Here are 10 Advanced pickleball tips I’ve learned from training to be a pro pickleball players that are worse than you use this secret to beat you the secret is not about power or quickness but rather it’s a clever use of strategy often they’ll cycle through two or three predetermined systems until they find one that counters your play style this.

Approach can effectively nullify all of your strengths so it’s crucial to understand and adapt to these strategies one popular strategy is the backend approach where players Target every ball to their opponent’s backhand in this game against Ivon he placed a lot of balls intentionally at my backhand knowing that it would put him in a.

Favorable position because I could not respond to it well another strategy you might see is the drive and drop pattern which means driving the third shot hard and then dropping the fifth shot to a specific player or side however identifying that your opponents are using a specific system opens up opportunities for counterplay for.

Example if they consistently Target your backhand you can force them into uncomfortable positions such as making them attempt a straight drop rather than their preferred crosscourt drop the straight drop is more challenging due to the Net’s height requiring less margin of error by understanding and countering your opponent’s strategies you can gain.

Recol of the match developing two or three systems and then cycling through them to find what works against your current opponent is a great way to enhance your game systems make the nature of the game a little bit more complex making it not only a physical game but a mental game which might just be the edge that you need pickle ball.

Players that are slower than you get to the ball faster than you because they know this trick though it’s hard to pin down the exact numbers mastering the technique of split stepping can significantly increase your reach on the court split stepping at the exact right moment is crucial it can mean the difference between making a spectacular.

Shot and watching the ball sail past you or into the net getting into a ready position early is vital because it makes your movement to the ball more Compact and efficient by already being in a position to move you eliminate the waste of time of transitioning from a standstill to motion early split stepping is a.

Fundamental skill that separates good players from great ones most pickleball players struggle with this while tennis players do it effortlessly unlike the traditional step and hit hit and step and step approach sliding allows Advanced players to stop on a dime enabling a swift return to Readiness however you should know this is not for.

Everyone it can be really hard on your body and it’s notorious for putting holes in your expensive pickle ball shoes despite his drawbacks the ability and speed it can give to your game is a massive Edge sliding is not something that came natural to me so I really had to work at it there are several times in this game where sliding gave yvon the.

Time he needed to get back into the point there are also several times where not sliding inhibited me from getting balls that I otherwise could have if you’re already using this technique or have mastered it I would love to hear from you comment below any sliding tips that you have if you don’t hit this pickle ball shot you’ll win more points.

Guaranteed playing the ball down the line in singles cat and mouse rallies is often the correct play but if you don’t understand this concept it’ll hurt you more often than it will help if you are off balance or stretching to get a shot one of the worst things you can do is speed up a ball and that goes for all the pickle ball but especially singles.

Attempting a fast down the line shot while off balance is a common mistake that I do all the time and it consistently puts me at a disadvantage being off balance means there’s a delay in resetting for the next shot which leaves us vulnerable for a Counterattack speeding up the ball reduces the time it takes to reach your opponent which also.

Reduces your own time to get back into a ready position before they hit the next shot the faster the ball travels the less time you have to recover making it easier for your opponent to capitalize on your momentary weakness just by getting a paddle on the ball the safer and more strategic approach is to opt for a Down the Line dink when you have.

Fully recovered this Choice allows you to maintain control of the rally without overc committing to a risky shot that could leave you out of position by sticking with a controlled dink you give yourself more time to regain balance and Readiness the key to becoming a better pickleball player often lies in the shots you choose not to make a dink.

Won’t win the rally but a speed up will lose the rally it’s the fact that you’re more likely to win a point at the kitchen line rather than a midcourt so if you find yourself in this position you can hit slower balls at your opponents tempting them to get into a hands battle from a worse position the players with the best two-handed.

Backhand all do this keep the tip of the paddle down at the moment just before contact it’s not just the Minor Detail it’s a fundamental aspect that contributes to both the power and the spin of the shot keeping the paddle tip down before hitting the ball is crucial for several reasons first it allows for greater paddle head speed upon impact.

Which translates to more powerful shots this positioning also facilitates generating a cleaner up and down spin on the ball which can greatly affect his trajectory and the difficulty of the return for your opponent the difference this makes can be seen in this comparison of Ivon and myself Ivon is great at having the tip down at the.

Moment before contact and I didn’t even know I was doing this before watching the video it’s just better implementing this technique can be a GameChanger offering you an edge over your competitors what a shot from dang you can be faster on the court without getting physically quicker let me explain there’s a mental shift that most.

Of us can make which will significantly improve our response time when you choose to commit to the direction of a shot really matters by choosing not to commit to a direction until you can actually see the ball heading that way you become a more effective and quicker player oh you’re supposed to not be there the rationale behind this approach.

Is straightforward better players often employ deception in their shots making it difficult to predict where the ball is going a you got clipped on so there’s a camera right there you want to say something to it I don’t see a camera anywhere oh he he’s so lost he doesn’t know where the camera is if you commit to early based on a guess rather than.

Reality you’re more likely to be caught off balance and out of position which results and easy points for your opponent however I do recognize that guessing is sometimes part of the game but it should be the exception not the rule you’ll notice visible signs of guessing all the time I personally have an unconscious habit of guessing towards.

My backhand which means that any shot hit to my forehand takes an extra long time to get to what’s even crazier though is that you can be thinking of a direction without physically moving in that direction so if I’m thinking left and they go right and I don’t move to the left I’m still guessing and I’ll be slower getting to that ball staying.

Balanced and not guessing prematurely are foundational principles for improving your game this approach doesn’t just improve your physical quickness it enhances your overall gameplay making you a more unpredictable player on the court I’m bad at geometry and I’m paying for it now the angle at which you approach a ball can.

Dramatically influence the quality of your shot either you hit a bad shot in a rush or a good shot with plenty of time many players like myself instinctively run to where the ball is at the moment rather than where it’s going to end up this mistake forces us to make last minute adjustments often resulting in less than optimal shots compare this to.

A Von who takes really good angles and is able to hit balls in a controlled manner it’s a simple principle that’s echoed across various sports like catching a flyball in baseball and even including football we’re taking the correct angle on a tackle is fundamental the concept is the same in pickle ball the trajectory and eventual location of.

The ball are what matters most I realize that ernes are costing me more points than they’re giving me especially in singles perfecting this shot can be a huge Advantage it’s a complex shot that when executed correctly can take away time from your opponents however as many players including myself have discovered the temptation to use the shot can lead.

To mistakes and missed opportunities the key to incorporating earnies effectively into your game is to ensure that each one is executed with purpose and not just for the sake of variety the Allure of the shots undeniable it’s awesome a poorly timed Earnie gives your opponent an easy point if they manage to return the ball as you’ll likely be out of.

Position to counter even if I had successfully hit this Ernie Ivon would have been right there to hit the ball back over the net and then I’d be scrambling just to get a pattle on it the Ernie is most effective when it disrupts the rhythm of the game in your favor not just as a show of skill pickle ball courts are small and you’re losing.

Points because of it a common mistake is being tempted to drop a ball short when your opponents are at the back of the Court while this might seem like a clever play it often backfires against more agile opponents essentially offering them a free pass to the kitchen line and a chance to take control of the rally here’s an example of this mistake.

Where I chose hit a short soft shot instead I should have hit a strong deep one when my opponent was recovering from previous play this decision gave yvon the opportunity to not only stay in the point but to hit a winner the key strategy here is to keep them back by maintaining pressure with deep well-placed shots you prevent your.

Opponents from Comfortably moving up to the net thereby dictating the pace and the direction of the game the best attackers in pickle ball do this if you can make your speed UPS deceptive then they become unpredictable and therefore more effective the ability to disguise your shots can significantly disrupt your opponent’s game plan therefore.

Giving you an edge here’s a test for you see if you can guess where the ball’s going here’s the first one where is this ball going here’s the second one what about this and finally the third where’s it going it’s almost impossible to guess and you don’t have the luxury of freeze framing in the middle of a real point.

This split second delay when they guess wrong is all you need to gain the upper hand in a rally if you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to my channel and also sub to my newsletter where you can follow my journey to becoming a pro pickleball player and learn some valuable tips along the way by the way YouTube thinks you’re really.

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Here are 10 advanced pickleball tips I’ve learned from training to be a pro. These are must know tips if you want to progress further into your pickleball journey.

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