Everyone knows that one player that never misses any bullies no matter how hard you hit the ball at them they get it back every time wouldn't it be nice to be that player hey guys I'm Connor and I'm Drew and this is our Pro analysis series Tyson McGuffin didn't become number one in the world by accident what are the main reasons he's.

Had so much success R is extremely fast hands today we're going to break down 10 points where he uses them super effectively let's get into it so on to number 10 first I want to say that Tyson wasn't just born with these volley skills but he does use strategies at the net that make him seem Invincible I really do believe that these tactics are.

Something that you can apply the next time you're on the court wait let's go back notice how Tyson takes a step back here when he's under pressure by doing this he gives himself enough time to stay in the point and recover whenever you're set up you should always take a step back to give yourself as much time as you can another thing to keep in mind.

Here is that we always need to be pressing no matter what situation we're in in the point notice hear how the momentum shifts multiple times before the point ends even if you have an easy put away do not take your foot off the gas the point is never over until it's over on to number nine right after the serve Tyson gets in and he's ready to.

Dominate The Middle with a Vengeance he doesn't get the immediate upper hand in the point but an important thing to note here is that he stays on balance in a position to react even when he's on defense you can never expect to take control of every net battle so you need to maintain a solid base even when things go south.

Okay number eight decision making is going to be much more important than just having fast reflexes in the beginning of the point here Tyson goes for a speed up but then decides to go for a dink on the next shot I see so many players that become trigger happy once they start going big remember patience is key just because you use a.

Speed up doesn't mean that you'll have a good opportunity on your next shot too and they're back into the dinking game whenever we're up at the kitchen we need to force ourselves to be patient and refrain from going for shots where we don't have the right opportunity and once again Tyson moves back quickly but keeps his balance so he's able to stay.

In the point just based on these first few points I think that Tyson's highlighted the important skill of knowing when to retreat so that he can stay in the rally and as he moves forward again notice how when he gets into the quick hands exchange he's not just blocking the ball back but he's accelerating as much as he can trying to.

Attack his opponent's weak points after he briefly gets pushed back again he gets himself back into a neutral situation this really goes to show how folks you should stay through long points like this because you never know what's going to happen and on this last reflex volley I think that Tyson is able to react super fast because of his.

Strong ready position if his paddle had been hanging down there's a good chance that he would have missed that shot all right let's get into number seven one of the trickiest shots to get the hang of in pickleball is the reset if you have any plans of becoming a 4.5 plus player this is something that you.

Definitely need to master notice how effectively Tyson uses his fast reflexes here to get himself back into a neutral position in the point so that he can eventually take control and here Matt Wright catches Tyson off balance with a speed up but Tyson is able to reset it into the kitchen which prevents Matt from making any progress in the point.

Just know we aren't always going to be using our fast reflexes to be aggressive in the point it's also important to be able to react quickly so that you can defend well and get back into neutral positions on to number six in this point we have another great example of Tyson and his partner Tyler loon using their quick.

Reactions to try and get back into the point because they're so disciplined with staying low in a defensive position they're able to make these extremely difficult shots back and make it look routine they don't end up getting the point here but they do everything they can to make it tough on the other team the more we make our opponents work for.

Every point the more tentative and unsure of their games they'll become so the lesson here is to always try and make your opponents hit one more ball on to number five here Tyson shows how you can use your quick hands to be extremely aggressive he immediately gets up to the net here and uses his explosive footwork to pounce on the balls on this last shot.

Most players wouldn't have been able to react so quickly but I don't think he was able to make it just because he's a freak athlete for one as I've been saying he's extremely ready with his paddle out in front and he's on balance you can also see here that he doesn't look stunned by the shot coming right at his face and he reacts fast like he.

Knows what he's doing this confidence can only be developed by getting tons of reps I guarantee that the main reason Tyson has such quick reactions are because of years of practice not just raw talent and while you're probably at home right now watching this video on your computer or phone you could be practicing your quick hands if you had.

The dink pad the dink pad gives you the ability to train your dinks reflex volleys and any other pickleball shot wherever you want don't get me wrong watching YouTube videos will help you improve but 80 of getting better is hitting more balls the more balls you hit the faster you'll improve guaranteed with the dink pad you can train your.

Game on your own schedule if you want to check out the dink pad head to the link in our description at number four we honestly just have an amazing highlight there's great shots here all around from every single player once again I want to highlight that these guys never accelerate without clear intention you rarely will see a player at this level.

Go for a speed up or hard volley unless they have a good opportunity in Pro pickleball this attention to detail is vital to being success full but if you're in the 3.0 to 4.5 range you can use the same mindset to Skyrocket your level past your peers and if you think this point is crazy guys you'll be shocked to see what we have waiting for.

You later in the video at number three we have a great example of why you always need to stay alert throughout your thinking battles at any point in thinking situation someone can speed the ball up because of this you need to be in a position to defend the speed up on everything Matt Wright speeds the ball up here but Tyson's.

Ready for it so he's able to defend and stay in the point later in the rally Tyson gets revenge on Matt with the body bag at number two we have Riley Newman being super aggressive and coming in fast against Tyson but he does not budge when Tyson goes for the Ernie here he gets himself slightly out of position and.

Gets pushed back but he's able to recover by getting it right at Riley's feet which sets up Tyler perfectly to put the ball away remember we don't want to win our hands Battles by going through the other player one of the best spots to go for in these situations is at defeat at number one Tyson comes out with all guns blazing with an explosive.

Poach of all players Tyson has to have some of the best footwork on tour this is one of the main reasons it always seems like he's in the right position just know when you miss at the net it's not always because you have poor volleys or reactions we can always put more footworks into our footwork and other aspects of our Net game that we have.

Direct control over in the moment and if you want to see some of Ben Jon's top plays watch this foreign
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The points presented in this video showcase Tyson Mcguffin’s quick and strategic approach to the game of pickleball. His dinks, speedups, drops, and volleys illustrate not only his impressive hand speed, but also his ability to outwit his opponents. In particular, his swift reactions to shots from his opponents demonstrate his agility and quick thinking on the court. These highlights showcase not only Mcguffin’s impressive physical abilities, but also his strategic prowess in the game of pickleball. Overall, these points truly highlight the talents of Tyson Mcguffin as a pickleball player.

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