Oh my goodness oh they're screaming this is pickleball oh flying Ernie just rebuffed how beautiful oh cleaner oh and it's a winner on the line oh my look.

Point of the day and it ends the match let's say pickleball rules oh it would have been slipped there by Zayn recovers oh my gosh oh my gosh the crowd is screaming people are screaming nice play we see the replay here clips.

And net also on that one oh same just got no knee pads just scan on court that's a bad ah this is incredible she does it back somersault and that is why people love.

Women's doubles Jones was playing from her knees true statement but it's Eric Lang in West gabrielson with the lead 9-6 game one wow oh no Lane goes off the tape for the winner oh and you see him like want to celebrate and then apologize all in the.

Same motion all right good good good to add it to the list of those are a long lists after a long day it's getting rough oh okay good decoy oh my goodness oh and the point of the match goes to kovalova and right we had behind the.

Back we had saved unbelievable by all four players incredible it's January and that might be the point of the Year yes here in game number two yeah let's see if NATO makes that adjustment Dave on attacking a little bit more possibly have an ATP on both sides of the court in the same point.

Oh my that might go in it will never tell smiling during this that's in that's in and navratil is toying with devillier and devillier scream stop it what an effort both with a huge laugh after that point and in navratils okay during the point foreign.

Foreign this is pickleball what a point by all four players and it is Ben Johnson finishes down the line chaplain Smith went for the Ernie so that gets him to two six one foreign of the day with people running all over.

The court pure chaos what a point what defense by Irvin and davilia oh yeah what a great point that is so good where we met we're down in that point they were up in that point they were.

Back picking out of the air and he's starting the fight first that right with his first Ernie oh here we go folks with everything beautiful thanks great hands gorgeous topspin lob by right in the middle of that that pushed them off the.

Line it is a great time if you've never been to a pickleball event I I will say that's one thing that watching it on TV is fun you get there in person and it's just a different kind of piece see the no look from Riley Newman on the on the speed up there they got it back they did.

Well I do think my tweener comes out whoa Riley putting on a show Riley putting on a show out here foreign
Some FUN points from the 2022 pickleball season that you might have missed !