look for it to continue to do that throughout this match all right angle yeah in a good spot.

Right as they pulled Johnson to the middle Coop or aim excuse me jajim finds the angle and the winner on the sideline oh and Johnson just off the tape right here drops in is it sorry not sorry she might be a little sorry I don't think so not one bit we're gonna take that all day of course they're gonna take it.

Okay that's the pressure from Todd that just got put on right there as Todd came up she was crashing on the drop she forces Johnson to try and keep that tight to the net goes wide foreign I like what Georgie was trying to do I just would have like pierced maybe.

Stay back knowing it was going to be a high serve that they may have driven that return so Andrew Coop just going sideline to silence she's attacking dropping dropping attacking she's keeping that pace and she's keeping Todd and jarjim off balance on her her lateral movement she's over by Johnson she's covering her.

Line creating a lot of chaos for the other side to get the Rhythm trying to lob right there but as soon as she dip down hit that lob Johnson read it well I don't think Jersey was as balanced as she thought it looked like more of a I'll throw this up but not a planned lob like the ones have been before.

Nice finish there from Georgine but good hands from Coop and Johnson again stay in that I really like what Todd and georgin are doing right now is sucking Coop into the middle and then keeping her honest so creating that lateral movement The Coop can handle it they just finish that point a little bit better.

Big finish there from Andrea Coop to give her and Johnson a two-point lead here at 6'4 nice finish right at the feet 640. Johnson and Coop looking to end this in two my oh there was again Coop speeding up she goes soft and speeds that one up but Todd able to counter.

Side out here for and Todd and see if they can answer here down by two they need this second game to force a third game here in this winner bracket final winner to Gold loser to bronze Johnson trying to go backside on jarjim there cam yeah and what I'm noticing here is we.

Have Johnson and Coop sing really tight to the kitchen line and working the point where is human Todd are having a hard time regaining that you've seen about two feet off the kitchen line when they're in these dink battles and they're not coming out on top right they've got to gain control of that kitchen line and push Coop and Johnson.

On their heels because right now they're taking full advantage of that and winning these points yeah they can't get to the kitchen line and it's not saying they have to get all the way to the kitchen but they're getting caught in transition correct and so they're not even near the kitchen line at some of these points and it's.

Putting them at a deficit they come in just on defense I can't regain that what a drop from Georgia Johnson no time out here I'd be suspecting one possibly see that little risk we should really use that left hand to roll that ball over nice and quick and a nice attack there is Koopa is engaged in the middle right there but.

Couldn't finish arjima a little too much right at her body knowing that she was coming over [__] Georgia Johnson just all out attacks here and still no timeout but Cooper stands back letting Georgia take control of that point so there is a time out here from jarjim and Paris Todd so now here's your.

Regime in Paris Todd you're in their corner right now cam what are you telling them that they need to kind of figure out to get back in this as they're down by three three points away from having to play in that bronze medal match they're getting in hands battles in transition zones that's the issue so it's hard when you're in that transition.

Zone you're trying to fight to get your way up there but if they can try and dead in that ball get something in the kitchen maybe a nice roll to the middle or to the outside to spread them then they can gain control back at the kitchen line start working the point what they were doing great was sucking Coop over and then finishing behind her.

So I'd like to see them do that a little bit more all right we'll see as Georgia Johnson Andrew coop in the driver's seat here is Georgie and Todd forced to call time off to try and slow that momentum down but it is all Coop and Johnson here late in this second game trying to end it in two and move on to the gold medal match.

Later on this afternoon women's Pro doubles we'll see what jarjim and Todd have up their sleeve coming back from this timeout down by three and three points away from having to fight their way back in a bronze medal match all right and Andrea Coop will be serving when we come back here as.

Players look to be ready to go okay 15 seconds ladies okay receivers you still have one time on the remaining servers you stood up both of your timeouts for this game time in eight five two go great finish there by Todd again we'll miss it on the.

Ball back over but again a much needed side out from Todd and jarjim here down by three good timeout we slow that momentum from Johnson and coop yeah so obvious game plan out of the timeout jajim and Todd going at Georgia Johnson the only time they went to Coop was on a ball to keep her honest right.

There so now if I'm Coop and Johnson what am I going to do to counter if they're just going at Johnson I liked what Johnson did where she stepped around for the Ernie what that does is it forces both Todd and georgin to have to go to Coop there so we'll see what adjustments that Johnson Coop can make here.

Foreign ERS Johnson tries to speed up in the middle from the sideline that's a tough spot to speed up because it's going to open up a hole in that middle unless Coop comes all the way over camp and right there you have the best shots you have Todd's two-handed swinging backhand you have darjeem's forehand right there.

What I what I did like is that Cuban Johnson were trying something switching up putting Johnson on the left trying to see if they weren't any attacker as much now they're back to all tied up here at eight three quick points after the side out from Georgine and Todd 882 tied up.

Great spot by Andrew Coop right there and a good job of Andrew Coop inserting herself in the middle right there making her presence felt a little bit more on that point big side out stopped that momentum a great placement by that put away that's a great shot by Todd right there in the transition zone going right low.

At Coop it's hard to pick up and it's hard not to hit an attackable ball in that position just wide from Paris Todd trying to keep Coop honest right there what I'm liking though is I'm seeing jarjim and Todd now regaining control of that kitchen line and being assertive with their points now.

Great angle there by Georgine but again Coop and Johnson get on the board the answer take that lead back by one nice finish from Andrea Coop saying hey Georgia don't worry about this I got this Johnson right before that point Andrew goes Andrew said stay let's go ahead and keep you on the left.

I'm gonna take the right it worked out great come on so that's what you see a lot of when jargine loves the third she wants that player on her back heel and then she'll Drive the fifth so she's looking to get a pattern out of that lob third but a quick side off for Johnson and.

Coop trying to add to this lead and end it in two here in the winter bracket final second turn a little miscommunication there cam in the middle yeah Johnson really thought she was gonna get that ball uh sometimes it's hard you think maybe it's going out and skips right off that.

Line oh watch it oh that's the ball that Johnson doesn't miss very often she she wanted that point she just earned that point with those hands but great finish by George Heman taught a much needed.

Finish for them we need this point here they need some points on the board on this side out here so that is a rare Miss on a third from Simone jargime it's at a big time right here in this match down by one game two Johnson and Coop two points away from moving on.

Here no why a little wide from Johnson and all tied up here at nine cam it's going down to the wire again well and zarjim and Todd have done exactly what they need to do to get back in this they're regaining the kitchen line they're working the point longer and.

They're getting those finishing balls from the attack right at Georgia Johnson time out here quickly from Cooper Johnson as Georgie and Todd take a one point lead What's the Difference Maker here cam well that was a great Point as you saw right now is they were pressuring Coupe pressuring Coop making her hit those balls and then when.

Johnson wasn't expecting it hitting a speed up right at her and she didn't seem ready at all so what Jersey been Todd are doing or like they said right out of that time out the game plan that they changed was let's be aggressive let's be dominant let's get up to the kitchen line let's start doing what was working early on in that first game.

Which was moving them laterally a little bit more sucking the players in and then creating some confusion on the other side all right so when we come back in it'll be jarjim and Todd flipping the script here as they looked like they were going to be down here they called that timeout they were down eight five three points away from having.

To fight out of that bronze medal match they come all the way back they go on a 5-1 run to take a one point lead here in game number two I believe we're on second server here so possibly One Stop needed for Johnson and Coop to try and tie this game back up and ended in two yes are on second server here.

There were two balls that should have been put away two of them that Andrew Coop dug out one and Georgia Johnson takes out another fighting for their life here in game number two what a job on the defensive side from Johnson and Coop incredible pickleball they stayed in the point they stayed aggressive just get the ball back over then find the.

Ball and putting it away great pickleball by these ladies I know that falling Cooper's not gonna miss that ball very often but they still got another opportunity here to tie this up I'd like to do them to use it oh nice finishing good recovery from Coop because jargine pulled her all the.

Way to the sideline there cam what does she do so well she knew she was off balance all she did was hit a nice reset with the backhand expecting it was a little high and when that happens you know you need to slide because you're going to come in with that finishing ball incredible read by coop yeah.

What a drop from Georgia Johnson right there at a crucial time they came out of that timeout confident with a game plan we have this we know the shots we need to hit we're confident in those shots let's get aggressive and let's take back this second okay let's go back to the game point Johnson digs out a ball that it's an overhead winner.

She digs it out about six shots later same thing Coop digs it out they fight back win that point win the next two and now sitting pretty here on second server to try and end this game and then this match the Hands by all four of these ladies oh and look at that ball that ball just out I mean that just misses the line that's.

As close as it can get but it is the right call and looks like Johnson and Coop again we come back from this time out they will be serving for the match here at 11 10. and for some people that are new to pickleball you may say oh it looked like it was on the line the thing with the Wiffle ball is it does not compress.

Unlike a tennis ball if it was a tennis ball we could see that we can press and probably catch that line the Wiffle ball does not allow for that Match Point here for Johnson and Coop second server here big winner down the middle from Paris Todd that's an exclamation point it was that you could tell coot came with that.

That drop and it was not confident it was a little bit high knewing that knowing that Todd is going to come over and finish it down the middle thank you Oh's your team from her backside gets that last ball over unbelievable defense from Simone jargime.

I mean just to get that back up and over and Johnson just misses that wow and we're all tied here at 11. is she why nope wow he epitome of just get it back over and make him hit one more ball ah miscommunication in the middle kid I would like Todd to take that yeah she has incredible back like I said I think.

It's one of the best backhands in the game and with her movement coming forward she could hit a nice drive right down the middle and maybe a winner on that between 11 and 11 10. all right so Johnson does play an out ball right there but keeps it in doesn't hurt anything but we're now all tied.

Here again now at 11. what I like about coop she's being very assertive on what side she wants to be on and for what pattern they're going to be using all right working well for them come on good angle right there from Simone jargime I've been using that angle yeah and that's how you hit.

Winners here in pickleball hit that angle nice pressure tank from zhajime and watched our gym right there she's taking that ball out of the air as much as she can not letting coop time to set back up to hit the next ball taking time away from her opponent some money down the middle.

And again would flip it and it will be jarjim and Todd with a game point on their paddle two opportunities here how low jar James getting to get that back up over and these are all on the floor see if they can save another one here I don't doubt they can winners are not Coop and Johnson are determined to win.

This game wow nice ball and she had Georgia Johnson had your dream leaning to the sideline here the plate you had surgery finishing in the exact same position with the ball going in the net talking here they might see if they'll switch it up or not maybe.

Todd taking some of those wow they had Johnson moving left and right laterally and had her all over the court that point cam it was a great game plan from the beginning it was very clear they were going to Target Johnson push her off that line see if they couldn't get him finish that point big Point here for Coop and Johnson.

Trying to even this up a little wide ball off the tape Johnson can't adjust it'll be at least one more game point here for Todd and jargime I would have liked cooped to take that higher dink that Jersey hit out of the air before that well the easy one she says right there and just can't get that one over.

There will be another game point here for jajim and Todd their fifth gotta be able to close out in these matches see if they keep with their pattern of just suffocating Johnson here oh what a spot from Georgia Johnson and Georgine's up was upset with herself because as Johnson hit that she kept coming forward she needs to stop split.

Step play that ball off a good bounce and then come in she knows that she teaches it every day 11 12 1. 1 on on forced there from zarjim and we're tied here again cam at 12 now I'm not surprised called from the beginning these are going to be long points lots of resets all these ladies have some of.

The best hands and entire game foreign and for those of you guys at home watching this there's no such thing as red yellow green it's all dependent on the player Georgine attacked that ball off her shoe tops quote unquote that's a red area to attack from no it's not she attacked that at about 50 forces Johnson.

To hit that and forces the mistake that's why she's the goat all right Johnson and Coop do tie this back up so it will not be a game point here for Todd and jarjeem at the moment great placement there Jersey not able to get up to that kitchen line in time catching her on her back heels another chance here to get his points on.

The board ah I'm sorry oh no all right Andrew coop is really sorry right now apologizing to us right now like she's apologizing everyone in the stadium right now should not mean to do that I mean that ball hit the tape and dropped straight down there's nothing anyone can.

Do on that ball but hey if you're gonna get it that's the time to get it 12 12 came too might as well that's over thank you oh my God Cam and I are in here throwing elbows at each other going is this point.

Gonna end no it's not I mean but that's the epitome of both teams turning offense into defense I mean it ruled yeah it looked like jargime and and Todd had control but then all of a sudden Coop and Johnson put on all the pressure what a point from these ladies and it is now a match point for Johnson and Coop sure you've just asked the rep do we.

Have a timeout they do not hi oh netball just drops right on the back of the line yeah it's a tough ball here off the tape oh yeah it drops right in well that's that's maybe a little payback there for Coop's ball it clipped the tape and drop them no sorry he's on the other end.

No Point number three for Johnson and coach Cooper tries the Inside Out backhand right there but it got a little low on her like she's trying to do though took a little bit off just trying to punch that right at Todd.

Wow I mean first what hands from George Johnson right here right in the middle absolutely and that all came from Todd's speed up you don't see too many speed UPS Cross Court but when you can keep nice and low just like that with the right pace you can create some chaos and win a point off of that.

Okay okay oh and Johnson can't get out of the way Georgie I'm asking if she's okay she says yes she's okay just need to screw it out just scream it out just gets her off again Match Point here we go 14-13 so yeah game point here for his regime and.

Top trying to force a third game you know no oh my God you gotta be kidding me right now talk about defense and your gym off it look at Paris Todd just she can't believe they didn't win that point wow.

I mean that's just that's defense epitome of just staying in the point you you got your head down you're just shaking your head I just hope people at home are taking notes yeah I mean this is the best pickleball you're gonna see you're seeing every kind of shot from Office defense from rolls to dinks to drives it's incredible game point number.

Seven this is unbelievable right now as Georgie means I keep getting opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to end the second game and force a third game and they can't get that one point that ever elusive one point here Johnson and Coop just battling correction 13 14-1.

A little wide right there I mean honestly I thought I was going over I mean what's not anymore nice counter there from Todd and Todd and Georgine will have game point number eight 14 13 they feel like they have the momentum right now.

I felt it seven times now the eighth time oh charging trying to sneak one backside on Coop but no luck and it will be I dare I say cam game point number nine for jargime and Todd tough all these ladies are in house they can focus a lot of players have a hard.

Time staying in the zone foreign Todd wow they will take game number two by a score cam by a score of 15 to 13. that's a battle right there we'll take a quick commercial break we come back that third and decisive game here in the women's Pro double winner bracket final don't go anywhere.

Foreign ER of pickleball with OS first socks with purpose and compression and for comfort and prevention and improved recovery OS first is the official sock brand of USA pickleball and the PPA tour visit.

Www.thepickleballstock.com to learn more foreign I will crush this game athletes know nutrition drives performance I will not slow down Superior lab supplements help you power.

Up and recover faster I Will Never Surrender Superior Labs is a proud sponsor of USA pickleball foreign Championship Court game number three the decisive game number three Simone jargime in Paris Todd cam nine count them nine game points they had.

Finally nine is the lucky number for Georgie and Todd as they end it and move on to game number three 15-13 in game number two I mean the first game was intense the second game even more intense I don't want to let down here for game number three We're not gonna have one it's very rare that you see second set.

Game with that Hiba score yeah usually you see okay the first one wins it well maybe the second one the opposing team make it a little bit easier of a set or the people have momentum and they go ahead and take that but not not these ladies foreign and what happened in the first two games.

They had a little bit of a slower start on both sides down zero three four one for both teams and we've still got incredible pickleball these ladies are going to settle in and we're going to get a show here good Cross Court attack there from Andrea coop at about 50 goes at the left foot of jajim gets pop up and put away.

Zero zero two oh and here we go again cam I mean we're just picking up right where we left off yeah unbelievable point from these ladies Johnson into the net and great setups by both there's just so everyone's countering oh finally is our regime throws up that lob but Johnson finally.

Able to get that ball down in her feet Coop takes a seat Coop says sorry I don't think these ladies mind a little breather here no not at all even early in game number three Coop said it's very humid out here that is correct probably the understatement.

Of the weekend zero one one good spot from in the middle from charging players trying to come in on their back kills places it right in the middle great spot by Georgine yes zero and one two Paris Todd flipping middle right there.

Nice shot oh I love it but man she gets me on that on a daily basis probably four times in a practice return from Johnson two zero one nine oh right off the line right there as Coop calls it ball skips on her same start as last game up three zero.

Three zero one doesn't mean anything with these things three zero two okay good finish from Andrew Coop that firefight started off just didn't go jargime and Todd's way as they end up in that transition area camp I thought charging was gonna lob it.

Almost looked like she was going for that Vlog and decided not to the last second created that pop-up nice inside out right there cam you like that one yeah really caught them off guard and what she does is she takes a little bit off turns that wrist and hits a nice Inside Out flick harder than it looks she made.

It look incredible coverage on the around the post by jargime foreign Johnson reading that right there so what happened with Cooper end up staying back at the Baseline here watch this and Johnson reads that that over that lob was gonna drop in.

Great job by Georgia Johnson foreign sets that up by taking every one of those balls out of the air right she's not allowing Coupe to gain any ground if she lets that bounce Coop's gonna finish coming to the kitchen line right there but she doesn't allow it yeah.

Three two one finish there from Andrea Coop and what's she do so well right there cam she's placed it really well she didn't swing too hard but right at the body and what that does is just created a nice pop-up for her to finish pretty good too now on the flip side of things Coupe.

Returns serve right there and doesn't come in so she didn't get all the way back up so she catches herself or caught is gets caught in the transition area had that she knew exactly what she wanted to do with that nice stripe coming in to hit a shake and bake on herself just didn't finish that last ball.

Okay or what you you have just good defense there from Coop keep that ball in play one more time over the net three four what yes.

Sir much better pressure from Todd that time she's trying to come in three four two okay that was inside of the line that was not even line we can't see from here it's tough because they only have the kitchen cam.

So Georgia overrules the call says it was in couldn't tell from the single yeah oh here we go here we go and all right let's see go back and fall looks like if it's going to hit and go from screen to screen looks like it'd probably be in right there yep so good call good.

Overall from George Johnson hit the call right side out oh nice shot there from Georgia Johnson I know she apologizes but that's exactly where you want to go you body up your opponent don't give them any room to extend their arms quick side out for Johnson and coop haven't seen as many intense crazy.

Points thus far in the third game ladies may be getting a little bit tired their hands aren't but I think just the movement of that I think we're going to see a few more of those coming up soon yeah oh wow I mean that's a that's a grown-up third shot drop right there from Georgia.

Johnson heavy role out wide and what she does so well she's following it up she knows it's going to be a nice deep blob looking it's going to be tough simoni's going down if she gets it over be a nice finish second third third four four two well the adjustment I mean the.

Point-to-point adjustment right there from Andrew Cooper very frustrated with herself if she missed the third shot drop on the last one so what did she do this next Point she drives the third and then drops the fifth so she makes an adjustment point to point and gives them a 5-4 lead one point away from an end change here.

In game number three switch and stayed on her side it's going to come down to which one how many of these leads they can stay in that zone that I was talking about earlier again the shot that I love to see but I hate.

To play against right there take some Pace off and just nice rub down the middle and splits them nice dig from Todd wow great job by Paris Todd's staying in that point but just a little too much Coop and Johnson there really moving her side to side front to back hard to recover from that nice roll out.

Wide five two tied up again wow Watch Andrew Coop just step back and read the speed up from jargime great job and finish there there's an eye roll going what do I need to do to get points around this place today because that's how hard it is right now five five one point away from an end change.

Straight reach from Paris Todd reaching in taking that ball out of the air she sees that middle opening so incredibly well oh great drive by Georgia Johnson keeping it nice and low she hits a very flat drive so we talked about to talk about this last weekend with Georgia Johnson.

Such a student of the game and the fact that so talk about first talk about her drive that just happened right so she watches other players right so she doesn't have a lot of topspin she's a very heavy ball we kind of related it to a Adam Stone Drive where Adam hits a very flat ball it's very hard very heavy then you talk about her third shot drop.

That she's developed over the last couple months and how good it is well she played MLP for the last two times in Austin and in Newport her teammate was Susanna Barr Susanna Barr arguably hits one of the best third shot shot drops in the game it's aggressive low hard well now you're seeing Georgia Johnson emulate that now I consider Georgia.

Johnson and Susanna Barr on that same playing field as far as third shot drops go I am not talking just the female game I'm talking the game they hit such an aggressive third shot drop that we saw it earlier here where she hit a drop in this third game where it just pulled I think I believe it was Paris Todd on the left side side pulled her off and she.

Couldn't get to it because it's so aggressive so what you're seeing and what I love to see from Georgia is that she's like a sponge she's absorbing things from all these players and it's just great to see and that's why she's one of the best in the game right now and doing it at 15. I know and she's doing it she's 15.

That's sometimes these younger players in these situations and they can't control their emotions they can't control the shots they're gonna hit the emotion takes over and they may hit a shot they weren't made me hit an overhit or under hit she is so zoned in and all these laters are zoned in right now but again with that heavy third shot drop.

Roll that Georgia hits it is creating so much chaos on the other side for any team yeah so as we come back in and change here for these ladies Johnson and Coop with a one point lead here 6-5 in game number three I love the angle from georgin they're really spreading out Kurt and Johnson.

From each other taking Coop out wide and then finishing over Johnson on the other side of the Court see I don't mind that speed up though from Todd as she sped up in the middle at about 60 70 percent that's not a bad speed up it's just better defense those are the shots that I think now Coop and Johnson are seem to cover that.

Middle knowing she wants to roll that heavy down the middle overhead practice for Coop and Johnson there's a driver oh and charging just misses but she was setting up right so she had Coop deep on that last overhead she was trying to get her to back up back up finally did it just shows how patient she is in the.

Strategy she's trying to do in that point oh Johnson missing an opportunity there to poach watch it makes up for it though I just thought the same thing too when I saw that higher ball I thought Johnson was going to fly over with that backhand and in that point a little earlier.

Top right there is a little miscommunication in the middle on that accidental lob from the Georgine and Todd yeah I would have like cooped either to drive it at 100 or take some off and drop it and get back in that point foreign as she pulled Coop to the sideline off.

The court and then finds the middle of their camp and at about 60 to 70 percent of the speed just a nice heavy roll and then an easy finish five seven one second third big forehand finish there from Georgia Johnson you feel the momentum oh well we think.

Is our human Todd are gonna be taking this game and now we have Johnson and Coop up seven five five Georgia Johnson read that right from the get-go knowing that she was going to hit the speed up and slide immediately to hit that finishing shot good read you.

Great work good patience there from Georgia Johnson a time out here from jajim and Todd and um it's deja vu this is the same exact score as we had in game number two oh my goodness you're laughing you're pointing at the screen going hey this is the same exact and this is exactly what happened it was.

Eight five they called a timeout and then they came back out of that timeout and got the hold and then got three points What's the Difference Maker though here now from game two to game three camp I don't know if the energy is there like they had it in game two it took a lot out of all.

Four of these players in game two that's why you saw a little bit of a slower start here in game three kind of a little bit missing here some uncommon dinks that usually these players don't miss however we got to eight five in the game two and we saw the best pickleball so I don't doubt that we can see even better pickleball here in in this third.

Game the gold medal match is on the line you're exactly right is the energy that's what I want to see cam you're a hundred percent right it's the energy I gotta see from Georgine and Todd right now you hit it right on the head eight five one.

Oh I mean you couldn't I couldn't have taken a ball and thrown it down the middle any better than that was right there and oh it was so off speed you think yeah oh my partner's got it my partner's got it and that's just something you both have to clash paddles almost to get that ball back over.

Great hands Johnson Keeping the ball alive again and again and again incredible pickleball and another timeout regime and Todd will call their second and final timeout here in game number three a little different outcome than game two cam from when it was eight five Jersey men talk called the time out.

Right after the time out this time Johnson and Coop keep the pedal to the metal and keep pushing here and now they have a match point number one we're gonna keep we keep track of these all the time there's a reason number one on their paddle we'll see if they can convert here but what's the difference here now for Todd and jargine coming out.

This time out like we've been saying it really is the energy I just feel like they're a little flat-footed here it's not that they don't want it of course they want it I just don't I'm not seeing that energy they had and the patterns they were creating that were working yeah right now it's like and let's just play defense and kind of get back into.

It okay well let's take this time out which I know they've done I know jerryjim and Todd are talking about this let's go ahead let's get some rolls let's try and spray the mind when they spread Coop and Johnson white they're winning those points let's get back to that get the side out let's get some points back on the board let's make it a.

Nice rerun of the second game I'm ready for it great Hands by Todd wow answer stay in this right there and fight off that first match point that's exactly what Todd and Jersey need right now and then build off of that use it right now foreign.

Right there they fight off two match points I had a feeling they weren't going down that easy definitely not not in this match but as you saw they what they did so well is Todd was seeing a nice roll dink pulling Johnson off that side that's exactly they have to do keep pulling.

Them apart finish you hear Coop telling Georgia come on right now one more hold I'm gonna get another match point on their paddle Todd and Georgie need to answer here okay all right all right.

Oh and just Out Of jajim's Reach right there she almost fell in the kitchen once yeah and a side out georgin just goes yep that's just gravity taking over so she's okay but it'll be a match point number three here man these ladies are fighting Andrea Coop will end it right there finally Johnson and Coop come out on top.

In game number three wow what a match up here we had on Championship Court Johnson and coop 11-7 13-15 11-5 in game number three for the victory they will move on to the gold medal match on that cc2 right now at a right Susanna Barr a 14-7 on Lauren stratman and Regina Franco winner of that match will.

Face Simone jargime and Paris Todd in that bronze medal match guys don't go anywhere our next match up here on Championship Court Men's Pro singles we got that gold medal match for you J.W Johnson Federico Stacks rude coming up next don't go anywhere OS first the official sock sponsor of pickleball.

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Learn to play better pickleball with Pickler and USA pickleball learn to play better pickleball for free with Pickler and USA pickleball foreign.

Foreign what a match three games the second one goes 15-13 how were you able to close that out so many digs so many resets incredible uh yeah Paris and Simone played great I have a really good.

Partner next to me Georgia really held it together and I think in that second game you know they both started playing better and Simone kind of reminded us why she's the goat and maybe in the third game we had to keep it away from her a little bit more because she she really played great they both did but Simone especially in that second game.

We saw you guys a lot switching back and forth you were playing on right you're playing on left why were you guys doing that what was the strategy behind that well they were hitting some really deep and heavy serves and so sometimes we had to stay more than others and um just giving them a different look I feel like you can do that in any match.

And I was more just doing whatever Andrea told me to you guys have a little bit of a break George we know you have singles coming up now what are you guys going to do in this time before you have to come back on for that gold medal match I'm pretty sweaty I think I'm gonna shower change and get some food in me there you have.

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Pro men's singles final coming up for you right here on Championship Court Federico stacksrude taking on J.W Johnson here at the USA pickleball national championship series app Atlanta Metro open as we get into this match let's take a look at both of our players first for the young J.W Johnson Johnson will be.

Coming out of the consolation side of things this is a rematch of the winner bracket final as JW Johnson lost to Stacks would be looking to battle his way back through the bottom side of the bracket but Johnson a very accomplished singles player in him in his own is back here looking for.

A Triple Crown as he is in all three gold medal matches today but he's got his hands full here today as Johnson will be matched up against someone he's very familiar with in Federico stack shrude a rematch of the Chicago open just one week ago Federico staxford took down J.W Johnson last weekend in the gold medal.

Match he's already beaten Johnson once this weekend in the winter bracket final 111 11 9 11 9. he was tested but did come out on top so Stacks rude trying to go back to back gold medals here over the last two weekends so two gold medals he's looking for in seven day span for himself here on the app tour we'll take a look at the bracket as I was.

Talking about how these gentlemen got here Federico Stacks through did take down J.W Johnson in that semi-final in three then stack shrude went and took out Dylan Frazier in the winter bracket final J.W Johnson had to drop down and beat Julian Arnold and.

Long time partner Dylan Frazier in the bronze medal match to get this rematch here on Championship court on Championship Sunday so that is how these gentlemen got here and they are both ready to go as you see JW Johnson flipping his pedal Federico saxridge staring at me like I got anything to do with how we're gonna get this match.

Going and he's over here he's loose he's ready to go and these boys are going to be putting on a show for you here again a rematch of last weekend's Chicago open Final here again this weekend as stacksrude will be set to serve to start off this two out of three if JW Johnson wants to win this he needs to.

Take this two out of three and we'd have that one game to 15. stacked through to serve right off the bat Stacks route continuing where he left off last weekend in Chicago he had that two-handed role going for him early last weekend and he's got it started for him in game number one here today.

Dominic Catalano alongside me Cameron Blackwood on the call for this gold medal match nice hands there from JW Johnson but it's a 2-0 lead for stock shirt great angle there from Johnson just taking that right off Court of course they're there from stacksroot and Johnson on the board one two.

Because what stature does so well is he controls that kitchen line no hesitation coming up he will come up pretty much on every return to serve as will Johnson but right there that is where he got punished last weekend a lot J.W Johnson on the cross court two-hand roll from stacksert watch him take something off that.

Oh this actually goes flat down the line right there and Kyle Yates with the very muffled clap in the corner here for his boy Federico's tax rude he likes a shot Kyle just likes it he likes good pickleball wow that's just that's a great shot and stacks are just on it again this weekend he's just picking up right.

Where he left off cam you know I could train with Stack Street on a daily basis and the confidence that he has now training I mean he's rushing to the Baseline to serve he can't serve fast enough right now because he's feeling it so well what does Johnson have to do on the flip side of things cam because that's a quick 6-1.

Lead I mean we're like literally two and a half minutes in I would like him to change his return up I think right now he's giving him a nice ground stroke ball to tee off on it's not that it's not easy I mean stock shirt is hitting an incredible ball back but what I would like maybe take maybe slice maybe take a little off take a little higher give.

Yourself some chance like to come in have some time change it up a little bit maybe go middle force Dexter to pick the angles sometimes in in singles you think oh I have to pick an angle I have to go line or hard Cross Court sometimes you go middle make them choose I see what Johnson does after the timeout.

Well I mean you're just going first he goes two-hand roll on the backhand now he goes forehand roll and he's not driving that's what 60 and really controlled all right so he tries to flatten that backhand out I like it though because now even though he hits that one out right he's got 7-1 lead he he puts it in.

Johnson's head that he can go there great reach by stacksford he he's playing with so much confidence right now and speed he wants to get this move and he wants this game quick oh just missing wow nice cat and mouse from both of these guys right here stayed controlled I really like that Cross Court flicked almost looked like.

He was gonna Loft it a little bit and he really drove that deep Cross Court nice leave from stature that ball close right there and good decision to leave that let that go great Awareness on the court trying to cut that slice backhand right there I thought he was gonna I thought he's gonna take that first one.

Right out of the air and he chose not to work it out for him right there that's just putting pressure on with your serve and with your game right now 9-1 lead Johnson doesn't like to take timeouts either so I don't expect one just missing that right there that's the Inside Out forehand there.

I don't mind that Miss he's sitting all right oh it tries to go between her right there but catches his own leg that's a good ball from Johnson though played one of Johnson looks like his was might go out and he played it I like that spot there from stackford he's going to the Johnson backhand.

Johnson has a two in a backhand too but it's not that roll like saxard has nice deep serve oh nice ball there from Johnson and saturated with an opportunity there because his serve was so big it kept Johnson back two nine nope.

Johnson with the eye roll right there upset with himself he just needs to get over that and get that Top Hand left hand a little more on over it's actually just that I cannot make mistakes like these but I like it he's going for a deep sir you have to nice deep servant singles even if it's.

Uh you've got to keep hitting it sets you up for that next shot foreign nice job by Johnson staying in right there again just chipping away now last thing stackford wants to do is let Johnson rattle off a couple points in a row a little wide and Johnson calmly.

Within five here in game number one that's what he does nice and calm no emotion works his way back in yep nice Ball by Stack through full extension though and that that right there that over hit that's caused by stature putting pressure on Johnson and it's a game.

Point number one here for stackford and usually Johnson takes that Cross Court that's game one 11-4 and probably four and a half minutes I was gonna say that's a fast match for stack shoot right there and that's exactly what he wants he wants that pace so an 11-4 Victory game number one for Federico Stacks route one more game and he is.

Your gold medalist we'll take a quick commercial break game two coming up next here's the USA pickleball national championship series app Atlanta Metro open thank you.

I will dig deep I will crush this game athletes know nutrition drives performance I will not slow down Superior lab supplements help you power up and recover faster I Will Never Surrender Superior Labs is a proud sponsor of USA.

Pickleball there's only one window there's only one thank you foreign.

That was about a five minute quick 11-4 victory for Federico statured in this gold medal match game number two about to get underway JW Johnson to serve foreign took something off that right there cam kept it low with a nice sharp angle just wide right there it wasn't long it was wide.

And what's Dexter does so well is when he came up he really rolled that foreign foreign what a great ball he didn't want that ball to drop as you watched it bounced up high and he takes it right at its highest peak so it doesn't have a chance to go on the net wow nice job and he closes ground so.

Well cam why does he do this though with with Johnson you have to you have to hit that role you you can't afford to let it bounce because Johnson's so great at that that cat and mouse game he has to take it out of there and finish these points quick just wide right there nice job by Johnson controlling the kitchen line.

One two foreign little mistakes like that Johnson has to capitalize on there man can't have three points like that not against JW Johnson needs to stay clean here needs to keep that momentum going.

Wow big forehand winner for JW Johnson Cross Court camp and not a lot of pace again and I think Johnson what he has to do is what I'm seeing from this current match is taking a little off but having aggressive roles with angles and then he tries to be aggressive on that serve I don't mind it no not at all I mean you have to be able to put.

Pressure on your serve in the singles game it's a key now nice hands by Stacks or do you watch him extend on that ball that Johnson drops his paddle was on the edge of his fingertips to reach that he's moved the paddle down his hand and what he did is he kept the second he got it which allowed him.

To then hit that flick if not there's no way he would have been able to hit it All Tied here at four and game number two Stacks are trying to end it take home that gold medal here for a second weekend in a row barely got the back of the line four one minute so time out here from.

J.W Johnson and you said it back it clips that back line and that returned good job by Stacks or just to get that back up and over but what does Johnson need to do here continue to do because he's in this second game here what's he doing well that's keeping him in the second game hitting sharp angles taking a little bit off hitting some sharp.

Angles following the ball in but statured loves Pace he thrives off pace so that's something that Johnson now is realizing hey let me take a little bit off let me hit some more angles move him off Court a little bit but he has to be consistent in doing that he can't get it every once in a while and then hit a nice drive because Daxter is teeing off.

On that yeah you're absolutely right Tim and it is it's Johnson taking some Pace off the ball hitting some good angles he's continued to do that and he'll stay right in the second game and hopefully for his sake force a third game here and still being aggressive on his serve even if he misses some out.

That's why you see singles players it's not that big of a deal to Mrs serve yes you don't want to but it doesn't cost you like it does in doubles so you see singles players go for a lot more to set them up for that next shot stackered here is hitting some deep surface as well hitting that back line which is causing have an opportunity.

When he gets back in just actually upset with himself that he he jammed himself trying to pull that ball back across his body instead of keeping it out front and going cross-court with that forehand that's just another good Ball by Johnson again getting statured fully extended here.

He has a longer reach than I thought I mean he can really cover the court all tied up here five five yeah something like that not happy with the ball here I think stature thinks it may be a little out of round I'll go with a ball change here sometimes you'll find the player up.

Going no no no I want to stick with them the ball that I'm working with but they both agreed that go ahead and get a new one in here I like that there Johnson trying to drop that ball in it soccer is saying don't miss let's think about singles just get the ball over it.

May not be a great winning shot but once you do that you keep yourself in this match who would have missed it right there point for JW Johnson he takes a one point lead here great sir from Johnson put the pressure on right away off the Jump you don't see it all the time but.

Sometimes he does use that little pinch or spin he has both a pinch and a spin at his hands before he hits that serve creates a lot of opportunity for him and on the flip side great reach there from Stacks route as he takes that ball out of the air doesn't allow a Johnson doesn't allow Johnson to set up.

This opportunity there for Stacks or does he had Johnson on his heels he did not come up that boss stayed in WoW Johnson able just to get that ball back up and over this ball let's watch how it coming straight down almost going back over yep put away for Stacks or needs to answer here though.

Down by two oh what an angle from J.W Johnson that was all set up from his return yeah right on the line he was able to get up and start dictating the point from the kitchen line too good right there from statured and he will call an offensive time out here as these players trade side outs here at.

Seven five five seven for about the last four or five points so do you like the offensive time out here from Stacks food camp yes and no I mean I'm not him right so I don't know what's going on his mind me personally I wouldn't have I feel like I have some momentum I just want a really quick first game 11 for yes I'm down.

Five seven but I'm playing good you know Johnson's playing better he's hitting better shots better angles but I'm still in this so for me I would still continue to play but maybe because he sees Johnson starting to get some momentum hey you know what I got the ball back let's take a time out see if we can't get him a little bit.

Colder again then I'll come right back in with the momentum and again too you know you have a couple times back and forth no points giving up no points gotten or you know on your side so I think the time out here for staxford possibly a good one here just to regroup go okay I got the serve back now I need to score here and so let's see if they.

Can or he can get back here on the board and get an inch his way a little closer in this second game that was the ball he's looking for it's making all of those in the first game seven five let's go come on nice job by statured stretching great return.

What I really like with Section he's hitting the flick down the line which little pace I don't know what federal Eco Stack Street said there but I didn't get that point yep something close to that yeah again nobody can score here we've been at 7-5 for.

A while on the freebie from statured Johnson flipped that up and stood straight up he was giving that point up right there fractured into the net what I love so much is that he's playing behind Johnson a lot of people think in singles you need to go side to side sometimes I like taking it nice Cross.

Court and then going back Cross Court did that beautiful nice serve from statured again pressure on the serve oh just we'll hide off the tape right there Johnson needs to keep this momentum not get another side out and give this ball back to stacks.

Let's go right there statured he's going to handle that every time and he's been getting probably five winners now just on that down the line flick s he just can't capitalize on a serve right now which he did a lot in game number one not capitalizing with those.

Cross Court two-hander the Cross Court forehand winner like for him to get under a little bit more instead of driving it let's go ahead and drop it let's roll it and right there that's what Johnson does so well is he takes those balls out of the air quick and watch this replay reaches in and that little wrist flick.

On the backhand side for JW Johnson missing that only gets that sideline excuse me just out of our viewing or vantage point and it's game point for JW Johnson here in game two right there wow J.W Johnson that's a major answer after losing game one and basically five.

Minutes he comes back and answers wins game two by a score of 11-6 will go to game three here in Griffin Georgia we'll take a take a quick break and we'll be back with that third game for you here on Championship court at the app Atlanta Metro open.

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Federico stock shirt and J.W Johnson splitting games one and game two will go to a third game if statured can come out on top he will beat your gold medalist if JW Johnson wins we will go to that game to 15. but before anything we're gonna start game three here cam it's gonna be a good one as stacked fruit is set to serve.

Good a great return from Johnson right off the bat cam Johnson needs it I still don't see the energy I would like to see from yes no Johnson's not an emotional player and we get that energy and that's something I feel like the statute has over Johnson at this point yeah and a great backhand drop.

Right there from stacksrude cut backhand he's fired up he's wanting that Bunga to serve quickly great serve again we talked about that pressure serve especially in singles so important you were thinking about playing singles you need to be out with a basket of.

Balls practicing on your own this is the the same way the statues started game number one he starts game number three three zero boy time out here possibly from Johnson or is he going to try and fight through this he's going to try and fight through.

This I think you need to slow down stature right now and he's not doing it by not calling a timeout he's just trying to weather through this camp looking at his paddle I don't I don't know if it's not feeling right or what that is but again he just seems a little off.

Yeah I mean and we're end changing I mean this is just like game one we're a good minute and a half two minutes into this game and we're already changing ends what's Johnson need to do here cam energy I mean right now he's lean on the back I'm sure I'm sure he's disappointed right and yeah and I like.

We said I don't need a lot of emotion out of them but you you can just feel energy from people and I know he has it in him he just needs to find it and fight he has all the shots yeah I mean that's not a question we know that he can match statured in any situation he just has to hit a couple nice returns coming maybe some.

Nice backhand flicks and get himself back in this he can do this all right we'll see what answers Johnson has here a stature in complete control up 6-0 man it could be side to side you know these players this side that JW Johnson is on that's the side that both of these gentlemen have won from so maybe they're.

Seeing something side to side too thank you just like that that's what you needed get something going here on his side oh J.W Johnson at the around the post right there beautifully done and he is answered here nicely on the end change as he's within four now two six.

Oh boy okay okay the ball lands on the line I believe yes passing shot Johnson within three cuts that lead in half and it is a time out from staxford what's changed on the end change here cam look exactly what we said I from the.

Get-go I said he needs a nice deep return to backhand flicking himself back in it what does he do very first point he hits a nice deep return and hits a backhand flick winner and that got him going that that's his bread and butter right there that's his favorite shot and I want to say one of his best shots is that backhand flick so if you can start.

Winning points on your strengths that really gives you a lot of momentum and real and a lot of confidence to get back in this like we said he he knows how to come back he has all the shots it's just putting them together point after point he he hasn't been able to string points together so yes he's gotten three in a row but let's see if you can get four.

Let's even get five tie this thing back up and not let stackster get on another 304050 lead yeah I see oh if he goes 5-0 it's he's in trouble yeah because then it's game over and statured would be your gold medalist back-to-back weekends Chicago and Atlanta so time out from Stacks rude we'll see what happens after.

JW Johnson will serve within three a little hard there on the forehand from staxrude and here comes J.W Johnson and just think consistent he wasn't doing anything out of control playing within himself a great Point by Johnson not that great of a service yeah I can't can't miss that right there not when.

You're on a run oh not a bad this not a bad idea there from Stacks or taking that ball out of the air has the opening just over hits it but now I feel energy from Johnson like I feel it now oh stature needs that right there he'll take it all day long frustrated JW Johnson.

Oh there it is he makes the adjustment two points later to take that ball of the air nice job by stacksrude I'm gonna stab backhand good job by Johnson covering that cross court inside out Johnson climbing back in this hold on yeah come on that's a missed opportunity for Johnson.

He knows it too as he walks back to the baselines talking to himself that's a ball he's not gonna miss very often nice overhead from JW Johnson their Camp yeah Stack Street was doing in the first game that was working so well that inside out forehand was working it has not worked I.

Don't think once in this third game like it was in the first game I'd like to actually maybe adjust it a little bit but Jonathan's covering it well now he is seeing it wow the stature almost goes down a couple times in that point regains his composure backhand winner tough break yeah Johnson not happy with.

That roll right there as it goes off the top couple clipped it just misses wide that would have fell right there that's just tight that have been heartbreaking for Johnson that's exactly what Johnson needs right now he needs to get this point oh what a gift from Federico staxford.

Showing off the wheels here it looked like Johnson had him beat just a nice flick didn't go for too much just placed it incredibly well five eggs I'm out here so we have a challenge here on the court from Federico stackford as JW Johnson.

Called that last ball down the line out so we'll have a challenge here our first challenge of this Championship Sunday is stature thinks he possibly may have gotten this ball around the post so we will see but again a great job by Johnson answering the Bell after that first game.

Cam it looked like he was just down and out after the first game answers wins that second game and in this third game what you need to do to continue this this kind of run that he's on the stay in this right here and hopefully for him to force the game to 15. he's playing a lot better he he now seems like he wants this I now feel that energy yeah he may.

Not be getting all the points that he wants but he's putting in that effort now that I'm seeing and hitting a lot better cross-court forehands really keeping them nice and low his movement is better he has more energy on his side he's down five eight in the third he has to continue having this energy that he's created so far and.

Looking right now here on the screen at that ball that Stack Street had challenged it's tough to see from that angle as we're above it and can't tell if that ball where it's bouncing if that's the bouncer if that's the bounce that's what's hard about this you're not that may be the bounce and if that's the.

Well not that right there that is well she is call has been made we'll see what the okay the call outstands not enough to overturn s remaining so stature now out of timeouts and no.

Challenge left for him as well you've called a challenge on that to lose one in this tight third game it was close enough to call I mean it was tight so that would have been a big point that it put him up nine five so yeah I don't mind it still up two here oh and off the tape right there excuse me I wouldn't have put him up that would.

Have been a side out to him but again off the tape right there nothing staxter can do this ball just drops right over kind of needed one he's had a couple on on Johnson forced air from JW Johnson on the serve oh and follows it up with another unforced error and statured within two.

Big overhead there from Johnson and he knew it this like he was in trouble and threw up this shot that was not a great one and Johnson's able to hit a winner very easily gets the ball down the line does Johnson and he is now back within one great two-hander down the line.

Doubles up in the same spot JW Johnson ties this game up here at nine just saw Johnson do a little fist pump to himself so that's a lot of energy right there he's fired up a nice finish there from stature I would like to see Johnson attack that ball in the transition area he decides to drop.

It in but Stacks should stay in that point yeah you you can't do that against Johnson he's too good up at that kitchen line loves that count mask cat and mouse game foreign nice hands off the tape right there by J.W Johnson because that would have been.

An easy winner there down the line and would have given stature to match point not missing that by much is Johnson foreign doesn't go inside out he goes right down that line and that's what I was looking for him was that change up and that'll give him a gold medal Championship Point.

Here and Johnson goes down the line and stops that real quick takes a nice deep breath after that point catches the back of that line great placement yeah good ball there from statured much better than the one he dropped them than that because he took some Pace off yes.

I'll have a championship Point number two on his paddle and there's the winner on the backhand from Stacks rude and there is your 2022 app Atlanta Metro open Champion Federico staxford as he will take it in three over J.W Johnson 11-4 6-11 11 9. so congratulations to stacksford on his.

Goal JW Johnson will take your silver we will take a quick commercial break when we come back Cameron will be Courtside with Federico stature to get his thoughts right after these quick messages I will dig deep I will crush this game.

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There's only one window there's only one thank you foreign what an incredible match you got that first game done in less than five.

Minutes what was the mindset going into this match uh the mindset is I mean there's a plan uh supposed to stick to the plan and it went well even the second said he fired up a little bit I made some enforcers just I told myself the third one just take the stick with the plan and he went well.

Did you change anything last week you had a great win against him coming into this week thinking he might make some adjustments were you concerned about that at all yeah definitely like uh start a little bit more energetic I was super down on the winners you know semi-finals uh but yeah I was starting good I know he's a slow starter so try.

To take advantage with that and how much confidence does this give you through the rest of this fall season no a lot uh everything that's up you know uh results uh training uh just gives you confidence but I mean it's about the process I'm not trying to go anywhere just try to get better every day and that's about it I'm gonna bring.

In now Ken Hermann with the trophy here for the men's gold medal man Federico congratulations hey we were just in Chicago doing this weren't we well we had tough conditions all the rain the humidity I'm glad we got everything in today very proud to award you our 2020 to Atlanta metro open gold singles Champion congratulations well.

Done congratulations guys well we're going to leave you here we will be back at 1pm Eastern Time on ESPN plus do not go in anywhere we will see you right back here 1pm
Join us from Wyomia Tyus Olympic Park in Griffin, GA for the 2022 APP Atlanta Metro Open