He does it better nope Michelle Esquivel to start ladies underway I think that's the matchup we're gonna have to watch is Johnson nasheem and caught Cross Court right there how is Lacey schneeman gonna handle Georgia Johnson coming to her with that two-handed vacuum.

All getting getting close all tied at 20 here win by two oh both raided her body as you take their floor hand almost entering the chest wow I mean we talk about a pancake where you're like locked in like this she's that was fully fully handcuffed.

oh miscommunication can't have that right there what a job by Gayton Leach back there keeping them in that point Florida smash need to answer here down by one Estherville wasn't expecting that speed up from scheming God is a good speed up.

But we just see that game leech is so strong all it is is a left hand coming back forward and she can hit that hole another Match Point here for the Hard Eight ball going on and hard eights will take game number one in women's doubles 20. get back on his heels a little bit and kind of just give away some points as.

Far as not being aggressive and then X Factor for for the hot eights is going to be diascu how big he can get how much control oh there he is right there getting big right on cue Chad yeah he was he was the I locked and moved from diascu but Johnson and rhet Maya ready for that.

Florida smash game point thank you Johnson will end it right there and we will play both mixed doubles matches 21-14 Rhett Meyer and Jeff Sierra Gayton Leach and Kyle Yates Michelle Esquivel to serve foreign.

in this one he's going to create his own opportunities Steven's just got a weather the stove a little bit there we go screaming to serve to start JW Johnson finding the hole in the middle yeah I mean that's in reality that's what Steven's got to do she's just gotta just gotta keep in that stay.

Within that and like I said JW's gonna step in when the time is right foreign all right let's see what Sierra gate and leech can do here.

great start but she gets one it's a win oh absolutely could be a quick 4-0 lead Johnson plays it right JW Johnson just passes gate and Leach on.

The forehand side oh that was the chance yeah that was the opportunity right there so looks like it is retten Meyer and Yates round two a nice leave there from Yates is n't ground here yes here they're expecting a little more.

Out of retinaire and the singles match up yeah he just overcooks it a little bit so then I'm way going your way scheming and Johnson yeah the last one conventional thinking out the window basketball is no slouch as a single player but everybody out there.

with the angled overhead four six that's too much Scott takes something off that right there yeah go back cross going on that one not enough room to go full inside out all right so three rounds through and.

We're all square at six after a zero four start the hard eights will take that yeah it made up ground now Georgia Johnson against Lacey schneeman is a force to be reckoned with in singles which covers a lot of ground loses her.

Length so well seven six that's a big ball from Georgia Johnson right there inside out for him but she football oh just I mean that's the edge of her shoes just the edge of.

His shoe foreign looked but not the easiest shot from Johnson right there.

she had a ball right there there was almost handleable but a one point lead here for the Florida smash yeah I'd like to see it just just stay at the Baseline and go ground strokes with him giving himself open for for the passing.

Shots of Cameron Blackwood is towards side what do you see down there Sam I really love this lineup I think it's really interesting I know Sierra is frustrated right now but she's doing her part as bad as that may sound she if she can go one and three with him that's great but.

Even you know zero and four your team is picking up the rest of the points so I'm excited to see uh this one's gonna be a close one I can feel it foreign.

Got to do something similar here foreign I mean that's what the the speed and reach of diasuke does shake it right here get back in this yeah I mean that's just a what a reaction from this but and he stays out.

Of the kitchen hey wow wow great reaction and athleticism from to ask you big that's a sweet for desk who right there 4-0 it was 12 12. now Lacey's.

Demon She's Gotta chip away at this here okay excuse me now Georgia Johnson goes two and two it's okay right because she's gotta me four point leader because you know what's up yeah yeah.

It's JW Johnson and Sierra Gateway so she maintains that 4-0 lead that means that even if gate and Leash gives up four it's tied at worst 17 13. I don't know how she kept that ball in that's like off the very end of the paddle big Point here for.

Johnson trying to maintain that four-point lead J.W Johnson as cool as the other side of the pillow Chad foreign.

Johnson is is just hitting those passing shots stay there no oh she got one that's what she needed Justin off.

Here we go now it gets interesting Hard Eight match point for a spot in the semifinals against the Ranchers.

Where they will face the ranger tomorrow afternoon