What's up guys if you haven't seen the last video yet it was Regina Goldberg and I versus Tyson McGuffin and Paris Todd absolute battle great day of mixed doubles here at Orlando Hertz Championship I'm currently in Palm Springs California for my next tournament but before we get there we have the Hertz Orlando Open men's.

Doubles Spencer Smith and I first time teammates uh go at it against Ben and Colin Johns enjoy the video first started hearing his name around the scene everyone was saying he was the most hyped man in pickleball he brings a little bit of I don't know what do we call it a little yeah I was gonna say Swagger but it's.

Like a little time is 7 23 a.m playing with Spencer Smith today I'm gonna get a quick little warm up and then start the day let's go round two Spencer and I both aggressive both good defense both good drives so we're pretty similar players both like to play the left side still playing.

Straight up we did well we did well next up we got the Johns I'm excited I haven't played them before they should be worried it's a hot Saturday barely a cloud in the sky there is an energy and an excitement to watch the number one team in doubles absolutely absolutely this match is this thing because you've got.

The team everybody knows the Johns Brothers older brother Colin younger brother Ben the best player in the world Spencer Smith a very talented player who's been in the pickleball scene for a few years then you have the upstart Christian all Sean who has never seen a tweener he doesn't love more loves Showtime he plays to the crowd this.

Crowd is uh they are fired up and ready to go so are we point a little feel-out process obviously so a ridiculous ATP that comes and is saved by the player on the left side of the court you don't ever see that foreign call and nothing is working they're.

Trying the side switch you know all Shawn is such an emotional fiery uh Entertainer just haven't gotten to that no we haven't seen that at all stranger things have happened but I'm not calling to come back here because of the way going foreign.

Welcome back Center Court PPA Hertz National Championship Ryan birthday Fleming number one men's doubles Parkers in the world here at The Quarters finals and looked like they're well on their way to a semis unless Christian Alshon and Spencer Smith can find some chemistry foreign.

Thought he hit two winners there and there's CJ misses this one there's some of that power from outside then we were hoping to see let's see big Point here deal point and there it is with an allshine yell ready to move on to the semifinals.

Will they be tested today I believe's only three and they've saved two match points why not why not Seven Ten one all right Utah just jumped out of its chair it's 9 10. they're one away one away here.

Will be that if you want to follow my tournaments live and up to date go check out my Instagram and Twitter down below I'm active I'm on there make sure you like subscribe and follow me live Spencer and I played Ben John's Colin Johns uh.

Probably one of the first pickleball matches where I played like tight like and if you play tight you're gonna miss most dinks but it wasn't even the dinks I was missing it was like I would go for Speed ups and like I would just not have any shape on it I I was like squeezing the paddle too hard you need to be loose and you need to have a.

You need to have a loose grip to hit good shots for most shots especially speed UPS damn they're the best doubles team in the world so I mean we're right there like that's cool uh doctor I'll grind let's get it foreign.

foreign thank you.

Foreign doubles mixed everything starting to understand how to play more starting to play better so I'm starting to rely Less on athletic ability and more on strategy which I've been which.

I've known since the second tournament I played third third tournament I played talent's only going to get you so far in pickleball Talent can get you very far in other sports pickleball nah which is why pickleball's cool that's why it's one of the coolest Sports well thanks for making it this far guys I still waiting for my time.

Waiting for my time people who get their time consistent people so we're gonna stay consistent and we're not gonna We're not gonna get unmotivated even if I do worse in the next tournament where consistency will lead to Greatness enjoy all the philosophical sayings from.

Christian Alshon thanks for tuning in guys bye he's a focused he prances around the court see if there's that don't you fly absolutely up next Palm Springs California tournament where I am right now but before we get to the tournament I have.

My training process during school at University of Chicago check it out it's going to be fun if you haven't liked and subscribed go like And subscribe do it
Christian Alshon, Spencer Smith take on the world number 1 team, Ben Johns and Collin Johns, as underdogs ready for their chance at the podium. Who will win this Pro Pickleball Mens Doubles battle at the Orlando Hertz Open.

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