Foreign day 10 morning session about seven 40 A.M so I can't come earlier because I have to get my son up for school and then heading off to Vegas later um.

Trying to get my glasses here I try to never play without eyewear I've been hit in the sunglasses so many times I wouldn't have any eyes left and one of my microphones is breaking so that's why an audio on one of my live streams yesterday just quit because the microphone stopped working.

So it is what it is that's the life of a world famous videographer just kidding all right day ten come on let's go see ya I go I go you guys I hit while I was moving.

Me oh wow nice ah he got it foreign damn it if I can't get back to defend it's what's the use yeah Eric.

Don't mess with a Big E comes out me me yes go you know way to work that point man that was smart hey.

Cat paw that's good that's good that's good uh yes yeah that was too close for me to call I just got to go to my spot that guy's back in yeah coach David's safe space out yeah that's the spot.

Come on David oh Eric to the center Boston you know ah I let you down Eric good work I'm trying no look misdirection and I've.

Missed and I missed me no me drop ball uh dosey doe I'm in front.

One I was a little worried with that spongy ball that you might pull that off but uh yes foreign somebody was going to win it might as well be me you me.

Oh and you got sucked into that hey drop no foreign thanks Eric Eric you there we go Eric you.

Know me just a dead drop there's no energy they have to put all the energy in it or it just crumbles nice that backhand's hard to read you know 3-1 may drop me drop.

I was all the way in my shot I couldn't even recover I just try to give you some confidence Gordon that's right it's in oh way out you.

Backed up for the corner ah David chaos ball pen six one all right morning session is done played a bunch of games I live stream maybe two or three that were real long games so uh so there's some live stream for today and I videoed a couple so I can.

Um chop them up and put them put them in today's video today's countdown to the combine video because I have to go to Vegas this afternoon so I won't have time to edit like normally I started editing around six o'clock at night finish around nine or something but today I don't have that luxury so I.

Got to start editing early and get it out early okay so that's what's happening plus probably no gym today I hope you saw yesterday's I thought yesterday's was a good video day 11 showing my safety drop in my workout montage I really like this workout montages okay thanks for watching thanks for following.

My journey see ya coach David out foreign
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