Hi welcome to brionne's pickleball my name is jordan briones now here's the scenario you and your partner are playing and one of you pops up the ball do you retreat or stand your ground in today's video that's exactly what we're going to talk about so now let's jump right in all right so no matter how long you've.

Been playing we've all been part of a game where one of us pops up the ball and now you have a decision to make you're either gonna a stand your ground and get really low and try to block the ball that way or you're going to try to retreat give yourself some room and buy a little bit more reaction time so that you can be better prepared for the ball.

In this video i'm going to be talking about when and how to retreat the right way yes you heard that right there are specific times that you are going to want to actually retreat to give yourself more time to react to the ball so that you can be better prepared for the next one now when does this happen sometimes we are getting pushed off the.

Line or sometimes maybe we're just scrambling trying to work our way through the transition zone so if you find yourself in that position and you're somewhere let's say here in the transition zone and your opponents are hitting a very offensive ball right at your feet there's a couple things that you can do to best prepare yourself as.

You fight and try to stay in the point the first thing that you want to do is you want to have a wide and solid base okay so we want to be a little bit wider than shoulder width if you could get a little bit wider that is always going to benefit you because when you're in this position and your opponent at the net has an offensive ball they're going to.

Try to nail you right at the feet okay so we want a good wide base and we want our paddle position to be waist level or a little bit lower okay good players are going to hit the ball down at the feet so it makes sense to drop this paddle down because this is where the ball is going to go now from this camera i just want to show you.

If they are hitting a very offensive ball up here kind of like chest level and really really hard that ball is clearly going to go out because i have the baseline behind me so what i want to do is when my opponents are up at the net and i'm in this position when they are hitting an offensive ball i want to get low.

Get on the balls of my feet and i drop my paddle lower waist level or a little bit lower because i know that they are going to try to come down at my feet now the next thing i want to mention is how important paddle stability is when you're trying to just defend really offensive balls when you're here in the transition zone.

Remember we are on the extreme defense and we are trying to just block the ball back into play so you can definitely try this with one hand and a lot of players hit the majority of their shots with one hand on their backhand side but when i am on the extreme defense i encourage you to put that other hand on there so i'm gonna add my left hand on top and.

This is going to give me the stability that i need to block really fast balls even hard overheads from this transition zone a key tip here for defense is to get low and in a backhanded position and right now i'm going to show you what i mean by that i have two balls here and i'm gonna place one um over here and i'm going to.

Place one right over here um with about two feet or so to the sideline okay so when i'm in this position again i'm on the extreme defense and my opponent is hitting a very offensive ball so what i want to do is play my percentages so what does that mean i'm.

Going to drop to a backhanded position now again like i said i like to use two hands when i'm trying to play extreme defense whether you use one or two you need to drop to a more backhanded position because if you're playing percentages with a backhand you can guard or block everything from over here all the way up.

To here right you can actually block balls past your right foot on the backhand side if you need to so i'm going to drop in this backhand position and if they hit it in this range from this ball to that ball i can block if i need to right now this last two to two and a half feet.

From this ball to the sideline that is going to be the toughest ball to get regardless now if they hit it there how do we deal with that well you know we're gonna try our best and if we see it coming we can switch to a forehand right or if we have to this is not ideal positioning but this is what i've done to fight off balls because again if.

You're getting a really offensive ball hit at you you're just trying to fight it off to stay in the point so what you can do is you're low you have a good split step and then you could come here and block it like this okay now again this is not an ideal situation but if they hit a good shot we're going.

To have to come here like this or we're you know going to try to come to our forehand side all right so before we talk about when and how to retreat when you're getting attacked we're first going to show you a drill that you can practice that's really important when you're trying to master this transition.

Zone and especially if you're trying to play good defense all right so now let's jump into the big question when you are on the defense and you get this ball back if that ball goes high again and they're going to hit another really offensive ball do we hold our ground or should we take a step back now i get this question asked a lot and.

My answer is if you can retreat in time and then get set and hit a good split step and you're balanced and ready to go if you have time for that and you're going to retreat to play some defense go ahead and do it okay there's many times if the ball maybe is just a little bit popped up and you don't have time to.

Retreat and set then i might just stay here and try to dig it out right if i'm getting hit a very offensive ball and it's really really high and i know that uh oh i'm gonna take a big step back or two steps back and then i'm gonna split and then get ready again because i know another offensive ball is coming so a big thing here is the decision making.

And watching the height of that ball right if i'm here and i could block a ball into the non-volley zone right i'm gonna go i'm gonna try to get up to this non-volley zone line and and you know get up back to a neutral position okay so if i'm right here again and i block a ball uh-oh and it's high okay and it's really high where they're.

Actually going to hit some sort of overhead right then i can take a big quick step back boom and then split down so now in this drill i'm going to feed that first offensive ball to katrina and she's going to do her best to get that ball back into play and she's going to practice stepping back and then split stepping into a good.

Ready position with a good solid base with her weight on the balls of her feet so all right so for this last drill katrina is going to start here in the transition zone and i'm going to feed her a very offensive ball at her feet and now she's going to decide okay so she's going to.

Try to block this ball into the non-volley zone or at least have that ball descending down and if it's good i want her to advance i want her to try to gain some ground and then eventually get up to the non-volley zone but if she hits that ball and it goes really high we're gonna work on her you know her taking those quick steps.

Back and then split stepping getting in a balance ready position and then try to fight it off from there and again when she gets back here right she's going to hit the ball if it's high again maybe she can stay if she feels like she can handle it or she's going to retreat.

Again and give herself more time and more space uh so.

All right so now that you know when and how to retreat for certain balls so that you can play elite defense and stay in the point go out there and practice it thanks so much for watching us in this video we really appreciate it and we'll see you in the next one thanks so much for watching for a free pickleball workout routine that is guaranteed to.

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In this video, we dive deep on how to play elite defense! Playing good defense is one of the most important aspects of higher level play. Now, let’s jump in and learn!

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