What is the difference between the franklin signature 13 millimeter and the 16 millimeter uh well three millimeters right but how do they play the thinner core paddle is going to have the ball respond a little bit quicker meaning the ball is not going to sink into the.

Paddle quite as much it's going to come off of the paddle quickly and with a little bit more velocity so the 13 millimeter paddle is great for somebody like me who doesn't have big guns and can't just crush the ball right this is the paddle that i play with the 16 millimeter is going to absorb a little bit more.

Pace the ball is gonna stay on the face of the paddle a little bit longer and you're gonna feel like you have a little bit more control a little bit larger of a sweet spot and a little bit more spin if you're looking for a 13 or a 16 millimeter paddle look no further than zanevertillpickleball.com i've got them on my website for sale new and or used.