I played tennis all growing up played at usca and then growing up I played Varsity on my high school team then I played college tennis on the club team at the University of Minnesota and then about 2 and a half to three years ago that’s when I really discover this word of pickle ball I will tell you the addiction is.

Real you know it’s a lot of pieces coming together for me I’m taking the the sport of pigle ball a lot more seriously now you know I have a full-time job but uh you know I’m dedicating a lot more off court hours for these types of moments and you know these are the tournaments that I hope to really excel in and do well.

In I work at US bank so I work as a data engineer there and I will say when I first told my team at US Bank about my pickle ball career and that I play professionally now I share the live stream links and everyone goes wild they’re like streaming the match so I love the Minnesota support I I know I didn’t answer your question fully but I.

I think it’s has to be thought about for the next two to three months
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