I just got an opportunity to play the crbn 1 and 2x the power series and let me tell you these paddles have just the right amount of power so the big complaint over the crbn one and the two 16 millimeter was it doesn't have enough pop it's very very soft paddle it's a great control paddle but you can't really put the ball away with it well.

These versions here have definitely an X they have an X Factor what I liked about this is that this actually is a perfect amount of added power to these paddles I thought these paddles were very soft very very awesome control paddles if you don't need any help from the paddle the version one of these are just fine but these power versions here they give you.

A little bit more offense to deal with you can do you can do a little bit more offensively with these paddles in my opinion than the original ones and they still spin like the Dickens they spill still shave the ball on every hit anytime you put in topspin on the ball these paddles really grab onto it the feedback is a little bit more different.

It's a little bit cleaner feedback in the handle is a little bit better feedback in the paddle face so it doesn't feel as muted as the version one Yep this these paddles definitely have room in my bag I'm going to be rotating these in with my regular check them out and Below you can see the code and get our discount so I really don't need to.

Do a full review of this if you want to see my full review of the version one of these you can just see it right here you can go ahead click it click it same paddle new core click it you can go ahead
Meet the new CRBN.x power series pickleball paddles! The Pickleball Pirate Keith Valentine introduces CRBN.x pickleball paddles

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