We've just upped our game here the pickleball pirates with the help of Eva welsher Senior Pro dinkin extraordinaire this is a game changing segment please leave a comment Please Subscribe and don't forget to have a good day my big thing about playing is I play property I don't normally play the opponent I mean I know the weaknesses of the opponent.

But I play property so I know that I have this shot I have this shot I have this shot I have this shot right I mean I have so many options in this box so you can't just hit to the left foot and then they're ready and then they'll flick at you right or the lot okay so the whole point is my goal is to always keep my opponent.

Off balance okay and that's varying speeds Heights you know even when I'm dinking I'm a lob but I always want my opponent not to be ready to battle okay so if I pull him one way the likelihood of him attacking me the other way is unlikely because he's not settled in his feet he's not grounded so if you can move them and you'll watch the pros the.

Pros never hit to the same spot why because they don't want their opponent to be ready to battle let me just jump in one second if I cheated all throughout Penn State's I'm really good with Cliff Notes she plays property not opponent she varies Speed height and depth of dinks that way they can't attack and they can't go to battle they.

Can't punch a baseball basically she's the real deal this is a US Open this is a metal match and she's varying Paces of danks and her opponent is not patient and they get the put away let's see that in slow motion so first she speeds it up then she gets a beautiful thing that is so tough to speed it up then change Direction with an angled dig then she.

Goes a little deeper that deep dink would hit past the kitchen it really would and you have to think about that where is she aiming how is she varying Paces this is amazing I need to go to Naples Eva let's make a date you got to teach me how to dank so I can be a man you really need to vary the pace on your dinks so that you don't give them the.

Same Rhythm so if if I'm if I'm playing an opponent and I go like this and I do like little soft up and down dinks then I would want to hit a stronger one with more Pace deep to get them off the line because because the whole point is you want them you want to get their feet or you want them to pop it up okay but part of that is changing their Rhythm making.

Sure that your opponent is off balance right Eva let me interrupt one more time you ever wonder why you play someone a little better in a tournament and you're like I can't really attack I really struggled I didn't play well that's why because I have varying the pace height and depth of that dinks so you can't attack yeah I played a pro I should have.

Won I just didn't play great you know and this is her playing with Scott Moore she's in black and she is variant Paces of dinks look at that angle then she goes shallow in the court that's unattackable she goes deeper and she draws the error this is a great example who picked this thanks Joey so let's break this down look she takes it out of.

The air she takes her opponent's time away then she gets a little farther back it's a beautiful angle dink with Pace then she takes what opponent gives her she hits it shallow in the court it's unattackable about right then she goes hard and what happens next she draws the error I'm killing this segment you go hard right so if you could do.

This soft and now I'm gonna go deeper and harder and then I'm gonna go short and now I'm going to go deeper and harder so I'm moving him around okay and so changing the pace of the ball changing the depth of the dink as well okay and then making sure that you are getting your opponent to bend over.

Okay or back up to get their feet at the risk of being really annoying one thing you said that really stood out at me I think about speeding the ball up you're saying varying pace you're thinking about pickwall at a higher IQ so if you're at home instead of thinking speed up thinking about varying Pace to get your opponents to Pop the ball up let's.

Look at one more example big two hand finished by Walsh that's a better angle she didn't try to force it she didn't try to do too much no one has ever said that about me and look she doesn't try to force this one either try to do it hard at her opponent's feet.

But she didn't have that shot so she hits an offensive angle dink have you ever done that ever I haven't I am learning so much Eva I'm so appreciative but look at her balance look at her using that offhand look at her sportsmanship well you don't really know I guess after seeing some of these examples I'm realizing how bad at.

Pickleball I am Eva I need help I'm coming down in Naples give me a date then I ask her if she aims at a certain foot of her opponent okay I don't to tell you the truth I moved the ball around so much obviously I want to go to their back hand first and then pull them to their forehand because their forehand is more offensive this is more of a.

Neutral shot that's the big thing about dinking is obviously I try to keep it low over the net but I'm constantly moving it depth speed and height I just want to thank my sponsors because I love you so much for supporting a senior no less but engaged pickleball the pursuit I love you and pb1965 and my air feet because my feet are absolutely horrible.

Thank you the insoles insoles you can't see them but they're wonderful no no no all right mwah I love you all
Learn how to win more dinking with purpose with Senior Pro Number 1 Eva Welsher. Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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