Foreign we have Ben Johns here facing off against Julian Arnold in the PPA Peachtree classic semi-final round of their men's singles tournament Ben coming off a previous loss to Tyler Loom the previous weekend been here looking to bounce back and take home gold at this event Julian Arnold is a former.

Tennis player so you'll see a lot of heavy forehands and shots that replicate his tennis Strokes absolutely so I I even hear Julian is a very quality singles player currently has the ninth highest duper rating at 6.82 Ben John's currently second highest at 7.04 so not a huge disparity in terms of talent but most people I would think.

Would have been winning this match so Ben Johns and Julian Arnoldo going head to head here game starts off relatively slow no one's really able to get any points from the start very good defense by both players Ben's trying to hit some drops here to work his way up to the kitchen but Julian has a great backhand role which is keeping Ben from creeping.

Up to the kitchen and that backhand roll is going to be working for Julian Arnold finally Julian's able to get some momentum after hitting some nice forehand passing shots and the score is 3-0 Ben has to call timeout after missing a return serve which is highly uncharacteristic of Ben who rarely ever uses timeouts especially.

This early in this match so calling won this early in the game even though Julian is getting some momentum is a bit out of character of him then immediately right after the timeout Julian's serving and gets an incredible point to Ben Johns foreign getting into the cat and mouse Julian is.

Able to get up to the net and gets a Little Help from the net but knows he probably can't Outlast Ben in a dinking battle so he decides to speed it up and hits a perfect winner huge Roar by Julian to try and pump himself up and maybe to try and demoralize his opponent and it might have worked because Ben on the next point hits a ball right into.

The Net score is now 5-0 as he takes a 4-0 lead and now make that five after the missed return from Ben Johns Ben's able to get some points back and scores now six to three Julian serving and gets a nice four-hand drive that sets up the eventual winner and I think this point is really highlights the difference in play Styles which Julian is trying to.

Drive the ball in hopes of either a winner or a weak volley return so he can have another attempt at a passing shot Ben on the other hand is trying to get in the kitchen and have some longer Point rallies and try to more or less Outlast his opponent by dragging them around the kitchen and you can really see it on this point right here but.

Julian is so fast in agile and able to get a good shot on this ball being as calm and composed as ever but Julian Arnold fired up as you're going to see him just paint the line on this cat and mouse play Ben ends up calling another timeout after this point Julian's up eight to three now Ben hits a backhand slice.

Return that isn't super deep and Julian is able to flick his wrist and drive this ball out of the reach of Ben and another passing shot from Julian Arnold check it out right here then we see the same exact scenario play out on the next Point here in game one we're gonna see if Julian can add to it and just able to sneak that in there.

Julian takes down game one on this incredible point and do you think he wants this I think he does game one to Julian Arnold 11-3 Ben Johns doesn't look too worried here after going down 0-1 he's been down 0-1 plenty of times in the past and has come back routinely almost every single time there is zero visible concern on.

His face anyway under the second match the score is now 1-0 after Julian Arnold hits a great passing shot and you see him again hit a nice drop and instead of starting a dinking rally he speeds it up right away and Ben's not able to counter the score is now 3-0 and Ben's able to get his first point here we'll see if you can go in here and use.

It wait and that ball after a great little scramble point there from Ben John the score is now two to five and Ben gets exactly the type of point he wants to you know get get a group going a little bit of energy and get into the cat and mouse.

Just like that and here we go Julian Arnold now from the jump here Ben hits a very deep serve and Arnold has a very short return and not able to position himself up at the net and Ben takes advantage gets an unforced air from Julian Julian comes up a bit hobbled after this point cramping up and he calls a timeout trying to.

Stress himself out here and get some water Julian knows he's in a great spot here to steal game two and get the match win score is now four to five Ben serving and Ben changes up his strategy hits some nice forehands instead of going into a dinking battle he speeds things up and gets the point but on the very next Point Ben tries to attack.

Again and Julie encounters with ease squandering all the momentum Ben just gained and also who's moving is going to be Julian Arnold as he's flying in with that forehand Julian oral just sitting back on his forehand and it's hitting some great passing shots Ben goes down 8-5 after Julian gets a little luck hitting a ball.

Off the net and Ben calls another time out take Ben to a third that's going to definitely help him out with the net cord Ben's able to get this side out and has a nice Point here where he really seems to speed up the pace which wasn't seen in the beginning of the match and Ben closing very quickly on that.

Ball Julian hits the next ball into the net and Ben has some momentum going but Julian catches a break due to the cut on his leg and stops any momentum from Ben closer and the referee Laura smart coming over score is now eight to eight Ben serving and Julian has a great return which sets up this.

Winner unbelievable angle from Julian Arnold Ben has another opportunity to eight and eight in which he plays the point almost perfectly but can't execute the final shot Julian Arnold is up nine to eight and just hits some nasty drives which Ben can barely reach then finishes it off.

With a perfect backhand wait no way on the very next Point Julian's able to put Ben away on another ridiculous passing shot match point and now it's gonna do it Julian Arnold with a winner and he'll be moving on to Championship Sunday going for the gold so Julian Arnold was able to beat Ben.

Johns in just two games just like last week against Tyler loon both Julian Arnold and Tyler Loom implemented a similar strategy which was to hit forehand drives and avoid the kitchen at all costs finish points as quickly as possible Ben and this match had a very slow start just didn't seem like he was giving 100 effort and this cost in this.

Match he had previously played two matches beforehand but had a substantial break in between the reasoning for Ben not to play a hundred percent the whole entire match is most likely due to having to conserve energy throughout the weekend singles is very grueling especially in this heat and it being on a Thursday and still having to play.

Doubles events on Friday Saturday and most likely Sunday he can't completely drain his body for one match meanwhile his opponent Julian Arnold was able to lay it all out considering this event is his most likely chance at meddling this weekend Julian Arnold is a solids double player in his own right but his odds of meddling and doubles in this event this.

Weekend is very slim considering who these his opponents are so his thought process going into this is not to think about conserving energy per se but to try and win so that he can play for gold and men's singles on Sunday I think another point that needs to be made is questioning Ben John's strategy this strategy is to try to get to the kitchen.

With drops and try to control the kitchen and this might be fading away due to all the high-level tennis players converting over you have so many X tennis players coming into the sport recently and this is drastically changing the singles Dynamics players like Federico stacksrude the Johnson Brothers James ignatowich these players.

Have only been playing pickleball for a short time but have quickly climbed to the top of the sport singles pickleball is most similar to tennis which these players are dominating with tennis strokes and passing shots which have a very small margin of error so I think over are the days of expecting Ben to win Triple Crowns and players are going.

To specialize in different brackets players that are dominant men's doubles won't be dominant in men's singles the strategy these games are too different and players are spend the majority of time just training for one of these brackets all in all Ben's domination over the last few years has been nothing short of amazing I'm not sure we will.

Ever see someone ever again who is expected to win the Triple Crown in every men's tournament they enter
Ben Johns takes on Julian Arnold in a semis final matchup at the PPA Peachtree Classic.


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